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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 1, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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a work permit, and that's all you get. lou: good night from new york. kennedy: the speech is over and the hard work begins. which of the president's plans will fly and which will crash. the democrats blow their state of union response. is the playing field even for 2018. hillary clinton responding to claims of sexual harassment within her own campaign. too little too late? it's a well-received state of the union address. the president touched on immigration and infrastructure. he also touched some hearts with emotional stories woven throughout the speech. if you know someone battling a
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terminal illness you know how did is to get treatment. watch. president trump: people who are terminally ill should not have to go from country to country to seek a cure. i want to give them a chance right here at home. it's time for congress to give these wonderful, incredible americans the right to try. kennedy: right to try laws passed in 40 states and a bill passed the senate. now the house can do its part so patients can fight with the dignity they deserve. the president also highlighted a compassionate police officer and his wife who adopted the babive a heroin addicted mother.
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the highlight of the night for me was a young man from north korea who lost his leg in a train accident and used his posta --his postal pew takes cro guide him to freedom. if we take serious steps to end the drug war it will alter who comes to this country and why. making america even greater still. welcome to the show. i'm kennedy. [♪] there is a lot to chew on from last night's big long speech. and we'll get to that. but first, what was good, what
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was bad. and what was ugly from a libertarian perspective. joining me, judge andrew napolitano. welcome back to the show. you are watching the speech. you have known the president for a long time. i think expectations were low so it wasn't difficult for him to exceed them, but what stood out. judge napolitano: i'm wondering why you are asking me because i believe 90% of what the government doesn't the authorized by the korns institution and shouldn't -- by the constitution and shouldn't do. i also have a 30-year friendship with him. but much of what he articulated could have been talked about by lbj. enron ald reagan proposed many things far outside the parameters of the constitution. what stand out is keeping
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guantanamo bay open. it costs a half a billion a year -- they could easily be incarcerated elsewhere. none of them have been tried. most of of them have been there for 12, 13, or 15 years. the right to a speedy trial and the evidence against you. concept of infrastructure. while very appealing. who doesn't want a new la guardia airport. who doesn't want to repave 80. but should the federal government be paying for it? and if so, where is that in the constitution. if the president is willing to add to our debt. he'sen track record to bringing
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us to $25 trillion of federal government debt by the end of this term. that's a trillion a year in interest payments. a trillion a year in fun it payments is 40% of the tax revenue. so we'll be spending 40 cents on every tax dollar on goods and services already enjoyed by other people. kennedy: this is a list of handouts earn president extends to his -- every president extends to his party. judge napolitano: if you look at the state of the union as a lawyer, you are appalled. but if you look at it as an opportunities to gin up the base. to show another side of you, less combative snow was on the road to that.
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i couldn't stay awake it was really long. kennedy: one of the longest we have seen in this modern era. judge napolitano: i don't know where he will go from here. he will need democratic votes to do what he wants. but democrats like these sort of things. will the democrats want to build a wall to save the dreamers? he seems to think that they will. they will make that exchange he seems to think that they will. kennedy: i think it's utterly repugnant to those who believe in limited government. because of the cost. judge napolitano: it keeps people out and keeps people in. do we want to go through that east germany look? or are there less expensive and
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humanitarian ways to address this problem. they are extremely polarized whether it's over the release of raw intelligence or the legitimacy of bob mueller's investigation. or where they are. the come pro miets is not the buzz word in this congress. kennedy: thank you so much, judge. if you watched the state of the union you probably noticed a lot of republicans cheering and democrats sneering. but the most divisive line was the president's plan for dreamers. president trump: a single immigrants can bring in virtually an unlimited number of distant relatives. under our plan we focus on the
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ned family. kennedy: did you hear that booing? one ideas did the president get -- what ideas did the president get right and which ideas did he get wrong. jemele green and anthony fisher is back. welcome, everyone. chris, i will start with you. what was the best part of the speech for you? >> when he brought up the north korean man who escaped. anyone can condemn north korea. but he didn't just condemn them. he said his tormenters wanted to know if he met any christians.
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he had and after that he resolved to be free. christians and north koreans had a way to fight back. then he student and held up his crutches. kennedy: there were people who were moved to tears. so there had to have been something in there that you liked. >> the end? i liked -- judge, i had to watch the entire thing because i was doing fox news radio coverage. and it was hashtag boring. it's always great to applaud and recognize resilient people. and heroic americans. i would say that was the best. kennedy: what about that news mexico officer instead arresting a woman, he and his wife adopt
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her baby. that shows a big shift from jeff sessions, throw them all in jail, three strikes hardliner to obviously the president has had a change in heart thanks to his on in law jared kushner. >> hopefully grown a heart. he understands when you highlight these heroes, people who are so resill cents, you will get more a[applause] kennedy: a lot of his stories wisher changeable with the agenda points to he was making. >> the right to try. i liked that he put the democrats on the defensive because they didn't clap during that. kennedy: how could they not clap during that. does no one know someone who died of alzheimer's or cancer
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who wishes they could have gotten their hands on the experimental drugs? >> the bad guys were the politically connected company hospital wanted to keep their hands on the drugs temperatures he put the democrats in the position of being for red tape and not for people. kennedy: the official democratic response was delivered by the great nephew of jfk and ted kennel difficult. even though last night was the tamest we have seen our president in some time, he still went after him. >> bullies may lands a punch. they -- may land a punch, they may need a mark, but they have never once been sable to reduce
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strength -- of the american people. kennedy: he told dreamers democrats are behind them, waiting to push them off a cliff. his spanish isn't so great. did the democrats make the right move? >> he specifically said he's not for the people whose roads are paved with power or privilege which is awkward because it's worth an estimated $50 million. he set a new standard. for the first time in 50 years they came with a good way to give a response. it was outside d.c. it wasn't awkward like most of responses are. i'm impressed he managed to find an audience. kennedy: jemele, was going on
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with the lipgloss. >> that's what i hate. the focusing on the chapstick. when joe kennedy for me was spot on as to why i'm a democrat. it's not about a coal:miner versus a single mother. it's not about pitting a daycare work in birmingham -- kennedy: you should sell nancy pelosi that. >> we choose both. that's why i am a democrat and i thought it was great. i wish when we have 500 women for office. that maybe the democrats will choose maybe a woman of color. but i understand, i live by the principle you are supposed to help those who are less fortunate. do you have know how many millions of dollars he has. >> he appropriated the language
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of the conquistadors. he said you build that wall, my generation will tear it down. >> it kind of kills me after having one dynasty complete lire lose an unlosable elections to donald trump, the first states of the union response is a fourth generation kennedy. how many times do we need to to retrade extremely rich children of privilege who never work sad day of their lives as the me resistance of donald trump. i would love to see the democrats put together something of substance. kennedy: you mean like the russia line. >> the money sent on media bots
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did not swing it election. kennedy: fighting words from a libertarian. our thoughts and prayers are with those involved in today's train crash in virginia it was what chartered amtrak carrying lawmakers to their retreat. it appears the train hit a tractor-trailer garbage truck injuring congress people and senators. fortunately none of those injured are said to be serious and they are wishing everybody a speed irrecovery. territory quake in the healthcare industry. three giant corporations announced they are forming their own medical care alliance to curb the high cost of treatment. ♪
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kennedy: you may be soon asking your amazon echo, does this look infected. they are teaming up to create you a new healthcare company for their employees. their plan as they described it is the focus on edg -- on
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technological solutions to break through of the shackles of the healthcare industry as well as government red tape. the goal is to lower costs for their 900,000 u.s. employees and their families. the healthcare industry is already spooked. their stocks across the board down following the come numbers announcement. is this a good idea? will it actually work? joining me is the managing editor of are you a fan of amazon? >> i'm a big fan of amazon, i have three deliveries a day. ups had to hire more employees just to deliver amazon stuff to my house. kennedy: if you have an impulse
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to buy something the first place you go is amazon, especially if you have a prime account. willed the revolution that has taken place that is destroying brick and mortar retail as we not, will it also do the same with our archaic healthcare system? >> if anybody can dough it, it's jeff bezos. i don't think they even know what they are intending to do. kennedy: it could be clinics within their own employment offices. it could be -- >> it could be a payment mechanism or provider network. it could be incentives for employees. they said they will not be bound by the profit motive. that's something had been if you canful with. they decided instead making a
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profit, we'll get bigger. that has been a massively successful strategy for finding efficiencies. because they are not focused on maximizing short-term profit. it's also the case that amazon just like a lot of these big successful tech companies is better at technology than the healthcare industry. the healthcare industry is focused on the person-to-person care, the big tech, the machines that do stuff to your body and examine you. they are not focused on data analytics. the healthcare system as we know it in this country is based upon medicare. it is based upon a government system which is very bureaucratic and slow and slow to take up innovations surprisingly enough, ebb in the
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greatest country on earth. so maybe this great laboratory could bring about the healthcare change that so many frustrated with this system now have been clamoring for. >> i'm glad to see experiments, in0 elevation and resources being put into improving the healthcare system in america and even more glad to see them coming from the private sector. not only of business success but making life better for consumers. kennedy: he's going to take us to mars and take out my spleen. jeff bezos can do almost anything, and peter suderman can do almost everything. you want an objective assessment of the president's performance? good luck with that. has journalism been abandoned?
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>> it revealed his sad obsession for being liked. he was selling sweet-tasting candy with poison in it. kennedy: why have so many professionals abandoned journalism for their own truth. joining us, howard kurtz. congratulations on the book. you have known the president for a long time. you talk about past interviews and questions you asked him over the decades. how do you think he did last night? howie: it was a good speech and he's good at scripted speeches. the press says we don't think he meant it, we'll wait for his next tweet. kennedy: the stories were woven
12:29 am
throughout. it punctuated the point he was trying to make with these very humanizing stories i thought he delivered well and they described the people very well, the speech writers. but you think he's doing a good job. it's not a surprise there were people on the left who were appalled with it. howie: when he talked about the heroes in the crowd, he wasn't talking about himself. kennedy: i loved the 12-year-old who put flags on the graves veterans. over 40,000 sites. howie: even when the president gets relatively good reviews for his speech, it's russia, russia, russia. kennedy: in 1997 he told you if he ran for president he would
12:30 am
win. howie: i con fist was sceptical. but because i have seen his media mastery in the new york tabloid, i didn't underestimate him as a candidate. also a lot of conservatives in the media, not just liberal bias. kennedy: remember the "national review"? howie: against trump. he takes on media establishment, he pokes back. he has his own street-fighting style. it seems now what journalists say privately about this president, it's cultural, it's advice rall. and the way -- it's visceral. and they are invested in the anti-trump narrative. kennedy: they feel he has to be stopped. that's one of the points you make in the book. there is no longer a search for
12:31 am
objective truth. howie: he punches back a lot. he has the first amendment right to do that. i think sometimes he goes too far. but the people who voted for donald trump, they think the elite media disdain them. so negative covering helps this president baitthis -- helps thi. kennedy: it's a great read. we don't have a lot of historical context on his administration. but what we have is very interesting through howard kurtz land. just when you thought we couldn't get any more rambling grandparents on facebook, hillary clinton posted saying she should have fired a campaign
12:32 am
aide. she wrote i understand the question i'm being asked as to why i let an employee on my 2008 campaign keep his job despite his inappropriate workplace behavior. the short answer is this, if i had to do it again, i wouldn't. her statement went on less than 15 minutes had some people speculating that she tried to bury that story. not that she would ever do something so calculates. calculating. my party and is back. she is supposed to be the champion for women. and we didn't just learn in 2017 that it's wrong to sexually harass people. >> anita hill testified in 1991
12:33 am
at clarence thomas' confirmation hearings in 1991. it's become a things post presidency and hillary clinton has been calculating and self-serving for 25 years. the idea it wasn't completely calculated is laughable. and the idea putting it on facebook rather than having a press conference or releasing a statement to the media during the day is laughable. kennedy: she is talk out both side of her mouth and trying to congrat herself fear mistake instead coming forward saying i botched that one and i learned a lot from it. >> she said she would have done something differently. how refreshing would it be if we
12:34 am
had other political leaders who could find themselves to get to that point. when i ran for dnc chair. i said, we have to take care of the sexism and racism and misogyny within our own party. i understand that loyalty is a very big part of the clinton world. kennedy: but that loyalty comes out of fear. it's the same reason people are loyal to nancy pelosi. and i'll talk to tim ryan about that. if there was information he was a sexual predator within the clinton world, i -- there wasn't information about this.
12:35 am
democrat or not, republican or not, this is not a partisan issue. >> i thought it was super weak she attacked the "new york times" saying you employed guy month creepily hit on a girl who didn't work for them when he worked on another job it wasn't an apology. if david brock can identify him as a sexual product tore before the #metoo movement, maybe hillary clinton could have identified him. if you catch one and you look back and say, wow, indianapolis wrong. kennedy: a street-up apology is all it would take. president trump calls for
12:36 am
bipartisanship. many democrats in the house chamber not too thrilled with what he had to say. will the democrats play ball? i'll ask tim ryan next. ron! something's going on at schwab. oh really? thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms... again. and online equity trades are only $4.95... i mean you can't have low cost and be full service. it's impossible. it's like having your cake and eating it too. ask your broker if they offer award-winning full service and low costs. how am i going to explain this? if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab. schwab, a modern approach to wealth management.
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kennedy: there were a lot of long phase at the state of union
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last night. he should have said free puppies for every one. but today hogan gidley told them to knock it off. >> they have to make a decision how much they love america versus how much they hate this president. someone asked if there should be bipartisan over infrastructure. but they should also be bipartisan over solutions to daca. kennedy: joining me is democratic congressman tim ryan from ohio who almost defeated nancy pelosi. the president's economic message does ring with voters. people give him high marks on the economy. >> if i like what he was
12:41 am
talking -- i like what he was talking about vocational education and getting people in the pipe liner. kennedy: i don't think that's the role of the federal government, but that is the future to have shovel-ready jobs. >> he got vocational education. he said we need to focus on it but there is no money there to do it. kennedy: there is money there, you don't need the federal government to give you have the money in order to take the next step in life. there could be lot of the liberty-minded democrats, but many of you in your party are addicted to statism as are republicans. but your message of populism could ring with a lot of the country. >> you have large swaths of the country who have been left behind.
12:42 am
globalization, automation, a lot of the great lakes states trump won were areas that had been left behind. kennedy: you know what exacerbates that? a federally or state imposed minimum wage. that advances automation faster than anything. >> you are talking about decades of global change. communications, technology, the world got a plot smaller. youngstown, ohio with steel and akron with rubber, those jobs got automated and moved offshore. in the 40s, 50s and 60s we were doing well and it was used to built out the west. it was used for the national state highway system. now those communities are down on their luck.
12:43 am
we need federal investment. we don't have the tax base we used to have. kennedy: economic revolution doesn't require that federal dependence. >> i disagree with that. kennedy: what you say and what you believe, i believe that's totally sincere and i believe it resonates with a lot of the people you represent in congress. however, the one good thing about this administration, if you most federal government out of the way, the economy can grow. i hope this populism that's based only dependence. that's what will move the economy forward. i want to talk about the power of individual thinking. you are a believer in mindfulness. explain what that sneens. >> it's awareness. and your minds will get trained
12:44 am
to take us into the past or future. and mindfulness is the practice of disciplining your mind to be in the present moment. you will have anxieties about the few tour or regrets about the past. but tough need to discipline yush mind and build up your awareness to be in the present moment which is the only real moment we have. doing this shows and creates all kinds of benefits, the ability to focus on concentrate. your ability to reason, to access your working memory. when you begin the to these states of anxiety, your old brain takes over. the reptile brain. reptilian brain will put you in the fight or flight mode. and you actually lose ability to access your prefrontal cortex,
12:45 am
your executive functioning. kennedy: that, the human area of the brain that makes us so uniquely human. i hope colleagues on both sides of the aisle take from that message of mindfulness. they are teaching it in middle schools in new york city which i think is great. >> it's great to see these kids change or transform. they are in a constant state where -- they can get out of that state. kennedy: i'm wonder if cell phones take you out of the moment and activate that hyper anxiety. i hope you take down nancy pelosi at some point. a student pilot is heading to summer school after he cut class to hit the beach.
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kennedy: a model claims she was thrown off a united airlines flight for doing nothing.
12:50 am
take a filter and tag your friends because this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we begin that newark liberty international airport where no instagram models were kicked off planes, but they did boot a far moirn tell jernlt species. a woman tried bringing a therapy peacock on to a united airlines flight. official agree she definitely needs therapy. but dexter the bird was not allowed to board because he did not meet their size and weight rirmts. a united spokesperson said they told her three different times before she arrived at the airport the bird's unconventional shape made it impossible to seat him.
12:51 am
he gets all the high tangerines i can't reach. let's head out to disneyland. democrats weren't the only ones losing their heads over the state you have union. guests on the little mermaid ride had no idea just how harsh ariel, response would be it was a whole new world of violence. one mom told reporters her child started crying. her head is expected to be fixed in three days or two if she has a fast pass. topic number three. perhaps nobody had a harder day
12:52 am
and a student pilot. a mechanical failure turned the cessna into a single engine cessna. the instructor touched down on jones beach. unfortunately the news wasn't as good there for the students' therapy peacock. dexter went out happy. the crew fed him a delicious piece of upside down cake. #metoo. topic number four. a georgia man was arrested after he reportedly flipped out at waffle house because they didn't
12:53 am
serve barbeque sauce. with it nelss say the tirade was so loud it woingt the meth head snreepght bathroom. he began shoving employees and saying i'm going to jail over barbeque sauce. the next thing you know he was smothered and covered by a group of cops. he was releetsd later that -- he was released later that day. i have hot sauce in my purse. like hillary said on facebook, she believes in second chances and third and fourth and fifth. hillary 2032. topic number four. speak of surprises. north carolina police were
12:54 am
shocked to find marijuana inside a police dispatcher's home. and this was real weed. 65 pounds of marijuana is the way people describe lil wayne. he went to jail. he was arrested for drug trafficking. his wife was fired from the department. and what was more traumatic is what their kids witnesses later that night. if you think this is bad you didn't see the democratic response to the state of the union. if you put top secret documents in a file cabinet.
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hi, i'm the internet! you go. knoarmless ahhhhhhhh! you know what's easy? building your website with godaddy. get your domain today and get a free trial of gocentral. build a better website in under an hour. kennedy: it's always fun documenting domestic government failures. in australia two government file
12:59 am
cab nets were tossed out and sold because no one would find the key. but the cabinets were filled with classified documents. but some guy named byron threw the lot out. u.s. intelligence agencies are worried because australia is a close ally. we share a lot of intelligence. we do know there is a file on the other missing files lost by australian federal police over five years and the 195 top secret papers a finance minister left in her office when the government changed parties. it could be worse. you could be buying on your own citizens. but no one is dumb enough to do that. oh, wait. you can follow me on twitter and
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