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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 20, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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take it with you." i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." socialise bernie sanders. charles: thanks for watching. here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening. these are our top stories. texas rocked by a fifth is motion in under three weeks. a package bomb exploded at a fedex distribution center near san antonio. no one was injured but investigators are no closer to finding suspect. house majority leader kea kevin mccarthy and steve scalise join the calls for a second special counsel to investigate fbi corruption and department of justice corruption. big technology under fire for
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violating the privacy of its customers, the ftc investigating facebook for its data sharing scandal. neither mark zuckerberg nor cheryl sand berg have been present at the meetings to discuss this. harvard professor alan dershowitz says mueller should never have been apound special counsel in the first place. peter schweizer on the clinton pay-to-play scandals and his new book "secret empires." ed rollins with us on the looming government shutdown. it could come friday. general jack keane on the iran deal. russian provocations and north korea. the top story. the hunt for the texas serial
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bomber. the president called the person or people responsible as sick, very sick. the president's remarks come after a fifth package explode at a fedex facility outside san antonio. >> we have been working round the clock again. the public safety is our number one priority. >> safety that was shattered after another explosion in texas. this time at a federal express facilities in schertz, 20 miles outside of san antonio. >> a package had been traveling on an automated conveyer when it explode. one employee who was standing near the explosion complained of ringing in the ears. reporter: they believe the parcel was destined for austin and they are investigating an austin fedex store from where they believe the package was
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sent. sunday's bombing showing what authorities call a quote higher level of sophistication as it was triggered by a barely visible trip wire. >> they tripped and set off this explosion and didn't see it with the wire, and it blew up. you don't know what to think when something like this happens. it's uncalled for. reporter: the president echoing that sentiment and offering support from washington. president trump: the bombings are terrible, the local, federal and state are working hand in hand to get to the bottom of it. this its obviously a very sick individual or individuals. these are sick people and we'll get to the bottom of it. reporter: hundreds of agents from the fbi and the atf are racing against time, hoping to
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stop the person who killed two people and injured four others and some investigators believe is likely linked to today's bomb blast in schertz. >> it's likely connected and i think we'll find out it is connected. reporter: officials say it's clear whoever is doing this has considerable expertise. what isn't clear is the motive and when and why the bomber might strike next. lou: two powerful republic cab leaders in the house are calling for a section special counsel. kevin mccarthy and steven scalise are the latest to demand an investigation into the fbi and doj as to why they shut down the hillary clinton email probe and the play and the bias by the
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special dmownlt russian probe. they asked jeff sessions to appoint the special counsel with subpoena powers. ryan remains silent despite the growing list of those at the highest levels of law enforcement eve ensnared in the scandal. a half dozen of comey's closest associates have retired, demoted or resigned including james baker, james rybicki, lawyer lisa page and mike kortan and justice official bruce ohr. our next guest is among those who called for a special counsel to investigate surveillance abuse and fbi-doj misconduct. joining us is congressman ron
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desantis. he's the leading republican candidate for the governmentship of florida. good to have you with us, congressman. let's begin, if we may, with a call for a second special counsel. how important is it for mccarthy and scalise to 0 add their voices to the call for a second special counsel. >> i applaud them for doing that. and u.s. senators like chuck grassley and lindsey graham. i would call on our speaker of the house paul ryan to follow their lead and call publicly for the appointment of a second special counsel. ryan was publicly supportive of special counsel mueller.
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well, by golly gee you have got to support a special counsel now because you have evidence statutes were violated. can mccabe lie to the fbi and not have anything happen? comey has exposure for saying he has never been involved in leak. mccabe contradicted him. and his senior advisor was demoted because he was involved in discussing the dossier with "mother jones" magazine. even though we have done a lot in the committees, we won't able to bring criminal charges. so yes let's get it done. lou: you say we won't be able to bring criminal charges? >> the congress can't.
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lou: i hope somebody does because there have been crimes committed. >> of course. there is probable cause that a number of statutes have been violated. the only people that can bring charges are in the department of justice man this case a special counsel. lou: the department of justice seems well aware of that and seems reluctant to move. i think every day that goes by is another way to -- weight around the attorney general's neck. he would continue to procrastinate and not get to the bottom of the corruption he's responsible for as well as the fbi. speaker ryan's silence on this speaks volumes. speaker ryan has been for some time the them is of this president. he tries to may i think a twod
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handed game -- a two two-handed game. but he's a rino representing the business round table and the chamber of commerce and not the american people. >> i think he should seize this opportunity to do what you have counseled and a number of us have counseled. the attorney general has not fully pulled the trigger. two months ago he hadn't done anything with this. then he said i have got to appoint the inspector general. the inspector general doesn't have the ability to bring charges. then he said i'm appointing a investigator outside the doj. that may push him over to where he's finally pulling the trigger
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on yes a prosecutor from outside washington and outside the swamp. but a truly special counsel who doesn't have any fear or favor with either of these briewsh krat is and is willing to call balls and strikes and pursue justice on behalf of the american people. lou: the friday midnight deadline on shutting down the government. the omnibus bill moving now. do you have time to beat that deadline if you can reach an agreement on its content? >> i think something will probably pass before that deadline, but i don't think it will be a very good product. how can we keep finding ourselves in this situation where we have a massive bill put together behind closed doors. people like me who are rank and file members have no idea what's
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in it. we'll have to go through and right and calculate how much money is being spent. lou: why doesn't somebody tell speaker ryan to go to hell? this is an embarrassment. he represents the u.s. national interests on k street. he doesn't represent republican thinking. he's not a conservative. he's in my judgment one of the most of erratic people we have seen in the speakership. >> here is the problem with the omnibus bills. once these things get off the ground, it empowers k street. they want to stuff it in there knowing the train is leaving the station so they can hitch their wagon to this thing, and he'll be able to do it. that's why you need to be able to do individual appropriations bill. we passed the bill. the senate has not passed a single stand alone appropriation
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bill, i think like in 6 or 8 years. whatever criticism of the house, and there is fair criticism there. the u.s. senate has proved itself to be incapable of doing the core function of the congress to pass the appropriations bill in a trance parent and open way so the american people know how their money is being spent it's like ground hog day, same thing over and over again. we have to call a different play at some point to try and get better results. lou: better results for whom? ryan is serving his master. >> for the taxpayer. lou: ryan's master is not the taxpayer. they just pay the bills it, the business round exaibl, the chamber of commerce and k street. he sold out the republican party and this congress and he would sell out his mother based on his
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record of 20 years and little accomplishment and absolute favor for his big friends who write big checks. >> here is what i would say about the senate bill. they say we need 60 votes. no, you need 50 votes. it's only 60 if they mount a filibuster. he's going to say i'm shutting down the government, i'm not allowing a vote on military spending or the va? we have called his bluff on that. at some point you have to press your advantages. lou: congressman, i couldn't agree with you more. but the awkward thing is the senate is controlled by the republican party. and right now what we are look at is a democratic omnibus bill that looks like the only way in which to avoid a shutdown of the
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government come friday because there is a definite lack of principle and guts at work. you and other folks i know are the exceptions and we deeply appreciate it. congress nanl ron desantis, you get last word. >> thanks for fighting for this special counsel, lou. we have come a long way with it. the american people will see justice done and we can prove there is not two sets of rules for the american people and those up here in congress. lou: thank you, we appreciate you. president trump blasting sanctuary cities and states and dems for shielding illegal immigrants. president trump: sanctuary cities and states like california put innocent americans at the mercy of
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hardened criminals, but the house and senate voted almost unanimously on behalf of sanctuary cities. my priority is to protect and defend the citizens of the united states. lou: why isn't congress doing more to defund sanctuary cities. facebook under fire, hit with a federal investigation. mark zuckerberg nowhere to be found. found. we'll be ♪ ♪ wake up early, o. ♪ slap on some cologne ♪ i'm 85 and i wanna go home ♪ ♪ just got a job ♪ as a lifeguard in savannah ♪
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does your bed do that? only at a sleep number store where queen mattresses start at just $899. and, it's the last chance for clearance savings up to $800 on our most popular beds. ends saturday. visit for a store near you. lou: facebook is in crisis. a form media director says them allowed massive data to be released because they were on their side. much the way cambridge an lit case accused of doing to help the trump campaign. by the turns out the help may have been going to hillary clinton. things are not what they seem, it seems in silicon valley. but no one in silicon valley was outraged when rules were changed
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for barack obama. 427 times during obama's presidency. joining me, fox business political analyst ed rollins. ed: i served three presidents. >> not a whisper from the left-wing nut job media. it occurred to most of americans that national left-wing media is filled with the incompetent, politically corrupt bias that it doesn't apply to complicity with what is the left in this country. ed: obama ran two brilliant campaigns based on data. all the silicon valley types are
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in his camp. facebook gave him a roadmap how to gather data. the customers of facebook should be outraged, they should be suing. lou: twitter and facebook who have been walking around with a certain piousness about them talking about how they are going to stamp on the conservative groups who are members of their social media. one of the problems here is facebook and twitter and other social media, this investigation by the fcc will reach in and see who facebook was favoring in 2012 and 2016. ed: they basically saw a way.
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lou: you are jealous because eric schmidt was in the white house more than you were. ed: i think they saw how far behind they were in the data wars and tried to duplicate correctly or incorrectly. but it needs to be looked at. the fcc needs to look at it and find out why people who thought they had secure information did not. lou: the trump presidential campaign manager for 2020 said the cambridge analytica data was a joke. that tells me it's terrible. ed: he's a smart guy. lou: cambridge analytica just suspended its ceo, alexander nik
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so they can complete an investigation about how they got that data. mark zuckerberg made it known he wants to be president, which is an absolute joke is somewhere sucking his thumb in a dark corner along with sand berg. it's a pathetic lesson in leadership. >> we need to find out what these guys did in the american election. lou: there are only two organizations that have proven to have colluded with the russians, and that's facebook and twitter. that will be emphasized in the weeks ahead. the president is facing an omnibus bill, a deadline. he has paul ryan. why does he put up with ryan? ed: he can't fire him because congress elects him. but he's down to 24% approval
10:24 pm
rating. he's not much better than pelosi. the bottom line is we have to get a budget and we have until friday to get a budget. >> we can run a deficit. ed: the idea you can take weeks off and not get a budget shows a total lack of leadership and the president ought to hammer the hell out of them. >> it's a republican-led house or republican-led senate not helping this republican president at all. not fair. >> especially when they are praising mueller before they even know what the report is. lou: ed, thank you for being here to guide us through.
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be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe paul ryan should join other republicans calling for a special counsel? or step aside in favor after speaker willing to defend the republican party and our president. cast your vote on twitter. follow me @loudobbstonight. the dow up 116 points. nasdaq up 20. facebook shares taking another hit, down 2 .5% over the fcc investigation into facebook. israel threatened legal action for not purging terrorism content on twitter. what is that about? listen to my report three times a day on the salem digital
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lou: the supreme court ruling that the state of arizona must give you be documented immigrants driver's licenses, the supreme court ruled without comment to leave in place the lower court decision that bars arizona from denying daca recipients, illegal immigrants, the driver's licenses. the trump administration urging the supreme court not to hear the appellate all saying the questions in the case have been
10:31 pm
overtaken by events. are you kidding me? joining me, harvard law professor, alan dershowitz. the supreme court ruling without comment or analysis or explanation against the state of arizona in support of daca recipients whose only claim to be in this country is an illegal executive order by president barack obama. what in the world is going none our court system. >> the supreme court denies review 98% of cases and reviews only 2% of cases. a denial of review by the supreme court is not a decision on the merits. it may be they are waiting for a better case. but there is still room for more litigation. stay tuned. this is just one step in a
10:32 pm
longer process. lou: i'm staying tuned, but i don't think the court system is in tune with the times in which we live. i think the supreme court is being awfully haughty to have no comment and simply dispatch an issue to the american people which is frankly too important to be just simply dismissed when illegal immigration, border security and states rights are critical importance to this republic. >> then blame it on the trump administration because they didn't seek review. lou: i think it's ignorance beyond belief. >> the court grants review much more often when the united states government seeks it.
10:33 pm
they take only about 2% of the cases. lou: it's like rat poison. it's the 2% that kills you. let's go to the mueller probe that cries for a second special counsel. do you think they are appropriate? >> i don't like special counsel at all. i think it violates the fundamental precepts of justice. they are told to try to find crimes whether crimes exist or not. it's better to leave it generally to law enforcement, leave it generally to professional prosecutors. i was opposed to the appoint of mueller as special counsel. i think president trump was right when he said there never should have been a special counsel apound because there was no probable cause for believing there was any crime, collusion or obstruction of justice. i wish we would do away with special counsel and divide the
10:34 pm
justice department into two branches. one of which advises the president, this the cabinet and the other is independent law enforcement. lou: i don't want to do anything like britain does it, frankly, allen. i like our system. i tire of public servants who sit in the justice department talking about how independent they are. i want the president of the united states to be in charge of it. i don't want it to be politicized. but barack obama politicized the justice department for 8 straight years. you can watch the gun running situation all the way through. he used the justice department for truth and inquiry to go to die. now we are looking for integrity. we have to do something because it's on its face a department that is so filled with political corruption, is it not?
10:35 pm
>> i think the public has lost faith in the justice department and the fbi, increasingly in the cia. more people are saying who will guard the guardians. we are seeing test-a-lying at the top. comey and mccabe gave inconsistent statements. the director said i never authorized anybody to leak and the deputy director said i was authorized to leak. what i want to see is the report of the investigative agency, the report of the office of professional responsibility. let the deputy director of the fbi waive privacy and demand publication of these reports then we can decide for ourselves. lou: the president could order the release of those records and documents. and do you not think he should?
10:36 pm
>> he should. the public has the right to see anything that is not classified on national security ground. and i don't think these reports and i don't think these reports fit let's begin.
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we knew he used his executive powers to lower the values of certain companies and two close family friends swooping in and buying the companies at a discount. among the been fisheries, billionaire activist tom steier and george soros. peter schweizer joins us tonight. congratulations on the book. the new book is called "secret empowers:how the american political cast hides corruption and enriches family and friends." it's an exciting book. it's exciting to see the revelations that fall out of the book page by page.
10:41 pm
secret empires, smash and grab. the people benefiting from it under the obama passivity some 8 years in duration. an amazing story. >> it's the new wave of corruption in washington, d.c. we remember congressman jefferson who had $90,000 stashed in his freezer. that's old school. that's chump change. we are talking in some cases billion dollar deals involving politicians or family members like joe biden's son. smash and grab a perfect example. barack obama's best friend, marty nesbitt sets up a private equity fund and he invests in what he calls highly regulated industries.
10:42 pm
so to give you one brief example. the university of the phoenix, the for-profit school. barack obama's administration says we think this skies bad. we'll suspend gi money from soldiers going school there. guess who steps in to buy it. barack obama's friend, they bite for pennies on the dollar. then the obama administration says we think we'll let guilt money flow back to the university of phoenix. lou: to see that pattern emerge here, many people were averting their eyes in the national left-wing media. but the idea that bind and kerry's sons and stepsons could come together to make money off
10:43 pm
the dads' business. you you have vice president biden and john kerry negotiating with china on trade issues and national security and north korea. at this time the sons or in one case john kerry's close aide are involved in businesses that involve multi-billion dollar deals with the chinese government. one very extreme example, the 013, joe biden flies over on air force two to china. who is on the plane with him? his son. he negotiates with the chinese. 10 days later his son hunter scores a $1.5 billion private equity deal from the chinese government.
10:44 pm
these are american princelings. and there are multiple examples in the book. lou: china is building all those artificial islands. it's not until president trump takes office that they are doing overflights to try to further stop construction of those islands. that's what they are doing. >> specifically to that point, lou, there is a major legal state transaction involving rosemont realty. john kerry's stepson, hunter biden and a close aide evan archer. he does a deal with a chinese government company controlled by the fifth arm of the chinese navy. you have a military-related company buying into a company owned by the decision makers in
10:45 pm
washington, d.c. it's outrageous. lou: we are watching the chinese trying to buy up what they can in the silicon valley. the level of description horrific. it's outlined in the new book, sweet secret empires. peter schweizer, we highly recommend the book. thank you for doing everything you do. i don't know where we would be without your investigation and your terrific writing. >> thanks for your support over the years. i appreciate it have much. lou: rino leaders siding with dems. we'll have the report on the funding battle from capitol hill next. to most people, i look like... ...most people. but on the inside, i feel chronic, widespread pain. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real.
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lou: we are facing a rising threat of a government shutdown friday. lawmakers are struggling to reach a funding deal. they managed to create the crisis. mike emanuel is on capitol hill and he brings us right up to date in this report. reporter: congress is facing a
10:50 pm
friday night deadline on its $1.3 trillion spending package. >> it's going to extend our week into the weekend perhaps. but this shows why this is a terrible way to have to do business when the final decisions are left up to four people. reporter: that's mcconnell, ryan, schumer and pelosi. the text of the legislation was suppose to be released last night to set the stage for a house vote wednesday. >> we got close but we weren't going to let midnight stop us from finishing our job of finishing it out. it does not include. top democrats said both sides are far apart on daca and border
10:51 pm
security. >> we'll keep fighting and trying. the courts have given some of what a reprieve. but there will be lots of opportunities to help the daca kids. reporter: the senate majority leader doesn't appear to be worried. >> my focus is finishing this omnibus appropriation and we'll do it this week. reporter: there is also pressure on the republican side to get out of town before a major gun protest comes to town. perhaps a little motivation. lou: mike emanuel reporting from capitol hill. a school resource officer in southern maryland is being hailed as a hero. he stopped the school shooting. he shot and killed the gunman about a minute after he offed fire. his two victims are
10:52 pm
hospitalized. one of them is in critical condition. president trump revealing plans for a meeting with the newly elected vladimir putin. stay tuned. we are coming right back. you ok there, kurt? we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance? been doing it for years. i'm calling geico right now. good idea! get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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10:56 pm
prince in washington today at the white house, how important is this? it seems like it's been quite some time before relations have been at least this stable if not this warm. >> absolutely, lou. it's very important. it's testimony to what has happened. president trump has renewed this relationship to where it has always been historically. the last 8 years president trump trampled over this rip -- with this relationship to negotiate a deal with iran at the expense of the security our allies. this visionary leader, he has a strategy to transform the kingdom of saudi arabia if he's successful with it. and i think the geopolitical connection we have with them is crucial because we want to counter the iranians.
10:57 pm
and we want to do more business with saudi arabia. lou: it's amazing to me that king salman is a disruptor in his own country. you sense there is a kinship, a certain relationship here that can prosper over the course of years? >> i do. first of all, at the personal level, they are reformers fundamentally. what he's doing is stunning. he wants to remove the kingdom -- saudi arabia's dependency on oil. 70% of the people in saudi arabia are 30 or under. he wants to put them to work in a society where he has never worked. he's change the social and religious mores of the country,
10:58 pm
and he's taking on wahhabism which is the far right sect of islam and it's the gateway islamists pass through to get to radicalism. lou: as we look at iran, they have to be the counterweight, at least in the short term to iran. are they capable of being such? >> i think the president probably got a little bit of an earful today from the crown prince. they are very concerned about the iranians. they see that as their strategic enemy. they made a client state out of iran, they are making a client state out of syria. they toppled the regime of the hohouthis.
10:59 pm
lou: the short mission in yemen -- >> the iranians toppled that regime. the saudis said i'm not going to stand for it. our intelligence systems aren't as good as theirs. they said, united states, will you please help us with targeting and give us intelligence with what's happening. now we wanted to pull the plug on that? lou: for years and years we had special operations bases in yemen. >> we got ran out of there. iranian houthis ran us out of there. lou: general jack keane. thank you very much. tomorrow night congressman matt
11:00 pm
gaetz joins us. good night from new york. sociae bernie sanders. charles: thanks for watching. here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening. these are our top stories. texas rocked by a fifth is motion in under three weeks. a package bomb exploded at a fedex distribution center near san antonio. no one was injured but investigators are no closer to finding suspect. house majority leader kea kevin mccarthy and steve scalise join the calls for a second special counsel to investigate fbi corruption and department of justice corruption.


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