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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 30, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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americans. i like the fact that the president is going to focus on immigration and willingness to make a deal. opioid epidemic. charles: we've got to leave it there. we've got to leave it there we'll be on this all night long the state of the union in two hours. >> good evening everybody. president trump is now polishing the fine points of his address to the nation on the state of the union. the white house says president trump will focus on his many successes over the course of his historic first year in office, an unprecedented year of achievement no president has done more in modern american presidential history. tax reform, deregulation, $8 trillion added to the market cap on wall street. the highest employment rates for blacks and hispanics, the highest employment rate for women in 17 years, and isis terrorists devastated the once- expanding caliphate of isis
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now utterly destroyed. the president will pivot to what he would like to achieve this year, agenda items include infrastructure spending, immigration, and trade agreement s. we take up the president's vision with the country's leading political strata gist ed rollins and the washington times opinion editor charlie hurt. also tonight here americans awaiting the release of the house intelligence committee mem gum that exposes the obama administration's abuse of power skying on american citizens including members of the trump campaign transition team and the trump administration. president trump now has four days to decide whether to release the memorandum to the american public. congressman matt gates has been urging the intelligence committee and asking the president to do so during his state of the union address tonight. congressman gates among our guests here and also two distinguished warning ton attorneys who have been
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instrumental in exposing corruption in the obama justice department, victoria tensing and joe dejenova join us here and will the president explain when that wall will be built, when will it start, when ill witness be completed? answers in his state of the union we'll find out all of that coming up here tonight. our top story, the much anticipated memorandum from the house intelligence committee, republican lawmakers who read the documents say it details shocking corruption and collusion at the highest levels of the fbi and the department of justice, and yet, speaker paul ryan already pouring well some skepticism on his findings saying republicans shouldn't overplay their hand. >> i think rod rosenstein is doing a fine job. >> rod rosenstein was hired after this last election. i think the people at the fbi at the doj need to clean their own house if there are problems.
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lou: unbelievable, ryan defend ing rosenstein even though it was rosenstein who appointed robert mueller to lead the russia collusion investigation knowing he was close friends with fired fbi director james comey and then rosenstein allowed deputy fbi director andrew mccabe to remain in his post ignoring his many ties to the clintons. perhaps most damaging of all, the left wing new york times says the fisa memorandum will show it was rosenstein who approved a request to extend the surveillance of trump associate carter page, based on information contained in that phony democratically funded trump dossier. my first guest tonight says president trump should walk into the house chamber tonight and hand speaker ryan a letter approving the release of the memorandum right before he begins his state of the union address. joining us tonight congressman matt gates who serves on a
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number of key committees including judiciary budget and armed services. congressman great to see you. like all of us here i'm sure you're anticipating the president's remarks tonight. what are the odds of him well giving that letter to speaker ryan? >> well the great thing about donald trump is you never can quite script him. we do know that the white house put out statements in support of those of us who have been fighting for transparency and openness so there's no doubt where the white house is and where the president is and i think there would be no better way to kickoff the state of the union speech tonight than to announce he will release the memo and expose the corruption that has to be cleaned up, lou. lou: well i would be delighted congressman as i know millions and millions of americans would be. there is in this a certain calculus that i find interesting because it's a judgment on the part of the white house that this memorandum is not lurking over all of the subjects that will be discussed tonight.
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no one in the country in my judgment is more interested in any issue above that of the integrity of our justice department, the fbi, and what this memorandum reveals and everyone is frankly just waiting for that memorandum to be released. with that anticipation maybe there's a little miss calculation on the part of the white house. >> well i could tell you that whether it's republican offices or democrat offices here on capitol hill, eight or nine out of every 10 calls are constituents demanding the release of this memo. the american people want to see what their government has been up to. the american people want to know the extent to which politics has infected the highest levels of our government and most importantly, we want to know where the cancer is so that we can cavity out and move forward with reforms that make sure that this never happens again in either republican or democratic administration so the people want it, the congress wants it, and the presidents usually pretty good at reading
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the pulse of the american election and i suspect he will act swiftly if not tonight. lou: certainly we hope so. i want to turn to if we may just one of the pieces from the president if we can get that up on the screen now the president will say struggling communities especially immigrant communities will be helped by immigrant policies focused on the best workers and american families. your reaction this is first of all a sentence whose syntax is a little strained and could be morell o more eloquent whoever the writer was but what sense does this make, talks about unifying the country and with struggling communities and starts dividing the country. this is old, if you will, liberal language. >> well, i think that the president always throughout the course of his campaign talked about an america where everyone could do better and the folks on
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the political left they have to divide the country. you see, lou they don't want an immigration solution. they want to keep immigration around as an issue to rally their base and divide americans so i think the president is working on a way to unify americans but i would warn him. this was not an election about daca. if this was an election about daca hillary clinton would have won it. think is an election about the rule of law and border security and i'll be listening for those border security themes tonight and to ensure that we really preserve the rule of law in our immigration system and have a system that works for america first not the rest of the world. lou: well said congressman and the truth is, daca was in the campaign, it was president trump saying no daca. it was president trump saying no amnesty. it was president trump saying build the wall. based on what i've heard from the white house so far, i don't think that we're going to hear anything about a wall. we're going to hear about trust funds that don't have money and there's no trust for such scheme s, and if he disappoints
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the base or betrays the base there's hell to pay come november. >> well you're absolutely right. people voted for this president because they were tired of see ing their hard earned tax dollars go in the form of entitlements to illegal aliens. it costs our country over $100 billion a year, lou and that's why it's so important to make sure that we focus on e- verify. we focus on ending chain migration. we focus on ensuring that we don't build magnets that draw people across our borders illegally and i do think we'll hear about the wall tonight about the need to ensure that's a critical component of our immigration reform strategy but we absolutely cannot accept as a premise that we're going to do amnesty today and enforcement tomorrow. my voters won't accept that and i don't think the president's voters will either. lou: and i hope the president won't suggest such a thing. that would be disappointing to all of us. congressman great to have you with us we thank you so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: working hardnd airelessly
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to get the memordum out of the house intelligence commieeo theresident ando the ameran people. we're cong right bk with much muchore on the president 's address tonight and all that is going on behind the scenes when we talk about immigration or trade, there are all sorts of interests and it's amazing how the coke brothers, the chamber of commerce, the business round table, all have insinuated themselves into the, well, the trump inner sanctum. we'll tell you about that and much more, straight ahead we're coming right back. it's all about the despicable
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lou: well, speaking of illegal
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immigration and obama-appointed judge has ruled an illegal immigrant convicted of fraud has a constitutional right to say goodbye to his family before being deported. the judge insists the men's de mention by federal immigration agents violated due process and he must be released so he can get his affairs in order and, well say goodbye to his family. we'll see how that holds up. all right, we'll see if they first of all the trump administration challenges it. a republican senator who wants to give amnesty to daca recipients now admits mexico is controlled by the cartell, senator james lang ford admits that 40-45% of mexico is run by the drug cartell, he said that after meeting with leaders in mexico adding that it's comperable to the islamic state 's control of syria at its peak. that's quite an interesting number 40 to 45 not a half, not 50 or 60%, we don't know where
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that 50 or 60% might be but there it is. joining me now ed rollins former reagan white house political director senior presidential developer fox business contributor great to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: ed as i've just shared with the audience here and we might put that back up the full screen from the president's speech in which talking about unifying the country, he immediately divides it by referring to struggling communities, not people, especially immigrant communities will be helped by immigration policies that focus on the best interest of american workers and american families. i don't even frankly, i don't i'm not sure i quite understand the sentence but your thoughts? >> that had to be something left over from the obama administration that sounds like the kind of speech he would make this president has to be a polar izing president. this president is a president of change. the american public voted for him because they wanted something different than what's gone on in washing washington for a long period of time and if
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you want to be loved by all sides you won't be effective. you have to make the differences he's maying and be tough and this is the kickoff for the 2018 campaign and he has to basically be tough and aggressive and mobilize his base. lou: i can't as i've said here, i give this president absolute credit for being the most effective president in the first year of his presidency, more effective than any president since fdr. all of the list of achievements and we're going to go through them tonight. i know the president will acknowledge a few of his successes as well but when we look at what he's doing with immigration it just doesn't make any sense. he is risking his base. he is risking national security. i don't even understand how if he doesn't have that wall up before he takes any action on daca, takes any action on illegal immigration, then he could look the american people straight in the eye and say the nation is secure against $60 billion worth of drugs that he's campaigned about, has focused attention on coming into
7:17 pm
this country and destroying lives. >> as you know better than anybody there's tens of thousands of people murdered on the border over the last couple of years here and the numbers are just astronomical. we're at a war and at the end of the day, if you don't build that wall before anything happens it will never happen. this is reagan gave amnesty to two and a half million voters with the promise of security. never came about and i would argue that trump has to build a wall, has to have commitments for the money to build a wall and basically move forward and then you do other things after that's done but you can't do it first. lou: secretary nielsen the head of homeland security, the former head of homeland security. the president's chief of staff john kelly, both spoke in contradiction to the president about how lenient john kelly is saying there won't be a wall across from sea to shining sea on that border indeed it seems he's right if there is to
7:18 pm
be a wall at all. secretary nielsen she is absolutely an open borders person. i mean this is getting crazy. marc short, coke brothers network, it's as if the white house has been, if you will, seized by those who have an absolutely contradictory of you to this president that at least a couldn't rosenstein victory view to the president in his campaign. >> well many weren't for him when he got elected and weren't for his policies even today so someone like marc short you'd think he was the communications director. he's the one on tv every day. i've been around 50 years many white houses and never seen a legislative director ever on tv. his job is to go work the hill to find out what the hill wants and what the white house wants not to be on television and the communications director. i would argue that this president has to sit down with his team, starting with kelly and saying this is what i want, this is what i want you to implement and go get it done. homeland security chief now was
7:19 pm
his deputy kelly's deputy, she should know exactly what they want and it's the president's policy not their policy. lou: well as we've learned, these folks mean to represent the interest of the business round table, the chamber of commerce, the national immigration forum and they look like holdovers from the obama administration but in fact are holdovers from the bush administration, many of them the coke brothers. the chamber of commerce, the business round table, i mean, are you kidding me? >> it's business as usual and again the president who came in promised to drain the swamp, be different is now getting caught up with being the same and if he becomes the same, because he is so hated by the other side they will throw him out and his people out. lou: he's talking about reaching across the aisle here. it looks like he's reaching across. i hope i'm wrong about this, reaching across the heads of those who put him into office, his supporters, his voters, and
7:20 pm
if he does he's risking his base don't you think? >> absolutely and the off year election is a big drop-off in vote and the reality is his vote is not energized they won't turn out and if they don't turn out we'll lose representatives for sure. lou: 33 have been -- >> are open. they resigned and historically you always lose seats in the off year and he's got to break that history and get more elected not less elected. lou: all right always interesting ed thanks so much. ed rollins. thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is do you agree with speaker paul ryan's claim that deputy attorney general, are you ready for this, rod rosenstein is doing just a bang up job, a fine job he said cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs, follow me on twitter at lou dobbs, like me on facebook and follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight on wall street , i am sad to tell you, stocks closed sharply lower after a big selloff. the dow plunged 363 points the s
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& p down 31 and the nasdac fell 64 volume on the big board picking up to 3.9 billion shares , healthcare stocks plung ing after amazon, jp morgan chase, and burke sure ha-tha way announced they're combining to launch an independent healthcare system that will provide for their own employees, about a million employees. bitcoin plunging 12%, trading below $10,000 after facebook announced they will no longer promote ads for the digital currency and home prices continue to rise because of a short inventory gaining more than 6% in november hitting new highs, a reminder listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast from the salem radio network. up next hear the president, will call for a wall we're told in his state of the union speech. now will it be a wall, will it be a wall system, like a trust fund of some kind, but perhaps not for the entire border we
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lou: you've got to love california. its been three years since the city of stockton filed for bankruptcy so they're doing the next logical thing of course and now they're handing out free money. the city's 26-year-old mayor plans to give randomly selected residents a basic income of $500 a month for doing absolutely nothing. a much sweeter deal in the city of stockton gave its bond holder s who took a 50% hair cut when stockton defaulted or stock ton city employees whose
7:27 pm
pay was cut and whose retiree, medical benefits phased out. wow. and now, 500 bucks for nothing. president trump expected to make a big push for his border wall during tonight's state of the union. we'll see and although there's no official funding for it yet, prototypes undergoing rigourous testing and san diego fox news national correspondent is in san diego at the border and brings us up-to-date on what is happening out there. william? >> san diego before a fence and after. apprehensions down 95% according to the border patrol. before offense and after. illegal traffic down 90%. >> that's mexico and then on the other side, you have a secondary
7:28 pm
fence. >> call it a wall or a fence critics claim they don't work but those who actually work here say they do. >> they reduced the amount of traffic, the flow migration and drugs that was coming across-the-boarder. >> the evidence shows that barriers work. >> homeland security teams took jack hammers, saws and torches to the latest prototypes. >> when you walk up to those prototypes and you see a 25 to 30-foot wall, it's daunting. >> tactical teams tried climbing the walls only one made it to the top but couldn't get down. will they scale it, will they tunnel under it? yes but if you discourage as much as you can on the onset, you're dealing with a smaller portion you now have to push technology, manpower and other assets add. >> based on need and budget each border sector will extend an existing fence, replace an old fence, or add a secondary wall, allowing agents to apprehend immigrants in an enforcement zone. i don't think democrats are saying no to a wall, no to
7:29 pm
physical infrastructure. what democrats are saying is let's be smart about it. >> so testing on those prototype s was just completed. they represent the next generation in border fencing. are they needed? well agents will say in the very remote areas probably not cost effective. in urban areas like this definitely so. one reason why that rusting border fence you'll see down there was 30 years old. it wasn't meant to be a fence. the great fence about 20 years old. agents say an illegal immigrant with jump that whereas the new prototypes that would not happen lou? lou: it's fascinating to hear the head of the national immigration forum saying democrats want smart stuff. the reality is fences work as you're demonstrating here tonight as i know you'll be demonstratesing as well tomorrow and thursday as we continue a series of your reports from the border but the fact is democrats hate the fence because it
7:30 pm
actually does work, the same reason they hate e-verify because it reduces the magnet that draws illegal immigration. >> and you know, that's important because if you're a border agent here is the message that's being sent. if a guy gets past you, does it mean that he can live in the united states, unobstructed without fear for the rest of his life and raise a family? what kind of message is that sending to the border agent with just to get by you and then hands off interior enforcement, no one has to go through the computer check. is that really fair to the agent many here would say no. lou? and the question is it fair to working men and women in this country competing for jobs with illegal p.m.s? immigrants? is it fair to point in fact to all of those people a million who come in legally each year who suddenly will be behind the lines of illegal immigrants. many would say as you said
7:31 pm
william, no. great to have you with us great reporting, look forward to see ing you tomorrow night. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. >> the swamp is draining but slowly. andrew mccabe has been ousted, but there are a lot of other swamp creatures we'll be tacking about doj and fbi corruption, and attorneys victoria tensing join us next. and these kayakers watching sea lions in monterey, california are about to get the thrill of a lifetime. we'll have the skill rating video for you next, we'll be right back, stay with us.
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lou: house intelligence committee adam shift just having a fit about the republicans wanting to reclose and releasing the fisa abuse memorandum. >> i think we have crossed a deeply regrettable line in this committee wherefore the first time in the ten years or so that i've been on the committee there was a vote to politico lit size the de classification process of intelligence. lou: oh, no, but here is congressman schiff urging such care he's the congressman who actually read the discredited fusion gps dossier into the congressional record in a hearing of march 20 last year. the dossier that was not vetted,
7:36 pm
that was not verified and that has been utterly discredited. quite a partisan, congressman sc hiff, isn't he? well joining me now two of my favorite people in washington d.c., victoria tensing a former reagan justice department official former chief counsel of the send intelligence committee, founding partners of tensing and degenova law firm and joe and victoria thank you both for being here. let me start out, victoria, let's start with the memorandum. the president is being very careful here about talking about whether or not he wants to release that memorandum. i'm very proud of the republican s on that committee for getting it done. your thoughts? >> well they're doing it the right way and while they should because chairman nunes got in a little bit of trouble when he came out and made an announcement outside of the white house after he saw the
7:37 pm
documents for this memo, so they're going through the right procedure and oh, low and behold they're insisting the democrats go through the right procedure for their report and the democrats are shocked. adam schiff, give me a break. he said the benghazi investigation was the worst abuse of power ever. everything is so traumatic. you know there's a character on law and order named adam and i think he's trying out for it. lou: [laughter] okay, joe? >> it's great to have you both here. i have to say and let me start with paul ryan, for some reason, today was telling everybody to calm down in the conference about the memorandum and said, declared that rod rosenstein was doing just a bang up job as deputy attorney general. i about fell out of my chair. your thoughts? >> well, i think rod rosenstein made one of the worse mistakes in the history of washington law
7:38 pm
he appointed bob mueller who never should have been appointed because he's a close personal friend of james comey and just about everybody else involved in this but rod did something worse he created a mandate for mueller which had no limitations of time , money, subject matter. he didn't even name a crime that was being investigated which was a violation of the department of justice regulations. i think when all is said and done, rod rosenstein's memorandum and the appointment of a special counsel will go down in history as one of the worst decisions ever made by a justice department official. there never should have been a special counsel because there was no evidence of any crime. >> lou i want to follow-up on that because the mandate that rosenstein approved is just shocking for us lawyers and that is that mueller can investigate any length, this is a quote, any length leak between the russian government and any one associated with the trump campaign.
7:39 pm
now do you know what, an iowa farmer who sells corn to russia and is supportive of trump could be taken up in that mandate. it is frightening. lou: and i want to ask you both this. i mean everyone is acting as if all of this is irreperable. the president thinks about firing mueller apparently but decides against it and the new york times has an issue trying to make thought a sin and secondarily everyone, democrats and republicans alike seem to suggest that this is irreperable in any way this ambiguous mandate for the special counsel. is that the case? >> well here is the thing, lou. we must never lose sight of the fact that the senior level of the fbi and the senior level of the justice department during the obama administration decided to do two things. exonerate hillary clinton from her e-mail server scandal and
7:40 pm
then if she didn't get elected to frame donald trump with a non -existent crime. this is one of the worst things in the history of our country and to think that a special counsel was appointed to investigate the president whose done absolutely nothing is a disgrace. lou: and we have victoria at this point no evidence whatsoever that's been produced as five committees proceed with their investigation. we added it up a couple weeks now out of date but we figured it was six and a half years of investigation of collusion which no one can define as a crime. right any guest who comes on fox should be asked by the host who supports special counsel should be asked could you please tell us the 18 usc number that whatever collusion even if there was collusion violates? no one can tell you and that's what's frightening because the criminal law is supposed to be very circumstance um scribed and people are supposed to know what
7:41 pm
it is that violates the law and you can't say that an iowa farmer selling corn to russia is a violation of law. lou: i sense from both of you as we wrap up and i'm sorry we're pressed so much for time but i sense from both of you as to where do you think this is going to lead? are we going to see inside the obviously corrupt upper levels of the justice department and the fbi? is there going to be resolution here, your thoughts, joe? >> yes, there's going to be resolution. the memo from the house intelligence committee will be the start and next is the inspector general's report from the department of justice which will be devastating because it made andrew mccabe fabricate evidence to exonerate hillary clinton and then there's a federal grand jury to investigate the obama administration senior justice department officials and senior members of the fbi. the grand jury is coming shortly
7:42 pm
lou: victoria you get the last word. >> one day the rest of the media will be on board and report this lou: victoria thanks for being with us, joe thanks for being with us. we appreciate all both of you do thanks so much. >> thank you, lou. lou: please roll the video now we'll show you a group of kayakers and a whale tail in monterey bay, california the tail getting very close to the massive humpback whale breaching just feet from the unsuspecting kayakers, giving them and all the rest of us who see their video now quite a thrill. very impressive. up next, the dems are in dis array they don't know what to do. president trump's historic successes in his first year have created huge unforeseen problems for the dems with republicans likely to add to the majority as it stands now in the house and the senate, but they could still screw it up. let's see about that.
7:43 pm
i'll take that up with charlie and that's next. stay with us we'll be right back my name's dustin. hey, dustin. grab a seat. woman: okay. moderator: nice to meet you. have you ever had car trouble in a place like this? (roaring of truck) yes and it was like the worst experience of my life. seven lanes of traffic and i was in the second lane. when i get into my car, i want to know that it's going to get me from point a to point b. well, then i have some good news. chevy is the only brand to receive j.d. power dependability awards for cars, trucks and suvs two years in a row. woman: wait! (laughing) i definitely feel like i'm in a dependable vehicle right now. woman 2: i want a chevy now. woman 3: i know! when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe?
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lou: as we all await the release of that house intel memorandum by the white house revealing the
7:47 pm
obama abuse of powers, president trump has four more days to decide whether it will be released and a large measure in how it will be released. yesterday, i said congressman doug collins of georgia had urged caution. i thought he was opposing the release and turns out congressman collins is actually in favor of it being made public my apologies congressman. joining me now washington times opinion editor fox business contributor charlie hurt. charlie great to see you. >> great to see you lou. lou: big doing tonight in the state of the union, we're going to hear apparently a lot about immigration and something about a border wall. what do you make of it? >> yeah i think that what we're going to hear tonight from the president is going to layout what he has seen as his accomplishments for the first year and as you point out they are numerous and i think he will talk about economy and there's no doubt he will also talk about his proposal for doing something
7:48 pm
about illegal immigration and it's amazing, you know when i look back a all of the pposal s i've see over t years of the past 15 years of covering immigration've nev seen a i'm not saying i agree with the proposal but i've never seen an immigration proposal as thorough as complete and as serious as this one is in terms of trying to reach across the aisle and find something that everybody can agree upon and if democrats don't take a serious look at this, i think that they will pay for it in a big way and it proves they're not serious about solving the problem and the fact that nancy pelosi looked at this and said donald trump is wanting to give 1.8 million l legals amnesty she called that the make america white again proposal. lou: yeah she has become almost i think she's become, not almost , she's become moronic, and schumer seems defeated and
7:49 pm
he used to have a way with words even. he can't find his way it seems to me to an issue and form some sort of response to it. >> he's completely lost. lou: and the president himself now you talked about a price. it also seems and i was talking about this with ed rollins and will be talking with him here next but ed rollins talking about this risk that he is running comparing it to george h. w. bush and read my lips, no new taxes. this is looking like read my lips we're going to build a wall but not. we're going to have amnesty but don't pay attention to that. it's starting to look a little peculiar. >> it certainly is and i think democrats are in a real bad position right now. they put themselves in a position where all they want to do is oppose everything that donald trump brings forth including this very generous to
7:50 pm
them immigration proposal. they're rejecting everything and if they become simply the party that is standing up to donald trump, it might make a small portion of their base very happy and in fact, it will upset them enormously if they try to work with this president but if that's all they have to run on and they don't have any new ideas, any big vision to run on, i think they're screwed not only in 2020 but i think that they will be screwed in 2018. lou: i think that what we would agree on here tonight is that there are lots of ways for both sides to get screwed. >> [laughter] lou: charles thanks so much. charlie is coming right back, ed rollins with hip as we continue. up next, slimy adam schiff, pure partisan utterly wrong but the man who wants to be so careful and cause the memo distorted is also the one that read into the congressional record that discredited unvetted trump
7:51 pm
dossier. we take that up here next, stay with us we'll be right back. (whispering) with the capital one venture card, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. not just airline purchases. think about all the double miles you could be earning. (yelling) holy moly, that's a lot of miles! shh-h-h-h! ( ♪ ) shh! what's in your wallet? man: shh-h-h! i tabut with my back paines, i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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lou: in an online poll we asked you last night do you leave andrew mccabe's exit from the fbi is just the beginning as evidence of deep state and demonstratesing corruption is revealed to the american people 95% of you said yes. back with me charlie hurt and ed
7:55 pm
rollins and i am doing super. let me just turn to the state of the union. i have to tell everybody, congressman paul gosar recommended to the attorney general and to the capitol police that they arrest, charlie, any illegal immigrants brought into the state of the union by democrats or whomever. your reaction to the congressman 's authorities? >> i don't know that from a political standpoint that would be a tremendous victory for everybody but i will say this. it is an extraordinary display of law lessness and it began with president obama during when he invited the first one up into the chamber. the idea that they would have all of these people in the very boosom of our law making chamber and to snear and make a mockery
7:56 pm
of our laws by bringing these illegal aliens in there is stunning to me and honestly when you stop and think about it, there's no other explanation for it, no other description for it than the u.s. capitol is the most enraging sanctuary location in the country and capitol police are instructed not to ask people their nationality, not to ask for papers. lou: they got to have id don't they? >> no it's their policy to look the other way. they are no more helpful in terms of enforcing the federal immigration laws than the police in san francisco or chicago. lou: you mean to tell me that illegal immigrants can go through security without id? that's stunning. these are the most coveted seats in america for this speech tonight and the fact that americans live here and work hard and do things every day to benefit the country can't get in and yet people who are getting in i think it just shows the
7:57 pm
total disregard that the democrats have for the working people of this country and i think to a certain extent it's always about the other side and not our side and i think the reality here is that this is going to be a lot of outrage over this across the country. lou: and outrage along the outrages, it seems to me, is charlie, they still don't have a budget and this congress has controlled, this senate is controlled and by the way, it's not an abstraction. for our military there's a $718 billion budget waiting for fiscal 19, but it's going to, it's a reach because they can't do anything this year because they don't have a budget so they're stuck at previous spending levels. >> right and remember this about all these illegals in the chamber tonight. you know, maybe the law here is cool. maybe there are a lot of good sad sob stories about kids brought here illegally and i agree that there are definitely some sympathetic stories there. well do you know what?
7:58 pm
change the law. you're lawmakers that's what you're here for. lou: now you're getting carried away charlie. now you want congressmen actually to work. >> well the truth of the matter is they have tried and failed charlie and as you know this is not a brand new idea so the reality is they can't get the votes and they can't get it done but all of a sudden the president is the bad guy because he wants to enforce the law. >> don't forget democrats had total control, filibuster proof majority in the house and senate for two years after obama was elected. they could have done this with literally could have done this in two hours. lou: was it 20 years without a budget? >> yeah. lou: i mean this is stunning stuff. let's go to the intel memo, the president has it now at the white house. sarah sanders telling us the press secretary for the president telling everybody that despite some reports, the president hasn't even read the memo yet, hasn't been counseled on the memo, do you think he's
7:59 pm
going to release it charlie? >> i think he will. the fact that, you know he's made every indication up to now that he is in favor of transparency when it comes to this and i just don't see how he does anything other than make sure it gets released. >> he needs to do it thursday. do it thursday and let it run the weekend. lou: doesn't that depend on the reaction to his address tonight ed? if it's not great? >> look for it at 11:00 tonight if the speech is not a great speech. >> [laughter] lou: well he has abundant options at his disposal. i have to say that i think that the house intelligence committee we can't say enough good things about devon nunes the chairman and republicans who have worked so hard to get that memorandum out of intel and i don't think we can criticize the democrats too harshly for who all of whom voted against letting the
8:00 pm
american people see it. that speaks volumes as if we needed those volumes spoken. charlie, ed thank you both. thank you. lou: and we thank you for being with us tonight. be with us tomorrow, goodnight. neil: the president is set to tell the nation i am willing to pass an olive branch to my colleagues on capitol hill particularly democrats, 13 of whom have been cited not to attend tonight's big event, but the president is undeterred saying tonight this is our new american moment that there has never been a better time to start living the american dream. it is a dream he will outline across a 60 minute span that will cover tax cuts, the improving economy and a market that took a big hit today a little more than


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