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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 12, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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higher. green across that were taking a cue from wall street. hong kong, hang seng up 2%. protect the mayor kids come in house unveiling his plan to help end gun violence in seoul. it's a proposal calling for federal money to arm and train teachers. does not include any change to the age to buy a weapon. >> i think from a day of if somebody has the concealed carry permit in others, more importantly giving the tip that they're able to see it. they are supposed to have guns from getting it. >> rate down the mission to improve school safety. take a look at the current school safety deal moving through congress this week. five people dead this morning after a truck crashes in new york's east river last night.
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the latest on this investigation coming up. country singer star tim mcgraw collapses during a concert in ireland. more on the investigation coming out. change at the top. nearly 15 year tenure there. we'll talk about what it looks like going forward with details on its replacement coming up. it may take longer than you think. but the burger machine flippy was taken offline after one day. joining me to talk all about it come in the hill and author of kristen tate is here. nature shell of former cia operative cofounder, mike baker. great to see you. >> it took you all that time to get the flippy. >> listen, we are all afraid of robot. maria: a lot going on in
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markets. >> and as i've said before, they are impervious. you would've thought that trade was going to really scare the living daylights out of some people in the market. good jobs number. maria: there is a nuance last week talking about the exemptions of canada and mexico. reversing the apps that because of these exemptions it's not as onerous as we thought. >> i always thought it was about china and the focus will be all about china, but now things can be a little bit different. if it's all about china again, then you would imagine they would've set the markets a little more skittish than they are. >> more to come on china. the white house coming out with a plan because of china taking their intellectual property.
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we know that this is coming from peter navarro. first we want to kick this hour off with the trump administration tackling school gun violence more than three weeks after the massacre. they call for providing rigorous firearms training to school staff supported to gun related bills in congress and improving mental health system as well. the fbi tip line and backs away from the call earlier. this proposal establishes a commission on safety chaired by education secretary betsy devos. here's what she had to say when asked about arming teachers last night on 60 minutes. >> that should be an option for states and communities to consider. i hesitate to think of my first grade teacher, mrs. wore off. i couldn't ever imagine her having a gun in being trained in
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that way. but for those who are capable, this is one solution that can and should be to figure. every state in every community is going to address this issue in a different way. >> interesting approach. mike baker. >> full disclosure, to have a keen field carry permit s. been a long time carrying weapons than i thought. fix it. i never woke up in the morning and thought to myself, this morning before 10:00 a.m. i've got to have a new weapon. i'm not happy to a four background program. as far as training teachers come it's always a one size fits all. it is just like the people in the streets. some people have no interest, don't even want to be anywhere
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near one. same when you talk about teachers. come across teachers extremely effective, spent a lot of time in the military and are perfectly capable and i would like those people. i have three children in elementary school. i would want somebody in there that i'm calm again does. that's a community decision. a pta decision. maria: is it wrong to think is a too expensive to think we should be having an armed individual that doesn't have to be a teacher. veterans would like to do something like this. someone who is armed and trained as schools. >> the one thing we learned from a florida mouse cursor cannot rely on law enforcement. if you're in the middle of a school shooting in you call the cops he could take them 20 minutes to get there and even if there is an armed guard on the premise -- maria: you are for this?
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absolutely. not every teacher needs to carry a gun. that is why -- trained to choose one person or two people. >> they could pass the background check. maria: this is going to be easy for a teacher. >> some will put their hand up and say i want to do this. but again, it's got to be a community-based issue. you know how emotional things get. of course it's raising emotions. at the same time, the issue that we have with part would come in the complete collapse, failure of the program and protocols in place that exists. first you've got to fix the system. i'm tired of people with no experience in this arena saying that proves that you shouldn't have the solution. they walk into the school does
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sound of the gun fire. >> this is the concept knowing that there is a chance. it sort of reminds me of having sky marshals and i fly a lot, knowing there could be a sky marshal on the plane. it makes people a deterrent because if you're thinking about doing something bad. >> a lot of the people you look at a lot of the other individuals. i don't look at that is. you've got somebody who can react to minimize casualties and that is for me what is most important to me. do i think someone with significant mental health issues will say at the end of the day there might be someone with it. >> there might be some shooters who would stop.
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if you are a shooter looking to cause as much harm as possible, would you want to go to a gun free zone where you know you're not going to be top for at least 20 minutes or there might be a few teachers packing heat. >> for majority leader kevin mccarthy said yesterday is important about background checks. why use it that guns are given in the hands of people who should not have guns? the background check is a priority. >> absolutely. >> bizarrely the aclu in the past that you can't share these issues related to mental health. there are certain things. nobody lives anymore. there were certain things we should accomplish as a nation that capitol hill should not be so dysfunctional that cannot get this done. one should be back on checks from the sharing of information
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and ensuring those regulations exist. we don't have to change the entire program and the way we view guns. that is what broke down in the spirit all of these little failures that allowed park land have been. >> the florida shooting was in large part about the failure of law enforcement. the solution isn't necessarily making laws, but in forcing the schema and making sure the fbi is communicating with local law enforcement. this is a massive failure on the part of the vi. >> that is why they spoke with the judiciary committee and they will be back to ask lameness because we have to understand what went wrong for the night inside they were warned about this one individual. >> the sheriff's department has a lot of explaining to do. >> sometimes in counterterrorism or their areas, the humvee tragedy. but there's one issue.
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you could never get a human chain of events to be perfect all the time. but this was so awful it wasn't just break down. maria: do you worry they initially floated the idea of raising the age to 21218 and basically left on the cutting room floor. there was a lot of pushback. >> it was good to raise the issue. i didn't vote for president trump, but i want things to work. i'm not one of those people who says because i didn't vote for someone i will spend most of my time bashing them. i like the fact that he threw things out there that created a conversation. >> i'm not sure. >> this should be a space issue. a place like wyoming is different. >> just like alcohol is this day. maria: will keep following that. after a short break, or in the east river.
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tree into a deadly crash in new york city. cheryl casone with the details. >> the helicopter cemented the east river last night until about the passengers on board. the video capturing a moment of the crash happened about 7:00 p.m. eastern time last night. the pilot was able to escape the plane. >> it landed almost like it was supposed to land and it was completely underwater. it was just gone. one person sort of climbed out of the helicopter and since it was flipped over it they were visible and climbed onto the raft howling and screaming for help. >> the helicopter was hired for a photo shoot to the faa national transportation safety board investigating the cause of the crash. a scary moment for country music supers jar tim mcgraw collapsed on stage in dublin, ireland.
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his wife, singer faith hill updated the crowd moments later. >> i apologize. he cannot come back out. >> dehydration should mention. he did receive treatment and is going to be okay. dow chemical's longtime leader is stepping down next month and dana for team year tenure combined with dupont last year when they -- they will become chief executive of the science company known as dow. shares of dow dupont are up 8% over the last year. big move. someone you spoken to several times. maria: the deal is being watched closely in terms of capacity. we are all worried about inflation and commodities moving
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out. we will see what about the gop looking for some time of legislation or waste to pushback on the terror situation. peter navarro making the case on "sunday morning futures" that china is that the losing end of all of these trade deals in the pushback that the presidents have had on the tariffs has been severe. >> the democrats have been in favor of tariffs. republicans do not like them. many economists say trade deficit are a good thing, not necessarily a bad. trump has the support for these
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tariffs because people feel we've been on the losing end of the trade war that's been going on for decades. they are glad to have trump flip over the table. no one has wanted to do anything about this. >> gop is coming out with ideas on legislation to thwart these tariffs on aluminum and steel. we will see. i thought it was really interesting that elizabeth warren comes out and says america first. trump is right on this. they won't have elizabeth warren vote on this. that's for sure. >> whenever channeling dagen, who is out sick, but it hasn't really worked out. maria: dagen has been aggressive and vocal because she's seen recent situations where it hasn't worked and she's pointed them out very well. >> the conversation is super important. the idea we can continue to do business with china as always.
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decades and decades the most egregious behavior of the world of economic espionage and theft of intellectual property. they bypassed the generation of engineers from not just us, but allies around the world in skipping the process we all go through. that was one of their decisions to do that. they devoted enormous amount of resource. >> a great report on this. china's technology transfer strategy. they are acquiring companies if you are ford motor, the first thing you have do is give up your technology you. that's the price of entry. they are basically getting all this american technology, acquiring it and then competing against it. the mac with the get-go in a move off the topic. i run the information security company.
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a pharma company sat with us at one point not that long ago and said we are building a new facility in china and one have a meeting to talk about how we protect our intellectual property. i said you don't. maria: we understand new proposals for the white house coming up in the next couple weeks. we look forward to that. when we come back, we handle things. how president trump describes the plant to bring kim jong un to the negotiating table. what are the risks of the president meeting? news and movement on terror so to be big drivers for the markets this week. they start treating them better than 100 points. nasdaq and s&p very firm today. we are looking at a pretty good rally. more on that.
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maria: president trump announcing a sudden decision with an unprecedented face-to-face meeting with north korean leader kim jong un after a year of rhetoric between the two lighthouses claimed they were making with strict sanctions which many in washington say are working. >> i think what is happening number sanctions would've passed in the house, the pressure the president has put on, he moved to aircraft carriers over there. that is having an effect from this first act of the word the president is going. remember, no sanctions are coming off as >> the president is cleared and that is to get rid of nuclear
6:24 am
weapons on the pendency love. we have been executing all your maximum pressure campaign. sanctions have been a big part of that. more sanctions this year than the entire last 10 years and there's no question that sanctions are working on that brought them to the table. >> joining us more to talk on not as professor of international relationships at carnegie mellon university. stanford university's hoover institution and foreign-policy analyst karen karen skinner. good to see you. would you anticipate from these talks? your reaction to the meeting between the president and kim jong un which will happen by may of this year. >> by may, so much more will it happen in terms of paving the way for a summit between the two leaders. i think it will be a substantive meeting. as you know, there is a meeting in place that is being planned actually before the u.s. north
6:25 am
korea meeting between the south korean and north korean leader that would be unprecedented. their unprecedented meetings taking place now that the national security advisor for south korea having with his number all over the region. by the time of the may summit, he will be one in which it will be the united states in the drivers seat because they made no concessions to have this meeting happened. just then, secretary mnuchin and kevin mccarthy in those clips earlier, have been a maximum pressure strategy with sanctions that have been unrelenting in their working. >> good morning. nature or shell. the thing i worry about is north korea will use this as a stalling technique.
6:26 am
the negotiations will start and use it as a stalling technique to show some good faith on their part in it will continue with the new program. >> we have to worry about that all the time. i don't see how they can use this particular opportunity as a way to stall because we are not letting our pressure go away. the sanctions and military presents her close alliance with the south or it's in japanese and those in southeast asia also worried. that puts an enormous amount of pressure on the military and nuclear program of north korea. without sanctions relief, it is difficult for them to keep going on the nuclear side. i worry less about that than some of the other detractors concerned about the meeting. >> this is kristen tate. a lot of talking heads and
6:27 am
politicians say they've been acting like a loose cannon. a lot of us feel that kim jong un is a bully that needs to be handled by another bully. have you tried conduct will affect the negotiations of the meeting? >> i find it curious that some are saying president trump is a loose cannon in the medium that is being planned is completely unprecedented because in fact from the very moment donald trump was sworn in, he was talking about north korea and how he wanted to deed nuclear rise the korean peninsula and he also wanted to use diplomacy and was willing to meet with the north korean leaders. this is not from his playbook is consistent with what he's been saying for more than a year now. i just think he is on target for what he wants to do, but also go back for a moment and think about the reagan gorbachev area.
6:28 am
without the two of them meeting, there would be the first one of the cold war. their personal report, and their ability to talk to each other made the negotiators job a lot easier. >> just a real quick question. mike baker here. if you could give one piece of advice before he walks into the meeting, what would it be? >> understand what you are to understand, but remember a lot more that 99% of getting elected president of the candidates themselves. donald trump was the one who set the agenda. don't let advisors who fail to understand the transformative nature of the america first policy been applied in northeast asia. don't let that stand in your
6:29 am
way. >> let me ask you about this policy adviser to president obama spirit and the administration over possible u.s. and north korea talks. >> this is not a real estate deal a reality show. when you are in a negotiation with something as complex as a nuclear program in the situation that is volatile, unique diplomats. >> actually in the american form of government, the head of government and head of state. they are working enormously hard. without it being involved, especially since we are dealing with authoritarian regime since they are a decider, nothing else is going to happen. >> i'm not sure what the criticism is.
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ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. maria: welcome back, good monday morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday march 12th, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. the rally rolls on this morning. futures indicating another big rally at the start of trading with dow jones industrial average better than 100 points. nasdaq and s&p also strong. nasdaq up two-thirds of a percent. 44 points higher this morning on top of big day on friday, stocked soared on friday with february job's report, s&p were up nearly 2%, nasdaq closed in all-time high, the dow up 440 points on friday on those numbers. in europe, stocks are higher, up just a point. dax index in germany up two-thirds of 1%. in asia overnight, green across the board.
6:34 am
best performers were hong kong and japan. president trump is set to visit st. louis this week highlighting growing economy and success of tax reform, something he reiterated saturday night at the pittsburgh area campaign rally. >> look at what we've done. look at what we've done. you know what, we passed the biggest tax cut in history, didn't get one democrat. by the way, how good is that kicking in, remember, remember? [cheers and applause] >> we passed -- we didn't get one democrat vote. think of that, not one and now they are getting nervous. maria: we are looking at implications of tax cuts and tariffs on the economy coming up this morning. revisiting one of the most controversial murder cases ever, o.j. simpson gives hypothetical account of what happened the infamous night nicole brown simpson was killed. his comments are going viral this morning as he says if i did it, this is how i would have done it, it was an incredible
6:35 am
show. another failure at a fertility clinic and this time in california, flippy robot taken offline, find out why this hour. fiona the hipo finds love, how twitter helps her find a mate. first top stories half an hour, allies clashing over trade, u.s. representative on trade robert will meet with his eu and japanese counterparts later this week for a fresh round of trade talks, both have expressed serious concern about president trump's steel and aluminum tariffs and believe allies should be excluded, i spoke with white house national trade council peter navarro about the new trade policy. >> yeah, i think that the broader debate here is simply that what the president is saying is that we are free traders, we have the lowest combination of tariffs and
6:36 am
nontariff barriers in the world, all we get out of that is massive trade deficit that is ship off our wealth and ship off and the president says no mas. maria: former reagan economic adviser, marty, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you, maria. maria: whether or not you believe that's going impact economic growth? >> i think the key point about the tariffs is to get the chinese to change their policies. their policies about subsidizing industries like steel, but even more important their policies dealing with intellectual properties. in a sense forcing american companies to transfer technology to the chinese so i think they will eventually carve out, i hope they will carve out an
6:37 am
exclusion for europeans and japanese, in other words, for military allies there's no reason under the -- the current discussion to impose a tariff on them but i think the pressure will be on the chinese to change their policies. maria: i think you're exactly right, marty, why didn't we do surgical specific on china, i know that's coming, something coming to -- from the white houe because what they are doing is financing early stage technology companies so they are acquiring it that way and they are forcing american companies who want to operate in china to give up technology. that is the issue but right now the only exemptions we know are canada and méxico. >> yes, because this was all done under legislation that deals with national security and
6:38 am
essentially calls for across the board tariffs, but i think they will be able to carve out all of our national security allies and therefore focus the pressure on the chinese. maria: that's why the market has turned around, mitch, when the nuances started emerging. >> once it became it more clear that it would not affect trading partners. professor, sticking for china for a second, if you look at the stick swluis of the administration is really to help main street small business and the thing that bothers them when they try to compete, the fact that if you're manufacturing something to the united states, china can be dumping a similar product and putting you out of business. do you think as part of whatever the plan is to deal with china and trade, we are going to attack intellectual property,
6:39 am
attack their dumping practices head on? >> if there's explicit dumping, yes. i think the real problem is technology, want to sell a market more than a billion people forcing them to give up technology in exchange for access to markets and there's nothing that we can do to say to the chinese, well, if you want to deal in the united states, you have to give up your technology here because that's not the issue. so i think we have a balancing of forcing them through this indirect route. indirect route saying we are going put pressure on steel and aluminum industries and exchange unless you back off your technology transfer programs. >> professor, mike baker, do you think that strategy is going to work? that's a big peckulative --
6:40 am
speculative but what's your guess? >> nothing works perfectly. chinese were explicitly stealing technology through internet and cyberspace and when president obama met with president xi in california and layed out the detailed knowledge that we had of how they were doing that, how the -- the chinese army was using technology to steal ours, so the chinese said, you caught us red handed and we will stop technology theft. not 100% but improvement. maria: one of the issues that people keep bringing up is the idea that we could see retaliation. we will see about the threat of import tax material
6:41 am
materializes, kristin, you have deficits, germany $64 billion, china $365 billion, european union as a group $151 billion in deficits. if they push back too much, look at what they are giving back. germany has 64 billion-dollar surplus with the united states. >> oh, yeah. maria: does it want to lose that? >> absolutely not. the bottom line is the u.s. has is strongest and largest market and economy in the world and if another nation will hurt us more than it would hurt us. now we are hearing trump threaten to impose on eu products, like cars, my question is, well, if this does escalate into a full-blown trade war which i don't think it will, will trump go there and how far is it ready to go? >> i think it's negotiation, the danger is if we really went into a trade war, the impact would be on the transition on the
6:42 am
companies in the u.s. that are counting on exports that will lose market share else. where eventually all those workers will find jobs elsewhere, but there would be a serious short-run loss, so i think this is negotiation. maria: you to believe things are going pretty well, you saw the jobs numbers on friday, you are spoft where we are economically speaking? >> maria, as you know, the u.s. economy now is in a picture perfect condition but i still think it's very fragile because while it's lovely to see the high stock prices, i think as interest rates rise, that's a very fragile situation. maria: of course, marty, good to see you, thanks so much. >> good to be with you. maria: coming up the crime of the century sparking global controversy all over again this morning. o.j. simpson interview causing up radioon social media, we
6:43 am
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maria: welcome back, stunning interview with o.j. simpson from 12 years is causing frenzy. cheryl, it was quite a show. cheryl: incredible two-hour special, maria, o.j. simpson giving bombshell exclusives, he insists accounts are hypothetical, aired last night, recorded 12 years ago. >> i grabbed the knife, i do remember that portion, taking a knife from charlie and to be honest, after that, i don't remember, i hate to say it. [laughter] cheryl: he's laughing. simpson was acquitted of the
6:47 am
murderers back in 1995. interview caused a lot of buzz on social media. the hashtag did o.j. confess is on twitter. o.j is tripping, he definitely did it. [laughter] cheryl: how can you talk and laugh so nonchalantly about your ex-wife's murder. he was convicted 13 years later of armed robbery and kidnapping in a separate case, that did land him in nevada prison. san francisco for -- fertility clinic says dozens of embryos may have been damaged, 400 patients had been informed about the incident. clinic in cleveland, ohio says about 2,000 frozen eggs and embryos may have been damaged because of mall-- malfunction.
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relocate in cincinnati and okay with pap razzy. maria: funny. thank you. [laughter] maria: one movie of collection jewelry is gold. closing out memorable win in 6-1. dream run continues, the 16-year-old took out two-time wimbledon champion ending the 14-match win streak, the
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>> craftsmanship was so intricate and he was a perfectionist. >> brings other craftsman to ramp up production turned name joseph of hollywood. business booms, he creates this necklace and a crown for shirley temple in the little princess. maria: clip of tonight's new strange inheritance. travels the california to meet up with a mother and son who
6:54 am
inherited hundreds of thousands of pieces of jewelry born in classical hollywood movies. jamie, this looks like a lot of fun, a lot of movie history as well. >> i wish i could have brought you some of the pieces but went up for auction. but this guy joseph was a genius. he noticed that the stars use today wear their own jewelry not only red carpets of great hollywood films but history movies, period appropriate customs and modern jewelry. he was an aircraft parts metal manufacturer and ended up jewelry designer who had unique sales plan, wait it will you see what he does, in any event, 2,000 pieces of jewelry were created with gone with the wind, gentlemen prefer blondes. maria: what were some of the prices? >> 20,000, 30,000, 50,000, it
6:55 am
was nonstop the bidding, julian's auction is well known for celebrity auctions but this is a very unique collection and incredible inheritance for us to tell the story of this man who sadly died in a plane crash and his family is trying to bring back the joseph name and i think they'll be really successful. maria: this family took many of the pieces to the auction house, tell us about what happened then? >> well, in order to authenticate the pieces even though they were sitting in organized drawers of inventory they had to find the movie stills to make sure the buyers knew, there they are, happy buyers everywhere, cleopatra and from here we went and watched this process to new jersey, a french chea, the >> money pit.
6:56 am
maria: second episode tonight at 9:30, new jersey family who inherited this french. let's take a look. >> these stories came from the vanderbilt mansion in fifth avenue. >> the real vanderbilt. >> these were the side doors, all handmade, all installed with screws, they didn't have welding in those days. >> i tried to lend them a hand to shop with my favorite, this one you have to see to believe. >> did they inherit or buy it? >> they inherited. the 6-month job ended uptaking years. it's gorgeous, though. you to see it. >> how do they afford to keep this up? >> got money from the state, donated a big portion to the property of the state and able
6:57 am
to invest the money in the house. it has indoor swimming pool and all original vanderbilt. chand leer ended up being solid gold to clean it up and the mantel from versailles. maria: 9:00 p.m. in the fox business network. pay gap between employees and ceo's at some of the country's largest companies, we learned this because of the changes coming in dodd-frank. next hour in mornings with maria right here. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
6:58 am
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday march 12th, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. seeing green, stiller jobs report sent the market soaring and momentum this morning. dow and s&p on friday finished above 50-day moving averages with gain 440 points on the dow, nasdaq up 132 points, nasdaq closing at record level. futures this morning shows momentum continues, we will see pretty good rally at the start of trading, 10 points on the s&p, and up 41 points on nasdaq. in europe markets are mostly higher this morning, ft is back and forth, up three points but the cac quarante in paris is up a third of a percent.
7:01 am
this week we have inflation data on the docket, asian markets higher across the board. nikkei average two-thirds a percent. hong kong almost up 2%. protecting our children, the white house unveils plan this week to help end gun violence in schools. the proposal calls for federal money to arm and train teachers. it does not include any change in the age to buy a weapon. >> i think from a perspective not force teachers beyond but if somebody has the concealed carry permit and others and trained, i want to see it. but more importantly i want to see if someone is given the tip, people who aren't supposed to get them. maria: major companies are revealing what employees make including ceo and people are making comparisons, find out how
7:02 am
your salary stacks up as we learn more from the dodd-frank legislation on paychecks. crude awakening, anticipated ipo has been pushed back again now until next year, in comes as opec is battling over the right price for oil, oil now at 61.67 a barrel. the very latest as prices are down a fraction this morning. the details as the church of saturday nightology launches own television network and look at new company augmented reality shades coming up. all joining know break it downhill contributor and author how do i tax, and mitch roschelle. good to see you. >> augmented sunglasses, at what point do we get away from this. all the technology is coming
7:03 am
out. somebody buys it. they are investing in this, but -- do you know anybody who owns a pair of these glasses? [laughter] maria: no. we will see about that. we have inflation reports out this week and the next federal reserve meeting on march 20th and 21st. >> we have inflation, retail sales, the market has hung on inflation and we will see what happens on tuesday. maria: tuesday on the cpi. all that coming up but the white house has unveiled the plan to include school safety in the wake of parkland shooting last month. recommendations include local law enforcement providing training for specially qualified school staffers and federal commission on school safety. chair secretary devos but the proposal did not call for raising minimum age to purchase firearm which is the president
7:04 am
spoke of. i spoke with mccarthy and he weighed in on congress making school savers. >> we need to start enforcing what we have but more importantly we need to make sure the background checks are updated and that's the bill we passed in december and now we are adding to it with stop school violence and the bill we are passing passing this week, y hook promise, they endorse this as well. maria: do you want to see teachers to be armed? >> if somebody has concealed carry permit and others and trained, i want to see it. maria: joining us fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano, judge, good to see you. what's your take on this jr. i have been arguing for years that no gun zones are killing zones, they are the most dangerous places on the planet and they should not exist. the government should not be in a position to disarm us because the bad guys know it's like shooting fish in a barrel. the las vegas concert, even though it's very easy to carry
7:05 am
in las vegas, you can't carry gun in concert, the san bernardino california office building, orlando nightclub, all these school shootings are no gun zones, they should be called killing zones and i'm in favor of getting rid of them. listen, not every person that works in a school is emotionally or even physically capable of carrying a weapon and go through training, you know how frequently you to train. it's an expireabel skill. certain coaches should be able to do that. in parkland, that wonderful big teddy bear of a guy who saved students by -- the gym teacher by throwing body over him, he had a handgun at home perfectly legal. maria: at home. >> but he couldn't bring it to school. he had it with him -- with that level of courage, he would have been able to save
7:06 am
more people. it only would have taken one shot. maria: i didn't realize that he had a handgun at home. >> i'm a thousand percent with the president on this, how can the president do it, how can the government do it, money, by giving money to the states to train and arm certain people who are ready, willing and able to do it. >> people are losing their minds talking as if this is trump's personal idea. the idea that's been floated. we have been talking about this for a long time. >> yes, we have. maria: submitting a notice to office city and budget. proposed banning bump stock following the shooting in parkland. do you predict more proposals in terms of bump stocks? >> well, i'm not crazy about the president using executive authority to ban things, i think this should be done if at all by congress, however, the laws -- this is nothing that president trump did, the law that it was when he became president allows him to redefine bump stocks so
7:07 am
as to make them illegal. i don't know if they can confiscate stock that is now exist, you probably have to pay people for them, the fair market value because the fifth amendment prohibits a taking, let me point to you a paragraph in district of colombia versus heller, justice scalia 5 to 4 opinion, characterizing right to keep bear arms as right, when he talks about what arms can you own, answer arms are the same level of sophistication as the bad guys and as the government. how do we win the revolution? because we had letter long guns than the brits did. so if the government has automatic weapons, should certain americans be able to have them as well? that's the answer. maria: that's a hard one. >> that's why i'm suggesting congress should debate that, it shouldn't be executive bureaucratic decision. >> judge, a lot of conservatives are word about the whole bump stock proposed ban is that gun
7:08 am
control advocates are never satisfied. so today it's this, tomorrow they are going to want to ban semiautomatic weapons, before you know it we are left with muskets. >> i understand that argument. of course, i share that argument and often make it, there are so few bump stocks in the country as far as we can tell, i don't think that that will begin the slippery slope, more interested in the academic argument, if the government can have that kind of government and the government has taken over by bad people and the bad people in the government want to confiscate weapons from us, we need to have the same weapons with which to resist. extreme circumstances that only happened in the united states once in the time of civil war. it's happened in europe many times. i don't know where it's going to go but there's no political support for bump stocks now. >> judge, real quick, as it relates to regulating and
7:09 am
overseeing weapons, it's become federal issue or state issue ultimately? >> right now, mitch, it's both, so right now the federal government sets a bottom line and the states can increase it, in my home state of new jersey all of these regulations that are being talked about as a result of the parkland massacre already exist because new jersey is the most restrictive state in the union. the states can't allow more freedom than the federal government permits but they can restrict it. maria: let me switch gears and ask you about the story that's being tweeted around. former cia officer and whistle blower kevin, the reason for all the crime and treason at the fbi and doj boils down to one thing the clinton-so-called charity. he's attacking the initiative saying hillary clinton was running secret server outside the department of state with the purpose of laundering money through the criminal clinton foundation, he thinks this is
7:10 am
going to end in indictments? >> that i believe the clinton foundation is criminal. maria: you do? >> i don't have the facts as he does, but the anecdotal evidence of what she and he, hillary and bill, got away with would never really happen to anyone in many, many states in which they collected tax refunds, they were not authorized to do so. in many, many states the level of money that they spent on themselves would not permit them to characterize this as a charity -- maria: versus how much they gave away, you're saying. >> correct. when you're no longer a charity then you can't receive tax refund. aside from them getting indicted, the sect thing claw-back, all those people who gave all of those billions now have to pay taxes on that money. maria: i sent you the zero hedge story, i would be interested in your thoughts.
7:11 am
thank you so much. judge andrew napolitano. tune in to scientology, why the controversial church is launching own tv network and the judge laughs. from speakers to sunglasses, bose with augmented reality, on the bucket list. >> early buyer. maria: company's pull new twist on the technology, back in a minute right here
7:12 am
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maria: new front runner in the race to become president trump's economic adviser. >> christopher little under strong consideration to replace gary cohn as national economic council, executive with both microsoft and gm. current the white house strategic initiative. cohn announced. scientology with new channel today. network is going offer streaming through mobile apps, apple tv, fire tv and ruku, the controversial organization says
7:15 am
programming will be available on i tunes and google play, scientology has been at the center of scandals of what members can and cannot do as how it deals with former members. okay, turning attention to augmented reality sunglasses but unlike to failed google glass they are focusing on the audio. this is what's different. beyond listening to music you will be able to look at reviews, ratings, other information in ears, the sunglasses knows which way you're looking without using a camera. two disney movies went head to head at the box office. >> your father is traveled by evil energy. the only one who can stop it is you. be a warrior. cheryl: wrinkle in time, the children's book classic didn't do as predicted. cost about 100 million.
7:16 am
stars oprah winfrey and weatherspoon. third place strangers pray at night with 10 million, rounding up the top 5, game night, maria. but big news on what's happening with the president this morning. maria: yeah. what do you mean? cheryl: with christopher, this is ifs nateing, i want to bring up real quick the journal had op-ed this morning and quote, unquote say if mr. trump chooses christopher for the job he will be elevating a former corporate executive without strong free market views. maria: i was reading the op-ed, it's either him or peter navarro and they look at peter navarro as protectionist but little more than that. the president likes the
7:17 am
different views, you wond whore does get the job but "the new york times" is reporting that it's little. cheryl: they are. the journal pointed out that the 2016 interview where he's from, he made quote, the days of unbriddal free markets is over. it's a pretty scathing piece this morning. >> gm in microsoft, right? maria: yeah, he was working with jared kushner apparently in the white house in the innovation sector. cheryl: but not involved in tax reform, not involved involved in deregulation, the question is he the -- maria: a bit of a horse race for the job. >> no update from fiona the hipo? cheryl: i think the tinder app is coming. maria: why the biggest ipo in the world might not happen until next year, it's being pushed back again, oil prices this morning are down at 61 and change and under pay or
7:18 am
overvalue, thanks to new rules u.s. companies are via eling just how much they pay workers compared to the ceo, we are taking a closer look at the growing pay gap next. surprising. what's "come at me bro?" it's something you say to a friend.
7:19 am
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maria: welcome back, now this, saudi goes on highly-awaited ipo till next year. stephen short. stephen, good to see you. this deal was center piece of
7:22 am
ambitious economic overhaul of saudi arabia. what's your take that this deal keeps getting delayed. now it's going to be getting delayed according to reports till next year. >> saudi arabia, maria, is playing extreme dangerous game of chicken at this point, at this point they may never see, when i say game of chicken, the longer way wait, now maybe pushing back a year from now, one more year for the u.s. crude oil export markets to mature, one more year for crude oil to hit the market, you're giving one more year for electric vehicles to further erode demand elasticity, the longer they wait, odds that valuation continue to fall and ipo continue to fall. maria: a couple of years ago congress changed the law allowing the victims, people who died and their families to sue
7:23 am
the saudi government over 9/11. going public at the new york stock exchange is probably going to be a big problem for the saudis, mitch, because they will be faced with enormous amounts of lawsuits. that's one of the issues that keeps the deal go back. >> they could have gone public in london or other jurisdictions. that was their choice. maria: exactly. we will see. meanwhile there's opec, stephen taking sides on oil prices, the journal this morning reporting the split on whether will send to overdrive and could trigger sharp decline, what's your take? >> absolutely, maria. u.s. shell companies are already in overdrive at this point. opec a few years ago did the u.s. industry a tremendous favor by forcing the decline in prices because all this did was make u.s. shell more efficient, more productive and more productive at lower prices, so when we look
7:24 am
at things, right now we have seen significant amendment, record amount of hedging, they only thoaj bring more product to the market, when we look at, maria, rig count, production correlated to oil prices with four-month lag given that we've had such a significant rise and we are staying above $60 a barrel, we are bringing and more and more rigs to the point where the rig count oil specific has more than doubled, actually up 230%, so production is rising and it's going to continue to rise and should help to damp any further increase in price for oil which, again, going back to earamco, bigger the risk they take with prolonging ipo. maria: mike, iran is pushing for $60. >> given that saudi and iran are on opposite sides of the coin here for just about everything in the region, what are the chances that they can find some
7:25 am
sort of common pricing ground? >> at this point, mike, i'm extremely skeptical, when i used to consult with opec about ten years ago with regard to -- split between sunni shiite side, i was told they would come down to business. it was fantastic during 1980's when sunnies and shiites slaughtered one another. right now, mike, we are looking at the largest outside of that and this is because of iran's nuclear ambitions and hedge ambitions and causing tremendous reck between the two sides and i don't see any possibility common ground between the two. >> it's mitch roschelle, quick question for you, on the supply side we have rig count, we have shell production, one of the things i wanted to focus on as it relates to price the demand
7:26 am
side which is what's going on with the economy heating up and job creation, is that going to be the impetus to keep pushing prices higher? >> yeah, mitch, i'm still very skeptical on that simply because, yes, demand will rise but not going rise tremendous to what we have seen in the past. this is because of the change in elasticities, you need two factors to impact consumer behavior, we had the first stock, price shock going back to two generations now but up until recently we never had the second and that's the substitute. to this point, we are only looking at more ev's hitting the market and that's going to be damping any significant arise in demand to push oil prices much further in the near future. maria: all right, we will leave it there, stephen, thanks so
7:27 am
much. stephen schork, meeting face to face, president trump agree to go historic sit-down with kim jong un. what talks can mean to diplomacy and hermit kingdom? first look at prototypes of key campaign promise to crack down on illegal immigration, right here. ♪ ♪
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
points pch. >> on "sunday morning futures" with me yesterday. >> every country in the world we have been -- we have the large trade deficits, because open market all we're looking for is fair reciprocally trade i think our allies at the end of the day will than youed. >> latest on where trade goes next, the effects on sanctions on north korea, administration, says that they are bringing kim jong-un to the negotiation table, as a result, we will look at what is next here ahead of this meeting, that two have planned, plus it pays to be boss major companies revealing what employees make including ceo, people are making big comparisons today find out how your salary stacks up. first, border security president trump expected to make his long woitdz trawaidz
7:32 am
trip to san diego tomorrow the visits comes days after justice department slapped california with lawsuit over sanctuary city policy former u.s. ambassador to u.n. honduras mexico philippines, under bush 43 john negroponte thanks for joining us, what would you look to see from the president tomorrow, as he makes this trip tolock at prototypes. >> he seems to be determined to go ahead with this i am not sure how much difference it is going to make. levels of migration from mexico, certainly by mexicans, is way down. even the flow is almost been reversed the issue still is central americans coming up from so you can't of mexico, my own view that the real solution to migration issues is, of course, the development and good governments of those
7:33 am
countries, south of the border, so long as they are wracked with crime gangs problems of law and order, there is inevitably a flow towards north i think it is very did i to arrest you can slow it down a bit but i don't think it can be stopped. >> interesting that this is president's first trip to california, while in the job, and the federal government is basically saying to california, what you have been doing is wrong, and illegal, and that is protecting ilz from california what is your thought on this. >> i think -- >>e i can't, well you know it troubles me that any locality any state would defy the federal government, on a matter that is clearly within federal law so i think it if this ever goes to court you know or goes to supreme court, i think i go the localities are going to lose i am with president he attorney general sessions. >> it was extraordinary, what
7:34 am
the mayor of oakland alettered all illegals go get cover ice is coming this week. >> no matter what you think of immigrants, i that is a separate issue. as far as i am concerned but i do think that it is wrong for local officials to do that. >> exactly let me switch gears did about trade tariffs that are front and center, right now, the european union then aing yus with retaliatory tariff in response to tariffs, he peter navarro told me yesterday on fox news doesn't think allies will impose retaliatory tariffs at all. >> we have been the we have large trade deficits because open market all we're looking for, is fair and reciprocal trade i think our allies at the end of the day will understand that all we're doing here, is defending two key industries, so that we can come, and help with their
7:35 am
defense, when they need us. >> ambassador this comes as trump administration is stepping up the pressure on canada mexico for fair trade during nafta negotiations, what are you expecting, this to look like? will canada and mexico give into demand do you think we get a nafta deal done it has got top 20 days there are elections in mexico. >> these are two of our out of the three of our most important trading patterns each with over 500 billion dollars worth of trade with us, it does go both ways although the trade with mexico is definitely in a slight i am balance if nafta were to collapse be abolished would have repercussions up and down i hope something can be done to salvage the nafta i think it has been very positive thing the past 24, 25 years. it is quadrupled levels of
7:36 am
trade between united states mexico helped, i think, improve relations between all three countries these are strategic partners i this i the by to by about north america better to think about it as a platform a strategic platform from which three countries together can compete with the rest of the world. >> yeah, i mean he is obviously looking for a better nafta deal. but also targeting china, in some way, basically making sure china understands the u.s. is serious, i unnecessary that the administration is going to come out with new proposals for trade tariffs or something along those lines, against china in excouple weeks would you be for that? >> well i mean i have to see, the details, but and i think we got to proceed with a certain amount of caution let's not forget, that china also has a fair amount of leverage vis-a-vis united states, they hold a lot of u.s. treasurys, they produce a
7:37 am
lot of goods that americans like to buy at reasonable prices. and the other point that troubles me a little bit is to talk about these different kind of protectionist measures at a time almost full employment i am not intierm certain what that is going to achieve the reason we have deficits is that wes consumed more than we produce inevitably a lot of products have to come from other unnecessary would you agree with editorial board "the wall street journal" that trade deficits are okay, it is not the same as budget deficit it is -- not a zero-sum game? >> george p. you schultz former secretary of state secretary treasury likes to say trade deficit is matter of arithmetic if you produce does than you consume that is what is going to happen. >> u.s. security council they are expecting a briefing today on coming summit between president trump and kim
7:38 am
jong-un, south korea says not yet received a response, from north korea on their talks with united states, is this meeting just another ploy by north korea what is your take on upcoming meeting. >> i think pressures -- he has to choose some point or on the between economic developments advancement on one hand or having a nuclear weaponry on the other hand, i think as kim jong-un gets more secure in his position domestically may be he is willing to hold some kind of international talks i think this is an interesting initiative. whatever happens, it is going to take time, this is not a process that is going to happen overnight that is the first point. the second point is that it is much harder than the situation vis-a-vis iran, because north korea already has nuclear weapons, so the challenge it is going to be quite a challenge, if we ever get down to talks. and, lastly, i guess the only thing i think we can reasonably expect from the
7:39 am
trump kim jong-un meeting would be to set a direction an agenda for you, if you will, for set of talks that would go on frankly for a long period of time. >> china doesn't want to be mar engine alized in this set to meet with xi jinping ahead he have summit with kim jong-un john bolton was with me yesterday, and he said that it is time for china to step up listen to this, sir. >> china's jived us 25 years said they don't want north korea with nuclear weapons done prechus little to do that when we say we want denuclearization we mean we want it now. that is like saying we have some desire about mexican behavior another opportune tells us you make mexico do that, these things are not necessarily that easy i have talked to chinese a lot about
7:40 am
these questions when i was in government. and they say sometimes you and aing rate the influence we have i am sure chinese have some difficulties, maybe they can do more. >> china is only going to get more difficult, given the fact that now its leader doesn't have term limits he there is forever as long as he can do it. >> well whatever, that is true, but china is definitely a key player on the north korea question we have six-party talks, they hosted a number years back china ourselves russia, japan and two koreas, that maybe one outcome of meeting between mr. trump and kim jong-un would be some revival of that negotiating format. >> has president tgh tal worked here do u think i uld you one of the reasons they have come to the table or should we not even believe the
7:41 am
morth. >> well, there i reallyhink we have to waiand see i thinkhe tough tk could ve been an ement, this talk about the possibility of m also be contemplating the situation in his own country taking a look around and seeing how much other countries are enjoying economic prosperity saying well maybe we want a bit of that. >> ambassador good to see you thanks so much. >> thank you. >> is it ambassador john negroponte there will we see a second special counsel ken mccarthy weighs in why he think it is time for attorney general jeff sessions to point an investigator to look into alleged fisa and fbi abuses, the pay gap details more reveal disparity between ceos and workers for the first time, back in a moment -- ♪ i don't feel like -- anything ♪ ♪ i just want to make it my thing ♪ ♪ don't feel like picking up my phone -- ♪
7:42 am
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and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. first time american workers discovering how much employees earn how their pay compares with ceo pay lauren simonetti with details. >> this is going to make for an unabout comfortable c-suite all the result of dodd-frank law after financial crisis public companies required to veal the gap between workers impendings and thcomngs and ceo if you know what coworker makes bios what do you do if sustainable less go through grief, anger do i accept this do i quit my job, or you try to put it in perspective, we're going to do right now let me give you a glaring capital of humana workers took
7:46 am
ho 57,000 dollars ceo 20 million dollars, essentially made 344 time more than staff. up 25%. is that justified. consider this marathon petroleum ceo made 935 times more than average worker. but both employees are part time and work in the speedway convenience store so you got to keep all in perspective. here is a final one for you, look at smaller banks, cincinnati financial 4,000 workers, their paying workers 58% more than bigger banks like u.s. bancorp 71,000 not overseeing is going to make sense on paper but this is a rod in debate the up shot keep pressure on boards to ensure ceo pay is aligned with stock performance and hold companies accountable are you creating solid good-paying jobs particularly after many get
7:47 am
tax benefits and the like i think workers are going o to be annoyed to find out what so and so is making and head guy. >> an average so many different positions where you've got you know higher level positions are going to command more. >> outsourcing. >> hourly workers in case of marathon and remember about that that is median means half employees make more half make less. >> i never knew what medium meant. >> that is before college -- >> -- we didn't do those sort of things is there a place to go to get information. >> i thought you were saying -- >> i think we're going to see trickle out basically 50 public companies are going to be required to do this. >> part of -- >> -- stock options things like that. >> is another good question what is considered an median pay for worker, also for the total compensation for the ce
7:48 am
ceo. >> they can hide income. >> the ceo following a different set of -- measurements like looking at she is looking at stock price, and the performance of the company in terms of about profitability average employees now working every day, thinking about two things. >> watch that really. >> thank you, coming up the debate over tariff first on fox house majority leader kevin mccarthy weighs in on debate over trade why not surprised by president trump's plan back in a minute. ♪ ♪ who am i to disagree,tell the world seven seas, everybody is looking for something ♪ we stay with you to and through retirement. i get that voya is with me through retirement, i'm just surprised it means in my kitchen. so, that means no breakfast? voya. helping you to and through retirement.
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maria: welcome back battle over trade, european officials to hold talks with american counterparts this week, as they seek ways to avoid steal aluminum tariff on -- china signaled plans to retaliate against measures i spoke with kevin mccarthy yesterday asked about what is next. >> we talked to the president about a lot of this, and what is -- not unusual to share president's he has been saying it 30 years campaigned on this, from one perspective the president will say, i campaigned and trying to keep a promise, but it also shows the president's listens because look what the final version came out exemptions canada we import most from, exempted mexico just said australia, could be allies, because the real problem here the president is correct, china produces the most steel and aluminum 49% steel, about 53% aluminum. >> not direct. >> not direct but subsidize is
7:53 am
flooding wording market a problem 1% in the message of china giving sxejs and others if going after china not punish friends there are thousands more jobs, that manufacture utilizing steel, aluminum when those are -- >> exactly 6 1/2 million jobs in those. >> 5% gdp, less than 1%, so that is the fear that is why you do not want to get in trade war either with this that is why, they also allow the commerce secretary wilbur ross to exempt products a lot of exemptions i take that president's willingness to listen to us and congress listen to business, because we've got an economy moving like we have not seen since 80s we are beginning the america comeback i think, this will actually from point of exception help us in some parts make sure we do not get into trade war. >> attorney general jeff sessions to investing confidence in the ability of
7:54 am
his inspector general to investigate potential fisa abuses this despite growing pressure in several top republicans to appoint a second special counsel to carry out this investigation, what do you want to see happen here. >> i want to see a second special counsel. >> you do. >> i want it to be narrow but i want to be outside the o department of justice i have greatest respect for inspector general amazing job the problem is will not have subpoena authority to do the investigation. christopher steele says he knew that the dnc and hillary rodham clinton withpaying for you it the fisa application fbi said they did not know who. >> they lied. >> yeah, how can you have a trust, fisacourt is different than any other court, cautious you don't have another attorney in there to argue back-and-forth this is going before this is surveilling american citizens, we can never make a mistake at this. i think there are enough questions, enough actions and to have you take it out department of justice there are people there actually
7:55 am
signed fisa applications make sure we have accountability, have trust lets narrow it get a special counsel. >> take us through the school safety bill, what are you trying to achieve. >> remember what we have we have to take a step back here, so back in december, about the congress actually passed theh fix nics bill,when you go to texas shooting mr. kelly down there, he never should have been able to have a weapon, because he was dishonorably discharged for beating his wife never have been able to go through our military did not update it, so what we're looking as updating making sure bad people cannot have guns. that is sitting over in the senate, now we're adding to it this week, we have a former sheriff of jacksonville, congressman rutherford stopped school violence training for schools to identify individuals look what fbi did
7:56 am
with nikolas cruz he goes on youtube says he wants to be a progressively school shooter. >> sent to tip line of fbi did research said they couldn't find it never called youtube. >> thanks to kevin mb car thee brewing something beautiful, why more bars are hopping on the glitter beer trend next hour on "mornings with maria" right here stay with us. ♪ i know i miss confess -- ♪ ♪ give me a sign ♪ one more sign ♪ infrastructure mlps? think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income.
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maria: good monday morning. thanks for joining me i am maria bartiromo, monday, march 12 top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, bulls on run futures pointing to a strong open to start the week this morning, this is off the best levels of the morning but, nonetheless, dow industrials expected to be up 70 points, quarters% higher nasdaq up 35 points, one half of 1% higher, this on top of a stellar jobs' report on friday, sending stocks soaring the dow industrials up 440 points friday 1 3/4% dow s&p 500 above 50 day moving averages nasdaq up 1 and tleer quarters% in europe mostly higher firmesh tone cac
8:00 am
quarante. dax, up, the best dax in germany up 3/4 of 1% cac quarante paris up 1 third of a percent the president the president 100 fractionally higher right now in asia overnight, about green across the board the best prormhoppinghopping once again, about -- best hong kong. >> white house unveiling plan to end gunl violence in schools this is calling for federal money to arm train teachers, does not include any change in the age to buy a weapon. >> i think from a perspective not force teachers but february has concealed carry permit trained i want to see it more importantly what i want to see i want to see if summon is g i have gone the tip they are able to see it prevent people that are not supposed to have guns from getting them. >> breaking down the president mission to improve school safety coming up tragedy on water to report, five people dead this morning, after a helicopter crashed into new york's east river last night latest on investigation,
8:01 am
coming up. changing at top liveris to departure dow chemical after 15 years details on replacement coming up cow yu pobt seizures up 1, one half of 1% -- space pie owner says ship needed to take people to red planet could begin tests as early as next year, and glitter in your bitter federal breweries ink a shining ingredient for saint patty's day coming up al those coming up to break it down, author of how do i tax thee, here, mitch rochelle former. >> mike baker. >>, spa sparkle beer. >> i don't understand it. >> you have to leave -- twitter -- you think take it
8:02 am
back take it. >> you have been focused on pennsylvania special election happening on tuesday a big deal. >> yeah, they going to be a proxy for midterm elections in your view. >> it could be the democrat in this race very different kind of democrat, has distancinged himself from the extremely leadership in d.c. called for nancy pelosi to step down, so if he pull off a victory here it does send a message to the gop that also sends a message to nancy pelosi, signals that her leadership may be toxic hurting more than helping. >> one of the things that a majority levered kevin mccarthy mentioned redistrictinging going on in pennsylvania favors democrats. >> would be devastating to republicans, republicans trying to challenge this, in court right now. but -- yeah, if this goes flew happens, going to be big for the democrats. >> talk more about this coming up top story this hour trump administration, tackles school gun violence more than three weeks after parkland school
8:03 am
massacre white house rolling out proposal not included raising age limit for plying a gun to 21 blake good morning to you. reporter: good morning president trump response to stoneman douglas shooting some of the controversial ideas that he floated in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, but also one of those still remains pvd president trump called for hardening of schools he likes to phrase it had grants from departments of justice will help states with funding, to train armed personnel within schools, calls on states to pass risk protection orders lowering for trespasser removal of a gun from someone deemed a threat, also calls on congress to pass an expanded background check bill, and a full audit of the fbi tip line however, it does not advocate for the immediate raising of the age of gun purchases to 21 years old instead -- listening
8:04 am
session with lawmakers president was open to the idea as you remember, he suggested that lawmakers would not touch the idea because they were afraid of the nra. >> i am a big fan of the nra, about greet people great patriots down the make sense wait to 21 to get a handgun get weapon at 18 curious what you did in your bill. >> you know -- we didn't address it mr. president but i think. >> afraid of nra? >> instead, a commission led by education secretary betsy devos will study that idea. >> well, everything is on the table, and part of the job of this commission will be to study that, and see if that is advanced ultimately as a recommendations in next steps, the points being there are many steps to be taken now, and additional steps will be taken down the road as we do the work of the commission.
8:05 am
>> however maria in speech over the weekend in pennsylvania when taking about a different committee a different commission at least the idea of a commission or committee the president said all they do is quote talk talk talk. back to you. maria: blake burman with the latest there, want to a turn abroad china warning a trade war would be quote a disaster, for u.s. and world, after president trump set tariffs on steel and aluminum imports last week, joining us right now to weigh in author of the coming collapse of china gordon chiang thanks for joining us your reaction to this reaction. >> last year 88.8% china overall merchandise trade surplus rotated sales from united states up from 68.0% in year before, you know, we have all high cards, and the only thing we don't have is political will. so i don't think the chinese are in any position to really
8:06 am
maintain extended trade war with united states largely as you because we know in trade wars trade deficit countries do very well trades surplus countries do very poorly we know in last great trade war great the depression we are the one got hurt the most. >> the u.s. is asking china apparently, so lower the deficit, now 375 billion dollars china lower that by 100 billion dollars, not going to happen? >> it is not going to happen that way by trump getting on phone with xi jinping saying give me 100 billion dollars of trade, i think the problem here is that the chinese economy has been closing off made in china 2025 tray any of the basically to dominate 10 critical associates national security laws regulations played against foreign companies so there are issues there, and on top of that, you
8:07 am
now have, of course the investigation if china theft intellectual property probably concludes this year going to be a major item dwarfing tariffs. >> you are right i've got this report i find fascinating china technology transfer strategy, basically, they are participating in venture backed start-ups record level 7 to 10% venture deals done in 2016 i believe is the last -- the last five years actually so what should this administration do to push back china's stealing our intellectual property trying to acquire technology and compete with us in those industries. >> well you know with regard to the to 301 investigation i think essentially the tariffs or the prohibitions on trade with certain ens that they have got to be stiff enterprises stiff we lose 3 and 600 billion dollars a year in intellectual property theft to the chinese. that means, it be punishmentss have to be big with regard to chinese taking technology buying it we know that -- the
8:08 am
committee he on foreign investment in united states has taken a very tough attitude from about last year obama administration, all the way through now, and we see this for instance, with the stomping the qualcomm-broadcom deal in china china was going to be berk becaushire hathaway the berk if qualcomm buys it break it apart make it difficult to compete against the chinese company. >> broadcom in singapore. >> in singapore, it is going to be redo mess indicated. >> broadcom has business model breaking up realizing the shareholder value in the parts, qualcomm will not be able to compete in fiveg if broadcom buys it splits it up. >> a big deal. >> it is normal because 5g is going to connect everything in
8:09 am
your home in your workplace. >> quayle quayle abuyers programmat aacquires broadcom you don't think compete -- >> i think pretty clear getting support from chinese government a private company so connected with people's liberation army it is in effect state enterprise, so therefore this is not a fair fight, especially, if qualcomm gets taken apart. >> you said that, a private company with straight face i give you credit for that very good. >> my wife really sort of coach me on that i would get upset but she says you can't get upset. >> this is a little bit off china trade topic, but still in the -- what is your take on the removal of term limits in china? >> this is xi jinping people sigh he wants to be mao in recent years talking like chinese emporers, two millennia imperial rule taking about prohibitsing that china is the only sovereign in the
8:10 am
world this is breath taking lud cruz -- ludicrous what he is saying he thinks we are -- this is exceedingly exceedingly dangerous, this poses not only that we call china a restrictiveival. >> how does this specifically affect china u.s. relations if at all? >> how does this impact us? >> i think it impacts us in a couple of ways, because, first of all, xi jinping has been one responsible for closing up chinese economy gets more power, he is going to be more effective and doing that, had a very belligerent external policy challenges not only china neighbors to south and east trying to close off global common sense puts him if conflict with us if we had any consistent foreign policy over course of two and a half centuries has been defending
8:11 am
freedom you in aviation chinese military spo xi jinping looks hostile looks bad for everybody. >> you mentioned china holds all high cards, i think that is what you said. >> no, we hold high cards. >> here is high card they do hold the 1.2 trillion dollars worth of treasury is that a -- >> no, not at all they have been selling treasurys since middle of 2014 to defend renminbi fragile, foreigner exchange reserves they say come down 800 billion probably a lot more, i know i think that this is not really going to be a hold on them only because we think that it is you know, you have these chinese generals saying we should drop u.s. debt in order to hurt us if you think the way the globally markets work that doesn't work, because if chinese sell u.s. debt they get back dollars, get back dollars put in other occurrences currencies up in
8:12 am
value london brussels tokyo out of global markets rebalance currencies only way to do that pick up dollars. >> what you said is sung you don't think qualcomm will be able to kwefl compete with china if broadcom acquires brem intel considering acquiring broadcom from intel acquires broadcom would be more a better competition you believe, than qualcomm broadcom. >> just a question what intel plans to do with qualcomm if wanting to break it had up. >> intel wants to buy broadcom. >> i know broadcom buys -- it is one fish smaller than the other. >> depends on what intel intends to do may be not -- if intel only company abroad prood -- broadcom out of petition we have to make sure we have a company that can win, win wireless communications a decade
8:13 am
connect everything in home don't want as toter talking to you in chinese. >> when i look at this tariff story, all of the pushback that this administration has done, recognize what has gone on with china the way they are acquiring technology, and, you know, important things that important industries a.i. robotics you recognize this tariff story is much more than just aluminum and steel. >> absolutely. >> nafta, china. >> 80 is absolutely more important, because the way chinese economy is going, you talk about a.i., you know, chinese are now the leaders in quantum communications quantum computing, they put a lot of state money in a.i. you put a.i., and quantity you'll together who knows what is going to happen we don't have that project of let's go the moon john kennedy, we may need one of those projects for a.i. and quantum, because they control those, you control a lot in tomorrow's world.
8:14 am
maria: thank you, latest there coming up a leadership shake-up andrew liveris about officials requires from. dagen: chemical details on replacement at dow dupont next. you know what goes here... and your approval rating... goes here. test drive the ztrak z540r at your john deere dealer and learn why it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. nothing runs like a deere. save 250 dollars when you test drive and buy a john deere residential z540r ztrak mower.
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8:16 am
maria: breaking news a plane crash in nepal kills at least 38 onboard cheryl casone with details. cheryl: that death toll may rise, we are getting some details about the crash, it was a twin propeller passenger
8:17 am
plane from bangladesh crashed at kathmandu international airport 67 onboard four crew members officials say plane swerved repeatedly before it crashed near runway may have been flying too low near the mountains around that airport. television images show smoke from the site, nepal notorious for air accidents small architect aircraft running in trouble. >> a helicopter crash in new york city slammed into east river last night killing five onboard, this video captures the moment of the crash, it happened 7 pm eastern time last night pilot was able about to escape the aircraft. >> it lakeland almost like i want to was supposed to land then was completely underwater just gone. >> one person sort of climbed out of the helicopter, and then since it was flipped over
8:18 am
the rafters were visible he just climbed on to raft screaming for help. >> the helicopter was hired for photo shoot went down after the pilot reported engine failure. >> well, dow chemical longtime leader andrew liveris stepping down next month ening 14 year tenure, leaving after dow chemical combined with dupont last year, next year jim fittering will be achieve executive known as dow shares up 8% last year. >> just in time for st. patrick's day, get ready for glitter, beer. brewries from california, and some places creating buzz among drinks get a buzz? okay, i'm trying you may think -- breweries say they
8:19 am
don't want beautiful br -- just for women i want to as for everybody trying to go for female insecure beer drink a lot of business. >> would i not have gone there you are right probably something to attracting female drifrners what about you -- >> i despise br nasty drink lipstick on a pig taking something gross. >> so un-american. >> what do you do for saint patty's day. >> volunteeredd dvodka. >> space xi funder revealing time line for a recollect the to mars, return of tiger woods, incredible comeback at valspar championship back in a
8:20 am
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and gather the information now to help you choose a plan later. these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. maria: breaking news president tweeted this, secretary commerce wilbur ross speaking with representatives of the european european about eliminating the large tariffs barriers against usa, not fair to our formers and manufacturing that is the crux of the issue, and we are waiting to see whether or not the european european is going to complement bigger tariffs we will follow that the tiger woods big day for nfl jared max with highlights.
8:24 am
big day today good morning nfl free agents can sign contracts with team beginning at 4:00 eastern today big fish free agent class quarterbacks here redskins qv kirk cousins potential deals vikings jets cardinals broncos, keenan nearly to super bowl. >> peterson reportedly going to be released by cardinals, ncaa brackets veer number one overall number one seed cavs lead south, villanova 2016 national champs number one seed east, jayhawks tops midwest sxi. avier number one. >> check out this tweet from police department in kansas home of jayhawks, please do not call 911 to complain about the format of the ncaa selection show, we can't do anything about it no matter
8:25 am
how bad it is. >> first games tomorrow liu brookline against rad fort st. bonaventure against ucla wednesday texas southern servers north carolina central. march madness on golf course this weekend tiger woods on 17th green 44-foot putt to get one one shot of the lead watch this. >> -- he made it. >> are you serious? >> he is doing it. >> yes, very serious 44-foot putt for bird within one shot of the lead to paul casey no magic on 18th, tiger short on long putt finished tied for second with patrick read, tiger's odds to minimasters from 100 to one to 10 to one effect on valspar championship ticket sales up 35%, bused fans in two hours away, miami
8:26 am
4 1/2 hours 6,000 more parking spaces, doesn't play hockey kevin harvick near phoenix thinked straight victory for harvick, three in if row early jump on chase for the cup. big day in racing all around. >> big day all around i think this group wants -- to talk about tiger. >> i think we need to acknowledge how disappointed we are, did not get in -- they didn't go deep as they needed to boise state -- >> all greet guys on that, yeah. >> a shame. >> we're getting ratings on golf later on couple hours, saturday's ratings third round highest rated third round in golf nearly 12 years. >> wow. >> 181 -- all tiger. >> listening to pga radio on
8:27 am
siriusxm on way to home depot, i was not kidding. >> tiger is back. >> thank you. >> sports report 24-7 sires xm 115 a break then will weigh in on whoots school safety proposals a lot more futures up, indicating a strong opening for the broader averages stocked surges friday back in a minute. ♪
8:28 am
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maria: good monday morning. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo, monday, march 12 top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. markets looking at a day of gains this morning at open, futures indicating market will open up about 50 points on dow 28 points higher on nasdaq s&p up, quarter of a percent six points hire off the highest levels of the morning earlier looking at gain nearly 100 nonetheless this is adding on to big day on friday socks soared friday on february jobs' report, the dow up 440 points, dow and s&p a hundred up nearly 2% nasdaq closed all-time high, on friday, in
8:31 am
europe, this morning, a better tone again although ft 100 is back-and-forth between positive and negative cac quarante up a fraction, dax in joifrm up one half of of a percent, in asia overnight green across the board best performer hong kong hang seng up 2%, one day until next primary test for president trump, voters heeded to the polls in key congressional district in pennsylvania kevin mccarthy told me about that yesterday on "sunday morning futures". >> this is a unique situation in pennsylvania what democrats did barack obama and others they have gone in politically redrew line whoever wins in tomorrow's election -- this is a very tight race going in. the month one question should be, do you want another person added to congress, that is going to be another vote for nancy pelosi to become speaker? because that is what she is doing around the country. maria: we are looking at what is at stake in tomorrow's race
8:32 am
this morning, tough talk on trade administration to meet to discuss tariffs impossible exception who will be exempt from tariffs, plus playing waiting game north korea yesse yet to respond on to be able talks with president trump. even as the administration says sanctions are bringing kim jong-un to the negotiating table, elon musk punching ticket to mars says first transcript on rocket to red planet will be ready next year taco bell facing rainbow launching a skittle-flavored -- slush slushy. >> stakes for balance of power in washington fight for pennsylvania 18th congressional district looks to be a fight to the finish, on tuesday. the president you visited moon township to stomp for republicans rick sar connie to talk more about that a lot of things, florida congressman ron desantis, good to see you thanks for joining us.
8:33 am
>> good morning. >> how important is this special there he goes do you view pennsylvania 18th congressional district proxy for midterm? >> i think these things typically are over analyzed obviously you want to win if we don't win that race people are going to say dems on march if we win say hey people said texas was a blue wave it wasn't we are holding on to this district in area where democrats are really energized hopefully we bring it home i think the president really introduce y introduce you out a lot of people donald trump will be reason why. >> we will see about that how important is it in terms of what it means if the democrats do get a win how worried are you about the house losing the majority in november? >> i think that is going to be a dogfight no doubt about it here is the issue with the special elections if you have opposition partly that is energized you have left winning want to vote that
8:34 am
energy is magnified in a special election nae regularly consoled election dournt matter no doubt about it, but you tend to get more voters, so i think it does matter, but i think the key for republicans is take the message to the folks, make the case about why we're better off than we were two years ago, the tax bill being a big part of that, and then drive your core voters to the polls i think if we do that in midterms i think we gain senate sets a a good chance holding the house. >> let me ask you gun safety white house dealing plan to reduce gun violence at schools money to train school staffers, to a carry a weapon but does not raise the age limit, for buying guns, i spoke with kevin mccarthy yesterday, and really, he talked about what is happening in congress wants to get your take on it listen to this. >> we need to start enforcing what we have, the more importantly, we need to make sure the background checks are updated and that is the bill we passed in december now we
8:35 am
are adding to it stop school violence and bill passing this week sandy hook promise endorsed this as well. >> do you want teachers armed. >> i think from a perspective not force -- teachers to be armed if somebody has concealed scare permit trained i want to see it. >> your take. >> i think white house approached this well if you read the proposal, it does you have not mandate federal solutions its is providing support for school districts across country to be able to protect students are and the way that makes most sense for school districts, so they are offering training, for personnel, so in a place like florida, i think if you are a concealed carry permit i don't think should be a gun-free zone where you are not allowed to exercise that right i think serves a deterrent to people if you beef up school security visible security harden schools then if you may have one or two faculty members that are trained licensed
8:36 am
could potentially be concealed carrying that makes the school much less attractive target for some of these guys i mean right now we left a security leaps to the point where guys can go in a soft target that is changing right now, we need do it i would say the other thing that is important, from the federal perspective, is that accountability. and we had fbi in this case, in parkland, florida, they got two tips about this shooter not only that he was dangerous not only that he was crazy, but that he was actually contemplating a school shooting, and when that tip came in in january, of 2018, you are not going to get a better tip that lady that called it in she was on the money with everything. maria: i don't understand how they missed that. >> not only that, though they actually connected the 2018 phone call to the mississippi tip from 2017. so they searched the database, nikolas cruz pingsed in database what decisioned by they make. >> not to do anything, more on
8:37 am
the fbi, in terms of federal but they didn't even report it, to the local authorities, in south florida so my point on this is people need to lose their jobs over this, maria you can't just have an ineffectual bureaucracy time and time again no accountability, we got briefed last week by the deputy fbi director, and i can tell you this is the biggest example of government dropping the ball look at locals in south florida and fiscal impabi since in government we need people to be accountable for their failures! >> a lot going on it is a fbi i knowure looking at right now you just it is a mead he skraefrp wh scratchr what are they focused on to miss incredible obviousness signal. >> rob eroded lighthizer will meet with eu japanese counterparts to talk about new steele aluminum tariffs they want to be concluded as china is threatening retaliation
8:38 am
against new policy, i spoke with white house nationalize trade counseler director peter navarro why he thinks threats might be resigninging hallow. >> we have these large trade deficits, simply because we are open market all we're looking for is fair reciprocal trade i think allies at the end of the day will understand that all we're doing here, is defending two key industries so that we can come, and help with their defense, whether they need us. maria: so congressman some gopers are considering legislation to brocco block tariffs to thwart metal tariffs would you be in on that? >> my concern with the tariff -- if it is being used as temporary leverage to open markets, that could end up being good for the economy in long term that could lead to more trade and more open trade. my concern at the right now, is like florida we've got 100
8:39 am
jobs who use aluminum, and steel downstream as inputs for every one drob about about directly manufacturing aluminum and steal i don't want to increase prices, for those other businesses, and then potentially cost jobs. but i think that and we still need to know the details about how broad these things are going to apply, who they are going to apply to who it is not going to apply to the president issuing kind of a broad proclamation i this i the details are really going to matt. >> so then you would be in favor of having as many exception as possible then it sounds like? >> for our positive trading allies, and particularly with eye towards not damaging any downstream businesses who are using aluminum, and steel as inputs in products or businesses, i think we have to look out for them. as well as just the people who are directly involved in producing those products. maria: right do you think this is about nafta about china? or because it was all
8:40 am
exception i mean you have to ask why do it is it just a negotiating tactic? >> i think that is part of it, and i think china in the president has been tough on china well documented some of their practices i think those need to be addressed whether tariffs tr best way or not, we can debate that, in terms of nafta, there maybe some ways where renegotiations would be beneficial to the united states i do think they are using this to spur that along if they can get an agreement, that will open up, markets for us, i think that will be a win, are so a this is something that the president is very much engaging in cares a lot about it i think his goal is to get better deals for united states, i think most people agree that that would be a good thing. maria: let me ask you about the stiff sanctions now the plan talks north korea, there is a long road to fave meeting between president and north korean leader kim jong-un president says he hopes to do what others have not watch
8:41 am
this. >> we've had a problem for years with north korea. in fact -- president obama said it was a biggest problem we have. >> this should have been he handle, by the way, over the last 30 years not now. that is -- >> should he -- what it should have been handled everybody will say it too that is okay, because that is what we do we handle things. maria: so congressman as a a member of foreign reelincommitt your thoughts to agree to meeting. >> president is right predecessors receipt problem fester .obama did nothing hoped the problem would go away not going to work to this president's credit he said obama told me this is biggest problem trump has been talking about this 20 years i am going to confront this change the equation here, i think he is already done that, now whether this is going to be a meeting
8:42 am
whether this is real, i don't know, but i think that the fact that north korea is even engaging in this unprecedented level of pressure brought to bear on them i think there needs to be more to be done to make sure we can potentially get anywhere but the question is what the president insistence on facing this problem directly what he has done to bring pressure on the regime, is kim now thinking that maybe nukes are causing regime to be more unstable than stable about livable has been ticket to remain in power probably believers that if he starts to change that calculation that is the opening for us actually to solve the problem. >> let me move to fisa controversy, do you think we need a second special counsel to investigate what has gone on at it fbi the top of the fbi? >> yes for a couple reasons, one is you can't have fbi gait itself or doj so you need
8:43 am
someone outside the swamp in washington who is going to look at this with fresh set of eyes not owe anybody i don't want somebody buddies with comey mccabe any of that i want a fresh set of eyes the second reason is the inspector general who sessions initially identified to look into this cannot bring criminal charges he can't i am panel a north carolina can't subpoena people outside the department of justice. so that is clearly inadequate driven how many key people mccabe comey no o longer inside government yes, we need it i think we need it now, and i do think look, we talked about trump-russia collusion you have a special counsel there, since this thing has been going on the evidence i think of wrongdoing has been more on the side of those who were pursuing this navt in 2016 beyond fisa from time hillary's investigation started through the special
8:44 am
counsel, how did these people conduct themselves. >> i think incredible that we are looking forrun collusion we know democrats paid for dossier there is russian collusion unbelievable see you soon, we will be right back.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
pursuing. . welcome back tesla confirming suspended model 3 production for a week, last month nicole petallides on floor of the, no, nno new york stock exchange watching that. >> a rally. >> right continue on friday on that better-than-expected jobs' report, so as you noted we are up to 57 for futures this morning taking close look at tesla, elon musk's baby electronic vehicles modeled 3 car for the masses 35,000 dollar vehicle, starts that the amount manufacturing, had issues still on target for 2500 production rate, about a week for -- the end of -- in june they go to 5,000, but big
8:48 am
picture paused here suspended production over in their san jose manufacturing plant there, in order to improve automation a giga factory as well to ramp it up to get them out how about this at taco we'll yum brands kfu.c taco bell pizza hut a skittles strawberry, 2.29 regular 2.59 large get it for a buck if you go during happy hour 2:00 to 5:00 pm looks delicious i can't imagine too healthy but would probably taste it they really had a lot of other ones pop rock, air heads, starburst the mountain dew get ready for skittles. >> all right bunch of sugar there thank you. >> we are all watching congressional election in
8:49 am
pence a referendum on donald trump's presidential style policies joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. i think a very, very big week in politics, i think very confident president trump is getting out and about. and taking his political attack if i can put it like that straight to political opponents tomorrow's there exin pnz i think become a referendum on president trump himself, gave a rousing speech in pennsylvania saturday night brought out 5,000 people several hundred couldn't get in campaign style trump, goes right at his political opponents taking the message to them. then he goes to california, talk about going to the belly of the beast that is where he is going. maria: yeah. >> california is headquarters of the trump resistance movement he is going to meet it headed on, then goes to missouri, i think going right at senator mccaskill vulnerable in trump country i
8:50 am
should say, i think big week for president looks increasingly confident. >> happy see what happens whether or not a referendum, i i snow you have more "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" 9:00 a.m., coming up reaching the red planet spacex founder elon musk revealing plan to test flights to mars colonize the planet, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ stars at right are big an bright, deep in the heart of texas ♪ the sky wide and high, deep in the heart of texas ♪
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♪ now this,elon musk says we could test the shuttles this will fly us us to mars next year, live -- on this this morning with the story good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria. well unfiltered elon musk has impromptu q&a facing a rook of % critics. >> conconfessing doesn't use a business plan thinks they are wrong anyway also saying that his timelines are not always realistic but telling the crowd yesterday, his company spacex will be ready to launch first vehicle to mars next year. >> we are moving the first
8:55 am
ship the first mars -- right now i think we will be able to do short flights, short up and down flights first half next year. >> spacex rocket system equipped for interplanetary travel reusable one flight under 6 millions cheaper than falcon one flights, early space attractively not a luxury escape hatsch for rich and famous saying there is a good chance earlying travelers will die said getting feet on the ground is just the first step. . >> -- the first elementary infrastructure just a base, to create propellants, power station -- domes in which to
8:56 am
grow really explosion of entrepreneurial opportunity. reporter: he started spacex to make nasa budget bigger once he proved space travel is possible profitable he hopes more companies get in the game. >> who wants to go to mars? >> early travelers could die give you a discount 6 million dollars i can't get a refundable ticket on united. so that is a good deal i am -- >> you would go. >> yes. >> i no one -- you go ahead take the 6 million dollars. >> that what do you think. >> no -- that is enough. >> all right, well listen this is innovation and made a good point during commercial break has happened while we try to get to mars. >> technology out of this sort of thing as prairgs to do something important critical
8:57 am
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(you can move faster. technology moves fast. the 2018 audi q5 is here. the only vehicle in it's class with standard apple carplay integration for your iphone. >> welcome back. final thoughts, my maker. spinnaker was done at arlington national cemetery. if you are looking for something to do with the kids come the spring or summer, take them to arlington. it is the most inspiring place. >> beautiful peace be my big day for data. cpi, retail sales, consumer price index and consumer
9:00 am
sentiment. >> especially the cpi on tuesday. good move for the market. >> the democrat running in the special election doing better than expected with the bold move of calling for nancy pelosi to resign for 2016. if you want to win elections today, you buck the establishment shared >> banks come everybody. great to see you. stuart varney begins right now. stuart: yes indeed he does it if you want to know what's happening to your money come you're at the right place. after friday's blowout rally, you could expect a blowback for the dallas got to be up 30, 40, 50 points in the opening bell. looks like technology will do very well again. the nasdaq is up a whopping 4% so far in march. 9.5% this year and going up again at the opening bell this morning.


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