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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 26, 2018 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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and remember -- maybe you can take it with you. ing me sit in s chair. i had a great time. lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening. president trump is safely home. air force one sitting down at joint base andrews a quarter hour ago. president trump in a triumphant return from his successful trip to davos where he sold america first to a sceptical assembly from business, government and academia. he received cheers for his plain-spoking style and his refusal to pull punches and compromise his agenda.
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president trump: the world is witnessing the resurgence of a strong and prosperous america. there has never been a better time to hire, to build, invest and grow in the united states. i will always put america first. just like the leaders of other countries should put their country first also. but america first does not mean america alone. when the united states grows, so does the world. lou: president trump has returned to a calendar and agenda chock full of initiatives and important events. his first state of the union address tuesday. a battle over an immigration proposal and the house asking
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him to release a memo with shocking revelations. the left wing media is caught up in efforts to divert attention from the intel memo and the obvious corruption at the fbi, doj and special counsel. the left clucking loudly about that "new york times" report which claims trump ordered mueller to be fired last june, a report dismissed by the president. president trump: fake news, folks. lou: all about firings that didn't happen, a media that is ignoring real evidence of a corrupt fbi and justice department thanks to recovered text messages between anti-trump, fbi officials and lovers.
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congressman matt gaetz, one of the lawmakers who prominently led efforts to release the intel memo to the american public. he joins us here just in moments to take up the fight. gregg jarrett and pastor robert jeffress join us later in the broadcast on what we should make of this worsening government scandal and a left-wing national media that is siding by all appearances with corrupt government officials against the truth, the american people, and their right to know what is going on. president trump trading the swiss alps for the swamp where a cloud of corruption hangs over the fbi and justice department. house republicans are pushing hard to release an intel committee memo on surveillance abuses. senate dems are crying foul without even having read that
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report. catherine herridge with our report. catherine: republicans on the committee report that the memo could be released very soon. 190 republicans and a dozen democrats have read the document. fox news understands it was crafted for wide distribution. sensitive information was kept to a minimum. >> there is nothing in there that could tip an enemy off to any sources we have. catherine: adam schiff joined with dianne feinstein to have twitter and facebook investigate whether the #releasethememo was prompted by russian concerns.
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>> we all suspected the fiction was in. now that we have seen the text messages, we know the fiction was in. catherine: peter strzok and lisa page fretted about the impact of a rigorous investigation of hillary clinton in the mishandling of classified information. page writes, one more thing, she might be our next president. the last thing you need is us going in there loaded for bear. do you think she'll remember it was more doj than fbi? strzok replied, agree. the text references the use of non-government email accounts and encrypted apps for fbi business. a possible violation of federal record laws. thousands of texts were recovered after a technical
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problem, grassley says the timing was disconcerting. he also wants to release transcripts of the trump tower meeting. he says fine tine spooked potential witnesses from testifying after she released transcripts on her own. feinstein says she wants the transscripts out as long as it doesn't influence the mueller investigation. lou: bias revealed in the fbi and doj and all sorts of levels. my next guest says they have exhibited elements of a palace coup. matt gaetz serves on a number of committees including budget and armed services.
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to see a group of you in the house of representatives doing so much to meet the requirement i think that is fundamental. the public's right to know ways going on with the government that shows every sign at least in the fbi and the department of justice of just being absolutely corrupt. >> i'm new the congress, but i'm uncomfortable knowing the things that exist within this intelligence memo that my constituent don't know and the american people don't know. it shows the fbi is all over the place. first they tell us there is five months of missing text messages. that's inconsistent with the inspector general saying he had the messages. it's inconsistent with rod rosenstein testifying they had the messages. now more text messages are found again. i think it on way to restore it is transparency. let's show the american people what's going on. lou: the requirement for
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transparency in a government that has been so looking in transparency over the course of 8 years. the actions taken by his intelligence chiefs. the actions taken by his fbi, and not taken by the fbi as well showing a particular and determined animus toward bernie sanders and ultimately hillary clinton's opponent in the general election, president donald j. trump. >> i believe there has been a criminal conspiracy to discredit and undermine the duly elected president of the united states. you had a cabal of people who believed was their job to deprive the american people of the president they elected. we can't analyze these data points separately. the text message you showed where lisa page is saying we have to go easy on hillary clinton. ling that to the emails andrew mccabe sent out saying we won't
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used normal procedures, we won't empower the front-line fbi agents who are apolitical. they were doing everything they could so hillary clinton never faced consequences. lou: the special treatment at headquarters that was called for early, and strong and page had -- strzok and page had gotten their instructions. to see them react in these texts to that is stomach turning. because it is every sign that one could manage in these texts -- it's unequivocal. these people made a determination and they sold out. >> the undermining of our democracy should horrify republicans and all americans. that's why i'm working with bod goodlatte to draft reform legislation so the fbi can never do this again.
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any time there will be a headquarters special where we relationship an investigation away from the people supposed to be doing it and putting it in the manned of people who shunned be doing it. i want reports to congress, and stronger oversight, and that will protect our democracy going forward. lou: we have to do something about the culture that has grown up at justice and the fbi. we have an fbi that does not complete investigation. we have an fbi that is used by politicians in a highly politicized justice department as a shield against the public's right to know rather than a determined investigative agency, a storied agency whose rank and file are expected to be on the front lines, whether it's enforcing the law or whether it is going after our nation's national security threats. >> you mention this collusion between a political party and the fbi. i was sitting next to mark
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meadows reading this memo and before he was done with the first page, he turned to me and said he never those would see anything in his life that is worst than watergate. i think it's going to happen within the next two weeks, it may happen next week. lou: in large measure because of your efforts and jim jordan and mark meadows, and i shouldn't have started that list because it's a long one. we thank you for all you are doing. congressman matt gaetz. there is as you might suspect, a great dale more. stay with us. president trump promoting america first and touting a strong economy. president trump: america is open for business and we are competitive once again. lou: a simple message for the global elites of davos.
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lou: i want to repeat what i said earlier in the broadcast about those people working tirelessly to get the house intel memo freed and out to the american people. chief among them is devin nunes who has been an absolute hero throughout in producing all of the documents and bringing to the public's attention what is going on in the fbi and the department of justice. growing criticism from conservatives and democrats over that white house immigration proposal. a plan that would provide unexpectedly and surprising to many, amnesty for nearly 2 million daca recipients and other illegal immigrants. mike emanuel has our report.
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president trump: america is a cutting edge economy. but our immigration system is stuck in the past. reporter: at the world economic forum president trump started making the case for his immigration blueprint county were we plus replace our system of chain migration on a merit-based system that selects new arrivals on the basis of their ability to contribute to tour economy and support themselves. reporter: it offered a path to citizenship over 12 years for an estimated 8 million people. >> for some reason when we are admitting new americans, the future of our country, our government uses a randomized lottery system and chain
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migration. reporter: from the right breitbart called the president amnesty don. and nancy pelosi launched this attack. >> that plan is a campaign to make america white again. it's a plan that says over 50% of the current legal immigration will be cut back. that's people will be sent out of the country. reporter: the senate democratic leader chuck schumer got into a twitter feud with the president. he tweeted this plan flies in the face of what americans believe. the president said unfortunately this plan flies in the face of crying chuck schumer. >> we are going to move on our own. reporter: a leading conservative
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says the focus need to be on fixing a broken system. >> if the focus is on daca first and pretend bored wall and pretend chain migration i won't be part of that. reporter: after complaints from some lawmakers, they didn't know what the president wanted, now they know. lou? lou: the president's blueprint. is there some confusion on capitol hill about who is president of the united states? it's interesting to watch this back and forth at this early stage of what sure looks like an amateurish game on capitol hill. we'll have obviously a lot more tonight on that very issue. be sure to vote in our poll tonight on the intelligence issue. do you believe the dems are blasting the intel memo they
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haven't read because they know the allegations of corruption conclusion are straightforwardly true to begin with? cast your vote on twitter, we would love to hear from you. on wall street a record-breaking day for stocks again. the dow jones industrial surging 224 points. the s & p up 34. the nasdaq up 95. all three indexes closing at new record highs. volume on the big board 3.4 billion shares. we should point out that dow jones industrials just set its 99th record since president trump was elected. and the economy isn't doing badly. it continues to gain momentum.
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the gdp growth rate slowed because of a widening trade deficit. well, orders for durable goods posting the biggest increase in six months. up next, praise for president trump from the globalist elites of davos for crying out loud. pastor robert jeffress joins us to take up the president's populist pitch for america and his ideas on immigration. later, hypocrisy on display as dems try to block the release of the house intelligence memorandum. they haven't even rated, but they sure don't want you to. stay with us. smile dad.
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lou: president trump takes davos by storm. after that highly successful trip to davos. all of those globalists elitists and their orthodoxy. america once again is back he said. and we are hoping for -- open for business. here he is. president trump: after years of stagnation, the united states is once again experiencing strong economic growth. the world is witnessing the resurgence of a strong and prosperous america. now is the perfect time to bring your business, your jobs and your investments to the united states. lou: taking america first to the globalists and the elites. joining us, robert jeffress, pastor of the first baptist
11:27 pm
church in dallas. great to have you with us. the president, he hit a home run in davos. can you imagine selling america first to all those folks who think they are the big deal? >> he's a great salesman and great leader. we've saw world leaders warmly applaud and embrace president trump in davos, much to the consternation of the president's critics. when you teach and say america first means the world is going to prosper, these world leaders get it. i thought it was interesting that apparently the vatican didn't get it because earlier this week they were saying they hoped the president would move away from that message. lou: they had a cardinal at davos take on capitalism.
11:28 pm
cardinal peter turk son. -- turkson. >> he said capitalism has not served society well. does he say communism has served society well? capitalism served the catholic church well. and the evangelical church well. it served billions of dollars to do good in the world. lou: they somehow missed the history le son of all history. the pope, i have to say, he took on fake news. he's being cheered for it. pope francis saying fake news goes back to the garden of eden, and everybody suddenly is applauding. where were they? >> isn't that interesting?
11:29 pm
the pope opines against fake news and he's called a brilliant thinker. the president oh pines against fake news and he's called a fascist dictator. that seems like a bit of a double standard. lou: i think these folks got aquairnltsed therred -- got acquainted better with the man they are taking on. and the extraordinary reception he received augurs well for america and the rest of the world. pastor, great to have you with us. thanks so much. we are coming right back. much more straight ahead. did i mention the pastor's devotional? "pathway to victory." i can't recommend it any more highly than i do. we are coming right back. newly recovered text messages between anti-trump fbi lovers.
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lou: a do-nothing senator in the minority thinks he's the one whose should determine what constitutes a red line. democrat sick senator rob warner, the ranking senator on the intelligence committee. he says firing special counsel robert mueller is a red line trump cannot cross. but what was left of his credibility when he said this about the house intel memorandum. quote, i have not seen the memo, but i think it many sloppy, careless and has no ground in fact. lou: thank you, senator for telling us about something about
11:35 pm
which you know nothing. senator warner is quickly becoming one of my favorites in this. he and burr are just hapless. gregg: warner tends to embarrass himself every time he opens his mouth. his intellectual acute is diminished any time weighs in on a subject of merit. lou: the president having to deal with all sorts of challenged folks like that. but this business returning to the swamp with the "new york times" in full throat, praying about the president's attempted firing of mueller back in june of last year. and the left-wing media following the story like the was something that happened. gregg: it's been amusing and
11:36 pm
tragic over the last 24 hours, the mainstream media has pronounced president trump guilty of obstruction of justice. they know nothing about obstruction of justice. if they read the statute they will realize it requires that the president have a corrupt purpose. the president is concerned about mueller's genuine conflicts of interest. moreover, the president with have to intend to interfere and impede the investigation. simply replacing mueller with somebody who is legitimate, fair and neutral doesn't obstruct justice. lou: i love the definition by the left-wing media's definition. it would mean to get rid of a
11:37 pm
corrupt special counsel and bring in a fair and unbuysed counsel. the latest texts between carter page and lisa page. one more thing. she might be our next president. last thing you need is going in there load for bear. do you think she is going to remember or car it was more doj than fbi? strzok saying agreed. i called bill and relayed what we discussed. he agrees. i will email you and whoever was redacted there the same. this is -- it is blunt force on the issue. >> this shows the fbi officials who were in charge of this investigation have the ability to influence it in any direction, did so exonerating
11:38 pm
her for a political purpose because they thought she would be president, they wanted her to be president. they didn't want to alienate her or anger her. so they sought to absolve her they achieved that. so that is a corrupt purpose understood obstruction of justice. >> the left-wing media plotting. anyway. let's go to the second one with the same page of strzok lovers. saying this. thought of the perfect person, fbi director james comey can bounce this off of. pat. path patrick fitzgerald. gregg: this tells you they knew there was fairly strong compelling evidence hillary clinton violated the espionage act with her emails and probably
11:39 pm
obstructed justice by destroying evidence and probably lied to congress all in the same snowball. lou: the third of these. this has been around. but it's so important. this is strzok saying it's a real profile in courage. she lynch knows no changes will be brought. july first of 2016. gregg: this put a lie to what james comey said before congress under oath when he testified. he was asked directly, did you decide to clear hillary clinton before or after she was interest fewed. he said after. that text message shows it was before. not only that, we have electronic time stamps on comey's statement that shows on june 10, three weeks before hillary was interviews, he changed the wording which was
11:40 pm
originally to charge her to exonerate her. doesn't that put a lie to what he told congress? shouldn't he be charged with lying to congress? lou: as you might guess, i would infer the facts suggest that. i want to get your reaction to this statement from the intelligence -- house intelligence committee chairman. a man i think we all agree has been an absolute hero on all of this. quote, agencies under investigation by congressional committees don't typically get access to the committees investigative documents about them. it's no surprise the agencies don't want the abuses made public. gregg: how completely dense is the department of justice and rod rosenstein to actually try
11:41 pm
to stop a document from the intel committee that implicates wrongdoing at the fbi and the department of justice? lou: do you think jeff sessions had a voice here? gregg: i kind of think he's being manipulated which is too bad. lou: for the country. thanks, gregg jarrett, who is great for the country. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the dems are blasting a memo they haven't read because they know the charges of corruption conclusion are true. , us. please now roll the video. watch as this bold and dooring aptly free runner parkour turns the roof tops and balconies of
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santorini into his personal playground. as he explores the beautiful neighborhood from high above, somewhat on the edge from time to time. the left:wing national media making fools of themselves as president trump fights back. county require wasn't. president trump: it wasn't until i became a politician that i realized how nasty, malicious and fake the media can be. the cam ares are going off in back. lou: later, trump tax cuts already putting money in the pockets of working americans and the dems cannot stand it or themselves. but that puts them in a very large club.
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lou: president trump back from davos where government leader and business leaders were effusive in their approval of
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his america first doctrine. they were bold over by his -- they were bowled over by his straight talk. the only boos the president heard in his two days is when he called out the fake news media, and booze were weak and muted just as you might expect them to be from such a group. the president now home, and the on cheering he probably will be remembering will be the memory of his davos victory because it's a substantial victory. the fake news has spent the last 24 hours in hysteria over that "new york times" report about a day in june 2017 when the
11:48 pm
president didn't fire special counsel robert mueller. the latest dream in the russia-trump fantasy. the left-wing media has ignored evidence of corruption conclusion at the highest level of the fbi and the doj, the obama administration and the heads of the cia. it took the big three broadcast networks to report on missing memos between the fbi lovers strzok and page. when they were forced to acknowledge the scandal they called it a kooky conspiracy. is it any wonder the national left-wing media is the world's least trusted institution?
11:49 pm
the americans have throarnd tune out their noise. these where some of the folks who elected the president who has a unique knack for speaking to people directly. dale carnegie said inaction breeds doubt and fear. action greeds confidence and courage. if you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. go out and get busy. up next democrats in denial about the success of the trump tax reform plan. we take up the latest reaction. a quick programming note. i join sean hannity tonight talking about the white house immigration proposal. he and i have a consistent but
11:50 pm
somewhat differing view on several elements of that. we approach that with calm and reserve just as we always do. 9:00 p.m. on the fox news channel. stay with us. we are coming right back.
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lou: in our online poll we asked you, do you believe the dems leadership will soon be in a
11:54 pm
dark corner. do they think they are going to win? do they know they will lose? 90% of you said yes. democrats doing everything in their power not to acknowledge all the good and great things the trump tax reform plan has done for americans and will do even more in the course of this year. new york, new jersey and connecticut, they had it. they are going as far as to sue the president, claiming the tax legislation and law is unfair. millionaire nancy pelosi claiming americans are just getting crumbs with their $1,000 bonuses and wage increase. here is the i will luls trious debbie wasserman-schultz. >> i'm sure that $1,000 which is taxable doesn't go very far for almost anyone. lou: can you say elitist? can you say annoying?
11:55 pm
so far 250 companies announced bonuses or benefits for employees. and they all credit the trump thanks reform law. joining me now, gina loudon, great to have you with us. we are also expecting philadelphia radio personality dom giordano, but we are having technical problems. so we'll bring him in as soon as we can get the wires to work. let's start with the president's four pillar immigration proposal. >> here we go again. this is the mass tore negotiator. my opinion is this. he has done it once again. he has given the democrats the stage. he says you say you are worried about daca recipients, and immigration plan and path to citizenship.
11:56 pm
here is your stage. are you going to sing and dance? schumer says no, we aren't that concerned about those things. as far as i'm concerned, they already exposed themselves here. and that's where we are. lou: dom, i'm told we have the wires working. >> i can always hear lou dobbs. the four pillar immigration plan. gina thinks he served up exactly what the democrats should have wanted but won't accept. what do you think? >> i agree. unless this is a ploy president trump realizes the democrats are never going to go for a wall.
11:57 pm
i'm here with bob casey that trump won. i can't see his base letting shim vote for a wall. maybe the president is putting this out there to show how far he's willing to go to get a deal done. because if not i don't think it's a good deal for people like me who you hotter president trump and others who were adamant on immigration, particularly the chain migration it was suppose to be a one-year deal. but this would go on for years and continue to bring people in. i object to that part. i don't know why we are suddenly doing 1.8 mill. other than that's a good way to get people on board. if the $25 billion is real money and actually there at the end, i don't see democrats doing it. lou: i don't either. the nasty, venomous response by
11:58 pm
the left led by schumer and durbin, it was horrific. it would typically one would think the position of a president who campaigned against amnesty and campaigned against a wall. we don't have a wall, we have a trust fund. a wall and a little more security in a couple other places. we don't know how much money would go into that trust fund. we don't trust schumer anyway. it's bizarre to even think of this as a rational response to the situation for a candidate, a president who as a candidate said, no amnesty, a wall, and suddenly he's flexible and wobbling. >> unless, unless he knew, lou, that schumer was going to d exactly what he daind reject on its face. an it would then expose the
11:59 pm
democrats for exactly for what they are. they have lived, slept, eaten and breathed identity politics. lou: you think anybody needs instruction on how sorry the democratic leadership is in pelosi and schumer? >> if in the next election the plan is to be able to say look they didn't ever care about you, they didn't care about your issues, they wanted to use you for your vote. then he exposed them for exactly that. lou: a brilliant gambit, dom, but this president with a 345% approval rating in the latest fox poll will lead the republican party to a big vick dry come november. >> look how he's being celebrated in today volts.
12:00 am
february 15 is when the americans see the tax cut in their paycheck. lou: thank you for being with us. have a good w good night from new york. >> announcer: from the world economic forum in davos, switzerland, the new "wall street week." maria: welcome to a special davos edition of "wall street week," the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. our program is one hour tonight and we have a lot to pack in. i'm maria bartiromo. u.s. treasury secretary steven mnuchin and commerce secretary wilbur ross. then micro some of the founding erbil gates. blackrock ceo larry fink, the


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