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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  March 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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business for special coverage of the pennsylvania special election. we'll bring you a special edition of lou dobbs followed by "kennedy" at 9:00 p.m. charles: president trump on his way from and dei go to a fundraiser in los angeles -- from san diego to los angeles. political drama and you uncertainty in the markets. this amid a shakeup in the white house. rex tillerson is out as secretary of state and cia director mike pompeo is in. polls are set to close 8:00 p.m. eastern time as conor lamb and rick saccone are squaring off for a seat that some say could
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be a harbinger of the 2018 mid-term. the president reviewing border wall prototypes in san diego which are designed to keep drugs and illegals out of the country. >> we need it for the drugs. we need it for the gangs. we need it for lots of reasons. we have to have it. it will be 99.5% successful. people won't be able to come over it. the drugs will stop by a lot, though we have to get a lot tough were drug dealers, have to. but that wall will stop so much. we look at the different proto types and it was fascinating. charles: stephanie heal and
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sarah westwood. an amazing response. marine corps fell in love with president trump. the question is, the eight prototypes he saw and visited, obviously he's going to be making a decision real soon. but he took the battle, the you sanctuary city battle to california. what do you make of it? >> president trump was clearly in his element touring a construction site hark being back to his days as a real estate developer where he was really comfortable. but the visit reminds folks in washington how far the administration is from securing funding for the border wall. immigration talks that would have included funding for the border wall and mexico is still it refusing to pay for it.
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the funding is still a long ways from coming fruition. charles: stephanie, you have visited this site for yourself. explain how vital it is. some peeled called it a medieval technology that's outdated. >> i lived next to the mexican border my entire life. half my family lives in mexico. i was there for the construction of the proto types as well as the completion of them. border agents are saying this is critical for national security. we have a fence. most of parts of the fence along the border. but there are parts where it is open. what the border agents were showing me during tour, it's so easy to cut a hole in the fences, they had almost 1,800
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cuts into a fence in one year. when we are talking about funding, lawmakers need to come through and come up with the $18 billion. it's not a ton of money because the wall will pay for it self. charles: even with cutting the holes in, president trump speaking with the folks down there saying there is an exceptional difference. by even having a fence, it's been safer and a better lifestyle and you have been able to have economic development. and the argument is if you do have one of these proto types it could insure a great community. >> walls work. if you look at israel, 99% of illegal immigration stopped because of it. the yuma sector. that was a significant amount of traffic that was lost after they built the fence in the san luis
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port of entry. i went to residents and knocked on doors and talked to them. these are latinos. this is to keep cripple naments out of their yards. they said they could not sleep at night. people were going into the backyard and stealing their children's toys. they were worried because there are hard criminals out there moving humans and drugs and everything you can imagine. charles: the fence had bipartisan support. i don't know what kind of negotiations will have to take place in washington, d.c. is it feasible that democrats give in and help to provide the funding needed? >> the issue of the border wall has become so politicized because it's seen as a symbol of president trump's entire presidency. people will look back on this first term of his and see how much progress he made on the
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wall and use that as a benchmark for how successful he has been as a leader. i think the administration republicans recognize making progress on the wall will be key to their success in 2020. that being said, the wall was part of the discussion about providing protections for dreamers. democrats aren't willing to budge. so we don't know if they are going to start up again. charles: for more now on the border wall, i'm going to bring in brandon judd, a border patrol together and the sheriff of cochise county. brandon, you were at the event today with president trump? how did it go? >> it went great. they were going to get at key piece of technology that will allow to us secure the border. it's interesting, mark i
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appreciate him being on today. i worked in his area. i worked prewall-post wall, and i can personally tell you how effective walls and fences are that allows us to funnel the traffic where we want it to go. charles: president trump talked about the crime and the societal costs and he talked about the drugs. how easier would it make your job and how safer would it make americans? >> to me it's a no-brainer. from where we have been in this country. you look at the vulnerability we have in the united states. i represent public saved any my country and beyond. having an open border. it amazes me when people say that. when you look at 80-90% of the
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illicit drugs that come into our community come across the border. when you support it will technology and staffing from border patrol and local law enforcement it makes a big difference it's about this quality of life we are talking about in this country. charles: i understand your folks feel a lot better about what's going on. knowing that this is a political hot potato in washington, d.c., and there are certain people who don't care about how difficult your job is because they are scoring political points. >> that's what shows you how politicians don't get it. if you look at this, you would think the democrats would want this border secure so this issue would go away so it wouldn't be a political topic everybody single presidential campaign. every single presidential
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campaign, border security has been a key piece, that the republicans have touted. if the democrats would just say let's secure the border, that topic would go away and we wouldn't have to politicize the bored anymore. >> the sanctuary cities, he called them a gift to criminals. you are in law enforcement. does he have a point? >> he has a valid point. one thing at the national sheriff'sing association level, i don't get the saij wary cities. how do you go against federal and state law. those are constitutional mandates. for local and state leadership to goach against those laws amazes me. i take an oath to support the laws of my state, the laws of ourland and support the constitution. to see the leaders of these cities say we are going to
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ignore that. we need to stand united and support the lawsuits of the land to might many criminal what they do. charles: brandon, have you seen the prototypes? >> i was out there today. charles: i know he wanted the ability to see through it. >> if you look at the different prototypes, the one border patrol agents like the best have the fencing at the bottom, the permanent fencing at the top with the cylinder which wouldn't allow to you latch on the top. that's the best one by far. charles: we are nearing the final hours in that pennsylvania special election. and the stakes couldn't be any higher. we'll be right back. it's easy to think that all
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charles: sources is telling fox news president trump is considering moving rick perry from energy to the veterans affairs. the outcome of the special election could signal which party is gaining momentum as we approach the mid-term election later this year. i should have started with freedom caucus first. let me start with you, representative kelly.
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pennsylvania, how the heck did president trump win this district by 20 points and now it may slip away. how do republicans explain this? >> president trump is on the ticket, it's a walk. but he's not on the ticket. the left has done a good job stirring people up making them think they are mad about something. they are not upset for not voting for the tax cuts. charles, what happened? i'll tell you what happened. we have a special election. all of a sudden this is the one that's the bellwether. if you lose this race it may be over. the country is stronger than ever. we are making the country great again in every single way. charles: conor lamb usurped your
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message. he says tax cuts are great and tariffs are wonderful. he jumped on your message. >> when they are running they are saying one thing. he's telling everybody he's president trump's best friend and he is for all the things president trump is for. but if he is for all those things, why isn't he for the tax cut and jobs act? why is he for abortion on demand? there are so many issues where he's not with the president. i suspect when he comes to washington, d.c., he'll vote for nancy pelosi like the rest have. people need to understand to know and meet rick saccone, he's going to do what he says. he won't say and do one thing on the campaign trail and do another thing in washington, d.c.
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there has been a lot of judicial activism and it makes a difference. charles: could this be a template for the democrat kick party? run away from nancy pelosi, make promises you may or may not keep. but try to jump on the trump train for lack of a better term. >> when they are running for election they will run like they are moderate. this is a wolf in lamps clothing. this is so far-fetched. he's going to be somebody who follows what nancy pelosi says and what tom perez says. when it comes to life and pro-life, he already said he would not have voted for the tax cuts and jobs bill. what do people need? ice water in the basement when you wake up in the morning. >> the folks who come to washington, d.c. and start voting and their constituents
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say you told us one thing when you were running. so i don't think the shelf life is long on that activity. charles: the outcome tonight, would it extinguish the excitement after november of 2016 that perhaps pennsylvania, ohio, wisconsin, that these states can turn red for the next several election cycles? is that something that's possible for republicans? >> i think it is possible. i think you are seeing it with the tax cuts and jobs act. people's salaries are up and they are seeing a booming economy and their opportunity is increasing. for the democrats. they will say that if they win this, they will say, see everything is different now and nobody supports the president. if they lose it like they have the last ones, they will say this doesn't matter. it's the same story and it's
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been replayed over and over again. charles: i think there are 70,000 more registered democrats to begin with. president trump's decision to replace rex tillerson with mike pompeo has globalists around the world shaking in their boots. i'll explain when we come back. hi, i'm bob harper,
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>> what trump is doing, and i think it's the right thing to do, we have to have some negotiating position on these things, otherwise we are sort of naked. he's setting up the tariff on steel. we'll negotiate. maybe on nafta we'll negotiate there. but if you have nothing to give and we gave it all like we did
6:23 pm
the last 50 years. we gave favored nation stuff to so many one dri -- so many couns because we wanted to help them after world war ii and the korean war. i think trump is right. we want to stop the giveaway *s and start working for ourselves. charles: that was charles schwab telling our own maria bartiromo that president trump is doing the right thing. it's being seen as an embracing of protectionism and nationalism. he has replaced recollection tillerson with mike pompeo. here to discuss, sarah westwood.
6:24 pm
eric, the market was up 200 points. we ended up down 200 points after the tillerson news started to make the news. we are back to economic nationalism and i know that scares the heck out of wall treat, but i think that's what main treat wants to see. >>it is. clearly it's what put donald trump in office. tillerson was the textbook globalist. with navarro and pompeo, you have two guys that are leaders that will follow the america first playbook. strategic negotiation is what we need to do. unfortunately china has state sponsored aluminum and steel. it creates a complete unfair advantage that we have to pay back. there are necessary steps we need to take to get to the table
6:25 pm
in a level playing field. i think what donald trump is doing is taking the first shot. we have been like rocky for years in the ring, but handcuffed. and we are taking the handcuffs off. any businessman will tell you that you want to be able to level the playing field and negotiate from strength. it gives that strength. that first shot gives him the sense that he's serious and gives him credibility. that credibility is what we need. charles: republicans and the establishment pushing back on president trump with it comes to tariffs on steel and aluminum. what do you think they will say if he takes this fight toot theft of intellectual property. $600 billion a year stolen from american businesses. i find it hard to believe they will find an issue with this. >> this is the negotiating
6:26 pm
tactic we have seen president trump use time and time again. up posing tariffs against all countries regard lefs their contribution to the steel glut. washington hasn't learned. you saw the hysterics of the companies that he actually soft bed quite a bit before signing the proclamation. china is the target paul ryan and others called on trump to focus on when he was talking about applying the tariffs to all countries. now the tariffs are targeted toward trade abusers. charles: if he goes after i.t. property, republicans will say we should take it easy, they own
6:27 pm
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charles: in an effort to advance
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his america first agenda president trump is allegedly going to punish china. i say, the trump administration is pushing back on china harder than before. harder than, be honest could any prior administration. the question, is how much will it help or hurt u.s. near-term and long-term. we ask our panel. ned ryan, america majority ceo. michael let me start with you. i have to tell you, i think today the "wall stree the -- wad soon american public will understand that president trump is serious about curbing china's beling -- belligerents with
6:32 pm
respect to trade. >> you are right. they are angry that they were not given free market status in december. it was the 15th anniversary of their joining wto, and american union, u.s. and japan agreed that china had not become the free market. and was not going to be given free market status, that makes it easier to sue china, and cause problems for them. it didn't start the reforms we want. the idea not to punish china exactly, that is a means, the idea is t to reform china. >> in the meantime, in august robert u.s. trade representative began an investigation, section 301 inves investigation into trg practices. at the time media played it off
6:33 pm
saying that chynna's economy -- china's economy relationship with us to was intre trickal. >> they were wrong. charles: they were, but now wall street today say, they are serious. >> we don't want to panic into a trade war. charles: right. >> idea is to get china's chance to reform themselves. then increase trade between both countries. >> ned? >> well, no, i think the thing trump is bringing clarity to is the fact that clean doesn't really want to be an equal partner with u.s., they want to replace us. they are on a path to replace the u.s., as center of global trade and military power, and next 30 or 40 years, what trump is saying, we're not going to allow you to continue down that path without negotiating from strength of position, the thing that is amazing is.
6:34 pm
whether it comes to china, how on earth are you supposed to have free and fair trade with economy, they have a protected economy, 25% tariffs on some products, and government subsidizing sale of foreign products on the market, man times they have -- many times they are stolen and copied from u.s. and european company, president is saying, if we allow this to continue this has already cost millions of jobs, imagine how many more millions of american jobs, and hundreds of billions of dollars. charles: to be honest, i don't think it has to go decade more. the highest matt for counterfeid pirating, a record year. almost 600 billion. it is going on right now, ron. >> yes, you are right, up to 600 billion per year in intellectual
6:35 pm
property theft and china. i'm not sure that trump taking the approach that china is trying to take us over. i think it a matter of making sure we have fair economic interaction with them, they slam on massive tariffs on our goods that we don't impose on them, that is why we have people like elon musk, a free trade guy, understands that tariffs don't help us, a free trade guy, but we have to negotiate better with china. we don't have a good agreement with them now, i think that trump is trying to put real pressure to force china and president x i to come to the table. >> of the world's almost 300 so call unicorns, almost 90 in china. they are creating their own competition, better wake up soon, thank you very much. i want to remind audience we're
6:36 pm
90 minutes away from polls closing in pennsylvania, special election, connell mcshane in elizabeth township, pennsylvania with the latest. reporter: so much attention. on idea that result today might say something about the midterm elections, might set the stage for those midterms if democrat here wins. in a district where president trump won easily in 2016. when president carried it by rally move 20%, we set ourselves up in evening headquarter of republican rick saccone. we saw him vote today, he came out to vote saccone when asked why race was so close, saying
6:37 pm
that democrats have been trying to pull out all of the stops to stop him from winning, the truck is that -- truth is that money is coming from all direct, democrats are running a different race, conor lamb has been making inroads with voters who within for trump last time, we were with him, in a different part of district today, and made a separate trip out with his grand pla tgrandma to vote, he n out against his own party leaders, including nancy pelosi. so, as it always does, it comes down to turn out, we got about 90 minutes of voting left. the thinking from lamb campaign. is they can pullback some registered democrats many union members who had gone from the republican side, and gone strong
6:38 pm
for president last time. if they can do that, ta -- that, it will be a long night here at headquarters. charles: you can never go wrong when you go to vote with your grandma, that is all i'm saying. we'll be right back.
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charles: president trump arriving in los angeles, he will attend a fundraiser, earlier he checked out the prototypes of the pr proposed border wall, sty with us.
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but i'm not standing still... and with godaddy, i've made my ideas real. ♪ i made my own way, now it's time to make yours. ♪ everything is working, just like it should ♪ charles: another wild ride for the stock market, which saw all major indices bolt out of the gate with a benign report from cpi, and super strong report from prement am source of small businesses, echoing narrative from the jobs report, that essentially says this is a goldilocks economy.
6:42 pm
but 400 point downward reversal in dow jones because of headlines in question say that stock market still afraid of the big bad wolf, that is the potential trade war. now forget tariffs, this is about something more pervasive, in your case, brazen theft of american know how. chinese intellectual property theft, by one estimate 600 billion annually, trump administration is ready to get justice, ironically the news put pressure on technology more than any other sector as they are both the biggest victims, they like having access to china even though it means may have to pay people off, and they know they will be rip offs. i consider this investment noise, i am blowe i am i am plos on a driving force. and optimism index shows small
6:43 pm
business optimism has a second wind, saying in february that report a barn bur burner. released this morning second highest level. back to 1983. earnings at highest point since 1987, and according to chief economist, one of the strongest readings in 45 year history of the index, have you fewer small business hurdles taxes as single most important problem declined to lowest level things 2006 equality and labor, continues to be a huge problem, and that require, a combination of public and private efforts, you had other great highlight, expecting real sales higher, three percentage points, biggest mover in report you were 228%, those -- up to 28%. and that is the most optimistic. 43%. by the way also caterpillar retail machine sales report last
6:44 pm
month 33% worldwide gains from a year earlier, strongest sequential improvement in north america. i think that our trading partners also will make the right concessions, and continue to flow trade, actually somehow make it freer, that is the ultimate goal, i will say dow needs something big, catapult over a big resistant number, if you now -- for now i am cool with consolidation, i think we're building a base or a launching pad. hillary clinton can't get over it. now she is insulting trump voter, just about everyone else. we'll tell you what she said, so outrageous, you won't believe it, next.
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>> his whole campaign make america great again was looking backwards, you know, you didn't like black people getting rights, you didn't like women getting jobs. you know an ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should. charles: wow, hillary clinton playing the blame game big time, once again, trying to explain why she lost 2016 election, this time suggesting too a odd yip i- audience in mumbai, india, that trump voters are racist and sexist. joining us, stephanie hammel, you are in charge of diversity
6:49 pm
part of campaign efforts for trump, this gets more and more insulting to me. >> very insulting, you have to wonder what is in her heart every time she says this thing. i am a trump supporters, i am not racist against anyone, i want to continue to have voting rights and a job. this map she was looking at somebody needs to replace it with a map that said america voted, get over it, time to move on, good-bye. charles: also suggesting that white women were somehow coerced to vote for president trump by a male figure in their family, they could not make up their own minds. >> >> that part i find insulting. as a leader in the democratic party, which see is, she has been two things, she has often
6:50 pm
said shy stands for -- she stands for middle america and americans and working class, she did go out and insult with those comments, as well as women who can make up their own minds, she may not like their decision making but they did make a decision. with that said, i think that overall she was not smart to make these comments if she wants any future if politics, i don't think she would make them, she is just pretty much insulted two key demographics of future platform of the democratic party, which are middle america, and young females. i am confused by that strategy. charles: she was there nominee, just last election. this is something we heard from democrats for a long time, they play race card and the victim card, and they like politic of division. i am assuming that whoever they elect next time will feel the same way? >> to a an extent, i think she
6:51 pm
feels a lot of this, i am not condoning some rhetoric that president trump used on campaign trail, and some thing he said while sitting as president. i can understand her frustration, there with it. but, it is not smart for leaders within the democratic party even if she does not run again, they need to build that bench and to have someone a former front-runner, former presidential candidate for the tickle, that does not make sense to insult two key demographics of. i am very confused. charles: this is not about president trump, this is about voters, every day americans, exercising their right to vote, she is saying, you people are stupid, dumb racist, sexist, and she goes to a foreign country to do that, that justeds injury to insult. >> this is embarrassing, this is the disgust that -- >> what is that about. >> we're not voting for them,
6:52 pm
this is coming from a woman who brings hot sauce to an event trying to pander to latinos, i eat hot sauce but i am not voting for a white woman candidate just because she carries' hot sauce in her bag, who does she think we are. my blood was boiling of time i saw this, and a wit a lot of pee feel the same way. charles: she carried hot sauce to a black even too. the thing can i carry -- pepto, she was not relating at all. >> it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not,
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charles: well we're just more than an hour until the polls close in pennsylvania, to my panel, ned ryan and ron meyer, i'll start with you here. the stakes are high. we know that both candidates are
6:56 pm
running as republicans, be that as it may, the headline tomorrow will say that president trump lost, even if saccone wins, because it would be a smaller margin. what do you make? >> we have to realize that democrats are going to have higher turn out with trump in office, it has nothing to to with president trump's performance, just donald trump motivates democrat to turn people out. i think that there has a lot to do with candidate recruitment. republicans recruit a snoozer guy, and democrats, a next generation, future looking young perm who is not part o partisan, looking at them side by side, anyone would want to choose lamb over salamb.
6:57 pm
>> your point, neutral in politics -- natural in politics incumbant party losing, in recent history they lost a lot in midterms, but mid, i love that candidate recruitment, who is in charge, you have the ex-marine, and energetic and every saying saccone is not a great candidate, i don't know him that well, one feels more dynamic than the other. >> i think ron had a good point, you look at alabama, senate race there. we had a very flawed candidate running as a republican, and democrats picked that up. it is incumbant to republicans moving forward to make sure they have better quality candidates, parties of spending millions of dollars in pennsylvania 18 to win a narrative so they can talk about it for weeks and weeks to come, one race does not a midterm race, look at texas primary last week, everyone --
6:58 pm
there were half a million more republicans that turned out ted cruz won more votes than all democrat in senate premier combined. looking at other dynamics, congressional generic poll, democrats up 7.5%, in 2006 they were up ther 11 by ip by 5. they have a message to the issues, do the fundamentals, i think that you know look at midterms, republican could pick up 5 seats in senate, democrat 12 or 15 in house then a soul sucking moment for democrats in moment they realize they are still in wilderness at midterms. charles: lamb has rejected nancy pelosi, he likes tax cuts and tariffs, sort of saying i'm like
6:59 pm
president trump. but that is not likely going to play out the rest of the country. >> irony is republican had a young state senator who was willing to run for seat, i think he would have beaten conor lamb, the learning point, look to next generation, to break past national trends, if it is about trump, you don't control your own race. the candidate can take control if they have their own narrative, something they are talking about, stuff they are talking about that ha has to do with local area, that is what lamb's campaign has done, a model that republicans can take and use in 2018, and beyond. i think that democrats do then republicans will be in trouble. look at suburban, pennsylvania, northern virginia, california, in orange county, that is where it will be decided. are they running on local issues or just lit national trend
7:00 pm
decide the race, how hard are the candidates going to work. charles: they should not let national party boss pick the candidates either. >> right. charles: lou dobbs is next, with a special two hour show. right now. lou: these are top stories tonight, president trump making a big push for the border wall. president trump in san diego to inspect 8 patrol don'ts that -- prototypes that have been built for the propose add wall. we'll have a full report. a major shake up in president's cabinet firing secretary of state rex tillerson named mike pompeipompeo to replace him, and naming gin gene haspel to be cia first women


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