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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 19, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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"strange inheritance." and remember, you can't take it with you. here is lou dobbs. >> i'm david asman in for lou dobbs, president trump stepping up his war with fbi, saying that agency's focus on russia collusion lead investigators to miss signs that could have prevented the florida school shooting. we'll discuss what must be done with fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, and the president expresses support for changes to gun background check system, to prove how state and local agents share mental health and criminal record information with federal
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government. we take it up with ed rollins, michelle malkin. our top story tonight, mounting pressure on the fbi after agency admitted it failing to pursue a tip on florida school shooter, president trump over weekend urging the agency to quote, get back to basics could suggests they missed the warning signs in florida because it was distracted by the russia probe. fox news white house correspondent kevin cork with our report. reporter: a digital deluge, i did findefiant president trump's weekend tweet storm ran the gamut. they are laughing their -- in moscow. to twitter verse was his latest attempt to draw a contrast between his refrain of no russia collusion with russia probe. which despite dime of more than
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a dozen russian nationals is ongoing, today kremlin rejected notion they were interfering with the american election. it looks like accusations have been made. but no evidence was presented. for us these are not obvious. reporter: even a member of president's own cabinet of the not spared from wave of russia criticism. >> you can see with fbi indictment, the evidence is now really incontrovertible and available in public domain. >> forgot to say results of 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the russians, whether or not votes were changed impacted is anyone's guess, the fact that indictment allege that russians have been targetingu since 2014 true this question.
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obama was president up to and beyond 2016 election, so why didn't he do something about russian meddling? what they knew about russian meddling before the 16 elect calls in to question who could have or should have done something to stop it. >> obama was in a very difficult position, he did not want to make it appear he was favoring hillary clinton, maybe he should have done more. reporter: some warn that may not be the case. >> congressman you have seen the intelligence, do you think that this indictment suggests that it is a case closed, no collusion? >> no, of course, not. but this is say president who claims end -- vindication any time someone sneezes. reporter: getting back to what obama administration knew or did not, joe biden has said they were walking a constant tight rope over how much or how little
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to say about what they knew with regard to russia meddling, critics have arguing, since then they have said too little too late. david. >> kevin cork thank you. >> president trump is backing an effort to improve background check for guns following florida shooting, bipartisan bill would provide incentives for states to up load convicted records. fox news correspondent steve harrigan is in parkland, florida with your report. reporter: appearing in court for a motion hearing nikolas cruz kept his head down, and said nothing. his public defend are said that cruz will fla will -- plead gui.
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more major rallies were held across the cities, young people in front of white house demanding lawmakers intervene to stop gun violent, and students from stoneman douglas high school announced plans for a march in washington. >> they need to save the future. reporter: president trump scheduled a listening session to meet with students on wednesday. some survivors of shooting criticize trump's weekend twitter attack on fbi. very sad that fbi missed all many signals sent out. this not acceptable. they are spending too much time trying to prove russia collusion with the trump campaign. this as white house signals that trump would back congressional effort to strengt strengthen fel back ground check for gun
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purposes, and senator rubio urged them to consider so-called red flag laws that enable family members or law enforcement to be able to take guns away from someone teamed a threat. the family that nikolas cruz stayed with, said they saw no warning signs from cruz. >> we had rules, he followed every rule. reporter: the number of warnings about cruz that were missed continues to grow. information to social worker visited cruz at home after he posted pictures of himself on social media cutting his arms and saying he wanted a gun, concluding that cruz was a low risk to harm himself or others, some students here are still struggling to understand what happened. >> i was with meadow before, talking to meadow before the gunman started shooting it is
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sad. but. i know sh she is in a safer plae now, and angels will be with her. reporter: the school will be open for teachers by the end of the week, not clear with the students will return. >> thank you, steve. >> joining me fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, career clear the fbi admits they dropped ball, miami office was not notified about him, what could they have done to keep an eye on him, they could not have taken his guns. >> you said, they could keep an eye on him, going on his door. talk to the people who live there. talk to him if he is willing to talk. he is an adult, he can refuse to talk. they might have been able to scare him off. and convince family take away that ar-15. it was stored in a locked cabinet. there are some things they could have done. but any of the measures on table
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right now to tighten background checks, that is a good idea, but they would not have stopped this. >> switch to mueller indictment, rush limbaugh yesterday on fox news sunday, he spoke to idea of how president should deal with news of russia indictments. >> worse thing he could do in his world to validate this whole investigation. by claiming victory, because what if down the road there is another indictment or a series of dime indictments that name tp or the russians and trump campaign colluding, that is what this is about, this is about getting trump, this whole thing is about setting trump up for impeachment. if democrats win in 2018, donald trump remains in the cross hairs, he is the target there is no let up in that. >> does rush have it right?
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>> absolutely, as he often does, this is a side show that indictment of russians, mueller knows, he will never have to prosecute the case. second, gave him an opportunity to say, see, my investigation is legitimate. but look at all of the dozens of people he has interviewed, asked them all of them, about trump. he has negotiated to talk to trump. his sites or donald trump, i don't think he will find any evidence of collusion, there never was any. but he may be turning to obstruction of justice, in mying wellegal opinion does not come choice to am flying what the president did in firing comey. >> if he is focusing on what russia did, should he see what impact the russians had, if any on something like the trump dossier for example? >> absolutely. listen the people who were putting that dossier together,
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are in legal jeopardy, glen simpson, fusion gps, could mean hillary clinton campaign, and the dnc, if they knew they were paying a russian national, that is against the the law, again campaign election reformable, and also against foreign registrationable it depends on who knew. what people who then used the dossier to obtain a warrant, i have a list of 6 different crimes all of them felonies from a be on vehicle yoution of justice, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, abuse of power, make a false statement, perjury, these crimes were committed by people who signed false documents and prevented it to fisa judge. >> before hillary campaign paid feugd gps for trump dossier, fusion gps was working with russian interests who wanted to get rid of the sanctions, they
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were trashing the family, magnet ski, a guy killed by putin in a russian jail. green simpson and fusion gps were smearing that family, it is ironic now adam schiff and other democrats suggest that trump is the one who does not want to get rid of the sanctions, it was the dnc's outfit fusion gps. >> it was. you know, i just finished again, glen simpson's testimony, he is so inarticulate. he isal over the place -- he is all over the place. but, see him as really being one of the villains in this. because he had to have known that what christopher steel was providing him was absurd, yet he talked to reporters about it,
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encouraging christopher steel to talk to the fbi about it. >> greg, thank you very much. >> we're coming right back with more. stay with us. >> president trump claim vincasion after dime of russia nationals in the mueller probe. >> the indictment and deputy attorney general rosenstein said there was no evidence of knowing interacted between trump officials and the rather large campaign trading or election praise by the russians. >> we take up the fallout with ed rollins next. >> white house announcing support for effort to strengthen background checks on bun purchases -- on gun purchase, when
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david: new report that chief of stop kelly is losing support in the white house. they have questioned his honesty following rob porter scandal, president trump reportedly been asking for people's opinions on three top contendors to replace.
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what is your guess? >> my guess general kelly will remain for a period of time, not the administration, i hope he stays through the election. i think there is fluff chaos in white house -- i think there is enough chaos in the white housey don't need to bring in a new chief of staff at this time. if you are chief of staff. you don't need to take any craps from supporte subordinates. david: a story that when president was in china in november, a chinese guard tried to disarm the aide who had the nuclear football that is the co-- codes. he failed, general kelly came in and pushed the guy away. i kind of like that. >> i like that too.
10:18 pm
i don't think kelly is as politically astute as he should be. he straightened the place out, it is hard when the president is interviewing other people, i could pick everyone on the list apart but at-this-point, just the idea of a shake up in white house is not good. david: there is another person, some people focusing on general mcmaster. the national security advisory or, some suggest what me as been saying, in particular over weekend, about mueller indictments on friday, being incontrovertible evidence that there was russia involvement. the president tweeting out. >> general mcmaster forgot to say results of 2016 election were not impacted or changed by the russians and only collusion was between russia and crooked hillary, and the dnc, and dims,
10:19 pm
remember dirty dossier, uranium, speeches, e-mails and podesta company. >> my counsel to national security adviser does not have to comment on everything. he is a very able person. he had his problem with the president too. i hear he is a very extraordinary briefer, it is a lot of detail, and president is not into a lot of detail. my sense that president should be, these are the ones that i want, these are the ones that i don't want, have you a long year ahead of with you a big election, a lot happening. the more stories that are out the more damaging it is to president's white house. david: a hypocrisy on part of democrats about gun control, under president obama there were 24 mass shootings, no real signifient increase -- significant increase in gun
10:20 pm
control measures. now it appears that donald trump is going to be working with some democrats on trying to tighten strengthen the background checks. i don't suppose he will get any credit for it, he never does for anything he does. but, will that undermine the attacks on him for gun control. >> you know, tragedy of this -- tragedy is to the families. and country. he is being blamed for it he doesn't have anything to do with it it is not his fall ther faul. >> i promise you, moving any legislation on guns is very difficult. i think unless you can do it bipartisan and off the rad ar, come with 218 votes in house combined, you are not getting there. nra will gets it troops up, they are not just -- >> even when they are in favare of something like with bump
10:21 pm
stock it still did not move in congress. >> there are still 300 million guns, 200 million who own them, they feel passionate about these, you can't blame the nra for this tragedy, too many people are, and you should not blame the president either. david: vote in tonight's poll, do you believe it is time for fbi to clean up its corrupt leadership and focus on prevents criming rather than political witch-hunts? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs, and follow him on twitter, like him on facebook, and follow him on instagram. >> up next, president trump says that russia indictments clear his campaign and prove no collusion, we'll talk up the russia witch-hunt with chris farrell o
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the watchdog group judicial watch is suing for information on obama administration efforts to unmask numbers of the trump campaign. documents related to samantha power's highly unusual efforts to identify america's reference in surveillance of foreign nationals. they unmasked more than 260 people during the final year in office. jamie now is chris farrell, director of research for judicial watch. i've got to tell you, when i first read the inauguration day e-mail that susan rice sent to herself that they're going to do everything by the book, i immediately thought of unmasking all those people. am i way off on that? >> i think you're right on the no's. >> she is a certified liar.
10:27 pm
she went on television and claimed that benghazi was a spontaneous protest, that it wasn't a determined terrorist attack and yet we all know it was. she made the round thing a series of lies after that. when you see her writing an e-mail to herself saying don't worry everything is legit, the odds are that is what the case is not. >> whether illicit or not illicit it's a perfect way to get inside the trump campaign. >> the behind-the-scenes of sources and methods, gun cover, the most sensitive intelligence information available and violating the rights of american
10:28 pm
citizens, you would think all these civil libertarians out there would be hysterical. >> it depends who it's about. i'm curious, if you get these e-mails or whatever document you looking for all samantha bowers, won't they be so heavily redacted that you can't make sense of them. >> i don't believe so. these are all items are material that at this point are historical. it's all after-the-fact, there will be reductions for classified information but the interesting thing will be the justifications and the request themselves, what compelled him to do this and certainly while the intelligence take might be classified, their rationale as
10:29 pm
to why certain medications have to be on mast does not meet the same threshold. >> want the names be redacted. >> they probably will in order to respect the privacies of those involved. >> i have to switch to the russian investigation because this indictment that we saw on friday of the 13 russians, of course will never be brought to justice because it will never be extradited but is it possible that if muller is serious about following that thread you can find out if russians were involved with the trump dossier. >> guess, in the sense that the dnc and hillary clinton and fusion gps were all busy shoveling money to russian operatives who were involved in a masterful active measures campaign involving propaganda, vladimir putin and the russians are laughing, they've taken the
10:30 pm
money and hillary clinton in there laughing at how they've manipulated our system. it was all done under the no's of president obama, james call me and other characters who had knowledge of it and did nothing. >> the trump dossier fit right into the schedule of what they were trying to do over here. the russians knew the appetites of persons within the clinton campaign in the dnc and they had just enough creative writing to what their appetite and go whole hog and get as much information as they could even though his false and it was misleading and
10:31 pm
they were still happy to write checks for the russians. >> they knew how to bait the hook. good to see you. let us know what happens. >> we are coming back with much more. please stay with us. >> much more on the battle over the immigration bill when we come back. >> you don't need skis or snowboard to take on the slopes. we will introduce you to a brand-new winter sport you won't see at the olympics. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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i'm david asman in for lou dobbs. president trump taking aim at oprah over a 60 minutes segment on his presidency. listen to a part. >> polls show respect for the united states is eroding around the world. do you care what the world thanks of the united states. >> i work with global students who want to come to the united states. ever since trump got elected in 2016, the numbers of incoming global students have gone down. they do not feel safe. that's a shame. >> what are they afraid of. >> trump. >> the president tweeted in response, just watched a very insecure oprah winfrey who, at one point i knew very well. she interviewed a panel people in 60 minutes. the questions were bias and slanted. the facts incorrect. hope oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like
10:36 pm
all the others. liberal director michael moore is not just a tool, he's a tool of russian propaganda. turns out he attended an anti- trump protest organized by the anti- russian nationals who are just indicted for meddling in our elections. the dueling demonstrations in new york city on november 12, 2016, the same day he tweeted out this picture. joining me now is michelle, nationally syndicated columnist, author and host on michelle, i imagine we are about to see all these articles about russian collusion with anti- trump leftists, right. >> right. don't hold your breath. will wait a long time for david. i found it quite amusing for michael moore, has been leading that resistance for these 18 months to now be revealed as an
10:37 pm
unwitting tool and fool of the russians sponsored resistance. we are not going to get any of those. >> what are your impressions of the indictment that we saw, was it about a 730 page indictment qwest market have a lot of interesting charges, a lot of information we already knew, the trolling organization was set up in moscow by putin and his associates. we've known about that for months. >> we have. if you step back and have a larger historical perspective on the meddling by any number of foreign governments in our elections and, to be frank emma vice versa, this is not anything we should be shocked that is happening. that is not to be little in any way the importance of our intelligence agencies combating any kind of information warfare whether it's from russian trolls or any other foreign government.
10:38 pm
it certainly does not require the hysteria and purpos. believe that were getting from the anti- trump media who are likening these russian trolls and their efforts, which really are drop in the bucket if you look at perspective wise, all of the spending that was done in the last election. >> we should also remind that the indictment has examples where they both supported anti- trump rallies and pro trump rallies. they were on both sides. they were just trying to create chaos. that's the bottom line. >> that's right. division and discourse as if we didn't already have enough of that anyway. but the hyperbole that somehow this kind of meddling interference was on the order of 911 or pearl harbor as many of
10:39 pm
these shameless journalists have been saying, it just shows you how much they've lost their minds, their souls and their hearts. >> what about the fbi. you saw the trump tweet that the fbi was so distracted by some of this russia stuff that they may have lost clues that would have led them to the shooter in florida. >> i certainly think there's an element and truth to that but more broadly, we had a number of problems with the sbi and i believe this goes back to the deep state bureaucrats that date back to the clinton era that are more interested in researching their political opponents than they are acting on tips both of public safety matters like the ones in florida but also, if you think of many of the major jihad events over the past several years and certainly under the obama administration were the fbi was asleep at the wheel.
10:40 pm
>> by the way, those who are skeptical of the deep state, i remember. i'm old enough to remember when the reagan administration came into power, there was a deep state that existed from the carter administration. the reagan folks really had to work hard to fight against and they didn't win all of those battles, and one battle they didn't win was in the state department. they just threw up their hands, gave up and essentially when on. it's a real thing that's happened, not only this time but in previous of ministrations as well. >> no question about it, they don't call it foggy bottom's for no reason. >> michelle, great to see you. thank you very much. i appreciate you coming in. >> you bet. >> be sure to vote in today's poll. do you think it's time for the fbi to cleanup the corrupt leadership and focus on preventing crime rather than political witchhunt? cast your vote. roll the videotape. check out the athletes who
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joe biden reportedly eyeing a presidential run in 2020. he recently broached the idea during a meeting with long-term advisors. eric holder, the only cabinet member to be held in contempt of congress said earlier this month that he also has not ruled out the possibility. matt, i want to focus on yet another possible candidate for 2020 and that's oprah winfrey. as we showed before, the president responded to her 60 minutes performance with a critical tweet. i just want to put it up again, if i can. the last sentence is the one i
10:46 pm
would like to focus on. i hope oprah runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all the others. is donald trump trying to scare her away or is he trying to bait her into running. >> i don't know the answer but i do think he understands it's easy to sit on the outside and talk about running. it's another thing to get in the arena and get dirty and have people start attacking you. barack obama initially said he wasn't going to run and then he eventually got in. it's a rough process. the only thing i would say with just a year into the trump administration, i know you're
10:47 pm
spiking the ball that you think you're in this position to have all these political victories, whether you put 1 foot in front of the other and focus on these midterm elections. well tired of talking about the next presidential election. >> that's all they've got. there's really no clear economic policy. just one final word on oprah, the only person i know well whose run for president is steve forbes and he at first said no way, totally outside the system and then he ended up holding up pretty well preheating get a lot of votes but he held up pretty well. i'm wondering, do you think oprah would have a chance if she iran. >> i do. i don't think you can count her out. she is a phenomenal star and actress and talkshow host and businessperson, and i think if she wants to run she should do it. just don't take for granted how tough it really is. it does take somebody with the steel of donald trump to withstand all of these unending attacks.
10:48 pm
>> let's go back to 2018, the midterms coming up. we had four big rhinos including jeff flake coming out of the weekend saying the gop was underestimating the degree to which they are in trouble in those elections to which you say what? >> they were in trouble because people like jeff like who has literally 18% approval amongst republicans in arizona, and i like jeff flake, he's been a friend but he proved to be durably unpopular in a lot of these people like bob corker, i know he's reconsidering his race, he wouldn't have won this primary and if he runs again, he will lose. the polls are very rough on republicans who told us it was morally unacceptable to support donald trump after a year of seeing donald trump as president, these republican primary voters don't want to hear from these naysaying
10:49 pm
moderate republican incumbents, they actually want them to go away. >> particularly since donald trump has governed as much more as a conservative than anybody, even some of his supporters thought he would be on tax policy and d regulations and his toughness with our enemies abroad, by the way you have a big event or you will be part of a big event coming up this week, the president will be speaking and the vice president as well. it comes at a time when that awful shooting is still clear in our memory and the possibility of some kind of deal on at least renting the background checks for gun purchases. how will that do for the president when he speaks in front of all these conservatives on thursday? >> we believe that c pack, he's the first president since ronald reagan to address this in his first year in his presidency and now is coming back in his second year as president will have a lot of cabinet there and senior officials. the key on this issue, the second amendment is to remember it is the second amendment.
10:50 pm
it's right there, number two in the bill of rights. i do think that constitutionalists and conservatives will be a c pack believe in this idea that it's okay to have the background track and we all have the resources to check to see who's buying these guns. i think everybody is comfortable with the idea that there are certain people who has lost the privilege of gun ownership and we should take this very seriously. we should fund the instant background check and be careful about giving guns to people who want to do us harm. >> good to see you matt. thank you very much. coming up next, new questions for both republicans and democrats about why the obama administration did not do more to stop russian interference in the election. former house oversight chair jason takes that all up in just a few minutes. where's frank?
10:51 pm
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the ranking democrat on the house intel committee admits former president obama failed to stop russian intervention in the election. >> i said all along about the obama administration should've done more.
10:55 pm
we couldn't get the obama administration to acknowledge the russian interference. they were very wary of appearing to be putting their hand on the scale and the election. they did acknowledge the following month but i don't think that was sufficient. >> joined me now is former congressman jason j fits. he is now a fox business contributor. they're sort of been a theme of the show for the past hour. is the russian investigation turning against the democrats. >> the only collusion we have seen is what the democrats have been doing with the russians along the way. this is by no means over. until you see mr. muller take a bow, i still think there's more to come. i do think you will see something with mr. manafort, there seems to be a lot of clouds and smoke around him. i don't thing is over but certainly the only collusion we've seen is what the democrats have been dealing with the russian. >> something else we will see soon is the democratic memo after it's been checked out by the fbi it will be more heavily
10:56 pm
redacted than the democrats wanted but i'm told, unless you've been told differently, correct me that it's focus or it will support the trump dossier which is perhaps the most unverifiable part of the entire investigation as part of the case they are making for collusion with the trump administration. how can they possibly do this after all that we've heard? >> by all accounts, it does nothing to undermine what devin nunes and trey gaudi put out in their memo, the very basic premise that they did not highlight this direct link between hillary clinton campaign and the funding of this dossier that has been proven time and again to be false, and so, look, what adam schiff told us before the republican memo came out, that it was going to reveal sources and methods and destroy the security apparatus, none of
10:57 pm
that was true. it's pretty hard to give any credence or belief to what adam says will happen. he knows full well he has to get rid of the source of the methods and when they do that within the ten page memo, democrats will put out, put it out. i'm all for openness and transparency. >> for them to focus at least part of this memo on the trump dossier which we know was paid for by henry clinton and was created by the organization fusion gps i have a working in the past with russians or with russian, to try to end the russian sanctions exactly what chip is accusing trump of wanting to do. >> it really is the theater of the observed. i think the american people are quite frankly getting tired of it. it's more than a year, they haven't been able to come up with any solid piece of evidence. there are still five open investigations, you've got
10:58 pm
senate intel, senate judiciary, house judiciary, house intel, the inspector general, and i really think the biggest event, if you will, in terms of releasing of documents and the perspective will be that inspector general report which i think would happen in the next 60 days. >> i have to ask you about the whole issues were guarding florida and there is an fbi issue, they did drop the ball, they did admit that they dropped the ball, and there are questions now as to whether all of their energy spent investigating russia detracted from their focus, what you think? >> you think first of all we should blame the shooter as the number one issue. it is disgusting and disappointing that the fbi didn't follow through not on one but two tips, but i also have questions for local law enforcement. by all accounts the rapid response they gave was
10:59 pm
remarkable and we've got spat them on the back, but if somehow you have a person who's expelled for school and there called in 30 times to somebody's home, i will point you actually arrest and prosecute somebody. i hope that gets sorted out in the coming weeks. >> i don't mean to argue with you, you know what the schools are like with the lack of discipline. all the credit is given to the student. if the teacher does anything to wag their finger or kick them out of class, they will get sued. >> in this case, they kicked them out of the school itself. i haven't heard a student say they were sad or upset about this, i've seen video of them but if you have the sheriff or the local officers called 30 times to particular home, come on. summaries gotta do something with that. >> absolutely. it's great to see you jason. thank you very much for being here.
11:00 pm
>> that's it for us. thank you so much for watching. sebastian is among our guest tomorrow. please join melissa francis on after the bell every weekday at 4:00 p.m. h h h h h h h h here . >> i'm david asman in for lou dobbs, president trump stepping up his war with fbi, saying that agency's focus on russia collusion lead investigators to miss signs that could have prevented the florida school shooting. we'll discuss what must be done with fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett, and the president expresses support for changes to gun background check system, to prove how state and local agents share mental health and criminal


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