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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 9, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. 313,000 jobs last month. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs. the house intelligence committee expanding its investigation into the discredited trump dossier. they are seeking answers from two former obama officials linked to vice president joe biden. they are demanding answers from a former biden staffer whose husband works for fusion gps. new information about the possible break through with north korea.
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the president has agreed to meet with kim jong-un. but the administration is insisting that meeting will not be taking place without could be crete steps from the rogue regime. our guest tonight, congressman andy biggs. one of the first lawmakers to call for a second special counsel to investigate obama and club on corruption. two of the best political analysts in the business, ed rollins and charlie hurt. and asia expert gordon chang. the tangled web of corruption surrounding the dirty and discredited trump dossier. the house intelligence committee is expanding its investigation of that smear document. we are sending a questionnaire to two more obama administration
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officials. catherine her urge has our -- catherine herridge has our report. catherine: they are sending request including to a former staffer of joe biden. murray worked for vice president joe biden as deputy chief of staff and weren't on to be a senior advisor for president obama. when she learned the dossier was funded by the dnc and the hillary clinton campaign. the video shows her testify being the dossier last year on capitol hill. committee investigators question whether there may be similarities to the case of former justice department
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official bruce ohr. he was demoted for failing to disclose his contacts with a former british spy that compiled the information that weren't opportunity to dossier. multiple attempts to reap murray were unsuccessful. gregg: president trump's decision to meet with the north korean leader kim jong-un. the breakthrough receiving praise from some of the president's harshest critics. reporter: south koreans credited donald trump for bringing north korea to the table. >> the united states is actually
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having conversations from a position of strength, not weakness like the one north korea finds itself in due to the maximum pressure campaign. reporter: the two leaders traded insults for months. president trump calling kim jong-un a man you yak and little rocketman. while the white house says this possible breakthrough was months in the making, even the secretary of state was taken aback by how quickly the landscape changed. >> what changed was his posture in a dramatic way that came as a little bit of a surprise to us as well. reporter: white house officials don't know precisely why kim did an about-face. but they believe the sting of sanctions was crippling the regime. >> we believe this step is in the right direction. it's required to normalize the
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situation around the korean peninsula. reporter: the white house warning today kim is not going to get a face to face with the president unless he's present paired to give up his nuclear program. >> the united states made zero concessions. but the north korea made some promises, and this meeting won't take place without concrete actions that match the promises made by north korea. reporter: president trump is fully aware the offer could be just another ruse to buy time. senator marco rubio is kept cal, laying out what he thinks kim may be up to. >> he's luring us into these negotiations. at that point he'll go to the world and say i have been very reasonable. i have been willing to be flexible. but these guys don't want to deal with me, and that's designed to get the international community to back off of sanctions.
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white house officials try to work out a location and say it's complicated. more likely some neutral third country. at the white house, john roberts, fox news. reporter: joining me now, congressman andy biggs. great to have you with us tonight. are you becoming uncreasingly convinced it wasn't just the fbi and the department of justice using this phoney dossier document to damage trump during the campaign, the key people in the obama administration were in on it? >> it seems that way. and it seemed that way for some time when you look at the ohrs, bruce and nellie ohr. now you are starting to see rod rosenstein, you saw him involved
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from uranium one all the way through everything. so this is the gift that keeps gig so to speak and not in a good way, that we are seeing more and more. and to see this couple, mr. cunning and miss murray. their relationship, and yet here we see this connection with fusion gps right on into the white house. gregg: isn't it interesting, glenn simpson gps's testimony under oath. he didn't disclose that information. he didn't disclose nellie ohr or disclose the biden connection as well. you are a lawyer. you know that deceiving a court, concealing evidence, is arguably a variety of of crimes. i can think of six different felony statutes that are violated. abuse of power.
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obstruction of justice. perjury. do you think that crimes may well have been committed that merit a criminal investigation? >> absolutely yes. i mean the bottom line is this should have been a criminal investigation ongoing. now we are hearing the a.g. is getting in on this a little bit. these are questions i asked director wray and the attorney general when they testified before the judiciary committee. i said we know things were going on, this warrants a criminal investigation. will you reopen investigation? they said yes they would. but they were punt together inspector general. that's not where we need to be. we need our own attorney general to get in there and conduct the investigation and where necessary bring charges. if he doesn't think he can do it
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because he recused himself, then there is ample room under the statutes for him to appoint a special counsel. >> he's on record saying his recusal doesn't moon he can't appoint a special counsel. why is it taking so long. you are among the first people to write to the attorney general. there was a letter in july from two dozen members of congress and the judiciary committee. then another letter sent. he didn't respond. finally in know said i'm thinking about it. in the course of the last 10 days, two more letters have been sent. are you concerned that jeff sessions isn't really in control of the department of justice? >> that's been one of my concerns from early on. he didn't clear out the highest ranging people who were left from the obama administration. some of whom we found out participated in all of these
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investigations where they hid everything from the email scandal to the our iranium one scandal. they participated in that and didn't bring charges. it looks like they were protecting hillary rodham clinton. he should have in my opinion cleared out that group, brought in a fresh group of faces, people who were objective. at least objective. and that didn't happen. so now you have rod rosenstein who seems to be making a lot of decisions, and that's a problem. gregg: california sanctuary cities and state, you have applaud the move by the trump administration to go after california. aren't they already breaking the law? here is the federal statute. state or local government entity or official may not prohibit or in any way restrict sending to or receiving from the immigration and nationalization
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service now i.c.e. regarding the immigration and naturalization service information regarding their status. >> the most outoutrageous example of that was the oakland mayor who warned child molesters and murderers, hide out from i.c.e. they have taken i.c.e. out of the sheriff's offices. this is actually in my opinion high level criminal conduct. i'm grateful jeff sessions is bringing a lawsuit. but we need to do more than that. i think people need to be prosecuted whether it be for obstruction of justice or aiding and abetting people who are fleeing from justice. fleeing from process. those are crimes.
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gregg: and it's a violation of a specific federal statute that we'll be bringing up with a form prosecutor. congressman andy big gs, i want to thank you. president trump delivering on his promise to put american workers first. president trump: a strong steel and aluminum industry are vital to our national security. absolutely vital. steel is steel. you don't have steel, you don't have a country. gregg: we take up the trump tariffs with ed rollins next. the democrats' remember of corruption running deep. republicans demanding answers about ties between fusion gps and abiden staffer. much mor liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad...
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gregg: the u.s. economy is surging under president trump. 313,000 jobs were added in the month of february. that's the biggest gain since
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2016. it's the biggest one-month uncrease in 35 years. american wages increased up 2.6% from a year agree. the * is campaigning outside pittsburgh, three days before a highly anticipated congressional election. rick saccone is running an unexpected close race with a democrat where president trump won by 20 points in the 2016 election. let me ask you about this race in pennsylvania. republicans did not pick the greatest candidate to run. edare's a nice -- ed: he's a nice man but he's not
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charismatic. but it's symbolic. this is a strong district. they wouldn't have a democrat running fit weren't for the fact it is symbolic. if saccone wins it, there will probably be month district for in the fall, it will get reapportioned out. i don't think special elections are harmful. congressional races where not national campaigns. every district is different. i want to ask you about the president's move to meet with kim jong-un. it's a bold move. the first american president to
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sit dwownt leader of korea, two former presidents, carter and clinton. but this is very symbolic. it gives the dictator his just due at the same time. he has to come to the table, and i would give nothing up before or after until i see very, very significant steps on his part. gregg: kim jong-un doesn't have any choices left. his country is broke. he has run out of money. he squandered it on a missile program. ed: we are in the strongest economic position we have been in a long time. he's living on the fumes of survival, his people are. we need to take strong leadership.
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i think president trump stepping in there and showing the world we are willing to negotiate under a position of strengths an has to give a lot to stay there. gregg: jeff sessions hinting he's making a move to consider a special counsel to determine whether people within the obama administration's department of justice committed crimes. it strikes me it's a given. edrequire's an easy -- ed: it's an easy one for him. he has the support of the leadershipping in congress and 100 members who asked him to do this. every day we find something new. the story of the biden staffers involved in the preparation of the dossier. so i think the only way we'll get to the bottom to make people
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satisfied is we need a special counsel. gregg: he spent most of of his career in the u.s. senate where people are famous for doddling. ed: one of the great misconceptions is the attorney general has to be the strongest advocate for law enforcement for the president's programs. he's the protector of the president. he defends the administration whenever it's drawn into court. he took himself out on the russian thing but he spent a year without filgt the position and changing the dynamics of the place. gregg: you have been around washington politics well before watergate. can you puncture the myth that
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the president can't order the attorney general to do this investigation or that investigation. ed: i was in the nixon administration. the reality there is were crimes committed. there was obstruction of justice. there were 49 people who were charged and the president did try to obstruct justice. this is not at all like that. the original burglary was not something nixon planned, but the cover-up was. the attorney general's position after that was strong. and eric holder protected the obama flanks. gregg: bobby kennedy did as well for his brother. be sure to vote in tonight's poll on whether you have any confidence attorney general jeff sessions will finally appoint a
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special counsel after a year investigating questions of collusion. on wall street, stocks surging following that strong jobs report. the dow gaining 440 points. the s & p up 48. it closed at a new record high. vol on the big board 3.3 billion shares. the nasdaq vote offing weekly gains of 3.4%. reports that the real collusion was between mike and i are both veterans, both served in the navy. i do outrank my husband, not just being in the military,
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gregg: former national security advisor susan rice is embroiled in yet another scandal. the cyber response team was planning to strike back hard at russia when they first heard of its election meddling. rice allegedly told nsc officials to stand down and quote mark it off other obama officials admitted the administration quote-unquote choked when it came to response to russian interference. charlie, good to see you. it strikes me there are three possibilities to account for rice's behavior. sidity, incompetence or coward cowardice. which would you choose?
11:29 pm
>> d, none of the above. the accusation is being made by a couple of far left authors who interviewed a lot of people in the obama administration. and it raises a real question, why would they tell them to stand down and actively work to prevent the previous administration from dealing with the russian attempts to interfere with the election. the only thing i can couple with that either a they feared some of it would somehow come back now haunt them which of course it is, or they didn't want to do anything to disrupt the collusion, the conspiracy that i think was going on at the time. >> i don't think she is smart enough to know any better. let me turn to the dossier. another day, another connection that is direct from the dossier
11:30 pm
to the obama admin surprised. another person, this one connected to bind was work on the dossier. amaid all of the -- amid all of the crimes that appear to have been committed in the obama administration, we know maybe 10% of what they were doing. >> just like with the gun running operation into mexico. you hear the story and hear the accusations, your first reaction is there is no way that could happen. then you found out the wildest thing you heard is exactly what happened. you can't believe it. you can't make it up. it's easy to talk about how the collusion that trump is accused of versus the collusion that we are now beginning to see the democrats involved in. the charges are so different. the charges against trump are sort of ephemeral, it's
11:31 pm
pointless. the charges of the collusion it looks like we saw out of the obama administration, whether unking with it or, whether unwitting orwitt can. it prompts a political opponent to spy from the middle of a presidential campaign. i can't think of anything that comes close to that. gregg: i'm not just talking about uranium one and selling out america's vital asset. i'm also talking about, christopher steele who was working with russians to trash trump. >> egg they said donald trump did to this date has no evidence
11:32 pm
that he did. but it's the second step that just kills me. that turns us into a banana republic. when you use this bogus evidence that you excluded to get in the first place to turn our own national security apparatus against democracy and begin spying on the administration's political opponents. that's terrifying. gregg: bill and hill got what they wanted, they got rich. they just didn't get the white house. >> they were dead broke. gregg: they had two mansions at the time she said they were dead broke. president trump agrees to an historic meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. we take up the president's strong global leadership with gordon chang.
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gregg: president trump's historic decision to sit down with one has led to complimentary headlines from the
11:37 pm
left-wing media. "new york times," trump's meeting with kim jong-un is yet another pledge to do what nobles can done. even cnn's erin burnett said if president trump can truly solve this problem, that would be going down as a great president. joining me, gordon chang, expert on north korea and china. you are the guy on this somebody. you know more than anyone, truly. erin burnett for once may have been right? >> certainly. a succession of american presidents tried to solve this problem. they all failed in different ways. liberals and conservatives, democrats and republicans. one thing president trump has done. over a sustained basis he put north korea at the top of his list of foreign policy challenges and he's willing to
11:38 pm
exercise american political will and american national power in order to solve this. we haven't solved it yet of course. but you can see the makings of a solution. so i think we should be relatively optimistic. very difficult change, but relatively optimistic nonetheless. gregg: if any other american president the last 30 or 40 years would have thought doing this, they would have spent two years thinking about it and back-channel conversations, talks to have talks to have talks. trump is the kind of guy who picks up the phone and seizes an opportunity when he saw it and he put kim on the spot. >> he did. kim is apparently talking about being committed to denuclearization. trump is saying look, we'll sit down and talk by the end of may and we'll see if you are serious or not. the other thing trump did and he
11:39 pm
doesn't get credit for this. what he's saying to the south korean president is i'm not going to allow the north koreans to drive a wedge between the south score rans and the united states. trump is saying i won't let this happen on my watch. trump is good making sure the two states don't diverge from each other. gregg: you can never trust the north koreans, they have lied and cheated before. >> even into the 1980s in discussions with the under national atomic energy agency. i think they are being hurt by trump's sanctions and the u.n. sanctions. so they want some relief. that's why there is this initiative. and that's a good thing. what we are seeing is for instance, office number 39 which is north korea's family's slush fund is running out of cash,
11:40 pm
according to chinese sources. some people are saying the country is running out of foreign exchange, the hard currency, and that will happen by october. that means he doesn't have money to launch missiles or bite loyalty of senior regime members with gifts. gregg: where does china fit in with this? >> they are pretty much a bystander. you have the united states talking to north korea directly. beijing liked being in the middle of this because that gave them power. whenever we had a problem with north korea, we would give concessions to china on the south china sea. now they are being cut out of the conversation. gregg: china should be cut out of it anyway because they never capitulated to our please do
11:41 pm
this and please do that. >> during the presidency of george w. bush, he put beijing at the center of the six-party talks. he thought that was more important than die nuclearizing the north korea yants. so we got an arrogant beijing and nuked up north korea. trump is saying none of that for me. gregg: gordon chang, thanks for your insights. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you think attorney general jeff sessions will finally appoint a second special counsel? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. a harrowing moment caught on camera. a group of snow boarders in sonora pass, california accidentally triggering an
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gregg: president trump visiting california tuesday, a week after his administration sued the state over its dangerous sanctuary policies. he'll be stopping in san diego to visit the 8 prototypes for his proposed wall. joining me, tom dupre. tom, there is no question in your mind, is there, that what california and cities and counties are doing is a clear violation of federal law, that there is two different ones, the supremacy clause of the constitution and the federal statute that says they have to cooperate with ice. >> that's it. this idea that federal law override state law is not something new that was newly
11:47 pm
minted in the trump administration it's in the constitution. the constitution says federal law is the supreme law of the land and it gives congress power over immigration. that's not reserved for the states. if it wants to successfully defend these laws, i think the state of california will have to explain in a coherent way to a federal judge why the state laws are an effort to obstruct and thwart federal law. gregg: when you have a shaffer in san francisco who is told to hold somebody and he says i'm going to open the jailhouse door, and he goes out and shoots kate steinle. and when you have an oakland mayor that alerts people that i.c.e. is coming for them, it strikes me as aiding and abetting obstruction of justice. any person knowing or in reckless disregard that an alien has come to enter or remains in
11:48 pm
the u.s. in violation of law con seals, harbors or shields from detection or attempts to do so shall be in prison for not more than five years. if somebody is injured the penalty jumps to 10 years. if somebody dies like kate steinle the penalty can be life behind bars. is it time to start prosecuting the city and county and state officials who are concealing and harboring and shielding? >> i think the first thing to do is to see if there is some way to get california to walk this back before you start putting local officials in jail. there is a huge public safety issue here. this bill concerns people who are about to be released from state custody. they have been in jail in the state of california tip qulail for a good reason -- typically for a good reason. because they pose a danger to the community. when federal officials say
11:49 pm
please cooperate with us and let us know when these folks are about to be released into our communities so we can take zaib remove them from the country. for california officials to say we are not going to tell you because we want them to get back out seems to pose a serious public safety threat. gregg: you were in the department of justice. using a phoney document, going to a judge, concealing some of the evidence and deceiving the judge by not telling the truth by the. and the law requires that the document be verified before you present it to the judge, and failing to do that, isn't that breaking the law by the fbi and doj? >> you have law enforcement officials who are trying to bamboozle a federal judge by con sweelg they know to be relevant evidence as to whether a surveillance warrant should be granted.
11:50 pm
that's a breach of their oath and it could be a federal crime fit was done knowingly and intentionally. the question to my mind is from the judge's perspective. when fbi folks were pulling this material together, were they deprived of the information they needed to make a fair assessment of whether surveillance was warrant, i think that's the ultimate question we are going to need to get and answer to. coming up next, bind goes outside the box. the former veep has wild ideas for challenging trump in 2020. we'll take them up with our panel. ♪ ♪
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gregg: new reports that aides to former vice president joe biden are exploring options to run against president trump in 2020. they are said to be brainstorming outside the box plans to boost biden, including announcing that the 75-year-old would only serve one term as a sort of reset presidency. that's a great idea. joining me now, radio talk show host don giordano, and family bruce. the democrats i keep talking to keep saying could hillary and
11:55 pm
bind please just go away? tammy: it highlights how chaotic the party is the fact that there is no leadership. there is a gasp for the past. and you have two individuals in hillary and joe biden who like the attention. obama wants to have a netflix deal and that may happen. but biden is not going to get that and neither will hillary. the only way they have relevancy is through the potential of running again. by the has nothing to do with what's best for the country, or making the country better. it's their theater. i think this is a show that needs to close when it comes to joe biden. gregg: harold stafson kept
11:56 pm
running and running and losing and losing. >> we reach into delaware and we blame them for bind. he may be their best candidate on paper. somebody like elizabeth warren, just picture donald trump with elizabeth warren and the obvious things out there. bernie is better than the others. who do they have after that who is a plausible candidate. biden understands how out of touch they are with white working class americans. at least he's acknowledging that. the rest of the democrats don't even do that. gregg: the president is heading out to california, and the department of justice is going after california big time for their sanctuary city and state policies. tammy, you wrote an excellent couple. you are from california, and so am i.
11:57 pm
last time i was there. family, friends, they are all ready to pack their bags and leave the state. tammy: it's an exquisite state it's a beautiful land with everything you want to have from the desert to up north near san francisco, the wine valley, and it's being destroyed. california is destroying once great american cities with not just homelessness, but relaxed drug laws. now you have homeless encampments where hundreds of thousands of needles are found on the ground. little kids have to navigate human feces and drugs and individual on the streets. and also the economy in general. the gangs. we have sanctuary cities. the problem oakland we have been dealing with. the protection of these individuals it's become such a level of chaos. my friend have moved to phoenix.
11:58 pm
las vegas. it's a shame, but it's what you get with liberalism that is unbridled. that nobody is able to control, and they don't know when to stop. this is where we are at right now. gregg: is this what happens when extreme liberals seize the power of government for a prolonged period of time and essentially ruin the legal and social fabric creating chaos and lawlessness? >> i'm here in philadelphia where democrats have ruled the last 65-66 days years. the mayor is a democrat it's a race between the greatness that's there inherently versus the ravaging they do it's a race to see how long sit takes before it collapses. we are in philadelphia, we have tremendous assets but we are held back by these same ideas.
11:59 pm
it's the same race to the bottom going on. gregg: maybe one way to stop it is to start prosecuting the officials who are breaking the law. tammy: what a concept. that's why president trump was elected. we have seen this disconnect with law and order which has ended. the nature of who gets arrested and who doesn't. the president pardoning that sailor who was convicted of taking pictures of a submarine. but we see this break that happens with liberals where the law and order doesn't matter to them. it's the feeling that matter. the american people in every city, the great cities must demand and elect individuals-can push back in this framework and bring us back to the greatness we know our cities can be.
12:00 am
gregg: dom, i short-changed you. i'll make it up to you next time i see you. thanks for joining us. commerce secretary wilbur rolls is among our guests monday. have a great weekend. >> announcer: from the fox studios in new york city this is maria bartiromo's "wall street." maria: welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'm maria bartiromo. former federal reserve vice president roger ferguson. gerri willis is standing by with the headlines from wall street to main street. gerri: the jobs report was a blowout by can standards. u.s. economy adding1300


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