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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 25, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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immediately into his presidency he launched missiles into syria, droved the mother of all bombs and he's taken away 98 pshes off the middle eastern territory. thank you. appreciate it. here's lou. lou: good evening, everybody. evidence of corruption within the justice department and the fbi mount and more questions arise. the doj now says it's recovered five months of text messages that were missing. those messages between anti-trump fbi officials, peter strzok and lisa page, lovers, it turns out after all. the recovery of those texts required less than a week after officials claim they had lost the messages. that at one point seemed to be blaming samsung. no more. we don't yet know who is to blame, but at least samsung has been exonerated, as say say at
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doj. doj officials also trying to stop the release of that house intel memo detailing surveillance abuses. the department of justice says that release would be extraordinarily reckless and seeks to block it. the intelligence committee with the support of the white house says the justice department can just stand down and relax. and continues to block doj and the fbi from seeing the house intel blockbuster memo. congressman andy biggs and judicial watch president tom fenton among or guests tonight. they join me to discuss the corruption at the highest levels. as the drama in the swamp rages on, president trump above it all, elbow to elbow with elites meeting in davos. president trump taking davos by storm, arriving this morning as you see this on marine one. he is the first sitting
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president to attend the and gathering of world leaders, globalists and would be elites in nearly two deck sides. the president greeted with a rock star reception from the business executives and world leaders as he's set to promote his america first message in a smee r speech tooh speech to the tomorrow. >> there's been a lot of warmth, a lot of respect for our country and a lot of money, billions and billions of dollars is coming into the u.s. and people are very happy with what we've done, not only on the tax bill wu also cutting of regulations and also being a cheerleader for our country. if you're not a cheerleader for your company or your cocountry, no matter what happens, it's not going to work. lou: we'll take up the america first message with an audience of globalists and elitists. our top story, the mysteriously lost and suddenly found messages between fbi
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lovers peter strzok and lisa page. the new exchanges simply adding to the picture of a corrupt and out of control fbi seemingly determined to protect hillary clinton and to undermine president trump. fox news chief excel jens correspondent katherine her aj with our report. >> michael horowitz who first discovered the texts between peter strzok and lisa page recovered records. the letter did not fully explain why senators were told in august the inspector general had everything, only to learn last week thousands of records for missing. before traveling to switzerland, the president cha chastised the media for avoiding the story. >> -- what with what's happened,
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you take a look at, it's five months worth of missing texts. that's a lot of missing texts. >> the texts were apparently found, the political rhetoric over the four-page memo documenting alleged government abuse took a new turn with the republican chairman whose staff drafted the memo, the ranking democrat hat his own memo. >> they wanted to make a political statement. they wanted to feed the beast on fox news. they wanted to do what they could do derail the mueller investigation. >> a former fbi agent elected to the house as a republican said that democrats national security concerns are overblown. >> i've read the memo, along with several of my colleagues and my estimation, having exposure and experience with sphie disa and wiretaps, there are no law enforcement sources or methods that would be compromised here. >> the justice department calling any release of the memo
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unprecedented and reckless. the fbi and justice department want a review before it goes public. >> let us see it first. at this point nobody in the senate or the white house or the department of justice or the fbi has seen the document. >> though the senators can't read the document, the minority leader weighed in. >> today it's the memo. on and on and on conspiracy theories with virtually no fact. >> some republicans were pressed on the was come of releasing the memo. >> when the public begins to question the integrity of the department and the fbi and conclude in the absence of other information that somehow politics has taken over rather than the law, that's a very serious matter and we need to get that cleared up through one means or another. >> the house intelligence committee would not comment on media reports. the memo identifies andrew mckaib, rod rosenstein and the former fbi director, james comey.
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lou? lou: thank you very much house intelligence committee chairman devin knew innocence has denied richard burrstead access to that memo. only house members can view the memorandum. my first guest tonight, part of a group of 65 lawmakers who are demanding its immediate release. he says nothing within that memo would impair national security. joining us, congressman andy biggs. congressman, good to see you tonight. much has happened. and one of the most -- one of the fastest recovers of missing e-mails of that volume in the history of the digital universe. ururn fortunately it was the doj and fbi who has to do the scrambling. what do you make of it? >> it's a technological miracle, isn't it? what you have going on is a continued pattern of stone walling and hiding the ball and
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not letting congress get to the bottom of it because the fbi and doj leaders, not the rank and file, we're talking the very top brass here, they want to keep this secret and under wraps because there's some damaging information no doubt in those text messages. there's going to continue to be revelations. this has been trickling out now for months. and the fact that they had the audacity to tell folks six months ago, we couldn't find it but now all of the sudden they have it. you know, the inspector general has got to be pulling his hair out thinking about the deception that's going on there with the upper levels of the fbi and doj and it's undermining the rule of law in this country. lou: yeah. senator john cornyn talking about the poor fbi and the poor department of justice having their integrity questioned. are you kidding me? this is a u.s. senator watching everything run out before him and he's worried about their
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feelings? this is, this is mind-boggling. >> yeah, i don't understand that. these are long term professionals. they have every capacity, they have everybody technology at their fingertips and what we're seeing is not a willingness to cooperate with congress, but instead a willingness to basically hide the ball. and it traces everything back, all of the things that we've seen that has trick ldz ou tricr the months, it's audacious for them to say, how come you're disrespecting us. lou: and they sent out a flat today from the department of justice to respond to the national media. not a deputy attorney general, not the director of the fbi or assistant director. i mean, my god how arrogant can they be? >> well, exactly right. i'm 100% in agreement with you. we're talking, they want to see
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the memo first, right? they say we shouldn't release the memo. i'm saying you need to release the memo, because it isn't the memo that's going to undermine the integrity or the people's view of the integrity of these agencies. it's their conduct and action even now with these text messages. it really undermines the credibility at the highest levels. lou: and we want to turn very quickly -- we've only got you here for a little while -- and that is to the administration's four pillars, as they refer to it, of the border security and immigration reform. if we could, let's put that up. the white house releasing this today. it turns out to call for a 10 to 12-year gap, and other daca eligible illegal immigrants with work and education requirements. that number would expand that up positive blupossibly to as manyn people by the way.
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we're not sure but there's no numerical cap. you ready for this? the wall has suddenly, congressman, become a $25 billion trust fund, not only for a wall but for parts of entry and other expenses pertaining to border security. that's quite a met mor metamorp. and to limit chain migration to the limited family and oh, yes, end the visa lottery system. your reaction, congressman. >> well, when i first heard it, lou, i actually said to myself, can this be true? somebody is punking me here. this just doesn't work. he's talk about the real pillars. the real pil pillars are the bor wall. let's get the border secure and then let's get the internal enforcement. and then let's remove -- i don't know like an amnesty program. an amnesty program provides
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incentives to come here. as we've seen, there's been a surge and uptick in unaccompanied minors and families crossing the border thinking they're going to get amnesty or daca coming forward. this is, in my opinion, it's just -- it's not what needs to be happening. i just -- i'm stunned by it, to be honest with you. lou: i think a lot of people are. expected some changes and some ambiguity, part of negotiating positions. but this is, this is a four-legged monster that seems designed by the person who ran against the man we elected to the office rat than something that he would co conjure. your final thoughts as we wrap up? >> absolutely right. i said there should not be a discussion of daca, don't consider it. i think these people are in the country illegally. we're putting them ahead of people who have done it the right way. that's a problem. we should note do anything until
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we paid for, started and completed that wall. i'm not happy with the plan as presented. lou: well, and straightforwardly i have said throughout and for some 15 years, a little longer than that now, 16 years, that you cannot reform meaningfully immigration law if you cannot control your borders. and there is nothing in this that suggests that we will or would. congressman, thanks so much. >> good to be with you, lou and. we're coming right back. much much more. straight awhat he had. stay with us the text messages between two anti-trump fbi lovers recovered less than a week after the doj claimed they were missing. judicial watch president tom fenton joins me to take up the crisis of confidence in the fbi and the doj here next. and iran slowing its ballistic missile program following the inauguration of
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donald trump. we'll have a full report here next. stay with us.
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. lou: house intelligence committee responding to the justice department's expression of concern about the release of the committee's four-page memo
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detailing fisa surveillance abuses. a spokesman for devin ne nunes s this. agencies under investigation by congressional committees don't typically get access to the committee's investigative documents about them. and it is no surprise these agencies don't want the abuses we found to be public. joining us tonight, judicial watch president, tom fenton, now suing the department of justice to retrieve the strzok and page fbi texts sean first of all, it's great to see you. i'm calling point blank devin nunes a hero in this episode. he's now doing so with great wit. i thought that response was absolutely perfect. what did you think? >> i thought it was great too. and the disturbing aspect is the
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justice department is acting like hillary clinton is ft as opposed to president trump. jeff sessions has put himself in a box because of the russia recusal and it appears that special counsel mueller is running the investigation. and all of this fight about the dossier, back and forth about the fbi text messages and the modified limited hangout of text messages, it's about protecting the operation. i think there's a race. there's a race for mueller to interview trump if he can prior to his operation being blown apart by the release of this dossier memo by the house. more text messages that will further expose the whole investigation into trump and frankly into hillary clinton, which is related as a partisan sham. lou: the missing texts, why did they -- i've never seen a recovery quite like this, within less than a week of being told in a rather high and mighty
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fashion by the fbi director that the texts were lost, they have been found. it doesn't rise to the level of a miracle, perhaps a political miracle. have you seen anything like this and what do you suspect is at work here? >> i never thought they were missing to begin with. it's no surprise they were found. they were found a few hours after we sued for them. a christmas miracle a month later. lou: a suspicious conversion, i have to admit. >> that's right. we've seen this before. they told us lois lerners e-mails over at the irs were missing and lost. we said what about backup tapes. ale there are no backup tapes. then there were backup tapes. and hillary clinton had no e-mail and it turned out she had 60,000 of them. and the ones she deleted we were able to uncover forcing the fbi to do a little bit of its job in
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2016. lou: no complete miracle at the state department where there is an onerous burden that weighs upon the mighty ser vans of the american public where they can only send them out in drivels for the great unwash, that is american citizens like you and me and those watching so we could at least comprehend the better minds and higher purposes than we serve. >> that's right. and the bur heur bureaucrats are complaining that that have to do that type of work because it's beneath them. the same is happening at the justice department. there's a lack of transpersoncy at the justice department that would have made the obama justice department blush. and the deep state is in full control over there, thanks to the leadership just checking out on these transparency issues and refusing to be brave on these
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transparency issues. we were told by the fbi, we've asked about these text messages. i can't tell you how contempt cuous they were. and they told us to sue them if we wanted them, which we did. we've had numerous lawsuits that should have been turning them over to us and they've basically giving us the back of the hand. and this is out of the new administration, not the obama administration. lou: that raises the question. why you must ask yourself this question surely, why would not president trump order these people, these servants of the american public to act in his interest and release that to the american people because it is our right to know. >> i think he's receiving legal advice not to get involved. i don't know how else to explain it because i think he does want
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this information released. he's been complaining about it separately through tweets and things like that. but it's one thing to compleen about it via tweet and get your lawyers and get the justice department to do what you want them to do. and i think he's been put in a box as a result of this illicit criminal investigation into him that he can't talk about declassifying the dossier documents or the fisa warrants. lou: perhaps he doesn't have to talk about it. i know this is a strange possibility to even imagine. but let's imagine that the president would not talk about it but nonetheless his attorneys order or he personally order the attorney general release the documents, say, to rex tillerson, release the documents and let's end this nonsense and create the transparency the american people have a right to demand in thei from their gover. >> i've told the white house directly that and it just hasn't happened. we talked about extreme day. i want extreme transparency in
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all of this. and to me the justice department exceeded all of its authority on these issues to robert mueller, decided to withhold information from us and it's become king mueller at the justice department. and he's just another lawyer working on a contract basis for the bureaucracy but he's being treated like a king. it's got to stop. and mueller's operation has been compromised and this is -- lou: we know that. compromised, corruption, political pruption an corruptio. it's that simple. thank you for your insight and for keeping us up with the waves of the ebb and flow of this extraordinary drama be sure to vote in tonight's poll. the question is, do you believe the dems leadership will soon be in a dark corner whimpering as fear sets in as the midterms
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approach and their fate seems assured because of a very strong economy? cast your vote on twitter at lowd dobbs. follow me on twit are, like me on facebook on wall street, stocks closing mixed, the dow up 141 points, not a bad rally. s&p gained two. but both closed at, are you ready, all-time record highs. the nasdaq down four points. volume on the big board 3.8 billion shares as volume continues to be brisk. that's ten records set so far this year but we're only at january 25th so it's not really too bad. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, new details on a white house immigration proposal. it may disappoint some of the president's supporters and the tens of millions who voted for him. and the dems and deep state scrambling to discredit the
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house intel committee's fisa memorandum before it's released. i'll take that up with congressman sean duffy here next. stay with us. we're coming right back.
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. lou: the white house relowsing its framework on immigration, which is something of a sad and disappointing proposal for the tens of millions who voted for and supported this president. it's going to be interesting to see the reaction. it calls for a 10 to 12-year path to citizenship. but 1.8 million daca recipients and then things start slipping and sliding and it says other daca eligible illegal immigrants with work and education requirements. and it gets more complicated. what was once called a wall is now a $25 billion trust fund. however that money intended apparently, we're not sure how much will be in that so-called trust fund, if ever any.
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but it's intended for the border, for the border wall, the ports of entry along the border and all sorts of other expenses that may relate to border security. it gets complicated. and limits on family based immigration to spouses and minors nap's usually called chain migration. it doesn't end it. it changes the definition, the tenure and the outcome. the numbers get very slippery indeed again. and to end visa lottery system but not before doing an offset against various other forms of immigration, including legal immigration. joining us tonight, congressman sean duffy. great to see you. and congratulations on. >> good to be with you, lou. lou: -- on what has been a magnificent year for the trump administration, the republican party, the house and the senate who have delivered for the american people. there have been times during the
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course of that first year that i didn't know if we would be having a congratulatory discussion. >> lou, you're a little critical. and rightfully so. we weren't able to make repeal and replace of obamacare happen but at the end we came through with big tax reform and we see that rippling through the economy, people get bonuses, raises, stock markets. this is fantastic for the american worker. lou: and the american worker, the middle class, small business, they really haven't felt -- because the withholding period really hasn't kicked in. that will happen next month and then you're going to see a tactical response from all of us who get a pay increase as a result of the cut to the pay to the federal government. >> a little bump in our pay, that's right. we see the big news stories, whether it's home depot or verizon, starbucks, they're all coming out with bonuses.
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i'm in central wisconsin, i've had a number of employers say, listen, i'm going to add more money to my employee's 401(k)s because of tax reform. i'm going to bump up their salaries or give a little bonus. that's happening across central and northern wisconsin and because they're smaller companies they doesn't make the front page news stories. but it's happening at the smaller levels in rural communities all across america, which is pretty fantastic. lou: it's pretty fantastic because in point of fact, most jobs are created in those smaller employers, not the larger. but thank goodness we have over 250 corporations now who announce these bonuses and wage increases and in many instances stock as well. so it is having a wonderful effect. and that will pay off in terms of investor confidence, consumer confidence and make, well, make america great again. let me ask you this.
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i'm sorry, go ahead. >> investor confidence and consumer confidence, those numbers are already up. and i look at democrats who have bashed this tax bill. this was a tax scam they say, the bonuses of $1,000 or $2,000 or the pay increase, a couple dollars an hour that people have gotten, they call that crumbs. nancy pelosi is worth 30. it's a huge deal in people's pocketbooks and that just shows how out of touch democrats are on wh what this does. when they were in charge, they gave us obam obamacare which rad our health care premiums and took our doctors away. that's their perception of helping the american people out. ours is putting money back in their pocketbooks. lou: i want to turn very quickl. but i want to turn to, first of all, the intel memo. do you think the president will approve its release right away? straightaway? >> i do. i think he has five day to
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object. so i think it's going to be released and i think it's great for you to see it and all of your viewers. lou: the last thing, rather stunning release of an immigration plan, a wall becomes a trust fund. yeah. we're looking at chain migration ending but it's a shift. this is quite, even by washington standards, i think you would agree, this is pretty slippery stuff, especially for the trump administration. >> right. we don't have all of the details. it was my understanding that the 25 billion, 20 billion was going into a trust fund so it couldn't be reclaimed by a future congress so donald trump could bill a wall. here's my concern about the deal. it only gets worse as chuck schumer and nancy pelosi start to take bites out of it. donald trump should have gone further, had a harder position because he's going to have to move on it.
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and i think it's going to end in a worse deal than the one you've seen tonight. lou: you fellows in the republican caucus need to get up there and have coffee with them. >> have a good night. lou: we're coming right back with much more. always good talking with sean duffy. stay with us. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night.
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. lou: joining me tonight,
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dr. sebastian gorka, former strategist to president trump, now a fox business national security strategist. and sit great to have you with us. let's turn, if we may, to d dav, america first and the president, he never ceases to amaze me with his both rhetorical flourishes and the effect he has on an audience, selling america first in an audience of globalist elites i think is a pretty amazing fete he's pulled off. >> this is the heart of darkness for globalization. this is the elite of the elite, the individuals who think they know better than the actual voters that put them into their positions. and some of these mega, mel ga wealthy people, the richer they get, the more socialist they seem to get in their politics and in goes donald trump with a very simple message. i'm here to tell you that america is back and national
7:40 pm
sovereignty is back. we don't have a closed economic system. everybody's boat can rise. and if you want a slice of the pie, join our team. so it's classic donald trump. lou: and he's going to, next week, give the state of the union, as you well known and the state of the union may be defined in major part by the scandalous corruption at both the fbi and the department of justice. your thoughts. >> yeah. this is personal to me, lou. before i came back in government i spent five years working with the fbi, with law enforcement across the country, helping them understand the threat from isis, traveled to field offices across the country and got to know these people. and these are patriots, the ground pounders, the agents and analysts. thousands of people who want to protect -- lou: not with the rank and file at all. it is within the absolutely
7:41 pm
rancid corrupt leadership of both the department and the agency. >> it's the seventh floor. it's the fbi seventh floor. it's individuals like peter strzok who think that they make -- they get to decide who is prosecuted and who isn't prosecuted based upon their political preferenc preferences. we have the text messages. we see the paper trail of how hillary clinton was protected and how if this memo comes out -- and the gop better release this memo. donald trump as a political candidate was targeted for political purposes by the intelligence community. that will make watergate look like child's play. lou: and the presidency being subverted. >> absolutely. lou: at the same time. james comey. i mean james comey as the director of the fbi leaking materials to create an office of special prosecutor so that his friend, robert mueller can attack and undermine the serving president. it is truly outrageous.
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lou: very quickly, the president, you've looked over, i'm sure, the immigration propoles that his chief of staff, john kelly took to capitol hill. this is not at all, not in any way, really, what he sold to the american voter. >> look, the deal hasn't been incorporateinked yet. there has to be a wall, not a trust fund, a physical wall. that's what has been promised. as an immigrant to this country who had to wait three years to become a citizen, nobody gets citizenship if you came here illegally. you get to the back of the line and maybe we'll let you have a work permit if you didn't break the law. lou: can you tell me what the calculous may be. this president is doing everything he said he would do. he's achieving more than any
7:43 pm
president since fdr. it's extraordinary the trajectory he set this country on in a year. >> yes. lou: why would he risk it all over this kind of proposal? >> i don't think it's him. i find it hard to believe that this came from him because look, what did he do in a matter of two days? he got schumer to cave. he has the dems over a barrel. let's see what happens at the end of the day. lou: sebastian gorka, ever the optimist. good to see you. >> you too. lou: up next, desperate dems and the left wing media predicting big mid-term wins despite trump's booming economic, his historic first year in office. i'll have a few thoughts for them. and later, byron york lo joiwilljoin me to talk about the miraculous recovery of the anti-trump lover texts.
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that really rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? stay with us. we'll be right back.
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. lou: it was only a year ago that we could hear the dems in the left wing squawking and squealing, furious that donald trump had won, had defeated hillary clinton and made the elitist of the national left wing media look like fools. they said he couldn't win the
7:48 pm
nomination. you may remember. and he trownsed 16 republican candidate and her to boot. he beat her in the biggest political upset ever. and now the same self-proclaimed experts are predicting a blue wave of democratic wins in the midterms. why? the pin head pundits will tell its only two presidents in the last century who has gained seats in both houses of congress in the midterm cycle. as is always the case, they're forecasting the political outcome they want, just as the orthodoxy of daffodils declared the trump presidency a disaster before it bea gan began now they can't acknowledge hugh blind and bias they are what is now an avalanche of prosperity. president trump's first year in office is now the most successful of any president
7:49 pm
since fdr. president trump's economy growing at a rate of 4%, nearly 2 million more americans are working as the unemployment rate has plunged, lack of unemployment at the lowest level ever. the same for women. the stock market has grown by $8 trillion and market cap since election day. let me repeat that. $8 trillion. taxes are going lower. lower. and employers are handing out bigger bonuses and raises to their employees. those workers will have more money in their pocket as a result. their pockets, their wallets, their accounts, all of that begins next month. all thanks to the trump tax reform and tax cuts. president trump's approval rating just hit 45%. can you imagine what it might be after next month? perhaps in november? say on election day? no matter what nonsense the chattering class, the dems, the
7:50 pm
left wing national media would have you believe, please consider this. americans like winning and republican representatives and senators who embrace the president and his first, his america first agenda are the ones who will ride to victory on the building midterm wave election. that's right. i said wave election. i just put a different color on it. i can't wait. i admit it's pettiness. it will be glorious to see the dems and the rhinos squawking and squealing just like they did a year ago. but in larger part because the country will remain on a steady course to a brighter and more prosperous future. our quotation of the evening from thomas payne. he said this. "the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph." can you imagine how president trump feels tonight in davos switzerland up next, the house intelligence committee blocking the senate from viewing a
7:51 pm
scathing fisa memo. we'll take that up and more with byron right after the break. stay with us.
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96% of you responded yes. following this story of misdeeds and corruption. byron york, let's start with the latest. the found text less than a week before they turned over. tom fitom fitton found out withn hours of them suing for the texts, they were found. >> who knew. i think the fbi must have been surprised at the intensity from the capitol hill. jeff sessions said we'll do everything week, we'll use all our technical measures to find it, and they showed up pretty fast. lou: it turns out to be less a matter of technological matter
7:56 pm
between conscience and certain public reaction. amongst these texts. a number of them catch my eye. this between page and strzok, if we can put that up referring to the next president. here it is. one more thing, writes page. she might be our next president. the last thing you need is going in there load for bear. do you have think she'll rep or car it was more doj than fbi? strzok wrote, agreed, i called will and relayed what we discussed. >> the bill referred to is thought to be a top fbi official, not bill clinton. but charles grass are you the senator released that text today
7:57 pm
and said it looks like they are pulling their punches in a clinton investigation. it certainly does. there are other parts in which they talk about getting a special counsel for the clinton investigation. but in this one they made it seem like they didn't want to governor her full bore. and we know they didn't. lou: the evidence is mounting and more evidence to come. and there is a reminder in this when we talk about the secret societies as i did yesterday. von johnson the senator from wisconsin walked back his reference to secret societies saying it may have been they were kidding rather than serious. that doesn't mean they weren't having secret society meetings off-site. >> senator johnson said he had
7:58 pm
an informant who said some group were meeting off site. on the secret society thing. on the night this came out, i talked to several lawmakers, and they only found those two words once. and the context was very difficult to figure out. and i wrote that night and said this could be nothing. and i think everybody got a little bit too excited about it and jumped the gun. but there is a will the of stuff that programs left note secret society thing. you need to look at context. they are full of references to whatever conversation took place that day. they are hard to reconstruct, and some of them there are important messages. so that will take a while. lou: they are saying the
7:59 pm
american people are too stupid to understand them. the fact of the matter is he is abjectly a partisan and not serving the nation at all. he's serving his party and his partners. we are going to have to get this out there. i don't feel that i hear from chair man nunes it's going the happen for the members who sit on that committee say we'll see sit soon, but how soon is soon enough? >> i believe soon enough will be next week. and, listen, i think the big theme of this is. these investigators have been finding out a lot of stuff. it was like pulling teeth to get it out of the fbi and the justice department. but they felt like they were in a box. because all of the stuff was classified.
8:00 pm
we know these things but we can't tell you because it's classified. devin nunes came with this way of writing a memo to let everybody bust out of that box. kennedy: president trump says he wants to talk to special counsel mueller under oath. what does that mean for mueller and the investigation? the president saying he's open to a path for citizenship. but how will his base respond? are you ready for a meat tax? no. but that's the latest push from environmentalists. when will they learn meat is delicious. the president held a press conference and was asked if he would testify under oath for


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