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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 15, 2018 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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cac f. almost one half of 1% of two thirds of 1%. asia overnight stocks close mostly higher. shanghai was absolutely flat, down a fraction. if founders follow of theranos come elizabeth holmes has been charged with a massive fraud on the silicon valley darling. united airlines company unveils a new procedure for travelers bringing animals on board following the tragic death of a dog that was placed and never had been earlier this week. the latest is questions over the company's treatment of animals in another major mistake. plus, from red square, russian president latimer pruden said his country is watching a mission to mars next year. the space race coming up this thursday morning. driven to talk about it, dagen mcdowell. "the wall street journal"
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editorial page editor james freeman and riverfront investment group and ceo and president michael jones. good to see you. welcome to the show. great to see you. >> good morning, how are you? maria: gray. dagen: when you have a favorite have a family tie the flight attendant there is a dog and not bad, what are you doing? now they need colored tickets on the pet carriers. that is covering your you know what. >> i can't even imagine, how can you comply with that request when it's your dog? maria: that's what i said yesterday. the owner has to take responsibility here. i would've never put my dog in the overhead in. i recognize the airline will say get out of the way, but the owner knows what is in the bag. >> all go off the plane. dagen: her mother with two kids, an 11-year-old and a baby and a
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dog in the cabin doors close, you interfere with the flight crew is a felony. they will manhandle you and treat you like garbage and this is what happens. it doesn't require a lawsuit or regulation. it requires people if they choose to walk away from the airline forever. maria: another mistake that they sent a dog to japan. we'll talk about that. i don't know what's going on at united airlines. this is the airline that drive the guy who played a year ago. a lot to cover. white house deputy press secretary roche issued in the conversation. david perdue is here. former cia middle east officer will hurd is here. former whitewater independent counsel robert ray is here and senior strategic analyst retired general, four-star general jack keane is with us. don't miss a moment of it. let's kick it off with our top
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story. the dow and the s&p 500 finishing lower for the third session in a row over renewed worries following reports that president trump may soon hit china for steep tariffs and investment restrictions in response to an alleged intellectual property theft. i told you about that over the last couple days. stocks came under pressure at the commerce department said they would get new exclusions to tariffs on imports of aluminum and steel. james freeman, let's talk about that. the president is priming for a showdown with china. we've been talking about what china has been doing and that is transferring to elegy from the u.s. to china and acquiring companies with the most important industries that tomorrow like a.i. and robotics. >> and also outright theft. this kind of a legalized theft when u.s. companies and other foreign companies go into china, they're essentially for us to share their technology with the
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locals. on top of that, theft occurs. it is rampant essentially when u.s. companies are operating in china. this probably should have been the focus if mr. trump wanted to get tough on trade were basically try and redo the arrangements we have with other countries. probably should've gone straight straight to this. we have remedies under the law. but as you see here around the world, a lot of countries don't need an excuse to go after u.s. companies. europeans talking about higher taxes on technology companies. financial services companies don't like that a lot of u.s. firms dominate certain markets over there. this is going on a cost of mr. trump wants to rewrite the trade relationship. maria: one thing i've been reporting this week is the fact china has participated in 10% of venture deals in the last five years. one of the issues and the reason
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the president will push back on aluminum and steel is because china has overcapacity of all of these items but they don't sell directly to america. they put it in the market. >> it is the global market. you've got to apply to all aluminum and all steel. the reason why the market is recovering somewhat today in particularly overseas. they should've been the focus in the very beginning. china is the actual problem. not canada, not mexico, not europe. if you listen to larry last night as he talked about one of the says he will bring to his new role commend larry kudlow, the new economic adviser to the president, he said it's all about china. china's actions are the ones that deserve this action in the markets will be very relieved if we stop kind of picking wars with our friends in focus --
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maria: in the meantime you have u.s. companies that use aluminum, that use steel will face significantly higher prices. u.s. companies according to the commerce department will commerce department will get few if any exclusions to these tariffs. canada and mexico don't apply to steel and aluminum from those countries yet. if this is a negotiating type a command that is something you bring to the table. you don't actually implement what is attached on consumers and businesses. boeing stock fell to point to 5%. maria: the president hinted more tax cuts could soon be underway for business and consumers. listen to this. >> we are now going for a phase two, which will help in addition to middle-class, will help companies and it's going to be something very special. kevin brady is working on it with me.
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congress is working, the senate working. >> early in the day, brady said he hopes to pass more tax cuts by the end of the year. that should be a positive. >> at this point we are almost at the push you, pull you because our deficits are getting to the trillion dollars mark for the next several years. if the tax cuts aren't accompanied by spending conditions, when we run this kind of deficit, quantitative easing in the rearview mirror means for going back to the old-fashioned way of financing deficits. we borrow from japan and china. it's hard to reduce your trade deficit and borrow trillions of dollars at the same time. if they are going to do additional tax cuts, i would love to see additional cut in tax rates that broaden the base center revenue neutral. i don't agree can afford additional tax cuts that are merely tax cuts in rates without getting rid of loopholes.
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>> one of the issues as they were considering making the individual cuts permanent. that is one of the sort of ideas. >> there is a political element to this and not as bad to think about calling the democrats bluff. trade do you read my mind. this is a political gambit. >> it could be both depending what's in the package. this part in particular, you heard some democrats say he met these middle-class tax cuts should be permanent. if they participated, maybe they would be. there's an argument for mitch mcconnell, senate majority leader to call their bluff. >> i love what larry kudlow is going to bring into the white house because he is worried about the spending in the debt. we should have equal, if not even greater outrage at our budget deficits and national debt rather than the trade deficit. the trade deficit is no debt
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owed to anyone. this country is headed towards a financial crisis if someone can get their arms around it. larry kudlow also is upset about talking on the dollar. larry kudlow believes in bargaining -- targeted tears, but not brought tears that had a variety of businesses. i think that is the reason that the markets are heading up today. i am not joking at all. >> the president think that as well. the president thought the kudlow announcement would move the market. by the way, on the trade step in the tariffs on aluminum and steel, the administration will push back and say we had a little window before the mexico elections today canada and mexico to the table to do some real change. they saw a 20 day window to actually get something substantial and get a new nafta deal. that is all they got. once the elections happened in
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mexico in july come you got midterms in november here. you are talking about nafta discussions not resuming until after the midterms. this is a scare attack today canada and mexico. dagen: you are scaring businesses in the united states at the same time. peter navarro keep saying there will not be any job losses downstream by the aluminum and steel consuming companies in based on history is hogwash. >> the good news then again why the markets are relieved us by bringing larry kudlow in. he's saying it's not going to be a monotonic protectionists advisory panel. he would give voices on the other side and that is a real relief because navarro was mentioned as the new economic council. dagen: larry kudlow walked for stockman and one other important thing about the man, he's been very up front about his title against addiction and i think
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that brings a voice to the white house that is so necessary. he deserves a lot of kudos and a lot of praise for how he's lived his life in the last 25 years. maria: he is terrific. >> just to add, there is a fair amount of downside on rewriting nafta. not saying it couldn't be improved. the art of the deal and end up with free trade across borders. this has been pretty amazing watching supply chains grow all over north america. we shouldn't assume this deal gets better. maria: let me move on to dodd-frank. the senate approve the most sweeping changes yet passing a bipartisan measure that eases rules. now we head back to the house for lawmakers say they want to tack on more provisions. the white house signaling the president will sign it. you've been talking about rolling back regulations is a critical part of the economic boost we have seen, james. critics said the bill say could bring back unnecessary risk. your thoughts.
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>> i don't think to make that big of a difference either way. good reform for smaller banks, less compliance nightmare, lower cost. but you still fundamentally leave the structure in place with a too big to fail based banks and the government are redness embrace. we think about the anniversary of air started 10 years ago. that would be bailed out again and considered systemic under this system. you've got to ask why, looking back now, why did the government bail out an investment bank that was the 17th largest in the country. >> federal reserve had to create off-balance-sheet partnerships to be a lot of bank that was taken down by off-balance-sheet risks. it was the beginning of insanity in this country. >> is a small businessman who actually relies on adding funding and particularly small
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banks, the ones who stepped up seven years ago, not the big ones. i'm going to say this is important for growth is tax cuts. you unleash the smaller banks, the ones that actually do small business lending. that is where the growth comes from and the jobs come from and dodd-frank was the most destructive in terms of growth because of what it did for small banks across the country. this is an incredibly important bill. trade to your own financials? >> we do absolutely. maria: would you be buying more? >> it's been a great run and there's a lot more ahead of it. maria: we will talk more about that. massive fraud is the charge against theranos ceo elizabeth holmes. to follow coming out. united airlines change in its pet policy after a dog dies on the fly. startling details on the track record with pets we have to show you. plus another major mistake coming out.
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we're all under one roof now. congratulations. thank you. how many kids? my two. his three. along with two dogs and jake, our new parrot. that is quite the family. quite a lot of colleges to pay for though. a lot of colleges. you get any financial advice? yeah, but i'm pretty sure it's the same plan they sold me before. well your situation's totally changed now. right, right. how 'bout a plan that works for 5 kids, 2 dogs and jake over here? that would be great. that would be great. that okay with you, jake? get a portfolio that works for you now and as your needs change from td ameritrade investment management. maria: welcome back to the navy was mourning the loss of two officers killed in a jet crash over key west yesterday. cheryl casone with the details. >> maria, good morning to the jet was on a training flight when a fun approach. the super hornet cop fired mid air. the crewmembers to be checked,
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but they did not survive. rescue crews recovered both aviators in the water. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the founder of theranos ones being by some as the next steve jobs is subtle and security fraud charges with the sec. elizabeth holmes has agreed to surrender control of the blood testing company to pay a $500,000. they accuse holmes of raising $700 million from investors like a draining evidence about the companies technology and finances, in particular their lack of profit. united airlines is still taking heat following the death of a puppy on one of its flight. in response to the tragedy come in the airline says it will issue new bright yellow taxi passengers traveling with pets in carriers. this after a flight attendant insisted a passenger put her dog and carrier in the overhead bin for the entire flight.
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united said the flight attendant didn't realize the carrier had a dog inside of it, but the passenger side the flight attendant is lying. united has been a leader in pet deaths for years but according to the u.s. department of transportation, lester 18 animals died under united's watch out of a total of 24. across the entire industry. they also have the most pet deaths in 2015 and 2016. meanwhile, another issue for united now. this has gone viral. another famous as a temporal german shepherd was supposed to go to kansas city. the dog was flown to japan. when they landed they were given a different dog. their dog named berger was flying back home today first class i want to add your urgo had no food and water for a 16 hour flight because he was only supposed to go to kansas city, not japan. again, we've gotten very few statements from them.
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they are citing the flight attendant, but the story isn't over. true to their are clearly issues. on the second issue with the.having gone to japan. somebody is not watching the store. >> they have the most pet deaths that they account for 75% of pet deaths in the industry. dagen: they are the number one flyer in terms of pet and when they are being shipped and creates, basically as luggage. climate controlled luggage. they are the largest carrier of animals, but they still as a percentage of weimar pet deaths in the actual percentage of animals that they carry. at the end of the day, this dog died in the overhead bin, it was a flight attendant who put that up there. you are not allowed to push back on the flight attendant. at the cabin door is closed, they will cost you in charge with a felony if you interfere with the flight crew. >> maybe she should've walked off and taken the dog with her.
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maria: that is what people are saying hi and say, but it ultimately is it ultimately his actions have united in the flight attendant and they have to own it. surely they will pay the price for it in terms of people walking away from the airline. maria: coming up, another shakeup at the white house. veterans affairs secretary david schalk in. watching the economy obviously the market. dow futures indicating again of the trading of about 30 points. we will be back in a moment. stay with us. ♪
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goodbye to toys "r" us. the retailer announced yesterday will be selling or closing all of its stores in the u.s. after the bankruptcy hearing. joining us to talk about that in its impact on real estate, hasan naji. thank you for joining us. this has been a brick-and-mortar retailer, an american staple for 70 years. impacts of this from your standpoint. >> short-term pain paid 700 plus store closings always bring pain to the marketplace. not entirely surprising given what's happening with e-commerce. we've seen examples of it already in the retail transition from what used to be old-school retail of inventory, merchandise to entertainment and next. spaced attraction to consumers is happening as we speak. they are doing well. we have plenty of retail success stories in this as an opportunity for a lot of investors to comment when the pain is in the marketplace and
6:25 am
wait for the repositioning of retail, which is what happened. trade to give us a characterization of what's going on real estate right now. >> investor sentiment has really improved since the passage of tax reform is step one to give clarity that we are going to get tax reform and the tacit form provisions will be positive for commercial real estate for sure and they will. the exchange rule in a number of other things. the next stage is more clarity on specifics, provisions that explain some of the rules in the marketplace is waiting for those answers. when the answers, come and there's a lot of demand both on the selling and buying inside that will come into the marketplace. that is a little bit of a drive on transaction activity, but the best news in the most important is the supply and demand are in pretty good shape. >> you talk about a very well-established trend away from big-box retailers towards more
6:26 am
the entertainment experience. cable revenue per square foot of the new x yuri angel venues really replace the kind of revenue than in the old days, one of these big rocks retailers or maybe the traditional entertainment of the movie theater, can you place the revenue per square foot? >> not immediately. this is where the pain comes in. if you're carry the load we just had a major go bankrupt, you will not get the income anymore and that is the short-term pain. what is happening is the big box or if you will, the footprint is now being replaced by smaller foot print from a more efficient retail, that is about restaurants, entertainment, other things like fitness and health care. that transition is bringing in pretty good pay and tenants, but it takes time to reposition to make that happen. >> i want to ask you about the u.s. consumer.
6:27 am
retailers decide from the general challenge of online competition, seemed to be doing pretty well lately. this morning we got a consumer report that was not so good last month, but you take out gas and autos, looks a little better. what do you see in terms of retailers in the consumer and how they are feeling and what they are doing. >> if you break it all down, everything has to be broken down to reality on the ground. the community center, neighborhood center would have a grocery store in a drugstore, they are doing just fine. a lot of buyers for those prices are intact. if you get out to areas that are far away from population centers, that's for the pain really hits. replacement of these and what happens becomes harder and harder. restaurant sales are higher today. for the first time in u.s. history. eating out more often. we don't have enough time anymore to eat a traditional
6:28 am
meal if you will during the go during the week they are the weekend. that consumer behavior is affecting all kinds of retail in a positive and negative way. dagen: cheesecake dairy now if you go, malls love it. trade do you like cheesecake factory, don't you? >> right across from your apple store from amazon now getting into brick-and-mortar peers so you have e-commerce coming into brick-and-mortar and brick-and-mortar having to survive. dagen: nus have to stuff your face somewhere. >> all of this spells opportunity. trade too great to have you, hessam nadji. coming up from coast to coast, thousands of students walked out of class yesterday to protest gun violence one month after the tragedy in parkland, florida. if you've been to the airport in
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point on the nasdaq, we are off of the highs of the morning so we have seen some air come out of this this morning, we're looking at gains but not as strong as earlier. it comes after a down day yesterday making it 3 days in a row concerns over trade and tariffs weighing on markets down 248 points, one present even. global markets mostly higher. with european indices, the s&p is up 11 and the tax index up 28. in asia overnight stocks closed higher, best performer there, hang seng index up a third of 1%, fractional moves elsewhere, the revolving door at the white house, days after donald trump fired rex to listen veterans affairs sec. david chilton could be next. we look at the white house jacob just had. rising tensions with russia. us ambassador nikki haley stepping up the rhetoric after
6:33 am
a double agent was poisoned in the uk. >> the united states believes russia is responsible for the attack on two people in the united kingdom using military grade nerve agent, russia's crime is worthy of this council abstraction so this is not an isolated incident. >> more on that including the warning that new york city could be a target as well. all that coming up. keeping kids safe, donald trump raised the house after the stop school violence act was passed yesterday after thousands of students across the country walked out of their classrooms to protest gun violence. an unexpected souvenir for travelers, the measles. people are contracting the disease in several us cities. we will tell you where it started and bring you the details. latimer putin has a new mission to mars. he revealed plans for an unmanned launch next year. bracing for another white house
6:34 am
shakeup, donald trump is considering replacing david sulkin with rick perry. he has come under power under wasteful spending. secretary perry told reporters he has no plans to replace schalkin calling the report fake news. lindsey graham says perry would make a good fit for the department. >> if he is replaced, he serves at the pleasure of the president rick perry would shake the place out and the va needs shaking got. >> gen. jack keane, thanks for joining us. what do you make of these changes and would rick perry be right for the va? >> most comes with the president, getting his feet on the ground, comfortable in his position after a year of being president, he knows the job better than when he started
6:35 am
even though he campaigned for two years, he doesn't like being in it and he kind of has a feel for what he needs to help him do the job so that is what these changes are largely about. if he feels he doesn't have confidence in the va secretary people give them a lot of credit for doing a good job over there, i do too. he made some profound changes, aggravated the bureaucracy beyond belief, it doesn't surprise me the bureaucracy pushes back on whatever little thing he is going to do, and they will launch an investigation on him. that may be more serious than we understand to be sure but this is about the president having confidence in him and going forward for the next week for years. maria: the president's picked to head the cia, she is facing scrutiny, the president gina haskell as the first woman to head the cia.
6:36 am
there are questions about her role overseeing a secret prison where suspected terrorists were tortured in the early 2000s. rand paul opposes her nomination. >> appointing someone to be head of cia who was actively involved in waterboarding someone and gleefully expressing their joy at his suffering i think is the wrong message to send the world. maria: away from rand paul the left has been demonizing her. this would be the first woman head of the cia we have ever seen. what are your thoughts? >> she is incredibly well qualified for the position. everybody sings her praises, people who worked there for years of known her, former directors of the central intelligence agency believes she is eminently qualified. the fact that she was executing
6:37 am
lawful orders host 9/11 she deserves to be asked where is she on that now because that decision she was executing is for bidden and against the law so she has to state publicly she supports the law that is in existence now. at the time those were lawful orders was the obama administration investigating that concluded they were executing lawful orders and no prosecution. maria: elizabeth warren on the left said she will vote no. do you expect her to be approved or not? >> i think she will be approved. i think it is political. that is all it is.
6:38 am
maria: let me turn to the story on the uk and russia, heightened tensions between the two, theresa may expelled 23 russian diplomat yesterday over an attack on a former spy using a highly lethal nerve gas. yesterday united nations ambassador nikki haley strongly condemned russia. watch this. >> if we don't take immediate concrete measures to address this now saulsberry will not be the last place we see chemical weapons used. they could be used in new york. the credibility of this council will not survive if we fail to hold russia accountable. maria: do you think the un will take action against russia. how do you see this? >> they absolutely should. theresa may should provide all the evidence she has to support her conclusions. latimer putin is a thug, killer, the biggest thief in the world, he has amassed an incredible fortune at the expense of the russian people. he may not have killed as many people as stalin but his soul
6:39 am
is just as dark as stalin's. p and sees the united states as a strategic enemy, same with the united kingdom, same with the european west. we have to recognize that and act accordingly. he dresses up in a suit and tie and shake hands and seems very simple but at this meal of the day he looks at us as his enemy and he will do anything he can to undermine the united states and what we stand for. maria: we haven't heard a statement from russia on this but we know this nerve gas, this lethal weapon originates in the soviet union. >> absolutely. fox had the guy on television who created it and he is living in the united states, he is a defector so the origin is right there in russia. so likely, this is like having forensic fingerprints in my
6:40 am
judgment. they are guilty. he has denied it. he has made a public statement to that effect. maria: do you think the us does anything. does the un do anything? >> we support a un effort to sanction russia on the effort. we are not going to tolerate that behavior. >> in a militant group urging in a rack addressing concerns of the nicest 2.0, white flag has adopted the islamic state ideology, 10521000 members in the northwestern part of the country, is this another threat to the region? >> they may be a terrorist organization, they likely, possibly more political than terrorist oriented. the iraqi government has the capability to keep their eyes on it.
6:41 am
the reason isys grew was they found a sanctuary in syria where no one would bother him. that would not happen in a rack where an organization could reemerge and have the scale and dimension isys has in front of the iraqi security forces and the united states intelligence which is all over your rack. the biggest problem in a rack is getting the kurds and the sunnis and shias to work together. coming up, new, vladimir putin wants to launch missions to mars beginning next year. the latest on the space race. march madness kicking off today. are you planning on streaming and watching at work? back in a minute.
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maria: donald trump praising the house for passing the school violence act with students continue to protest. share mac. school violence act is not make any changes to current gun laws. it is designed to provide funding to make schools safer. it was overwhelmingly approved by the house but a nationwide walk out marks the one month anniversary when 17 people were gunned down, students across the country are demanding more action on guns. some chanting and holding signs, others standing in silence for 17 minutes, the first major coordinated action of the student led movement for gun control. health officials warning travelers to use detroit, newark and memphis exposed to
6:46 am
measles after cases were confirmed in two international travelers. people who received the measles vaccine are protected, it starts with high fever and redeye, rash on the face and other parts of the body develops. russian president p unveiling his plan to launch a series of missions to mars. the space program would start with an unmanned lunch last year, presidential election, russia is going to launch a mission to explore the polar regions of the moon and the millionaire entrepreneur behind the miracle mobs, huggable hangers, her story is about to go to broadway, to develop a musical based on her. you spoke with her late last year about how she became successful. >> that resilience story, the
6:47 am
story where there is an obstacle here, you can't find a way to the left of it, over or under it. >> jennifer lawrence who played her in the 2015 movie joy, and oscar nomination for that one adding it would be great to play her. the interview, a lot of energy about her. maria: inspiring story, amazing how much influence. the deal on broadway. maria: jimmy johnson getting a new primary sponsor, we will bring you the details, sports coming up. >> welcome back to a tennis channel court report for
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foxbusiness. the business meal that indian wells wednesday with blue blue in round of 16 action. the powerful full-court game, and the 20 when you're making to the quarters in the desert for the first time in his career. elsewhere beyond chong moved on taking care of business against pablo in straight sets. a good run of recent form after reach mr. jamie elite weighed in a couple:delray beach heading into the fifth major. tennis channel live will keep you up-to-date with all the action at 1:00 eastern. ddos campaigns, ransomware, malware attacks... actually, we just handled all the priority threats. you did that?
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maria: march madness kicking it into to beat arizona state 60-56. texas southern tiger started 0-13 going in won their first-ever ncaa game crushed unc central by 18, 16 games, the first one 12:15 eastern, oklahoma and rhode island, radford against villanova and davidson against kentucky, 5 hours left to fill out your brackets. big league changes to
6:53 am
minor-league baseball, and attempt to speed up the pace of play, changes for aa and aaa ball. there will be a 15 second pitch clock installed as long as there are no runners on base. extra innings will begin with a runner on second. major-league baseball trip to the pitchers mound will be limited. players get a 15 day grace. code to adjust to the new timing rules. one it -- what do the kansas city royals do when their bench coach was unavailable because he was at a doctor's office? they grab jim to stand in, he was there to throw out the first pitch. the manager said he put on dale's uniform and did a good job filling in, just photoshop dale's head later on. jimmy johnson will have a new look in 2019.
6:54 am
his relationship with lowe's will come to a end after this racing season. jimmy johnson has been connected to lowe's his entire career, he said i will be grateful to them for it taking a chance on me believing i can win. tough to see the move on but we made history together, celebrated so much success and off the track, on the track a lot left to do in 2018. where do you think jimmy johnson might move on to? we don't know yet. is leaving lowe's as a primary sponsor, something to connect to. dagen: it used to be these drivers sold goods for companies, they were marketing machines when nascar was growing in popularity. remember, jeff gordon was sponsored by dupont for years and years, people have such loyalty to jeff gordon, they were loyal to dupont in a
6:55 am
consumer way but it has been a horrible struggle for most of the teams to get funding. you have a lot of team owners funneling their own personal money into keeping teams propped up because of sponsorship money that is not there. nascar is in decline. i blame the owners, the way they managed it since its peak. they did not manage through the crisis well at all. they changed the setups and it is all over the place and the fans lost the connection. they don't understand who their fans are and sponsorship dollars and got another place. >> we were talking about lowe's getting an uptick because of the championship. tiger woods, everyone talking about that maybe this will work out for lowe's but here's something on the other side. dagen: jimmy is a good marketer for them. danica patrick had the go daddy
6:56 am
money. it went goodbye and she is gone. >> today is like tiger woods and march madness kicking off the brackets, today for sports fan is like being a kid in a toy store but what does that mean? >> hope springs eternal with radford going against villanova. only in march madness do you get that kind of david and goliath. >> no number 16 seed is ever won in and determine game so don't put all your eggs in that basket. >> a team being investigated by the fbi, any word on that? dagen: financial journalism. >> they were left out of the ncaa tournament. >> on serious xm 115, still
6:57 am
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>> maria: welcome back. good thursday morning,
7:00 am
everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, march 15th. your top stories right now. trade tension, stocks slid again yesterday on wall street with the dow closing down 250 points amid new concerns over president trump's policy on tariffs, particularly as it relates to china. futures this morning well off of the highs, but actually looking at a mixed performance at the start of trading. we are seeing selling going on right now because this market was higher about 20 minutes ago. we've got the s&p 500 down and the nasdaq down 5 points. the dow is up only by 13. in europe this morning, markets had been higher. take a look now. here too off of the highs. the dax index is up 10 points. in asia overnight stocks closed mostly higher with the exception of china. 1600 pennsylvania avenue shakeup as larry kudlow takes over at president trump's chief economic advisor. the commander in chief is facing head winds over a possible cabinet overhaul. rand paul targeted the
7:01 am
president's pick to lead the cia. watch. >> my opposition to her is over her direct participation in interrogation and her gle h lee physicafulenjoyment of watchinge suffer. i think this is a terrible message to send to the world. >> maria: the latest on the changes at the white house coming up this morning. protecting our border, the trump administration says there's no temporary deal linking daca to border wall funding. more on the immigration debate this morning. bill gates takes to the white house. why the billionaire is set to meet with president trump in the oval office today. we will preview that meeting. then a founder's fall, there nos ceo is charged with fraud this morning. it is anything but a party in the usa fo for miley cyrus.
7:02 am
she is facing a lawsuit. the allegations of copyright infringement coming up. joining me to talk about this is dagen mcdowell, james freeman and michael jones. good to see you this morning. >> good to be here. >> maria: your thoughts on gina haskell. i want to get your take as a woman. this woman has had to make tough decisions, saving lives and on one hand the left is not having it. they are really trying to destroy her rep pew togs. what d -- reputation. what do you think about that? >> dagen: it's appalling. she has served her country might mightily. she deserves to be a champion. >> maria: elizabeth warren said yesterday she's a no. >> i think rand paul is more persuasive when she focuses on
7:03 am
potential surveillance by the government of u.s. citizens in our country. i think he's less compelling when he's second-guessing tough decisions but enhanced interrogations were used extremely sparingly. when you look at someone ksm or these other tearists, tear -- , i think most people would say just you at this fidjustified a. >> people want to know what was the line. what is the activity that the u.s. will engage it and what will it not. she was following orders. the guidance she was doing was everything they were doing was legal. everything they were doing was appropriate. i think rand paul's characterization of her of gleefully inflicting enhanced interrogation is unfair. >> maria: raj shaw is joining us
7:04 am
this morning. and thompson and knight partner robert ray joins us as well. we're talking millennials. caroline gohen is with us this morning as well as stuart van vr varneya was he'll. republicans may need to start reaching across the aisle to get support for the president's nominees to head the state department and the cia, after senator rand paul vowed to block the confirmations of mike pompeo can as secretaras secretary of a haskell as secretary of the cia. >> it's amazing that anyone would consider having her the head of the cia. my opposition to her is over her direct participation in interrogation and her enjoyment at the suffering of someone being tortured. i will ow will oppose their nom. >> maria: if confirmed haskell
7:05 am
would be the first woman to run the cia. joining us to talk about is will herd. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. it's always good to be on. >> maria: you're a former cia middle east officer. will you support gina haskell? >> i don't have a vote, but i think gina is a good nominee. she is someone that has worked hard, has a lot of experience and nobody should have to defend their work in keeping our country safe. >> maria: in terms of the commentary on the left coming out against her and you just heard rand paul, he's not supporting mike pompeo either. your thoughts? >> well, i think early on dianne feinstein was actually supportive of gina becoming the next director of the cia. mistakes were made in the past. that was over a decade ago. those things haven't happened. and i think that experience is actually going to make gina even stronger as a director of the
7:06 am
cia. with mike pompeo at the state department his learning curve won't be as steep as others. he's been immersed in these issues in the last year and-a-half. he was following these issues when he was in the house. he's someone who is going to be able to get the rank and file of our diplomatic core reenergized. i think one of the key hallmarks of tillerson's time as secretary of state was the close relationship with the secretary of defense and i think that kind of he relationship can continue between secretary pompeo and general mattis. >> maria: you would think. >> james freeman at the journal. you mentioned that mistakes were made. can you tell us any mistakes take gina haskell made? >> it's not gina specifically. i think the use of enhanced interrogation, i'm not supportive of those things. i think you get more by focusing on people's motivations but this
7:07 am
was something that was done. corrections were made. and those types of enhanced interrogations aren't being used now. >> maria: michael jones? >> congressman, could we pivot for a second to what's happening in the u.k. right now? >> sure. >> what is your assessment of the u.k. reaction and particularly is this an act of state sponsored terror? >> well, the fact that there's evidence that the russians poisoned someone on another -- on somebody else's country is unbelievable. i think nikki haley was pretty strong in condemning that at the u.n. yesterday. we have to remember that russia is our adversary. they are not our friends. this is something where there has to be a response, whether it's sanctions, whether it's kicking some of the russians out
7:08 am
of the u.k. this kind of behavior should not be tolerated and it must come to an end. the russians are looking to manipulate elections, upcoming elections in muldova. that is a country that is trying to grow closer to the west. they want to be a part of the e.u. the russians' active measures is vast and wide and we need to be stronger in our response to that activity. >> maria: what do you want the u.s. or the u.n. to do? >> i want the u.s. to start with sanctions on these and any individuals that were connected to this. i also think we need to be looking at some of the response to their cyber activity. we know some of the organizations that were involved in this. we should be sanctioning them and any members of those activities because when you do sanctions on them here in the u.s., it has impact in europe. these people aren't allowed to
7:09 am
travel. it complicates their life and that makes them think, again, should we be doing this type of he behavior. >> maria: certainly feels like the sanctions have helped on north korea. i want to switch gears to border security. the white house is saying no to the temporary deal linking daca to the border wall funding. a spokesperson shot down a report yesterday saying he was open to a three for three deal which would set aside three years' worth of funding for the border wall in exchange for three year renewal of the daca program. your reaction? >> look, i think we should solve this problem of daca, over a million young men and women who have only known the united states of america as their home, they're contributing to our culture, our background. we can solve this problem and do border security at the same time. i have more border than any other member of congress. i was a former undercover cia officer chasing people all over the world. we need to use more technology on the border.
7:10 am
people think we have the latest and greatest technology on the border to keep our folks safe. we don't. some of the technology is over 20 years old. so we should be able to solve this problem together. and a three year fix on daca or three year extension on daca doesn't solve the issue of daca. >> are there the votes in the house to get border wall funding without a deal on daca? because that seems to be trump's line in the sand. he doesn't seem to want to connect those two issues. >> well, i think there is a lot of support to solve the daca problem and have strong border security. there's a lot of support from that. >> maria: but it's separate bills. >> the way this would actually get voted on and move, to be determined. but i think having a deal where you get strong border security and a daca fix, i think that is absolutely possible in a
7:11 am
bipartisan way in the house and the senate and i ultimately believe that the president would sign into law something that was able to pass both houses. >> dagen: real quick, talk about more departures from the trump administration, fox news reporting it could be the head of the veterans affairs, david shulkin, another h.r. mcmaster, national security advisor. there are a few more on the list. how does the turnover in the white house impact the republican legislative agenda, what you might be able to get done as you stare at the elections coming up in november? is there an impact at all? >> our job in the house is to pass legislation and get that turned into law and seeing some of that stuff executed. this does have an impact. if we have a new secretary at the v.a., one of the things i'm concerned with is the ability to have the electronic health records of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines to work when they leave from dod and in the v.a., the federal
7:12 am
government on the last 10 years has spent billions of dollars and has been unable to link that. this is a lot of money. this is about helping our veterans and keeping that commitment and having that turnover. we lose momentum when it comes to projects like this. >> maria: i want to ask you, sir, about your involvement, obviously you're on the house oversight intelligence committees, i want to ask you about the russia investigation. republican members say they've concluded that there's no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and moscow. you've got ranking congressman adam schiff saying otherwise. listen to this. >> the american people need to know whether the russians still having they can hold over the president's head, the president of the united states. so our work is far from done. i can certainly say with confidence that there is significant evidence of collusion between the campaign and russia. >> maria: significant evidence of collusion between the
7:13 am
campaign and russia. how does adam schiff say that publicly? how is that okay? if your committee just said there's no evidence of collusion. what's going on here, sir? >> you'll have to ask adam schiff. he's a former u.s. attorney. i think he would understand these issues. he's been sitting in the same meetings that all of us have and if there was significant evidence, it would have been great for him to have produced that during this process. it's been over 400 days, i think 426 days we've been doing this investigation. we've interviewed hundreds of folks. we've reviewed over 300,000 pages of documents and we've asked everybody that was part of the campaign, major part of the campaign and we saw none of that evidence. what the committee was tasked to do and what was agreed to in a bipartisan fashion is look at and review the active measures the russians may or may not have used in our election, was there a counter intelligence impact on
7:14 am
that and what was the government response. >> maria: shouldn't the special council be looking at things like that? >> absolutely. >> maria: can they ignore what has gone on at the fisa court? >> i think the fisa court issue is a pretty important issue and you shouldn't be able to use rumors and circular reporting. >> maria: you would think not. the committee i know will vote next week on the final russia report. good to see you. thank you. we'll be right back. you ok there, kurt? we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance? been doing it for years. i'm calling geico right now. good idea! get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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7:17 am
>> maria: bricking news. brick the president is tweeting this morning. he said larry kudlow will the chief economic advisor. our country will have many years of great economic and financial success. with fair trade and an ever-expanding labor force leading the way, #makeamericagreat. the president just tweeted that. we were expecting the president to name larry kudlow. we know he's a growth guy. that's one word, growth. >> >> dagen: he has a conservative economic ideology. he will be a great communicator. >> maria: he favors a strong dollar. what does that mean? this is against what we know was said a couple months ago, a weak dollar is good for trade. >> dagen: i think secon the secy knows not to talk about that.
7:18 am
people were watching the show yesterday. you knew it, you said it, you called it. boom. go maria. >> maria: i'm glad that it's happened and now that's out of the way and we've got clarity. >> i think markets are efficient over the long term. right now maybe they ought to be giving a little more of a kudlow premium to stocks right now, looking to futures. this is really good news and he is a growth guy. i think it's all good. >> he's not a protectionist guy. >> maria: good point. >> with a strong dollar, low taxes -- >> dagen: i want him to unblock me on twitter. now that he's the chairman of the economic council -- >> maria: we want to get to cheryl. president trump will be sitting down with bill gates today. cheryl casone has the he details on that. >> cheryl: more on the president. this meeting is expected to take place this afternoon in the oval office. gates has been critical of trump
7:19 am
since he became president. it's unclear what the two will talk about. they met during the transition at trump tower and last march at the white house where they discussed stopping disease outbreaks around the world. well, more tax relief may be on the way. while celebrating the impact of the recently passed tax law at a boeing factory in st. louis yesterday the president said he's working with kevin brady on a second package. >> we're now going for a phase two. we're actually going for a phase two we will help, in addition to the middle class, it will help companies and it's going to be something i think very special. >> cheryl: also at that event yesterday a college cafeteria worker thanked the president for the bonus she recently received because of the tax cuts. >> and i work in the cafeteria at college of the ozarks alongside the hard-working students and i am very grateful
7:20 am
for the bonus when the college gave it to us and i put mine in savings for my retirement and i want to thank you, mr. president and god bless you. >> thank you very much. that's very nice. >> cheryl: there were more moments like that yesterday, other employees also shared stories of how the extra money they received has helped them. well, iheart media has filed for bankruptcy. this filing comes after the company reached a restructuring agreement in principle with creditors who hold more than $10 billion in debt. iheart radio operates more than 850 radio stations that control clear channel outdoor holdings. it was a special moment at boeing yesterday. >> maria: thank you, cheryl. coming up, the rise and fall of elizabeth holmes. she's facing charges of massive fraud. the case against her is next. thinking outside the shell pays off. how taco bell turned nacho fries
7:21 am
into cheesy gold, next. ♪ more and more people have discovered something stronger... more dependable...
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7:24 am
>> maria: welcome back. elizabeth holmes was once the darling of silicon valley. now the fcc is charging her, the founder offed blood testing company theranos, with massive fraud. holmes agreed to surrender control of the company and pay a $500,000 penalty. regulators accuse her and her notheranos of raising $700,000 from investors while they edge an rated information about the company's finances and technology. >> dagen: credit goes to john
7:25 am
kariu and the wall street jeer t journal and the newspaper for the journalism that uncovered this story to begin with. this is a woman for lack of a better phrase, con artist, who hood winked a lot of smart people in silicon valley and investors. this company raised $700 million from investors, deceiving them about the capabilities of the blood testing technology and i just wanted to read, to point somethinsomething out, how theyy were hard charging. he'lelizabeth holmes tried to discredit the reporting. she threatened the newspaper with a lawsuit. look at this quote. this is what theranos told the wall street journal in october of 2015. today's wall street journal story about theranos is factually and scientifically erroneous and grounded in faithless assertioning assertioy disgruntled employees and
7:26 am
industry incumbents. the wall street journal was right, elizabeth holmes was a liar. she was lying to the partners and investors. walgreens was in a three year deal with theranos. >> maria: let's not forget about all the people on the board, henry kissinger. how did she attract this talent? >> the story was compelling. that's how you got these billion dollar valuations. they were saying this is a better, faster, more efficient way to test blood and -- >> maria: and that you could do it quickly and you get a little bit of blood, a pin prick and that could tell you everything about your body. >> and john's reporting, i think he really started to hammer in on how they weren't using the high tech method they were selling to actually do the test. >> dagen: they were using -- they were taking blood from customers at walgreens and using commercially available equipment from other manufacturers to test
7:27 am
that blood. there were myriad errors in some of the blood testing that they were doing. there was a former scientist who worked at the company and who unfortunately committed suicide, who was basically apparently a source for the reporting. but one thing i will point out, let's just admit. people got hoodwinked by this garbage image that she worked for years to develop of the black turtleneck. >> maria: trying to look like steve jobs. >> dagen: it was all show. it was like all hat, no cattle, as they say down in texas. >> maria: she had that shtick going. i went to theranos and i met with her. she had an ara aura that she wao smart, a genius. >> it's a great day for the news side of the newspaper. we should note, she has not been found libel or convicted of anything. >> maria: of course. >> this is a settlement.
7:28 am
>> maria: they did not deny or -- >> she's writing a large check. she hasn't denied nor confirmed. she's writing a large check. >> maria: $500,000. >> she's going for 10 years to be barred from being a director, officer of a public company. this is basically i think effectively ending her career at public companies. >> maria: she is 34 years old. >> you never know. but i think that ought to be out there. >> dagen: i was going to say that. that statement they gave to the wall t street journal back in 2015, that was a lie. >> maria: and it took a lot of courage. congratulation toss the journal and to john. you're absolutely right. that took courage. they fought back. they called you inept with that statement and in fact it was all true and the journal did an n excellent job. >> dagen: this newspaper takes a lot of support of the reporters by the editors and the management and the owners and the newspaper to push through these stories. we wouldn't knothere's a lot ths newspapers hanewspaper has done.
7:29 am
this was a consumer problem. where were the regulators with this? walgreens didn't even know. people were hoodwinked by this image and nothing else. she dropped out of stanford in her sophomore year and had no science background. she was like i don't like he getting my blood drawn so i'm going to figure out a way to use a pin prick of blood for the test. >> maria: she wore a turtleneck to look like steve jobs. >> i hope that it's not over. because as a professional investor, the notion that you can commit in the words of the settlement, massive fraud and not spend time in jail, i mean, as a professional investor i really think that should be the consequence for what she's accused of doing. >> maria: we'll take a break. when we come back, miley cyrus hit with a wrecking baw ball ofa lawsuit. we'll have details. why millennial women buy and
7:30 am
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>> maria: welcome back. good thursday morning everybody. thanks so much for joining me. i'm maria bartiromo.
7:33 am
it is thursday, march 15th. your topthepaper thepaper. >> off the highs the dow expected up the start of trading 38 points, off to day yesterday at office, three days in a row for dow s&p 500 to trade down dow down 250 points yesterday on concerns of trade and tariffs. >> global markets european stocks, higher, but off the highs, ft 100 up 7 points cac quarante up 11 dax in germany up 24 that is a quarter of a percent in asia overnight stocks mostly higher, as you can see, fractional move the rise of millennial women a study highlights power of the millennials generation, should to the tune nearly 200 billion dollars details coming up, apple listening to concerns of a smartphone addiction, particularly -- the company unveiling a family's page to help monitor kids's screen.
7:34 am
>> maria: a lawsuit hits miley cyrus like a wrecking ball. ♪ we can't stop and we won't stop. ♪ don't take nothing from nobody. >> maria: more on the allegations copyright infringement later this hour. plus, from the road to your wrist, we're taking a look at how one company is recycling cars make luxury watches coming up this morning. millennial ladies are taking their avocado toast and instagram posts to the bank. millennial women are representing a $170 billion market. great to see you, ladies. thank you for joining us. important report because we have
7:35 am
been talking about millennials and the potential, what they represent in this overall economy but this study really pinpoints dollars and cents. >> what we wanted to highlight in the study in partnership with merkel is the financial acent ot of this demographic. we talked about millen yal mills -- millen yal millennials and t. millennial women represent 85% of the $200 billion that millennials overall spend. it's absolutely astronomical. >> maria: that's a big number. they're not just spending a lot of money. they're actually working and host link. >hustling. >> 42% of the millennial women are household bread winners and 40% have a side hustle, they have a side project that is enabling them to pursue their passion also generate extra
7:36 am
income. >> maria: what's the impact? >> brands need to contend with this testimony graph i think -- demographic. they need to understand how to evidence ebbineffectively positr products towards this demographic. >> maria: 42% of millennials are the primary bread winners, which is different than we've seen in other generations, is that right? >> absolutely. millennial women are the rising economic power. this is the generation and the cohort to pay attention to. if you're a brand that wants to win with these women, it comes to trust, diversity, authenticity, that's how you win with this group. >> maria: you said the journal article got it right. they find millennial men and women are ditching drinking and comfort foods in favor of cleaner lives and balanced diet. do you agree with that? >> i stopped eating meat.
7:37 am
i don't drink alcohol. i meditate every day. we see a shift towards -- the same way we've seen millennials shift toward their career purpose and align with brands that align with their values we've seen millennials take a look inward. what i found fascinating about the article was the natural evolution of this trend. >> maria: they're committed to hobbies and interests outside of work according to the journal and they're learning to knit and crochet. >> this is a conscious consumer generation and they're conscious about their work, the activities they pursue. 72% of millennial women prioritize spending money on experiences versus things. and that's what makes them the happiest. things like knitting, taking class, personal growth and development. thewe see that in their careersn what they spend their money on. >> maria: the journal says the millennial group meditates three times a day. >> i have a bar that i have to beat now.
7:38 am
>> maria: tell me what they spend their money on largely, from your study. >> so to lisa's point, the money that they're spending on their experiences is making them happiest which is a surprising component of the study. another thing we find interesting is that 62% of millennials spend money, will purchase something that has been recommended on social media by an influencer who they trust. what we're finding is that building that network of trusted experts and building that network of people who these millennials look up to is really important for brands because they're willing to experiment if they trust the person who is showing them the product on social. >> maria: they also want more of a work/life balance. >> absolutely. we think of it as work slash life blurring. there's not a lot of blurring. it's finding the harmony between career and life. that's why we see them spending more of their hard-earned cash on experiences, on personal growth and development and on brands that reflect their
7:39 am
values. 57% of millennial women said how a brand values things like sustainability, diversity impacts my purchase decision. >> maria: are they investing? >> that's another conversation we'll have to have. our next study will focus on millennial women and investing and the financial decisions they make. we're testing a few hypotheses around their level of investing. we're finding they're not necessarily investing in the same way as their male counterparts. >> maria: in terms of where this is going, i mean brands that are actually recognizing this, what's resonating with this generation? in terms of brands and companies? >> so what we're seeing is that impact oriented brands who are able to align their company with social values that matter to millennials are really winning. it's a difficult time right now i'd say to be a cmo with this demographic. it's not an easy job, especially right now, because you basically need to be really, really vocal
7:40 am
about the stories you're telling and about what your brand stands for and the bar has risen on communication. >> maria: great to see you both. thanks so much. coming up, screening kids' screen time, the new tool from apple to keep children from spending too much time on their devices. and then anything but cheesy, how taco bell turned nacho fries into deep fried success. back in a minute. ♪ get ready to work, work, work, work, work. ♪
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7:44 am
website. parents might not know about the features, like the ability to track their kids' location, their purchases, and filter what they can see on their phone. earlier this year apple was criticized by two major investors not for doing enough to combat smartphone use by kids. miley cyrus has been hit with a; copyright infringement lawsuit for her hit "we can't stop." ♪ we can't stop and we won't stop. ♪ don't take nothing from nobody. yeah, yeah. >> cheryl: the lawsuit seeks $300 million in damages claiming 50% of the song came from a 1988 song "we run things." okay. you know i love talking food, maria. taco bell has a big hit on its hands. it's called nacho fries.
7:45 am
it's one of the company's new products. it's the most successful item on the menu right now. it has beat out the doritos locos tacos that sold 100 million tacos during its 2012 launch. the fries are available for a limited time. taco bell said they will remain on the menu through early april. shares of yum brands is up nearly 1% so far this year, maria. so you know, i'm a person after every triathlon that takes a bunch of french fries and dumps cheese all over it and eats the whole plate so i'm a big fan. >> maria: meanwhile, google home is giving location based reminders. you can tell your google home, remind me to buy paper towels. then you receive a notification on the smartphone when you get to the store. you can set reminders on your google home and have them appear on your other devices. shares of alphabet are up more
7:46 am
than 30% from a year ago. i'm not so sure about this, getting reminders. what do you think? >> dagen: they're sort of helpful. you want to know something that's weird? google is doing this because of amazon, alexa. that's one of the primary uses of alexa for people. when you go to order something on amazon's app on your phone, it will show you in there, it will tell you in the ordering, you could just tell your alexa to order it for you. they're encouraging you to use the alexa and essentially pushing people to buy them if they don't already own them. so i thought that was interesting. i was like well, i'm just using the app here. i don't need -- >> maria: everything is getting so into your lives. somebody told me the other day the iphone x, the 10, the new apple phone, the camera's always on. and it makes sense. it has to always be on because
7:47 am
it's facial recognition. so the camera is always on. >> someone once told me that if you had said 15 or 20 years ago that the government will mandate that you carry around a device that tracks everything you buy, everwhere you go, everything you do, that there would be like a revolution. and yet we all do it voluntarily because this device has made so much of what we do so much easier. i do thinker think, though, gooe notion of getting a text at the grocery store as opposed to amazon buying it for me, i think amazon has a better execution on this concept. >> maria: it's also the reason that you're hearing talk out of congress that the technology companies should be looked at closer. these companies are more powerful than they have been ever and they have a lot of day ddataon us. we'll see if regulations -- regulations are rolling back in some areas. we'll see if regulations ramp up in tech. >> the reason we all voluntarily
7:48 am
made this trade is because we get enormous benefits and we get a lot of free services, free application, supported by advertising because the product is us. we're giving lots of information and that's valuable to the tech companies. >> dagen: everything i've ever told facebook though is a total lie. they think i'm 30. i make stuff up. >> maria: but they still know. >> dagen: to your point, i don't have any of my location services on. >> maria: i never have my location services on but this phone, because of the facial recognition, the camera is always on. i think that's odd. >> dagen: and it's always listening to you. >> it's waiting for you to tell it to do something. >> consumers demanding more disclosure is the way to go, i think. you know regulation, it's going to rule out lots of services that we probably enjoy, if it comes to that. >> i think maria is right, though. in this area, i'm he tota totale
7:49 am
trader. >> maria: free market. >> less regulation is better. but the scary extreme is look at what china is doing with this technology. i do think we're obviously a long way from that but it gives you a sense as to how much control can be exerted when you have all this information, when the camera's always on, when it's always listening to you. i think we do need to regulate what they can do with it. >> maria: that's why we're expecting new restrictions and new tariffs against china coming up out of this white house in the next two weeks. when we come back, a different kind of drive time. i'll talk with a company that's turning classic cars into wrist watches, next. ♪ just you better slow that mustang down. ♪
7:50 am
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♪ i got a 1966 cherry red mustang. ♪ it's got a 385 horse driver overload. ♪ you know -- >> maria: from 0 to 60 seconds, a european company is creating luxury watches from parts of classic cars. they incorporate salvaged materials from vehicles like the ford mustang into their timepieces. joining us now is jonathan campstruck. dagen and i have taken the liberty of putting some of these watches on. describe the process of turning an iconic car into one of your watches. >> the process is captured in the name. wreck watches is the concept of the company. what we do is we find these old, classic cars which are what we like to call beyond repair.
7:54 am
so it's not like a classic mustang, ready to hit the road, but something sa salvaged. we usually find these in barns, auctions, anywhere we can get our hands on them. we recycle the material, primarily the chassis of these cars and make it into a new watch. >> dagen: how much do they run? this is the mustang watch and this is which one. >> this is made from a classic porsche 911. >> maria: which one is the 911? >> dagen: this one. the one with the orange. compared to comparable watches, these are pretty reaso reasonaby priced. >> they are. all of the watches you're looking at are automatics which means they're mechanical movements. that in itself is a whole story. but these watches retail from $1,500 to roughly $2,000. >> dagen: this one's close to $2,000? >> this one is $1,800, if i
7:55 am
recall correctly. so basically what we wanted to do with this is say that a lot of watch brands out there, they focus so much on the heritage behind their brand and what we wanted to do is create a new brand with the heritage found within the watch itself. so every one of these watches is actually born with a story that's 50, 60 years old because of the car. and next to every watch, what you actually receive is a story card which you can scan and it takes you to a small five, six minute video documentary about the specific car which became your watch. >> maria: tell me about this one and the back. >> the back is probably one of the focal points of this particular piece. what we tried to do is incorporate the sign references from the car into every single watch. a porsche enthusiast will probably recognize the case back as being the rims which is sort of the very most iconic part of the wheels of the classic porsche. you find something like 10, 11,
7:56 am
12 references all over the watch, big and small, to the car. >> the wall street journal ran an article about three days ago, talking about some of the challenges that the swiss watch companies are having because millennials look at their phone as their watch. how are you overcoming that with your market? >> maria: that's a good question. >> for us, what it's all about is creating a product which first and foremost we would want ourselves. we're a pretty young team. we're a little bit nerdy on the watch side, truth be sold. but what we're trying to focus on is people want something that speaks to their personality and i think people want something that's unique as well. we tried to combine those two things into a watch. >> every watch is unique. >> every watch is visually unique and comes with a unique story. for us, the story telling element, i mean, a watch today for us is not just about telling time. as you say, you can use your phone for that. it's an extension of who you
7:57 am
are, the values you have within your self and basically what we're trying to do is create a talking piece, something that will stir up a conversation. >> dagen: direct to consumer or are you in stores? >> both. >> dagen: boom. >> can you tell us about the customer? it seems like for wall streeters, luxury watches are basically the last thing they give away when time gets tough. i mean, they seem to have a special affinity for that. is that what you're seeing? >> definitely. so all of our products are made for men and what we see is that the watch is probably -- there's a saying saying that the watch is the man's only piece of jewelry and i think that's probably true. but we don't like to consider it as a piece of jewelry. >> maria: jonathan, thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you.
7:58 am
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8:01 am
concerns over president trump's policy on tariffs, plashl, as it relates to fortune. the worries the overshed -- another round of tax cuts could be on the way. >> everybody said it will never happen, hasn't happened since ronald reagan, to any scale. and -- didn't come close we got it not only passed but bigger than anything ever passed in the history of our country. and we're now going for a phase two, we are actually going for a phase two, will help in addition to middle class, will help companies and going to be something i think very special. maria: european markets off highs this morning here off the highs nt 100 up 6 points cac quarante in parsis up 16 dax in joifrm up 42 a third of a percent, mostly higher, a founders fall comamentd embattled ceo theranos
8:02 am
elizabeth holmes charged with massive fraud the details against he formers silicon valley darling. >> united airlines the company unveils a procedure, for travelers bringing animals onboard following death of a dog in overheadbin this week new questions over treatment of animals, and another major mistake, to tell you about. we've got all that, coming up this morning, and, of course, we have been railing against united airlines over this pet situation. dagen: yes, you want numbers this is just some numbers that i put out there, on twitter. so the -- airlines when you are talking about animals transported as cargo they have to report numbers every month, on the number of animals number of deaths injuries, united handled 27% of animals trans ported as cargo u.s. airlines but experience nearly 78% of n animal deaths injuries, this is according to envision reported to the dthe department of transportation
8:03 am
this is last year. again, ongoing problem, there was a very large bunny rabbit who died transported by united nine months ago flying to chicago, so again, it is not just one, you talk about treatment of animals, then the treatment of the human passengers as well a big ongoing problem for united. >> you are hitting on something more than just one incident it is cultural, think about the culture of a company that bullies a customer into putting their pet into the ov overhead bin not just one year in a they have led in pet he deaths this is a multiyear phenomena they have that happen and they don't take action, to fix. >> it very upsetting, the markets upset by something else, we were talking about issues around trade, and tariffs we have been reporting on this program all week, that we are going to see a new round of tariffs and
8:04 am
restrictions on trade against china, in the coming weeks white house readying that report you made a point james saying should have been from get-go we should have seen a more surgical approach paul ryan used that word as well toward china rather than broad-based tariffs on aluminum and steele. >> hope next round focused about theft by china, it is not a general gripe, or a complaint about low priced products coming in obviously has benefits for consumers and businesses. i think, i know you may see that but this is really it had is a dangerous time i think in terms of of trade because a lot of fun when president kind of challenges the about conventional wisdom among press politicians now challenging judgments of investors around the world. maria: yeah. >> they are signaling to him every way they know now don't think a trade fight is going, for -- >> yeah. >> -- the economy for stocks
8:05 am
for investors. maria: yeah. >> i hope he is listening. maria: we were expecting -- to name larry kudlow job he did that yesterday lots of markets mitral on this in fact markets closed down 250 trade concerns. dagen: larry kudlow backing a targeted approach going oft china. >> signed a letter saying tariffs are no the good. dagen: he backs what we can examine from trump administration, tariffs on at least 30 billion dollars ofual chinese imports to put pressure on beijing, to e requirements u.s. companies transfer our technology. >> this is the report i have been talking about all week china technology transfer strategy china has been involved in 10% of all venture ordeals in the last five years acquire companies invest in companies then compete against the u.s., in important strooiz ai robotics joining the conversation is white house principal dep press second raj shah coming up, georgia
8:06 am
senator david per boou with us former whitewater independently company robert ray joins us a big hour coming up top story markets taking a hit, following concerns over trade war with china comes as president trump calling for another round of tax cuts, blake burman he at white house with the very latest good morning for you. reporter: good morning to you as well discussing this i know on front lines this have reporting white house preparing administration at least with whepreparing tariffs geared toward china according to source could happen by the end of this month, now there are reports, out there, that the price tag, could go as high as 60 billion dollars, however, here at white house, they are staying silent on that possibility one thing that they are very open and happy willing to talk about, though, is tax reform tax cuts to that end president trump hit the road yesterday to once again, and to continue to tout the tax cut bill a boeing
8:07 am
plant in st. louis missouri for the second time this week, talked up the possibility of yet another legislative round. >> we're now going for a phase two. we're twa you will going for a phase two when will help in addition to middle class we will help companies going to be very special kevin brady working on it with mekong is working to senate is working. >> political reality, though of this one is heading into the enforce he midterms engaging in another major tax battle should be viewed as suspect, if this is able to go through at least they try to push this through in months one person very much a public face of this will be larry kudlow, the president tweeted out earlier this morning, the following, larry kudlow about chief economic advisory as director of the national economic council country will have many years great economic financial success with low taxes unparalleled innovation
8:08 am
fair trade ever expanding labor force leading the way maria back to you. maria: blake thanks so much blake burman latest there joining me to talk more about this georgia senator david perdue an senate banking armed services committee good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> you are the only 400 ceo in congress you have been calling, you have been called president trump's favorite senator if president asked for advice on slapping tariffs on china what would you tell him. >> well we have been talking with the president, since he was inaugurated about creating a level-playing field having a measured approach doing that last year he -- said job -- on economy focused on regulations regulation taxes now he wants equal access instincts exactly right we need a level playing field with rest of the world what all this is about i think will see a measured approach forward this is not a guy that wants to create isolationism
8:09 am
or trade war no matter what has been said but i will tell you there are imbalances. >> was it a mistake to institute travis on entire aluminum steel industry you are seeings imports in u.s. facing tariffs versus something o more specific as paul ryan said surgical specifically is a target at china. >> those like me lived with this, entire career, i mean reebok a matrix we had crunches where we made product we had crunches we sold product transferring product across boirards all the time trade a might eradication you have industries product categories you have to be care the reason a tariff for right reasons illegal activity dumping illegal subsidies what this president wants in is to that paralleled access if they have access to our markets we
8:10 am
need access to their markets. maria: sure at this point we don't have access to the chinese market right? if a company wants to bummed a plant in china, first they have got to give up technology, secrets 911 even then they won't own more than 49% of a joint venture. >> the last 30 years, actually 40 years, the united states trade policies are military, and our growing market here has reduced global poverty 60 to 65%, we have bought a couple hundred million people into with 21st century in china because of our market what we have done here our poverty rate has not changed at all last 50 years what we're looking at the time is coming this president standing up to protect american workers american jobs and companies, to create equal access level playing field absolutely nothing wrong with that go ahead. maria: finish your thought. >> i love larry kudlow's choice, because he is a free trader yet knows imbalances
8:11 am
you will see a measured issue targeted approach. >> dow industrials down 250 points yesterday, public markets are telling the president -- stop instigating what potentially could be a trade war. >> maria i was just interpreting stock market moves day-to-day bays i will tell you i would love time let economy breathe regulations energy taxes we passed yesterday you bipartisan banking bill will free up over two trillion dollars capital in small community banks recently banks this economy is humming it is in early stages would love to have a little time let that mature as we go to a targeted approach. >> i am glad you mentioned dodd-frank changes senate approving chapgs yesterday pausing you a bipartisan measure eases rules on smaller midsized banks tailing us through that when we might see the bill reach the president's desk you cosponsor it had bill headed for the house where i
8:12 am
want to say they want -- on what provision when might be expect to this materials be on the president's desk for signage. >> i want a victory lap this doesn't happen often where i ran for united states senate come her to get results what this president wants in bipartisan way with 17 k democrats voting for this bill i am on banking fought hard in k committee to get out there amendments on floor regular order we passed a bipartisan this is major, it will free up over two trillion dollars of capital in our small community banks and regional banks absolutely stimulative to changes that we made in the economy i hope the house take it up next week pass it, get it to the president within a week or two, let's get this signed the economy right now is moving we need that capital. maria: does it bring any back any unnecessary risk. >> i heard that alls speeches on that go back and review what dodd-frank did dodd-frank wrapped up all community banks, all regional banks with
8:13 am
punitive action on bigger banks let me explain the small banks in my community most communities back home had nothing at all to do with '08, '09 financial cries got wrapped up all this does a measured approach reduces a compliance cost regulatory burden frees up -- some two plus trillion dollars in investment capital. >> we know businesses have been sitting on cash for the last decade senator, because of all this rules and regulation that 95,000 pages of the fram registry under president obama let me switch gears ask about colleague senator rand paul intends to oppose nomination of mike pompeo positive secretary of state and gina haspel. >> do you plan to support nominations. >> i do i like pompeo i think a great nomination i also like tillerson for the year in there did a great job we were headed right direction what we have done last year maria on political basis internationally we have reengaged, and i traveled the world as former member of the
8:14 am
foreign relations a member of armed services now, we are meeting with heads of state what they want is a american leadership american paper consistencies in partnership that is what we're seeing stay. maria: quick senator do you want o the see changes in the terms of a phase two on the tax plan you want more tax cuts? >> well here is what reality is, i think the president is relating to this we said as voting on that bill this is a dynamic situation 30 years since we made last serious change in tax policy rest of the world moving, uk germany other countries are moving to adjust to what we have done. >> there is more to come then. >> well there has to be a dynamic consistency reviewing our policy make sure we remain competitive. >> senator thank you. we will be right back. ♪ never drop to your knees, ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪
8:15 am
♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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8:17 am
. maria: welcome back, crown prince of saudi arabia hinting possible nuclear arms race in middle east cheryl casone with details. cheryl: interesting maria here is the next leader of saudi arabia. speaking in interview with "cbs this morning." >> -- to come to the. >> saudi arabia does not want to acquire any nuclear bombs. but without a doubt if iran developed a nuclear bomb we will follow suit as soon as possible. >> also comparing the leader are a have an toy german dictator hitler fiery words from crown prince of saudi
8:18 am
arabia. >> mourning loss of two officers in a crash over key west yesterday, the navy says jet on training flight crashed on approach to air station witness skai fa-18 super hornet caught fire midair crew members he rejected did not survivor they were recovered from water cause of crash under investigation. >> united airlines still taking a lot of heat this morning, following the death of a puppy on one flight, the airline now says its going to issue new bright yellow tags to passengers with pets and carriers, this after flight attendant is? ted pausejer but dog and carry in overheadbin united said didn't realize the carrier had dog in it excuse there we have learned that ientd united leader in pet deaths last year 18 died out of this across the
8:19 am
industry they had most president deaths in 2016 and -- meanwhile, day after that tragedy viral another family says their dog was supposed to land in kansas city, instead that dog was put on a flight to japan. this is ergo flying home first class you got to remember what apz with ceo uniteed how going to handle this storm. >> coming up on verge of retirement former fbi deputy director mccabe could be fired how a possible a termination may impact his pension back in a minute.
8:20 am
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maria: welcome back, former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe pension in jeopardy jeff sessions reviewing fbi recommendation to fire mccabe days before set to retire sunday, the justice department inspector general concluded in report mic caib has not been forthcoming with vacation how fbi handled probe into hillary clinton he mail investor. >> robert ray good to see you. >> thank you for joining us, so these developments will it force the inspector general michael horowitz to release the report sooner we have been waitings for this independent report what did do you expect it the indication would be in spring i guess spring is next week how early is -- spring -- >> what is your take on what we could learn.
8:24 am
>> i don't know, i think, i think this one sounds like it was on a separate track, meaning it went from the office of the inspector general to to the fbi, and then through the department of justice's office of professional responsibility. ch would make a judgment, it is a big deal because if there is a finding that he was not forthcoming as you point out that is a big deal within the fbi agents don't lie if agents lie they are no use to prosecutors, in prosecuting or bringing cases because they have no, he credible applies up to director of the fbi. >> so we've seen the questions about his handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation i think a big question a lot of people still have is the -- fisa court how that was handled, what the fbi said and did with the court. >> or didn't say. >> or didn't say is this something that we ought to hear from mr. mccabe about not addressed in ig report.
8:25 am
>> i don't think this is end of the story i mean obviously investigations will continue, i know there are calls by republicans for a special counsel in in connection with with the matt. >> idea of fbi department of justice reviewing itself even inspector general cannot -- cannot call it in question like 24 people according to trey gowdy, how are they going to do an effective investigation if can't get people to -- >> i know i mean i hear that i guess my sense is though it is not a healthy thing for the public to come to a conclusion that whenever there is a problem, that the department of justice is incapable of investigating itself other things that is what they do that is what the office of inspector general's designed to do not just within o department of justice but within every department, of the united states government, and that is the whole point having inspector general with the degree of independence necessary to carry on an investigation, and report back findings, to the people who make you know the decisions,
8:26 am
would be deputy attorney general the attorney general, and in the case office professional responsibility with regard to -- you know this particular matter andrew mccabe attorney general has to make that call who are not retires with a pension or doesn't retire with a pension. >> robert is it possible -- there is been a lot of emphasis on fisa court what they were or were not told. >> pursuit. >> the >>. >> right. >> there is larger issue fbi directorio co directoro comey made decision not to move forward very unusual for fbi director not to just simply give the evidence to the department of justice they are supposed to make that prosecution decision, given that we have kind of got two issues, that seem a little odd the fisa court and the whole way the investigation was handled and then terminated would that suggest perhaps special counsel might be needed. >> you have to persuade me therefore i think the attorney
8:27 am
general the deputy attorney general would have to be persuaded there is a conflict would prevent them from doing that situation with regard to attorney general sessions current special counsel was consequence of jeff sessions himself, contacts with russians during course of the campaign whether or not a reasonable person looking at this would question whether the investigation could be thoroughly conducted. here i mean in connection with with activity that at a occurred during a prior administration, i don't necessarily see that there would be a conflict preptsdz that would prevent department of justice and ordinary course from conducting a thorough investigation. >> wait, wait, we have seen a text, between strzok and lisa page others as well, there is an incredible amount of bias the top of the fbi against donald trump -- called him idiot didn't want him to win insurance policy should he win may very well be probe about
8:28 am
russia collusion with trump doesn't exist. >> well i think, you know i think that is something is that we're going to first need to hear from the inspector general about as to what conclusions if any can be drawn, as to the result of his review, of what happened. now you know. maria: that is the whole point do you need? a spbs to do that how could fbi investigate fbi. >> it depends what the recommendations are, what, of course, the department of justice decides to do with them one of the things that it may decide if it thinks further investigation beyond the inspector general is warranted in other words, whether anybody committed crimes then they question what maybe presented as to you know who is going to conduct that investigation, will it be conducted within department appropriate to appoint somebody out the department to handle this we don't know yet until we see the report. >> if it were if you have an attorney general not recusing himself from job of managing the fbi, i think really significant you were the independent council have
8:29 am
authority yet you are cautioning against giving people that kind of -- really unaccountable power right? i assume you wondered this is kind of odd i am not reporting to any constitutionally valid -- >> you know, there is -- >> -- freedom in that freedom limit occasions we think that is appropriate but has to be balanced against the fact that when things are created they take a life of their own. maria: right. >> i think the default position should be for a number of reasons, one is you don't want the country to conclude the department of justice is incapable of investigating itself that is not healthy. >> but it might be. >> but there are a limited unusual of occasions a conflict is truly presented it is appropriate to have outside help. >> hmm. >> special counsel mueller's investigation is one of them, but it doesn't mean that we should get into the habit i think has been tendency unfortunately since watergate not just federal level but every place whenever a problem
8:30 am
first thing everybody wants -- >> should not have happened. >> special counsel to come? >> should mueller thing not have happened. >> i think the president, obviously, has have a day of the views whether or not you know sessions should have recused himself, so early, the tendency tends to be also when ethics people get involved the recommendation always seems to be oh, no, no, no don't touch this there is a kconflict i am of view one hand should be reserved for limited numbers of circumstances i don't think people should jump to conclusion a conflict existences carefully wade weighed. >> if current administration maybe special counsel if current administration investigating a prior administration political pointees are sufficient to overcome any kind of bureaucrat bias might be in institution. >> i think that is generally right you also have to be
8:31 am
concerned in political process of using the powers and levers of government including prosecutorial tools to do damage to the opposition i have said many times prosecution is not politics by other means you are talking about, locking people up and sending them to jail. maria: . >> right. >> not the way we conduct policy politics at ballot box. >>. article worth reading people futures uncertainties in white house administration i mentioned david shulkin h.r. mcmaster third one mentioned is the jeff sessions attorney general hen rob rosenstein you have a different scenario if they clean house, at justice. >> how much is special counsel probe costing taxpayers. >> i don't know. dagen: i know -- >> the budget. dagen: it was i think seven million first five medicines i will double-check that that was just -- first five months. >> whitewater hit reached a tipping point we started
8:32 am
talking about budget 70 million dollars, you know, look. maria: how long did that go on? >> too long. maria: two years. >> no, no. way past that you know way past that. the one lesson that i can -- learned is that these investigations -- should not be allowed go on forever. the day after chemo might mean a trip back to the doctor's office, just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection.
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anything is thursday, march 15
8:35 am
top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. we are an hour away from opening on wall street futures indicating a pretty strong start, this morning, dow industrials expected to be up 70 points we just heard the initial jobless claims out, and they fell in light to 226,000 that was in line with expectations, markets are steady and they are higher, topping the news this half an hour american jobs trade war worries the president wants to slap china technology and telecom sectors with tariffs up to 60 billions, president trump targeting china, seeks to undercut american gains in artificial intelligence and robotics morning other industries joining me to talk about that other things white house principal deputy press secretariry raj shah good to see you thanks for joining us this morning. >> good morning, thanks for having me. >> markets are telling a -- a story, in the face of tariff, trading down, hoping not for a trade war, tell us what we should expect, as relates to china, something more
8:36 am
specific. >> we don't want a trade war we want the president does want the united states, to pry free fair reciprocal trade agreements that means dealing with countries like china, and others around the world that don't rip us off, that don't about steal intellectual property so on thes issue intellectual property rights, he ordered last year commerce department to inpatieestop 301 reprehend a report president will take action china engaged unfair practices i think the world knows about them steal intellectual property from united states countries around the world, the president may choose to address that in coming weeks. maria: well, the u.s. government does not monitor or restrict venture investing potential transfer of early stage technology know-how yet china has been involved in 10% of all venture deals done in last five years, and in doing
8:37 am
so has been able to transfer important technology from the u.s. to china. >> yeah, that is right. you know, again, the president ran on a philosophy of ensuring that technology investments and you know progress on that front is american made in american owned, he wants to ensure that you know he american technology is kept in the united states, to the extent that is possible. you know, you saw a recent decision when it came cfius qualcomm broadcom potential merger may see others like that president has steady kwhit comes to national security american economy different from reprieve administrations, ensures that american technology and american i think newte is kept here for interests of national security. >> let me ask you raj the
8:38 am
president, of course, naming larry kudlow to the economic spot of the ne.c. what does president looking for larry kudlow to do. >> well, we are very excited about larry kudlow. coming onboard in the near future, larry is an economic giant, right, he had experience in government, from the new york fed to the reagan administration the private sector, obviously has been you know a presence for the american people, in living rooms for years, ares frankly one of the key jobs of the ne.c. chair is to communicate the president's economic vision, communicate his policies to the american people, and on that front along with many others, larry is going to be a huge presence in this white house and administration. so presidents looking for you know, mr. kudlow to you know preeminent him with ideas on the economy, advise on policy and then help him make decisions to communicate decisions to the american people we are very excited to have him coming onboard. >> will that include phase two of the tax cut plan?
8:39 am
>> the president has been talking about, chairman kevin brady in house have been talking about a phase two tax cut plan, we want to make the personal income tax cuts diaries tax cut bill permanent talked about potentially lowering cap gains rate there was so much success more than we could have predicted with hundreds of companies announcing bonuses, wage hikes, all sorts of announcements from the first tax cut bill why not do it again right? yeah, so we don't have specifics regarding actually proposal or timeline yet we are going to wait for larry to come get onboard but that is something the president along with chairman brady are looking. >> what president said about that yesterday. >> we are now going for a phase two. we are actually going for a phase two will help in addition to middle class will help companies and going to be something i think very
8:40 am
special, kevin brady working on it with me, congress is working to senate is working. >> raj you were with the the president during that visit to boeing plant in st. louis. >> yeah, that is right, the president talked to -- boeing was one of the first companies that he to announce bonuses for workers in december last year, and boeing along with hundreds of companies benefited from this tax cut bill, i want to is going to create american jobs going to create a higher wages, we want a second phase, of similar proposals this one more focused on making permanent parts of the first phase, and also looking to capital gains with other provision to make investments in united states, better, and to help middle class families you know earnings keep more. >> yesterday boeing stock traded down sharply because people were worried about impact of tariffs particularly as relates to aluminum and steel, on boeing. >> american aluminum and steel are critical industries to
8:41 am
american national security what 232 investigation at commerce department engaged in was all about we need to ensure that there are critical levels of american production, in terms of steel production in terms of aluminum smelt heers, national security core infrastructure what steel, aluminum announcements for tariffs going in effect next week we are were all about there maybe impact to industries benefits to others our core thought process with this is you know ensuring in a american national security is protected. >> by the way, raj when will we see details of this tax cut phase two? >> well, i don't have the details again i think, we are going to want you know, larry kudlow to weigh in as well as a few others, when we have a plan we will present it but you know right now we have had so much success from phase one from this tax cut passed in december, that we want to look at new options in faz two. >> shake-ups at white house new reports this morning that
8:42 am
va second about david shulkin on way out you could be replaced by energy secretary rick perry is rick perry switching posts. >> no there is no announcements to make, frankly, i know, hesh at white house -- here at white house get annoyed with rumor innuendo nonsense put out there when president has a decision to make will make that clear to everyone right now you know with all the parlor games discussed in issue about washington we think it is frankly -- too much interest if who has a job west wing in administration not enough on who has a job in the country among the american people, and that is what our focus is, our focus is on policy and getting it right, unemployment stays low goes lower wages rise. >> i understand what you are saying come on give us a break, there has been incredible amount of movement in this white house just the last two weeks, so you say you get annoyed by people he focusing on it. >> yeah i do i do -- i do
8:43 am
maria because there has been incredible amount of -- incredible amount of success, i mentioned unemployment, you could talk about national security, where this administration policies have crushed ooisis. maria: absolutely we talk about that all the time. >> sure. maria: s you should the president should be given praise for some policies particularly -- foreign policy and economics. >> turn over helped do that our effective is on the policies, i am on getting it right on economic security national security making sure that we can improve lives of the american people when president hassle? announcements about team to help get the job done we will make those available to everybody. maria: how big a disappointment was pennsylvania special election raj do you think a proxy for midterms? >> i don't, i think all campaigns each campaign is unique each candidate is unique. obviously there are going to be trends nationwide, a couple
8:44 am
things that we've observed from that election is that you know, the -- the democratic candidate ran many ways like republican might embraced the president's policies on a host of issues, he didn't embrace nancy pelosi and democrats that is something that we observed but look each candidate is unique and you know we think that and i have talked quite a bit today about the president's sections we think hugging them would be beneficial to any candidate but beyond that i don't want to taush too much about 2018 politics. maria: s understood great to have you on program thanks so much walking us through all the policies. >> raj shah joining us there we will be right back.
8:45 am
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and to manage this risk, the world turns to cme group. we help farmers lock in future prices, banks manage interest rate changes and airlines hedge fuel costs. all so they can manage their risks and move forward. it's simply a matter of following the signs. they all lead here. cme group - how the world advances. booming sales strong outlook nonprofits nonprofits on floor of the new york stock exchange expected pretty good opening upside. >> indeed good morning. we are talk taking a look at dollar general this morning, and when you look at it
8:48 am
compared to dollar -- really -- dollar tree it is a really different story, take a look at dollar general up 7% what they have been doing remodularling stores restocking shelve selling groceries lower margins big picture saying that same store sale on rise they raised dividend also are intreefrg that stock buy back by a billion-dollar, stock looking up 7% today, and those investments in remodeling helped, and the last thing as you note have forecast earnings per share did stop analysts estimates take a look what was world's largest initial public offering alibaba 68 dollars a share looking up 4% today, right now around 200 bucks jumping because -- in china making it available to investors main market main chinese law he it will haved alibaba from doing
8:49 am
this with changes in securities laws may be able to do this early as summer. maria: thank you so much president trump, has tapped larry already as expected new top economic advisory after goor gar resign-- gary cohn res. >> good morning i think a great move on part of the president for several reasons, number one, about larry kudlow you you and i have known him for decades maria, and a good man. case closed on personal side he is a good man. on the professional side this is good news, because i believe that the president trump is embarking now on reorganizing the trade relationship with china, for most important trying relationship in the world. he is going to reorganize it, and larry kudlow is onboard with that. another item on professional side larry kudlow is a relentless tax cutter growth kind of guy get back to prosperity saying this since days of reagan, in a perfect
8:50 am
position right now, with phase two of tax cuts coming up. all around great decision, well done larry congratulations! a great guy. maria: i know i think it has been celebrating markets like it had a growth guy, and also is in favor of a stronger dollar, want the read a line from op-ed this morning, kudlow into the breach we don't agree on everything said the president but in this case i think that is good he said tuesday i want different opinions we agree on most, he has come around to believing in tariffs as negotiatinging point. >> key line. >> isn't it. >> we have been worried about tariffs but the president has pushed back making people think and suggesting this is all part of a poker game and that is what i i actually thought that but you know -- >> that is what we have all been saying. maria: yeah. >> right from day one. >> yeah. >> opening gambit. >> this is very lie stakes poker i think markets -- high
8:51 am
stakes markets hoping he knows what he is he doing. maria: high stakes poker. >> larry kudlow onboard if high stakes poker game i want him playing my hand frankly. >> "varney & company" 9:00 a.m. we'll be right back. today, the new new york is sparking innovation. you see it in the southern tier with companies that are developing powerful batteries that make everything from cell phones to rail cars more efficient. which helps improve every aspect of advanced rail technology. all with support from a highly-educated workforce and vocational job training.
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maria: founder ceo theranos elizabeth wliz faces massive fraud charges from the securities and exchange. cheryl: that is right once a rising star in silicon valley, but as now elizabeth holmes the cofounder of theranos settling fraud charges with the securities and exchange. she agreed to surrender control of blood testing company pay 500,000 dollar penalty regulatory accused of homes theranos raising money 7 hundred million dollars to
8:55 am
investors sxaexaggerated statements claims would run a variety of blood tests with one drop off blood caribbean private i'll getting a makeover cocoa key one of the largest party parks in caribbean after 200-million-dollar overhaul largest freshwater pool in region, rolling out in faes beginning in septembers competition of a new pier shares royal caribbean up 30% from a year ago remember don't avoid be happy, that is happening in finland, finland overtaken norway as happiest country in this year's happiness report, norway second denmark third happiest country, united states we slipped to 18th place down four spots i can't from last year study cites crisis eeblt substance abuse depression as
8:56 am
contributing to our not so happy ranking. maria: thank you, i like that, thank you. we want to compare what is happening with -- with theranos, and elizabeth holmes to martin shkreli harscher punishment. >> compare female steve jobs empercentnator with shkreli elizabeth holmes -- size fraud 7 hundred million dollars only civil punishment net admits dens wrongdoing can't serve as officer director of company for about 10 years, mart shkreli criminal conviction going to prison seven years for a 10-million-dollar roughly hedge fund fraud has ah to forfeit more than 9 million dollars catalyze turning over that album that he bought going to the hoosgow
8:57 am
she gets charging civilly the quality of the case people have but nevertheless december partee size of fraud punishment is -- >> i feel as a viewer not sure exactly what martin shkreli did i know was arrogant playing video games in court i feel like the way he acted, put him in jail james. >> he helped basically give himself a horrible reputation perhaps even with numbers of government jurors, but i think it is a very high bar to convict criminally charges as far as holmes, question for her -- it is not illegal to be --
8:58 am
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now more than ever it is all about the president. he dominates and is launching a flurry of new policy moves. he has talked about phase 2 of tax cuts. kevin brady told us he is working on it. here comes another tax deal. larry kudlow is moving in as the administration takes on china on trade. the trump team wants our products to sell in china the same way there


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