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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  January 24, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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being with us. thanks for being with us. >> negotiating with leadership are is like negotiating with cello could when they use cello could one day you spark him when he is against it. cheryl: blasting chuck schumer after running for the border wall off the negotiating table. lauren: the president heads to switzerland in midday trade tensions over the u.s. tariffs. cheryl: earnings season in full swing after a record-breaking for more bad news from ge later this morning. futures point to a higher open. dell 46. lauren: in europe a down opening there as investors weigh earnings from the big drug
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companies. cheryl: stocks in asia company makes in asia company makes that the nikkei moved in three quarters of a percent lower pinching at the shanghai composite with a slight gain. cheryl: do not try this one at home. a man bites into an iphone and the battery explodes. "fbn:am" starts right now. cheryl: 5:01 a.m. in new york could wednesday from a january 24th. i'm cheryl casone. cheryl: happy hump day. and lauren simonetti. drink you i will not be biting into my iphone 10 during the shows. president trump is flaming democratic leader chuck schumer after the new york senator withdrew an offer to fund the wall. the president treating last night crying chuck schumer fully understand especially after his humiliating defeat that if there is no wall there is no daca.
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a must-have safety and security with a strong military for great people. lauren: adam schapiro has more on this from washington. >> good morning. you're a capitol hill they are well aware that figure aware that if aware that severe a specific deadline to fund the new government and key to doing that our negotiations over immigration and a daca deal. senator charles schumer from new york changed his plan changed his plaintive little bit bit, pulling off the table a willingness by democrats to fund the border wall with mexico. here's what he had about it. >> we are going to have to start on a new basis and the wall offer is off the table. reporter: while that may seem like a nonstarter for republicans nonstarter for republican scholars agree and say they've got to go forward. >> as senator schumer take something off the table, we will take something off the table. right now i want to get started. i'm not asking us to start on my bill or anybody else's bill.
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as a matter of fact, the best thing we can do is to senator cornyn and senator durbin look at bipartisan bills come in narrow them down and pay this is a good starting point, attitude and the blood descendent, the star within your project. trade the president treated them president treated that while everyone is trying to work towards a set 10 deal, there is no guarantee it will be concluded by february 8th. back to you. lauren: the president and the world stage set to travel to switzerland today to attend the world economic forum. the white house says the president will have a series of meetings at political leaders as well as business ceos and deliver a keynote speech friday. he is expected to encourage companies to invest in the united states and help defend america first. his trip comes after you impose safeguard tariffs on solar panels and washing machines. >> our action today helps create jobs in america for americans.
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they will provide strong incentives for lg and samsung to follow through on their recent promises to build a major manufacturing plan for washing machines right here in the united states. cheryl: meanwhile, 11 specific nations have agreed to form a new commercial block that excludes the united states. japan says the new transpacific ownership with the intention to overcome u.s. protectionism. morning cytherea will be live from dallas at 6:00 a.m. eastern time on fox business. >> treasury secretary stephen minich and launching a major investment push at the summit. saying he was welcoming a weakening of the u.s. dollar because that is good for trade pitfall in the comments come in the dollar eating fresh multiyear lows. also says america is open for business. earn your money here. cheryl: a new study is out this morning.
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it says that google spent more money than any other company on washington d.c. lobbying last year. tracee carrasco joins us now with more on that another have meant making news this morning. >> this is the first 10 google it the first time google ever break in its own record in 2017 by spending it a million dollars to lobby congress, federal agencies in the white house on issues such as immigration, tax reform and antitrust. google spent money to weigh in on to regulate online advertising. google is not the only tech company to increase spending trying to influence washington pick facebook, amazon and apple brokering company records by pouring money into lobbying operations. lauren: bank of america, they are bragging this morning about what? >> bair bragging about their payer. >> a good look at the two women and minorities and say they are doing pretty well. according to "the wall street
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journal," and bank of america have reviewed a for the u.s. and women are paid on average 99% of what men are paid according to an internal memo. the bank also found minorities are paid on average 99% of white nonminorities are paid. citibank also did something similar and found similar findings. cheryl: the banking industry has been trying to lead the charge with the quality of the work place. cheryl: in case he needed one, here's a reason you should never bite into your iphone. >> because wife would do in the first place. check out this surveillance video at a store in china. a man biting into an iphone to check out the authenticity and a huge fireball. miller was reportedly heard by the small explosion. coming up again. you can see it. it is not clear if the battery is safe.
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i don't know where he got the idea. trying to look at the fireball. it is a little concerning. teenagers are going to eat ipad. i can see they're going to eat pythons. lauren: is he okay? >> you can look at him walk away very stunned. very scary. lauren: when we come back, one day away from reopening the government and the immigration debate got nastier. chuck schumer calling funding for the water border wall. what exactly happened when this out-of-control school bias slide down an icy hill. cheryl: fairytale come in very go a car.
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cheryl: welcome back. let's get you caught up in the company now causing panic, this time in western kentucky. a student opened fire killing two fellow students and injuring 18 others. police say a 15-year-old boy is
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in custody will be charged with two counts of murder in several counts of attempted murder. it isn't clear what the motive was. 29 students in massachusetts had a scary ride to school yesterday. the whole thing caught on tape. the bus attempted to drive up an icy hill the lost traction, started to slide backwards as you can see in your screen. took out a mailbox and then crashed into the car appeared nobody was hurt on the bus. afterwards, the bus went on to school. snapchat is no longer enough for private message for you and your friends could your friends. the company embracing public sharing. this will allow users to share their content on facebook and twitter. sanchez says it is necessary to start growth and as you know they've had a lot of problems since their ipo last year. lauren: they need to spark some growth. no wall, no daca.
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sirena chuck schumer after the minority leader walked back his offer on funding. $25 billion for the border wall. it's going to foist another government shutdown in early february. a couple weeks away. it putatively incumbent good morning gop strategist nick ryan. good morning, nick. where do we stand on immigration right now? >> first of all, chuck schumer's offer was hardly a serious one. $10 million with what was needed to build the wall. i figure that's probably closer to reality of 2,136,000,000,000 parameters for the debate has been laid out. full funding for a southern wall and border security into chain migration, into the visa lottery system and some legal status for the daca dreamers come 690,000 of them and they think a lot of trunk space would be putting a path to citizenship as well. the problem the democrats have
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right now are the numbers to about 60% of the american people saying we don't want to see government shutdown, but even more troubling are the congressional generic ballot. democrats if he can point them out. this week according to cnn only up five points. looking at the numbers and realizing they are caught between the majority of the american people and their very hard left owners and base over the immigration debate and they want a solution to daca, but they're not sure they want all the other things the hard left ones. i don't see them beating him and a stronger negotiating position a few weeks from now. >> talk about the country. 60% -- more than 60% of americans say the border security we have right now is inadequate.
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54% support a physical as well as electronic terrier. they want more security in cap on the number of legal immigrants coming into this country different than illegal immigrants. the majority of america want this. do we expect cooler heads to prevail for them to find a middle ground where they can negotiate. >> that is bitterly to the $20 billion question. the greatness and the fact terror, which by the way in 2006, prominent democrats like hillary clinton and joe biden in barack obama and chuck schumer all voted for the wall and it cut down illegal crossings by 90%. physical barriers work. in the whole scheme of things, lauren, the government spends a
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quarter trillion of the year to complete southern security to have southern borders, but let's not forget all the drugs crossing the southern border as well. the american people when a commonsense solution to what has been laid out by donald trump is a commonsense solution. and then we can deal with the 690,000 daca dreamers. cheryl: lawmakers start from scratch here? >> you know what, what has to be understood as parameters laid out that we don't need to start from scratch. authority been laid out. democrats have to understand if they have any chance in the midterms, they have to understand the majority of the american people want this. donald trump as they got the debate and republicans need to stand firm and a look at exactly what they needed help themselves and the midterms for 2018.
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lauren: mad ryan, thank you for your perspective this morning. cheryl: well, hollywood is getting ready to wrap up the worst season in the nominees are. >> when he looks at me, he doesn't know how i am in complete. he sees me aside. cheryl: the shape of water. plus the academy making history. we will explain. we are going to tell you the new number one. checking in u.s. stock market futures looking like another long day for your markets up by 60. you are watching "fbn:am." these smart
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cheryl: wal-mart has returned to the academy awards. this cd at the three female direct yours. melissa mccarthy, nancy meyers had looking at the latest there. wal-mart executives said the company is not trying to cash in on the need to movement is simply put on a show that will resonate with the audience. let's take a look at shares of wal-mart up about 60% from a year ago. the academies are march 4th. cheryl: on the subject of women in the oscars, two women actually broke records at their nominations. credit gerber, author of ladybird is the first woman to be nominated for best director in eight years. meanwhile, rachel morrison became the first woman ever to
5:21 am
be nominated in the cinematography category for the movie mad down. here to talk about this in the oscar buzz, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: we talked about wal-mart and all these female directors in advertisements. is there a push to recognize my women from the academy? >> i think there is. there has to be. it's a time for things to change and a half. women have been in the business a long time but unrecognized. everything that's going on in the industry from the need to movement to what has happened with harvey weinstein and essentially just getting a chance for women to get to work out there has changed what we are seeing in the face of oscar. cheryl: i can accredit our way, rachel moore, on the bus on social media yesterday that it took been 90 years to finally nominated female cinematographer that category. let's talk about some of the other news that came out of this. shape of water really had an
5:22 am
incredible amount of nominations. i believe 13. >> shape of water when i saw the film genre films are not the films that generally can't oscar nominations. for a film like shape of water and get out, which are both genre films to be nominated for best picture is a huge change. it says a lot about how the film is actually touched audiences in touched members of the academy. it's an adult fantasy that actually works. cheryl: some high-profile snaps with the post. meryl streep did the denomination for best actress but tom hanks and steven spielberg were not nominated at all. these are usually oscar favorite. >> i have to say i'm surprised because i thought the post was one of the best films of the year. because he's been nominated so many times, perhaps a number of other things and there's only
5:23 am
five directors who can be nominated if they expand the category like we did the best picture, maybe that will change. i have to say he did have stiff competition. i am surprised he didn't get nominated. tom hanks i think it's a great performance. is it oscar worthy? in the face of some of the other people who've been nominated, maybe not. cheryl: james franco is on the list of snobs, but that could be related to sexual harassment allegations. >> i think it absolutely was. there isn't any other reason for it not to be. train to a really other interesting back story that i find fascinating. former president ronald reagan, his former press secretary once the academy to post ronald reagan and honorary oscar for his work in the industry. there has been some push back because he was a president because he was republican president. i don't know.
5:24 am
did he think the academy would be willing to do this for ronald reagan? >> you know, what is happening is the of the academy has changed. i don't know if the people who are currently involved with voting would necessarily appreciate his body of work, especially because a lot of people remember him as a republican president than they do is a beloved film star, which is what he was. it is sort of how clint eastwood or different actors who get known for something other than the work that they do. it is a longshot at this point. cheryl: we will have to see if they come around. your general sense of the actors. any surprise in any of the categories? >> i think the biggest surprise could be in the best picture category. they could be -- it looks like shape of water, but i have to say can outcome the three billboards, they have a strong
5:25 am
shot. train to francis dorman also getting nominated for that. thank you very much for getting up early. we shall see. lauren: i love him and his voice. i just want to listen. coming up, investors are bracing for more bad news for general electric. how low can this talk go? for these two companies commit jpmorgan chase and disney joining the tax cut for the bonus bandwagon. overall market activity for the s&p 500 and nasdaq at the all-time highs yesterday. update quarter of 1% across the board this morning. you are watching "fbn:am." at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value.
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>> things like negotiating with leadership or is like negotiating with jell-o. one day he is for the border wall, the next day against it. lauren: the president blasting leadership or after he pulled funding for the border wall off the table. cheryl: the president is heading for davos amid tensions over trade. cheryl: investors bracing for the latest news against embattled general electric. the dow gaining 56. cheryl: in europe, stocks opening flat. the bigger drug companies. right now we are in the read completely. the ftse down more than a quarter%. lauren: in japan, the nikkei losing three quarters of 1% and china's shanghai composite gaining a third of 1%. cheryl: a bombshell admission from the anti-trump fbi agent
5:30 am
raising brand-new questions about the russia pollution probe's credibility. "fbn:am" continues right now. lauren: 530 on the dot on wednesday the 24th of january. good morning. lauren simonetti. cheryl: and cheryl casone. about yesterday. lauren: more records. cheryl: nothing stops them. we would get to in a few moments. major new developments in the russian investigation. officials say jeff sessions spent several hours being grilled by the special counsel office last week or this is the first time investigators are learned to have interviewed a cabinet member. president trump was asked yesterday if he's worried about what sessions may have said. [inaudible conversations]
5:31 am
>> no, i'm not at all, kristen. no come i didn't. but i'm not at all concerned. cheryl: for more on what this means, we turn to prosecutor david bruno. good morning. pretty big deal here. how helpful can sessions be to mueller and also, does this set up a potential interview of president trump, which lawyers were told currently negotiating over. >> will come to should be no surprise. he's testified twice before congress about the ambassador case of acne and the other photo above that was taken where he sat the table. but, should this mean anything? the thing that jumps out at me as the investigation is moving into the inner circle and i would write others close to the president to be next. cheryl: this means the investigation is wrapping up, not slowing down. we were under the impression a few weeks ago that mueller was
5:32 am
wrapping things out. what change do you think? >> well, critical witnesses still have to be questioned. think about don junior and kushner and others close to the president. being the first cabinet member to be interviewed as a start, but certainly not the end. cheryl: let's talk about what's going on with fbi director james call me. there talk from trey gowdy, republican trey gowdy that they want james comey to come back. there's questions about whether he was truthful in his testimony and it's over these memos. what do you make of that? >> the report dark he was interviewed by the special counsel unit last year and he testified in june about these leaked memos and i would've expected the specific testimony to the special counsel to be prior to that. the testimony was probably vetted by molar, someone who
5:33 am
call me in molar worked with in the past and certainly they should not be any news that he gave testimony in respect to this investigation. cheryl: trey gowdy is making an interesting charge here, basically saying he decided not to pursue any kind of charges against hillary clinton over her e-mail server after he interviewed her. now it looks like according to trey gowdy that he made the decision before he ever spoke to her. there might be evidence to back that up. >> good point, cheryl. what needs to be discussed at these back before congress is this memo that was started prior to the hillary clinton interview and was amended. fbi agent strzok had something to do it back, which was taking away the language of recklessness required for the federal of handling classified misinformation and changing it to carelessness. he has not been questioned about that. that would be a point of
5:34 am
questioning. cheryl: i'm sorry, but why the congress? let's talk about this real quick. peter strzok and lisa paige, these two officials, high-level officials in the clinton investigation and in the trunk dossier until they were pulled off. now we are finding out that peter strzok text of a colleague and said you and i both know the answer nothing. if i thought it was likely be there in a question. i hesitate because made that says there's no big spare. he's talking about the russia investigation into president trump. he ended up on the investigation that he was art expressing doubt before hand. what you make of that? >> the timing of the text message is critical. it is may 19th, 2 days after special counsel molar was appointed. at that time covering the investigation had been rolling for almost a year.
5:35 am
strzok was involved in it. he knew about the investigation. that's why it's important. cheryl: david bruno, appreciate your story. lauren: fascinating. jpmorgan will hire thousands of workers, boost wages, all thanks to the new tax bill. cheryl: tracee carrasco has that another headlines. >> thanks to the sweeping changes at the u.s. tax code also improved economic reform and scummy jpmorgan will hire 4000 new employees, open 400 new branches in up to 20 new market and for about 20,000 -- 22,000 new employees will be raising the hourly wage to 15 to $18. that is a big bump from $12.1650. a good increase fare. great news for the jpmorgan employees. cheryl: that's good. share the wealth.
5:36 am
disney is jumping on the bonus program. >> offered a one time bonus to 125,000 employees. this is hourly salary employees as well. full-time, part-time and as long as you work and play by january 1st of this year you can be eligible for the bonus. they are also doing a $15 million education funding programs so that will help 88,000 hourly employees can help them pay for tuition costs. lauren: i remember the first company saying we are going to pay workers more because of the tax cut. so many skeptics were saying that good. look at the number of companies giving back because of what they of what they're getting for tax reform. talk about budweiser. no longer the king of. >> no longer the top three best-selling beers in the u.s. adviser replaced by miller light in third place. second place is going to be cooler aside and don papas bud
5:37 am
lite. budweiser gave up the top spot to bud lite in 2001. all of this because people are drinking last. they are switching over to craft beer. just less in general. cheryl: that global travelers in the top 10. lauren: and beer. i go to the liquor store and look at the section. it's so colorful and different. cheryl: tracee thank you. lauren: another big day for earnings per general electric due out this morning. can investors expect signs of a turnaround for more bad news for investors after ge last week announced the surprise choice from its legacy insurance business. shares actually rallied over 4% yesterday. biggest one-day gain in over two years through to grab it, joining us now. good to see you, cooper.
5:38 am
you know, we saw the shares pop yesterday, but if you look at the one-year chart of this company, clearly the dog of the doubt. investors stay in? >> general electric is a great example of a company for a long time could do nothing wrong. clearly things are changing. exposure to fossil fuels, exposure to some legal liability related to high yield securities and some of their pension obligations be met do raise real questions. this goes through transparency. the bigger picture i think i would put us what does this mean to the broader market and earnings seasons. one of the things we are seeing is what has been working in the past may not be working in the next cycle. still lots of reasons to be optimistic about where the market is heading but not a time to be complacent in understanding the particulars of what goes on company by company is very important in ge has
5:39 am
plenty of challenges and is likely to be responded here in the market. lauren: a lot of talk about the complacency but one more quick question in ge. do expect them to layout a different turnaround plan, said the company will be broken up? any word on the tax cut? >> tax cuts will be beneficial because so much is global, less of an impact. we will have to wait and see. lauren: you have world leaders, business leaders and top posts, switzerland. stock markets globally are on fire, but there is anxiety out there and it's caused from this complacency. are we ignoring geopolitical tensions? are we ignoring politics? what's going on? >> we are hearing this from claims domestically and internationally as well. the truth is the economies are going better on a global basis.
5:40 am
a lot of raising to say fundamentals are improving. the challenges are brown valuation and that underlines the opportunity here for stockpicking. this is a time when not every company will be treated the same way in understanding a particular business models, how they will be able to compete across the market becomes particularly important. lauren: a lot of talk about the u.s. dollar quickly. treasury secretary in the nation -- mnuchin chair and a weak dollar. future a weak u.s. dollar. >> right now that is clearly positive for american exports. you do have a weird phenomenon. that's where it goes back to the broader theme is still a lot of reason to be positive about the market, but the situation is changing which means understanding what will happen going forward as it relates to
5:41 am
companies and their approach is what will drive earnings. the impact will be dependent on the business model and the important time for opportunities but also to find the right company. lauren: in the backdrop, cooper, the s&p 500. we're talking about the longest bull market in history. >> we've got some breaking news. qualcomm with a $122 billion antitrust fund by an e.u. commission overpayment me to apple for exclusively using its smartphones and other products. qualcomm brought in $22 billion in revenue for fiscal 2017. a decade for qualcomm whether or not a fight, we don't know. certainly stop to watch. lauren: will follow that for you. if you are in tender, don't
5:42 am
swipe until you share this latest story about security risks from hackers. a dangerous eruption of the philippines must act the volcano is doing while the four miles. we will be right back. so, she turned to legalzoom. they helped me out. she means we helped with her llc, trademark, and a lot of other legal stuff that's a part of running a business. so laura can get back to the dogs. would you sit still? this is laura's mobile dog grooming palace and this is where life meets legal.
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lauren: welcome back. 5:45 in the morning. unit dates with russia accountable for his suspected chemical attack in the area. rescue workers in damascus state government forces used chlorine gas during an attack on monday. secretary of state rex tillerson says russia is to blame for any attack because it is helping syria violate international bans on chemical weapons. president trump will hold its first official dinner in april. his guest of honor will be the french president, emanuel machrone could they do have struggled to find the paris climate accord, but they reported they have developed a friendly relationship since president trump visited paris back in july. and get this. researchers warned that tender, the security firm checkmark felt
5:46 am
that hackers get into your photos. the vulnerability doesn't appear. it is working to upgrade its encryption. more than 50,000 people evacuated in the philippines is the country's most active volcano has erupted. he then live for up to 20 feet high. the violent abruption could continue for days. it has erupted 50 times making it an active volcano. they had a lot of warning. to evacuate the surrounding area. certainly felt like spring in new york the past couple days. today you might want to take up the winter jacket again.
5:47 am
cheryl: adam klotz is here with the wednesday forecast. >> hey there, guys. there's some spots we are paying attention to in the pacific northwest with rounds of heavy rains to continue throughout the day. they go been dry spots across the middle of the country continuing in the northeast could result of a move on truth of to the wintry precipitation. the backside of the system. that has cleared off at this point. you will see what is left fizzling now. so pull through portions of the ohio river valley, but that is changing the next couple days. we've seen a couple across the country here in their with the temperature is mild of eastern spots today. today's high is running 50 degrees in kansas city, spot where you don't see at this warm this time of year that of the spreads out the next couple days. pay attention running from today fills in more and more as you look at temperatures running into the 60s in some cases,
5:48 am
spreads out even further on friday. press in new york city it is nice again this weekend. thanks for the good news. >> coming up, the cleveland cavaliers continue. lebron james with kobe bryant, michael jordan and. u.s.a. gymnastic loses the big-money prompter over the sexual assault scandal. you are watching the "fbn:am."
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cheryl: another major corp. sponsors letting from u.s.a. gymnastics. good morning, lauren. in the wake of the sexual assault scandal with hundreds of female athletes. at&t says it will no longer do business with the organization following other big-name companies like under armour, hershey, catalog and procter & gamble to the announcement comes as former gymnast, 158 in total speaking for the sexual abuse committed by this guy, larry nassar, u.s.a. gymnastics team doctor for almost 20 years and it's been heartbreaking listening to their victim impact statements. lauren: terrible story all these years that the brian james reached another milestone last night and jared maxwell explained this. actor loeb braun -- after lebron.
5:53 am
>> a note to himself. he writes a letter to his younger himself before he accomplished what an he was congratulate himself about. he needed seven points to get to 30,000 in his career. right there. final shot in the first quarter. joined the elite list that didn't food six other players with 37 other points. they can do is to get there from the 15 months bryant was. he turned 33 at the end of december. >> it's a special moment. i just started taking about everything in my journey. for me to be here then the youngest player to ever reach 3,030,000. i put a lot of work into my game. >> cavaliers lost to the spurs. lebron posted this on instagram make in a congratulatory letter. he will want to be one of the first to congratulate you on his
5:54 am
accomplishment. in case you were wondering with a pets and points to catch kareem abdul-jabbar. nba all-star rosters with defending champion golden state warriors to send four players to back-to-back season. clay thompson green on green joined south korea and kevin durand. for warriors and all. he can't spell australia without u.s., but there's no more american flavors yesterday in. tennis cracked the world 190 was the last american standard, but also the first korean as far as the grand slam against the winner of the roger federer match. 16 grand slam titles where he
5:55 am
stays. a bowwow to yesterday's match because of a leg injury. remember the hartford whalers, nhl hockey team. this is so cool. license plates be made to honor the hartford whalers going to benefit a children's hospital in hartford. there we go. everyone knows what roger was all blue and green thing $45 for every playful go to benefit the children's hospital. cheryl: jared max committing an act very much. you can catch his sports reports 24/7 sirius xm channel 115. lauren: coming up from a geopolitical risks and market complacency, to concerns and davos, switzerland. we will have a report in just a little bit.
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triggering global stock markets on fire and economic growth also rising that signs abound coming out of the world economic forum in davos, switzerland.
5:59 am
some investors may be a little complacent? >> good morning. it seems as though when you have stocks i record a multiyear highs around the world, there's some worries that maybe markets are pricing in a little too much good news and in overlooking big worries this year stemming from a range of things from the risks of trade protectionism are just growing inequality feeling different kinds of movements around the world that could ultimately pose a risk to stocks. a little bit of unease whenever you see things going quite so well in volatility, quite so it makes a lot of people uncomfortable. lauren: the global picture of her invested in stock market is amazing continues to look good. so good to see you. we appreciate it. >> is for having me. lauren: thank you for joining us on "fbn:am." we'll toss it over to mourning said maria, which starts right
6:00 am
now. >> live from davos switzerland, here is maria bartiromo at this special edition of mourning said maria. maria: good wednesday morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. i am maria bartiromo. her top stories at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast are bringing america for us the stage. president trump in his administration and davos for the administration cabinet landing here could the president arriving on thursday. more new big-name investors. treasury secretary stephen mnuchin at the economic forum. >> we couldn't be happy to be here. it's about growth, opportunities to invest free and fair trade and we are looking forward to


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