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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 25, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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t, piggies! get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> lou: good evening, everybody. break news tonight. president trump has announced that general hr mcmaster is out as national security advisor and will be replaced by former united advisor john bolton. the announcement comes after weeks of tension between trump and mcmaster. president trump said mcmaster will stay on until april to ensure a smooth transition. and the rinno congressional leadership told the american people to go to hell and the americas didn't like it one bit. the house was representative passed a 1.3 spending bill
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better knowns the schumer- pelosi, schumer- ryan with no regard to deficit. the dow sold off 700 point and 3- quarters of market cap. and the pathetic reporting of the left wing national media blaming everything from the resignation of president trump's attorney to the tariffs that president is imposing on china and other exporters. and the president ordered tariffs on 50 billion of chinese imports in part for the massive overcapacity and steel and a lumsdmum theft of stealing military secret and a major
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shake-up in the legal team as well. john dowd resigning for the lead attorney. there may have been disagreements between dowd and his cleent, the president. dowd was opposed to a trump- mueller interview and dowd said he would like to sit down with mueller. we'll take that and much more. we'll have guest commerce security wilbur ra ush. and cian analyst on the national shake-up his former boss is john bolton and edrollins on the rinno's decision to sellout the american people. and byron york on the mueller witch hunt and the president's improving legal team. and the top story tonight new
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trump shake-up and national security advisor general mcmaster is leaving the white house. the president announced i am mrused to announce effective april ninety-ninth. john bolton will be the new master security advisor and thankful for the service for general mcmaster who has done a outstanding job and will always remain my friend. >> and bolton was ambassador to at this time united nation. and fred is here with us tonight. and this as a friend of mine put it a great day for america and as well for the president? >> it is a great day. john bolton is a friend and i supported him as an intelligence officer on two occasion and chief of staff when he was under secretary of state of arms control and he has a brilliant
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strategic mind and he is not a yes man. he will give frank advice. that will not leak to the press. he understands the government bureaucracy and why the left hates him so much. but most important, he was a nice guy and a pleasure to work for and people who work for him are intensely loyal and will all celebrating tonight. >> lou: anyone who knows john bolton is celebrating because of his intellect and capacity and talent and i said here last night. one of the things that is incumbent on any national security advisor is take responsibility for the team and loyalty and integrity and discretion and i think anyone in the national security team has been leaking like a si eve from the white house.
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will bolton be able to control it? >> yes, i think so. he understands government bureaucracy and understands how to get the job done. and i don't want to speak for how he will manage the national security council but based on the way he conducted himself as under secretary of state of arms control and un personnel. he knows how to use personnel and we need someone like that right now. >> lou: we definitely do, the president is, everyone is trying to put it on the president. the people who are leaking, the people who are disloyal and ax grejously disloyal leaking national security secrets. and this has to stop. and i think john brennan is an example of the person who think about it. john brenon former cia director
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is leaking every day still. this is a man, i just can't imagine a more contempible human being in government service unless it is comey or clapper. they have created a politicalicized intelligence organization that is continuing to operate post their service to their country. >> it is not just the leaks but vicious attacks by john brennan against president trump have been constant. and every time he opens his mouth he confirms the worst a sumz by cia critics and out to undermine the president. most intelligence officers are heroes who risked their lives to protect our security. but john brennan is debasing and
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i want him to shut up and go away. >> lou: it is people who was responsible for much what of the obama years and they served a president who was not focused on national interest. but on iran and borussia. it is eight years of collusion of president obama and his intelligence apparatus led by comey and brennan and clapper. it is awful. >> intelligence officers were frustrated in the obama year and they had no where to go to take complaints of the depolitization of intelligence. and threats of isis were watered down with the intelligence community. >> lou: it was a mess. >> and there were other instances of the depoliticalization of the cia.
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>> lou: when was there not politicalization of the obama years it overwhelmed the entire federal gflt. >> behind the scenes, many cian officers pushed through the best way they could. but brennan would water and not show it to senior officials. >> lou: you are thrill would ambassador john bolton will be the new national security advisor and we all join in wishing him the best in the new assignment. we thank you for being with us. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: up next rinno selling out the american people with out of control sfending bill. >> it is not close to what we told the american people. i.t. is the worst bill every allowed to come to the floor. >> lou: edrollins joins me and
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>> lou: facebook under sdpier ceo mark zuckerberg speaking out, silent for five days about
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the facebook user data braechlt the ceo admitted that the company is guilty of the breach of trust. he didn't realm apologize and say anything of any material value to the kwuft mers or users. fox news national correspondent william has the reporter. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg finally speaking out admitting mistake and vowing to correct them. we have a responsibility to protect your data and if we don't we don't expect to serve you. i deeply regret we didn't do. facebook has been pummelled in the market and hammered in the face. facebook needs to come talk to congress. >> reporter: how to balance the privacy with a business model that exploits personal data.
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>> people will stop use it and it will devolve. >> reporter: a british app developer had access to the user. >> 270000 people took a survey and 50 million were activated. >> reporter: facebook did not know they said it was for sale and survey answers were sold to cam bridge analytica funded by steve bannon and alexander knicks who ran the company until he was suspended after an under cover tv report showed him bragging about hookers. >> we need to audit whether the personal information was acquired by cam bridge
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analytica. >> and trump campaign paid cam bridge 20 billion. but officials say they used rnc data and not facebook data to target voters. both companies are under scutny. >> it is it in the minutia of a 16 page document. zuckerberg said in the future, facebook would restrict access to the user's name, photo and e-mail and remove it if you haven't used the app. it is unlikely to cause zuckerberg from testifying. >> lou: commissioner secretary goodlawn finally decided to subpeona the justice department and seeking documents regarding charges sdwigzs in the investigationful hillary clinton's private e-mail. it is abuse fisa.
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and firing of andrew mccake. joining us tonight. great america pac chairman ed rollins and the countries smartest every time. thank you. >> lou: john bolton. >> he is a great american and no better professional anywhere and the key thing that most people understand that the national security advisor is not only the smartest guy in the room. but he brings state and defense and cian and make sure it is balanced and the president gets the best information possible and john will do that and he worked for a lot of capable people, presidents and to the certain extent this president will be well served by him. >> lou: another thing about
11:17 pm
john, we are obviously friends and pulling for him all the way. john never bores you. he is a man who means to make words dance and he means what he says. and what a delight whether on television, or whether in government. >> he is it a great analyst and he understands the foreign complex arena which is complicated and my sense he will get what the president wants. mcma. er bored the president and talked about too many things. john will find out what the president wants and he the get the information so the president can make the decision. i think it will be a major, major appointment and very critical. >> lou: and the well served with his choice. turn to the spending bill. 1.3 trillion. it turned fiscal policy in the
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country upside down. it is stunning the irresponsibility of the republican and they huddled with pelosi and schumer. you would think it is obama. >> when nancy pelosi said it is a tremendous victory and turned away trump's push for border wall and enforcement money that ought to be. >> lou: that is ryan slapping the president right in the face and the money put forward in the spending bill is not for a wall. >> you want to build a house and they gave you money to put carpet in the garage. other than the fence, it was critical to him and it is a terrible. >> lou: and that was overriding importance to president trump without question.
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but the damn shame it was not to pelosi, schumer or the democratic party. >> i am appalled by the process. a page bill and get it done last night. there is not a single member who read the bill and staff who put different pieces in this thing and we are halfway through the year and best we can do. and the process can not work. this is the last piece of legislation they will pass and it is it appalling. loupe lou turning to the private sector. technology is about to go through a tsunami of regulation that they never thought possible. mark zuckerberg saying he would be okay with regulation of facebook, he provened himself to be a absolute beref of
11:20 pm
leadership policy and principle. he's exposed his company through ham handed management and that of his top officials in breaching the public trust. he handed the company in the jaw of regulation. >> they don't know what is coming. once the government gets in the regulatoriness. it is it their fault. there is an arrogance out of the tech industry and silicon valley. >> lou: not only do they think they are smarter, but they would carry out a social utility. and have at the same time they decide what they could say and arbiter of what was decent civilized and appropriate language and views and values. to hell with these people. >> the thoughts and documents that people have and selling it
11:21 pm
and allowing it to get used in a political way. they should be dragged and in collusion with russia. >> lou: as i pointed out. only two people who were colluding with russia. facebook and twitter and that's the fact right now. ed rollins, great to see you. >> thank you. >> lou: coming up next, andrew mccabe and james comey out lying and leaking. the case with perjury alan dorsowitz, s feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear.
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loupe lou the supreme court ruling that the state of arizona must give daca recipients driver's license. arizona argue that illegal immigrant can use them to
11:26 pm
improperly access public benefits but the supreme court ruled without comment. think about this. without comment to leave in place the lower court decision that bars arizona from denying daca resiptients. where was the trump administration? the trump administration urging the supreme court not to hear the appeal at all. and saying that the questions have been overtaken by events. are you kidding me? joining us tonight reknown harvard law professor alan. it is always good to see you. thank you for being with us. i want to start with the supreme court ruling without comment or analysis or explanation against the state of the arizona, in support of daca recipients whose only claim is an illegal executive order by president
11:27 pm
obama. what in the world is going on in the court system? >> don't make too much of it. the supreme court denies 98 percent and grants only two percent and denied of renew is not a decision on the merits. it may be the court way waiting for a clearer case and that remains the law in the circuit court where it was decided but room for more litigation. and so stay tuned it is just one step in a longer process. >> lou: i am staying tune. but i don't think the court system is in tune with the times in which we leave and the supreme court is being haunty even with a court that considers itself to be supreme to have no comment and dispatch an issue to the american people which is frankly too important to just be dismissed when illegal immigration and border security
11:28 pm
and, and state's rights are critical of importance to this republic. >> then blame it on the trump administration because they didn't seek review. >> lou: don't worry, i am critical of the administration and justice department. >> the court grants rerue when the united states seek its or if they take no stand it is hard to get review in the supreme court. they take only two percent of the cases. >> lou: it is it like rat poison. 98 percent of the poison two percent that kills you. we go on to the mueller probe, the cry for a second special counsel is it appropriate. >> i don't like special counsel at all. they violate the core and fundamental precepts of justice. they are told to find crime
11:29 pm
whether crime exist or not. it is it better to leave it to law enforcement and professional prosecutor. i was opposed to mueller being special counsel and i think president trump was right when he said there never should be a special counsel appointed and there was no cause for crime or collusion or obstruction much justice. i wish we would do away from the special counsel and dwighted the justice department in two branches. one of which advises the president in the cabinet and the other is important law enforcement. >> i don't want to do anything like britain does it, allen. i tire of public servants who sit in the justice department talking about how independent they are. inment the president of the united states to be in charge and don't want to be
11:30 pm
politicalized and the only one had problem. but obama politicalized the justice system. fast and furruous, alm the way through. he used the justice department as a place for truth and inquiry to go to die. and now we are trying to resurrect the inte dwrity or the idea of it in the fbi and justice department. it is it on its face a department that is filled with political corruption, is it not? >> i think the public lost faith in the justice department deputy fbi and increasingly in the cia, most people ask who will guard the guardians and either comey or deputy director of the fbi must be saying something other than the truth because they gave inconsistent statements. the director said i never authorized anybody to leak. and the deputy director said i
11:31 pm
was authorized to leak and i would like to find out and see the report of the investigative agency and the report of the ofls of professional responsibility and let the deputy director of the fbi waive privacy and demand publication. report and then we can decide for ourselves. >> lou: the president could order the release of those records and documents and do you not think he is? >> he is. i think the public has the right to see it. and i don't think these reports fit. fit. >> lou: you got a hard out here, you ok there, kurt? we're about to move. karate helps... relieve some of the house-buying... stress. at least you don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. call geico. geico... helps with... homeowners insurance?
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11:36 pm
beneficiaries tom stier and george soros, those are names heard of. peter joins us tonight. and it is great to see you and congratulations on the book. your book out and if is call would secret empire and how the american political class hides corruption and enriches family and friends and it is my friend, good to see you. >> if is. >> lou: it is an exciting book and exciting to see the revelations and the fail out of the book and secret empire and smash and grab and people who benefitted under the obama passivity and eight years in duration. it is amazing stories. >> it is the new wave of corruption in washington d.c. we remember congressman jecherson who had 90000 cash in the freezer. that is chump change and old school.
11:37 pm
we are talking about billion dollar deal involving close friends and politicians like barak obama and joe biden's son. smash and grab. obama's best friend. mary less and sets up a private equity fund and his friend is regulator in chief and invests in highly regulated industriless. >> lou: who would do that? >> unless your best friend is the regulator in chief. and one brief example. university of phoenix for profit school. we think that the school is bad and we'll suspend the pentagon from using gi bill money for soldiers to go to school there. the price went from 100 a hair to $3. p dpesz who buys it. obama's best friend. they come in and buy it for
11:38 pm
pennies on the dollar and lo and behold. the obama administration said we'll let gi money flow back to the university of phoenix. it was ram pant. nsmash and grab. and to see that pattern emerge here and while i think many people were averting their eyes in the national left wing media, imagine that. and the idea that biden and kerry sons and step son could come together to make money off of the dad's what we call his business, think about it for a second. vice-president biden, secretary statistic john kerry from 2013 to 2016 negotiating with china on the south china sea on trade issues and national security and north korea and at this time, the sons or in one case john kerry's close aide that are involved in businesses that
11:39 pm
involve multibuiltion with the chinese government and one extreme example. 2013, joe biden flys oaf in air force two to/beijing china and hunter biden has no background in priecht equity and joe biden negotiates with the chinese and he's socht on/beijing and ten days later, hunter scores a 1.5 billion with a b private equity deal from the chinese government. this is american princeling and are multiple examples in the book. >> lou: the south china sea. china is building out the artificial islands and continue uninterrupted by the obama administration and not until president trump takes office. destroyers to do overflight and tripe to stop the further construction. islands, it is appalling and
11:40 pm
selling out the national. and that's what they are doing. >> specifically to that point, lou. there is rosemont realty that involves john kerry's step down and hunter biden and devon archer. rosemont realty does a major deal with a chinese company that is control would by the fifth arm. chinese navy. and stou you have a military related company buying in to a company that is owned by the decision makers in washington d.c. it is it outrageous. >> and chinese are trying to buy up what they can in silicon valley. the level of corruption is horrific and it is outlined in the new book, sweet secret empire and peter, we highly recommend the book. secret empires and thank you for doing everything you do.
11:41 pm
i don't know where we would be without your investigations and your terrific writing. and stou thank you, sir. >> thank you for your support over the years, lou, appreciate it. >> lou: roll our nightly voochlt high flying adventure tonight. look at that. i never have seen a helicopter do that. i am sure i would never want to be in a helicopter doing that. chuck aaron takes his helicopter in depravitiy defying stunts. and we mutt on an aerial display. and upside down. are you kidding me? i have never seen a helicopter come dloes to doing that and i am not sure i want to not that or in person. president trump getting tough on china. >> they are doing things to this
11:42 pm
country that should have been done many years. we had abuse by many other countries groups of countries put together in order to take advantage. united states. and we are not going to let that happen. wilbur rouch takes it up we'll be right ♪ let your inner light loose with one a day women's. ♪ a complete multivitamin specially formulated with key nutrients plus vitamin d for bone health support. your one a day is showing. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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>> the white house today combeth tough on china and announcing 50 billion on tariffs and restrictions on technology deals. president trump addressing a massive, massive problem that plagued american worker and industry for a long time. the trade deficit with china stanteds at $337 billion and we haven't seen a surplus since 1980. and every year china robbed the united states in 600 billion in property. and mr. secretary, good to have you with us. this is extraordinary, the president said from the time he campaigned for the office that he was going to do precisely what his administration did today. and then we have a number of wags in the political and economic press trying to say it
11:47 pm
upset the markets. there was no surprise here. it is telegraphed for a long time. what do you make of it? >> well, the same people who said that the new normal which i call the new dismal that we can only grow one and half percent and the president proved them wrong. and then they said you will never get a real tax bill through with big tax reductions and the president proves them wrong and now comes trade. my guess is that the president will prove them wrong again. >> lou: i think that is it well rounded. people worried about a trade war. it is one of the asinine thing i hear in the national left wing. we have been in a trade war and he had a target on our backs throughout. we have been the designated target for global markets and
11:48 pm
international trading partners from jump street. it's just now that the united states is showing the prince pem and back bone to fight and that's because president trump is in the white house. >> well, he as you know, takes this very, very seriously and he has a repeated history of honoring them. today was the chapter in that regard. >> lou: where do we go here? intellectual property theft is ranked over 3000 front companies. from china operating in this country and for literally decades and we know that those companies are stealing and we know that they have university students whether they for doctorate programs or whatever they may be whose purpose is to steal in academia and to move that treasure trough of knowledge base back to the
11:49 pm
mainland. at what point can we bring that under control? >> well, if you look at actions 232 on steel and aluminum, those deal with the present. the intellectual property act really teams with our future. and i think that's what makes it interesting and balanced package. i learned to my amazement the other day, we'll be granting at the u.s. patent office of commerce 10 million pan tent sometime the middle much this year. no country ever had ten mill one patents. and they are only good if you make people to adhere to them. >> lou: if you protect those and that is the purpose to begin with. we have protected very little and i love the idea and i love it, it is it high he success.
11:50 pm
businessman and yourself. i would hov to know your thoughts on what american business has done to transfer all of the welt. we blame the chinese and others and the fault is in ourselves and many case, we allowed corporate america and u.s. multinationals to hand it orch as a gift particularly to china. >> that is it very true and it is it easier in corporate america to go global than it is it on mr. and mrs. america, for big multinational company whether they open a factory in missouri or china, it is not much different. but it leaves mr. and mrs. america behind and mr. and mrs. america is it who the president is trying to defend. >> absolutely. wilbur ross, thank you for being with us and wish you all. best. and thank you, lou, good to see you again.
11:51 pm
>> up next, president trump fortified the legal team as he fights back against the mueller witch hunt. greg jarrett joins me here next. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin 24 hour relief when allergies occur. day after day, after day. because life should have more wishes and less worries. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. (vo)intelligent technology one can help protect the 2018 audi q5 is here. money managers are pretty much the same. all
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>> john dowd resigned as president trump's lead counsel in the russian investigation. and downed a exit follows the decision for the president
11:55 pm
hiring joseph d jaagaineva. i would say it right, joe. i apologize. his wife and law partner also joining trump's legal team today. i have butchered both of their names for a long time. and the president efrler addressing the possibility of speaking to special counsel robert mueller. >> joining me now fox news legal analyst greg jarrett. this is fascinating victoria joining the team her husband was already on. and this is just a remarkable elevation of the talent helping the president. >> they are two great former federal prosecutors and joe, was a former independent counsel.
11:56 pm
and this is it up his alley. john dowd is a fine law and you need someone schooled in how to deal with a special counsel. i want to talk to president trump in a room under oath. >> what do you think? >> don't do it? it is a perjury trap because mueller is it proven he can't be trusted and doesn't care about the process or fairness. i suspect joe would say to mueller, well, the president would be willing to talk to you about crimes but what crime. collusion is nopt a crime and any criminal statute and that is it out. obstruction much jflt, the president is constitutionally authorized to fire the fbi director for a reason or no reason and he was given the
11:57 pm
reason for malfesance in the hillary clinton case. i will take to you but you don't have a crime for us to talk about. >> lou: why is not there sufficient integrity within robert mueller and his team of attorneys to say we have been at it a year and noef evidence. house intelligence committee found nothing. and the staent intelligence committee simply embarrassed itself because staentor bird, chairman. senator intelligence committee acknowledged there was not one scompled of evidence and we found nothing. yet mark warner runs the committee as if it were his. it is embarrassing to watch the process and it is it partisan and but tried. >> and in fact, may of last year bird himself posed the ultimate question to james comey. did the president ever ask you
11:58 pm
to stop the russian investigation? and comey said no. and you would think bird would snap out of the cloud he's in and step up and say no evidence of collusion or obstruction period. >> lou: it took the chair of the house judiciary committee. it took him four months to write a letter to say you remember our request for request for document and information? he and trey gowdy have slow walked the investigation and now have a burst of energy? i think it is just incredibly to watch. >> they should have been slapping everybody in washington with a subpeona with a traef e..y of our legal system. the trump/russia collusion hoax and allowing hillary clinton to
11:59 pm
with impunity vipalate the law. comey compliceit in clearing her apparently for political reason and all of his henchmen. strzok and mccabe who was now fireplaced and all of these people is this be the target of a criminal investigation. >> oughta and woulda and coulda and maybe. but the fact is, we have a passive and have low energy attorney general and a man who attorney deputy general spot who acts like he's on vacation. it is incredible lack of activity at the top of the justice department. >> you know, jeff sessions recused himself out of a job and he's incapable. and rod rosenstein is conflicted
12:00 am
as is bob mueller and bob muller one homes will take the hint. >> he will never do it. >> thank you for being here. and that's it for a paid presentation from meaningful beauty by cindy crawford. (female announcer) with special appearances from some of your tv favorites sharing their number one skin saving secrets. (male announcer) plus, a stunning before and after story from today's special guest, lori loughlin. (female announcer) at age 52, the star of full house and much more says her skin seems to be looking not older but younger thanks to friend and supermodel cindy crawford. (lori) i really do feel like my skin has been restored and i've traveled back in time. (male announcer) could it be the fountain of youth we've been waiting for? stay tuned to find out.


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