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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 27, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EST

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a june bug when he said that about chelsea clinton. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. congressman markwswswswswswsws c chair ronna mcdaniels will join us tomorrow. kennedy: congressman thomas massie weighs in tonight on the gun debate. we now have the democrats memo. is it clear the commander-in-chief. one republican says the two party system is dying. turn on the oven. it's time to bring the heat. the sheriff in broward county, florida seems to be knitting his own noose as he commits political suicide.
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he through his deputy under the bus for cowering outside during the shooting. >> do you think if the broward sheriff's office had done things differently the shooting might not have happened? >> if ifs and buts were candy and nuts, oj simpson would til be in the record books. kennedy: he has displaced o.j. the department was notified in november.
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the february 16 call about his potential to shoot up the school was in addition to the two fbi calls in january where a caller spelled out that demented social media handles for an fbi employee who didn't feel they were important enough to forward. candy and nuts? he'll have plenty of time to snack and both when his butt is out of a job at the end of the week. we better make sure the warriors charged with protecting our children harden themselves up so it won't happen again. welcome to the show, i'm kennedy. we'll have more on the sheriff in just a moment, as well as reports police didn't let emts into the school.
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president trump suggests raising the minimum age for buying all guns, but the nra says no deal. but pressuring congress to act with a sensible way to protect kids. joining me now, kentucky congressman thomas massie. you have put forward legislation to dismantle those gun-free zones that were targeted in 1990. tell me about your approach to the debate. >> all my colleagues have disingenuous proposals for stopping school shootings. they know their solutions won't work. i have got a solution i have been proposing for five years. i introduced it every congress. it's called the safe schools act. it would repeal the gun-free zone act of 1990. 98% of mass public shootings
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happen in a gun-free zone. don't we want our children in the 2% safe area? kennedy: you do, but i think the worry for a lot of people -- forcing -- of course you want kids to be safe. and we have to take a real look at how you harden these soft targets which are magnets for psychotic school shooters. but the worry is if you force teachers to arm themselves, you could actually be putting more people at risk. in a situation when somebody is not properly armed and becomes confused and panicked and disoriented, the worry is if they shoot at someone it will be the wrong someone. >> over 5% of americans have a concealed carry permit. if you exclude new york and california it's over 8%. i don't think teachers are less representative of the
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population when it comes to concealed carry permits. they can carry that concealed into any area except for schools. there are 12 states that allow some form of concealed carry by teachers. a lot of people are saying what if a teacher shoots a student or a policeman shows up and shoots the teach officers that has never happened and we already have schools where teachers are carrying. kennedy: in texas i know they are enthusiastic about the program. one of my worries is -- i'll shift from gun control to mental health. this an area where i'm most of concerned. you could take anyone with a perceived mental illness and arbitrarily put that person on a watchlist so they are urn able to purchase sapphire arm to
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defend themselves. today the president was talking enthusiastic teleabout involuntary commitment which is problematic. where do you fall on the mental health issue? >> depriving someone of their rights for seeking treatment for mental health, they won't seek treatment if they know they will be a second-class citizen after they seek that treatment. this is concerning to me among veterans. the va turns their name into the nics backgrounds check system if they say they don't manage their own finances. my colleagues in the congress say we need to fix nicks there are again. there is -- nics again. there is no due process in there. i'm so kay if they have been
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adjudicated by a court as mentally incompetent for handling a firearm. but you can't let the department of education or the veterans or social security administration to do that. that's the problem with the bill in front of congress. kennedy: you run into difficulties there. the biggest problem with the background check problem are inaccuracies. oftentimes they are put on the list without due process. so what do we do? they talk about raising the minimum age for purchasing a long gun to 21, which i understand. but don't have you to shift all of awe adulthood in that direction which means can't you allow anyone to enter into the military until they are 21 or drive a car or vote? >> i'm going to introduce a bill
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tomorrow to lower the age to buy a handgun from 21 to 18. if you raise the age to buy ad handgun and long begun you completely extinguish the right to bear arms for a 20-year-old mother. that's unconstitutional. the heller decision said maybe states can have reasonable restrictions on arms ownership. if you raise the age for all adults to 21 to keep and bear arms and we still consider voters at 18 to be adults, then i think you have run afoul of the constitution. kennedy: i think you are right. then we have this gray area, late adolescence, which i think does a great disservice to society. i appreciate yours and the work you are doing on this and the
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other issues. >> the police aren't obligated to protect you. they have no legal obligation. this has been established by the courts. i heard that from a columbine survivor. he was party to a lawsuit and the lawsuit went nowhere. he found out the police aren't obligated to protect you. if they aren't obligate you need to be able to carry a firearm. kennedy: we can't always rely on the government to keep us safe. so, you know, an ongoing conversation to say the least. kennedy: the president spoke about gun control with governors today an didn't hold back about reports that multiple officers stayed safe outside the school while shots rang out. president trump: i got to watch some deputy sheriffs performing this week. they weren't exactly medal of
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honor winners. the way they performed was frankly disgusting. kennedy: local law enforcement and the fbi dropped the ball. numerous warnings and red flags that that psycho was going to explode. there are reports that law enforcement blocked emergency personnel from entering the building to help the wound. joining me, tom shillue, along with fox news political analyst jehmu greene, and the author of "dear reader," the unauthorized biography of kim jong-un. michael, let's talk about this shaffer. my brother who has been in law enforcement for years. he called me and said why is he throwing that officer under the bus who conceive any trained. his comments over the weekend
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shows those deputies were not properly trained. if protocol was to stay outside while a madman is gunning dune 17 people twhribs something wrong with the way the department is run. pea knew about the deputy situation before he went in there then made it all about the nra. but i think we know why he's throwing people under the bus. they didn't do their job. they weren't prepared. but he's not going to take any blame on this. we'll see how well that works for him. >> he's a politician. this is a person who has to run for office. if i were one of those parents and more and more this information was coming out about the number of times they responded to domestic violence calls and didn't do anything. and the point of being a law enforcement officer is not to babysit children and not give them sterng warnings.
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maybe there was no reliance on that. but you have to put an end to it by codifying it so there is something on the record. >> it's about time everyone conservatives allow this conversation to happen. yes, there are training issues when it comes to local law enforcement and federal law enforcement. we should be able to say that. guess who has been saying that for a long time, black lives matter. guess who shut them down? the conservatives. kennedy: you bringing up black lives matter is like ann coulter bringing up immigration. >> this is about training of local law enforcement that needs to be addressed. there is no question there were systemic failures that need to be addressed. kennedy: black lives matter if i'm not wrong, the point is to
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with hold lethal force. here the exhortation is there should have been more lethal force. so it many the opposite. >> i'm talking about better training. kennedy: the point is to take responsibility for what went wrong. the fbi and christopher wray and the sheriff in broward county isn't going to do it. >> it drives me crazy that the conservatives will defend the government having a monopoly protecting our kids with the police. the politics and the economics are the same. this is what happens. there is no accountability. there will never be accountability. i am a zionist, but this one israel we can do without. kennedy: you are talking about arming teachers. >> and eliminating public schools which are prisons for
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children. kennedy: if you can't get kicked out of school so you are sitting there for years brooding. and the people who are supposed to treat you and diagnose you miss all the signs and file a report saying there is nothing to see here. >> and you graduate with a diploma that means nothing. kennedy: and putting off a problem from one institution to the next. i agree with that. within this there is also a conversation to be had about what are schools? and is it right to expect 3,000 kids can be housed in the same place in the same way at the same time and have safety and good results? >> the issue with small class size is something people always talk about. small school size. some of these schools are huge. they are too big and there is no way to protect them and create a
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security apparatus to secure the schools. >> other countries finds that way. you know what's happening now? the nra is happy this conversation is taking place. the attention is on law enforcement and off of them. you know what the real cause of mass shootings is? it's guns. the lobbyists and the manufacturers. kennedy: it many the mental illness. they are so damaged they want to do harm. the derangement and the violent mental disorder is the root cause. >> we are the on country with gun issues. no other country has issues of school class size and how large the schools are. this is only in america. what is only in america? our inability to shut the nra
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down. i'm not going to sit here and allow them to win the conversation by shifting all the folk to us law enforcement and shifting it to mental health. >> gun owners of america, the nra, they are the cowards in the situation. kennedy: the nra? >> yes. kennedy: we'll be back later in the show and talk about president obama. adam schiff says the democratic memo confirms they acted appropriately. i have to tell you something incredible. capital one has partnered with to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend
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kennedy: first we got the infamous republican memo, now we have the democrat version. the fbi is accused of abusing their power to spy on cart i are page. the president dismissed the memo as a total political and legal bust. causing adam schiff to fire back saying quote, wrong again, mr. president, it confirms the
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fbi acted appropriately. and russian agents approached two of your advisors and offered to help you by disseminating stolen clinton emails. it's a political game, but if anyone can sort it out, it's our next guest, judge andrew napolitano. judge napolitano: you are putting quite a burden on me trying to sort this out. generally congressman schiff is correct. his memo demonstrated the existence of data proving there was more than enough to surveil carter page under the standard of fisa. but both sides are at fault. the nunes memo and the democratic adam schiff memo
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consist of cherry picking selected data from raw intelligence to sue the political narrative. they are given raw intelligence data so they can help keep the country safe. not so they can poke their political opponents in the nose. >> it's a giant he said she said. i don't feel like we are any closer to the truth. judge napolitano: the truth is the obama administration engaged in surveillance directly or indirectly on the campaign. kennedy: which contradicts what former president obama said. judge napolitano: correct. fbi agents admitted that in their own texts. the truth is the major components of the intelligence community were involved in this which some of them now have
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reluctantly admitted. and the truth is russian agents did approach the trump campaign and ask for some cooperation. we don't know if they got the cooperation. it's not a crime for someone to approach you. kennedy: so far we haven't seen evidence of that specifically. it would be problematic and damning. but what i have wondered throughout this whole time. hillary clinton was almost president. judge * it's hard to -- judge napolitano: it's hard to answer that question. did she through the national democratic committee which she controlled dispatch christopher steele to talk to russian agents to come up with serious or concocted allegations against
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donald trump which the fbi at one point took seriously. was mrs. clinton herself behind this? and was the dnc accepting something of value from the russians? what the crime is whether done by the trump campaign or hillary campaign or democratic national committee, accepting something of value from a foreign national or foreign government. federal law makes that a felony. kennedy: we know millions of dollars were paid for the content of the steele dossier. knowing she and her campaign could get in so much trouble especially if she were elected. judge napolitano: should the justice department. where is jeff sessions. should $jeff sessions direct an
12:25 am
investigation of this? or is it just too close to the russians for him to be involved with. kennedy: someone has to investigate something so we don't have to appoint a special counsel every single time. judge napolitano: special counsels have a tendency to overindict. kennedy: coming up,io governor and former presidential candidate john kasich says the two-party system is dying. ♪ hey, sir lose-a-lot! thou hast the patchy beard of a pre-pubescent squire! thy armor was forged by a feeble-fingered peasant woman... your mom!
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kennedy: what will it talk to create another fourth, fifth and sixth party? kasich, this is a self-serving statement on his part. he knows the republican establishment won't back him in 2024. he's no libertarian. but that's the only way he can run for president. >> it's already happening in this cycle. we have an independent governor in alaska and he's running for reelection. but we also have independents running in kansas, missouri and maine. there are more and more concerted bids for independent candidacies because that's where most of of the voters are. that's a plurality independent
12:31 am
country. kennedy: i think it's great. i look at kasich's motivation and it's obvious what's going on. he and the governor of colorado have been arm in arm talking about this stuff, fueling speculation that they are running together. who is the robin? >> i think case up would end up as the robin. hickenlooper is an attractive candidate for the democrats. he's a moderate democrat and he's from a state where he has a good track record. so that could be good for them. kennedy: he turned the corner on the marijuana issue in his state. he was haven't opposed to it. i think it was interesting that governor kasich was absent today
12:32 am
at the governor's meeting at the white house. >> because he hates president trump. kasich is a lame duck of magnificent proportions in his state. he's not popular. republicans are mad at him because he's against trump. and democrats don't like him. kennedy: he didn't even show up in cleveland at the rnc in 2016. come on, man, that's his state. i don't think that he is the answer to this country's political troubles. i think his best days in elective office are behind him. but i hope that his words bear fruit and there are more parties
12:33 am
in the future. >> we'll probably end up with more of a parliamentary system in the united states in the next 20 years. kennedy: the war on drugs was and is a failure. the president often talks about executing high-vol drug dealers. we are told he got the idea from the prime minister of singapore. the president has allegedly admitted he knows it's impossible to get a law like that possibles in the united states. the party panel is back. tom shillue, jehmu greene, and michael malice. if you want to throw a monkey
12:34 am
wrench into the system of drug dealers. do you agree you should legalize drugs? >> in singapore they tell you if you have drugs throw them out because we'll kill you. it's the pharmaceutical companies causing problems on a far bigger scale than a drug dealer. during the campaign he promised us the wall, and where is the wall? and he promised he could be executing journalists and they are all still here. if we are going to be talking about shooting people he should be talking about the people he promised during the campaign and not bringing up new people to shoot. kennedy: he says if we take a softer approach to drug use and
12:35 am
drug addiction, that hasn't worked. >> i think it's a special circumstance where it's both. but they may be talking off and not actually going to do anything. there is concern he'll try to take action. when you look at this president having called for the death penalty for the innocent young men who are part of the central park 5. and what was hund that a lot of people will say is racism. i think the president is thinking let's kill all these drug dealers because they are all the black. kennedy: i don't think he's saying that necessarily. but i will say -- i think and i
12:36 am
know drugs were made illegal for racist reasons throughout the 0th century. but when he talks about drugs, perhaps there are some people on his cabinet who feel that way, and you have, you know, racist strains coursing their veins. >> he should go to the philippines and kill the drug users. this comments was just like his, well you have to kill the families comment which he said in private then said it in public. kennedy: when he was talking about isis. he didn't think there was going to think there would be a binl row deuced called kill the families. he thinks outside of the box. kennedy: he wants to do something that actually makes a dent in this issue.
12:37 am
>> as someone so afraid of going off to war himself, he's in favor of a lot of killing. we should legalize it. kennedy: we'll start during the break. coming up. the supreme court taking up the case that could forever change how unions open rate in the u.s. it has to do with donations to political campaigns and the political campaigns and the right to work.
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kennedy: is it fair for a union to take a cut out of your paycheck if you are not a member. state employee is forced to pay a member fee to a liberal union he disagrees with politically. my next freedom-loving guest says forcing workers to pay unions when they disagree with them is a form tyranny. if the justices decide in favor of the person who filed this case, then every state becomes a right to work state. what are the political ramifications of that? >> the political ramifications are the unions will be much weaker.
12:42 am
it has happened in states that voted to become right to work. some union workers say, i never liked this union, i don't want to pay dues. i don't agree with their political stuff. and they stopped paying for democrats will lose money. kennedy: there was a california case that went before the supreme court. john: it started with this teacher who was mad because when there were layoffs, she says the new good teachers are being fired but we are all willing to take a pay cut to keep these new teachers and the iewn 0on said you can't have a vote on that. when she first brought the suit and it went to the supreme court them scalia died and it was a 4-4 tie. kennedy: is it essentially the same case? john: yes. now with gorsuch as the 9th
12:43 am
justice presumably he'll win. kennedy: unions gift majority of their money to democratic candidates. what impact will that have for the democratic party and the democrats they run? >> they will get less money. but money is just part of it. the unions will now be smaller. kennedy: it was their rank and file who would go out and fill some of those rolls presumably for candidates who would act for favorably on behalf of the union. john: always democrats. these are union members electing certain politicians who pay them. and the unions say it's not free to free load off our negotiating and that's why we want your money. but they make you jump through
12:44 am
all kinds of hoops to get any of your money back. kennedy: even if it seems like crumbs, that $45 a month adds up over the years. if you don't want to be part of a collective bargaining agreement you are forced into it. coming up. a london pub found out some guys can't hold their liquor or their can't hold their liquor or their chairs.
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kennedy: new york smets outfielder tim debow hurt his ankles after stepping on a sprinkler during practice. the fans had no idea the team practices. we begin at milan fashion week where the dolce hand bags are flying off the shelves. every guest had to shut off their phones which was a risky move. i believe the medical term for
12:49 am
posting self yet is is kardashianitis. following the show a spokesperson had to clarify the drones do not come with the hand bags. anyone who wants both would have to eat the charges. at what which point the human models asked, what's eating, guys? then they swallowed cotton balls. let's head over to great britain where a massive brawl broke out inside a pub, and it was bad. everyone there had messed up teeth and that was before the fight started. it started off as an argument between two men. but for reasons unknown a third man stepped in and told them to take a seat at which point he
12:50 am
threw a chair at them. i knee know what happened. you lied to me, robby monk. police are appealing to the public look for the brawlers who were last seen going through buckingham palace. topic number three. of course nobody got drunker than a california man who was caught driving a vehicle that was filled with grass. california highway patrol chips said they saw a man riding a horse in the carpool lane on the 91 freeway. this is a huge no no because they didn't have two or more passengers so the cops made the stop. the horse appeared to be healthy
12:51 am
enough to run the kentucky derby, but its owner appeared to have won the heineken derby. witnesses say he wasn't the only one there with a long face. to make matters worse, his wife couldn't bail him out of jail because a drone flew off with her but this is not the chair everyone thought o.j. would wind up in. the winning bid was believed to be $1,500. while there is no word on who won, he or she will have a perfect place to relax after a
12:52 am
long police chase. following the auction there was a controversy over the shipping of the chair which seems to be mishandle by the e-bay seller. this one of the few bars o.j. hasn't searched for the real killers. but give him time. so many golf courses to check. it's mugshot monday and we are not in florida. police are trying to catch this week's winners who shoplifted burry toats at a dollar general. let's face it. when you are eating microwave burry toes, you get good fat running. a dollar general employee confronted these classy gals after he saw them stuffing items into their clothes. and they picked up a wet floor sign and began beating him with
12:53 am
it. they are believed to be between the ages much 16 and 22 which puts them in the same age range as the burry toes. they were last seen heading towards the cleveland browns stadium which would be a big problem for cops because someone catches anything there. coming up. the p.c. police are going after your tattoos. your tattoos. the "nightcap" is next. with expedia one click gives you access to
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kennedy: is a tattoo cultural appropriation? the p.c. crowd who likes to dictate what people say and do and think. my next guest thinks so. cultural sharing actually keeps them employed and keeps cultures alive. where is the line between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. joining me now, liz wolf. she has a new piece out in "reason" titled, "your tattoos are problematic." what do the tattoo artists say when you ask about some of the images they are paid to recreate in colorful flesh designs? >> the good news is a lot of them realize it's very unlikely there will be any legal means of
12:58 am
cracking down on cultural appropriation. so a lot of tattoo artists are focused on this idea that tattoos have been shared the throughout so many seasonture yet is. sailors were the first to get tattoos, and the reason they got them is because they were traveling from port to port and they were look for a way the remember their travels. had white people not fallen in love with the practice we might never have gotten the opportunity to experiment with it today and use it today. kennedy: tattoo artists are artists. this is a form of painting. the design and thought that goes into it should be treated as such. were there mixed feeling on their part? i know a lot of social justice warriors probably walked in lock step with a lot of these people.
12:59 am
but there has to be some divergence when it comes to expression their free speech. >> i see blogs being created that call attention to tattoos being racist. what they are responding to is some people being rude and, you know, not really respecting and appreciating people's cultures. sometimes when people get tattoos from a different coupleture it inspires them to learn more by the and be more invested in for example, what's going on in japan. it's a bizarre notion that cultures can't be shared and be spread from person to person. >> thanks so much for your time. we'll be looking forward to your piece. thanks again. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram.
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