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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  January 25, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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it is interesting to see, especially when, yes, this is another record that bill gets to watch over there. 141 points but any gain would've gotten us there. i'm going to have to say the s&p is too close to wall. in fact, i'll let melissa and connell sort that one out. i'll see you guys tomorrow. connell: yeah, we'll take care of that and more. stocks responding into the close another record high. second day in a row. tenth time this year. i've been counting. melissa: that is amazing. connell: it is amazing. s&p and nasdaq they are fighting to join that record territory. the s&p just a little bit lower. i'm connell mcshane in today for asmand. melissa: and i'm melissa francis. here's what else we're covering during this very busy hour ahead. a full day for president trump in davos, switzerland now just wrapping up a big meeting with foreign business leaders pushing for more investments in america. before that holding two high profile meetings earlier.
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one with the prime minister of the uk and then with the prime minister of israel. we are live in davos with the big take aways. and those five months of missing text messages between two former fbi officials, guess what? they found them. among our guests this hour, ohio congressman brad of the house intel committee, lieutenant general thomas mcinerney and former george w. bush brad. connell: to the markets now as another record has been set for the dow jones industrial average. it is a 140 point gain on this day. had been up 200 points. plus, at one point today, we did get those comments this afternoon from the president about the dollar that a lot of people paid attention to moving stocks and commodities as well. we have phil flynn watching all the action in oil and gold. phil at the cme for us. and, nicole petallides, there she is at the floor of the new york stock exchange. all right. nicole, the president with that interview that he did with cnbc saying he ultimately wants a strong
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dollar. so that was quite a comment, considering what the treasury secretary steve mnuchin had said yesterday. so we did see some movement as we see on the screen here for the currency markets and i guess the stocks. >> that's interesting; right? because you saw the dollar start to move up, you saw equity start to pull back. the dow has been up over 200 points. treasury secretary steve mnuchin said that a weaker dollar was good for trade. president trump came out at the same time there in davos and said that the greenback is going to get stronger and stronger. so i'm not sure they're trying to outdo one another. i think it seems to be somewhat matter of fact and maybe trump is trying to do a little bit of casual guidance going forward. but in the meantime, the markets did react, and you can see that there on the charts of all three. we did see the s&p 500 and the dow finish higher. it looks like record territory. the homebuilders on the other hand, though, december homebuilders new home sales. those came in weaker than expected. as a result the homebuilders got hit pretty hard.
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down 5%. ddr horton, those were lower. people are looking for homes and there's not the supply out there. year over year, looking pretty good. last we saw united continental down 11%. well, now you can see all the airlines dropped again. we have a mixed bag for earnings. jeff blue down 6% right now. back to you. melissa: thanks, nicole. phil, oil and gold turning lower this afternoon after the president's comments on the dollar; right? >> right. steve mnuchin give and donald trump take away. if you look at steve mnuchin yesterday, we saw gold prices sore, oil prices sore. we saw oil prices hit the highest level that we saw in three and a half years. gold the highest since 2016. platinum the highest since 2017 and then all of a sudden, hey, donald trump says, hey, we misinterpreted his comments. what he was trying to say, i guess, was, hey, a weak dollar
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is good for the u.s. economy. but that doesn't mean we have the weak dollar policy. and i think that's why the market reverse a little bit. having said that, considering the dollar we saw, melissa, actually, these markets still held up pretty well. i mean, oil prices are still hanging around $65 a barrel. you know, the gold is coming down and considering the dramatic change in the mood in just a short period of time, i think they held in there pretty darn well. melissa: all right. thanks, bill. connell: president trump as we were -- melissa: we love seeing phil. connell: we were just talking about president trump's comments on the dollar, but he's on the world stage today in addition to that having dinner with european business in regards to davos over there as he says promoting his america first agenda. getting set up to make a very big speech tomorrow morning our time. blake burman on the scene for us in davos and joins us with the latest. hey, blake. >> hey, there, connell. dinner has come and gone for
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the president. 10:00 local time here in davos. but those was really a whose who kind of event with business leaders all across europe. the heads of nokia, adidas, bayer just to give you a handful. this is the first trypsins they passed the tax cuts back in december. so the president is using this trip and especially using this gathering of world leaders, this gathering of business leaders to say, hey, there is a new tax system in the u.s. come on in and invest. trump: i just want to say that there's been a lot of warmth, a lot of respect for our country, and a lot of money. billions and billions of dollars is coming into the u.s. and people are very happy with what we've done. not only on the tax bill but also cutting of regulations. and i think also being a cheerleader for our country, you know? if you're not a cheerleader for your company or for your country, no matter what happens, it's not going to
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work. >> so the economy and trade a big theme here. but also security. the president began his day with a couple high profile bilateral meetings. the president first met with the british prime minister teresa may. after that, he met with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. tomorrow, he will have a couple more of those bilateral meetings with the president of rwanda and then also the president of the host nation here switzerland. and then it is onto this big speech tomorrow afternoon. 2:00 local time. but when you dial back the clock on the east coast, 8:00 back there on the east coast when the president will address the world economic forum. and really, the world as a whole with his economic message. you can expect the president to talk about the successes that he has seen with his administration's policy and also to once again pitch his desire and really why he thinks others should invest in the u.s. connell. connell: we'll be watching tomorrow morning, no doubt live there in davos as the news breaks here in the united states. the giant chip company intel
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has just reported its fourth can quarter earnings results. nicole petallides to look them over. how do they look, nicole? >> you know, looking at the top and bottom line, the stock's up 1.5 earnings per share. estimate of 86 cents. revenue 17.1 billion beats the 16.34 billion. they also did say they're taking a income tax expense from the tax plan. we've been hearing a lot of these companies having to adjust taxes and taking an expense at that. they also announce that they're raising their dividend to a $1.20 annually. so it's 10% on the quarterly cash dividend. it will be interesting if they say anything more about the pc shipment or data center sales. these are some of the areas that the analysts were really interested to hear more about. and how about the big security flaw? i mean, we're not really hearing much about that. in fact, we're just seeing some great numbers and the stock jumping even more so. 2.6%. back to you. liz: interesting. boosting its dividend by 10%. we'll take that as good news,
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nicole and something like 80% of the companies reporting so far this quarter have beaten analyst expectations. melissa. melissa: yeah, amazing. more companies announcing benefits because of tax reform. 400,000 employees at home depot are getting a bonus. it will be based on how long the employee has been with the company ranging from 200 to 1,000 bucks. not bad. yesterday starbucks announced raises and bonuses. yet, some of the media refuse to attribute it to trump's tax law. >> we just had a litany of businesses that are going to give back to the american people. but isn't it unfair to give the president credit for that? they already had that money in their coughers; right? i mean, they would have not turned it loose otherwise? >> they have no alternative but to make up fiction. but eventually facts overcome fiction. and i think the fella who just got $1,000 check doesn't care what the left-wing media
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says. and the person who gets a tax cut in the next withholding, he's also -- she is also not going to care what the left-wing media says. melissa: let's bring in scott martin. king view asset management fox news contributor david from point view asset management. david, what do you think? did they already have that money in their coughers? so president trump shouldn't get any credit for it? >> obviously the tax cuts have boosted confidence tremendously. you also have a situation where there's a lighter regulatory touch. the stock market has been doing well. i don't think you can say mr. trump didn't have a lot to do with that. and this is the way for corporate america to tip their hat to the administration, to mr. trump. i think it's very smart politics. but don't take anything away from the strength of the company or how hard those employees are working. melissa: no doubt, scott martin. but people at home, i'm betting. i mean, those of you out in the audience if you get a bonus check for 200 or 000 dollars $11,000, i'm not sure
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you're terribly concerned who gets credit for it. you're just happy about it. >> no, wilbur ross is right, melissa. this is turning out to be a heck of a big mess. in fact, a lot of crumbs, isn't it? every day there's a lot of good news from a lot of major, respectable to david's point companies out there that have a hard-working c level staff, and that's one thing i like too about this dinner, melissa. i know the left calls these things awkward and weird. but i disagree. i mean, if you listen to these ceos that talk to mr. trump and speak to the cameras, they're very thankful about what he has done and what the u.s. is doing with respect to their tax plan and what it's doing for their companies. i trust the brilliant men and women of this country who are running these billion dollar companies to tell us how well they're doing and they're doing great. melissa: absolutely. stand by for a second because we have breaking news. starbucks is reporting first quarter results. nicole, give us those numbers. >> so let's take a look. for earnings per share, we did
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see a beat. sixty-five cents versus the 57-cent estimate. the revenue, though, a miss. 6.07billion. in fact, we're seeing the stock now down 3.7%. interestingly enough, sales in china rose 6%, and that was an area that everybody wanted to know about overall. they did also say they were going to open 2,300 next door news stores in 2018. they also continue to see sales growth of 3 to 5%. that's their forecast for starbucks. but the revenue miss seems to be weighing on the stock. in fact, down 3.4% right now. not because of me. i shop there every day. [laughter] melissa: all right. nicole, thank you. connell: they still have that on the floor of the exchange. check these numbers out. a fox news poll finding 51% of people surveyed think the economy is either excellent or good. it's actually the highest
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number in almost 20 years. which is kind of interesting as we still have both david and scott with us. david, your thoughts on this number. just on the economy. we'll talk about the president in a moment. but these numbers are pretty impressive just on the economy. >> yeah. absolutely. anything for good reason. i mean, look at where -- who thought the dow would be at 26,000 or above that? who thought we would have this type of unemployment rate, you know? everyone wanted to bash mr. trump because he didn't get much legislation passed, but he got that tax cut through. that was really, really important. and i think what you're hearing from davos is other countries now are thinking to lower taxes on their corporations. i think it could set momentum all across the world for more tax cuts. connell: these numbers, scott, have moved way people feel about things. back in august, it was 36% either excellent or good for the economy. as i said, now we're up to 51. so, you know, it is definitely moving in the, quote, unquote, right direction. the debate about who gets credit for it. but you do start to feel as though the current president is starting to get more of the credit. i'm sure he thinks he probably
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deserves more than he's getting. but you feel that way he's starting to get more credit than he was? >> i think he's getting the credit he has deserved most of the time. and i tell you what, connell. i think the change in those numbers corresponds with this big passage of the tax plan. because that really was the big promise coming into last year that was taking so long. and remember, this thing was supposed to be done last april. then it was july. and then august. and thanksgiving. we finally knocked it in by day. so, listen, the fact that something got done and hopefully we can start working together before the midterms on infrastructure and things like that and maybe health care, we can obviously get to these final, say, resolutions that were promised along the campaign trail, and you will see those numbers accurately reflect the tolerance that he deserves out there. connell: right. your quick thought on that, david, in terms of who gets credit for all of this. >> well, i mean, obviously, if you're in the administration, you're going to take credit. at least they didn't screw it up. there's a lot of strong factors, certainly the stronger global economy. certainly the low interest rate. the one thing i would say about people's confidence in the economy, it does tend to
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be backward looking. it does seem to track the nasdaq. so that the only cautionary thing here. we've got to keep that market up. connell: good enough to both of you. always appreciate it. melissa: so will the economy be a game changer? the wall street journal james freeman ahead. connell: and another life cut short by the flu. 12-year-old boy reportedly only to be sick a couple of days. dr. mark siegel on that and what every parent should know about what has been a deadly outbreak this year. melissa: and justice department watch dog suggesting they now use forensic tools to recover five months worth of text messages between the two fbi officials that were thought to be unrecoverable. house intel community member brad on what we're learning right now. >> we think this development is good. we want to make sure as many messages are recovered as possible and that the truth about political bias at the highest ranks of the fbi is made available to the public. (siren wailing)
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melissa: crucial text messages found. the justice department announcing today they have recovered missing text messages between anti-trump and fbi officials. these missing pages have been fueling controversy in washington after it was revealed that the two former members of the special counsel and robert mueller's team exchanged a significant amount of anti-trump text messages during the presidential campaign and after for that matter. here now is republican congressman brad from ohio. he is on the house intelligence committee. sir, thank you for joining us. have you seen any of these new messages? >> no, i have not been able to sit down and see them firsthand. i've been in contact with tray
4:19 pm
gowdy, of course. and when we are back in washington, we will be spending a lot of time looking through them, and we'll have that opportunity to take a look. it's interesting what i don't expect to find is that we're going to see texts that say something, like, oh, joy we have a new administration and new congress, and i look forward to working with them on behalf of the people. melissa: do you think we're going to learn more about the secret society or the insurance plan or any of the other things we've heard about? >> well, i think that's what we want to find out. i think there was a huge gap. i'm glad that we're able to get these texts back now, and we can do our proper procedure and go through it like we should and let the american people what has been taking place within their government. that's our job is to provide oversight. and if we can't provide oversight for the american people, it's a problem. >> you know, there are some people i heard saying today that, you know, fbi officials are allowed to have their own political beliefs, you know? and these were just sort of
4:20 pm
opinions that were shared between friends, and it's no big deal. >> well, they're supposed to leave that at the door when they go to work. that's just how it's supposed to happen. and what amazes me even more, these are people in the fbi, and they're using their phone that has been provided by the agency that they work for that's being provided by the taxpayer. it is being provided by the very same people that decide who our president is. and, to me, that's pretty unbelievable, and they should know that they should be tracked. there's a difference between having opinion at home and going to work and doing your job with honesty, integrity, and with truth. melissa: there's a lot of people calling for this memo too that republicans have put together that they say reveal shocking things how the government -- some people in the government weaponized surveillance techniques against american people. this is what chuck schumer, though, had to say about it. let me get your reaction.
4:21 pm
>> conspiracy theories with virtually no fact, paranoia, delusion, why? are they afraid of the truth of the mueller investigation? seems so. melissa: have you seen the memo, by the way? you have; right? >> of course, you know, being on the intelligence committee, and we voted on allowing our colleagues to see it. i'm insulted by what chuck schumer just said because it goes against the integrity of everything that we have worked on. we have been having these investigations and these interviews going on for the better part of a year. longer than a year, and we continue to work on this, and we've gathered facts. the memo, our facts as we have gathered them, and we're putting them out, and we want to make sure that we do things right, you know? he can try to spin it however he wants. but that's an insult to those of us that are working very hard on truth. melissa: should the american people see the memo? or does it reveal things about the way the government works that we don't other countries to know. is there a danger in there?
4:22 pm
>> well, that's what we want to make sure. so that we are doing it right so that we don't put hard-working people that protect our country in any danger. the reason we want to make sure that we do it right is if someone's done something wrong, they hope screw up and do something procedurally and correct along the way. let's make sure that you do it right and in a proper time get it to the american people because they deserve to want to know what their government's doing. melissa: congressman, thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. thank you connell much more to come, including an infrastructure investment that president trump has been pushing for. he's promising the repair of the country's roads and bridges. in order to get it done, though, he'll have to play ball with democrats in congress. we'll talk about that. plus tough love from nikki haley, the ambassador of the un delivering a message about middle east peace, which she says is standing in the way of that straight ahead with lieutenant general thomas mcinerney. he'll be here with her message next. >> i have to say the united
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>> leaders who have the will to do what's needed to achieve peace. real peace requires leaders who are willing to step forward, acknowledge hard truth, and make compromises. it requires leaders who look to the future, rather than dwell on past resentments. above all, such leaders require courage. connell: all right. looking for courage. the un ambassador nikki haley pushing for peace in the middle east. urging palestinian leadership to be courageous. when addressing the israeli palestinian conflict. this is the president, president trump and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu held a bilateral meeting over in davos at the world economic forum. here to talk about it all with
4:27 pm
us is lieutenant general thomas mcinerney. general, always good to see you. your thoughts on the approach of the administration currently trying to solve this age-old problem of middle east peace. >> well, i think ambassador haley hit the nail on the head. the fact is, connell, we need leadership over there. we've got great american leadership. we've got great israeli leadership. we have pathetic plo leadership. and until the saudis and the egyptians and the jordanians exert some influence there so that plo, palestinians get some good leadership, there will be no peace. connell: you don't see that happening any time soon, do you? >> i do not, unfortunately. connell: right so the status quo. >> correct. connell: continues. now, one of the things that has changed is the american approach with regard to jerusalem, of course. and that sparked this kind of back and forth once jerusalem was recognized as a capital and president trump talked about moving our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem about whether that was something
4:28 pm
that was helpful or was as some foreign policy, quote, unquote, experts described as kind of a step backwards. it would lead things difficult. but anyway, the prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed that today in davos. let's listen. >> people say this pushes peace backward. i say it pushes peace forward because it recognizes history, it recognizes. trump: and we give them hundreds and millions of dollars in aid. that money is on the table and that money is not going to them unless they sit down and negotiate peace. connell: so really, general, two issues there. the embassy and the move to jerusalem, which i talked about. but the second one, let's take that first. the president talking there. usually -- essentially about using aid as a bargaining chip. your thoughts on that strategy. >> well, it has failed us over these years. and let me just say about moving the capital to jerusalem, that was the right move to do. it shows there's courageous leadership there. and that's very important to
4:29 pm
show in this. now, getting back to the aid, i would just cut the plo out completely. we cut them 50%, but i would cut them out completely and let them know that we're not going to pay them to make fools of themselves and to be in the region. they either play with us or they don't. let's play hardball. connell: and if they don't, then what? >> well, you take the consequences. because pretty soon, they're going to see they don't have any money for electricity, they don't have any money on their economy. and pretty soon, they're going to start listening and moving in the right direction. connell: right. i know that -- and it just sounds like -- i mean, this shouldn't come as a surprise because it's been the way it has been for years. decades, really, that it doesn't seem to be a clear path towards making real progress on this in your view if i'm reading between the lines the right way. just -- you know, there's not much we can do realistically to change the status quo. is there? >> that's correct. unless they want to do it. i know the president was hoping jared kushner was going
4:30 pm
to be able to go over there and bring together a peace treaty and two-state solution. but that's not going to happen because the palestinians and the radical islamists in the region. iran, specifically, do not want it to happen. connell: general, as always, thanks for the insights. we appreciate it. general mcinerney. >> thanks, connell. connell: okay. melissa: more children dying from the flu. checking up, what you should do if you haven't gotten your flu shot yet. dr. siegel is joining us next. coming up. plus, can this or your economy help the gop in the midterms? trump: let me tell you, it's something. no, it's something. it's the economy, stupid. did you ever hear that one?
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connell: to rebuilding our roads and bridges, president trumps ahead with his agenda, getting ready to unveil a big time infrastructure plan. in terms of what is in it we're starting to learn about some, adam. reporter: will be at least first look $200 billion proposed as seed money, dispersed in grants, idea to leverage to $200 billion to a trillion over 10 years of
4:35 pm
infrastructure. president yesterday said that we could see leverage to 1.7 trillioning 50 billion of seed money woulding for rural community, how do you pay for it? you have to have matching grants, matching money at local level. some people talk about what they call value capture financing. a part of the proposal that a city like new york u all have -- would have to have a taxing mechanism in place to capture some gain from increase in real estate value. that may notabl fly on capitol hill. here is la senator mike brown said. >> if our goal is to improve infrastructure so we can develop a larger and growing economy that lasts for more than a generation. then we have to be open to the costs involved. if the economic benefit grows, then most certainly we should look at the impact on not just
4:36 pm
our generation but a generation to come. reporter: connell, the infrastructure proposal that leaked to actsios -- axios is an older version, there are provisions in there that would not be possible because of tax reform, of that written before congress passed the tax reform bill. there is talk, if they are doing infrastructure they may have to fix parts of the tax reform bill that have to to with tax exempt munibonds. back to you. connell: making it complicated, i did notice some european ceos talking about infrastructure with president this afternoon. adam, thank you. melissa. melissa: flipping balance of power, democratic leaders seem confidence as they head to midterm elections, to regain control in washington, my next guest said that the booming economy gives new reason to believe that republican categories hold the house majority, here is james freeman, "wall street journal" editorial
4:37 pm
pain assistance editor, a fox news contributor. i feel like every time somebody talks about the republicans how they will fair in 2018, they don't talk about the economy. >> yeah. melissa: last i checked that is the biggest issue to people. >> a few weeks ago there was a sense that speaker pelosi is back and republicans are toast, you saw that generic ballot, who do you want a republican or democrat for congress was looking for bad. there is history, usually party of the president in the first midterm after he is elected does not do well. i think a big difference is you look at for example 1994, 2010, democrats lost a lot of seat, people were angry about health care, washington was messing with it. and you point out, now you have a great tax cut plan, you have a economy that some offing at a higher gear, a very different environment. melissa: seems that two competing factors could be idea that there are you know people
4:38 pm
who' to put a check on the president, sort of a referendum on him. i want to put a democrat in to balance him out. but for a lot of people it is about you know am i doing better than i was before. do i feel that my family is doing better off? >> the economy is always one of the top issues that people vote oyou see it in the polls, always a key issue. on that story, president remains very unpopular, he is essentially winning. it is one area where his approval rating is now over 50% in fox poll, and he is way above water in across the polls looking at that specific issue. melissa: i can hear people in our odd audience screaming, we don't believe in polls any longer, i hear you, i get it but this does speak to the disconnect between people feels good about the economy but don't necessarily give the president credit for it. and democrats make a big deal
4:39 pm
that it a phenomenon out there, is it real? >> polls are perceptions, what is real is the economy growing faster. we'll get a respect tomorrow morning that -- report tomorrow morning that i thinking way in third quarter of 2017 we grew north of 3%. that is new. three quarters in a roy doing that. have you seen the announcement of companies saying giving new bonus and raising wages and ex pands benefits after the tax cuts this is real. this is not perception, this is bound to have an impact. melissa: the companies that are doing it are companies and ceos who hate the president and they have been vocal about it, starbucks and apple. you look at some companies that have been most vocal about you know, really saying that they don't back him, they don't like his policies, they are the one that you cannot deny the
4:40 pm
economics of it and in phenomenon here in new york things are so terrible they say, but stork market hitsny records and people are making a lot of money, but they feel they are so bummed about the president. that it paints overall picture is that anything on anywhere else in the country or just idiots here? >> you know, some of them idiots some not, but we have a lot of people. melissa: i like that. you donyou didn't want it disag. >> but idiot and non-idiot a like, wall street is not what it used to be, here bound to see maybe a different feel. melissa: they are not making as much. >> in the financial companiry, but nationwide, interesting, after years of basically 1 percenters seeing their asset values increase, not much for people at bottom in obama year,
4:41 pm
2017, group with highest wage gains were people essentially with lower income levels and less education, i think that bradley this economy is pulling up wages, not quite where we would like them to be, but that is say phenomenon. the two companies apple and starbucks, they done give the president credit, but they said it was the new tax law, and higher wages and more investment. melissa: the truth is that president obama was great for rich people and income divide widens, and under president trump it is getting smaller, you would never know that from watching media. >> this how it works. >> melissa: already james freeman thank you for clearing uneverything, you have solved every problem, connell back to you. connell: definition of an idiot even. breaking news in politics, coming in, sources told fox business big announcement from mitt romney likely next week,
4:42 pm
announcing he is running for senate out of utah replacing orrin hatch, a couple of days after a meeting with long time adviser of his. remember next week, tuesday night the president delivers his state of the union. melissa: oh, yeah. connell: at some point next week. melissa: a great point. meeting face-to-face under oath, president trump saying he is willing to meet with special mu. if it happens with the left finally put the russia collusion hype to rest? nope. that is coming next. ext week. how did edward jones come to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care?
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connell: president trump before heads to davos expressions excitement at the idea of being interviewed by special investigator mueller. >> no collusion what so ever. there is no obstruction what so every, imlooking forward to it i
4:46 pm
do worry when i look at things that you people don't report about with what is happening. >> you will doa under oath. >> i will. >> under ocean. connelloath.connell: brad blakeg us now, a good idea if president does go forward with this plan? >> absolutely, i think that president should testify, he should testify under oath, something that hillary clinton refused to do. president will lay it out, there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russians. there is no bought that russians try to influence our election. but they were nod successful -- not successful, democrats and republican list is gettin get tr to make sure that our elections are safe. connell: think about, i heard judge napolitano talk about this, president's lawyers allude
4:47 pm
to it, doing testimony like this under oath does open you up to possibility of what they call in legal community, a perjury trap, you might set you up, you are under oath, a person interviewing you knows a lot about the investigation, they want to try to catch you on something. >> it is a levit a legitimate ri always tell my clients to tell the truth, the truth will set you free. if a federal agent were too sit you down and question you, you don't have to be under oath. if you lie, you will have the same perjury charge as if you took the oath. it adds some value, president saying, of course, i will testify under oath to show american people he is willing and able to sit down with mueller or any of the prosecutors and be forthright.
4:48 pm
>> do you get a sense this investigation is nearing an end? if so what avenue from what you can tell is mueller going down? from reading between the lines? >> in my experience, you don't interview the big fish unless all of the little fish have been dealt with. i think if president were to be deposed that would signal the end of mueller's investigation, and then the question is how long it will take to wrap up. this town is fame us famous for. iif there is any collusion, we would have heard about it. connell: i heard that argument. is he going after obstruction or he has nothing? >> i think the best he can get is what he got, that is. connell: flynn and mana foot. m-
4:49 pm
>> yes. >> thank you, brad. >> my pleasure. connell: okay. >> deadly flu epidemic, one family is shocked following sudden death of their seemingly healthy 12 year-old boy, dr. mark siegel on what you need to do to protect yourself and your loved ones. see that's funny, i thought you traded options. i'm not really a wall street guy. what's the hesitation? eh, it just feels too complicated, you know?
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go long™. melissa: a 12-year-old florida boy is one of the latest victims of this season's strain of the flu, his mother said dylan had only been sick for a few days before his death, there are now 30 children that have died from the flu since october, joining
4:53 pm
us dr. mark. is that a lot? it -- i am a mother that sounds like a lot. >> it is a lot, and still very early in flu season, some of these cases could have been prevented by realizing there are sick and there are infections involved, you can get pneumonia and meningitis. with this particular 12-year-old hard to know. it ref refs up the immune seem. melissa: a lot people asking was there something else wrong with this child. it does not look like a normal scenario thattens so badly -- ends so badly circumstanc. >> th the the flu causes anothe.
4:54 pm
i think people need to realize that flu is an enabler of other diseases. melissa: let's talk about the things you can do, we know about the flu shot, we hear 10% effective. >> that is inaccuracies, that? australia, inu u.s united states where we try to get everyone vaccinated, when healthy people get vaccinated with that flu vaccine it is more effective. there is an advantage in terms of decreases spread and severity ei say get it. melissa: there are thing, you say that toom tamiflu under utilized, what should we do about that how do you use it. >> tamiflu is a great antiviral drug that decreases how severe a
4:55 pm
case of flu you get, and how long you have the flu and decreases risk of spreading it to someone in your household, we should be giving it to people at high-risk. we should give it to people around those at high-risk, even during pregnancy, if you are very close to someone with a severe case of flu, you don't want your unborn thie child to t it. the window has been disproven, you can take it longer. even if it past 48 hours, we try to diagnose it early. fatigue, muscle ache, fever, soar throat that probably the flu. if you are walking around, suddenly have to lie down, that the flu, if you are watching a little bit congested that is eye cold. melissa: wash your hands.
4:56 pm
>> stay hydrated more important. melissa: thank you dr. siegel. connell: will this put an into speculation that out there, we're will talk about what oprah has been saying about 20/20 -- 2020 rumors. :
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
. >> oprah, 2020, see what we did there? you got it. the media moguls downplaying interest in a possible presidential run in a new interview. >> with instyle magazine, i always felt secure and confident with myself knowing what i could do and what i could not, and not something that interests me. i don't have the dna for it. there's a big caveat to this. the interview was three weeks before the golden globes speech, there's the possibility she's changed her mind. >> that's right, that's how all that went. >> exactly.
5:00 pm
>> people said they were coming to her, maybe now i'm open to it. i don't know, up in the air as far as i'm concerned. >> whatever. >> you don't care? >> no, i definitely care, i'd watch that debate. >> all right, connell, thank you so much. that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts right now.. >> i'm going to davos to get them to bring back a lot of money, invest a plot of money in this country, i made the statement that we didn't do the regulation cutting, which is more important than the tax cuts, but the deregulation is a much different situation. people are actually happy with the 401(k)s. liz: less than 24 hours after president trump touched down in davos, switzerland, he's a disrupter. shaking up business field, the president touting relationship with global leaders like britain's theresa may and israel's bibi netanyahu


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