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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  March 27, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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biggs joins us and dr. sebastian gorka. see you tomorrow. good night from new >> last week everything was against the bulls then this week you heard on monday that chinese tensions are easing and they were coming to blink or play ball. i knew we'd be capping. transfer the bulls are back in charge of all strata of months to rally stock features. guess what i'm appointing two more games at today's opening. train two yeah, dow futures up 131. s&p at 15. nasdaq up 60 of course after the big rally yesterday. lauren: the dow jones up 670 points. the third-biggest point gain in history on trade tensions. technology stocks had a big day
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with the nasdaq up over 3%. train to now with take a look at europe as stocks open higher on the gains of the big market in the u.s. puts me at 111, the dax up almost 2%. lauren: it certainly was a global rally. a nation, jumping over 2.5% and china's shanghai composite up over 1%. train to facebook under fire that the federal trade commission and 37 states want answers and ceo mark zuckerberg about customer privacy. "fbn:am" starts right now. train three good morning. 5:01 a.m. tuesday, march 25th. train to good morning, lauren. good morning, everybody. dallas and the current best game
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since 2015. lauren: that is rare that you open and close in the same direction these days. train to a big piece of the market story of course is facebook. now the company is facing mounting pressure over its handling of user data. the federal trade commission confirming is investigating the company's privacy policies. lauren: 37 state general start demanding state actor says. william la jeunesse has the story. >> with a basic responsibility to protect people's data. reporter: with the announcement of the federal trade commission into the social media giant. >> facebook represented to its users that it had certain privacy protections in place when in fact it didn't. reporter: and 2011, facebook agreed with ftc with datasharing
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third-party apps. they violated that in the watchdog until now has shown no teeth. >> a facebook had complied with this consent order and the ftc had done its job and enforce it, this whole mess with cambridge analytics that never would've happened. >> facebook apologize to many users already lost trust. >> this isn't a personal issue. it's about public policy, consumer harm, consumer protection. >> the house energy committee asked zuckerberg to testify. chairman chuck grassley did as well in a data privacy hearing scheduled for april 10th. any inquiry will involve cambridge analytica which according to the "washington post" allowed dozens of foreign nationals to work in u.s. election campaign in protection of law. an allegation that it kept logs of phone calls and text of android users using facebook
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messenger without their explicit consent. the company claims by signing up users had it in. william la jeunesse, fox fox fox news. cheryl: breaking news right now on facebook. mark zuckerberg is offering two direct reports to appear before the u.k. parliament. mr. zuckerberg will not testify himself. this is just breaking over murderous right now. the chief product officer is going to testify. lauren: at mr. zuckerberg has been invited as well as the head that ceos of twitter and google to testify before the senate judiciary hearing the u.s. april 10th. maybe he'll go to bat. shares of facebook down over 13% this month. they are hired by 1% in premarket trading today. cheryl: well, there is more fallout for a tech company. that is over after the fatal crash we told you about last week.
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the self driving program has been suspended in arizona. lauren: tracee carrasco without another headlines making news. >> doug ducey who once welcomed cooper's self driving technology in 2016 told cooper that he ordered the state's department of transportation to suspend the capability to test a car after the fatal crash of a self driving uber when it stopped on train struck a pedestrian walking outside the crosswalk could temporarily pulled the vehicle term public roads in tempe. david sisco, pittsburgh and toronto. and with orders come it's unclear when or if cooper can resume testing in arizona. >> and raises the question of googles whammo is arguably doing a better job with its centers and lasers and protecting writers in its cars if they'll continue to do their testing and forge ahead. >> absolutely.
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apple trying to win over educators at an event in chicago today. apple is he to introduce a lower-priced ipad to send school administrators. apple also expected to update the pencil product, the $99 drawing told the perks of the more expensive ipad pro models are never likely be a focus on apple hardware and software tools to learn how to code. apple has to catch up with google which operates the less expensive chrome book laptops and the education market with about half of the market share. shares of apple trading higher in the free market. train to tech as the sector we are watching today. amazon wants you to communicate with their delivery drones. >> this could be interesting. amazon wants its unmanned delivery drones to respond when the waiver gesture to them.
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they're all detailed in amazon's latest patent including a thumbs up, shouting and waving arms depending on your gesture. they could ask a question or cancel the delivery. these are ambitious plans, so it's unclear if the drones oliver p. produce. the guy is shouting, waving, trying to get the drones attention. lauren: thank you. fireworks in the washington d.c. courtroom to block the merger of the time warner and at&t saying it's bad for you and me. train tomorrow now from our own connell mcshane. reporter: cheryl and lauren, good morning to both of you guys. the government witness was given a transcript from last week's testimony before he took the stand. that is against the rules in the judge, richard leung threatened to hold the lawyers involved in contempt of something like this
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ever happens again. the witness, fleeing to the executive warren schlichting was allowed to testify in when he was on the stand he combined at&t time warner would make it more difficult for companies like slang to negotiate and it could ultimately have high prices for consumers. that's the government's case in a nutshell. they've argued against the thesis and the justice department is stuck in the past and at&t has to make this $85 billion acquisition to compete against tech companies like netflix, blue in amazon. with all the drama surrounding mr. schlichting's testimony later today, we are still waiting to hear from the first hostile witness, turner chairman john warner. cheryl, lauren, back to you in new york. train to another headlines are following. $13 million for 36 by 5% stake
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any consumer health care joint venture. the first move for both companies john and chief executives to continue to reshape the health care industry. both executives of course they do their jobs. consolidation of the health care unit coming three years after they joined forces. shares climb up 5% and shares are down about 6%. lauren: different picture. the late apple ceo steve jobs want facebook mark zuckerberg about privacy concerns way back in 2010. >> some people want to share more data than others do. ask them. privacy means people know what they are signing up for in plain english and repeatedly. lauren: has mark zuckerberg listening? north korea later kim jong un leaves his country for the first
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time since taking power. it will play about the surprise trip. after gaining 670 points yesterday to blue-chip up 144 the premarket. nasdaq gaining 60 points. we will be right back. ♪
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train to welcome back. let's get you caught up on it's happening now. after yesterday's monster rally with the dow, the s&p with the best game since 2015. dow up 146, estimated 16, nasdaq up 60. easing worries about trade tensions. the fbi investigating several suspicious packages sent to military facilities in the d.c. area. one of the packages sent to fort mcnair contained but powder and a fuse. no one was injured. investigators not sure whether devices were capable of exploding. reports say that north korean leader kim jong un has made a surprise visit to china. details including how long can one say in whom he would meet were not immediately available. yesterday a special train arrived in beijing and heavy security schematic -esque as. it is believed to be kim's first international trip since taking power in 2011.
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california and the trump administration at odds again. the state will sue the administration over its decision to ask respondents if they are citizens of the united states. the attorney general says the measure is meant to intimidate and the great community spirit that is happening now. train for our top story today facebook under fire to explain its privacy policy. does feed reported mark zuckerberg is offering the chief technical officer and chief product officer to appear before british parliament committees. all that satisfied lawmakers? attorney prosecutor delvecchio appeared and got to ask you, are we going to see mr. zuckerberg testify? >> well, if he's smart he'll come in and testify, but it's most constructed to look at the senate the following three-pronged test to determine
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if anything happened unlawful. think about this. if someone tells you a secret, you are not obligated to keep that secret private that there is no legal ramifications of the telly. take it to the next level if you enter into a contract for somebody to keep the secret private say in the stormy daniels case coming at you violated civil law and you can be liable in the civil courts. finally, the third component of this is the following. if you go out and illegally surveilled somebody or hack them like in the carter page case of the legal fight the wind, then it's criminal. i don't know if facebook is neither liable under civil law or has committed anything criminal. if there's been a contract in place, which you can look at it that there is between the users of facebook and the company, then there certainly is civil ramifications. lauren: the onus is on the users. in 2011 the ftc first
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investigated facebook over their privacy protocols and how they were protecting more arguably, not protecting users. they came to an agreement. if in this new investigation they find face of violated those guidelines from 2011, facebook could pay, not joking here, fines of $40,000 per user. that is a trillion dollars in fines. you expect anything like that coming out of face up? >> well, lauren. i have a big problem with regulatory agencies, especially on the federal level. there's too much government interference in our lives. the regulatory agencies cost hundreds of billions of dollars per year to operate. they cause companies to go overseas because of over regulation may cause companies to collapse and fail. i think it is best suited to let the market handle this. the people gathered together. we will file class-action suit
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against facebook and the sudan. i'm not a big fan at all of the regulatory agency coming in and acquire five criminal type investigation. the state attorney general office in every state could be handling these cases on their own. you're talking about the consent order they agreed to address they can be liable. a trillion dollars seems a little city. trying to there are 37 state investigations and lawsuits. class actions from investors as well as shareholders. the end for is nowhere in sight. can salvaggio, thank you for your input. cheryl: got to have friends. not funny. facebook recovered a little bit yesterday. the stock did. the monster rally for the s&p
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500 was with curved relief rally? >> card is telling you despite this big rally. cheryl: take a look at what is happening right now. s&p at 16, nasdaq writer almost 1%. wal-mart, usually pretty good deals there. but you get a car from them? cheryl: you know, i kind of think i would, too. you are watching "fbn:am."
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retail. under pressure like never before. and it's connected technology that's moving companies forward fast. e-commerce. real time inventory. virtual changing rooms. that's why retailers rely on comcast business
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to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. cheryl: stocks staged a major
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rally. the dow industrial closing up 669 points, its biggest one-day point gain since a sober. 2008 after the biggest weekly selloff of more than two years. what do investors need to know have developed today? dover point capital joins us now. good morning. >> good morning, cheryl. cheryl: i want to ask you about the huge surge we had appeared as if the balance, recovery rally from last week's two-day son we saw in the markets thursday, friday? >> friday we saw the markets of the 200 day bridging average, similar to the decline in february. from a technical standpoint, the big news that came on on the trade front propelled the market yesterday. we will see if we had not towards the 50 day moving average and can hold out, which is in the 2740 range. >> this seems to me to be a news
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driven market. a lot of the concerns we've seen have been the concerns raised in event of a potential trade war with china. market recovered yesterday with mr. secretary manchin was working on that channel discussions with the chinese. do you look more to the news than the technicalities of the market? >> it's always a combination of the news on the technicals. reflect in the flow of funds and where people are putting their money. i think what the market is starting to accept is when they get a big news headline out of the white house, that is on trade for negotiation as opposed to an absolute policy decrease. cheryl: you're actually analyzing what we are seeing at the white house. let's talk about interest rates obviously. we've had the fed decision, the minute, but we know what the decision is. are you concerned about rising interest rates for the rest of the year, bad effect on the consumer? >> that is going to be the back-and-forth in the market. corporate earnings are good,
5:24 am
tailwind from the tax cut as those generally good worldwide economic growth in the stock market temperament will be fear of inflation, how fast is the fed going to move? right now taking a measured stanza should be a positive as long as earnings come through. cheryl: is that this after your watching today? >> we are starting to see some divergence intact. with microsoft as a leader in the market yesterday. tac is not one big large factor by itself. there's going to be differentiations. cheryl: all the stocks driving yesterday. thank you very much. facebook in the premarket up almost 1%. thank you. >> thank you, cheryl. lauren: coming up, hotter interest rate circling off interest rate financing. and cheryl, you've had the food at ikea. cheryl: i like the food at ikea. is that weird?
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providing the world's best talent. and supported with workforce development to create even more opportunities. all across new york state, we're building the new new york. to grow your business with us in new york state, visit >> we take no joy in having to do this, but we are not going to roll over and let them get away with this the way they have. cheryl: breaking this morning from the trump administration is 160 russian diplomats in closing in seattle. while russia retaliate russian art transfer u.s. stock market futures have been a 200 points overnight. the nasdaq gaining 64. cheryl: features coming after the dow jumped nearly 670 points. the third-biggest gain ever. technology stocks had a big day.
5:29 am
lauren: stocks opening to the upside as well and continues to trade higher. cheryl: take a look at asia. as you can see, japan nikkei jumped over 2.6% in china. the shanghai composite up over 1%. lauren: global rally in wal-mart wants to sell you a car. are you buying? "fbn:am" continues right now. cheryl: we are coming up at 5:30 a.m. here in new york trade tuesday, march 27th. good morning. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: hello, good to see you. and lauren simonetti. cheryl: it's okay to let nature markets. don't be afraid. lauren: volatility has not gotten away. don't be fooled to retaliation after the u.s. border 60 russian diplomat to pack up in may for a nerve agent to back inland. cheryl: griff jenkins in
5:30 am
washington with all the details. reporter: good morning, lauren and cheryl. the united states is that he went british prime minister theresa may rose solidarity against moscow. 130 diplomats expelled worldwide as they came in ukraine turn in the u.s. response in retaliation for the nerve agent attack sending a clear message that the u.s. is willing to work with russia, but their actions have consequences. >> with these actions come in the united states along with allies and partners make clear to russia that its actions have consequences. the united states is ready to cooperate and forge a better relationship between our two countries. the problem may be possible when russia chooses to become a more responsible partner. reporter: moscow is vowing retaliation as russian ambassador to the u.n. says relations have deteriorated. >> diplomacy supposes when such
5:31 am
things happen. normally it is a mirrorlike disposal. trade moscow turned traitor to ask which conflict they should close in response to our shutting the seattle russian conflict because of proximity to a u.s. submarine base. as the world waits for the kremlin response, democrats say the president isn't doing enough. congressmen eliot angle is showing a statement saying the strong response to the attack in the u.k. makes even more bizarre the administration's weak response to russia's ongoing attack right here in the united states. overnight, australia announcing they were expelling to russian diplomats in response as well. lauren, cheryl. cheryl: griff jenkins could thank you. we want to ask what does this mean for our relations with russia and are we headed new cold war? u.s. army military police sergeant chris nightwing. good to see you both. good morning.
5:32 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: rapeseed solidarity 100 plus diplomats expelled theater we headed towards a new cold war? chris. >> i don't think we're there yet, but this is a very strong sign internationally. we haven't seen a response altogether a nationally with our allies. i think it shows the u.s. will take action and represent our interests and i think it was a bold move. lauren: what do you make of it? >> this is a good move for the united states to be staying with allies. as soon as secretary of soon as secretary of state stood up and called out the action a couple weeks ago, the president of the united states dismissed him. right after that, mcmaster was thrown out of his office. for the united states showing we are stronger alliance said we will stand with our allies, very important step. the question is whether donald trump himself is supporting the action or is this the government
5:33 am
to be without her since he's in that direction. lauren: the new incoming adviser john bolton has a more hawkish line when it comes to russia. >> i don't think this is. >> if he starts making changes, just got to say for the audience, we are friends, which are for hillary clinton staffer who still has not recovered from losing the election. this repeated anti-trump elaborates getting old, man. you've got to get something new. >> chris, got to respond real quick. talking about the safety of our country and if they are defending american interests, then who is? lauren: guys, does this go against the telephone conversations we've heard about from the president vladimir putin? when he called and congratulated him on his election win in russia they didn't talk about the nerve agent used in the u.k. at least we don't know that they
5:34 am
did. do you think this goes against those politics? >> i do think it goes against the politics and whether this is the administration acting as a government or the president has an actual rolling make in this decision. that is what is not clear at this point. at the state department make this happen on its own? did the president have a great deal of involvement in this? what is going on behind the komodo in the white house? no one is sure at this point. lauren: chris, this is almost -- it seems like a bad for tat because the u.s. u.s. is dust in russians for seattle consulate. the consulate is imported because you're bowling later, the major defense contractor in the also had the u.s. submarine base in the area. how important of a russian outpost was that? >> it was important. russia won be over here. but the president makes the decisions. you are not excellent 60 russian diplomats from the united states about the presidents approval. the president is doing a good
5:35 am
job and the fact is the democrats that are still reeling from watching the election. it is political. they make it political. only can expel the diplomats and be attacked by democrats. i hate to go there, but it's true. lauren: you know, russia on twitter making a game out of this. it's like they are crowd sourcing this closing of embassies and consulates asking people on twitter. >> one of the most important things about russian foreign policy is the idea of reciprocity. the russian site to act in response to whatever they see happening across the globe. b.c. the united states taking a 60 diplomats, they're likely to respond in the same way. another important thing to think about in this is to give credit to the russians. russia has been on the defense for the last 20 or so years after the fall of the soviet union and they have pressure from across the globe that america's influence is stripped them of their glory and sense of
5:36 am
pride and that is something we have to keep in mind when dealing with russians going forward. how would make russians understand the united states is not to get them? we are on your side with economic sustainability and growth of your country. lauren: in the midterm elections also. hans, chris, thank you. >> things for having us. cheryl: deutsche bank is looking for a new chief executive. reporting the bank's board is looking to replace ceo john cry on over concern of the banks featuring worries about its performance. the bank is approached richard not after missing her executive of goldman sachs here at the international division to take on the role is two years. cheryl: mortgage rates are on the rise and homeowners are ditching plans to refinance. tracey carrasco has that story another headlines. >> refinancing make up a smaller portion of the market business than any other time in the past
5:37 am
two decades. since 1995, which is a challenge for those who were at interest rates and rising house prices could eventually slowed on purchases. the journal reports that lenders have instead turned to home equity loans and adjustable rate mortgages to boost business amid fears of falling home activity. lauren: my brother just bought a car from costco. should you buy one from wal-mart next? >> you could say and do that. is interesting about costco. wal-mart come you could soon buy a car at wal-mart. they started this out as a test with cars safer, the company that connects customers with dealers come to insurers, financing all about. they are rolling this out nationwide. it will be available at 250 wal-mart stars starting wal-mart stars start in georgia indiana illinois virginia, wanted to become a one-stop shop for customers. they are hoping this will also as encourage customers to come back, spend more time and money there. wal-mart shares down 13% year to
5:38 am
date. trade to a great deal in your gasoline at costco. >> you can get everything else there. why not. trade to attach about this earlier. ikea is offering this. insect connection? >> i apologize to anyone eating breakfast right now. ikea is switching out their iconic meatballs lauren: which were good. >> which were good, but they are switching out the need for bugs. they are called crispy bug walls, made from insects. mealworms, carrots, parsnips and beet root. they've also got the bug burger. meet replaced with beet root, parsnip and a scoop of mealworms intact with the baccarat and in ketchup. and the douglas hotdog. baby care it topped with seaweed. they are doing this because they want to cut back on their meat
5:39 am
production. they say it is hurting the planet. this is their attempt to save the planet. we won't be seeing these on an ikea menu soon. they are testing not in their labs in denmark. cheryl: our initial thought was this some sort of delicacy in europe. the french of their foie gras. >> maybe they should keep in europe. i think people here like the meatballs in the hot dogs. lauren: of the one time you have a food story and i encourage you not to bring in samples. tracee, thank you. wall street bonuses are soaring, but how much should bankers received last year? the numbers are eye-popping. facebook balancing pressure on both sides of the atlantic over how it handled your data. we will check out the company stop prices and also stock market futures this morning looking pretty good. dow futures building on yesterday's major rally of 167 right now.
5:40 am
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lauren: let's get you caught up on what's happening now. stock market futures building on yesterday's gains as fears of its trade board ease. dow futures up 115 points. the white house looking into whether two loans worth over
5:43 am
$500 million. the family business may have violated business or criminal laws. one of those funds of $345 million. the kushner family was a longtime client in the loan was completely appropriate. bankers in new york city were treated well last year. the average bonus, more than $180,000 totals $3,127,000,000,000 overall, 17% gain for the prior year. bank stocks bounce back faster thanks to the prospect of rising interest rates, faster growth and the regulation. call the limits skyhigh snack story that landed a pair of pilots in trouble. these two easy jet pilots were caught playing with snapchat filters 30,000 feet in the air. the captain that took the synapse has been suspended, by the way, from the airline. that is happening now.
5:44 am
cheryl: looks like we are going to see another rally on wall street. technology a big piece of the story leading hired wall street. more than 3% yesterday. here are your futures right now. dow up 162. art hogan, chief market strategist with us to talk about everything. it's been a bit rocky with all of these trade tensions. technology stocks like facebook and the issue of privacy have really been reading the headlines. does it make you rethink your view of the sector, art? >> it's interesting. when we look at technology now in the wake of what is happening at facebook, there is a reason to think it's a good idea to separate technology/social media from technology. things like microsoft, intel and cisco. i say that because when you look at what is in front of facebook, we see the tip of the iceberg. regulatory oversight, call
5:45 am
before congress. the ftc looking at things. the changes they'll have to make will cost them some margin. profit margin is probably lower. while they do that, it could obviously alienate their customer base. that is where the real contact comes in. it's hard to know, but it's easy to say technology in general is doing quite well. perhaps investing in 2018 and technology of social media because they are not writable. if there's new rules written with oversight in social media, it will be for the entire group. cheryl: not just social media, but online shopping. the amazon of all things good what is interesting is back in 2010, steve jobs actually talked about the issue of privacy with regards to technology. listen to what he said back then. >> some people want to share more data than other people do. ask them.
5:46 am
privacy means people know what they are signing up for in plain english and repeatedly. tree in to be honest with your customer at this point, art. >> right here at one of the problems is social media has become so popular we been willing to give something up and giving something up has been your personal information. when that turned into something like better targeted ads, and seeing things that might be interested in, that was okay with us. when it turns into some vague for my privacy is targeted now i've been micro-targeted to have a different opinion about the election. what is at stake is to get the data belong to? does the blog to the countries able to gather that like facebook or google ensure that two advertisers are political companies to help drive election result board is not actually belong to you?
5:47 am
when we start thinking about regulatory oversight, and that's where the ftc considering how well protected as the private information facebook is able to garner. trigger sounds like you are still bullish that technology is not your worst civic and a fake names here and >> there's a great opportunity. companies like cisco done spectacularly well. social media will have a no-brainer for the short-term 2018. cheryl: overhang, hangover, something. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. lauren: when we come back, the son of a former montréal is honored on the street. maybe germany's biggest bank. we will go live to london at those details. a check on your money right now. futures have 165. nasdaq surging 1% on a percentage basis.
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cheryl: welcome back. a big week in sports, but not just the final four. this bowl season starts in two days. lauren: jared max has some interesting numbers. good to see you. >> good morning lauren, cheryl. a routine scheduled to play thursday including the new york yankees. the entire team payroll for 2018 estimated to be $167 million. lois yankee payroll since 2003. 167 million the yankees ranked seventh in baseball, the lowest ranking in 26 years.
5:52 am
who has the highest there will? awesome red sox estimated 223 million. boston will spend 81 million more on their roster than the oakland a's and chicago white box combined. remember montréal expos vladimir guerrero. also played in canada for toronto. using his dad sold for in addition game. >> number 27, guerrero junior. >> you are his dad's number for eight years in montréal. move over, john wooden. basketball coach julie soriano to the final four for an ncaa division. huskies car south carolina by 29 to reach the final four on 11 straight seasons. congratulations. congrats to the vegas golden
5:53 am
knights. the nhl team clinched a playoff spot last night. move over sister jean. here comes mary bell hit, the 100-year-old grandmother former michigan star jay lynn wrote to have a final four matchup has a message for sister jean and loyola chicago. [inaudible] but is so very saturday. go blue. 100. >> go blue pill of the signoff. 100, like the president signs up with that number. 100. cheryl: reporter i sister jeanne over the reagan wanted to give up for lent? you know she said? losing. lauren: was that intimidating voice there? >> a design. truth or you can catch jared max on fox news sirius xm channel
5:54 am
115. cheryl: in the work said germany's biggest bank. we will go to london with a live report for "fbn:am" today.
5:55 am
5:56 am
cheryl: deutsche bank is reportedly looking to replace ethiopia that's bringing jane foley, ceo at rapid name.
5:57 am
but the ushers are deutsche bank are trading. there may be a change at the top. >> well, the market has reacted well to this. this comes from a newspaper reported in the times when it does come with the evidence, the report that various other bankers have been approached but nobody has expected this. no uncertainties yet with respect to this. lauren: we are always curious about reaction to the move to buyout the stake in the health care joint venture may have for a reported $13 million. >> of course it's only been a week or so when? has stepped away from another deal with pfizer. there would be a much bigger deal, 20 u.s. billion dollars. it defines what they're trying to do what we need this already. this is to really concentrate on the consumer health.
5:58 am
toothpaste, tooth care, that sort of area. cheryl: real quick, jane, what has been happening with the markets? the big relief rally in asia overnight. that is affecting some of the currencies you watch. >> it really is. we've had this paling back and that is loved the yen has come up as a safe haven currency. a little bit under pressure with the euro. lauren: we are watching all these stories today. jane foley, thank you very much. cheryl: thanks, jane. i do jane. at least the different stories for futures this morning. dow futures up 172 right now. triple digits. we like to see them. lauren: what happens at 3:00 p.m. is always a question mark it with that, good morning to maria bartiromo. mornings with her rear starts now. maria: hey, ladies. the bulls are back.
5:59 am
it is tuesday, march 27. x a.m. on the east coast. the bulls stormed back. the dow seen its largest one-day point gain since the over 2008. all the major indices are up roughly 3% as worries over pop reeler trade were faded. futures look like the momentum continue. the market expecting another rally at the start of trading this morning to the tune of 175 points up on the dow. nasdaq also a better than 1% good right now european indices are up higher. the across-the-board. games are better than 2% as is the dax index in germany and the cac up one of two thirds%. the markets taking a cue from wall street with james by the nikkei average in japan of two and two thirds of a percent on the nikkei. the kremlin crackdown nearly 30 countries expel russian diplomats following the poisoning of a former spy in
6:00 am
britain. the largest explosion differ match in u.s. history with allergic expulsion the history of the transatlantic alliance. it sends a very clear message to russian government. with the united states and our allies will stand behind an ally like the united kingdom when it's under attack. >> escalating tensions for moscow coming up this morning. the suspicious packages with possible looks plosive components were sent to a half dozen military installations. across the dcr yesterday. we break down the possible security threats coming up. facebook under pressure continues. probing the company's data practices. attorneys general of 37 states investigating its privacy policies on top of the intel committee chairman yesterday telling me he's investigating.


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