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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  March 31, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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very interesting. i would love to have a conversation with you about it, another time, sometime after easter. pastor robert jeffers, thank you for being with us. that's it tonight.good night evw york. kennedy: tonight, big news on government surveillance and fisa abuse as the attorney general finally starting a new investigation? we have all of the answers plus, president trump going to war with amazon. who is going to come out on top? and who's trying to bury the new film chap quitic. the answer will surprise you. throw on your dance shoes. it's time to tango. kennedy: a bunch of republicans want a second special counsel and they're being led by trey gowdy, bob goodlatte and chuck grassley who will beg ag jeff sessions to appoint a counter weight to robert mueller's balanced purr seat. sessions is under enormous
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pressure to taighten up the actions of his own group. sessions is so helpless hack by scolding him in broad daylight. if the inspector jern has gotten us to first base, republicans are trying to convince session to go all of the way. and now it looks like jefferson be ra guard put them a step closer. just this evening sessions sent a letting stating he is going to let horowitz finish his investigation but in the meantime he has u.s. attorney john huber barking up the uranium one and clinton investigation trees. it is laughably unsurprising there are systemic surveillance abuses at multiple agencies but now huber's hunt may be a precursor to another special counsel. beware what you wish for. there is no objectivity left in
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washington even though huber is an outsider. and who is to say the person who seemed impartial one day might turn time-out to be a partisan hack and your mortal enemy the next. dueling special counsels are no way to settle political scores and this is one area where i actually agree with the attorney general. let michael horowitz finish his job before he jump to conclusions because the enemy of your enemy just may bite you in ththe keyster. let's get to it. i'm kennedy. kennedy: on one side we have those republicans demanding answers. on the other the attorney general demanding patience. but where could this new investigation ultimately lead and are we on the road to a second special counsel. joining me now from fox news at night, one of my favorites from d.c., anchor shannon breem. welcome to the show. let's talk about this a little bit. you are obviously not only a
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storied and decorated journalist, you're also an attorney and you have kept your eye on this beat for quite a few years now. what does the newly deputized onhuber say to you about this investigation? >> it's interesting. because i interviewed the attorney general a couple of weeks ago in california when he was making some big announcements about cracking down on california and their sanctuary city policies out there that they've now adopted statewide for the most part. but i asked him asht the calls s for the second special counsel and he told me during that interview, we have someone who is a senior prosecutor outside of d.c. looking into these things. we pressed for more information, couldn't get a name. but now today we have this answer. this guy is widely respected. somebody ran into him in washington today who knows him, didn't know this announcement was about to come. but now we know why he was here. he's apparently been regularly updating the attorney general, reporting back to him and he's got broad latitude and
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apparently some staffing and things to help him. this has been going on, we understand now, since november. kennedy: he's not a special counsel, not an inspector general. what is his official role? >> well he's a senior prosecutor, u.s. attorney for utah. and so he does have a lot of latitude when it comes to reaching into things and having legal powers to investigate. and to talk to people and to sneak into things and look around without, you know so far he's been able to do it without raising a lot of red flags. but now people have a name and know who this is. there's a town f pressure on sessions to go ahead and appoint the special counsel. now they think it's time to go public with huber. something interesting i noted today, a couple of weeks ago a number of top republicans, including grassley and graham on the hill sent this letter saying we need more of an investigation. but if you'll look in one of the footnotes, this footnote was so tiny but it gives the ag an out because it says, if you determine a special counsel
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appointment wouldn't be necessary or appropriate, we urge you to designate someone else who could handle this. so clearly they indicated if we can't get the special counsel we'll take this as a secondary measure. but again, u know, there are folks within the doj telling us that huber could lead to a second counsel. it's not completely ruled out. kennedy: if there were a second special counsel appointed, would it be huber? >> that is possible. he's already on the trail of whatever he's been investigating. i'm not sure how it would work. but yeah, he's already invested so much time and personnel since november, investigating a number of tings at the direction of the attorney general. it would make sense. maybe this is the process of floating him. i don't know. now that his name is going public. i think that the attorney general wanted to signal he's taking congress seriously. we do have a guy. hhe wouldn't give me a name earlier this month. i think the pressure is on so much that he said okay we'll
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give you a name. we're taking you seriously. kennedy: it's kind of like getting engaged instead of eloping. and a lot of republicans are putting pressure on attorney general who is under enormous pressure from the president. he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't if he appoints a another special counsel and this person goes rogue or eats up a lot of time it doesn't solve any of the problems that seem like they've risen to the surface with the mueller investigation, at least what we can tell so far. so maybe this is just a way of pacifying those republicans who are really angling for something. >> yeah. it's interesting because today the attorney general said in his letter, listen, since these regulations about special counsel were passed, it went into effect in the late '90s, he said we've only twice found in all of that time, 20 years, that anything rises to the level of needing a special counsel. they want it to remain rare. and we all know that when
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special counsel is launched, they always end up finding something about somebody somewhere, even if it's not what they were originally going to start. the clintons are a great exam. of that. and who knows what we'll find with mueller. the fact is they have a lot of latitude and a lot of resources and that makes a lot of people in d.c. nervous. kennedy: and because of the resources and the amount of power they have, they want to justify spending that time and money. they're always going to find something which could be problematic and not necessarily a solution that many of the republican chair people are looking for. thank you so much. >> great to be with you. >> we'll see you tonight at 11 p.m. eastern. it looks like the world took a chilly step toward a new cold war. earlier today russia announced she's shuddering american's conflict in st. petersburg and kicking out 60 u.s. diplomats as well as other diplomats from other western nations. this comes after the u.s. and others expelled 100 russian intelligence officers this week
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in response to a poisoning of a russian double agent. russia's ambassador claimed this it tar at the could be worse. quote, the west must understand that the anti-russia campaign has no future. if it continues we'll be deeply in a cold war situation. well the only thing worse than a cold war of course is a hot war. things don't look so great on that front. poland just bought $5 billion of pamissile from the u.s. nato beefing up troop levels near russian territory. and james mattis just said the u.s. military almost bombed more russian mercenaries in syria. so are u.s.-russia relations going down the drain? let me go to my globe trotting party panel, a criminal defense attorney, keep his number if you're ever pulled over, michael is here, campus reform editor in chief, the big man, lawrence
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jones and peter suderman. welcome everyone. let's talk about the russia situation. i thought the whole point was that the united states was now just a russian puppet. what's going on with this cold war/hat war. >> i think there's kind of a conflicting messages coming out of the administration. and on the one hand, donald trump, president trump has been somewhat reticent to kri critice the russians, for example, the sanctions signed -- passed by congress, signed by president trump. he was against them at first, didn't like them and then slow walked them at the deadline when they were supposed to come. kennedy: hep wahe was tentativet pointing fingers at russia after the poisoning. >> and from what they've done, trump has been tougher on russia than the obama administration. and he did sign the sanctions. they've implemented them somewhat and trump took a
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stronger option than he had to when retaliating against russia here in this case. and so it's really kind of unclear where the white house is, where trump is, whether this is maybe the administration moving rather than you know what the administration wants rather than what president trump himself wants. and if you saw this on a tell vegas show, you would go what's going on here. i want to bing watch this and find out where it's going. >> and it doesn't seem to be a convenient narrative for democrats. >> it's not convenient. i think the president started off like many other presidents saying they're going to work with russia. kennedy: of course. they all say the same thing, they want to be friends with vladimir putin. >> he used it as a negotiating tool having this relationship, with trying to go back and forth with putin and then the hammer got dropped down on russia. like you said, he's been tougher on russia than the past administration but he's not been that much different in trying to negotiate with them first. the democrats tried to use their
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narrative that this president is in bed with russia. >> there's a different situation here than what any other president has dealt with since president kennedy. russia has attacked our critical infrastructure and election infrastructure. the on-set of the trump administration should have been a tougher set with russia. now they're strengthening the sanctions and strengthen our ability to go after russia. kennedy: is that enough for democrats though? >> i think what we really need is better ties with our allies in europe. kennedy: you admit that the obamaadministration's policy on russia was a failure? >> absolutely. the syria red line was a failure and that showed russia that we weren't serious. kennedy: as well as syria and iran. >> and our failure to name russia early on was a failure. that was a collective failure between democrats and republicans. >> why didn't obama when he knew that russia was meddling in the election, why didn't he get involved? >> one, mitch mcconnell and paul ryan said they wouldn't
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sign a bipartisan letter to come out and donald trump on the campaign trail was going along, this election is rig dz. >> what happened to him being the commander in chief, the person that's supposed to defend this country. >> it put him in a really bad position. he's trying to make voters believe. >> he chose politics. >> on one hand he had donald trump on the election. >> politics. >> it's not politics. >> i think it would have been very difficult for obama to do anything. to not act was obviously a choice that has had real consequences. but to act, to intervene, to say look, iem i'm the president, i'm definitely not going to be here after this election is over. and basicallly he would have been saying and i'm going to take a starring role in this. i'm going to intervene in the u.s. election and -- kennedy: you know what. >> he would have been accused f -- kennedy: times you have to put politics aside, especially when you're talking about the safety
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of the country. and the safety of our cybersecurity. >> in an ideal world that's true. but i mean republicans were not willing to work with democrats on this. kennedy: your hope and change man. >> he can't do it all by himself. he did a lot by himself. kennedy: if there is a pooch, that pooch is part of the me too movement now because that thing has been abused since sunday. >> i would ask the question to paul ryan. paul ryan knew what was going on and he did nothing. he took steps to stop -- kennedy: paul ryan was not president of the united states. >> that's when he was speaker of the house. kennedy: the reason we're in a pickle that we are with north korea is because of president obama. and at some point. >> north korea has been going on for 30 years. kennedy: when you're a two-term president, you have the ability to alter foreign policy and make things better. >> as in george w. bush, bill clinton. this isn't a problem that started overnight. >> a a lot of them failed on foreign policy. they went into wars when they
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shouldn't have gone into wars. >> you can't say that and then. >> i give them all of the blame. >> -- back the bluster president trump said when it comes to korea and iran. kennedy: maybe the bluster is working in north korea. but are we on the precipice of peace talks? did kim jong-un go to china and talk about denuclearization? >> i hope you're right. it could cause world war ii i. kennedy: you want world war ii,i i, you want the president to fail if it makes the president look bad, that's what the democrats want. >> i don't anybody want world war ii i. kennedy: nancy pelosi did. >> trump is president now and i think that trump needs to -- we need to expect that trump should take action and behave responsibly. >> and he has. got to give him credit where it's due. >> north korea is coming to the table -- the fact that north korea is coming to the table, i'm willing to give credit but we have to see what happens when
5:15 am
they meet. kennedy: isn't that collusion? isn't the president colluding with north korea? >> well he's president now. it's different than if you are secretly negotiating during the campaign. kennedy: it's so much worse because now you have the power and the football and the buttons. >> and the authority. >> it's every single -- kennedy: pardon power. >> in some ways it is more. >> every presidential candidate has some type of channels with. >> just not at the russian embassies. kennedy: hitting where it hurts. all right. don't you worry. there's much more of the man panel coming up first up we'll take a look at the pl president now blaming amazon for putting mom and pop shops out of business. is the retail giant really doing anything wrong. plus the new anticipated release of a movie involving a political family. the film's executive producer is
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that's why retailers rely on comcast business to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. . kennedy: welcome back. is president trump going to war
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with amazon. this morning he tweeted, i have stated my concerns with amazon long before the election. unlike others they pay little or no tax to state and local governments, use our postal system as their delivery boy causing tremendous loss to the u.s. and putting many thousands of retailer out of business. jeff ba bedos also owns the washington post. promptings concerns that the president's tweets are a lit call attack against bay dos him. he may cause the stock to drop $24 billion in market value. but should the president be starting a trade war with the nation's biggest online retailer. joining me now, brian bremburg is here. it's always problematic when the president picks winners and losers. we all love mom and pop shops, we all love our local retailers,
5:21 am
but is the president taking up the best possible fight? >> we also love amazon. 80% of americans are buying online. they want low prices. amazon is winning because people like what they deliver. you don't vike to like jeff bezos. the president is taking on a company that's very popular. and you know, if it creates higher prices for consumers, and it could, they're going to be unhappy about that. because again, amazon is serving people in a way we've never seen before and they really, really like it. they're not being forced to shop there. this is bay choice. kennedy: the president says they're skirting state and local taxes because they don't charge a sales tax if they sell you something through a third party vendor but they do pay taxes. >> anything they sell that's their own good they make sure to collect sales tax. but you know who the third-party vendors on?
5:22 am
they're the online moms and pops. and if you start taxing them, it's going to put them at a disadvantage compared to amazon. kennedy: that's true. >> if you go with this amazon sales tax, the one company it's probably not going to hurt is amazon. their products start looking cheaper relative to everybody else's. you have to lack at intentions and consequences here. you can say you're going after amazon but a amazon is ready to win this game. they're beefing up, lobbying, they're ready to walk in here and be regulated because they want to write the regulation. kennedy: you're absolutely right. they're the ones that want to write the rules and that's the root of crony capitalism. but when they're push into a corner, they've got millions of dollars. and you know in-house lobbyists as well at the ready to fight both parties. >> they're working with lobbyists inside, offices in d.c. they're working for the government right now.
5:23 am
nay ear fully ready to engage in any kind of regulatory battle you throw at them. by the way, i think they like their chances after midterms 2018. they're not interested in courting republicans. but they bet is at some point they're going to get democrats in congress and a democrat president and then they're going to have access to write the rules. kennedy: so it seems like there are other tech companies and entertainment exeangses that feel the same way, hence susan rice is on the board at netflix. what does that say to you? >> netflix is looking at the same battle. they want friends in high places and they're looking at 2018 and they probably see a power shift. isn't it great to have susan rice on your bed. isn't it great to have barack obama producing shows on your network when you're trying to go to congress and say write rules in our favor. this is pure swamp politics, it's cronyism. all of these tech companies are ready to do it. they've been spending tens of millions of dollars or years on this. they're not afraid of
5:24 am
regulation. kennedy: are they hedging their bets that the democrats will win back the house or are they hopeful? >> i would imagine if you ask them, they believe it's going to happen. they also know regulation is coming. they know they can't escape. they don't care. they want to make sure that their friends are the ones that write it. this congress is not going to write the regulation before the mitt terms. that's going to happen later. they want to be in the best position to do that. you can win with regulation if you're a big company. the losers are always the small companies. this amazon tax isn't going to kill amazon but it's going to hurt the small guys that have to figure out the tax laws. kennedy: and those unintended consequences end up hurting the very people the president claims to be helping. it's no different than when we talk about minimum wage laws. >> look. intentions are one thing but you got to look at who it falls on. in this case there's mom and pop online too. don't forget that. and these are the guys that are going to get hurt if the president goes after amazon the
5:25 am
wrong way. kennedy: all right. well done. the night is complete. almost. we still have a lot coming up. hillary clinton is back from india and she's still talking. you got to hear what she's saying now. first up, yesterday the president fired va secretary david shulkin. today shulkin is fighting back. did he score any points in the blame game in i'll talk about it with the party panel next. today, we're out here with some surprising facts about type 2 diabetes. so you have type 2 diabetes, right? yeah. yes i do. okay so you diet, you exercise, you manage your a1c? that's the plan. what about your heart? what do you mean my heart? the truth is, type 2 diabetes can make you twice as likely to die from a cardiovascular event, like a heart attack or stroke. and with heart disease, your risk is even higher. but wait, there's good news for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit. jardiance is proven to both significantly reduce the chance
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kennedy: stormy daniels 15 minutes of fame could be up. today a judge denied a request to depose president trump. on whether he knew about the payment made to daniels before the last election. her attorney says he plans to refile the motion. should stormy daniels keep fighting the president or is it time to ride off to that dancing with the stars appearance in the sky.
5:30 am
my partly panel is next. obviously she is controlling for a settlement. she wants to rip up the nba so she can have a' bigger cash grab. >> it would chip away at any credibility she had. she settles would do damage to everyone else. kennedy: i'm sure that's what she is worried about. she is a feminist trailblazer. we can't even repeat some of the names of the films she was in. >> when people voted for him they knew he was that type of guy whether it was true or not. i don't understand. >> ask john edwards what he did
5:31 am
and what his friend who ended upperring of time did. what michael cohen did, if he gave the $130,000 for trump that's an in-kind donation. >> there is -- michael cohen's lawyer is an interesting figure who played a part in this. and michael cohen's lawyer said clearly cohen played a role and fixed a lot stuff for donald trump. kennedy: it's a weird way for your lawyer to characterize -- >> trump's lawyer has a lawyer. he said cohen played aificker role and fixed a lot of things for him. what are those other things? that's what i want to know.
5:32 am
>> is the lawyer's lawyer doing anything? >> he said defin ily if trump did not know about the $130,000. it means cohen acting as trump's lawyer bound trump to a deal he didn't know about. >> that's the problem. >> if trump doesn't know about it is he responsible for his lawyer's actions? >> he could be. either michael cohen committed legal fraud and he'll be disbarred or trump did this. if trump -- kennedy: david shulkin is going down sphwhing a blistering op-ed
5:33 am
after the president canned him. he wrote i fought to stand up for this great department and all it embodies. in recent months the environment in washington has turned so toxic. as i prepared to leave government i'm struck by a recurring thought. it should not be this hard to serve your country. cnn reporting outside visors are telling the president he doesn't need a chief of staff or communications director. does that mean the president could soon ax john kelly and look for somebody to replace hope hicks? >> if you were to tush to the private sector like millions advocated for, i'm not
5:34 am
concerned. there is drama at the white house concerning hope hicks. kennedy: does it make shulkin sounds like a cream puff? you are the nation's foremost healthcare expert, you know the problems at the va. >> i don't think shulkin had a lot of time to fix the problems. he's personally aggrieved. that's one of the messages. the bad guy in the op-ed was privatization. >> he was going to say government sucks. kennedy: you can't stop government because it's okay yotic. but to use it as a bully stick to beat the living daylights out our poor veterans who are still waiting for care. >> we could do privatization and
5:35 am
if people can't get care within two week or a month they could go somewhere else. kennedy: paul krugman said it's the gold standard for socialized medicine. >> that means we'll be shutting down all these hospitals. that's not what privatization is. kennedy: i argue that it is about choice. and for people who are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury and a variety of health problems physical and mental, they deserve choices. >> you are getting paid because i care about all of you.
5:36 am
coming up. in 199 senator ted kennedy drove his car off a bridge and killed a woman. the story is told in a new story called "chappaquiddick."
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>> it was an accident. i was driving. this will in the headlines for weeks. >> a dead body holds a lot of secrets. it means difference between guilt and innocence. so we have to be in control of them. >> there rant lot of senators charged with manslaughter that go on to become president. kennedy: and he didn't. that was a clip from chappaquiddick which comes out next week. it appears some people are not happy about the movie. byron allen bought the film last night said there are some powerful people who tried to put pressure on me to not release this movie. they went out of their way to
5:41 am
influence me in a negative way. i made it clear i'm not about the right, i'm not about the left, i'm about the truth. joining me, byron allen. it's a fascinating story. it's incredibly tragic. but it goats center of dynastic flower this country. there are powerful members of the democratic party and the kennedy family who want to make sure the legacy of that family is preserved. who tried to get you to squash the movie. >> i can't say names. kennedy: you can say names. >> someone at the top of the food chain came to me and sat in my conference room with the president. my theatrical distribution.
5:42 am
and said someone came to them who is influential and enlisted their help in what they could do to hurt the movie, to stop the movie from getting distribution and convince me not support it at the level i'm going support it. i made it clear that was not a conversation we were willing to have and based on that conversation we would increase our commitment make sure this picture got out there in a bicker way. at that moment i increased the ad budget. kennedy: that's how you do it. you can't be intimidated by people like this who are trying to protect their ownself-interest. you are someone who spoke to power to presidents of both parties, including president obama and president trump. >> i'm not about the right, i'm not about the left. i'm about the truth. and i'm about doing the right thing and doing what's best for the american people. the parties and all that stuff
5:43 am
blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. what's right for human beings. you have people living below the poverty line. i wanted to be clear where i stood when it came too this story. $it's always -- it's always been interesting to me. she is one of the original #metoo victims. she hasn't had her truth told. and the truth must always be put forth. these are powerful people who covered it up 49 years ago. i was quite surprised even today when they wanted to cover it up today. this is a story they don't want out there. they don't want this story to catch fire. i'm like really, 49 years later
5:44 am
you want to start this game again? enough is enough. kennedy: how does her family feel about the movie? has her family seen the film? >> yes, i believe her family is in support of it. i think they believe finally she is being shown in the right light. she wasn't just a body they found at the bottom of this car. this is a person. i think this a very important moment. and way found interesting, a lot of people say i can't believe this movie has been made. how can hollywood make this movie. what people have to remember is she business, but it's business show. if people show up and pay to see this movie, these stories will be told. what's believed in our industry is the people out there won't support these types of stories. you have to get out there and support these stories about the truth, these stories that maybe
5:45 am
agree with your point of view, and i think you will see a lot of movies like this get made. kennedy: you bought the weather channel for pennies on the dollar. is it true you are so wealthy and powerful you are using the weather channel to control the weather? >> hah, hah. i will make it sunny for the rest of my life. it will be smooth for everybody. that's it. no, you know, the weather channel is more than a channel. it's an american institution. kennedy: we have had so much pretty weather. and that's where people turn when there are hurricanes and wildfires. first they come to fox business, but sometimes they go to the weather channel for a little while ban we are okay with that.
5:46 am
i first fell in love with you on "real people" and i'm still obsessed. >> thank you, kennedy. kennedy: hillary clinton gave up a one-hour speech at rutgers university. guess what? she trotted out another excuse she trotted out another excuse for you're trying to lower your very hwith a healthy diet... and exercise. and maybe even, unproven fish oil supplements. not all omega-3s are clinically proven or the same. discover prescription omega-3 vascepa. the one that's this pure... and fda approved. look. vascepa looks different... because it is different. it's pure epa. vascepa, along with diet, is clinically proven to lower very high triglycerides by 33% in adults, without raising bad cholesterol.
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kennedy: hello, you. wisconsin police arrested a man who smashed a mcdonald's golden arches set with a hammer because they refused to cook him 30 double cheeseburgers. it was a crazy story by the was nice to see michael moore on tv again. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we begin tonight in new jersey where hillary clinton can't take the stairs but we can take a pay cut. after years of demanding a quarter million dollar speaking fee, she spoke at rutgers university today for a mere $25,000. that works out for $1 for he excuse she has for losing the elect.
5:51 am
>> i was struck by how people said that to me, mostly people in the pre test. test. test. test. who works for me do a bit of research. they never said that to any man who was not elected. kennedy: yeah, they did. they do that all the time. now we are on to post-election sexism. tickets to the latest stop on hillary's we is me tour are free because nobody would pay to get town this sort of thing. but plenty of people would pay to get out. i'll give you $500 not to listen to that. topic number two. dunkin donuts just released their own pair of sneakers. if you enjoy fine fashion, this story is not for you.
5:52 am
they are orange, hot pink and magenta. they also feature a sprinkled donut on the heel. anyone who likes donuts this' probably not a jogger. many speculate they are an april fool's joke. but i visited the website to check to see and they are real. my categories, my business. topic number three. let's head out to san francisco where everybody is hitting the gym so they can have more easter candy on sunday. look at his short little legs. this corgi learned to run on the treadmill when he was a month old. but he can't have candy when he's done at the gym because
5:53 am
candy is harmful to dogs. but not as harmful as seeing men naked in the locker room. this corgi wasn't always a fan of exercise. the dog says, anything but another speech full of excuses. i will levitate on the treadmill. i'll dig up her email server in the woods. just please stop that video. topic number four. a group of researchers revealed sea turtles can use their fins to shop hair prey. sure, there is no cure for cancer. but turtle fighting?
5:54 am
that needed solving. yeah. look at that. that's a shark in the background. but the turtle isn't scared because he's a black belt. the karate loving turtles are fans of headbands and italian artists. this doesn't sounds like a real study. it's a bunch of scientists getting drunk and watching mutant ninja turtles. topic number five. the best thing about going away is coming back to open arms. but then you realize the stinky open arms are throwing punches and wielding torches. what's up with your overzealous
5:55 am
pronunciation containing the letter r. last tweet, i'm sorry but the on thing kennedy was good at was announcing music videos. i remember you. you said i was horrible at that. paul is upping to find out why is kennedy so weird. paul, sorry we don't have biblical names. i group portland where the bumper sticker was "keep portland weird." maybe that's why, paul. we'll be right back. stay here. how do you win at business? stay at la quinta. where we're changing with stylish make-overs. then at your next meeting, set your seat height to its maximum level. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at
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announcer: so veterans can reach victories great and small. carmen: now i wish i'd found dav sooner. my victory is just enjoying each day. announcer: support more victories for veterans, go to kennedy: contrary to what people might think. america's pastime isn't fighting on twitter. it's baseball. the mets suck. they did win today. even if you don't like baseball, for the next six months when you hear the term caught stealing it won't apply to facebook. it will be the players from he city that plays our beloved game.
6:00 am
play ball! email it's great to be >> lou: good evening, everybody. these are the top stories. president trump fighting back against california's dangerous policy. he threw his support against the state's sanctuary law. the wall with conservative commentator and best selling author ann coulter. president trump replacing veteran secretary with ronnie jackson. an act you have duty navy physician, and now serves as in addition


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