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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 6, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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>> no. >> the resistance is too powerful. david: thank you very much. that's it for us tonight. charlie hurt and sebastian gorka are among our guests tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy kennedy: another speech brings another excuse. hillary clinton blaming misogyny for her 2016 election loss. i will ask dennis miller if giving out free beer at the super bowl parade is the best
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idea. we have more memos and we know the process for obtaining wiretaps is more secret than colonel sanders special sauce. political hacks describing a fisa warrant application for their own gain is see unsatisfying. that's like someone describe the juicy scene after naughty movie. it doesn't have the same effect. what is pornographic is the lack of oversight and they approve 99.9% of them. and they also receive no oversight. it doesn't matter who scores 90s this useless back and forth between house intelligence committee members. we all lose when power can be so
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brazenly abused only to be award with more power and less pushback. let, bring a little heat to this rubber stamp tap factory that is proving to be so problematic and laughably unsafe. let's start it. i'm kennedy. the "new york times" is asking the foreigning tell jones surveillance court for documents from the wiretapping application of carter page and republican congressman michael mccaul is also calling for the application to be made public. are lawmakers realizing the need tore transparency? joining me now, thomas massie, welcome back to the show. i was almost shocked to realize that we have never had one of these fisa warrant applications
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released. do you think that will finally snap >> i think so. even the process for getting a fisa warrant. until the food 50s these memos was secret to us, even members of congress. i think the great thing about the escalating fight between democrats and republicans, as a result we are getting more transparency. kennedy: those who lean towards the side of liberty from sitting back watching the pies fly and say this is what we have been talking about for years. this sort of overreach you and your colleagues are documenting on capitol hill, but both sides are doing their best to keep prying eyes away from the dirty truth. >> there is a scandal very few people are recognizing. the intel committee, people responsible for the oversight of the fisa process sat on this information until we
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reauthorized the 702 part of the fisa question. what did they know and when did they not. they knew the fisa process was rife for abuse but they sat on this so every member of congress could rubber stamp this. we think there is a case for reopening that fisa resolution. this is the tip of the iceberg. there is a part of the fisa process that requires you to get a tbrawrnt a secret court. but they would be appalled at what allows them to spy on you and me without getting a warrant? kennedy: president obama came out and vehemently defended the nsa and the nice fisa process. apologists who came out and said we are not listening to your
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phone calls and not reading your emails, that was nonsense. we don't know how many americans were targeted under this program. americans get scooped up in that, we don't know how many. there is no oversight on who is surveilled and how they are surveilled. and i don't know there is a way to change this. if this amash amendment, if that was quashed, how can we expect safeguards. >> if we had that vote today, we would prevail. i had colleagues get up to the microphone and say why didn't you tell us about this. i voted for fisa and you didn't tell me the story here kennedy: if you go back and look
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at the record and look at what you have said on record. if justin amash and even adam schiff had a piece of legislation he put forward to have senate confirmation of these fisa court judges. there are the blatant abuse analyze and oversteps of power. then warrants are actually obtained and even though they go through that somewhat legal process. it's still nefarious. >> we talk about the deep state it doesn't matter if we have a democrat or republican in the white house. they all want the same thing, bigger government, more spying and surveillance. the people are on our side. i love this food fight of memos flying back and forth. i say let's air all the laundry,
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then vote on fisa. kennedy: you had mike mccaul say the same thing. put out the fisa application. see what evidence they used to obtain this wiretap. instead of adam schiff's version and devin nunes' version, i think both of those people are less to be believed, the claims they put forward for what they are writing in their respective memos. >> i agree. they were both in favor reauthorizing fisa and they both night was happening in the background. if they are heroes, that's what trump tweeted, i'm not sure. but let's take what they have got out in the open and use it for the better good. kennedy: it's simple, it could be painful, but it's necessary right now. law make officers on the house intelligence committee may be
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arguing over memos. but they may be divided in their anger over steve bannon. bannon says he doesn't have the trump administration's blessing to talk about his time in the white house. his lawyers are apparently pushing back against the execute kp. let's go to michael star hopkins, and another michael, author of "dear treerd," the unauthorized biography of kim
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jong-il. and jamie weinstein. steve bannon is not going to talk before this committee. what do you think he would say differently before the house intelligence committee than he would before robert mueller. >> i think they are pretty upset with him. one of the reasons people want to talk to him is because of the quotes he gave in michael wolff's book. kennedy: he was specific about the kushner empire and how they are edging their bets. >> the white house has taken out his career and maybe he's trying to find a soft spot in donald trump's heart to bring him back
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in. kennedy: he's such a sympathetic character. >> regardless of whether you think this is politically motivatedder >> has nothing to hide. he is not someone who handles himself well as a punching back. i don't know how you can ignore a subpoena from congress. the constitution is clear. congress is powerful with their seen a powers. this is not going to be across long-term strategy that will work for him. kennedy: this institution he loathes, i'm not talking to the swamp>> the u.s. marshals will t him from his house if he doesn't show up.
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kennedy: tino you are a lawyer. but just because you don't testify doesn't mean you are guilty. >> absolutely not. it becomes problematic when you start saying we are all about transparency and aiding this investigation and getting truth. but when it comes time to aid the investigation and get to the truth, you don't want to talk. kennedy: i think he should go and make a big statement, then take the fifth. that's how you do it, and you don't get in trouble for it. you get all your ideas out there. >> lois lerner was a swamp thing. steve bannon is not a swamp thing. so he doesn't have the backing of the swamp. >> when he ran breitbart they slammed eric holder when he was held in contempt of congress.
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now it looks like he may be doing the same thing. kennedy: it's all former fbi chief james comey's fault. that's what lanny davis,ing a long-time confidant of hiek hillary clinton's blames. last night at an award ceremony at georgetown, hi, queen. hillary had a different excuse for her election collapse. >> so of any you who read my book about what happened know that i think misogyny and sexism was part of that campaign if it was one of the contributing factors. and some of it was old-fashioned 60'sism and a re -- old-fashionx
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youism and the inability to accept women's credibility. >> i was on this campaign. kennedy: good choice. let's go to vegas and i'll bet against everything you bet on. >> she wasn't a very likeable candidate. but i think sexism did play a role. kennedy: if you have a big pie and you have got percentage slices. how big is the pie slice for unlike built? >> probably 40%. kennedy: sexism? >> 20%. i think people forget sexism had
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a huge part in her favor because there are plenty of people on the left who voted for our first female candidate. if you have got 20 reasons why you lost including one letter. clearly you are a loser. you have organizations who never endorsed anyone endorsed her. kennedy: people who didn't run and could have won who stepped out of the way. >> she made the fact that she was female a center piece of her campaign. she was telling people to vote for her to make her the first female president. >> it was an awkward balance. >> i think more people didn't vote for president obama because of race than didn't vote for
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hillary clinton because she is. >> female. but president obama won the race. kennedy: this is a point you brought up. you know who doesn't complain about a huge factor. mitt romney. >> he doesn't say he lost base was a mormon. it's not befitting of a leader. she should go out and find a cause that's important. burma. the massacres going on there. >> the only cause hillary clinton is ever concerned about is hillary clinton and take care of her enemies. >> hillary clinton has done a lot of good. >> she gave us the first republican congress in 1994. >> she would do well to pick an issue and focus on it instead of dwelling on the election. kennedy: forget the unlike
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built. that speaks to the incompetence. if you can't pick out one thing and go for it. look at al gore. he's the biggest polluter in the state of tennessee. and people know that. but he still makes movies. >> she should endorse a cough medicine. she has been hacking for 20 years. kennedy: i'll ask if the fed is to blame for the market failure. dennis miller talks silly celebrations later in the show. stay here. ♪ mvo: with everything that is going on around us and in the nation, we need to work together. we need to do it more often to help people that need help. ♪ ♪ i'll stand by you.
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kennedy: new federal reserve chair jeremy powell started monday. and the dow fell over 1,100 point. nobody really knows what caused the fall. but there is concern the fed
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will raise interest rates because of a booming economy. is there anything to fix? so, a lot of people are jobs reports. it's the fed, isn't it? >> if anybody could say this what's going on. kennedy: it's frustrating that there is not one cause we can point to. >> there never really is just one cause. the on thing i'm pretty confident in is it has nothing to do with the president. he want to claim credit when it goes up, and not down. it's some combination of maybe it's people overreacting to the fed and trying to anticipate things. maybe it's a lack of confidence
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in the bubble going up. what we have been talking about for years now. the fed has been printing money gig out cheap cash to banks. they are taking that money and getting better runs in the stock market. kennedy: when you think the fed is printing money, they are literally buying financial products, they have $4.5 trillion on their books and they have to stop getting rid of that. >> they stopped buying products out of the market in 2014. they are trying to unwind it in a way that doesn't screw with the stock market. but this is a problem of their own making. the whole idea that we can control an economy from a central source has been disproven time and time again.
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the fact that the fed got more than lucky in their responses made everybody think they have inflation and the stock market under control. if we twaict just right we can imagine to avoid volatility. why is volatility a bad thing? kennedy: in a free market isn't volatility implicit? >> you want occasional volatility to get rid of bad things in the marketplace. kennedy: when the pressure starts you lift the involve and let the steam out. kennedy: that's a point that you made. rising tide lift all boats. >> i think there is some misperception that people buy the stock market.
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these are individual companies being bought and sold off the underlying fundamentals of these companies. it's not like you have a bunch of people sitting back and lurching and running for the stock market. kennedy: it is more volatile so it scares people out. but i don't want grandma and grandpa losing their money. grandma and grandpa shouldn't be invested in the stock market. they should be in bonds. anthony, thanks for being here. coming up, isis militants, raffle peters coming by to talk about how they have been defeating them in syria.
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8:29 pm
to have fled there with their families. reports indicate some fighters with chemical weapons training have defected to al qaeda. can we ever truly defeat isis or like-minded jihadists? joining me, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. go eagles. kennedy: i hate patriots, i woke in a good mood again today knowing tom brady lost. i want to have that same false comfort. unfortunately it feels like they are regrouping. a bunch of guys who don't care what team their playing for, they just want to murder us. it's kind of like the stock market. just a couple years ago remember how high isis was. they had a caliphate, they had a
8:30 pm
state that straddled western iraq and eastern syria. today the caliphate is gone. tens of thousands of isis fighters are dead. take a bow one of the s. air force, take a bow, kurd. the caliphate has been defeated. but terrorism hasn't been vanquished. this is a symptom not just american hatred it's a symptom of failed civilization between north africa and fak pakistan and it will continue to generate terrorists through the my lifetime and probably yours as well. dead terrorists are the best terrorists. and the second best are the ones without a caliphate. we have come a long way, baby.
8:31 pm
kennedy: i understand that. the caliphate was never destined to succeed. it was overexpansion. anybody who has take and basic economics class, shall knows when the water boundaries can't hold the balloon together. >> i would say the tens of thousands who were killed by isis would feel they would rather have a covert isis trying to blow up the occasional air liner. it's all bad. but an isis that's been driven underground who can no longer torture people on public squares. it's preferable. they will try and continue hitting us. they will do a much better job of hitting the europeans. they do have these two great
8:32 pm
oceans and strict immigration rules despite all the hiccups. will we see more terrorism? yes, we'll see more terrorism. are we going to see another caliphate? i doubt it. kennedy: i asked john bolton what does the caliphate look like in the war on terror. i want to figure out a way to combat jihadism. and killing terrorists is partially effective. but then it's like whack a whole. more pop up. >> of course they are going to pop up. and we have to keep killing them. it's that simple. when people want to kill you, you kill them. kennedy: i understand, but we kill civilians, too, and that's
8:33 pm
bad. >> there is no clean way to wage war. we are the most of conscientious in the history of militaries. we go out our way to avoid civilian casualties. you want to see somebody killing civilians. the russian air force in syria has been hitting clinics and schools. why don't they get in the press? er time we accidentally hit a civilian target, the world goes nuts. kennedy: because they buy facebook ads. unfortunately we have to wrap this up. but i admire your brain and your ability to write interesting books. >> i would turn you loose on the terrorists. kennedy: they would give and convert to scientology. president trump declared the opioid crisis a public health
8:34 pm
emergency last fall. so what is he doing by the? kellyanne conway has taken control of the staff to address the crisis. the president is expected to slash the office of drug policy. what will it take for this administration to take concrete action against a crisis that kills 150 people a day? i have idea. michael star hopkins, michael malice and jamie weinstein. i'm not upset kellyanne conway has taken the lead on this. i think the policy people have done a poor could be of combating this this crisis.
8:35 pm
>> some people in congress or states where this is a big problem haven't been consulted. but it would give them a chance to see what their plan is. hopefully at the end of the day they treat this like tax cuts and repealing obamacare. kennedy: it seems as though the good news is i don't think we'll legalize all drugs. but i do think we are talking about things in a different way that is not so much party versus party. >> back in the day, drug addicts and users were the most of marginalized people in america. for a long time social conservatives wanted to pretend these people should be ignored. now using the word opioid epidemic instead of war on drugs.
8:36 pm
these people shouldn't be going through withdrawal in jail which could kill them. and they can be returned to functional members of society. it should be treated with empathy. kennedy: taking that exit to jail is so counter productive. it changes the person intrinsically and destroys lives. >> i was a public defender in manhattan. i would say 85% to 9 other * of my cases were addicted to drugs. they had to survive jail which is horrific not just because everyone there is put into general population, but because of the psychological effects. time to start treating addiction. it's not violent offenses. kennedy: thank you also much. what a gorgeous man panel.
8:37 pm
jamie, michael and michael. philadelphia officials hope having a victory parade on a thursday morning will mean eagles fans will behave better than they did sunday night. i will ask dennis miller next. it's great to finally meet you. your parents have been talking about you for years. they're all about me saving for a house, or starting a college fund for my son. actually, i want to know what you're thinking. knowing that the most important goals are yours, is how edward jones makes sense of investing. you or joints. something for your heart... but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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kennedy: the city of philadelphia is throwing a victory parade. the city superintendent has closed schools so kids can attend what he calls a once in a lifetime event. bud wierts is giving away free beer to anyone over 21. that's what i thought when i saw the light poles tipping, these people need more beer. >> kennedy, i'm a big fan. when i did tell friends i was going to be on kennedy, to were aghast because they thought i meant the scion of the clan.
8:42 pm
as far as philly goes. can i talk about the game for a second in the rules have gotten so complicated. i brought a copy of the nfl rule book. kennedy: are you in roger goodell's study? you can see the refs are in a classic cya mode. there is more ass covering. they are uptight about not knowing the rules. kennedy: but you mention after a touchdown they would run up to each other like they were about to kiss. i thought this so romantic, then they would throw their arms in the air. >> it's a celebration of life.
8:43 pm
the game has gone the so complicated delays concussion protocol. if they think someone has been dinged, they take them into the' tent and they never come back into the game. i think they take them there to define ways a catch in the nfl. this is the first time the phillies have won the championship. i thought the mayor was cool first off. when they asked him to announce the parade route beforehand, it was great to hear a mayor get common folk about it. he said i'm not going to announce it because it might jinx us. ken are's see beaten down -- he's so beaten down by years of
8:44 pm
losses. he's afraid they will take back the lombardi trophy. >> kids are out of school. there is free beer. when you mix philly, free beer, kids out of school, it's kinds of apt this will end at the rocky steps because it is going to get rocky. philadelphia has not won an nfl championship since 1960. but in 19423 durin -- in 1943 de war they couldn't get enough players for the eagles and steelers to play so they combined as one team.
8:45 pm
and now between pittsburgh winning six and philly winning one, they are the all-time winningest organization. kennedy: that is fantastic. i love the history, the knowledge and the humor. dennis, thanks for coming by. kennedy: a study claims mcdonald's french fries can cure baldness. we'll have your test results in the "topical storm" next. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body. unblocking your system naturally. save up to $5 on miralax. see sunday's paper. especially when inside another amazing machine. your an amazing machine. the lexus es.
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also celebrating from beyond the grave, babe ruth, ronald reagan and axle rhodes. he turns 56 today and his liver turns 91. this is the "topical storm." we begin with an nfl bad lip reading video. this is when they change the words people say to give it a different meaning. have a look-see.
8:50 pm
>> you have got zero time. > >> what's he going to do? >> decorate. >> we got no ford, you got a mazda. kennedy: i see that every morning. this video racked up 40 million views. philly cops are trying to find a substance that keeps people from climbing light poles. they should call cleveland and find what the browns put on bridges after their games. the san diego girl scout council is investigating a scout who sold cookies outside a marijuana dispense are you. the unidentified girl sold over
8:51 pm
300 boxes at the you are brand-new league dispense are you. but some customers complained they didn't get buzzed. it's technically for scouts to sell cookies on commercial property. but she can keep the album she got from her stoner buddies. i am just kidding. she doesn't smoke weed. she is only 12. a louisiana man is headed to jail for a dui after cops saw him heading the wrong way on a busy street. the guy was so plastered they put him in a 9 on a scale of the
8:52 pm
super bowl. cops say his blood alcohol content was five times the legal limit. and he quit a sobriety test in the middle saying he was going to quote go to jail anyway. when he got to jail, he used his one phone call on a random girl from high school to say i always liked you. he's facing an addition alpine for driving without a bullet. he was released after posting a 150 bond. topic number 4. a new study founding that eating mcdonald's french fries may be able to cure baldness. the good news is you will get your hair back. the bad news is man boobs and i have a pair in the freezer.
8:53 pm
researchers discovered a chemical in french fry oil can produce hair growth in mice. so pretty soon there may be a reason to order off the dollar menu beside the fact you have given up on life. there are other reasons for ordering off that dollar menu, like if you are a poor college student. i'm not sure what is more offensive to tom brady. that it made fun of his team or put him in the same sentence at mcdonald's. rob ford may have flown off to that big dispensary in the sky but his spirit lives on where two cops were caught eating marijuana edibles on the job. their boss knew something was up
8:54 pm
when they started giving speeding tickets to people going 60 miles per hour. the two of them got so high they called for backup on themselves because they couldn't take the hallucinations. that happens all the time to me and tom shillue. the pot police have since been suspended from the force. but the good news is they got a big shipment of girl scout cookies from san diego. coming up. kate yesterday perry says times have changed and her first hit song is politically incorrect.
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[♪] kennedy: katy perry voiced regrets to "glamour" magazine and shockingly they don't involved the russell brand. she says she could change lyrics to the first number one hit she had, i kissed a girl, because there are so many stereotypes in that line. i kissed a girl just to trite, i hope my boyfriend don't mind it. i can't stand the postmortem
8:59 pm
artistry where people try to correct the record. whether it's music 0 or oil painting, it was a snapshot of who you were and how you were raids. and that's okay it was 9 years ago. anticipating an audience and pooping out politically correct products is safe and dumb and bull spit. she was once a boundary pusher. now she is a fragile apologist. even if she did kiss a girl that would be boring because she would soften the edges. it explains why no one buys her music any more. they go to taytay. you can follow me on facebook
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and instagram or email me at >> well, it's pretty quick. >> what is it about the corvette that has captured america? >> you have lamborghinis, and you got ferraris, but the american sports car has always been the corvette. >> it's the dream that keeps a soldier going... >> do you think that helped him get through very difficult times at war? >> absolutely. >> ...the decision that vexes his heir... >> it was the most difficult thing i've ever done in my life. >> ...the ultimate for vette collectors... >> it was an urban legend that there was this impeccably original, pristinely kept 1967 corvette. >> we got three, four... >> ...and a mystery on wheels. >> something is fishy becaus


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