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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 21, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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gaetz joins us. good night from new york. tom rsh i'm tom shillue in more kennedy. will the president fire special counsel mueller? new calls for a second special counsel, this time to investigate the people running the current special counsel. the white house swinging back against sanctuary cities as one state bands them completely. all that and more tonight on kennedy. president trump and special counsel robert mueller, two trains on a collision course over russia. will the commander-in-chief try
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to fire the man investigating him? lawmakers are imploring the president not to do so. south carolina senator lindsey graham even saying it could be an impeachable offense. the white house says the only reason he's going on the offensive is he's defending himself against a quote absurd investigation. >> i don't think any individual including members of congress would like it if they had been accused of take their seat in congress by doing something nefarious if it went into their time in office. tom: the white house claims there are massive conflicts much interest. and the president's weekend tweet storms show he's change tactics. should he go with his gut and make his own decision how to
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deal with the special counsel? let me ask dan henin ever. -- henne henninger. what's the matter with a little venting. >> nothing wrong with it if you are trying to keep your base riled up in support of you. but donald trump needs to take a look at what happened to richard nixon during watergate. richard nixon didn't resign because he lost the support of the american people. by and large through the watergate nightmare he had their support. but he learned he lost the support of his own political party, the republicans in washington. with what donald trump is doing is eroding his political support in washington. the president can get to the
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point where he find out he's basically alone down there. people don't like washington and they think it's the swamp, by the holds up the president under circumstances like this. tom: he's floating on the swamp? nixon didn't have twitter. what if he could have tweeted. he could have gone the out of it. >> with lindsey graham the twitter thing is so heavy it makes them nervous. twitter exacerbates that. i don't think it can lean that heavily on someone like robert mueller. i don't think that's donald trump. i sympathize with what sarah sanders is saying, there is probably no collusion.
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but he's starting to sounds like leer on the heap. tom: if i'm -- if someone is accusing me of a crime, i'm going to be loudly saying, i didn't do it. this is all a sham. to me it makes him look innocent. he keeps saying i am innocent. >> there is nothing wrong with defending yourself. with social media maybe he ought to be defending himself. that's different than suggesting or having his lawyers suggest that wil robert mueller should e fired. then you will controls the line to saturday night massacres and mass rest is nations then the weather gets too heavy for even a president with this much internal fortitude to survive. tom: if the mueller investigation comes out and there is no collusion but he catches him on financial stuff
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and he's got flynn over here and manafort here, and he gets him on technicalities, would the american people say this was suppose to be about collusion? you can't get him on technicalities. >> if robert mueller were to do that to nail trump object something small, we'll have a real political crisis on our hands. in that respect mueller is the one -- perhaps he is thinking about what the consequences are of the current course we are on. look what happened to washington after the mccabe firing? the place went crazy it was so volatile, the press, the reporters, the senators. that's where we would be if mueller indicted trump for a minimal offense of some sort that they had just basically found out there somewhere. it would disrupt the system. it would and little bit more than we could bear at this point. tom: dan henninger, thanks so
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much. calls for a second special counsel. this one to investigate how law enforcement handled the russia probe. raik and file republicans in the house and -- rank and file republicans have been beating the drum for a week. today steve scalise told "the hill," i agree with others who are calling for a second special counsel. that echoes what kevin mccarthy said over the weekend. >> we know mccabe has lied. the inspector general found it. now he's saying comey may have lied as well. that's why we need a spec special counsel. we need -- a second special counsel. we need to look at this from the
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inside. tom: do we need two special counsels running rampant in washington. let's go to my sweet and sour party panel. jess tatar love, campus reform editor-in-chief editor lawrence jones and "the hill" editor joe concha. joe: help me out here. give it to me. joe: alan dershowitz calls what mueller is doing legal colonoscopy. you nailed it in our interview. this feels like anything but collusion with russia as far as this investigation is concerned.
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and there was a poll that came out, mayo marist. 75% of americans think this is political and trying to take down a president for thing they can't prove, and that's collusion. it feels like ken starr and 1998 and we know how president clinton emerged from that. 65% approval rating. >> everyone on the right can agree, the left should agree, there is something going on with the fbi. not within the rank and file. but when you have people text messaging back and forth about a political candidate. we have people leaking to the press. the fact we have andrew mccabe saying he got approval from
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james comey to leak the press, that's concerning. tom: does it mean we need a second special counsel? >> i don't even like special kownls. who is going to investigate them. you can't trust the attorney general. jeff sessions sits on his tail all day it's his job to manage the fbi, but i don't think he many competent enough to do it. tom: when bill clinton -- remember move on? what if they catch him on a technicality? i think if they get him on other stuff besides collusion, there will be more stormy as we move through the show. if they get him on technicalities, i think middle america is going to say no way.
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jessica: if you are considering financial crimes a technicality, bob mueller's purview is quite expensive. he was given full purview to do what he wanted to do. he can follow the money. he's investigating the trump organization and what eric schneiderman was doing before he was fired. >> the investigation would be over if he wasn't given the expanded -- jessica: they are not leakers. there are a lot of leakers. jessica: he wanted it to end. that was one of his famous tweet storms. it's not. he hasn't looked into financials. >> charges on manafort were leaked out before it even happened. tom: who isn't leaking?
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everyone in this investigation has been leaking. >> i actually like bob mueller. but it doesn't change the fact that he had a task to investigate collusion. it was intelligence. what did russia do to try to influence their election? tar require was collusion between trump -- >> the kids love it. more facebook data fallout. cambridge analytica, the firm accused of improperly using facebook user data has suspended their ceo alexander nik. lawmakers from the united states and the u.k. are calling on the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to testify as users demand answers
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how the data was weaponnized for political purposes. we have a political campaign. when this happened with obama in 2012, he was a superstar. >> the obama reelection team was building a vast digital data operation that combines data of millions of america with the help of facebook it was celebrated. when trump does it, it's sleazy. jessica: i don't think obama's team was using prostitutes. that's what was going on in cambridge analytica. tom:er time project veritas,
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they say they took it out of context. did see the video. when he said this about honey pots. he said this is all fake, this consideration we are having. tom: you have got to watch the videos. but the -- your guys did brag about all of the information they were able to get. and facebook let them have it, jessica. they said have at our user base back in 2012. jessica: those guys, obama 2012 have been out there on social media clarifying what was different between their campaign and what happened with the trump campaign. >> there is no difference. jessica: the amount of sentiment reading and the way they were
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geotargeting. >> targeting is targeting. >> was there anything wrong with what cambridge analytica did? they were hired to mine data and they mined data. >> it's not like a government agency was doing this. i'm a libertarian. do what you want to do with data. >> mark zuckerberg was rumored to be a 2020 candidate. tom: he's running for correspong for cover now? >> he hasn't spoken in three days. >> whatever was going out on social media, it's up to the american people to vet the information. tom: do you think people make their choice by facebook ads? >> i see stuff on facebook all the time that is literally just
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false. jessica: i don't even have a personal facebook account. you have a news feed. it's in the title. it's the responsibility of social media companies -- big government is my thing. tom: the panel returns a little later. but first stormy daniels once took a lie detector test about her alleged relationship with president trump. dennis miller joins me with his take next. maria's always on the go,
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[♪] tom: we now have the results of a lie detector test that stormy daniels took in 2012. according to the test's examiner, she was truth the -- e was truthful when she claimed she had a sexual relationship with the president. she took the test for an interview with "in style"
12:20 am
magazine. all of this comes after reports that at former "playboy" model filed a lawsuit to get out of a non-disclose our agreement. there are so many lawsuits we'll get sick of lawsuits. joining me now is a man who is not breaking a non-disclose our agreement, comedian dennis miller. welcome. do you call you miller? bill used to call you mirl and you would call him billy. you can call me tommy. >> the best thing i did was call him billy. people love you see you joust with power. tom: lie detector tests are kinds much a thing of the past. is this going to break through
12:21 am
this story? >> i read up on the case a little bit because i knew you were going to ask about it. i would venture one guess that stormy daniels attorney is work shall we say pro bono. ever since bill clinton and monica lewinsky, i don't understand what jessica tarlov was saying. are they going to throw trump out of office for having an affair with a porn star? it all changed for me after bill clinton. i got it. you are allowed to do that stuff when you are president and they let you go. i think it will be the same with trump. the criteria changed. the whole precedent changed with bill clinton. i didn't get it then. but i'm fine with it, i understand how it works. tom: on my radio show callers call up, they say look, this has been done before, we understand
12:22 am
the man is not a saint, we voted for him anyway. he has a pretty good sense of the american public. why doesn't he and his lawyers say hey, if there are things to admit to admit and say it's in the past instead of fighting it. >> i think he has a kid and a wife, he seems in his own way loves her dearly. i guess he's screwed up. i guess you can go so far and say what do i really know. but saying it like that and not thinking about the wife other youngest kid's feeling is too much to ask of somebody. i think most of people have it in their mind whether they think he did this. i don't think it was the end of the world for the people who are fans of his, and i don't think they will be able to pry him out of office on this. i think i heard you say during your panel discussion, i don't
12:23 am
think you want to touch those waters. i don't think people would react well to that. trump should steer into the skid, fire mueller and replace him with stormy daniels and watch the entire universe explode. tom: we are talking about this issue. i'm doing it on this show. but i don't know if you saw michael moore at the summit he did the other day with some of his friends. >> i missed that. i opted to kayak across the pacific with a raccoon in the vessel rather than watch it. tom are was there with -- tom: he was there with elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. michael moore said i'm sick of look at russia coverage and stormy daniels. he wants to cover equality.
12:24 am
the media is doing them disservice talking about russia and the mueller investigation and stormy daniels. i find i'm agreeing with michael moore. >> i think you can pick and choose. if you want to follow this all day, you have lost your mind. but so be it. but if you don't want to, you don't have to. i don't think the american people are sick of anything or too interested in anything. i think the 24/7 cycle, they hear a voice, they lining, they hear another voice they don't like and they look away it's just there in the background. it's like a grandfather clock. tom: cynthia nixon is going to be running in new york. president trump has opened up the idea for celebrities to run
12:25 am
for office. miller, you are still young and healthy, would you ever run for office? >> can you imagine other than the fact i always had a fantasy and a tepid fantasy of debating barbara boxer, by the way, barbara, now that you moved on, the seat may be empty, it was never as empty as when you were sitting in it. can you imagine a worse job that sitting on the hill. these are the people the teacher forgot to assign homework 30 seconds before the end of class in grade school. they would have raised their hand to remind the teacher. can you imagine hang out with those drips. 's dorothy parker said, what fresh hell could that be? tom: dennis miller, thanks for
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tom: i'm tom shillue in for
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kennedy. breaking news out of austin. the police reportedly responding to another explosion in the texas capital. this will be the sixth explosion in the state's capital. president trump meeting with the saudi prince birks n-salman. one of the topics on the agenda the iran nuclear deal. the saudis and the iranians pretty much hate each other as they jockey for position as the dominant nation in the middle east. connell mcshane is live on capitol hill with the details. >> the crown prince has been outspoken about iran leading up to this meeting. he says if iran acquires a
12:31 am
nuclear weapon the suedes would have to respond in kind. so today the question was, what would he say if anything about the iran deal it was the president who spoke first. president trump: the iran deal is coming up, it's probably another month or so, and you will see what i do. but iran has not been treating that part of the world for the world itself appropriately. a lot of bad things are happening in iran. the deal is coming up in one month and you will see what happens. >> should the president pull out of the iran deal? >> we'll talk about that today. reporter: presumably the two had opportunities to talk but there is no word about the future of the nuclear deal. that's an important trip for the saudi prince. he'll have a meeting with jared kushner and other administration
12:32 am
officials to taws middle east peace. it's at a time when the relationship with the united states is complicated. the saudi role in yemen is being cute sized on capitol hill. the president is balancing issues like that with his praise for the saudi kingdom's decision to buy billions of dollars in military equipment. tom: joining me to break down talk to get out of the iran deal, former economic advisor to president trump and economic advisor robert wolf. he's meeting with mbs. it's easier. so this is good, working with the saudis. >> before we talk about pulling out of the deal, the president should have a great work relationship with the saudis.
12:33 am
>> we must make sure we also deal with qatar which has a tough thing going on. so it's important to get along with all the arab states around the persian gulf. there is also the yemen situation where there is a lot of noise in the system about their role with respect to humanitarian relief and the need to find a way for peace there. there is a lot of things going on peripherally. but any time we are talking with our allies, it's a good thing. >> it's a bad deal. he doesn't like bad deals. what's wrong with pulling out. >> i'm on the side of defense secretary-general mattis. when you have a situation where you have got china, russia, the u.k., germany, france, all in agreement on the deal, it may not be the best deal for all, by
12:34 am
the many the best you are going to get. that doesn't mean we shouldn't make changes over time to it. but having an agreement where we are linked together trying to halt nuclear proliferation in iran is a positive. tom: you think there is room for making changes in the iran deal. this is what president trump does. he has a strong negotiating stance. he says we want to pull out. he's threatening that, then maybe he's going to get some tweaks. >> if we pull out, it's not as if things will change with iran. then they can do bilateral trades with russia and germany. the whole nuclear situation with respect to the u.s. secondly, i think it's actually during this time when we are talking about north korea discussions to go pull out of the deal, how is that going to make north korea feel when whatever president is in can pull out of any deal he or she
12:35 am
wants. i think we have to trade slowly. tom: that's a good point. that's the best point you made so far. if anything, if we are about to make deals with north korea an unprecedented deal, we want to show them our word is our bond. >> absolutely. when you are in agreement with russia, china and our allies in the european region it's hard to say that maybe we could have gone to a better deal bilaterally. but collectively it was about as good as we were going to get. tom: hillary clinton loves supporting women as long as they agree with everything she says. a dutch tv station asked about a potential ivanka trump presidency. >> apparently ivanka trump wants to be the first female president of the united states. >> that's not going to happen.
12:36 am
we don't want any more inexperienced trumps in the white house. >> normally i would like to believe what you are saying. but i learned after the elections sometimes what we don't expect to happen does happen. >> that's true. fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. i think the american people have seen for themselves what happens which a reality tv candidate wins. tom: how many elections does hillary clinton have to lose before she stops making these calls. the party panel is back. joe, she is on quite a tour lately. she was just on dutch tv. she was on the indian panel the other day. she seems to keep wanting -- she wants to keep relit getting wehat this election.
12:37 am
joe: this isn't lately. this has been going on for 8 months. tom: i thought she was going to take was in the woods. joe: no walks in the woods. i'm not going to say her name anymore. i'm going to call her the 2016 democratic candidate. i am sure jessica is tired of talking about it. she talks every day about how she lost the election. it's like watching tony soprano in a therapy session talking about his myriad issues. i don't want to hear it anymore. she can't process that she lost. >> she is such an arrogant loser. you lost against the guy. it's your party. tom: jessica, let's go to
12:38 am
ivanka. i want to ask you the question, that that wonderful interviewer asked clinton. ivanka, do you think she has designs on the presidency. >> i don't think so at all. i think jared kushner does. >> why wouldn't you vote for ivanka when she has liberal views on stuff. jessica: she thinks family leave is a good idea and she used to cleave in climate change and gun control. i don't think there should be any more trumps in the white house and i didn't lose any election. tom: most of trump voters don't want ivanka trump. they are not big fans of ivanka trump. >> i don't know. i know people thought people wouldn't be fans of donald trump. but he found a way to connect with the american people. he learned their language.
12:39 am
he resonated with their pain and they elected him. i can't say who the american people will elect and who they won't elect. tom: thanks, joe, lawrence and jessica. coming up, president trump vowing to crack down on sanctuary cities. now a city in california has voted to defy the rest of the liberal state and follow the president's lead. tim carney joins me to explain.
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tom: another explosion flortd austin, this time at a goodwill. this is a live look at the scene. we don't have reports of
12:44 am
injuries. but there have been two deaths in other bombings in the city. there was an explosion at a fedex building in san antonio. we'll bring you updates as they come in. the president's hatred of sanctuary cities is as fiery as ever. today at the round table with state representatives he said this. president trump: sanctuary cities in places like california put innocent americans at the mercy of hardens criminals and hardened murderers. sanctuary cities are dangerous and we are going to take care of the problem. tom: the california city of los alamitos voted against a sanctuary city. the entire state of texas is enforcing a ban against sanctuary cities. is the president's ban gaining
12:45 am
traction? joining me, tim carney. welcome to the show. so do you think this is good? you have some cities opting out. you have states going this way. is this good for democracy? >> i think the more the merrier as far as the viewpoints go. what we need -- the main thing we need government to do in this country is to check the power of other government entities. sanctuary cities is not something i would support in my hometown, but to allow a city to set its own enforcement policies is a good thing. to have states getting involved in the fight. and to have los alamitos stand up and say sacramento, you don't get to tell was to do. i would like to see an
12:46 am
obamacare. idaho recently approved lots of healthcare plans that don't meet the mandates of obamacare. i think we have to have where possible states passing policies that check the power of the federal government to impose on the people. tom: that does make sense. i like checks and balances and i like states having power. isn't this more like the civil war? if the federal government can't get in there to enforce immigration, and the states are preventing them from enforcing the law, that's a different story. >> i would rather it be handled on a local level. but if a state says one of the things we are not going to do is cooperate with federal immigration officials on simple matters of immigration, i think it's within the rights of the
12:47 am
people of california to do that. what i would add, though, california isn't saying oh, well, if there is a criminal illegal alien we are going protect them. if somebody is getting prosecuted for some other crime within then you are going to have immigration coming in. but if the police come across some person, a victim of domestic violence and find out she is illegal, the idea of the sanctuary city or state toys say our law enforcement, we don't want some cop going ahead and calling immigration officers on those people. we want to set a policy that you are going to for the simple crime being illegal, you are not going to get in trouble. if you break other laws, then your illegal status could compound that. tom: tim carney, washington examiner. thanks for being with us. i would hope if states feel so
12:48 am
burdened. maybe they don't have to put the cuffs on them. but maybe we could could -- couk them to pick up the phone and call the feds. we are going to go to a break. we'll be right back. pssst. what? i switched to geico and got more. more savings on car insurance? a-ha. and an award-winning mobile app. that is more. oh, there's more. mobile id cards, emergency roadside service... more technology. i can even add a new driver... ...right from her phone! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. claritin and relief from of non-drowsy
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tom: on this day in 2016 barack obama baipt first president to visit cuba since 1928. castro did not greet him at the airport because they had a hard time starting the presidential limo, a buick skylark. we begin in california where amazon ceo jeff bezos just unveiled his brand-new dog. it has no fur so you don't have to worry about allergies. the bad news is it's probably going to kill you at some time. this is the boston dynamics robot dog. not only does it have four lition like a regular dog, it also has arms and can order you to fetch its slippers. there is really nothing to worry
12:53 am
about because the on reason it has an arm is so it can let itself out of the joaiv -- out d bin when it flies united. topic two. ringo starr was knighted today for his contribution to music. prince william stood in for queen elizabeth. ringo joins paul mccartney as the only two members of the beatles to be knighted. george harrison sadly passed away before he could be knighted. and john lennon sadly put out an album with yoko ono. topic three.
12:54 am
britney's lawyers made a proposal earlier this month. but sources close to federline says he flatly rejected the order. and by sources close to federline they mean kid he plays video games online. he gets $20,000 a month from britney. if this doesn't work out he may have to get a job. topic four. as new yorkers were suppose to be on the lookout for anything strange or unusual, i want to point out the knicks won a game last night. and there is a massive shortage of frito-lay products. it started when they cut the pay of its drivers, causing dozen of
12:55 am
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