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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 24, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EST

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there you give me hope and the audience hope. now her's lou. lou: good evening. it may be time to declare war against the deep state and clear out the rot in the upper levels of the fbi and the justice department. yes, i said the rot. the fbi and the doj have broken the public trees by destroying evidence, defying oversight and actively trying to bring down the trump presidency. tonight there are new concerns that anti-trump fbi officials formed even a secret society at the fbi to subvert the president after his election. that's according to do republican lawmakers who have seen some of the thousands of texts between the fbi's peter struck and lisa paige.
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>> the day after the election, the day after what they really, really didn't want to have happen, there's a text exchange between these two fbi agents, these two supposed to be objective fak centered fbi agents saying perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society. so of course i'm going to want to know what secret society are you talking about because you're supposed to be investigating objectively the person who just won the electoral college. yeah, i'm going to want to know. lou: our first guest tonight is congressman francis rooney. he's called for a purge of the bad actors at the fbi and the department of justice. also tonight, major developments in the special counsel witch hunt. mueller has now is interviewed attorney general jeff sessions and former fbi director james comey. president trump however says he's not concerned about the investigation the special counsel which has yet to yield a shred of evidence of collusion.
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>> no, i'm not at all concerned. not at all. no. i didn't but i'm not at all concerned. lou: president trump also tonight in a report that fbi director christopher wray threatened to resign among growing information. at this hour wray remains the head of the fbi but his chief of staff is leaving the bureau. charlie hurt and ed rollins will be here to discuss the growing calms tcalls to end the muellerh hunt and to appoint a second counsel to investigate corruption at the department of justice and the fbi and potentially the mueller special counsel. our top story tonight, evidence of greater corruption in the fbi and doj. the fbi claims they lost text messages between agent accused of anti-trump bias.
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but among the texts that we do have, there is disturbing discussion of a secret society working against president trump and his administration. fox news chief intelligence correspondent katherine here hee ridge with our report. >> two kays after robert mueller took over the russia investigation in may, new text messages between peter struck and lisa paige discussed the merits of joining mueller's team. struck writes, if i thought it was likely, i'd be there no question. i hesitate in part because of concern there's no big there. on fox republican lawmaker said the texts are more evidence of political bias. >> i care a lot about the department of justice and the fbi and it breaks my heart that we're having to have this conversation about two agents that only wanted to get the president. they didn't have any interest in clearing him. >> another republican who read the text said the fbi officials
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talk about a quote secret society within days of president trump's victory. >> there was a society of at least two people to include peter struck and lisa paige that had a desire to keep donald trump from becoming president and then an expressed intent to work against him after he was elected president. >> in a cryptic text struck writes, i personally have a sense of unfinished business, unleashed with mye, the fbi's code name for the clinton e-mail case. now i need to fix it and finish it. the fbi ha blames a technical problem for the five-month gap in the texts and would not comment whether the bureau has taken custody of their phone to clear the messages. >> we're missing texts that run from when the russia investigation was launched right up to the point where you have the mueller investigation being launched. >> writing in a tweet, president trump called the missing texts one of the biggest stories in a long time.
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the senate senior democrat called the republicans for undermining mueller. >> he shouldn't be awarded in any way. and the diversion that they're trying to do, both with mueller and others, is not good for the country. >> in a separate development, president trump said the white house had no advanced notice of attorney general jeff sessions special counsel interview last week. >> no, i didn't. but i'm not at all concerned. >> the president also denied media reports that fbi director christopher wray threatened to quit after pleasure to remove his deputy, andrew mccabe, a long time lieutenant of fired fbi director james comey. >> not even a little bit. nope. he's going to do a job good. >> they always expected attorney general sessions would be interviewed by the special counsel but they didn't know the timing. today an white house spokesman emphasized transparency in their cooperation. lou: thank you in the last 48 hours we've
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learned more about the deep state and public corruption involving two of the most law enforcement and national security institutions. the fbi and the department of justice. every member of congress now who has read the classified intelligence memorandum detailing fisa surveillance abuse seem deeply disturbed to say the least. our next guest is calling for the release of the classified documents and demanding a purge of officials at the politically corrupt fbi and doj. joining us tonight is republican florida congressman francis rooney. vice chairman of the foreign affairs committee. congressman, good to have you with us, first of all. this is now reaching a level that i don't think many anticipated. and that is two institutions that are at the foundation of the special counsel are obviously corrupt and working against the public interest. >> well, first, lou thank you for having me on. i really appreciate it.
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no one would have foreseen the depth of the rot that you're talking about. who could have thought such behave yoor would be conducted right inside the doj and the fbi. that's why the memos need to be released to let the american people see what's happened here. lou: and your reaction to the four-page memorandum, and all that we're learning missing, texts between paige and struck, as if it was just sort of an off-hand one-time affair, not a continued series of glitches that seem to keep evidence away from investigators. >> no. i think the two words pervasive rot are what come to my mind. and i think a lot of americans are going to feel the same way. lou: and where do we go here? you know, we have some of the most respected congressmen who serve with you, yourself.
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everyone talking about this. yet the american public still has a wall between us and the truth. and how soon can we expect to see those documents to make a determination, not as adam schiff, the radical left congressman from california, but he said we are too stupid to understand that, we the american public. i've never heard such an an exc, such silliness or insult from a sitting congressman. >> i felt the same way when i read that this morning. it's one more exam. of the intellectual elitism of the progressive group that has nothing to do with what built this country and what's going to continue to make this country great again. lou: how soon do you think we'll see the memorandum, see the evidence. and then i wanted to conclude with one other question but i'll hold you until you answer that. >> i hope soon. time is of the essence. i have joined in the letter to the speaker urging that he release that material as soon as
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possible. i think he wanted to let the dust settle on the government shutdown problem that we solved and now i hope he'll do it quite soon. i think you're going to be shocked. lou: to tell you the truth, i am not -- i don't think i've failed to be shocked even to this point. i knew that there was corruption. i knew that there was an effort to subvert this president. but the degrees, the dimension to which it's risen are extraordinary. do you believe that the president should hold off -- i'm asking for your counsel on this, and your theory and your view. do you believe the president should permit robert mueller to talk with him so long as there's so much question about the two foundation institutions for the special counsel, that is doj and the fbi? >> you know, it's -- you tend to say why not talk to him because you got nothing to hide. and obviously after all of this
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page turning and tree killing they haven't found anything at all. but on the other hand, you're right. the rot in this investigation is so deep that connecting all of the dots of all of these different people, they all keep going around in the same circle and now this revelation today, they were talking about confirming what we've been saying about a deep state. i just don't know. lou: congressman, as always, good to talk with you. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me on. lou: we're coming right back. there is a lot more. stay with us growing calls to make public a shocking memo, a memo that details the obamaamendment abuse of power. >> i read it twice to make sure i read probably and it was disturbing. >> we take up the deep state of corruption at the department of justice and fbi. joining us tonight, attorney josh blackman. and more house republicans now demanding a second special
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counsel after revelations someone in the agency likely destroyed five months of text messages between anti-trump officials. what happened to those messages and what does it mean to the ongoing investigation of the special counsel. we'll be back with those answers and much more. stay with us.
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lou: the house intelligence committee, under congressman devin nunez is moving towards publishing that four-page memo said to detail fbi and justice department abuse of fisa surveillance. fox news reporting the release could occur as early as next week. the stunning level of anti-trump vitriol within it has led republicans to stop sharing information with the fbi and the department of justice related to that memo. joining us tonight is josh blackman, associate professor at south texas college of law, legal columnist for the national review. it's good to see you. and i have to believe that you, like nearly all of us, are fairly stunned at what we're seeing come out of the justice department and the fbi. >> well, lou, thanks for having me back. these reports are actually quite
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troubling. there's been an unfortunate trend where many people inside the executive branch have taken up to openly resisting president trump. a few months ago the reports that a group with the consumer protection agency called the double doors army. this is a takeoff of a group in the harry potter groups, people trying to resist the evil wizard. lou: sound like very mature individuals, very responsible individuals. i'm glad they could be of service. >> well these are our civil servants who are openly using open channels. i listened to your report at the top of the hour, people are meeting off site and using other forms of communication, text messages and otherwise. these are civil servants, on the taxpayer dollar. and the ulterior agendas shouldn't be presence in the news agencies. lou: well even the president
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should be able to fire them, they should be removed from public employment whether the federal government, state, local, county, whatever it may be. but what we have not paid attention to is the growth both in number and strength of public employee unions and particularly in the federal government. they are all but immune from accountability or certainly removal from their jobs. >> you're right, lou. civil service laws make it very difficult, if not impossible to fire rank and file employees. and what we find that often happens is people who have been at agencies for many years become invested in the cause of their agency even if it's not consistent of that with the incumbent administration. so perhaps employees now who are committed to the environmental policy of the obama agenda or civil rights policy of the obama agenda, haven't gotten the memo that there's a new sheriff in town, a new chief, executive, and they're trying to push their old policies through. lou: back to the story of the
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day and that is the level of corruption at the fbi and the doj. what are we to do? what is president trump to do? and how can the evidence be preserved at the top of the doj and the fbi who have been active law, destroying evidence and working subverting this administration and this president? >> i think the president is in a tough spot. last year i think it was on your program when he tried -- when he fired mueller and that spawned this entire investigation. so i think at this point the firing has to be put on hold for political reasons. i think the best bet is what trump's lawyers have recommended. let the investigation play out, let it wind to a close, and if nothing comes of it, then this is all for not. but this is a really long process which was triggered by the president firing mueller last year which was an exercise of his own constitutional
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authority. lou: we cannot give up a president, a presidency so important, so absolutely critical. just look at the accomplishments of this administration over the course of this past year against all that is against him. these are forces of evil now. they were initial bly i thought forces of negativity and opposition. but they mean to bring hell and brim fire to this administration and this country, irrespective of the damage. we don't have that luxury of waiting. why cannot the heads of the congress, the senate come together and say let's end it now. and with this, this level of collusion and corruption at the department of justice and the fbi, why can't these people be ripped out of their seats, their offices sequestered, all of their communication devices from pcs, to smartphones collected,
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sequestered and secured? >> well, lou, what would have to happen is first attorney general sessions would have to unrecuse or his deputy rosenstein would have to fire -- lou: rosenstein is one of the problems. >> right. and so the second problem -- lou: and sessions has become a problem. >> so even if heads start rolling and the investigation come to a close, there will still be congressional subpoenas in other matters. the long and short of this is this is going to wind to its logical conclusion. at the end to have day -- lou: you're telling me we're captive to a corrupt department of justice and fbi and there's not a damn thing an american citizen or maybe 300 million american citizens can do but sit here and take it and say thank you? you got to be kidding. >> trump has the power. if he wants he can fire a couple of different people and end this
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tomorrow. but i think his lawyers advised him that would be political suicide to do so. but he has the constitutional authority without any doubt. lou: scwhroshjosh, we're now ina religious search for alternatives. thanks so much. appreciate it. good to see you. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. do you believe it's time to clear out the corrupt fbi and department of justice leadership? how high up does it go? how high up in the obama administration did it go? and where did these people come from and how did they get there. can we seize all of the evidence of the dems and deep state subversion of this president before it will be lost, in quotes, or destroyed. cast your vote on twitter. follow me on twit are, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. the dow off four points, the a and sprks up 6. the nasdaq up 52 points. both closing at record highs.
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volume on the big board, 3.5 billion shares. three more companies rewarding their employees because of the president's tax reform and tax cuts. disney giving its employees 125,000 of them $1,000 bonuses. jp morgan chase raising wages for 22,000 of its workers in addition to giving bonuses. and verizon awarding stock. pretty good stuff a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast. up next, more evidence of the deep state plot to subvert the trump presidency. we take up the secret society mentioned between texts between these two. they're getting to be awfully familiar. their faces too fixed in our minds, perhaps. and later, the u.s. relationship with russia tense and getting tenser. we take it up with general jack keane heen
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lou: senator chuck schumer now facing a backlash from dems extremely unhappy with him, i guess, because he caved on daca. and today the minority leader says he's yanked the offer he made to president trump to fund the border wall. >> president trump's inability to negotiate with congress is what caused the three-day government shutdown from which we've just emerged. it's causing the fact that we're not making more progress on these issues. we're going to have to start, start on a new basis and the wall offer is off the table. lou: well, i guess what you're looking at is not only a guy who folded when trump put on the pressure, but now he's crying and taking away his football. amazing. amazing. this is the leader of the dems.
4:28 am
no one they screw everything they touch-up. president trump today dismissed the fake reports by the way about tensions with his chief of staff, john kelly. the president tweeted this, thank you to general john kelly who's doing a fantastic job and all of the staff and others in the white house for a job well done. long hours and fake reporting makes your job more difficult but it's always great to win and few have won more than us. i can't think of anybody who has won as much of them and i'm talking to a man who is winner himself. joining us ed rollins, chairman of the great america pact, fox business contributor. and he does a few other things in between. great to have you here. >> thank you, sir. lou: let's start with -- i was talking with josh blackman, one of the country's leading constitutional scholars. why does the president have to put up with a naked aggression, the subversion of these ignorant
4:29 am
treasonist -- fill in the noun you want. >> he doesn't. and basically everybody at the hierarchy of the justice department and the fbi work for him. he can fire any one of them. he fired comey. whether it's the right decision or not, it's irrelevant. at the end of the day if he thinks they're not serving the american public, then he needs to clen it out. he needs to order sessions to clean it out. lou: sessions. sessionshe withdraws like a mole at dawn. >> he needs to go back to alabama. i like jeff sessions as a senator but he's not functionin- lou: we had a great relationship with jeff sessions. the truth is he's not doing -- he's doing almost nothing. >> no, he's not. and mueller is operating -- most people don't understand that mueller is functioning with the authority of the attorney general, the justice department because sessions didn't do that. and so the whole premise of bringing the president -- lou: you're the constitutional
4:30 am
scholar. let's get to it. the president needs some counsel here. i know he's got tons of it. you've gone through so much over the course of 40 years. >> the counsel is there's no charge for him to testify before mueller. it's all rumors and innuendos. but no one has made a charge and there's not a single thing that he's done in office that deserves him to go up. there's a separation of powers, an executive branch, a judicial branch -- and this isn't even the judicial branch. lou: it's a corrupt justice department. >> it certainly looks that way. lou: i'm going to say it's point blank. when you look at christopher wray not so much as say excuse me, we failed in our job which is to preserve evidence, they couldn't do that. the fact that they were going to be the target raises some questions. >> it certainly does. lou: if this isn't corruption, what in the hell would it look
4:31 am
like? >> the fact that five months of e-mails are missing is absurd. i hope they're going to pursue them. lou: i hope they'll catch it. i'm so sick of hearing about a justice department investigation or an fbi investigation that don't go anywhere. i don't know what the fbi does any longer. they file reports that nobody hears about, they don't -- they're not working in law enforcement because they're working on the war on terror. who are they and what are they doing and why hasn't one single, one single special agent, one attorney from the fbi had the guts, as far as i know publicly not a single person has stepped forward to say look at what is happening at the top of our institution. not one. >> i agree with that. and i'm sure there's a lot of banging their head and very ashamed of the leadership of their organization. lou: they ought to be ashamed of themselves now. this has reached a point of critical national importance. don't you agree? >> totally. and i think the reality is
4:32 am
they're going to find out what's going on real quick and when they do, they need to clean up, put new people in there. there's nobody who has a job in the executive branch expect the president. he can pick any team he wants and he needs to do that. lou: and he needs some help. >> and he needs to make sure the people that are there that are his appointees are serving his agenda, the country's agenda. lou: i want to see general kelly stand up like the four-star general he is. i don't want the him pandering to a group or individual. i want him to defend the president and assert the interest of this president and the white house, period. >> well -- lou: he should be the strongest and most successful ally within that white house. >> i think he will be. hope he will be. thank you. lou: thank you. kind of nice that he helps the president, the chief of staff getting along. >> go through chiefs of staff too. i worked for ronald reagan.
4:33 am
lou: he has a good one if the guy will learn how to refer to the president and not insult him behind his back. i would prefer general that you not do it in front of him either. anyway, my intrigue. thanks for being with us. >> yes, sir. that's what it is. lou: it's yes, sir? >> yes, sir. lou: we're coming right back. i'm starting to think -- much more straight ahead. stay with us. >> thank you cia director mike pompeo warns that north korea is close to threatening the united states with a nuclear weapon. >> they'r their testing capacits improved and the frequency that they have tests which are materially successful has also improved putting them ever closer to a place where americans can be held at risk >> we take up kim jong-un's threats with general jac jack k.
4:34 am
and this legendary free style skier doesn't need snow to show off. all he needs is some sand dunes and of course the great wall of china. why not. we'll show you his incredible
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lou: secretary of state rex tillerson today denounced russia for enabling bashar al assad, saying the kremlin bears
4:38 am
responsibility for the victims of chemical warfare across syria. that statement by the secretary of state comes a day after a chlorine gas attack on a town outside damascus. more than a dozen civilians injured, most children. joining me now, retired four-star general, jack keane, chairman of the institute for the study of war, general jack keane. general, good to have you with us. >> good to be here, lou. lou: this is like a -- i don't know. it's a retreat into the past suddenly. syria now with a chemical advance attack by assad again. what in the world are we going to do? the russians we thought were in hand and now their proxy is doing as he wishes, which is destroying the lives of women and children. >> well, the fact is the iranians and the russians propped up the assad regime successfully. the regime is going n nowhere.
4:39 am
they're going to be able to stay in power. it's a fantasy when people in the administration believe that there will be a political process in geneva to resolve this to the world's favor. not happening. this thug and killer, assad, war criminal that he is, is staying in power and we don't really have a strategy to deal with it. our strategy in syria is focused on defeating isis. done a good job of that. but we don't have a strategy to deal with the rest of it which is a bigger problem. lou: and the bigger problem is of course russia. what are we to do in contending with two large powers, global powers, that is russia and china, with separate interests and also extraordinary common interests that is in competing against the united states. >> well, there's some good news here. the administration in their national security strategy and now in the secretary of defense's national defense strategy, they have both
4:40 am
identified the world the way it really is, in my view. they backed away completely from the obama's view of the world. they have identified russia and china as two revisionist powers. we're in competition with them and want to destroy the international order that the united states established for 70 years and that we have to have strategies to push back on them. we've got to be willing to confront them. that is great news. because that is the truth. that is the way the world is. lou: and that truth also entails, as you pointed out on this broadcast numerous times, that means we've got to have an economy growing, growing at the rate this economy grew in the fourth quarter of last year, the trajectory that the president has set us upon. but it also means immensely more money for our military and investment in technology and weaponry. how close are we to being there? we just watched and idiotic
4:41 am
charade take place on capitol hill where they couldn't even agree on a budget. >> we've gone another month with a continuing resolution. that will be five months. we're supposed to appropriate what the authorizers have given the president and he signed, which is a $700 billion budget, close to an 8% increase, good news. that will be the start of rebuilding the military. but as long as you're using a continuing resolution, that means we're operating off of last year's money. and last year's money gave us only 5 out of 58 brigades combat ready, 50% of all aircraft are not flying due to lack of spare parts, navy ships colliding into one another because we're not training them properly and the smallest military in 75 years. that's what the continuing resolution continues. we've got to get a budget. and congress has got to do it. lou: how is mitch mcconnell and speaker ryan ever look at themselves in the mirror?
4:42 am
how is it that anyone could call themselves a leader, a speaker, a person of immense responsibility in this, in this great government of ours? >> because defense is not a top priority for them. if it was, they would pass the appropriations bill, suspend the budget caps to keeping the money down to the obama level standards. put it at the top of the list and say the number one job of the united states government is to protect and defend the nation. and we're doing it so inadequately for so many years now, we have got to fast forward the money quickly and start rebuilding the military. what's the sad thing here is somebody has to tell the president. he hasn't appropriated a dime of new money to rebuild the military. he keeps saying you guys, when he talks to the troops, you're getting new equipment, we're rebuilding the military. no, not true. hasn't started yet. why? congress has passed a bill to
4:43 am
appropriate the money. lou: because amongst others, chuck schumer refuses to follow his president's lead and he has priorities that have nothing to do with the national interest. general jack keane always has the national interest in view. great too see you. please roll the video and we'll show you a little relief from all that is profound and serious. this looks pretty sere you though, doesn't it? a world class skier proving you don't need snow to have a lot of fun if you just happen to be a world class athlete. wow. skiing across the great wall of china, racing across a jungle and then riding across the sand dunes before of course, what else, cooling off in the ocean. you know, i wouldn't mind having that kind of talent. and then i would, of course, have to apply for a courage transplant. up next, deep state subversion exposed at the doj
4:44 am
and fbi. i'll have a few thoughts on what needs to be done to fix those agencies. and later, charlie hurt joins us to discuss growing calls to release the shocking memo detailing surveillance abuses. we're coming right back with much much more. much much more. stay with u (daniel jacob) for every hour that you're idling in your car, you're sending about half a gallon of gasoline up in the air. that amounts to about 10 pounds of carbon dioxide every week. (malo hutson) growth is good, but when it starts impacting our quality of air and quality of life, that's a problem. so forward-thinking cities like sacramento are investing in streets that are smarter and greener. the solution was right under our feet. asphalt. or to be more precise, intelligent asphalt. by embedding sensors into the pavement, as well as installing cameras on traffic lights, we will be able to analyze the flow of traffic.
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lou: the obvious and public lie os tf dems and the deep state piling up. and now too numerous and threatening for the national left wing media to ignore all together. we're at the point we feared we might be. there is an all too clear requirement to determine the full extent to which the fbi, the doj and special counsel's office have been compromised and corrupted. we've learned in the past two weeks that corruption is pervasive. it is deep. and it is determined. tto me personally, it's sad that so far as we know droves of rank and file special agents and attorneys at the justice and fbi haven't stepped forward to reveal the extent of that corruption. anti-trump fbi officials, peter strzok and lisa page in their text communications wrote of a quote secret society within the justice department and the fbi. that society served not only by its members but those within the
4:49 am
department who have remained silent throughout. how strong is the corruption within the fbi? the fbi informed congress that it lost five months of post-election text messages between the two colleagues and lovers. the two were later removed from the special counsel team, a team rife with obvious conflicts and politically corrupt. of course the man in charge of the fbi, christopher wray has his own conflicts. he shared the same chief of staff as james comey until today. wray was tied to comey and mueller through their justice department careers that span more than a decade and a half. nonetheless, the white house today said the president has 100% confidence in wray to make any nes tear changes a necessare fbi. it is obvious to all that what is needed is not mere change but reform. it's time to investigate the
4:50 am
investigators and to hold the corrupt accountable. and the president, in my opinion, should appoint someone respected and honorable. there are such people left in public service. like former attorney general michael ma kay disi to oversee the justice department until it can be cleaned up and the american people once again assured that the department and the fbi are again worthy of the public trust. the quotation of the evening, quote, power does not corrupt men. fools, however, if they get into a position of power corrupt power up next, exposing the deep state anti-trump fbi officials forming a secret society to subvert his administration. and a classified intelligence memo implicated federal law enforcement could soon be released. we take it up with charlie hurt right after the break. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: in our online poll, we asked you if you missed the federal government during the three-day schumer shutdown? 96% said no. let's turn to a tsunami of
4:55 am
revelations about the deep state and the degree to which the department of justice and the fbi are come present minds and corrupted. this is extraordinary by any means. >> it is. if it were somebody pitched it as a hollywood movie it would get turned down because they would say it's too unbelievable. too out in left field. but it's apparently all true. what's amazing about it is this is the very reason donald trump got elected in the first place. what we are finding and everybody thought he was such a reckless fear morning and conspiracy monger. they slimed him with every accusation they could. it turns out not only is he right. it's so much worse than anybody ever realized. and it's only starting to come out now.
4:56 am
lou: the dnc is ripping bernie sanders of his opportunity. it turns out the clinton campaign was also trying to decide who the republican nominee would be. they weren't content to just let clinton win. they wanted to decide who the gop nominee what be within and strum outsmart them all. here we are with a cast of obama leftovers who have been relentlessly for the past year and a half attacking trump, his campaign, then his presidency. student mining him and his presidency at every turn. it just sort of boggles the minds. these people basically answer to the president. these people are part of the executive branch much. they answer to congress.
4:57 am
and to think that these people have taken over and shy jacked these agencies and taken over these agencies in order to under mine a duly elected president, to call it a constitutional crisis is the understatement of the year. we have never seen anything like this. 5,000 missing texts or however many -- lou: christopher wray doesn't even apologize. no, we are not stewards of evidence, and we only do what we wish. that sanctimonious james comey sitting there like a one-man greek core us in the shadows saying way to go, threatens to resign effectively with his message. these are represent, extraordinarily dangerous people. i don't know what the president can do here.
4:58 am
like everyone else i'm searching for answers for the president, for the country, for all of us. it is a tough, tough gordian knot facing all of us. >> the one thing i know for certain, trey gowdy earlier tonight talked about how -- he's not talking about jail time for anybody. i don't know -- lou: to hell with trey gowdy. it seems like we have some people who need jail time. this isn't time to play those games. >> at the very least trey gowdy is a good prosecutor and good investigator and interrogator. but these questions have to be answered. republicans should leave no rock unturned in getting to the bottom until all of these questions are answered. if it means usual going through firing people and prosecuting people, i say put them all in
4:59 am
jail. what they are doing to this country is the most of reprehensible thing i have ever seen. >> talking with constitutional scholar josh blackman saying there is very little the president can do without political consequence. he is the president of the united states and he will decide those consequences and the course. he can't be burdened with a corrupt fbi, a corrupt department of justice and watching as the deep state and the dems subvert, chuck schumer subverting his administration. only one person in washington is full time 24/7 on the national interest and it is president trump. we can't afford less. >> these guise literally shut the government down this week in order to stick up for 800,000 people who are not american citizens. >> our military just goes on.
5:00 am
charlie hurt, thanks so much for being with us. thanks for being with us. >> negotiating with leadership are is like negotiating with cello could when they use cello could one day you spark him when he is against it. cheryl: blasting chuck schumer after running for the border wall off the negotiating table. lauren: the president heads to switzerland in midday trade tensions over the u.s. tariffs. cheryl: earnings season in full swing after a record-breaking for more bad news from ge later this morning. futures point to a higher open. dell 46. lauren: in europe a down opening there as investors weigh earnings from the big drug


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