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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 14, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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kennedy: u.s. intel chiefs say north korea is as dangerous as ever. so why is the media falling for their charles offensive. are 36 democrats thinking about running for president? jump in the clown car. it's time to ride. u.s. snowboarders have been crushing it at the winter olympics. if collusion were an olympic sport cnn and the "washington post" would have platinum medals
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over their fawning over kim joe jong. the stateside media forget otto warmbier. it's amazing what lengths people will go to to photograph wrong a political foe. anything he says, does or stands for must be undone in order to prove she is rightly their dear leader. this includes north korea. the president has take and harder line on the hermit kingdom than his predecessors. they force north koreans into
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labor camps and early graves. it remains to be seen if taunts and childish insults bring about denuclearization. but there is still talks of diplomacy and that's surprisingly good news. i would say the same thing about him propagandizing as i would about drum beats and war mongering. rooting against osh president is no reason to appease kim jong-un. it's not necessary to prop him up for a chance to verbally assassinate our president to settle a score. glad you are here. it will be fun. i'm "kennedy."
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the olympics are in full swing just a stones throw from north korea. as the regime continues its propaganda push. there is word the white house may be open to diplomatic talks. joining us is mike baker. i'm shocked how normally intelligent people are so gullible. and they are not thinking what's happening to these cheerleaders families back home. mike: remember when that show came out, the handmaden's tale. and people talked about how the trump administration is bringing that to life. the same people look at this
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group of north korean clear leaders and say they are so synchronized. think if the previous vice president had been sitting in the same chair at the olympics. the headlines would say joe shows steely resolve in ignoring. if it takes a dig at trump, even if it means phrasing head lines so it appears to be assisting the propaganda of north korea, it's oh day. it's action lutely insane. kennedy: she is basically eva braun. mike: i think the problem is people for the most of part aren't look at this in full
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context or they are not paying attention to history. her brother, her father and great grandfather who was put in place in 1946 by the cold former soviet union, it's a multi generational despotic dictatorship, and she is front and center in the current generation. what a great win for her to be over there. but again this is -- i gets' not surprising. and of course report on it. she was the first member of this ruling family to show up in south korea. so yes report on it. but the phrasing and the tone of the headlines and the way they don't get to how despotic it is until further down in the article is pretty disgusting. kennedy: they have family members they haven't been reunited with in decades. they would love to see a
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reunified peninsula. but not at the hostage holding of a dictator. there is a lot of uncertainty in terms of our foreign policy with north korea. but if diplomacy is still on the table and that's brought about at all because of the olympic winter games being on the korean peninsula, that's a great thing for their country and our country and the world. mike: it's not happening in a bubble. we are having constant discussions off the radar screen with japan and other allies. so this idea that perhaps we are willing to talk, you are right, you should keep a channel of communication open while maintaining the sanctions, be pragmatic about the reasoning.
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keep the channel of communication open. we are working closely with the south koreans. if i can say one thing about how brutal the re ijams. an a -- an use winds you are --n abrand-new an auschwitz survivo. he said he has never seen such brutality in prison camps. he's an auschwitz survivor. so anybody who thinks it's okay to take a dig to the trump administration comparing his sister to ivanka trump or showing how she outshined mike pence, ought to sit down and take a little time to study the facts. kennedy: today as the global threats at the hearing on capitol hill, director of
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national intelligence dan coats said the north koreans were as dangerous as ever. >> north korea continues to pose an ever increasing threat to the united states and its interests. ponpong ait believes nuclear wee necessary to its national security. kennedy: we have marie harf, jimmy failla, and ned ryun in the house. great to see all of you. we have some difficult things at play here. it's not just us and japan and south korea against north korea. you also have russia and china.
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and they have been difficult and obstinate when it comes to denuclearizing north korea. ned: they sign on to the u.n. sanctions and by the way we are smuggling in oil and coal to north korea. the program would not be where it is today if it weren't for china. giving them resources, the technology. they are the franken stein pit bull of china. the things that's amazing about all of there is media humanizing these inhumane people. they may be less than a year away from the free entry capability. don't you think they would push
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that button and annihilate them if they could? kennedy: it's an interesting game of chicken. vice president pence goes over there on a diplomatic mission to. >> up the gain -- to open up the gains. >> you know when the guy from tonga with no shirt on thinks the media acted crazy. but are they really putting tide pods in a new york vending machine? they are throwing their credibility out the window. i understand you hate the president. but there should be some common culture here. we should all agree that starving people -- kennedy: but, you know, hey,
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man, it's all subjective at this point. diplomacy is still on the table. that is still an option. and you are hearing more about that than you are about an invasion or bloody nose or hot war in korea. marie * the south koreans are the ones who will bear the brunt of any conflict. there has to be negotiated options on the table. the other options are so extreme and costly in terms of human life. ned: we need to start putting more economic pressure on china because they are the ones facilitating. kennedy: pragmatically speaking, we have to put pressure on china. i hate sanctions but that' the
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only thing that will work right now. marie: it's not appeasement to say we'll talk while we keep the pressure on. the trump administration has been all over the place on what their strategy is. the south koreans have been concerned about the leaks about a possible bloody noles strike. kennedy: millions of people could die almost instantaneously. the intel chief had a warning about the 2018 mid-term. >> director pompeo, have you seen russian activity in the lead-up to the 2018 election cycle? >> yes, we have seen the russians trying to have an
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impact on the elections. kennedy: we can expect russia to use sympathetic spokes people and other influence to exacerbate and put political fissures in the united states. will anything be done this time around? when are we going to start playing dirty tricks opening russia and start doing the same thing to them? where are we spending that $28 billion a year? by the way, what's the plan? who is in charge? that became apparent today. the other thing i can say about russian meddling. you mean they are going to keep trying to interfere with our elections as they have been doing for decades and decades? marie: you are right. who is in charge of a
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coordinated government response? companies like facebook and twitter taking this seriously and trying to find the right balance between speech and liberty but not promoting this kind of propaganda. kennedy: they may buy facebook ads, it doesn't known people read them. there is a difference between seeing something and reading something. jimmy: there is no way to quantify the effect those ads had in the election. i find it hard to bleach somebody reads an ad that looks like it was written by a cow in a chick-fil-a commercial. ned: jay john soon's testimony under oath. he said 21 state were targeted but we found no evidence of votes being changed by russian
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meddling. marie: have paperbackups everywhere. voters need to be confident and they know what they are reading 0 online where it comes from. we should know. kennedy: even if they know where it comes from, it doesn't mean it was written by an objective person. the panel returns. they are a dangerous panel. president trump sent his budget proposal to congress. will his plan get any traction on the hill? ari fleischer joins me next. it's easy to think that all
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kennedy: president trump send congress a $4.4 trillion budget proposal that according to reports could add $7 trillion to the deficit the next 10 years. earlier today the president's director of the office of management and budget had this to say about the president's
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proposal. >> if you were in quoong you have voted for this budget? >> i probably would have found enough short comings in it to vote against it. den. kennedy: if one of the authors of the proposal would have found ways to vote against it, should congress do the same? let's discuss this budget. that's a lot of money spent. they are assuming the economy will keep blooming and wash out the deficits. >> the heart of it all is growth. and how much economic growth we have. this budget has 2.9% projected growth going into the future. if we don't have that growth
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we'll have $3 trillion deficits. kennedy: there are great odd that you will do well because of your attractiveness, especially will something as superficial as modern-day films. >> i think it's likely the economy will grow more than an unattractive person become attractive. the ultimate over 10 years, no. this is why entitlement reform has to be put on the table. if you don't touch medicare and social security and entitlement spending there is nowhere left to go. kennedy: we talk about the parameters government places on itself and that's what shackles
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the economy. it's interesting because this is not reality. this is a policy wish list that the president wants to see happen and no way it's going to go to congress and become codified into law. so what's the point? >> this is not going forward, but congress does have to propose. but it's illustrative of the size of the deficit. here's the bigger problem, it's being filibustered in the senate. the democrats used the rules of the senate to fil filibuster evy immigration bill. this is why we need to stop the filibuster. we need to change the rules of the senate and pass spending
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bills with 50 vote, not 60. kennedy: when you are in power -- >> it's not about learn. it's about the majority. it is wrong for one party to have that kind disproportionate leverage over another party. we would not be in this position if appropriation bills could pass with 50 seats. kennedy: i would worry that both parties have become so addicted to spending that they would find a way to link arms and head off into the sunset. >> it's ultimate for you if you spend for me. kennedy: what about a proportional form of government? >> oh, no. you are talking about abolish the senate. kennedy: i'm talking about multiple parties instead of just two antiquated parties in the
12:24 am
midst of civil washs. what if you had different voices that found common ground. democrats, libertarians and greens could come together on immigration and civil liberties across defense spending. >> there is nothing stopping that. there is no prohibitions happening. they are not working together because they don't have to because you can filibuster and force the other party to come to the table because you need 60. kennedy: you still have people like rand paul and susan collins. >> i would make a bet if you had to do 50, people would have to come in line. kennedy: i think we are heading
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there. it's heading to a point where 50 votes rule the day. >> i wish, but i don't think so. i think both parties are too invested in the filibuster. kennedy: i think they are too invested in being two parties. scott martin joins me next. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the #1 brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure.
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kennedy: the space programs gigantic, and the move top privatize the international space station. the trump administration wants to allow commercial entities operate the enterprise. bill nelson and ted cruz say they will have a fight on their hands. who can run it better in the
12:30 am
feds or the free market. joining me now, scott martin,. he wants to make you rich. welcome back, scott. >> always, hi. kennedy: i think this is fantastic. i read a fascinating article in reason * magazine that laid out the options for privatizing. it takes the pressure off the federal government and as a society we reap the benefits. am i wrong? >> i would never dare say you are wrong. i would agree with you on this. the nasa budget is $20 billion. it doubled under president obama. looking for the entrepreneurs
12:31 am
that want to get involved with it. elon musk and richard branson. kennedy: and jeff bezos. think about other ways we talked about getting the government out of the epa or the faa or tsa. and how much waste and proud gets exposed when private enterprise can out lights the resources they have available. kennedy: if you have billionaires jockying for position and coming up with technologies to out maneuver each other, it gets us that much closer to flying cars. >> i love the "set sons" show i grew up watching on my parents' bedroom floor. they are also coming here from reports i read.
12:32 am
kennedy: we'll need a bored wall in space. if you look at the fact we can take an uber shuttle from mars to which would probably be a lot of money. that's experience alone sounds like a great time to me. kennedy: if jeff bay zeens elon musk wants to create faster planes to get us from new york to l.a. in 45 minutes. i'm all for it. because you spent billions of dollars. doesn't mean you will have to keep doing that when the private sector can do it bert and cheaper. as the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. school officials there say students must say yes if one of their classmates asks them to
12:33 am
dance. the principal says this has been a long tradition at the school and it's complete to highlight inclusion. but parents say they worry since their kids aren't aloud to say no -- aren't allowed to say no, they are sending a bad message about consent. marie, when you are in 6th grade, parents are having all sorts of difficult conversations. i have a middle schooler and third grade. they are in usa gymnastics. we have to have a difficult conversation about trust and ownership your body and knowing when to say no, even to an adult. i think it sends a horrible message. marie: i agree.
12:34 am
it's an awful feeling you go through at that age if they say no. but you are right. we have to teach people they can say no. this is going too far. kennedy: what is the worse thing that can happen if someone says no when you ask them to dance. it's a story near and dear to my heart with this haircut, i'm an expert on rejection. i got shot down a thought growing up. kennedy: it made you a funnier person. >> you develop more character. my wife, by the way, is phenomenal looking. but i feel like in the overall scheme of things we are hurting
12:35 am
kids. a lot of times, they say he's brave. he's 400 pounds. bring back bullying. ned: i thought we were teaching young women to say no. now we are saying you have to say yes. no, you should say no. say no to drugs and a dance you don't want to have. ned: no is a very good word. we should all say no to a lot more things than we say no to. kennedy: if someone is creep ill be forced to dance with them. >> the poll i have giving half of a soda is more of a threat to
12:36 am
today's children. let's strike no means yes and play it safe. what could go wrong. kennedy: 17 republicans ran for president in the last election cycle. the potential number of democrats could more than double that. maybe they could all be co-presidents. guy benson joins me with
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kennedy: the 2020 election makes you pucker. but the number of democrats poised to take on president trump reportedly growing. one of the party's frontrunners, bernie sanders is heading to iowa. he'll be campaigning with a form aide who is running for congress. but you can read between the lines. they are getting their strategy set up early. the hill is reporting 36 democrats could be tossing their hats into the ring. in 2016 there were 17 republican candidates. can you imagine a debate with three dozen people? will the left have power in numbers or too' cooks in the kitchen. joining me, guy benson.
12:41 am
welcome back, guy. i think in order to be fair and inclusive, everyone running should be co-president. guy: that sounds like a value that party might embrace just out of equality. equality for everyone involved. this is going to be i think a free-for-all. for the democrats vying to challenge president trump in 2020. there is a widespread sense he'll be very vulnerable. there are plenty of people who look in the mirror each morning and see themselves as the next president. kennedy: we are talking about bernie and biden, two fresh young faces. sheryl sandberg, the facebook coo. oprah and m cuban.
12:42 am
these are private sector big-name billionaires. bill deblast voice on this list. tim kaine, l.a. mayor mark garcetti. and all of these people think they can do a better job than this president and feel they have a good shot. does it weaken the field having so many running. guy: the republicans had 17 people running and eventually won the white house. i don't think trump is ever going to have approval rating in the 50s or 60s again. so mathematically it would seem that he's ripe for pluck. but it's not quite so easy to beat him as hillary clinton discovered in 2016. i'm thinking about there is example you have been talking about. when there were 17 people
12:43 am
running on the republican side. there was the main stage, the adults table, and the kids' table debate. the democrats might have to have a third run. the top tier and second tier. kennedy: no network is going to carry the bottom tier of a crowded field. guy: what if she and zuckerberg both ran and did their own facebook live debate off by themselves. that's not completely implausible. kennedy: they could control that medium for sure. but what i'm saying, regardless of how you feel about the president, he changed presidential politics. debates will be different from now on. the field of candidates will be
12:44 am
different. the times of people who run will be different from this point forward. i don't think we'll go back to the central casting of mitt romneyites republican or democratic nominee. guy: one thing i have been thinking about as i look to 2020, you look at the cycles eerve the last couple races where president bush was deeply you be popular with democrats in particular. they were look for someone who was basically the opposite of george w. bush to nominate and run. they found someone who fit the bill completely in barack obama. the way he presented himself stylistically was very, very distinct from bush. then republicans were sick and tired of his schtick and
12:45 am
americans wanted someone totally different than barack obama. it doesn't get much more different from obama than donald trump. so who would be the type of person that the democratic base would view as the complete anti-trump. to me a leader in that clubhouse has to be kamala harris from california. that's one of the reasons when i think about 2020 she has to be up there. kennedy: i understand her appeal in california. but her mass appeal is is deficit. used car prices are falling in china. we think we know why. "topical storm" is hold together.
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kennedy: mardi gras continues tonight. regardless of which nickname you use, mardi gras is one of the greatest parties in all of people kind. toss your beads. this is the "topical storm." we begin tonight inside a chinese parking garage where if
12:50 am
i had to guess, the valet parking attendants not going to get a very good tip. that's going to leave a mark. you should never hire the kool-aid man to park your car. it can turn into oh, no in a hurry. the human driver says he accelerated by accident as he leaned over to get a usb cable for his radio. the driver was unhurt in the wreck. last we checked he was at home safely watching his favorite movie, "legends of the fall." topic number two. here is a heads up for all you casanovas watching at home.
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a scratch and sniff valentine's card. all jokes aside. chicken scented cards is the perfect way to tell the woman in your life that's you are cheap dan you think she is fat. you are going to get cold on the couch. kfc isn't the only fat food chain getting into the valentine's fun. white castle is selling val even times dinners which are surprisingly cheap. topic number three. don't you hate when you are in line at a convenience store but the clerk can't ring you up because a woman is beating her with a sandwich? customers in florida note feeling after a woman attacked the cashier with her sandwich
12:52 am
baits wasn't warm enough. police say she was not sentle like manatee when she bit into a sandwich and turned into a cuban pitcher who flung it at the clerk. witnesses say the clerk caught sandwich so jones snatched it back and beat her with it before cops showed up and booked her for battery. she was charged with the possession of a deadly weapon because she had two toquitos in her purse. topic number four. a source close to the royal couple, the new royal couple says prince harry invited barack obama to his wedding after the
12:53 am
two become great friends outside of work. nobody had any idea prince harry worked. sources say the royals were advised against inviting the bawms for fear it might upset president trump. but diplomatic relations aren't exactly a huge priority when you are 6th in line for the thrown. harry is good to go. of course, barack isn't the only ex-president involved in the big day. harry reached out to president clinton about organizing his bachelor party and he's asking hillary how to destroy the evidence afterwards. if you think this is smashed, you should see the blackberries. topic number 5.
12:54 am
let's head out to the cleveland suburb of willow wick, ohio. where a woman had her wedding dress returned 32 years after she lost it. when told her dress had come back, the browns fan said what's a comeback? a dry cleaner lost her wedding dress i in 1985. but a girl found the wrong drins side a dry cleaning box and posted it on facebook. at which point a friend of rirks sz saw the post. she is calling it the perfect valentine's day gift. to think it started 32 years ago when her then boyfriend gave her and scratch and sniff card from kfc. coming up, america has a new olympic sweetheart.
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coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast, the choice is simple. coricidin hbp is the #1 brand that gives powerful cold symptom relief without raising your blood pressure. coricidin hbp. kennedy: snowboarding phenom chloe kim qualified for the games when she was 13 but was
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too young to join team usa. now she is the american dream as a mom, a snowboarder and first generation american. i'm proud some see what happens to families who work hard to sacrifice like crazy so their children can have a better life. her dad thought nothing of a 6-hour drive to the hill. what an incredible success story. and her other worldly talent and infectious smile. as the embodiment of the olympic ideal. congratulations, chloe. you can follow me on twitter and instagram.
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email tomorrow night on the show, the host of the story, martha maccallum will be here. maccallum will be here. i will see you then. for time life's music collection. (theme from "a summer place") it was an era of incredible stars... ♪ ...fantastic voices... ♪ i know i'd go from rags to riches ♪ (announcer) ...beautiful harmonies... ♪ sincerely ♪ oh, yes, sincerely (announcer) ...magical melodies... ♪ catch a falling star and put it in your pocket ♪ ♪ never let it fade away (announcer) ...and music we will always remember. ♪ writing love letters in the sand ♪ (announcer) it was the golden age of pop.


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