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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 30, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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naval buildup like that and not eventually had an adventure. it calls for a buildup on our part. charles: here is the man, lou dobbs. gregg: good evening, i'm gregg jarrett in tore lou dobbs. republican lawmakers are lashing out at attorney general jeff sessions for refusing to appoint a second special counsel to investigate fbi and department of justice corruption. 15 house republicans have been officially demanding a second special counsel. but sessions rejected their calls. we'll talk about the ensuing outrage coming up. new russia provocation. russia conducting a second test of its intercontinental
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ballistic missile that vladimir putin claims can hit anywhere in the world. we'll have details. nearly 400 sheriffs coming together to demand congress build the wall. the sheriffs warning sanctuary policies all over the world are make it harder to protect our citizens, and they are telling lawmakers enough is enough. we begin with our top story, conservative lawmakers are fuming tonight over attorney general jeff sessions' latest decision rejecting calls to appoint a special counsel to investigate fisa. >abuse at the fbi and doj. more than a dozen gop lawmakers including mark meadows and jim
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jordan repeatedly called for a special counsel. lawmakers addressing the latest failure to act. >> we need this special counsel. i disagree with the attorney general. for the attorney general to suggest there is not enough there there is extremely disappointing. gregg: the evidence is persuasive and overwhelming. former deputy director andrew mccabe and many top fbi and department of justice officials involved in the clinton and russian investigation who have been fired or demoted. and there are shocking new revelations concerning mccabe, jordan and meadows. saying an fbi report from the office of professional responsibility found that mccabe lied four times about leaking information to the media. once he lied to the office of professional responsibility,
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once to the former fbi director james comey, twice under oath to the inspector general. >> if those aren't extraordinary circumstances warranting a second special counsel. i don't know what the heck is. everyone in town knows we need a second special counsel to get to the bottom of this. gregg: joining me now is to -- m fitton. shouldn't he also be prosecuted if he's a serial liar? >> you don't need a special counsel to conduct a prosecution. the attorney general conclude he lied. and lying to investigators in the context he evidently did would be a crime, obstruction of
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justice. gregg, you can list all the federal statutes. but getting back to jim jordan's point. james comey gets fired by president trump, steals documents, leaks them improperly in violation of the law. you have his number two getting fired for lying. you got the strong-page issue with the text messages suggesting upending the entire justice department and fbi criminal investigative process with respect to hillary clinton and donald trump, you have got the abuse of the fisa warrant and bruce ohr. the number four at the justice department playing shell games. >> that's a pretty extraordinary set of circumstances to really get someone work on this full
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time as opposed to doing an internal review and having a prosecutor based in utah do a review. he's not doing a prosecution or investigation. he's monitoring the paperwork created by the i.g. gregg: it's cops investigating cops. the letter sessions sent to congress says huber is doing his work from outside d.c. with all the witnesses and documents in d.c. and you are stationed in utah. but he's still with the department of justice so he's conflicted, isn't he? >> he's not necessarily conflicted if there is a commitment by the justice department to provide him the resources and they are honest about what the investigations are. i would suggest on general
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sessions to the point they are investigating, they publicly disclose them. it's not like there are any great secrets about whether mr. mccabe lied or not. and they can't talk about the investigation. these are public controversies. and the justice department should be specificth telling congress -- be specific in telling congress we are using justice prosecutors and fbi. we have plenty of prosecutors, gregg. but we need prosecution. between mr. mccabe and hillary clinton. you don't need much in the way of investigations to follow through with significant prosecutions. gregg: you need a grand jury and a judge presiding so you can compel people to testify and gain a warrant to seize evidence as mueller did. i'm reading from sessions' letter, the i.g. has the
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authority to investigate allegations of wrongdoing and collect evidence through subpoena. no he doesn't. he has no jurisdiction over some of the main people like comey, yates and mccabe who have already left the department of justice. he can't compel them to do anything. >> he's not prosecuting. he's reviewing and going to make recommendations. he's investigating whether to investigate. this is classic two-steps on the part of justice department leadership. i don't think they want to be seen as going strong against all of these individuals. you know why i think in the end, gregg? they know it's going to run into the mueller investigation. that investigation has been compromised by all the activity we talked about. to confront it with aggressive prosecution whether it be the
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special counsel or giving huber the authority to do the right thing, the mueller investigation shuts down because it's been compromised. gregg: who picked huber? i have a hunch sessions didn't know him. rod rosenstein who spent a lifetime in the department of justice. he knows the players and he picked an obama holdover huber. this is a rosenstein duping sessions saying let's get hooker. >> giving huber the benefit of the doubt, couldn't they have found someone who had been appointed outright by president trump. someone who was reappointed by the trump justice department.
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it's remarkable they picked another rod rosenstein to help negotiate this problem for them. gregg: rod rosenstein might as well have picked himself. he should resign but of course he won't. a never-ending hillary blame game continues. the failed presidential candidate has more harsh words for anyone who wants her to just go away. please. we'll tell you about it next. your brain changes as you get older.
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gregg: some new backlash against facebook after an internal memo reveals questionable practices to achieve growth. maybe somebody dies in a terrorist attack coordinate on our tools. anything that allows us to connect more people more often is de facto good. mark zuckerberg claiming he disagrees with the memo. just the latest trouble for the company under federal investigation for its handling
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of users' personal data. the exhausting hillary blame game continuing. the former secretary of state blaming sexism for all the tv pundits to told her to go away. >> i was really struck how people said that to me, mostly people in the press for whatever reason, oh, go away, go away. i had one of the young people who works for me go back and do a bit of research. they never said that to any man who was not elected. gregg: oh, yeah? let me get out my list. joining me, tammy bruce. they said it to al gore all the time after he lost. that puts a lie to what she just said.
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it's mostly democrats saying this, tammy. >>it is. what she was noticing but women on her team, including her former campaign manager. so this is what hillary doesn't understand. the clintons never think about other people. it is only about them. the concept that she should be thinking about the impact she is having on the party and other candidates doesn't occur to her. when she hears these requests to go away, she takes it personally. what she should be doing is considering the larger context. no one seems to be able to convince her. it's almost like there needs to be an intervention. maybe her daughter or someone close to her needs her to take a good look, so she can deal with issues of policy in the future as opposed to having this blame game be the latest.
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gregg: people hate a whiner. but they respect people to stand up and take responsibility for their own actions for what they caused to happen to themselves. these are just some of the excuses. these are the things and entities and people she has blamed. i have a master list. i dug through all of her speeches on her blame tour. i came up with 56 people and entities hillary clinton blamed. charlie, your take? >> she is blaming everyone except herself. i have been trying to get john mccain to move on since 2008 and it last had nothing do with him being a man. but it's consistent. she doesn't want to take responsibility for her own actions. if you look at what happened in the 2016 election. many people said hillary clinton
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lost. i don't believe that. donald trump win. he went to states people those would not win in a million years. states she thought she had in the bag. she says russians are one of the reasons i lost the election. did the russians tell not you go to wisconsin and visit the result belt -- the rust belt? i love that she is on t swrrks talking. people are saying i voted for trump because of her. tammy: especially with her comment about the experience being traumatic. you are campaigning on your own ground in the homeland. if you can't handle your own nation's campaign, how can you handle the world and the madness of the world? we learned when she was secretary of state she couldn't. but this kind of emotional reaction to consider it a
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montreal a when she has been in politics all of her life tells you thank goodness what we avoid and we are in quite a bit better shape right now. gregg: let me throw in the facebook story. there is a rather inflammatory internal email. boss worth said i didn't believe it when i wrote it. i was just trying to trigger a discussion. fair or unfair? >> it's one of the strangest explanations i have ever heard. i wrote it but i didn't mean any word of it. facebook is in trouble right now. i was very, very bullish on facebook as a company and a stock. i think it's a mistake for mark zuckerberg to testify before congress. their missing management of the
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data side is a problem. gregg: the same company be said about us and the film industry that tends to glorify violence in movie theaters. i think bossworth was making the same point. tammy: saying we don't ask the right questions in look at what we are becoming. are you going to ask the right questions? even though you can do something, the issue becomes should you do it? all of our society has those questions. the internet and technology, we see this being new, but the moral questions attached to it remain the same always they are with medicine and experimentation and college or what we do with television and mass communication. so this is natural and it's a matter of did zuckerberg and the other people leegd it have the
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wherewithal and the moral foundation to do the right thing to make facebook something for good as oh bowed to having it be something for bad. gregg: message to mark zuckerberg. your model is am and their privacy rules and how strict they are. if you want to know how to handle the situation, call up tim cook and he'll fill you in. charlie cook, tammy bruce, good to see you. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe jeff sessions has lost all credibility as attorney general by putting an obama holdover in charge of the fbi and department of justice corruption. cast your vote @lou dobbs. walmart reportedly in early
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but i'm not standing still... and with godaddy, i've made my ideas real. ♪ i made my own way, now it's time to make yours. ♪ everything is working, just like it should ♪ welcome back. u.s. intelligence officials downplaying today's test launch of russia's satin 2 intercontinental ballistic
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missile. vladimir putin describing the missile as unstoppable, the missile never extraordinary space or followed a traditional ballistic path. one american official telling fox news it's not even a prototype. engine on a tube new pictures tonight raising concerns about north korea's nuclear activity ahead of a planned summit between president trump and little kim. a satellite image taken last week shows construction of a new building near north korea's light water reactor. joining me now, gordan shang, author of "nuclear showdown, north korea's taken to worl." good book. you should reads it. thank you for being here. a few days ago little kim took a long train ride into beijing to meet with chinese leadership. you think that's a fascinating development why? >> first of all, it shows that
7:27 pm
the chinese control the north koreans. for decades the chinese say we've got bad relation and we're not responsible for what they do. but north korea gets its components and material for the nuclear weapons in china and china provides technology for the ballistic missile program. chai noo's influence of trying to denuclearize north korea has been maligned. the one thing president trump did was to agree to talk to kim jong-un directly without the chinese in the room. now the chinese are trying to reassert themselves into the process. this isn't good. >> how do you see the summit unfolding in may if in fact it does take place between kim jong-un and president trump? >> i think that it starts a very long conversation between american and north korean officials. north koreans don't want to do anything. they basically want to get us off of the peninsula.
7:28 pm
and it ietion up to president trump to increase the sanctions on north korea so they have no choice but to give up their weapons. we're a long way from that point but of course now the sanctions are working but they need to work more and we probably have to go against the chinese banks because they continue to launder money for the north koreans. we've got to get them out of the business. we didn't allow pablo escobar to launder money through new york but the chinese are doing it today. >> i know you're a cautious and skeptical guy. you and vi had a lot of conversations. what's the likelihood that north korea would actually denuclearize. >> that's not a kim question, it's a trump question. it's a question of how much the american president is willing to do to get the north koreans to stop. we can do it without the use of force, we can do it with force, but really it's a question of what president trump decides to do. >> what should he do? >> i think that he should go
7:29 pm
after and increase the sanctions on north korea directly but also go after the chinese and vacuum up the money come in from places all over the world into north korea. we know where it's coming from, we just need to spend a lot of effort to stop it. >> what i read -- i think you and i talked about this the last time. kim is broke, right? >> he's getting broke. the chinese saw that office no. 39, the kim family slush fund is running low on cash. that sounds right. the south koreans are saying he might run out of foreign currency reserves by october. i don't think it's october but we're close to the point that the kims really need cash. >> so the stik would be threat of force by united states and continued increased sanctions. what's the carrot? >> well to me, the carrot is we don't kill you, essentially. i mean, this is where john bolton and mike pompeo are really important. they reinforce the message that the united states might use force.
7:30 pm
i don't think that we should at this stage because there are a lot of things that we can do short of the force. but tbolton's presence in the background tells kim jong-un if he doesn't come to terms, we can take him out. >> well in the past american presidents have offered and some in fact have, you know, been snookered by giving them aid. should that be on the table? >> only after they give untheirr nukes. >> and it has to be verifiable. >> has to be the strictest inspection are jet stream on earth. >> but the iaea was there in decades ago and of course they were playing a shell game, working on their uranium enrichment while they were looking at the plutonium. >> and the restrictions meant that the inspections only covered that one 5 mega watt reactor. we need to do anytime anywhere
7:31 pm
inspections. we go to x city, we go to x city immediately. no fooling around. >> and into the tunnels as well. >> everywhere. >> thanks for being us with. attorney general jeff sessions failure to appoint a second special counsel from congressional conservatives and others. we'll take it up with rebecca rose woodland and lawrence jones coming up next.
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gregg: rroseanne is here to say. bringing it back for another season after tuesday's premier drew 18 million viewers. joining me now, lawrence jones, political commentator and defense attorney ro becca rose a woodland. roseanne is out there on her sitcom saying nis things about t trump. >> they announced that they're giving her another season, another 13 episodes after the initial nine they committed to. it's great. creating controversy on air. people can sigh through it and maybe understand the different issues happening without being divisive. maybe it will bring people
7:36 pm
together. gregg: lawrence, let me turn you to jeff sessions who has now sent a letter to the top members of congress who have been demanding for months, ever since last july when they sent the first letter, appoint a second special counsel. he's not going to do it, not yet at least. and he shuffled it off to the ig and this guy in utah, john huber, who is with the department of justice, so you're still having the department of justice investigating the department of justice in their division called the fbi, what do you make of it? >> i just don't understand why jeff sessions can't do his job. you know, if he was going to take this approach, why didn't he take this approach during the russia investigation as well. so if he took one approach when it came to the russia investigation, then he needs to appoint a special counsel for this same investigation. but it seems like -- this has been my concern about jeff
7:37 pm
sessions the entire time. i feel like he should inform the president if he planned on recusing himself from the very beginning. gregg: absolutely should have. and there he stood the night he was swoorn i sporn in sworn in e first thing he was going to do with meet with doj officials about recusing himself. talk about an unconscionable betrayal. jeff sessions is the poster child for deception and betrayal. has he lost all credibility as attorney general? >> i think that's diminishing greatly because he's inconsistent. there's no reason to be inconsistent here. there's nothing negative about appointing another special counsel. gregg: rod rosenstein doesn't want him do and he takes orders from rod rosenstein, the real attorney general. >> they should be looking for justice and the truth. gregg: my speern experience is t very few of them are interested
7:38 pm
in fairness and justice. they're interested in putting another w in the won/loss column in prosecutions. >> i agree with you. but my biggest concerns when it comes to the justice department, the fbi, is the leaders that we sent there to drain the deep state are somehow becoming almost a part of it now. and i'm not just talking about jeff. i'm talking about our fbi director, i'm talking about all of these justice officials that this president put in there to get control. now it seems like they're going to dinner with one another, they're rubbing elbows with one another and it seems as if they all have each other's back instead of doing the business of the american people. and i think that's very problematic. gregg: andrew mccabe, turns out, according to the office of professional responsibility, he lied four times twice under oath. >> of course. gregg: but rebecca, you know, he
7:39 pm
put out a column for the "washington post." it's a woe is me, i'm an innocent victim. >> he needs money for his defense. gregg: i still felt disoriented and sick to my stomach. mccabe, man up. i'll send you a box of pacifiers until you do. mccabe, they should go after him in. >> well, if there's something that he did wrong, he has to pay just like everyone else. >> just like michael flynn. >> everyone. gregg: if you're going charge michael flynn, you got to charge mccabe. >> that's right. let's have things happen, get the facts, let's move on. and my concern without a second special counsel, yesterday appointed, when we don't have one, what we have ask all of the inner people working with each other. there's no outside -- there's nothing there. >> gregg, you've been around a long time. you know in washington they protect their own, especially
7:40 pm
the people that work for the government. they give him a little package, sign something behind closed doors, they make it go away. because he dedicated his life for service. so the lying really doesn't matter once you're a government official. gregg: it sends a terrible message to americans. if you lie you get prosecuted. but if somebody in the fbi lies four times, twice under oath, you know it's kumbaya, we'll forgive you. mccabe is a big cry baby. i'll leave it at that. good to see you both. >> thank you. gregg: be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you believe jeff sessions has lost all credibility as attorney general by putting an obama holdover in charge of investigating the fbi and doj corruption. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. please roll the videotape if you're going to go base jumping off of a massive cliff, you may as well look good doing
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it. these daredevils put on their best outfits. before leaping, taking high fashion to a high level. they do look pretty good. a boost for president trump's bid to secure the border and build the wall. >> we spend billions of dollars in other countries maintaining their borders and we can't maintain our border in our own country. is there something a little wrong with that? >> sheriffs in 40 states now demanding that congress fund the wall. the sheriff leading the effort joininjoins us coming up next. because life should have more wishes
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gregg: a violent immigration and customs enforcement detainee who managed to escape custody in new york has been captured. the 31-year-old, there's his picture, about to be deported at new york's jfk airport mom men tearily took off husband handcuffs, bad idea, man bolted and fled in a taxi. the officials were finally able to rearrest him today in downtown chicago. a top customs and border protection official is pushing back today on reports that
7:46 pm
front-line border agents do not support president trump's border wall. acting deputy commissioner told reporters that agents have repeatedly said that a mix of technology, infrastructure and access to the border are what is necessary to keep the border secure. >> u.s. border patrol sector chiefs and agents in the field have been vocal about their need for effective barriers. the truth is, walls work and the data show it. and agents know it. gregg: sheriffs from around the country sending a letter to congress outlining the need for action on securing america's border. that letter is signed by 380 sheriffs represents 40 states and was spearheaded by our next guest. sheriff thomas hodgeson of bristol county, massachusetts. >> thanks for having me.
7:47 pm
>> congratulations on putting this together. generally when it comes to things like border security and sanctuary cities, on all of the other networks you hear from the latte sipping li liberals in the media who have so semp thetic to those here illegally, eel thosey those creating crimes. wait is minute. this is wrong. explain why it's wrong. >> the reason it's wrong is that the people who have here illegally are essentially being given sort of a protective bubble in the sanctuary cities. and frankly, being told that they should be able to come out of the shadows and nobody could be able to identify them or have law enforcement intercede with them. and at the same time you have the attorney general in california saying that you law abiding citizens, you business
7:48 pm
owners, we want you to go into the shadows. if you attempt to cooperate with law enforcement in keeping your communities and businesses safe, ie, working with i.c.e., we're going to prosecute you. so what's happening is the criminals are becoming more emboldened. the people being victimized are the people that the elected officials are supposed to be protecting. and look, the violence in our communities with ms13 and all of these other illegal, criminal illegal aliens is out of control. sex trafficking, human trafficking, drug trafficking, on and on. gregg: it's a federal criminal felony -- and i've cited it many times on air, punishable by five years behind bars to conceal or shield or harbor somebody here illegally. so in light of that statute, what ought to happen to the oakland mayor who alerted illegal criminals that i.c.e. was coming to bust them?
7:49 pm
>> title 6 and 1324, you're correct. you know what ought to happen? it's the same thing i said that should have happened last march. i was asked that by congress and i said issue arrest warrants on any elected official who attempts to harbor or conceal anyone in the country illegally. why should an elected official pick and choose what laws they want to follow, create a special class of people forgiven from the consequences of the law and not being prosecuted like anybody else would be. gregg: and if somebody like kate steinle dies as a consequence of it, it's life behind bars, not just five years. you represent 380 sheriffs in 40 states. how important is building the wall? >> the wall is absolutely essential and it goes back to the days of ronald reagan. the wall is absolutely critical. i've been on the border three
7:50 pm
times and i've been to the israeli borders. i need barriers need to be in place and we need walls or we're never going to have a secure border. there can be a combination, but the fact of the matter is you cannot have border security without that wall. gregg: sheriff, my congratulation to you for having the courage to stand up and for putting this movement together, 380 sheriffs representing 40 states signing on with your movement. keep it up and we'll stay in touch with you. thank you. >> thanks, gregg. space x today successfully launching ten telecommunications satellites into space. the primary mission went off without a hitch bu but space x s hoping to recover the nose cone. to that aim they spent a high speedboat with a net but the concone missed its mark.
7:51 pm
an all-owl control chinese space station coming crashing back to earth this sunday at 17 miles per hour. so duck. the 9.5-ton space lab, the size of a bus, has been adrift since the chinese space agency lost control of it two years ago. most of the space junk is expected to burn up in space, in the atmosphere actually but a portion of it could survive. it could enter the atmosphere between a latitude of 43 degrees north and 43 degrees south which includes most of the continental united states. you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting hit. one in five trillion or something like that. up next, the pope's comments about hell spark a holy uproar and now the vatican is doing a
7:52 pm
devine intervention and damage control. we'll take it up with pastor jeffers when he joins us coming up next. what do you need? i need the temperature for pipe five. ask the new guy.
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gregg: well the vatican pushing back on reports that pope francis does not believe in hell saying his holiness was misquoted by a journalist when he said quote there is no hell, only the disappearance of sinful souls. the vatican called the story fake news saying his alleged
7:56 pm
statement was not a quote faithful transcription of the words of the holy father. joining me now to talk about it, pastor robert jefers who is leader of the first baptist church of dallas and a fox business contributor. thanks for being with us. pos tore, thipastor, you wrote d "hell yes ." iminspired to read it. what do you make of this? >> i wasn't in the room with the pope so i don't know what he said or didn't say. i think it's strange in the vatican statement that if the pope was really misquoted, why doesn't the vatican issue a simple statement that says the pope believes in a literal hel lks. hell. we haven't seen that happen yet. but what jesus says about hell is a lot more important than what the pope says about hell. in my book i studied what yes sus said about hell and
7:57 pm
interestingly he talked more about hell than he did about heaven. he said it's a literal place of suffering. think about it, gregg. if jesus is wrong about hell it's because he's sincerely mistaken or an outright liar. either way he's not the son of god and christianity unravels like a cheep sweater. pat be buchanan said yesterday,f there is no hell, what did jesus die on the cross to save us from. gregg: is this legitimate mrn that this iconcern that this iso has moved to far to the left? >> we have many catholics who attend our church, they love the bible, love jesus christ. they're concerned about what they perceive of a left ward move of this pope. the fact is he has moved to the left politically and socially.
7:58 pm
i believe you can be a political and social liberal and still get into heaven. you can't get in to "lou t to s tonight" but you can get in heaven. gregg: talk to us about the spirit and the importance of easter sunday as we approach, just a couple of days a u way. i think our viewers would be interested in your thoughts. >> easter represents the most important event in human history. the resurrection of jesus christ from the dead. this sunday easter falls on april fool's day. we've plastered the city of dallas with a billboard of my sermon, jesus is the resurrection, foolish, fake news or fact. and we're looking at the
7:59 pm
historical information from the bible. i'm going to talk about simon greenleaf, an atheist and yet after investigating the evidence for the resurrection he became a devout christian. he said using the rules of evidence there is to more evidence for the resurrection of jesus christ than any other event in human history. our event is built on fact and that's what we're going to celebrate. gregg: we got 30 seconds left. are you optimistic about faith in the world? >> i am. and not because we're necessarily going to win this thing by numbers. i mean, jesus always said that committed christians would be in the minority. but jesus also promised this. he said in the world you're going to have tribulation but be of good cheer for i have overcome the world. gregg: i read the latest novel called "origin" and it was very
8:00 pm
very interesting. i would love to have a conversation with you about it, another time, sometime after easter. pastor robert jeffers, thank you for being with us. that's it tonight. lou is back monday. have a great weekend. maria: happy weekend. welcome to the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. i'coming up in a few minutes, te most respected vices on fixed income around. black box, global chief investment officer of fixed income, rick reider, $1.7 trillion in assets, my first guest. first to the fox business room with the headlines affecting wall street to main street. >> wall street's wild run of volpety continuing this week. in the end, finishing the holiday shortened trading week in the green with a short


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