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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 27, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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tomorrow night ann coulter, victor davis hanson among our guests. please join us. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight a former supreme court justice calls for a fuel repeal of the second amendment. i'll explain why that's ridiculous. plus stormy daniels and team trump accusing each other of lying. who has the better case there. and mark zuckerberg reportedly planning to testify on capitol hill. grab your scalpel. it's time to scrub in. john paul stevens as lost what's last of his 97-year-old mind, our nation's highest jurist, should have the greatest understanding and respect for the constitution. instead stevens wants to wad it up and discard it like a used
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tissue. jps, like so many shaken americans were moved by the yooe ongoing protests of the youth. what's his spleution? background checks? limiting ammunition sales? mandatory safety training for gun owners? nope. severancstevens wants to trash d repeal the entire second amendment of the united states constitution because he's been so touched by the kids. it's probably a good idea to torch a sacred document based on ad les accident political whims. there are a couple of things happening with his plea. one, he tracked the nra and demands they be neutered for the sake of safety. you would also have to toss the first amendment. sorry press and clergy. guns aren't legal because of some outdated document. they protect basic freedoms by allowing people to preserve their own. and as i've said many times
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before, whoever has the guns has the power. if the people have the guns, they have the power. and that is a true democracy. now let's say in the interest of life and safety we do repeal the second amendment so law-abiezing liberty lovers can no longer protect themselves and their families. does that make life safer? no. because there are still bombs, ieds, cars, knives, pills, human nature, murderous impulses and 300 million guns still floating around. if you try to marry them, you'll experience the great divorce of active revolution. at least stevens wears his ideology on his wornout sleeve. make no mistake about it, the left are coming for your guns. let's get to it. i'm kennedy. ♪ ♪ kennedy: so former justice
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stevens wants to ditch the second amendment but is this a viable solution to gun violence or a liberal fantasy for doomed failure? katie paf lim pavlich joins me. katie, i will start with you. you know, a lot of people on the left say this isn't about taking guns away. it's not about banning guns. it's not about repealing the second amendment. but clearly for some people who no longer have an active political agenda, people like john paul stevens who has been on the wrong side of this issue for a long time, that's what it's really about, isn't it? >> first i want to say thank you for having me on your show to exercise my first amendment right to defend the second amendment rights of millions of americans all across the country. second of all, to your point. yes for a long time we've heard the left argue they want common
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sense gun reforms when you look at this and have people like justice stevens coming out saying they went a full repeal of the second amendment, which is virtually impossible because you need 38 states to agree to that and they're not going to do that because the republicans are in charge of most of the states. however that doesn't mean the local jurisdictions of the federal government can't limit the second amendment so much that the right to bear arms is essentially outlawed. you have to keep that in mind. when you look at the signs at the march this weekend, when you look at the rhetoric of a number of people in "rolling stone," the "the new york times," they lay out that they want to confiscate millions of gun gun e had a sheriff in north carolina saying he wanted to kill gun owners. people hear that and go, you know what? i don't think so. i'm not going to give the government all of that power and i'm certainly not going to give it to law enforcement officers who are talking about going after gun owners in a way that results in their death. kennedy: david, now i understand that there are a lot of people
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on the left who are going to say no, this really isant what katie said, common sense gun control. where do you stand on this and john paul stevens that we repeal the second amendment? >> thank you for having me on. i'm glad to have this conversation. we can't just talk to ourselves in our partisan bubbles. and you know, i think that on the right you need to reckon with the fact that you've lost a republican like john paul stevens. and here's why. kennedy: john paul stevens is a republican? that's fun. thank you, david. thank you so much. >> he was. it's worthying about why he's not. right? here's the thing -- kennedy: not really. as an libertarian it's not about that at all. do a little research before you come on the show. this is not a show based in a partisan fantasy. >> here's the thing. ever time there's one of these horrific events, the right and the left come together and start
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talking about reasonable reforms. most of us mostly agree on most of the things we want to do. not all of them but plenty of things. but it never happens. it never happens. we never get any of these kol mon sense reforms through. kennedy: what does that mean? define common sense? >> just the kind of things you said, talking about economic abusers, talking about background checks, talking about you know high-capacity ammunition, talking about ar-15s. those kinds of reasonable places where we can have -- i mean we can have a good debate about do we need ar-15s. that's a good thoing debate but we never do anything and we never do anything because every time we get close the nra and other really radical -- kennedy: i mean do we need cars that go over 80 miles an hour? do we need cell phones? >> i would love. >> we could do everything. >> if we could treat cars and guns the same way, that would be
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fantastic. kennedy: i would love it. then we would all have insurance. >> i would never mention the second amendment again. if i sell you my car. >> let's get back to the constitutionality of the issue. kennedy: you're right, katie. david, hold on a second. you've been talking for quite some time and i've allowed you your space and point. >> thank you. kennedy: you're well come. let's talk about a jurist, one who is supposed to hold the constitution sacred. you cannot cherry pick certain parts of the constitution that you now see outdated. david hold on. i'm going to let katety respond. >> if you take away the second amendment and repeal the second amendment as the justice who is supposed to be defending the constitution instead of ripping it up, then you can start taking away other eams as a consequence of that. for example, the fourth
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amendment, unlawful search and seizure. that would be required if we repeal the second amendment. the fifth amendment would be the government coming into people's homes and confiscating private property without compensation. that is something that would have to be taken out of the constitution, the bill of rights in order for them to get their second amendment repeal pipe dream. if you want to repeal one of them, you're going to have to deal with the consequences of dealing with a whole bunch of other amendments and right being taken away. on the issue of talking about does anybody quote need an ar-15. it's called a bill of rights, not a bill of needs. kennedy: that's a good point, katie. i want you to respond specifically to the idea that there are people out there who want to repeal the second amendment. as i said in my opening monologue, the reason this country is so powerful and people feel safe is they vu a right to defend themselves. if you look at r ra je jet a reh
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korea, they can't defend themselves. the people with the guns are the people in power. >> all around the world there are countries more and less free. very few of them have firearms in the way that we do in the united states. that's a missic argument. kennedy: they have many more illegal firearms in places like france. >> violent crime is higher. >> we're not talking about great britain. >> you want uk style confiscation and gun control. if you're going to compare that, let's talk about the fact that violent crime is higher in those countries than it is here in the united states. >> i would like to go back to the idea that the bill of rights can't be changed. we, in the constitution, built a system to change the constitution ken you need 38 states to do it. >> i'm not saying it's possible right now. but political culture cultures .
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if you don't want the culture to change, come with me, joining me on working on common sense and common ground solutions. we can make america a safer place. >> i just want to point out that the people who have been working on quote common sense solution to gun violence as they would call it in this country are organizations like the nra, actually worked with congress and presidents in the past to make sure that mentally unstable individuals, domestic abusers are the ones who cannot purchase firearms. it was the obama administration who didn't prosecute gun crimes at a level that they are prosecuted before and they're being produced now. kennedy: david, it's really not just about the guns. as we saw with the indiscriminate bombing, it is about human nature, about a disconnect from humanity. it is about anger and rage. and the symptoms of those that are misidentified, particularly
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with adolescent males who are thrown on psychiatric drugs that rattle their brains from young ages. >> you can got to stop discriminating against people with psychiatric disabilities. kennedy: david, don't you dare -- listen to what i'm saying and don't you dare because you know and i have made it very clear, i'm talking about violent impulses. i'm not talking about panic disorder. i'm talking about young people who are put on anti-psychotic medication who get off of it and commit atrocities like this. >> every country in the world -- kennedy: just one second. i'm talking about people who are so desperately lonely and disconnected from their family and society, they feel their own recourse they have is to take their lives. that is older men in this country. i'm talking about women who are the victims of domestic abuse, relegated to the sidelines by law enforcement. that's who i'm talking about. don't you dare come on my show and put talking points in my
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mouth. go ahead, mr. man. you have the last word. >> every country in the world has all of the things you've talked about, people with all kinds of mental health needs in my broader work, that's exactly what i focus on. only our country has this rate of gun violence and i still think we can do better. kennedy: we can do better and there are many ways we can do better. when we demonize objects, we're doing a great disservice. thanks so much. the stormy daniels storm is not yet over but president trump and his legal team, well they don't seem too worried. his personal lawyer michael cohn said today the stormy daniels defamation suit quote, doesn't pass the smell test. an interesting phrase for a former adult actress. this statement michael cohn put out in february denying the
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relationship with the president makes her look dishonest. this is in addition to her lawsuit so void a nondisclosure agreement. the president has not commented on the stormy situation and today sarah huckabee sanders basically told reporterer, don't hold your breath. >> just because you ask the same question over and over and over again doesn't mean we have to keep coming up with new things to say. we've address it, addressed it extensively and there's nothing new to add to the conversation. kennedy: is the story about to fizzle out or just getting warmed up. let me take it to my party panel, robby soave is here, along with nan hayworth and comedian joe devito rounding out the panel. let's talk a little bit about this. democrats love this story. it will not go away.
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there are new legs and new accusers coming out pretty much every day and new twists and turns in the saga that is stormy daniels. how politically toxic is it for republicans and the president. >> not really at all. kennedy: is it going to fizzle? >> it will stay in the news because she has an ability to always keep brings it up. she can always go on tv open talk about more wrinkles in the story. but trump's sort of personal moral issues and failings are already very broadly known to the public. this was an issue before he was elected president. you can't -- you can't convince me that voters are going to change their mind about trump because of this stuff because they've already made up their mind. and this isn't even as serious an allegation of possible criminal wrongdoing as other women have accused him of. so i don't see -- it's a salacious and interesting story for the media. i don't think it matter to the pupublic. and shouldn't that matter?
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kennedy: it should matter but it doesn't in that people who love the president will continue to love the president. people who absolutely despise the president, will continue to absolutely despise the president, maybe a microgram less if they get a little more on their tax refund. >> more jobs. kennedy: this is an interesting example of hypocrisy by the media when it comes to covering sex scandals. and it feels that we haven't learned the lessons that we internalized from the bill clinton scandal. >> this is a story that the left would love to promote. most of the mainstream media are eager to get their hands on ms. daniels, so to speak. but the back story, you know, the fcc is having some conversations with michael cohn. i think the left is going to be following that like a dog with a
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bone. what stormy dan yell daniels ha, what i found remarkable is she said i'm not part of the me too kennedy: that's interesting. i thought that would turn into that conversation on "60 minutes" because we've been talking about victimhood so much and a lot of people are bravely coming forked with their story and i was curious she said it's not about me too. >> like a dog with a bone is my favorite stormy daniels movie, if i had to pick just one. what is the crime here? this was before he was president. it was consensual sex. she signed a nondisclosure agreement. i don't understand why we're talking about the story. it's not anyone's business except for the president and his wife. as far as changing anybody's vote, i think there are a lot of people who voted for him who would like to vote for him a
8:17 pm
couple times more because of this. the idea that donald trump wants to be in the company of sexy women. she said that she was financially compensated. she's shopping around her story to the highest bidder. kennedy: great at marketing as well. in her claim she said she was shamed and embarrassed. i'm like lady, you're in strip clubs promoting yourself as a mistress making a lot of money off of a story that would have gone nowhere. >> it should fizzle out real quickly because if you look at the transcript of the interview and watch it, it's not very interesting. kennedy: well the panel is coming back for lots more. first, breaking news out of china. what kim jong-un just made his first official visit out of his country. what does that mean for the nuclear talks. how will rawsh sha take revenge after we kick their spies out of the u.s. i'll talk about those stories with the one and only buck
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sexton after the break.
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every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. breaking news tonight. north korean dictator kim jong-un just made a secret trip to china, his first overseas trip as their leader. according to chinese state leader. the trip only confirmed of kim
8:22 pm
jong-un left beijing on an armored train. he met with chinese president p joining me to discuss all of this were former cia officer, buck sexton. what is the significance of kim jong-un leaving north korea, going to china and meeting with xi jinping. >> there's nobody near as important to north korea as china. i mean china has by far the most leverage and for kim jong-un to be able to negotiate effectively with the united states -- assumes this all happens and it still feels surreal, they need to know where the red lines are with china. kennedy: what is china saying . >> that's a good question. kennedy: i like it's like johnny fon train in the "god father."
8:23 pm
stop crying, be a man, get ahold of yourself. >> i think that xi jinping likes to use china as a means of getting things out of us. if you do this hb we'll settle things down in north korea a little bit. there's a lot of levers it gives them in negotiating with the united states. but the chinese don't want an improation of the north korean state. and if the sanctions continue at this pace, you could have some real economic problems with the north koreans. and i'm talking like feeding their people and actually being able to function as a government. kennedy: they're obviously in a pretty desperate situation right now with the outreach that they are giving the rest of the world, particularly those who could have some impact on whether or not they continue to nucleanukeknenuclearize.
8:24 pm
ththe white house unimpressed by moscow's tough talk. watch. >> the russian government must understand that there are serious consequences for destabilizing actions. this large and growing global response makes it clearer than ever that an improved response be the possible if they change their behavior. kennedy: the u.s. response is by far the biggest. russian foreign minister warned that moscow will not toll yait the nonsense and told reporters to rest assured we will respond. those are fighting words. where do they rank on a one to rocky four. what do you think? >> the russians have been doing a lot of things we don't like and they were doing it for all eight years of the obama amount, eastern ukraine, the crimea situation, the decision to take it, syria and the election
8:25 pm
meddling. if you're going to stand up to a bully, you have to make it sting a little bit. i know the trump administration has done more than the predecessor. we're sending javelin missiles to ukraine to fight against russian-backed ir subacked ir s. kennedy: isn't that confusing the narrative that the president is really in putin's pocket? >> yeah. people that hate this president this week who actually know anything about russia are like, you know what? on russia, he is straight up. trump is tougher than obama on russia. they can still hate this president but the reality is -- kennedy: what about the cynics saying he's doing all of this to get the stormy daniels stuff off the front page. >> we're having him smacking back at russiaing a being unwilling to smack at russia
8:26 pm
because the kremlin controls him. i think it's the right move to expel the diplomats. kennedy: what do they do to retaliate? >> they're probably going to create more problems in other parts of the world. u i believe the u.s. general who has said that the russians are directly helping the taliban. kennedy: back to afghanistan? >> and i think what we're going to see from russia is trying to test the outer limits and see what the administration is willing to do in the response. fracking, the biggest thing to hold russia accountable -- kennedy: that's right. some of the anti-fracking people in the world are russians. coming up, gun control debate and there she is again, storm ya daniels. that saga could be gumming up the party train. how can the gop win back the
8:27 pm
burbs. chris stirewalt to explain next. thou hast the patchy beard of a pre-pubescent squire! .. turn up your swagger game with one a day men's. ♪ get ready for the wild life a complete multivitamin with key nutrients, plus b vitamins for heart health. your one a day is showing.
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[♪] kennedy: there he is. welcome back to you. president trump you found a winning formula in 2016 by appealing to working class voters. the blue collar crew was in the swayed by tales of trump's
8:31 pm
behavior that surfaced during the election. fast forward to now and the mid-terms. many of the races will be fought in the burbs. gun control is on people's minds and a stormy scandal could affect female voters. what can that mean for republicans facing an up-hill climb? chris stirewalt is here. let's talk about the educated versus the less educated. it seems like smart rich people, i don't like it one bit. >> it's ever been thus. the competing forces inside politics are economic more than anything else. the suburbs have since the icen shower era been the bulwark of the republican party. that has been their base.
8:32 pm
white college educate the vote ishes are the single most of important part of the republican coalition bar none. and it has been true for generations. the problem is now they are pivoting and they are picking up the left behind democratic base. there are millions of people in key counties that twitched from obama to trump. democratic voters who wouldn't vote for hillary clinton and voted forward donald trump. the problem republicans face is with unsure traditional republicans in the suburbs, especially among women, can they get enough votes in the former democratic strongholds to vote for people not named donald trump running for office in an off year. kennedy: you have to have good candidates. including hillary clinton. she wasn't a good candidate. people didn't like her. it wasn't the russians or facebook or white women who are
8:33 pm
beholden to sharia law and have to pull the lever for whom their husbands dictate. if you run bad candidates you will have losses. if you don't give people good choices, they will vote for the other person. >> that is true. people will vote for liberal and conservative people, but they always vote for a person. kennedy: i don't know. pretty soon you will be able to marry a goat. >> it might do well in the right district. when we get down to mid-terms, climate matters too. that has to do with how fired up your base is versus how fired up the other guy's base is. >> that's what all these special elections have been telling us. while republicans, their new voters are not good consistent mid-term voters, and the
8:34 pm
traditional republican voters are feeling bulky about the gop, and democratic energy can drive through that hole in the line and put people like conor lamb in congress. kennedy: and they are moderate. but that's going in different direction than the way the rest of the national party wants to go. they want to be progressive on a number of issues. moderate like conor lamb who may have a better chance of scooping up fence-sitting republicans, that's not how the democrats are playing this game. >> for now i bet they will. the throat cutting will start in ernest in 2020. everybody hates trump on their side and have that be enough much the way the republicans won back the house in 2010. kennedy: chris stirewalt, thank
8:35 pm
you for neferght world. >> power to the people. kennedy: the gun control debate isn't showing any signs of cooling down. hopefully you caught that fiery debate. millions of activists hard to call for more gun control. they are walking 50 miles to house speaker paul ryan's hometown to demand action. some people have been raising eyebrows at who is back their movement. celebrities like george and amal clooney. one rapper took to the stage. the problem is he was convicted in california last year for carrying a load gun that wasn't registered to him in that state at least. do celebrity backers taint the true meaning of the march? so, robby, you have been covering some of these marches.
8:36 pm
you have gone out and talked to some of these students. what are you learned? >> i was interested to see that they are really afraid of dying in school. like they say that to an unbelievable degree. i saw kids holding signs that said i could be next, i will be next. when you talk to them they clearly thought they would be gunned down in school. that's important to understand it's sort of motivation for going out and doing this. this isn't just a crazy libertarian idea. actually mass shootings in school are rare. they have more to fear from dying in a car crash on the way to school. kennedy: and obesity and being sedentary. every death is tragic when you lump all of them together, it's incredible. but if you look at gun deaths from 1993 to 2015 it was 7.3 per
8:37 pm
1,000. now it's 1.1. >> as we have had more guns and easy access to guns. it's hard to confront their wrong and serious belief that they are in serious danger in school. we know we make bad policy when we are badly informed. it's important to engage them. kennedy: it's one thing to march and one thing to protest. it's critical in protecting democracy that you have to protest against your government when you think they are doing something wrong. the problem is when you give in to emotional whims you do as robby said, make bad law. >> the reasoning goes out the window. these motivated, passionate, articulate so many instances
8:38 pm
young people, are being co-opted by the left and their intersectional agenda. they are ignoring, willfully ignoring the evidence that we know is there that the shooting in parkland should -- the short in parkland should never have had access to a weapon. it was the failure of law enforcement. >> there is no side that's in favor of this. the good news is these kinds of shootings are extremely rare. it's hard to make something that's already rare more rare. you can't go in and say we'll pass new laws as nan mentioned. this kid was waving more flags than at a may day parade and they didn't do anything. there was an appeal to the authorities and they didn't do anything. from the call to the police to the police hiring behind their
8:39 pm
cars. kennedy: the fact he had a gun is sad and horrific. but law enforcement didn't do anything. national and local law enforcement when they were notified so many times. i can't believe that sheriff still has a job. robbrob. is more government regulation the digital fix? jonathon hoenig has answers. he's next. n made it hard to sleep and get up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid... the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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kennedy: the "wall street journal" reporting the facebook executive mark zuckerberg is heading to congress. lawmakers have been demanding answers from mark after information that cambridge analytica accessed the information on users without their knowledge. with me now, fox news contributor, jonathon hoenig. people love talking about regulating the internet, google, facebook, twitter and snapchat have gotten so big, they need a certain talking to. >> keep talking. because the stock prices of all
8:44 pm
these internet companies just keep going down. facebook is down 20% since this scandal broke. it last something like 50 billion in market capitalization. mark zuckerberg brought it on himself. he asked for this regulation and sanctioned it. what he should have told congress is to learn to just get lost. gfy. kennedy: so fund yourself. >> his time should not be spent testifying to congress. this is a terrible thing for facebook. kennedy: you have a generational disconnect. millennials know when they use
8:45 pm
digital media that their information is being compromised. do i like it? do i agree with it? do i like it when the government does it? absolutely not. but these are transactions. but the more we hear stories about it, the more transparency there is and the free market fixes things on its own. >> just because facebook is used by the public doesn't might's owned by the public. if congress wants to fiction something, before they start with facebook, they should start with amtrak or the post office or the national debt. they have a lot on their plates. zuckerberg has tonight their power. he has the opportunity here to set standards, the regulations or of what he wants to regulate facebook, that's this job to do just that. despite government regulation, the per heris -- the conspiracyt
8:46 pm
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kennedy: before we go any further i would like to wish a
8:50 pm
happy birthday to fergy of the black eyed peas. let's hope they do a better job singing happy birthday than she did singing "the national anthem." this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we begin in the great state of texas where one man had a few extra bucks on him so he decided to hit the ball. they were shocked to see an suv come barreling in. but not a shock when the manager charged him with a roaming fee. he was clearly out of the area. miraculously nobody was injured in the incident. police released this photo of the man who crashed into the wall. probably healthier to drive into a wall than it is to drink
8:51 pm
kool-aid. but the last thing you should do is take health advice from someone who gets paid in fritos and fireballs. topic number two. the great state of indiana got 10 inches of snow this week. so locals laced up their boots, put on their gloves, and head outside to mow the lawn. you are looking at the town of new whiteland which was found after resident of old whiteland did some landscaping in the great blizzard of 1884. what does it matter. you are not listening to anything i say because there is a guy mowing his lawn in the snow. he says the snow isn't any excuse to forget your grass. this guy puts the green in green
8:52 pm
if you know what i mean. topic number three. residents in the california town of azeusa are sleeping better after a mountain lion was captured. the hav have -- the video has bn by over 2 million people. he was in the market for some food. the first woman to spot him going through garbage cans said i was stunned by his beauty but i wasn't scared because he didn't seem aggressive. her funeral will be held this friday. i'm kidding. the cat was trance tranquilized and brought back to the refuge. the police said it wasn't a
8:53 pm
safety threat because it was originally a detroit lion and they never hurt anybody. let's head out to the state of montana where they have something for every trendy restaurant-goer. wow! >> what does that mean? oh, boy. this isn't going to help the fight for 15. a fast food worker told her manager a woman was being rude so she spit in the woman's food. that's fast food 101, lady. the restaurant announced the employee has been fired. luckily for her she got a job as a lyft driver. finally in arizona, a cat has
8:54 pm
been rescued from a light pole after it had been stuck for 72 hours. police were all out of ideas how to get the cat down. they brought in some philadelphia eagles fans to yank down the whole pole. they sent in a guy on a ladder after failing to bail the cat down. when he got there and saved the cat's life from starvation and electrocution, the cat showed her appreciation by clawing the heck out of him and running off. the cat lived in the neighborhood but didn't have a name. they named her hillary. no wonder she wasn't enticed by the food. it didn't have any hot sauce or titos. she needs something to throw it
8:55 pm
in. i will tell you all about my trip to hawaii in the "nightcap" and it's next. ♪ gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can start in the colon and may be signs of an imbalance of good bacteria. only phillips' colon health has this unique combination of probiotics. it helps replenish good bacteria. get four-in-one symptom defense. i'm mark and i quit smoking with chantix. i was a heavy smoker for 26 years. i smoked a pack and a half a day and i was able to quit with chantix. i never thought that i could quit, but i did. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. without a doubt, chantix reduced my urge to smoke. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix,
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you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. some people had changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, or suicidal thoughts or actions with chantix. serious side effects may include seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking or allergic and skin reactions which can be life-threatening. stop chantix and get help right away if you have any of these. tell your healthcare provider if you've had depression or other mental health problems. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. the most common side effect is nausea. my older smoker-self would be so surprised. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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♪ get ready for the wild life with one a day men's. my older smoker-self would be so surprised. a complete multivitamin with key nutrients, plus b vitamins for heart health. your one a day is showing. kennedy: where have i been, you ask? i went to hawaii. every year i try and raise money by racing in a triathlon.
8:59 pm
it's a wonderful program and i race for ply mom who is a lymphoma survivor. it gives the fight greens blood cancer so much meaning floims better backdrop on the planet earth than hawaii. the race went great. i wanted to finish fund 3 thundershowers. i did it in 2:59:49. the ocean was so blue and nice i had to remind myself to keep swimming. you shared your story about the your own fight and the family members you honor with your pledge. let's keep up the fight, renewed and focused on why we do what we do for those we keep in our hearts along the way. thank you for watching the show. it's great to be back. you can always follow me on twitter and instagram.
9:00 pm
email tomorrow night on the show, matt welch, brian brenberg, michio kaku. have a beautiful night. >> it's the circus, downsized. [ crowd cheering ] >> he's got the big top, the sideshow, the menagerie. >> and you can almost smell the popcorn and sawdust. >> made by a master whittler. >> he never used a jigsaw. he never used a lathe. it was always a pocketknife. >> boy, this knife has some mileage on it. >> but it comes with a jumbo-sized burden. >> he would usually cry and he'd say, "barbara, i don't know what to do."i didn't know what to do either. >> and now the big reveal. >> are you ready? okay, here we go. >> wow. ♪


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