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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 6, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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and remember, you can't take it with you. ♪ [ cannon blasts ]trial down 300 points. here is lou dobbs on fox business. lou: good evening. new revelations of clinton corruption. the curious and persistent connection between clinton and obama corruption and the doggedly determined stonewalling built up by the obama justice department and the fbi. it turns out the australian diplomat who tipped off the fbi with information that the fbi alleges launched the russian probe has ties to of course the clintons. not just minor tines. i arranged one the largest foreign donations ever given to the clinton foundation. also globalist gary cohn leaving the white house.
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the president's top economic advisor announced he's resigning days after president trump announced his plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. imports that have been subsidized by their governments and dumped in the united states far below costs punishing american producer and consumers. what may be a breakthrough in the president's efforts to denuclearize north korea. kim jong-un said he's willing to twawct united states about denuclearizing his weapons program. our guest tonight, one of the congressman calling for a second special counsel to investigate clinton corruption and fisa abuses. joining us, congressman matt
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gaetz. also dr. sebastian gorka of judicial watch. they take up the deep state war against president trump. and the rin, attacks against president trump. and ambassador john bolton joins us on why he doubts north korea will go to the negotiating table in good faith. more explosive revelations about the extent of qulin on and obama corruption. the australian diplomat whose tip supposedly triggered the fbi's russia investigation has close ties to the clintons. his name is alexander downer. he's serving as australia's ambassador to london. he helped arrange a $25 million donation from australia to the clinton administration. and downer's account of a
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conversation he had with george papadopoulos at a london bar about became the fbi's official reason for opening the investigation. republican lawmakers said the fbi never told congress about downer's prior connection to the clinton foundation. another example of the fbi using evidence from sources tied to the clinton to launch the witch hunt against mr. trump to advantage hillary clinton in the election. our first guest says it's time the clintons were held accountable. joining us tonight, congressman matt gaetz who serves on a number of decommittees including judiciary, budget and armed services. as always, great to see you.
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these revelations by the fbi, the nonsense with downer is an extraordinary revelation. but made all the more extraordinary by the lateness of the game. the lateness in this moment in which we learn about it from the fbi. >> you are right, lou. the deep state is like a bad sweater. every time you pull a string, more and more starts to unravel. when democrats took up the cause of some of the deep state actors and said it wasn't the dossier that caused the spying on the transition team it was a drunken conversation in a london pub. the very person trusted as the historian of that conversation had tie to the clintons that exceeded tens of millions of dollars. what we learned is so many of these scandaled tie back to the clinton foundation because the clinton foundation was the
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bribe-taking apparatus that allowed them to use their influence avoid consequences and trouble. if attorney general jeff sessions does not appoint a second special counsel, the clintons will get away with it again and the folks in the deep state will get away with it again. as' as we can do in congress to expose facts to tell the american people what happened, we can't put handcuffs on anybody. we can't impanel a grand jury and throw anybody in jail. that's why a spellings counsel is -- a special counsel is needed. we need to hold people accountable for the crimes that have been committed. lou: a week ago i might have argued with you about the need for a special counsel. it's time for jeff sessions to step up and name a special counsel. the weight of the argument has grown with the addition of judiciary chairman goodlatte and
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trey gowdy calling for a second special counsel. just days after he said he didn't want any such thing, and has persisted in that through the past several months. but now the question becomes not only a decision by the attorney general, but where the hell is your speaker and the leadership of the house adding their weight to this demand for a second special counsel in order to prosecute clinton corruption and obama participation in all of that. >> trey gowdy and speaker ryan are very close. and i would have every confidence they have had discussions before, the chair of the oversight committee reversed his position and has taken the view that we need a second special counsel. i'm sure the speaker was consulted. when the fbi didn't want to turn over record, when they didn't want to share with us text messages. speaker ruin was in our corner
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and he did help us in that regard. lou: if i may interrupt you. the speaker of the house is not paid to be an interlocker in a dark room remote from the action. he's supposed to be a leader. he's supposed to add his weight to the office to he call that's made by the members. your conference is facing a mid-term and if you screw this up, good luck. i believe we'll see a democratic house in 2018. the leadership of the house of representatives and the senate failed to take seriously the call for the end of a two-tier justice system in which hillary clinton is dismissed and obama is allowed to build a franchise and ode to himself in chicago's
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southedside and -- southside and let life go merrily on. this president is showing it's time to get the job done. >> you are absolutely right. it's my expectation the drum beat for a special counsel and real accountability will only get louder. 7 to 8 months ago the first members of the congress said this is something so significant it requires a second special counsel. more team come to our cause. but it's important to know, there is one person in the united states government that can fix this. there is one person that can appoint a second special counsel. get a grand jury impaneled and force the clintons to live by the same justice system the rest of us live by. that person is jeff sessions. my concern is jeff sessions has been acting like an employee of the justice department. and i understand president trump's frustration with that. we need an attorney general that works with the administration
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for the rule of law. lou: if the speaker of the house will not step forward with some of his leaders, but not the ebb tire leadership of the house, and jeff sessions decides to ignore the letters, those who have implored him including yourself as one of the principles, it's going -- the -- one of the principals. the frustration will mount on why your leadership isn't joining with you on this issue and all other members calling for a prosecution and special counsel to investigate the rampant corruption, much of it centered on the clintons and of course the president trump who politicized and one might argue relatively easily that weaponized the entire intelligence community under his
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administration. >> i think we have to ask questions about what president trump knew and when he knew it. that's why it's important to get response to the questionnaires devin nunes sent out. who had possession of the dossier and who passed it on to other folks. there are republicans and democrats in this town doing everything they could to undermine donald trump before and after his election. i think we'll find people who are bad actors, republicans and democrats. we don't take real action and show accountability, our voters will throw us out and we'll deserve it. because we promised to drain the swamp. i'm tired of seeing the alligators swim around seeming ever more comfortable by the day. lou: well said. and we want to acknowledge your leadership and early participation in the call for a second special counsel and clean
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up the damn swamp. congressman matt gaetz. thanks. a reminder, one of the people most of responsible for the revelations that have been unearthed over the course of the last several months, it's devin nunes, the chairman of the house untell jones community. he'll be joining us here -- intelligence community. he'll be joining us tomorrow night. stay with us. we'll be right back. crooked connections revealed between the clintons and an fbi you can formant in the phoney russia probe. chris farrell takes up the latest evidence of clinton corruption and much more here next. president trump takes a wait and see approach as north korea claims it's open to nuclear negotiation. >> we have come a long way, at least re torically.
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it will be a great thing and we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens. lou:
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[ phone rings ] look at you. this tech stuff is easy. [ whirring sound ] you want a cookie? it's a drone! i know. find your phone easily with the xfinity voice remote. one more way comcast is working to fit into your life, not the other way around. lou: as we reported even parts of the republican establishment
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are beginning to understand parts of obama corruption -- obama and clinton corruption. trey gowdy and chairman goodlatte have joined the call for a special counsel to investigate surveillance abused by the obama administration era and justice department. lawmakers say it's time to have an investigator with subpoena and prosecutorial powers, something the justice department inspector general. it was only a few days a ago gowdy said he was reluctant to call for a special counsel. we have a lot to cover. i want to begin if i may with your lawsuit seeking bruce and nelly ohr's records to figure
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out the relationship with the discredited phoney trump dossier and fusion gps's relationship to all of this. >> the american public deserves the communications, the records, the messages, the texts between ohr, the number four guy at the justice department, the same guy who served as the conduit. he was the go-to guy to funnel that information to the justice department and was a personal contact of steel. of course, his wife nellie ohr was work apartment fusion gps as an employee. ohr is the very next us of this information -- is the nexus of this phoney information flow. we need to see who was communicating with and what was communicated. lou: it seems that the justice department and fbi would want to
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have those answers themselves and taking action. on its face it's highly irregular conduct. it's highly inappropriate again. yet justice department and the fbi have done nothing more than demote someone. this is deeply troubling in is no sign they are going to expedite a response to your lawsuit. how long do you expect it to take to get resolution and get those records if you are to get them. >> we filed those requests in early and mid-december. we'll get before a judge the next couple weeks. there will be a scheduling conference. i guess it will be calendared for production within 60 days. lou: you will have the records? >> they will start producing them within 60 days. lou: like the state department will they take two years to provide them all.
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>> i'm sure they will cry we is me and have a hundred reasons why they can't do it in an expeditious matter. lou: this is deeply troubling to every american. this is not just a republican and democratic issue. there are rancid, corrupt, rotten people in the democratic party that took control of the democratic party and much of the administration. it's undetermined what role president trump and his administration played, but it has to be a significant one. >> we know andy mccabe had meeting with lisa monaco. so she was the contact or the point person within the obama administration to take all this mccabe, strzok, page material and pump it into the white house. as we know from page's own text
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messages she wrote that the president -- potus wants to know everything we are doing. where do you think that came from? lou: let's turn to now, the australian diplomat, the former foreign minister, now ambassador to the court of st. george, the u.k., mr. downer was the contact that the fbi credits for starting the fbi investigation because of a conversation he had with a low-level trump quote-unquote advisor by the name of papadopoulos. what do you make of this? >> the australian munster was involved in a money laundering operation because he was shoveling money to the clinton foundation which is a criminal enterprise used launder money. i don't think that's even in
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dispute any longer. to take that much money and shove it at the clintons, it's all pay-to-play. the clintons have made a lifetime career of leveraging the government office for personal gain. you have to go to the credibility of the witness. this guy comes in web's not pure always driven snow. he has a vested financial interest in this. lou: not on those the fbi says it relied upon and the dossier, whether it's christopher steele or whether it is downer, this is just the people participating in the department of justice as employees and officials. the fbi. i might's rancid from start to finish. we know that now. and yet there are so many hurdles that have to be left in the course of the next few months.
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it very press freighting, but at least as always in good measure because of you and judicial watch, we appreciate. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the corrupt leadership will ever be held accountable for launching the phoney russian investigation to destroy the trump candidacy and ultimately subvert his presidency? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on strain gram @loudobbstonight. on wall street, the nasdaq a robust 41 points. follow on the big board, 3.1 billion shares. jeff bezos the top spot on the "forbes" millionaire list.
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lou: the rhino leaders of the house and the senate spend more time opposing president trump than almost anything else they
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do. this time on tariffs and trade. house speaker ryan largely doing the bidding of the chamber of commerce, the business round table. listen in. >> we want to make sure that abusers are held to account, especially china when it comes to dumping and transshipping but we also want to make sure that the steps we take forward to not create unintended consequences. lou: have you ever heard a quie talk so fast. and i don't think he understands a word he's saying. president trump intends that china and the european union pay the consequences of unfair trade practices against the united states. ryan doesn't comprehend that. he doesn't understand the issue of immense overcapacity on the part of china and the degree to which our trading par partners e taking advantage of so-called american trade. no other country has dropped tariff es and barriers to trades like the united states. we stand alone as a free trader and that makes it a very
10:29 pm
expensive proposition. senator majority leader mcconnell making it clear he's doing the bidding of his masters on k street as well. >> many of our members are discussing with the administration just how broad, how sweeping this might be. and there's a high level of concern about interfering with what appears to be an economy that's taking off in every respect. lou: wow. mcconnell first of all, i didn't know if he was going to get through that sentence, did you? he said appears. this economy appears to be taking off in every respect. where has mblg connell been. this economy started soaring once president trump was elected and that's been a while, mr. mcconnell. stronger economic growth of 3% since he was elected, strong markets, $7 trillion more, consumer confidence at an 18-year high, weekly job else claims for crying out loud at
10:30 pm
the lowest level in nearly half a century and mcconnell says it appears the economy might be taking off. where has he been for the last 13 months the economy took off the first week president trump was elected. something neither mcconnell nor ryan thought possible and they sure didn't want to dream of that possibility. and now they want to frustrate him in every way and sound like his pal. joining me, senior presidential fellow, fox business political analyst, ed rollins. >> thank you, sir. lou: can you believe these so-called leaders of the republican party on capitol hill? i don't understand why they're there. they don't understand. >> first of all, i don't think they understand politics either but they certainly don't understand economics untiles it's taught to them by the chamber of commerce and the business round table. >> they are the tools of that group, as opposed to the leaders for the president's party. the president has to get this
10:31 pm
thing done. i think he's on the verge of getting it done. and the congress can't stop him. thethey gave their rights up may years ago and he basically has the authority to push the trade tariffs and he basically has come to a conclusion that that's the right thing to do. equally important, gary cohn, the leader of the opposition, did the right thing. i give him credit for basically he lost this fight and he's leaving the white house and it's the right thing to do at the same time i hope he keeps his mouth shut towards the president. lou: ryan and mcconnell were listening to you right now and understand what the right thing to do here is. >> the right thing for ryan to do is to get as many republicans as possible -- i pooh-poohed a second commission here not because i didn't want it to happen -- willed what should ryan do? expwhr h>> he takes the whip administration gets as many
10:32 pm
signatures as possible, send it over to the justice department and sessions can redeem himself calling for a special counsel. you're not going to get to the clintons. my comments last night were not that i don't think the clintons -- i've studied the clintons forever. lou: president trump has taught us all something in government, that the impossible is just short of a real effort. the fact is he has -- it was emboss that we're going to see comprehensive tax reform a year ago. >> a booming economy. lou: or a booming economy or a booming market or 3% growth that that booming economy. the new normal was here eight years under barack obama. it took president trump less than six month to demonstrate that yes, all of this is possible in america. and so when you say that you don't think it's boss, that's a reasonable position to take. but the fact is under this administration, under this leadership, under this president a lot becomes possible very quickly if, if ryan and
10:33 pm
mcconnell will decide they're going to follow trump instead of don hugdonahue at the chamber of commerce. >> and if sessions doesn't appoint one, then the president ought to fire him. that's the bottom line. we need to look at how -- lou: who does he put in? i agree with you. >> a lot of prominent people. lou: how about scout pruitt. he woul>> he would be good. controversial. lou: the hell with controversial. we haven't had trade surpluses in this country since 1975. turn that around. that's what the president is doing. and he has to -- he has to tell some people to go to h hel rks d he's done it. >> he'll continue to do that. the bottom line as i said to you, the bottom line is this president will be judged at the end of four years or eight years and he's going to accomplish a great deal. lou: i think he is going to go down as one of the country's, if not the greatest president
10:34 pm
period. >> going through the toughest mire of any president in history. maybe lincoln. lou: even the tough guys in his position taking on the assault that is hitting him every day would be whining in a corner sucking on their thumbs. it's amazing. ed rollins, one of the toughest guys in this country. >> an old man, that's what i am. it's okay. still going. lou: know the feeling, partner thanks so much. sunday's os considers with, the lowest rated ever. and i may be betraying a certain amount of glee at that. perhaps americans are just simply tired of late-night comedians who fancy themselves political. i mean this guy at one time people told me he was fu funny. i never detected it. he certainly wasn't last night. and hollywood, there are no stars out there, as president trump pointed out. he did think there is one bright
10:35 pm
shining star, ed. president trump himself. >> a lousy show honoring bunch of lowdy -- lou: yep. trump is a big star. >> absolutely. lou: with that we'll continue. coming light back with much more stay with us president trump vows to allow none of our trading partners to take advantage of america or our american workers and industry. >> it's been a very very unfair trade situation. i'm here to protect. and one of the reasons i was elected is i'm protecting our workers, protecting our companies and i'm not going to let that happen. so we're doing tariffs on steal. lou: we take up president trump's efforts to make american trading relationships both rational and reciprocal and in tonight's video, why zip line all the way to the end when you can have more fun right in the middle. in that video we'll show you the exhilarating stunt from utah right here coming up next.
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lou: joining us tonight, dr. sebastian gorka, former strategist to president trump, now a fox business national security strategist. and always it is great to see you, dr. gorka. and let's turn to first the most recent revelations that the fbi informant about whom they say, he was absolutely pivotal to launching their investigation, pure bull and nonsense, but
10:40 pm
nonetheless we find out he had significant connections to the clintons. are you shocked? >> no. because i've been following the clintons ever since those cattle futures. remember those cattle futures, what was it 30 years ago that suddenly made this woman who had never dealt in them before suddenly wealthy? lou: he made $100,000 with a chicago commodity trader. >> it's the clinton crime cartel and nothing surprises me. i just can't get over the cog ancognitive disso dense talk abt collusion about the trump administration and not one scintilla of evidence. on the other side we have an agent connected to the kremlin, paid millions of dollars by the clirn tclintons, now an australn
10:41 pm
diplomat -- lou: didn't you love the fact that brings closure to it. it connects the clinton foundation with all of the clinton corruption machine. and here we have a phony dossier organized by the fbi itself because they are the ones that chose to believe those that they did. it was very convenient to their purpose. >> let's look at the enormity of that issue. this is opposition research paid for by one candidate in a presidential campaign to attack the other candidate's campaign and illegally acquire, through her friends, the surveillance warrant because the origins of that dossier wasn't revealed to the judge. you know, mark levin said it best. hillary clinton bought a surveillance warrant against the trump campaign. we don't do that in america.
10:42 pm
but -- lou: i actually think that's a little convoluted on the part of mark. i think he could have been more direct. the fact is the clinton campaign and the dnc were buying everything. they bought a nomination from their party. >> as well, yes. lou: -- and they did so through all of this just sorted rancid corruption that follows them wherever they set up shop. and thankfully the mesh people didn't let them set up shop at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> we dodged a bullet there. that's for certain, lou. lou: this call now for a second special counsel, the idea that a second special counsel could be put together, it puts the pressure directly on the attorney general because the leaders of the republican party -- today trey gowdy and the chairman of the judiciary
10:43 pm
committee, bob goodlot adding their names and standing to the call. do you think it will happen and what do you think happens when all of this is before the attorney general? is he capable of doing the right thing? >> i know you're not a fan of the ag. congressman gates made a very good point. he said we can uncover the facts but we can't handcuff anybody. we can't arrest anybody. and this is the problem. i've never been a fan of the special counsel. i don't care whether it's a democrat in office or a republican. they always go beyond their mandate. they always end up fishing. i've said doj and fbi is rotten at the top after eight years of obama. lou: what do they do about the call for a second special counsel? >> i think they have the mandates already. doj/fbi have the mandates. they need to go out to the field offices. get out of the swamp.
10:44 pm
go to new mexico, go to oregon, pick people with a sterling record with no connection to the swamp and empower them to investigate the corruption. they have the mandate. lou: does the president fire jeff sessions if he does not? >> i know personally i know the president is not satisfied with the attorney general. lou: we all do. he's made that clear to everyone. >> yeah. i'm not going to tell the president what to do. lou: did you think you could? >> no. that's why i'm not going to. lou: dr. sebastian gorka, thanks so much please roll the video now. a daredevil in utah finding new breathtaking ways to enjoy the beauty of the desert. zip lining across a canyon i in moab before letting go and -- watch this. here we go. here we go.
10:45 pm
there it is. parachute deployed. that is speck tac spectacular up next, dems under fire as president trump scores a legal vicvictory on daca and more. i'll have a few thoughts about our fight to enforce the nation's immigration laws in my commentary next. stay with us. stay with us. we'll be right touch is how we communicate with those we love, but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, up to 90% had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to.
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lou: yetion nal leaders have tried to, instruct president trump over his plans on immigration and border security from the very day he took office. speaker ryan and leader mcconnell often seem more objectionist than the democratic opposition on capitol hill. but it appears that president trump is finally building momentum where it may count the most, in the nation's federal courts. the judicial system have begun to slowly give the president the legal victories he deserves and desperately needs to prevail. today a federal judge in maryland ruled president trump indeed does have the constitutional authority to end the so-called daca program. judge rogers titus admonished those of his colleagues on the bench who have allowed their personal view to influence their
10:50 pm
decisions. he wrote, quote, this court does not like the outcome of this case but is constrained by its constitutionally limited role to the result that it has reached. it is not the province of the judiciary to provide legislative or executive action when those entrusted with those responsibilities fail to act. the decision follows two other legal victories for the president from unlikely sources as well. the obama appointed judge orric ruling the trump administration has the power to withhold from the state of california a million dollar federal grant over the issue of sanctuary policies that violate u.s. law. and last week, a judge, also an obama appointee, ruled that the president's border wall may indeed proceed ruling against powerful environmental groups and the state of california, deferring to president trump's
10:51 pm
powers on any matter of national security. it is far too early to say that justice is emerging from our heavily biaseds court system. but this may well be the beginning of a beautiful, beautiful return to justice in this country. our quotation of the evening, this one from walt whitman who said this, "judging from the main portions of the history of the world so far, justice is always in jeopardy ." up next, the president's tough stance toward north korea may well be paying dividen divi. a break through may be at hand. kim jong-un says he's ready to go to the negotiating table with the united states. ambassador john bolton takes up that very issue here next. stay with us. we'll be right back. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
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10:56 pm
the act before about willingness to talk and indeed talks with previous presidents but we've never seen it with this president. is it different this time? >> i think it's different because the nort north koreans,e their objective is clearly to find ways to distract our attention while they perfect their ability to drop nuclear war heads on u.s. targets, i think knowing how close they are to that objective, they're very worried about donald trump. they not only recognize he's a different kind of president than barack obama, but when he says we could go hard either way, i think they recognize that the threat of military force, not that trump wants to use it but that he is prepared to use it. he's not afraid to use it like some of his predecessors. and i think that's caught them up snort in pyongyang and this is one reaction to it. lou: and the chinese, where are they in all of this? are they being helpful? are they still pursuing the two
10:57 pm
korea policy that russia -- that china and the united states have considered to be a, if you will, a geopolitical absolute -- absolutely essential paradigm. >> well, they certainly haven't done anything to indicate they're willing to talk about eliminating the two korea problem. and i really think that's the ultimate solution. you have to have the kim jong-un regime disappear from history. the best way to do that is reunification with the south. the state department should have been talking to china about this 15 years ago. i think china has tightened up to an extent on the sanctions but whether they're assisting north korea in other ways, we don't know. like the russians are, the chinese stepped up somewhat and the russians took up the slack. that's why kim jong-un and his predecessors were able to get
10:58 pm
through the hardship they imposed on their people. the olympics for example, south korea paid for north korea's participation in the olympics. just incredible. lou: let's set the stage here. how soon will north korea have a nuclear war head deliverable by a ballistic missile to -- against either our alley alliese united states itself? >> look cia director mike pompeo as several times used the phrase within a handful of months. a handful of month to do precisely that. lou: he said it more than a handful of months ago. >> he said it a couple of weeks ago. there are things happening to push that back but nobody should think we have a lot of time here. and i think that's why the president is coming closer to a very unpleasant choice. lou: let me say this, and no offense to the cia director. but i'm tired of the ci earks
10:59 pm
director and other officials who have liedin sliding goals and assessments. he was saying last year, by the end of that year, at the beginning of this year. we're now at march for crying out loud. if there's to be credibility on the part of the intelligence community, we need a little bit better, more reliable assessment from them and straightforwardly. >> yeah. lou: certainly the president does. i presume he's getting that. >> and we understand, i think, that our intelligence is not perfect. and you don't want to allow thi- lou: if we understand nothing else, ambassador, we understand that american intelligence is not perfect. can i put it that way? >> that would be a good way to put it. but if we allow it to slip, then we've find ourselves that we's misestimated the danger and north korea has nuclear weapons. henry kissinger said it right, saying what once was declared is
11:00 pm
unacceptable is now becoming irreversible. decision time is coming soon for trump. and i think to the extent that the north understands -- lou: we're out of time.trtrtrtr0 points.'re out of time.trtrtrtr0 here is lou dobbs on fox business. lou: good evening. new revelations of clinton corruption. the curious and persistent connection between clinton and obama corruption and the doggedly determined stonewalling built up by the obama justice department and the fbi. it turns out the australian diplomat who tipped off the fbi with information that the fbi alleges launched the russian probe has ties to of course the clintons. not just minor tines. i arranged one the largest foreign donations ever given to the clinton foundation. also


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