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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 20, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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desantis or a robert bourke in there. lou: all interesting names and good ideas. that's it for us tonight. ron desantis joins us tomorrow. kennedy: president trump lashing out at robert mueller in a blistering twitter attack. could he be preparing to fire the special counsel? hillary clinton claims her comments about trump voters, that was misinterpreted. what do you really mean when you are suggesting they are racist. austin on evening after another bomb attack in the texas capital. grab a hammer, time to nail this thing. president trump fighting back hard against the russia investigation it appears he's taking off the gloves and
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putting on the foil. the president calling out special counsel robert mueller by name on twitter. saying why does the mueller team have hardened democrats and crooked hillary supporters and zero republicans? another dem recently added. does anyone think this is fair? is he now planning to fire robert mueller? the white house says no and several republican lawmakers including lindsey graham said firing him would be a bad idea. jeff sessions fired andrew mccabe hours before his retirement which means he may not get all of his retirement. should the president fire robert mueller the way he did andrew mccabe? joining me, matt gaetz.
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>> to answer your question, andrew mccabe absolutely got what he deserved. he was authorizing threects media. he was depriving the washington, d.c. field office of jurisdiction when it came to investigating hillary clinton and the clinton foundation and he was working with the department of justice to pave the way so hillary clinton never had to face consequences. that's partisan hackery and i think the on general did the right thing. the president should call opening mule tore produce the evidence he has, if there is no evidence of collusion, we should wrap up this matter. kennedy: the problem with a special counsel as we all know, you can start out with an investigation that can be quickly broadened. speak of recusal. one thing that it looks like
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andrew mccabe didn't recuse until he thought hillary clinton was going to lose. it wasn't until a week before the election. what does that timing tell you? >> it tells me there was a basis for andrew mccabe to recuse himself much sooner. it's not just my analysis. it's the analysis pete strzok and lisa page were sharing with each other over text messages. they were happening an insurance policy in his office also evidenced by their text messages. you have a cabal of people doing everything they to be manifest their bias against president trump and in favor of hillary clinton. kennedy: did you read the inspector general's report? >> we have not received it in the judiciary committee. we learned through some reports the leaking of information to reporters seems to be the
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funding amountal basis of the termination much mr. mccabe. kennedy: who is in bigger trouble for that, james comey or andrew mccabe? >> that's an important question we need to ask. mccabe gave confidential testimony to the judiciary committee where it became clear he was taking positions that were opposite of the positions taken by mr. comey under oath. i think we have to get them both under oath in public and ask these important questions and see if we can get a straight story out of them. kennedy: it appears senior leadership at the you fbi may have been compromised in the president's favor. is there evidence they were somehow working with the clinton campaign or the obama administration making sure hillary clinton got elected? >> this was not andrew mccabe
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and james comey acting alone. the testimony mccabe has given makes we believe there were people at the department of justice paving the way for hillary clinton. susan rice who got immunity deals that never should have been given by the department of justice. you had doj making sure anybody that could incriminate hillary clinton would have immunity so they would have every reason not to tell the truth about hillary and that's the reason she never faced a criminal consequence. kennedy: she was shown to be extremely careless and not grossly negligent. i think you are right. there are a number of questions about who was give be immunity, and how far that reached. and there were not enough questions about the search parameters used in deciding which emails the former secretary of state deleted.
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because there are many, many unanswered questions with those sacrificed emails. i hope this is not political theater on both sides. i hope we come to some answers on this to show people would has gone on here so far is very wrong without damaging the reputation of law enforcement in this country. >> we need a department of justice and fbi that work efficiency and effectively and are free of political bias. this is not a partisan issue. republicans and democrats will be in power in the future. we need reforms to make sure we have the right transparency and oversight and we never have a circumstance where these agencies become so political they are engaged in hackery. kennedy: or they become so powerful they can weaponize their surveillance abilities to spy on anyone at their political
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peril. what fallout could we expect if the president tries to fire robert mueller? mollie hemingway is here. what does the firing of andrew mccabe tell you about the president and robert mueller? mollie: it's never a good thing when the number two person at the fbi has to be fired for violating rules of professional conduct. it was fbi personnel who determined he behaved improperly and should be fired. we know from his leaks he's saying he had unauthorized leaks and lacked candor. but i wouldn't be surprised if it's much bigger than that. he's been a central figure in so much that's going on from the botched hillary clinton email investigations to the trump-russia investigation. his name was associated with leaking quite a bit. but it's not good when the number two has to be fired.
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there is a lot that has to be done to restore the credibility of the fbi, thick at its leadership level. kennedy: mccabe says this attack on my credibility is part of a largerrer to take the fbi law enforcement and intelligence professionals. poll are's saying that in response to his colleagues in the office of professional responsibility saying his behavior warranted firing it's kind of a weird argument to make. you can't criticize the fbi leadership when you are criticizing people who are trying to uphold professional ethics. this is a pattern of behavior they are dealing with. kennedy: it gets back to who recommended the firing. this was not just jeff sessions trying to get back in the president's good graces.
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that may be something at play. that may be an unanswered variable that is a little bit freaky, but this is in response not only to that inspector general's report. but also the office of professional responsibility at the fbi. >> it's not just that jeff sessions would have been violating protocol it's also that this was a democratic initiated investigation. people were concerned at the handling of the hillary clinton investigation including the reopening right before the election. the i.g. report will be looking at that. kennedy: when will we get to see that? >> it's already delayed from when it was expected. but because there is so much continuing to happen, and what mccabe just said in his testimony is he was authorized by comey to leave. he's also saying ray has been
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permitting him to talk to reporters in a secretive fashion. kennedy: two things i think are important. how ironic would it be if james comey launched a second special counsel with another issue about his leaks. and number two, does christopher wray survive this? >> i don't know, there is a lot we have to learn. but there is legitimate concern in calling for a second special prosecutor it's a crime, a felony, to release class youified information in a way we know has already happened because we read about it in these news reports. there are so many examples of felonious leaking it needs to be investigated. i don't think it's fair for the fbi or the department of justice being asked to investigate
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themselves. kennedy: the social network is become a social outcast. facebook stock lost $36 billion in market value after revelations a data mining firm was tied to the president. mark zuckerberg, his problems don't end there. several lawmakers including kentucky senator rand paul are calling for full-fledged investigations. saying people have to look into it, the privacy of the american consumer should be reflected. the company acknowledged cambridge an like today obtained the information during a data breach. and facebook's chief information security officer resigned over differences on how to handle this information. will this be the time when
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everyone unfriends facebook? if not now, when? kat timpf is here and jamel green is here. every successful presidential campaign since president trump in 2008 has used social media to their advantage. and they all use these psycho analytic tools and outside companies to figure out who their voters are, target them, and save money. why is this different? >> i don't think this is different. i think we are seeing something being revealed that has been there all along. whether it's facebook or twitter. there is nefarious activity happening on their platforms. i believe the companies have
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known about them for quite some time. and they have put profit above corporate responsibility. this is what democrats were calling for after the 2016 elections. it is about the social media platforms, and it's how to protect our democracy moving forward. kennedy: the nice thing about this. this is not republican or democrat. this is the wild west. everyone is trying to be the one at the saloon that gets their hands on the trigger first. >> i called a guy who has been revolutionizing data technology for years. he says everything about cambridge analytica is overblown and reporters are stupid. he set up an app where people
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are allowed more access running surveys on people and doing personality tests on people which are kind of side. then they have all those people's friends which brings it up to 50 million people. then since the press is eager to say steve bannon, criminal mastermind, evil genius was involved, they hacked the election. that's absurd. they just took data and didn't give it back. kennedy: hillary clinton was saying facebook allowed the russians to come in and buy a bunch of ads and people saw fake stories and voted against me. kat: i don't think that was the main problem. kennedy: you are a rationalist. you have an interesting ray much taking these stories apart. are the "new york times" and other publications making too much of it?
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>> i don't think so. i think whenever you are talking about personal information it has a way of freaking people out. i just want to know what personal information means. does it mean my profile picture? does it mean my chat. sometimes you want to send a message where it's got time stamp so you can see if they say the or not. i would like to see it investigated. i think that's something that matters to people. kennedy: do you think facebook is better at spying on americans than the nsa. kat: no, the nsa would have the best targeted ads if they were allowed. >> nsa was involved in the internet from the beginning. kennedy: we'll see much more
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kennedy: welcome back. the president's heart tonight right place. he has been on an anti-opioid tear. and execute drug dealers is on his agenda. these impulses make bad laws. social engineering won't make people dehand in fewer drugs. the drug war has failed. all you have to do is looking at the decimated neighborhoods who have been robbed of fathers. when it comes to prohibition a little bit of government goes a long way. gun prohibition turned cities into chicago. what does drug prohibition give us? opioid overdoses and imbalanced sentencing that destroys family and lives. losing someone to a drug overnorth dose is the worst.
12:21 am
the inconvenient part of drug addiction is there are two consensual sides to these transactions. so cutting off supply does nothing for demand except create more overdoses won a sober inmate shoots up again. addressing drug addiction and treatment is the right and moral way to have this discussion. but change behavior through force is a fruitless pursuit and it's costly and deadly and the unintended consequences haunt families for generations. the president pitched the white house plan to combat the opioid crisis in new hampshire today. here he is double down on his most of controversial proposal.
12:22 am
watch. president trump: if we don't get tough on the drug dealers we are wasting our time. just remember that. we are wasting our time. that toughness includes the death penalty. kennedy: will the president's tough talk help at all? let me ask's managing editor peter suderman. peter, let's discuss this. people want to see some sort of resolution. i understand that. people want the government to do something. but they can make a bad situation worse, right? >> yes, that's exactly right. the most of important words in that clip you played were get tough. that's what trump wanted to do and seen to be doing. but getting tough and treating the opioid problem as a criminalization problem, one of
12:23 am
crime is a bad way to go. if you go back to my home state of florida you saw what happens. they passed really severe minimum sentences not the death penalty, but long jail sentences for people who were suppose to be high-level dealers bringing drugs into the state. this was a state with a big problems with drugs, particularly oxycontin. they were first on the scene with the opioid crisis. the vast majority of the people locked up were first-time offenders often caught with just a handful of pills. they didn't solve the problem. instead they destroyed people's lives people who were not high-level dealers. kennedy: we are having a conversation on the republican side. you heard carly fiorina and jeb
12:24 am
bush telling personal stories about almost losing family members to drug and alcohol addiction it's one thing to have a party say we need to talk about treatment. that's great. we need to take people out of the prison system and reduce the criminalization. and finally once and for all, talk about treating people. instead we are taking the most of extreme turn which is toward executing drug dealers which was pointed out in "reason" there are people who buy drugs, and people who sell drugs, it's not a one-way street. >> it's very misguided it's understandable people would wants to be seen as taking serious action. but the serious action that can be taken is to treat the opioids epidemic as a crisis of
12:25 am
medicine. as an issue with people who are sick and need to be treated. talking about all these politicians, all these people, people watching who had personal experience who know somebody who overdosed and had a problem with addiction. what we want to do with those people is find ways to help them. that's the goal here. these sorts of extremely harsh get tough times of actions like president trump was proposing, i think they are very misguide. they are not going to work. and instead we need to be treating these people like people who need help and are sick. >> and not issuing violations of the constitution one after another. coming up, hillary clinton trying to explain comments she made suggesting strum voters are racist. where are all the white women at? the answer with the panel next.
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kennedy: she's not saying sorry. hillary clinton doubling down on her beliefs she lost the 2016 election because white women were pressured to vote for trump by their oppressive husbands.
12:30 am
she offered an explanation. it read, do i believe some women look at a powerful women and question whether they can lead? maybe voting for the man their husband is voting for instead? it may not universally true or easy to hear, but yes. kennedy: here is dick durbin. >> hillary clinton like every american has the right to express her points of view. and she gets press coverage. but we have a new democratic leadership and more people aspiring to be a candidate in 2020. it will be a different cast of characters completely. kennedy: translation, go away. have democrats finally wised up and moved on? kat i will start with you. what an incredibly narrow minded
12:31 am
thing to say to people. you didn't vote for me which means you are controlled by a man. that means around mindless zombie and i should be making decisions for you have instead. >> though she didn't apologize, she says she meant no disrespect. she thinks they are so incapable of thinking for themselves that they absorb whatever opinions their husbands have because they are a black hole of nothingness and have no original thoughts. that is disrespectful. if that's what you think, then fine. but don't try to say you don't disrespect people because that's the definition of disrespect. kennedy: it's disrespectful and wildly entertaining. i for one think this is fantastic. this is the third time we have been covering the same story from the dumb dumb things she said find yeah.
12:32 am
then she wrote a bunch of dumb dumb things because apparently they do not have liquor laws in chappaqua county. you wonder why she chose yawned as her audience. india is not a place where women have the rights they do in this country. kennedy: and they have a cast system. >> it goes to identity politics the democrats pushed. my fear with hillary clinton is she is buying into this holt thing. it's not just theater and something to get out the vote. it's truly what she believes. how could you not be with her. kennedy: she wrote there is an he can dotal research to suggest women are unfortunately more swayed by men than the other way around. kennedy: yes, in 1947. don't want to move on from this?
12:33 am
>> there are lots of former presidential candidates that go on speaking tours and not every single word they say is parsed. from this point on it would be great if hillary just started speaking in memes. kennedy: albert gore, god bless his hypocrisy and need for touchy massages. al gore talked about the climate and climate change. albert gore didn't sit around going the reason i lost was because of damaging chads. he didn't do that. chris: he'll drop that president joke. he never dropped that. also al gore needed the money. i don't know why hillary clinton
12:34 am
is still going around. she has the money. >> the clinton foundation is out there doing good work. ken report united arab emirates gave us so much money. >> i do think we need to stop covering every single word she says, and it would be in her best interest to just continue doing the life of her work for women. kennedy: if that would be true, dick durbin and a bunch of her former friends wouldn't have to come out and say stop talking. chris: it's not championing women, it's championing her. kennedy: you never know what life is going to throw your way.
12:35 am
hopefully a bunch of money. >> mr. dickey said with it was set up it had to sit on a platform at least 75 feet long by 14 feet wide. kennedy: that's about as long as a tennis court. the ground includes 15 tents. highlighted by a big top with 10,000 feet. >> it's he intricate piece of an entire circus. kennedy: that's one of many weird and amazing objects found on "strange inheritance." it airs after this very show. joining me, jamie colby, the host of "strange inheritance." what an incredible story. it fills up a tennis court. jamie: ringling brothers isn't
12:36 am
in business any more. this man william dicky was obsessed with the circus. for the first time we were able on "strange inheritance" to show his daughter-in-law who inherited it, her children and grandchildren what this display looks like. it took several days to put it together. it was an emotional moment for them. this was in a sense his life's work. but a big task for her to figure out what to do with it. we ended up in wisconsin, the home of al ringling, and they decided they are going to take on the project displaying this so everybody can come and see it. kennedy: that's fantastic. it's cementing two legacies. you have another story about an oyster farm.
12:37 am
we shuck them and done other things to them. you have to wear thick gloves. jamie: i did all of that. they actually came up with a system of raising these oysters and shortening the harvesting time. when they inherited these oyster beds from their grandfather, they called up a michelin, rated restaurant. it's rappahannock, that's the company. there is a resurgence. kennedy: we'll take a few dozen. kennedy: jamie colby thank you so much.
12:38 am
jamie: right after you, kennedy. kennedy: she'll be up in moments. thank you so much. two more people are injured after another bomb attack in austin. so who the hell is planting all these bombs. does the fed have any idea who is behind it? is behind it? i'll talk to an fbi pit's time p number spring clearance event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? it's the last chance for clearance savings up to $600. plus free home delivery on most beds. ends monday. visit for a store near you.
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kennedy: the nation's veterinarians are warning, the number two danger to dogs is flying united. we begin at the zoo where a gorilla did what most of fans are not able to do after the super bowl, he walks upright. zookeepers say he always walk on two feet when he eats snacks because he doesn't like to eat dirty food. it's extremely rare for a bore rilla to walk on two feet. but we learned the animals of philadelphia can do anything
12:43 am
including taking a punch. i don't know what it is. topic number two. the outback steakhouse unveiled a bigger version of the bloomin' onion. why wreck your bracket when you can wreck your beach bod. the bloomin' onion got its name because one bite will raise your cholesterol by 3 point. just like they serve up in australia. the company says it contains 3,000 calories. i have no idea why they are sharing this information because nobody goes to outback to count
12:44 am
calories. which is like hiring a hooker to snuggle. which is what a lot of people did when i was in college, or so i heard. the united nations is serious about the global water crisis. they are bringing in pit bull to address the crisis. rappers are better on vodka, but pit bull is mr. worldwide. he'll speak to the general assembly and he'll be joined by other climate experts such as bruno mars. he'll speak other countries, but only those who are up to date on their membership dues. he'll receive the water champion
12:45 am
award for his efforts to raise awareness. we thank you for your sacrifice, mr. pit bull. you are a champion bikini inspector, too. topic number 4. cynthia nixon once proposed to her boyfriend on sex and the city. now she is proposing to new york voters. miranda is officially running for governor. oddly enough, most of men support her candidacy. only because if she wins there won't be another sex and the city sequel. she'll be squaring off with andrew cuomo in the primary. one sort put their hate on a 9 on a scale to kim cattrel and
12:46 am
sarah jessica parker. and there is a fireworks barge floating on the hudson from the last woman who attempted to break the glass ceiling. neither one will go to pennsylvania. thumbs up, buttercup. topic number five it's mugshot monday. a british man tried telling the colmes was homer simpson. the cops didn't fall for it because they were taught better than that by chief wigin. this guy didn't kill anybody, but apparently he did go a little overboard at the tavern. the man who hand over this fake license was so drunk he thought nixon would make a good governor. he was ticketed for driving without a license, driving without insurance, and the pet
12:47 am
he was bringing home for his daughter's birthday escaped the car and hasn't been seen since. i guess i will have to you bring a flaming mo unstead. maggie is technically in her late 30s. we'll be right back.
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kennedy: another explosion rocking the city of austin. two men are in critical condition after a trip wire detonated another device. austin police chief brian manly still hasn't called these vicious attacks domestic terrorism. >> we are dealing with a serial bomber with now the fourth device. as we look at this individual and the pattern and what we are look at here, we'll have to determine if we see a specific ideology and something that will lead us along with our federal partners to make that decision. kennedy: what kind of weirdo is behind these bombings. jim, you are part of the team
12:52 am
that solved the uni bomber case. what do we know about the austin incidents so far? >> this guy has gone out of his comfort zone. he was east of i-35 for the first three bombing work southward. now he's in an entirely different area of austin and the device is different with a trip wire. he's showing to us and investigators that he knows how to make a device and he knows how to make them detonate in different manners, and they can't rule out there will be other device that will dote nate via remote control or a sensor device. they have to have their eyes out for all of these things. kennedy: joey, you are the bomb expert. what are the first things these investigators are looking for with the switch from package
12:53 am
bomb to trip wire? >> i lifted fingerprints off bombs in afghanistan after they blew up. but the reaction from the police so far tells me they have not found anything. there is a low tech means to make bombs the way they have been shown. if they are blowing up when you move them and now a trip wire. there is low tech ways of doing that and low tech ways of arming it. i can't make the jump and say they will start radio detonating. kennedy: you even suggested photo cells could be used for detonation. >> this a range from photo cell to src chip all the way to a pool of wire with a nail suspended in the middle.
12:54 am
both are equally optional. the sophistication could be in the explosives or the electronic engineering of how it's set off. the point being, whatever causes these bombs to go off. that's limited to the imagination of the bomb maker. if there is a project box or a photo cell used, there aren't a lot of places to get those. kennedy: that's what investigators will be looking for. those unique components. let, talk about people who normally make bombs? >> they tend to be isolated folks. they may have a steady job and go in and out of society. but they find themselves being more and more pushed back out of their particular socialized project and where they are going in life and they don't succeed that well.
12:55 am
for some reason there is a trigger or stressor effect that kicked in as some point. some western extremely upset this man. he says the way to remedy these problems is to start creating these bombs. there have been some practice bombs in a field, in the woods somewhere, in a canyon, on the outskirts of austin, and the police and investigators are checking those and interviewing witnesses. kennedy: it sounds like this is a serial killer as opposed to a terrorist. >> i don't care that much about whether they are called serial bombers, domestic international terrorists, hate crimes. it's just look at the facts and the evidence at the scene and putting that together. behaviorally and forensically and trying to couple the person who is doing this. the bomber hasn't reached out to
12:56 am
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