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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 29, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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lou: i assure you the feeling is absolutely mutual. next lou dobbs, keep it right here on fox business. lou: good evening, breaking news, house intelligence committee has just voted to release the controversial 4-page memo that exposed we're told, the obama administration's abuse of its surveillance powers. the intel committee voting on party lines to make that 4-page memorandum public, congressman ron desantos among the republicans that read the deeply disturbing memo, as it has been described, he is calling for its release, he is joining us. also, major victory for effort to clean out corruption at
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highest levels of fbi and justice department. it appears, it appears that process may have begun. fbi deputy director andrew mccabe has been forced out after inspector general report examined his handles of clinton e-mail scandal. we will have a full respect for -- report for new moments, president trump is preparing to deliver his first state of union tracyaddress, his theme is safe, strong, and proud america, that is what president trump promiseed and has delivered. we'll preview tomorrow's big speech with our special guest, white house press secretary sarah sanders. the wall, and immigration are expected to be a big part of the state of the union, we take that up with one of strongest members on border security congres congn
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martha. and right to know, house intelligence committee voted to force release of classified mem ramemorandum, it is up to president trump to permit the release or object to it fox news, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge following the story and ouster of director mccabe. here is her report. reporter: sources telling fox news that fbi deputy director is now officially out. that andrew mccabe was removed in advance of independent review of the handling of clinton e-mail case. michael horowitz, republican say that mccabe had a conflict his wife received more thans there are sinc since00,000s thereare . >> he be either removed or retire, and probably should have happened before now. there is is always been a question about his impartiality
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because of his family tie to hillary clinton. reporter: mccabe, a member of former fbi direct or james comey was going to retire in march, but it was moved up, he worked with peter strzok and lisa page who sent anti-trump text-messages, they discuss a mighting in andy's office, a reference to mccabe and need for insurance policy, on twitter mccabe's old boss, hold are saiholder saidthat mccabe of a d public servant. and bogus attacks are a a -- i hope that is his personal choice, and not forced out. reporter: fbi did not comment on timing and possible connection between mccabe's removal and fbi director wray's rare sunday trip to capitol hill, he reviewed 4 page republican staff
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memo, documenting alleged abuse by government survey length program, sources tell fox that wray was asked to point out words he had issues with, in is important for bureau leader shoullead to seeit first. >> i want bureau to know everything that is in the memo, it is not a hit piece of department and fbi. reporter: they singled out committee republican chairman. >> what congres congressman nuns done. he has annuitier -- neutered it from having any confidence from american people, in a professional matter. reporter: a short time ago, committee democrat spoke to reporters and confirmed that republicans got votes they need to release memo, and republicans voted again releasing democrat version of releasing momento, and against a house wide
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briefing by the fbi director is nos--goes to the president for five-day working day period. lou: thank you catherine herridge. mccabe's departure is just the beginning, focus now turning to rorod rosenstein. to extent survey ben surlens. based on research by british former spy christopher steel, compiled the gps fusion dossier that was neither verifies. joining me now, congressman desan toationsantos. start with vote in house to release this memorandum to
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american public, have you been calling for. i am cheering you for doing so. lou: a great. >> intelligence committee did the right thing to make this public, consistent with house rules, memo will answer a lot of the questions that we've been asking for months about jen session ogenesisof thes did yort will raise new questions that will require more investigation and perhaps appointment of a special counsel, this is important, i think that there will be more accountability went the bureaucracy, this is not the end game this is one more step. lou: among others, one of your colleagues trey goudie, saying that he did not want to see this memorandum released.
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doug collins another of your colleagues from georgia, saying he didn't think it was appropriate, and wanted to be careful. i am stunned when folks who are talented, death penalt capable,s and goudie and others say, they believe that priority should be caution rather than the public a right to know, i think there is a measure of delusion about how serious this crisis of credibility is on the institution of the house of representatives, and agents of the -- agency of fbi and department of justice. >> reason why this is in house rules you can make classified information public, is precisely for instances like this, you need a count bill tie, you -- accountability, i had allegations of misconduct by government officials, not just run of the mill, government's
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domestic surveillance, that is the power at its zenith. that is something that public has a right to know, and that will help congress institute whatever changes that need to be done as a result of that, nunes and the intelligence committee are following the procedure that is within the reals, ans -- witn the rules and the rules ares where es wherei en this way -- n this way for this season. lou: your judgment of nunes, his role in publicizing and bringing the memorandum to the attention of american public as well as congress itself. >> devin has been fighting to spring the truth to light for months and months network you he
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deeverdeserves an enormous amouf credit, look back to august, no one knows that dossier was paid for by hillary clinton and the peter. you had strzok demoted, page demoted, and mccabe forced out, and next important may very well be deputy attorney general robirod rosenstein, only reasons you that congress and nunes one of the main ones, we were asking questions, we were conducts over site, had we been doing this for last several years, just think of all that we could have accomplished, last 4 or 5 months first time that congress has taken its over site responsibility seriously. >> it is lear to us -- clear to us, we mere citizens that
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bureaucracy, permanent government, and hierarchy of fbi and department of justice have been committee to stymieing oversight responsibilities, constitutional responsibilities of the committees of congress and the senate. it is stunning what we have learned just in that regard alone. then you go to the acts that have alluded oversight until now. it is breath taking the situation this nation faces in its government. >> i have to have on the founding fathers did not' lock i walocusof power to be independef accountability, the arrogance from the bury exreas a exreas ae crease aburyexreas as a whole, o oversight how they conduct the affairs of state, we were doing ed we have answers we'll get
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more. but you need good over site, i want robust justice department. they don't gist go on this without having us look when there are serri serious questios raised about whether it was on the up and up. lou: there is a ward that keeps reverberating to me, a word that keeps reverberating to me, that is independent fbi. independent department of justice. and i think we're starts to understand why some of the major figures in this scandal were using the word, they certainly could not withstand scrutiny of oversight or direct pleas leadep from the executive, what to you? >> >> they are at tha statutorily d
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agencies. congress finds them -- fundses them, we reauthorize a lot of their programs, to say they are independent and should go on autopilot, that is not the way a constitutional system works. they are part of the executive branch, this is good, this exercise, i think we're establishing there is no agency of the government that is immune from congressional over tight, the oversight in congress is that done on behalf of american people. lou: the answers are being formed. now viewed by the american public. congressman one quick question. we're way over, how soon do you think that the president will authorize the release of this memorandum now with what 5 days to do so? >> i hope he does not take 5 days, i think he wants to made public, i urge him to to do it
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as soon as potential. lou: thank you, congressman ron desantos. >> yep. lou: we're coming right back, a big day, it is beginning to look like government wants to work as founders envisioned. stay with us we'll be right back. lou: president trump said he can't pass his america first immigration agenda without help from the democrats. >> hopefully the democrats will join us or enough of them will join us, so we can do something great for daca. lou: we take up what to expect from president's immigration framework in tomorrow's state of the union, ed rollins, and sarah sanders are joining us here tonight. can you hear the sound of a swamp draining? fbi deputy director andrew mccabe, forced out of the fbi, allegations of shocking political corruption and
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lou: a group of 48 mostly rinos and leftist in house, release
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what they call a bipartisan embreak plan. -- i brea immigration plan. they would allow daca recipients by june 2012 -- 2022 to could come citizens and provide 1.6 billion for the wall eliminate lottery. president trump is already rejected a similar condition sep. joining us ed rollins, senior presidential fellow. fox business contributor, and great american. let's start with the proposal on dhaka. suddenly daca is taking over
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everything. i'm kidding. they don't put daca near the top of the list, but it happened in white house, and some parts of democratically helter torrey in house and senate. >> that gang is talking about. is bill that is dead on arrival, they won't get two votes beyond their group. unless the president signs off on something, and unless house and senate leaders sign off on something. lou: let me ask, this reminds me of george h.w. bush who had what 80% approval rating at one time. deciding he was going back on a promise, he said famously read my lips be no new taxes, and a few years later says we'll raise taxes, you were there. >> i was one in congressional committee, we were 8 or 10 votes up, in med ter med election, liy
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two weeks after that we were 30 votes down. 1990, bush was in third term of reagan. got 28% republican defected from him in race again clinton. lou: put up that screen, show the folks what we're talking about here. this is voter disloyalty we've entitled it, because a president lied on the issue of raising taxes, this is what happened the g.o.p., 4 million republicans. voted for bill clinton. >> and basically second worse in history since 1856, what teddy roosevelt came back and ran against taft. bush got worst vote of any modern day republican. lou: second worst in history.
11:21 pm
>> yes. lou: are there any a analogues between breaking a promise no matter how many you keep. george h.w. bush people many don't realize this president, george h.w. bush was a popular, he had spanked saddam hussein who invade cu kuwait. >> he was a hero. running against a unknown governor tote, ha at the time. and had problem in otherwis his. started cutting defense. lou: project that to right now, the upcoming midterm. we have a president who has done historic things in his first year. there is no question, unless you are just committed to blind ignorance of reality, that this president has made history.
11:22 pm
in his first year. >> he has. >> no president since fdr has come close, here he is flirting with democrats on immigration, he it not articulate it. his advice to pay attention. >> no democrat will vote for him either her election or midterm, we has to have that republican base. and make sure he holds the house and senate. for last two years of his dodge administration it then will be about impeachment and everything else. lou: the left, the democrats, the deep state, and forgotten man and woman, who this president represents. are suddenly pushed to the
11:23 pm
margins. it is discomforting to watch. >> and he is the champion of that element. i think that really put high expectations he would move the ball forward, and so far he has, we can't lose sight of that. lou: he has done better. >> no question. lou: all right, ed. >> thank you. lou: we appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: thank you, sir, vote in our poll, do you believe angry an aw mccabe's exit from the fbi? cast your vote on twitter on lou dobbs, follow plea o me to twit, today to wall street, stocks moved lower, dow drops 177. s&p lost 19, and nasdaq down 39, volume 3.5 billion shares. >> yield on 10 year hitting highest level since 2014, 2.7
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percent, and listen to my report please times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network, up next president trump calls for bipartisan support of white house's immigration framework. >> for many years, many, many years, they have been talking immigration, they never go the anything done, we're going to get something done, we hept hopt is bipartisan, the republicans don't have the votes to get it done any other way. >> we'll talk border wall funding. preview tomorrow night state of the union, congresswoman martha mcsally joining us here liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad.
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lou: joining us tonight, congresswoman martha mcsally. also running for the senate seat in arizona to replace outgoing senator jeff flake.
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congresswoman, great to have you with us. quite a day in the house. your thoughts on releasing the memorandum prepared by the republican members of the house. >> i read the memo. there is a process to release it. i'm glad the committee has decided to do that. the american people can see what's in that memo while protecting sources and method and those sorts of things. lou: any time the public's right to know is responded to affirmatively, it's the great response. let's turn to immigration. daca is take on some supremacy. what's already been said by the president to the democrats to
11:30 pm
join him to say he doesn't have the votes in the republican party, what do you make of what's going on? >> you need 60 votes in the senate for most of issues. they have used that rule to resist and obstruct literally everything. i charity border subcommittee. we have a bill with 79 house co-on ors. what we do is the priority that brought the president into office which include ending chain migration. we also the visa lottery. crack down on sanctuary cities. pass kate's law. this is a bill the president said he supported. we'll keep moving that through the house to get this across the
11:31 pm
finish line. we think that's the core issue the american people want. lou: there is nothing the four pillars of the president's report that says end chain migration now. it's a process. a word we heard a lot since 2006 when ted kennedy and john mccain got together for the first run at so-called immigration reform. it turned out to be a disaster because they the democrats insisted on chain migration and no security. they succeeded in both. now e-verify is an important test. it takes away the ma -- the mage
11:32 pm
that draws so many people to the country. >> we have to make sure we don't have another one in a year, five years or ten years. there are loopholes in the current law. even if we 100% secured our border, people are being trained how a assert asylum claims. they are given a court date five years from now and disappear, never to show up again. pour bill closes these loopholes. the cartel, they are using them and they will incentivize mass illegal immigration. chain migration is 7 of 10 new
11:33 pm
immigrants. we need to move towards a merit-based system that allows people to come in through the turnstile and do it in a way that he won't take away jobs while we track down on the cartels and the illegals coming across my community right now. lou: the mexican government dispatched federal troops into baja to find cartels that are out of control. tens of thousands missing. the disaster that is mexico right now. we have a state department travel warning of which americans are bliss any and ignorantly ignoring. this is a dangerous narco state and people better understand
11:34 pm
this. >> these transnational criminal organizations are very dangerous. they are very innovative. they are well resourced, and they are trafficking drugs and people and weapons in and out of communities like mine. this is very serious business and we need operational control our southern border because of the dangers and threat they present. lou: it's a condition precedent to any immigration reform law. the $60 billion a year narcotics trafficked act bored. >> my guest tomorrow is sheriff mark danos, the sheriff of co-cheese county. -- of cochise county.
11:35 pm
lou: much more straight ahead, stay with us. president trump delivering his first state of the union address tomorrow evening. what a strong state we are in. >> we have an economy that's booming. isis is on the run. we are remaking the judiciary in a way that uphold the constitution. lou: how does press secretary sarah sanders put up with those repetitive unimaginative questions from the press corps. jumpy the parkour dog is back. we'll be back with the oh, manatees. aka "the sea cow"" oh! there's one.
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11:40 pm
has a better yiefer achievement to describe to the nation in his first state of the union. >> we had an historic year. the economy is booming. isis is on the run. we are remaking the judiciary. america is getting better and better understood the leadership of this president. i think the president has a great story to tell in the first year and a great plan forward to talk about the things we are going to do the next 7 years. lou: the economy reacting to his leadership and the progress he made in driving the markets and the economy, bringing jobs back. we are talking over 2 million jobs in the first year of his presidency. going forward we are also talking about immigration. he has moved that to the
11:41 pm
forefront of his agenda. why so, and what do you expect? >> i think it's been no secret this is something the president talked about repeatedly on the campaign trail. he knows how important it is securing our border and reforming our immigration system. he laid out something that brings toarve the table and solves a problem that republicans and democrats have been trying to do for the last couple decades. we have a president that's make sure we have a deal on the table that hits all the points we have to deal with to get something done. i think see that hopefully the next couple weeks. >> the points you are talking about that he campaigned on. he found 180-degree position over the course of the last 30 days. he campaigned against daca and amnesty.
11:42 pm
he campaigned for the wall, and we are talking about at least according to you are four pill lars of the white house. we are talk about special treatment, we are not 1.6 million, which would be double the number president trump had. but we are talking something closer to $5 million when you eight all in with the so-called nuclear family. there is no end to chain migration. a lot of people are scratching their heads and asking how does all this square up with the man we elected president, based on what he saiden the campaign trail. a man who kept every one of his promises. >> we know this is a president who there is no one strong in this country and more dedicated to making sure with bored were security. that's been his biggest priority. $25 billion for border security, including the wall, including other technological advances.
11:43 pm
and there is an end to the visa lottery system and chain migration. it won't happen overnight. lou: how long is not overnight. how many nights does that reach? >> this is a process. there isn't a switch. i'm not used to the media having a sense of humor, that's a new one for me. lou: by the time you hear every question repeated. by the time you hear people asking about some of the most ofism probable issues and subjected, i think you do a brilliant job. let's turn to -- in addition to immigration, let's turn to where we are going to go as a a nation. we have a president who has an extraordinary opportunity as i said earlier.
11:44 pm
he kept every promise. he has turned this economy around in ways we couldn't imagine. but at same time there is a guy named george h.w. bush who famously said in 1988, read my lips, no new taxes. he went ahead and raised taxes. it was an unfortunate promise on the part of president bush or unfortunate reversal of fortune. what do you think? >> i think president bush was a conventional president and president trump is everything but conventional. he came here to shake washington up and he's done that every single day since he took office. he has an incredible first year. we have a booming economy. this is a president shops just getting started. he's not finished. he's going to lay out an
11:45 pm
optimistic vision. you will see the heart and soul of donald trump tonight. sweeper very excited about america taking a peek in and talk about the successes. and the plans and the path we have going down the next 7 years. great to have you with us. we know you are busy, particularly tonight. >> mostly very cold, lou. lou: we appreciate your sacrifice. sarah sanders. please roll the video. jump why it parkour dog is back in action. the extraordinarily border collie mix is back in action. we never tiefer showing this incredible dog doing his incredible tricks.
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he's a wonder dog. up next the swamp a little bells murky as andrew mccabe has been removed from a leadership postal the fbi. the new president of the share table foundation joins us to talk about the new heritage foundation and its successors in foundation and its successors in the trump administration.
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lou: what does it take for a federal employee to lose his or her pension. andrew mccabe is expected to receive his pension after being removed from his position as deputy director of the fbi. mccanes removal comes less than 24 hours after his boss after fbi director christopher wray reviewed the memorandum on government abuse. we have no information at all whether there is a cause and effect relationship between wray's review of the memorandum and mccabe's exit. but there appears to be much in the offing. because rod rosenstein the
11:51 pm
deputy attorney general is reported by the "new york times" to be named in that same memorandum alleging that rosenstein extended surveillance of carter page last spring. now the house intelligence committee has voted to release the four-page memo. i believe we are witnessing the stench of the swamp actually worsen as would be expected as a result of what is noticeably a slow draining. as the swamp drains, there is discomfort among some office holders and we think lost sight of the folks they serve. this is no time for anyone in washington to think themselves beyond criticism. and no time for americans in any
11:52 pm
capacity to ignore the intelligence they protect. andrew jackson said, there are no necessary evils in government. evils exist only tonight abuses. up next the heritage foundation ranging president trump above president reagan. we'll take it up with kay coles james, the new heritage foundation president. smile dad.
11:53 pm
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lou: joining us tonight,ed the new president of the heritage foundation, thanks for joining us. heritage foundation president kay coles james. you actually at the heritage foundation have dared to say that president trump has done more in his first year than ronald reagan who is the essence of the heritage foundation. he is, indeed. you have to know how much that hurts my heart. ronald reagan is a personal hero of mine. and the facts are the facts.
11:57 pm
donald trump in his first year has completed about 64% of our mandates for leadership. that's a document the heritage foundation produces. we have been producing it since 1981, first with ronald reagan. ronald reagan passed it out to his cabinet and it was a blueprint for leadership in this country. in his first year, donald trump has done 64% of our mandate for leadership. we were quite even couraged. for anyone who doubts whether we have a conservative president, we in fact do. >> that number is astonishing. when i first saw it, my first reaction was amazement. the state of the union coming up tomorrow. 64%. now the next part comes, what have you done for me lately.
11:58 pm
and what do you believe is truly in prospect for this administration. >> with all that the president has done, there is still work to be done. we'll be listening tomorrow for the state of the union and of course we'll be looking to see what's going to happen, how he's going to push forward his agenda on immigration. we are looking forward to welfare reform, we are looking forward to seeing what the plan is going to be on infrastructure. those are all issues we'll have a watchful ear and eye for tomorrow night. but given the president's past, we are looking forward to the future. immigration, do you think we'll find out how long it will take to build that wall tomorrow night? >> i know there are a lot of people that elected the
11:59 pm
president to do exactly that. but we'll be looking for to see what he's going to do with the visa lotteries. we want to know about chain migration. there are lots of issues the president has. lou: where do you stand on e-verify. >> we all stand on e-verify as good, solid conservatives. we want to make sure the people in our country, we have a system where we can verify that we have the appropriate workers in our workplaces. lou: kay coles, we congratulate you on your new job. we are going to get along so well. >> thank you so much. you have been such a voice for the conservative movement. we have been able to depend on you for accurate news. and we are look forward to a long relationship with you here at the heritage foundation.
12:00 am
lou: i assure you the feeling is absolutely mutual. , the state of the union. thanks for being with us. ken report president prepares for the big speech. fbi deputy director andrew mckaibs out at the agency. how could this change the mueller investigation. hillary clinton is dealing with a sexual harassment scandal from her days on the campaign trail. tomorrow night is the president's first state of the union address and it's expected to be the most of watched since january 2002. not just to see how the greatest sales man on seize his first year. but calling out crying chuck


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