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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 22, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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general that we found out why. lou: byron, we'll have to leave it there. let's continue the conversation and you continue your great reporting. thanks for is next, keep it rigt here on fox business. >> good evening, a lot to cover. the government has reopened. president trump has broken schumer shut down. and president trump refused to negotiate with the dems over the weekend after they shut down the government, pushing amnesty for illegal immigrants, mr. trump admonishing the dems for representing interest of illegal immigrants ahead of national interest and american citizens. he spent his time talking with republican legislator urging them to hole th hold the line, , schumer and the dems folded. tonight, more shocking
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revelation much corruption at highest level of fbi and justice department, someone at fbi destroying 5 months worth of text-messages, between peter strzok and lisa page. spanning a critical window between presidential transition and launch of robert mueller oso called russia probe. and telling the public that those e-mails were lost cause of a technical glitch. congressman ron desantos said that fbi director wray needs tech stocks are plan how the texts could have been deleted. we take unth unup the steep sta- take unthe deep state. congressman desantos among our guests here. also tonight, schumer shut down
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has ended. president trump making sure that would be so. making it clear these would negotiate status of millions of illegal immigrants while chuck schumer and dems held the government hostage. this morning, schumer caved. we'll take it up with two of finest political strategists, and great americans ed rollins and michael goodwin. new warnings this north korea is only months away from possessing the ability it carry out a nuclear attack against the u.s. cia director mike pompeo said that nuclear weapon program is morad haven't -- advance, and re very quickly. we have ambassador john bolton among our guests. top story -- a stunning deep state cover-up, lawmakers demanding answer from fbi after
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they claim they lost 5 months of text-messages between anti-trump officials. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with the report. >> of course we need a second special counsel to get to the bottom of this. reporter: conditional republicans call out fbi after learning that 5 months of text-messages. in clinton e-mail and russia investigation are missing. the text messages between strzok and page range from december 2016, a month after president trump's election to may, when then james comey was fired and robert mueller took over the russia case. according to this letter from senator johnson, fbi flames a technical problem for the failure on capture and preserve the records. >> people need to be terminated
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or prosecuted, i don't think that verizon or at&t or any other phone companies have lost them. reporter: 400 pages of texts,ing suggest that then attorney general loretta lynch, 4 days after she met with bill clinton on a arizona tarmac, they claim to discuss grandchildren, one day before hillary clinton fbi interview, on july 1, 2016, strzok tells page, timing looks like hell. will appear to be choreographed, page agreed -- she knows no charges will be brought. to under cut comey claim that he acted alone. >> i have not reviewed it in anyway with any part of the government. reporter: in it sessions
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confirms that the inspector general is investigating whether missing records can be recovered. and whether it was deliberate. lou: catherine herridge thank you. >> joining me now. on latest effort to make that intelligence memo public, the fbi's failure to preserve the particular mess think -- text-messages or destroy them, and more, congressman ron desantos, member of several key committees. now also a candidate for governor of great state of florida. great to have you with us. let's start with 50,000 e-mails, between two. employees of the justice department. and fact they had time to write that many. and the ability of the deep state if you will, permanent government as in the case of
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lois lerner and the irs, we have again encountered the glitch, a missing set of e-mails again all logic, all the reason and all experience, what is going on? >> a few things, one, we need to figure out where actual devices were that page and strzok utilized. there is no reason they should not be produced. and if there was a glitch, idea that text-messages disappear is not how if works with modern technology. i don't buy it we need more. think about this, if fbi were investigating any of your listeners, they said oh, document they magically deleted. do you think for one minute they would be able to get away with that. similar it irs you can't have a situation where a powerful government agency gets to live under a lower standard of that which is imposes on american
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public. and what a critical time period in this whole investigation. you are in trump transition, to start that was when that des credited dossier was produced by first time, what were strzok and page talking about. and early on days in white house when flynn was interviewed, and different things involving comey occurred. are you telling me they did not say all kinds of stuff in the 50,000 messages, these are anti-trump agents, we know that affected what they did in their jobs. jobs. lou: it is not as if they had a bias or anti. they were on a absolute mission to stop don to donald trump if y could. if they could not then destroy his presidency, this is -- i don't understand how wray or
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anyone in congress can accept christopher wray saying, they were lost. or deleted whatever he says, produce them and he did this with a trait face. -- straight face, head of fbi! >> it is unacceptable. we're not accepting it. this is just the beginning. we're going to get the answers. but also think about the strzok-page messages that were produced in second batch. right when donald trump defeated ted cruz in indiana, strzok and pager saying, trump has won nomination, what was strzok's main response? he is leading the hillary investigation, as top fbi agent, he said now the pressure builds to bring clinton investigation to a close. how does this follow from that? this is what the guy's bias was telling him to do, really out outrageious. lou: it is, and department of justice and fbi, have become
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outrageous in expf themselves. -- in and of themselves, i can't understand why there would be any other response to part of devin nunes head of the committee, republican leadership other than order in u.s. marshals in to justice department, say we' all of the records sealed, for the top levels of the fbi and department of justice. they are carrying out a campaign, not only a denying over site, they are constitutional responsibility, as it is yours to oversee the that agency and that department, they are just flaunting law and order in the constitution. and it is beyond the pail that it can be tolerated. this is not a time for an ig's inspector record this time for criminal michael security investigation -- national security investigation of two
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agents who bear responsible for national security. >> it is clear that fbi and doj will not be able to investigate themselves adequately, if you do a special counsel, it is imperative that somewhere counsel not be a swamp dweller. i want someone from outside of swamp what does not have a relationship with either agency, that can go in clean it up. think about bias against donald trump is very significant and important. but the fact that strzok and page, they are having thisly as liaison, they are texting about really sensitive matters, they are opening themselves up to blackmail from the enemies. that is reckless conduct, and they are still working in the bureau? lou: she tweeted today, saying fbi director wray needs to
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provide an explanation. i understand there are great constrains and hurdle for congress to move quickly. but this is now become an urgent national security crisis. for reasons you described. for some of the reasons that i have mentioned. we know now that the corruption, there is no question about the corruption. everthe evidence is public. we have a four-page memo that we 10 seem to be ale -- don't seem to be ale, everyone has head it said it is a matter to goes to heart of the survival of the republic. at what point do we have to declare, take charge, get it handled, no mer more business as usual. >> i can tell you, i have been fighting to make that memo public, it is going to happen, there are precautions that are
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being made on intel committee, which i understand. to make sure there is no damage. i think they will do that, that is going to happen, and public will get that part of story, there are other parts that are coming out too. and terms of christopher wray he needs to be brought before congress under oath. and answer questions soon. we are breaking now after shut down ended and president will give his state of the union. after this, we need wray to testify under ocean to answer these -- ocean to 18 ser these e questions. lou: all of us are concerned for sirsurvival of this country, wee fighting against a prospect of a lot of evidence being destroad
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bdestroyedby the people who 14 e preserving it. congressman thank you, i feel a lot better that you are involved in leading those efforts there. thank you. >> thank you lou. lou: we're coming right back with more. stay with us. >> president trump breaks schumer shut down. dems agree to reopen the government. >> i think if we've learned anything, during the process. a strategy shut down the government over the issue of illegal immigration is something that american people did not understand. lou: what will pay the political price for the schumer shut down? that is just one of the issues we take up with ed rollins and michael goodwin coming up. >> new disturbing revelation
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lou: mick mulvaney is prove could to be one of most talented members of president trump's cabinet. he is head of office of management and budget but pulling double duty as acting director of consumer financial protect bureau, he has been at cfpb for two months he has made dramatic moves to reform the bureaucrati be-- >> agency shakes up, mulvaney, requests no money for the agency. but headline also ignore mull vany's broader mission to reshape an agency that has been awash in controversy since the inception in 2011 in wake of
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2008 financial crisis, they had 1 77 million dollar on hand to begin fiscal year, but needs 145 million to cover the operating expenses for quarter. that according to white house is is why mull -- mull vany request no additional money for second quarter, a detar pure fro -- des predecessor. about which mulvaney 1 once sa, it turns ul being a joke. >> critic view his sudden federal altruism with great skepticism, arguing that he opposes fact that bureau budget comes from fed, and is not subject to congressional preparation oversight, mulvaney said it caused a lack of
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acunbility, following a legal bat between mulvaney and english over 2 could appoint agency's leadership, president trump. said that bureau was a total disaster. adding financial institutions have been devastated. consumer add so va -- they theye done right, point to billion in debt relief and refunds they receive, often at the expense of banks. they argue, it is too aggressive. and now with mulvaney, the time is right for a recessio a regul. lou: thank you. vote in our poll, did you miss federal government at all? over the three day sure. schumer shut down? cast your vote on twitter. we would like to hear from you,
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you can follow me on twitter, facebook and instagram. on wall street record breaking day for stocks. this sounds familiar. dow jones central soaring 143. s&p up 23. nasdaq up 72. all closing at record highs. volume on the big board 3.4 billion shares. i have to ask, how does it feel when you look at your 401(k)? how does it feel? where are the people who would -- who are critical of this president? california taking its anti-trump crusade to businesses, democrats pushing some companies to turnover their tax cut savings to the state of california, a 10% tax on businesses that make more than a million. again. always california. the leading edge. it is something to behold.
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listen to my report three times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. up next, white house says dems, caved on government shut down. chuck schumer accepting everything that president trump offered him. three days previous. >> in regards to government shut down, we're pleased to see senator schumer accept a deal that president trump put on the table from very beginning to responsibly fund the government and debate immigration as a separate issue. lou: we take up the schumer ship down, ed rollins, and mik michal oh, the things we do to get ahead. rising before dawn. sweating it out. driving ourselves to do more. be more. tough to make time for it all. but we can always find time to listen. to great thinkers, and fearless explorers. whose stories fuel our minds... and imaginations. stories that take us places our hamstrings alone can't.
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city dem is angry with his family. you want to diagram that sentence? joining us to discuss, ed rollins. and "new york post" columnist, mike good win. good to see you. luis butter is upset with senator schumer for caving into the president. >> there will be a number of democrats that make this argument and vote against it. this just confirms the point that they put the dreamers over everything else. talk about going to the mat, what else could schumer have
11:28 pm
done. ed: he went to the mat and got knocked on his butt. this was a foolish exercise to go through and embarrass your own party and you don't have any consistency for a 17-day drill. in 17 days they want to do back today. do an amnesty review here. lou: this time the american people need to be part of the conversation. ed: it should be longer. i have said every and over again -- i have said over and over again on this show, daca is one element of immigration
11:29 pm
reform. let's have the full debate. we get it done in 17 days. let's start it. the amnesty to daca is the first step. make sure the security element is an appropriation of the money. lou: most of people are worn out with that debate over and over. i think the president has real opportunity to create rational immigration policy and absolutely commanding border security. and border security has to be the priority. it has to be the priority. he can do great things. one thing, we have to work out the relationship with mexico. and that will require leadership that never sat in the oval office before. he has a tremendous opportunity. >> i think the dynamic changed because of the foolish shutting down of the government.
11:30 pm
i think it changed the entire country's dynamic on this. the republicans led by the president got to make an argument about the democrats and they were proved correct. democrats got nothing out of it. can you believe they were that dumb? to make it so blatantly and pitifully obvious. ed: with democrats all of this stuff is about politics. 15-18% of the electorate is hispanic voters. they are trying to get that democrat i can for the long term. this needs to be about policy, not politics. lou: the fbi exposing itself as a morally reprehensible and corrupt leadership. and with new leadership ever bit
11:31 pm
as corrupt as previously. send the u.s. marshals in and save the evidence and every device and by gosh secure it. some people are going to have to be held accountable here. >> i would certainly hope so. i have been heartened by how serious now republic krans no to get this -- republicans are to get the memo out. but jeff sessions finally spoke up today. i think the attorney general has to be part of this. if he can't be, then he should leave. it's imperative the attorney general be taking over the fbi. lou: he apparently didn't learn about the missing emails until the house started reacting to the fact that the fbi failed to deliver them. they aren't even reporting apparently into the attorney general's office on something so
11:32 pm
grave, so important, and may be the basis for a true crisis. ed: with my time in politics, the nixon tapes initial can't by comparison. but nothing is lost. everything can be found today. lou: that what's they said about lois lerner and the irs. i have never found the cloud. >> i pay for the cloud every month. i don't know what the hell it does. lou: it makes money. you get the last word, michael. michael: i think this is a true scandal, what's going on with the fbi. when you light up with all of the issues of the clinton email investigation during 2016 and the leaking, and now this bias
11:33 pm
against trump and the russia investigation. this is an tee normous pot. it's toxic. and i commends the members of congress who are trying to figure it out. lou: and the intelligence committee who are moving ahead here. ron desantis, mark meadows and jim jordan. we have got some on capitol hill who stand up for what this country is all about, as do you gentlemen. we appreciate it. thank you. we are coming right back. there is much, much more. i can't say we are only beginning. but nearly so. stay with us. we'll be right back. cia director mike pompeo believes north korea is months away from being able to deliver a strike against the u.s.
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mainland with a nuclear weapon. we take up the rogue regime's threats against the united states with ambassador john bolton. an incredible world first. these two german brothers do what so many dream of. building a bathtub with a unique feature. you won't be able to find a bathtub likeness anywhere else. we guarantee it. we'll show you the amazing
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lou: c.i.a. director mike pompeo told cbs north korea is on the precipice of being able to strike the u.s. mainland with a nuclear weapon. >> north korea's nuclear weapons program is continuing to stand, advance, become more powerful, more cape panel, more reliable. each those things have been shared with policy makers. >> how close is kim jong-un to being able to deliver a nuclear attack to the territorial united states? >> a handsful of months. lou: the trump administration has said a nuclear north korea is fully unacceptable. >> it's time for north korea to realize that the denuke a jarrization is its only -- that
11:39 pm
the denuclearization is its only option. we'll not allow american cities to be threatened with destruction. we'll not be intimidated. lou: joining us next, john bowling on, am balings doer, good to have you with us. a handful of months. >> he made a similar point before. he said a few months. after years of presidents and political leaders, democrat and republican saying it's unacceptable for north korea to get to this point, they are almost at this point. they have failed, and the due bill has come due, leaving it for trump to make some hard decisions here.
11:40 pm
lou: the chinese have not been as energetic as they should have been in supporting us, and in addition to this, russia is an ally of north korea. >> you are being polite about china. they have done essentially nothing that they have the unique capability to do to stop it. when trump says it's unacceptable, i take that to mean he will not accept it. they are as close as pompeo says, we have to make a hard decision about the use of military force, and that point has to be made to china. lou: justice department and fbi. the agency and department sworn to preserve the national security violating law, law and order, and the constitution, and
11:41 pm
dye denying congress the fulfillment of its responsibility, which toys oversee those two organizations. what do you think can be done to preserve evidence and bring people who are in positions of authority to bay to prevent further corruption. >> i have worked with the fbi in a variety of capacities. i have enormous admiration for the average fbi agent. lou: the rank and file is not an issue. the department of justice are corrupt, they are crooked and they need to be removed forth with. >> the reputation of both institutions is stained, and the stain is spreading. the attorney general has to act in an extraordinary fashion. i don't think the new director of the fbi understands how
11:42 pm
serious this is. if you or a business you were running said you lost five months of emails you would be toasted. i think somebody has to take control of the fbi communications before more of it is destroyed. that's what's happening here. giant and toasted. >> code words. please roll the video. a pair of 20-year-old twins from germ any created the world's first. it looks like a bathtub flying because it is a flying bathtub drone. they have been building these
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lou: president trump breaking the schumer shutdown and leading the republican party with assurance and strength. the president has had to put up with so much in his first year, more than any other president in history. he's been faced with attacks from the left, the right, the media, the deep state, you name it. he delivered for the americans
11:48 pm
who voted for him. i will never forget paul krugman predict with certainty that mr. trump's election would doom markets. instead $8 trillion added to the markets, and this president unemployment at the lowest level in 17 years. the economy has simply boomed. president trump delivered on tax reform. the first major overhaul of the tax code since 1986. pulling out of the paris climate accord and trans-pacific tornado deal. approved the keystone and transpique pipe lines. and in the middle east he succeeded where others failed and the islamic states in
11:49 pm
retreat, losing 80% of the ground it once claimed as for north korea, who could have imagined a year ago the north and south would be going to the olympics together? all of those accomplishments and he did it despite obstruction and defines from dimms and rinos. the president keeps his word. he doesn't back off and he doesn't back down. mr. trump is laying the foundation to resolve a number of difficult and complex issues that frustrated his predecessors and defeated them, and emboldened our adversaries. i doubt we'll see another schumer shutdowns, and i think schumer and mcconnell and ryan have begun to understand something, president trump is their leader and frankly they
11:50 pm
are no match. president trump's second year is off to a brilliant start. but after his first, would any of suspect anything less? our quotation of the evening, this from are are you truman. he said carry the battle to them, don't let them bring it to you, put them on the defensive and don't ever apologize for anything. anything. and of course he has nothing (whispering) with the capital one venture card, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. not just airline purchases. think about all the double miles you could be earning. (yelling) holy moly, that's a lot of miles! shh-h-h-h! ( ♪ ) shh! what's in your wallet? man: shh-h-h!
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lou: in our online poll last week we asked you, do you believe it's time for a republican lawmaker to get a cold like senator feinstein did and leak this house intel fisa memo to the american people. 95% said yes. the fbi says it doesn't have the thousands of text messages from december 2016 to may 17, 2017. the washington examiner's byron york gave a list of events that took place during that period and results are telling. among the key developments they would have discussed, we presume, the surveillance and resignation of general michael
11:55 pm
flynn, the dismissal of james comey. the recusal of attorney general jeff sessions in the russia collusion probe. and the final dave those missing text messages robert mueller was appointed special counsel. what co-incidents. joining us to byron york. great to have you with us. what an impressive list that is. we know it could and did add to that list. i can't understand why christopher wray was permitted to suggest with a straight face those had been lost. i can't understand why the u.s. marshals haven't been dispatched to the justice department and fbi to sequester everything and at least take into custody the
11:56 pm
top people responsible for the operation of those organizations. >> i have got to say, a lot of people in congress think this is really fishy because of those events you just went through. there are so many important events. we know strzok and page were chatty. they talked to each other all the time about what was going on, and they would have been talking about those things, too. this evening we got a statement from jeff sessions, the attorney general, apologetic in tone saying he's going to use every possible resource to see if these texts can be recovered. that's important because congress doesn't have any resources to tell them to go back and coerce them to do more searching. lou: the nsa has resources and lots of them. we have the marshal service. how many federal agencies. i don't need to see another
11:57 pm
report from the justice department on anything or from the fbi. frankly i wouldn't trust anything i saw from them. i don't think most of americans would right now. >> in the past i have been very critical of people calling for a new special counsel. because we have all seen the mission creep that is involved. we have seen the way they just keep seeming to spiral out of control. on other hand, if there were a story that needed a special counsel, you have widespread activity in the justice department and fbi that needs investigating. those are the very entities that would investigate themselves in this case. if there is a case for taken outside investigator, this seems like it would be it. lou: i come to the same conclusion reluctantly. these two departments, their leadership, they proved themselves to be unworthy of the
11:58 pm
public trust. why is it that this information is not being compelled at a more rapid rate? too much time has been given to the state department to produce emails that now the justice department has been given forever to produce these text messages. this is ignorance as if our congress and the senate are living in the 19th century. things are moving too fast, too much at stake for this pondering pace. >> the house and senate only found out friday night about these missing emails. they thought inspector general of the justice department which has been doing this big investigation into the conduct of the hillary clinton email investigation. they thought the inspector general had all those emails.
11:59 pm
lou: when is the last time you heard of an inspector general had a report concluded. when is the last time it was done in less than a year's time. we watched 6 1/2 years of investigation take place under five committees, the fbi, investigating trump, russia collusion, without producing any evidence. yet it goes on. the figures that make up the leaders of the senate and house don't have the guts, the integrity to say enough. in the instance where we need to produce it, we see no action at all. >> the inspector general in this case was the office that got these texts to congress. there was a story robert mueller demoted his top fbi investigator down to the human resources department. why would that happen? it's because of the inspector
12:00 am
general that we found out why. lou: byron, we'll have to leave it there. let's continue the conversation and you continue your great reporting. thanks for w w w w w w w w w w . kennedy: the government shut down for three days, but did anybody notice? a slew of text messages show more anti-trump bias in the trump administration, but a bunch more are missing. the sag award go heavy on female empowerment. will that change anything in the country? the government shutdown is on everybody's list. there is plenty of government still at work and apparently abusing surveillance. the house renewed section 702 of the fisa law a


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