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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 28, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EST

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concealed carry. can you hear the channels clicking when i say that? charlie: if we have learned anything in the last weeks, the government cannot always protect you. kennedy: the argument over gun control is exploding in the business world. president trump lashing out at his own attorney general over government spying. who wins there? put on your swimsuits. time to dive in. the mob is gathering and gaining steam as fearful corporations nervously react to the florida shooting by taking a stand and making changes. big companies know they must get on top of stories. deck's sporting goods sold the
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florida psycho a shotgun. now they are changing policy to no longer sell assault-style weapons to those who cannot buy booze. and that's fine. but deck's didn't stop there. they are using their own bully pulpit to shame gun owners. they are signature out anti-gun talking points so they can seem conscious and relevant. save the convenient moralism. now that the mob is involved and corporations have been bullied into making sweeping edicts and severing ties with the nra. take away guns, there are still violent impulses. put new rules in place, there are still law enforcement organizations that drop balls.
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i'm talking to you fbi. when group think squashes free speech that's when the exercise fails. the corp pratt contrition does nothing to answer how we got here in the first place and insures we are headed in the wrong conclusions. i'm "kennedy." after any tragedy there is always knee-jerk reaction to act. the florida shooting no exception. are there moves certain corporations can make that are correct? tim carney is back on the show. welcome back, tim. let's talk about this. you have a variety of different reactions. deck's is saying maybe we screwed up selling a shotgun to the shooter, but we followed all
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the procedures, therefore we are not going to sell any more assault-style weapons. i don't have a problem with deck's self-policing. now they are encouraging letting lawyer tores to codify their actions -- encouraging legislators to codify their actions into law. >> if it's a limitation on themselves, they want to make sure other businesses have to follow the same rule, too. but the thing that bugs me most of is you see it again and again when businesses act as if they are taking a bold stand, standing up to the gun lobby, they never stand up to the people who could harm them. so the wrongdoers, the people who made the worst mistakes was law enforcement in florida and on the federal level. you don't have big businesses saying you guys failed.
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you have them saying let's change the law or stand up to the nra. law enforcement are the ones who deserve the aproatiate yum. and they are going after ordinary gun owners who make up the nra. kennedy: they are politically shaming them to save face with a section of the -- their consumers that may not even go into dicks in the first place. i give warren buffet some yet credit. he said i don't believe on imposing my views on 300,000 employees and shareholders. i'm not their nanny. i don't think berkshire should say we won't do business with people who own guns. i think that would be
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ridiculous. he's right. but there is a rush to politicize and make sure you carve out a space and political opinion that is acceptable to the mob. >> i think there is a real interesting line to walk here. i am with you that if dick says if you are below 21 we are not selling you a gun. that's reasonable. but the demand that everybody from dick's to fedex to taylor swift get involved politically and start lobbying an and explosioning loud opinions. what sort of business are we going to do ourselves. the businesses will suddenly become woke and socially aware. those are different questions. i want businesses to stay out of things like crony capital i am. i want small businesses to have the right to decide or a
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hospital shouldn't have to get involved in abortions if it doesn't want to. if we are going to act according to our conscience, i think we need more of that. but on the other hand if we use our platform to make political arguments, those are two different things. kennedy: boycotting businesses and creating hashtags may feel good, but in the long run they have very little effect and do very little to change what's wrong or answer the big uncomfortable question which ultimately i think people on the right and the left, even corporate america, somewhere in the middle, i think they want this whole issue to pass. it's not good for business and people want hope to stop talking about it. >> people boycotted chick-fil-a because the owner has some
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opposition to gay marriage. it didn't have an effect on chick-fil-a. but it does have an effect. i spent years studying lobbying. it has an effect on the self-image of executives. executives run in elite circles. when they show up at a cocktail party, they want to be able to face their peers in those elite circles and show they share their politics. that's how the boycotts have their effect. kennedy: tim carney, thanks so many. the white house announced the president will unveil new gun control and safety controls tomorrow. it will be interesting to see if he pushes become against the nra. brian sandoval and rick scott
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have changed their tune following massacres in their state. president trump: there is nothing to be afraid of. we have to fight them every once in a while, that's okay. kennedy: democrats have dug themselves in. but will the story impact the 2018 elections? bre peyton is here along with comedian jimmy failla, and columnist at the daily beast, anthony fisher. welcome, everyone. let's discuss a little bit. obviously there is going to be a lot of pushback from very vocal and passionate people on this issue. but i still think everyone is waiting for another crisis to sweep this off the front page. it's been a relatively slow
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couple news weeks since the shooting and it's rare to lunger on an issue for so long. does it have legs going into the mid-term? >> i don't think it has legs going into the mid-term. i think there will be 20 crises that will sweep us away. this has been peculiar in the trump administration period where nothing has bumped us off the front page. we are entering the mid-terms and relevant state elections where people on the right and left have to tiptoe around their bases and give some leeway to the other side because they are in close races. i suspect nobody is really going to change their stripes and betray their base, but they will make overtures to the other side to play to the middle. kennedy: make it seem like they are doing something. make sure they push something where there is enough opposition to where it's not actually going
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to get through. but what's really interesting here is another story that is still going on is the me too movement and times up. we have the oscars this week. the producers of the oscars said we don't want this to be a political show. can self-important actors and producer and directors -- >> i don't think so. that's what this is. it's a branding exercise. kennedy: it seems like the #metoo movement will butt up against gun control. >> what will bail them out is we do have the attention span of like a child watching baby einstein. whatever flies on to the screen becomes the most of fascinating thing in our world. if i'm pushing gun control you need to make sure warn beatty
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isn't presenting the best picture because he can wipe you off the grid by monday morning. kennedy: so the nra is taking a hit. this is interesting. there are several companies like united and delta and others who are severing ties. they used to offer packages and deals to nra members and they say not so much, not any more. >> since come any have been vilifying nra members. my mom was calling me and she said i bumped up your dad's membership to lifetime because all this was so ridiculous. i think we'll see a hardening support from people who already view the nra favorably. but 51% of the country thinks the nra's policies are not good for the country.
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but the companies vilifying the nra, their favor built has flipped unfavorably. kennedy: so many of dick's customers have gone there to buy guns and ammo. >> was deck really that vociferously anti-guns? kennedy: the ceo says hey, we didn't screw up here. they sold the shooter a shotgun. but they are saying we are change our policy. but at the same time, then they recite the everytown usa talking points. this is what congress needs to do. because we are doing this. congress needs to do the exact same thing. they are using their considerable clout to change la-
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laws. >> do you think those actions will change laws or are they just covering themselves. sometimes p.r. statements from corporations who would like to not be the story today are not as effective as well. >> i think they are getting ahead of the story at the right time. and they are going so far over the line with this insurance policy, with this p.r. insurance policy they may save face. but when you get a pat on the back for that one continued to overinflate your importance. then you have jimmy kimmel talking about healthcare. >> target went over the top in the transbaths rooms and their customers said fine we aren't going to shop there anymore. i think that's what we'll see with dick's sporting goods. kennedy: sometimes warren buffet
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is right. the best policy is not to tell people what their politics should be. at the end of the day politics are very, very personal. supporting goods stores are supposed to be a fun place. >> you don't get that canoeing escape when there is a protest out front. kennedy: the panel returns a little bit later in the show. paul manafort back in court today facing additional charges. coaching means making tough choices. jim! you're in! but when you have high blood pressure and need cold medicine that works fast,
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kennedy: russia russia russia. the president's former campaign manager paul manafort pled not guilty to money laundering and tax fraud. the trial dates set for september 17. weeks before the 2018 mid-terms. we learned jared kushner's security clearance has been downgrade and it may have to do with a reports that four countries talked about manipulating the president's son-in-law because of his inexperience.
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and closeness to the president. what's more troubling for the president? his son-in-law no longer having top secret clearance foreor his former cam -- or his former campaign manager getting indicted. judge napolitano: in manafort is in very hot water because his former lawyer pleaded guilty and offered to testify against him. his former business partner has pleaded guilty and offered to testify against him, rick gates. when donald trump fired paul manafort, rick gates stayed on. he was in and out of the white house the first two months of the trump presidency. he's a potential treasure trove
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against the president. i think jared kushner is in bob mueller's cross-hairs because of allegations of wrongdoing. kennedy: that's 666 fifth avenue. a $1.8 billion office building. i don't know if there are ties between the potential financial woes round that building and potential foreign investors that the "new york times" laid out, but it seems as though perhaps maybe there is a connection between the financial misgiving of the real estate empire, potential money laundering and the security clearance. judge napolitano: our colleague charlie gasparino reported it's
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well known the mueller camp crossed the red line president trump said they should never cross. which is look into dealings with foreign banks. the washington post story this morning is devastating to kushner. it says he has been putty in the hands of diplomats who engaged in recorded conversations to try and pick his brain about what his father-in-law is up to. i have to believe he's too smart to have done that. kennedy: kushner has been given so much responsibilities within this administration. if you look at the scope of what his father-in-law tasked him with. middle east peace. repairing relations with mexico. criminal justice reform.
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it's a lot that requires very sensitive information. judge napolitano: exactly. until yesterday he could look at american top secret materials but israeli and palestinian. he can't look at anything from the israelis or palestinians. so how can he be the go-between when they can't share secrets with him any longer. whatever the reason is he can't get his security cleernls is crippling. kennedy: why do you think the president withheld that. judge napolitano: it would cause general kelly to resign. i think he's too valuable to the president. the president is torn between his chief of staff and four-star general and his son-in-law who he loves and trusts who is woefully inexperienced. kennedy: i feel like i'm watching a netflix series.
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judge napolitano: what else did the president do today? humiliate his attorney general again. kennedy: no one knows how it's going to end. judge napolitano: it's intended to keep you watching. kennedy: thank you for your insight. president trump seems to be very angry with said attorney general. while there are plenty of reasons to trash the a.g., is there is one of them? stay right here.
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kennedy: president trump calling out attorney general jeff sessions. sessions is pushing back it has to do with government snooping. yesterday jeff announced the inspector general will investigate alleged abuse of fisa surveillance against the trump campaign.
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in response jeff defended his decision in a statement reading quote, as long as i am the attorney general i will continue to discharge my duties with integrity and honor and this department will continue to does it work in a fair and impartial manner according to the law and constitution. kennedy: i'm no jeff sessions fan, but is this investigation really a disgrace? nye my party panel is back. what is the best way to get to the bottom of this? i say let the i.g. finish his job so we don't have to appoint a special counsel. this seems to be the best avenue. am i wrong? >> there is an argument to be made for that. at the same time the inspector general's office behaves like the h.r. for the doj.
8:29 pm
everyone knows hr isn't out to get to the bottom of what happened. so someone looking at that saying the d.o.j. was involved in all these shenanigans. kennedy: i think this more objectity with the i.g. he knows how the system works and he's designed to defend it. >> that's a fair points. even this discussion we are having shows how murky this is. do any of us arev have confidence in getting bottom what happened here? i don't. kennedy: this not enough resistance to donald trump? is that the problem? >> his quote why is sessions launching an investigation?
8:30 pm
that's because he said he would fire him in is a lot of things that should be investigated. they should investigate the fbi's date plan. who can send out that's texts and not go bankrupt. if you look at the overall application process, i believe it's 97% get approved. kennedy: it's above 99%. that's an incomprehensible number when you talk about judicial oversight. >> the coach of the yankees was sending everyone home whether or not he should. kennedy: the secretary of homeland security -- anthony obviously this process deserves scrutiny. but like with the gun control argument we always end up talking about the wrong thing. we end up getting away from the
8:31 pm
fact that the government can spy on you. >> done requires only upset his associates. >> if i wrote a couple last summer that said i december spieps jeff sessions but trump shouldn't fire him. i feel over this particular issue, i think jeff sessions talking about integrity and honor and i'm nodding my head because he is following his job. kennedy: i feel like firing jeff sessions for this is like al capone and tax evasion. >> scrutiny over the fisa court is a good thing. it looks like the attempts to repeal and replace obamacare may not be dead. the states have filed a lawsuit against the feds claiming obamacare is unconstitutional.
8:32 pm
if you don't want insurance, there is no one telling you you have got to get it. because of that the states argue the rest of obama care is no longer constitutional. it appears the goal is to remove obamacare completely. will we final be rid of the aca? i don't think so. i think this law was designed so brilliantly, its tentacles are so embed in health insurance we'll never get rid of it. >> necessarily all of our premiums are going to skyrocket. now insurance companies don't have enough healthy people to balance out the sick people. kennedy: that's why the system was so corrupt and awful. you had a gownt head of healthy people forcing them. other wise they have a financial
8:33 pm
penalty and possibly jail if they didn't goints pay for sick people. the biggest messaging error in republican history is branding there is obamacare. >> you have to sell drugs just to pay for your briptions. >> obama was always more personally popular than his policies were. >> the affordable care act, premiums went up 105% and you lost choice. my wife opted out of her plan because it was cheaper to pay for surgery than to pay the premiums and the deductible. >> it seems like the states attorneys general are trying to push congress into doing what they should be doing. i don't know how that works. kennedy: you remember with some
8:34 pm
of president obama's immigration executive orders and lawmakers were threatening to sue. but now it's the reverse. they are suing them into acting and actually passing laws. it goes to the root problem here which is congressional ineptitude. they passed the tbowct supreme court. and the states are say waght supreme court decide was a lawful tax tbloibs longer a tax, therefore the whole thing is unlawful. they have a point. i don't have faith the republicans have a replacement for this. >> straight repeal it. >> that would require action which they decided is not their job. kennedy: we are not talking about the chuck norriss of washington, d.c.
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kennedy: students returned to school in parkland, florida for the first time since the shooting two weeks ago. the more we learned about the tragedy, the more it seems the bigger problem is with law enforcement. today the florida house issued subpoenas to the broward county sheriff's office. phone records obtained by cnn show cops were dispatched to the shooters home at least 40 times since 2010. nearly double the 23 calls sheriff scott israel claimed. do we need gun reform or law enforcement reform. lawrence jones is here. lawrence, you and i were on outnumbered shortly after the shooting.
8:40 pm
and we talked about sought failures of law enforcement. the more we learn about the ball dropping in broward county. it enforces what you originally said. if we go down the wrong track talking about gun control, we'll lose sight of the ultimate failure today. >> i notice that during "outnumbered" with the initial reporting coming out, there was the ball dropping from the local police department in was ball dropping from the fbi. and everyone seemed a little bit concerned criticizing our law enforcement when they were going down the wrong path. this sheriff from this county is trying to prevent information from coming out to the public. now the local leaders, the state representatives and federal government are subpoenaing to get that information because he doesn't want to release the tape, he doesn't want to show
8:41 pm
his officers were looking bad and not running into the fire. we had teachers with no body armor or guns that stood between the short and those kids. kennedy: they gave their lives. it's tragic that there was that level of sacrifice when you had people who were armed who had been through active shooter training. we obtained the training record for scot peterson who was the school officer. scott is rail, the sheriff in broward county who was so quick to throw scot peterson under the bus with it was his own deputies whose training failed them. the sheriff tried to say they were following protocol and he had done an amazing job. if you are doing such a poor job of training your law enforcement officers, your first responders, that you have kids dying inside a building while they cower outside, that is not an amazing
8:42 pm
job. >> he's a terrible leader. let's call it for what it is. he sat there on the cnn debate stage with my former colleague dana loesch and aloud her to take all the heat. meanwhile he knew his officers didn't run into the gun fire. but he didn't bring that up. and she brought that question up in the middle of that cnn debate. there have bother members of the media asking questions but he said you give them a badge and a gun, that's not a reflection of his leadership. i would like to think in any organization it starts at the top. i'm not administering a different standard for him just because he's a cop. kennedy: take some responsibility. when there is a failure and loss of life at this magnitude. here we are talking about multiple levels it was
8:43 pm
preventable. if he's saying this information didn't cross my desk, therefore i'm not responsible, you absolutely are. if you have three dozen calls to the same residence for a variety of disputes and domestic situations, my god, if that doesn't raise red flags, then the social media footprint should. and we know that law enforcement agencies, local and federal communicate with each other. but there has been such an incredible break down because they are doing so much spying on so many innocent americans, these are the kind of people you miss, and that's the greatest miscarriage of justice. >> everything you just said is correct. but the problem is we are having this conversation. but the public isn't having this conversation. they are talking about the guns, they are talking about the tool. not about the failure of law enforcement in this situation.
8:44 pm
we have to get the conversation back to what actually happened and not the tools these killers did. we could have did something. local police always say, if you see something, say something. kennedy: they absolutely said something. you are talking about the means and not the motivation. and now, hopefully this will be the blueprint and this will be the watershed moment where law enforcement realizes if they are in fact going protect us and keep us safe and keep the precious children safe in soft school targets, they better learn from this and lock it up. >> i hope so, kennedy. we have been lectured for years we don't need our guns because the police have guns. well they had guns and didn't use them. i'm not giving up my gun. kennedy: the fresh prince of bel air is getting rebooted as the
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ken report kardashians have won a copyright lawsuit against a bakery that was named after the
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family. it was called no talent clown. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we begin in london where prince harry wants to spice things up on his wedding night. he's not asking the queen to have a talk with meghan markle. he's bringing in the spice girls. all five spice girls are planning to perform at the royal wedding. afterward they are going to do a little singing. the royal couple personally requested a few songs by spice girls or as they are now known, the old spice girls. they are one of the top-selling female groups of all time, and also the number one streaming artist on guantanamo bay.
8:50 pm
the prisoners say what i want is for you to shut off the music. i can see the hate mail now. oh, kennedy, who do you think you are. dick cheney. topic number two. let's head out to san diego where a news anchor was wrapping up a story when a bird flew in and landed on her head. she flew in as part of a promotion for zoo day. just to be clear it was not an attack. some viewers initially thought it was. she was just doing what she was told. either way, she is getting thrown in the cage afterwards. we need criminal justice reform. topic number three. prince harry and meghan markle
8:51 pm
aren't the only royals making headlines. the bel air of the fresh prince is getting a reboot as the fresh princess. this wins set in modern times where a tv is devoid of any new ideas and they will green light anything that generates nostalgic buzz. there is no word on whether will smith will be involved. not only did carlton win dancing with the stars, he was one of the two contestants who was actually famous. the show should be called dancing with the truth. i wish them all the luck in the world. for a show from the 90s to fit in with today's hot new programs like will and grace, murphy
8:52 pm
brown, roseanne. it's all reboots. next thing you know they will give a news show to a crazy mtvvj. got help us all if that happens. topic number four. james dean's jacket from "rebel without a cause." he was the face of the resistance back when they wore leather jackets instead those adorable you pink kitten hats. but whoever wants to win his jacket will need to bid like a rebel without an overdraft limit. it's expected to sell for over $600,000 which is not exactly crumbs despite what nancy pelosi might tell you. hey, a girl has to brush her teeth with something. the iconic coat will be
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auctioned off saturday in palm beach, florida. you can also bid on the straightjacket they put hillary clinton in on election tonight. she was a rebel without an email. poor hillary, i'm so mad i can't throw things strapped in like this. topic number five. the l.a.p.d. is looking for two men who use sad dump truck to steal an atm from a chase bank. the l.a.p.d. said the suspects backed into the bank, lifted the atm on to the truck and probably thought they were home free. but there was a tracking device on the machine that touched off a police chase on the freeway. they hit several parked cars before running for it and getting away with their lives.
8:54 pm
the bank is offering a reward. but they are also offering no fee check. and we know how that worked out. the men remain at large. as does their pet bird who escaped during the heist. they haven't pulled that stunt with me, i would shoot the bird and barbeque it during the following segment. something has got to soak up the fireball. coming up, planning on binge watching your fast it show on a cold weekend? some say that's a bad idea. i will argue the other way. thou hast the patchy beard of a pre-pubescent squire!
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9:00 pm tomorrow night on the show. the mooch is back. ambassador john bolton and ww superstar dolph ziggler. >> they were in a storage room, in our spare bedroom, in the attic. >> a house full of guests who never leave. >> i would wake up in the night and think i heard them talking, you know. >> hollywood people, world figures, dictators. >> and tv stars. >> welcome once again to "masquerade party." >> an artist's secrets unmasked. >> sounds like he was talking to you. >> i know. >> are you ready for some face time? >> do you think it looks exactly like me? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ]


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