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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 4, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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now, here is lo lou dobbs. lou: top story's tonight president trump had enough obstruction of his afford to make america and americans safe, enough of speaker ryan's and mcconnell's insults, president trump announcing he is sending military to border with hexamethylene triperoxide mexico defend our sovereignty and safety of american people, signaling he is fed up with congressional inact and mexico's refusal to stop a caravan of illegal immigrants who have declared they will cross our sorsouthern border. and that caravan releasing a
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list of demands, including u.s. to open the border, grant them unfettered access to u.s. saying their right as refugees. >> i have been speaking with general mattis, we're doing things militarily until we can have a wall with proper security we'll be guarding our border with the military, that is a big step, we really have not done that before. lou: we take up need to secure sword ern border and build that wall. also new revelation that deputy attorney general rod rosenstein gave special counsel mueller authority, secretly to overstep his russia collusion mandate and public is only beginning to learn about it, 8 months later. congressman matt gates said it is not too late for attorney
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general sessions to do the right thing and reverse his recusal in russia probe, and fire the special counsel. congressman gates is a among our guests. >> and president trump reminding president computer thai putin tl defend interesting and allies in world. telling leaders of baltic state that from the white house no one has been tougher on russia than he has. >> no one has been tougher than i have. we it 60 diplomats,. lou: no president has confronted more foreign policy challenge, simultaneously than president trump. because 3 successive presidents all failed to resolve conflicts with north korea, china, iran and russia. president trump is meeting those conflicts all at once with the trump do doctrine.
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the president is now contending with a rogue special counsel as well, who turns out has a secret mandate, which has nothing to do with russia or collusion. we take that up with chris farrell. our top story, president trump sending troops to the border, white house official telling our senior white house correspondent john roberts, that the plan being considered would mobilize a substantial number of national guard troops until the wall one built. a wall that congressional leadership has not only refused to fund, but in so doing, insulted the american people refusing to defend the nation's borders and our people. the president's remarks come as a care strain of central americans aims to cross our border, our fox news correspondent brings us up-to-date. >> we don't know if the group
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was headed to california, a sanctuary state or to texas when is closer. women and children have gotten humanitarian visas, allowing them to stay temporarily, and many men have left on training bound for the border. >> i think they are doing, that as of 12 minutes ago it was all being broken up. >> group crossed into mexico march 25 from guatemala, they are in oaxaca perioded to puebla. to attend a legal clinic on what to say to obtain u.s. asylum. >> we're looking out for their interest, with exit routes some people are more vulnerable, humanitarian visas, they can cross through the country in the best way possible. reporter: several days ago u.s. asked mes mexico to address the growing exodus of from central america, mexico arrested 16,000
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central americans in last two months almost same number apprehended in u.s., but unlike mexico u.s. allows many to stay, and backlog courts sort out their immigration status. >> we don't have laws, we have catch and release, you catch you immediately release, people come back years lawsuit for a court case -- -- reporter: some mexican officials say this is over, some say it is not, they will seek asylum for those who continue north, there are many more behind them, border patrol side they are arresting more than 10,000 central americans a month. lou: thank you william. reporting. first guest represents a congressional district on the border in arizona, said we finally has a president who has will and desire to secure our border umartha mcsally, running for arizona senate seat replacing jeff flake.
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first your reaction to the president's decision to send national guard troops to the border? >> i appreciate his continued leadership, on border security. things happen slowly here in washington, d.c., new place that i deploy. so it is an important i think step in right direction to be in appropriate place to fill in the gap, we have 2000 border patrol agents shorts of what our existing thoirlt authorities are, this is a manpower intend every job, and national guard appropriately, the defense support to civil authorities can do a job to support this american mission for community like mine they represent. while we continue to address the other issues to secure the southern border, once and for all, i appreciate his leadership on this issue. lou: do you also not appreciate
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the fact this this presidential most forced into this position by a cat low -- feckless, and soldout leadership that refuses to secures borders and defend our national sovereignty, and protect the important people, a caravan, demanding unfettered access to u.s., to do as they wish as if they were citizens of the world, and our borders are a line in a land mass rather than a definition of our sovereignty. >> this caravan is getting a lot of attention this highlights the insanity of lack of resolve and policy loopholes we deal with every day. and in addition to this caravan, every day we have people that are seeking out border patrol or showing up at ports. they are looking for law
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enforcement to turn themselves in, carnell -- cartels tell them who to say to -- lou: did you say cartels. >> yes. lou: how about people without borders, all of the ngo's, nonprofits many funded by george soros and other left wing groups who are radicalizing them and by the way president obama 8 year administration incentive. >> these are the construction of previous two administrations. there is no loophole there is a design too leave those borders open. supported by chamber of commerce, by the business round table. and leadership, your speaker,
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your speaker and the republican conferences majority leader mcconnell, have insulted the american people, they did not even respond to the president's request for that wall they didn't fund a dime. and they insulted him further, and american people by reducing the number of i.c.e. agents they would fund in 1.3 trillion dollar spending bill. what in the world is your conference thinking. >> look, in this year's fiscal year there is 1.57 billion in next year's remaining 6 months therefore fiscal year for 95 miles of border security. lou: now, no, wait, wait, i respect true much for you to play games with me. >> i'm not playing. lou: you are, you are calling it border security. i'm calling it a wall, president is talk brg ing talking about a.
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>> right. lou: i want us to be direct and specific. >> right. lou: there is not a dime for president's wall, there is a reduction in number of i.c.e. agents, how do you rationalize that from speaker and leadership of republican party in congress that will insult you and every member by doing so? >> look, there is -- lou: you have asked me to look. >> listen let's not play games,. lou: i need you to tell us the truth. >> okay, secure america future act, a bill that i have been leading has 38 billion in a trust fund to make sure we fully fund border wall, and agents and everything that else take secures border, but we need to change the law, we have the individuals that are claiming false asylum. lou: what are you going to do. >> i'm telling you what i'm going to do. lou: you can't talk over me.
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answer. >> i'm not talking over you. >> lou, i am answering a question, my bill -- lou: that you're bill. >> i'm asking about your leadership, do they support your bill. >> they are supporting our bill,sca leasing is say cosponsor -- scalise is a cosponsor we need republicans to say they will vote, this is issue, it has to get out of the house of representatives, we have people that have issues. lou: how do you feel. about insult to american people, lefby speaker ryan in ignoring president's request for funds, wall and additional security. >> lou, speaking of defending america people, bill has money for troops, and because of policies of obama they are in a really. >> you are not going to do that.
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>> i am, but there are the border wall system, this is -- lou: border wall system? >> yes. >> that includes border wall, everything else it will take. the democrats have been holding me. democrat leadership has been holding all this hostage, for them playing political games with their pet projects for illegal immigration. lou: i thought that republicans had won the control of house, and senate and responsibility for the leadership and legislation, that would result. >> lou, get my bill passed it will address those loopholes and allow this caravan and others to no longer turn themselves in to border agents and disappear to united states this is insanity, we have to address the issues, pass the bill. lou: not doing so honestly is the ib insanity as far as i'm
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concerned, i'd like to have you back try is again. >> okay, lou. lou: tragedy in san bruno. a woman opened fire at youtube headquarters wounding 3 people before taking her own life. authorities say it was a case of domestic or work place violence, investigation is ongoing. shooter is believed to have known at least one of the victims, officials with zuckerberg san francisco general hospital say that hospital brought in three patients, a 36 career old man in critical condition, 32-year-old ca womann serious condition, and 27-year-old woman in fair condition. >> up next, president trump defending allies taking on russia. >> i think i could have a very good relationship with russia. and with president putin and if i did that would be a great thing, and also a great possibility that will not
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happen. who knows. >> dr. gorka is joining us mere next.
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lou: primp today declaring -- trump today declare he stands with our allies.
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>> there has been nobody tougher to russia with that said, i think i could have a very good relationship with putin, it is possible i won't. you will know about it remember this getting along with russia is a good thing, getting along with china is a good thing, getting alon with other country, is a good thing not bad. lou: joining us dr. going to go. great to have you with us. today heads of baltic states, at white house. it looked as though president was purposefully putting his thumb in the eye of vladimir putin. >> what about collusion? yeah. it warmed my heart as child of parents who escaped the captive nation during revolution of 1956
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in budapest to see american president stan next to 3 nato nations that had been denied their e existences by russia, sucked into soviet union in beginning of world wor war ii. and look at what this administration has done. in the last 15 months. this has been the toughest administration on russia for decade. lou: i think most instructive to look at foreign policy challenge that president has taken in in his working. on resolve, not simply to practice strategic patience. as did president obama or whatever it was that policy followed by george w. bush. this is a president who is taking on north korea, on the
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issues of iran, russia, china. without question north korea, it is extraordinary he has 5 foreign policy challenges and each one is met squarely and forceful by the president. >> this president is a patriot but also a pragmatist, he will never have a hot mic moment telling stewart of kremlin he will have more flexibility after the election, or like president bush saying i looked into the eyes of a former kgb and saw his soul. 11 seems, nuclear weapons, he knows that they are a troublemaker, they stir up instability whether it is syria. lou: he knows our enemies. >> yes.
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lou: our potential enemies and strategic geopolitical economic and military likely rivals. turn to his announcement he is sending the national guard to the border. president obama did the same, as did george w. bush without affect. this president is taking on an issue that is actually creation of his own party, speaker ryan, re-- actually justin suls the president, refusing to honor even a part of his request for border wall. reducing the number of i.c.e. agents against illegal immigration. this is outrageous. he had to act dhe not? >> absolutely. the border is our front door, you have to secure the house that is america, that starts with the border, you are right,
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that very disengine wise lady you had there previous segment who tried to say it has nothing to do with g.o.p., who is running the senate, who running house, it is their mandate to to so, they failed this president, they failed american people, you know why not -- we're most powerful nation in world that has ever seen, we cannot second our our border, hungary can secure their borders, a little country, what about america. lou: we elected donald trump, 2616, and -- 2016, it is a good thing for the country that we did. because, we would be watching rino's lead by ryan and mock mcconnell, and business round table and chamber of commerce it would be a disaster, with open
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borders. clap trap that was spewed by those who would like to see north american union. this is the time a historic juncture. had we not alleged president trump -- elected president trump, i dis pair to think what result would have been. >> we have the leaked transcript of that speech that other presidential candidate gave to that group of international bankers, what did hillary say? her dream is to have a borderless hemisphere. from canada down to belize to south latin america, central america, no borders. in that case, phrase united states of america would have meant nothing. >> doctor gorka thank you. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, question is, do you believe deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's secret memo to
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special count mueller clearly demonstrates that special counsel streftgatio investigatis corrupt. and should be ended forthwith? we would like to hear from you? cast your vote on twitter, follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. >> on wall street, big gains posting stock indexes, sharp gaining, national, press deciding today they were not as concerned about the tariffs after all. dow up 390. s&p 33, and nasda nasdaq up 71. spotify making trading debut, up 13% from reverend price. debut ranks among top 10 largest tech ipos, facebook forced to apologize again. this time for saving users' unpublished videos.
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that thought they deleted. blaming a technical glitch. some sort of a bug. >> strong economy continues. boosting auto sales up 6 percent. in march. and reminder to listen to my report three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. >> up next, rod rosenstein giving robert mueller free reign to expand his witch-hunt. what is going on? we'll find out here next stay with us. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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lou: deputy attorney general rod rosenstein giving robert mueller super secret permission to expand his investigation into paul manafort's business
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dealing, and he gave that super secret permission in august. in a court filing by manafort's attorneys, it was produces. parts of the document remain severe rid redacted. joining us with more. why is farrell from judicial watch. we have special secret permissions. is it a star chamber? what has the just its department become? >> it's a gross abuse of justice. one of the fundamental pieces is brady material. if you are going to charge someone criminally, you have to lay all the cards on the table. you can't have secret stuff. you have rosenstein, frankly a guy with a long track record of
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weird abuse of practice in baltimore. that's where he came from as u.s. southern. he issued a secret authorization. man for the's attorney saying you are outside of the scope of the special counsel authority grant. what are you doing look at stuff from 2006 that has nothing to do with the trump administration. and they go wait a minute. we have a special letter here. we can go anywhere we want and do anything we want. i'm not going to get into the details of mr. man for the's questions. he has attorneys for that. but procedurally this is a page out of the book of secret star chamber indictments and authorities outside the normal scope of due process. they are abusing the system. they are hunting for scalps and
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will do anything they can to get them. lou: i'm tired of what has become something of a saw. they are prosecutors and will do whatever it takes to get a prosecution. to hell they will. there is suppose to be a crime here. that's what they are supposed to be investigating. and now we find out that they are pulling this nonsense of the super secret meeting and memos that give you a vast fishing area. it's just un-american, it's side, and what i cannot understand is why there is not an outrage in the leadership of the house and senate saying end it and end it now. >> the house and senate are leaderless. it's a joke. but what is particularly offensive about this secret authorization is they claimed it was classified. then they submitted it to the court.
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well, which one is it? is it a classified document or is this something that goes into the public record as part of a criminal court proceeding? you can't have it both ways. there is a disconnect there that shows you the way in which they are abusing the regular due process criminal procedure to do any damn thing they want. this alone is grounds to can rosenstein. this goes back to mueller, this whole do anything, go anywhere, abuse the system. lou: he really is without integrity. he's utter reply without integrity. he knows how conflicted he is. he's best buddies with comey. he was coordinating the whole page-strzok mccabe nonsense.
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bruce ohr is acting as the personal intermediary funneling things from christopher steelee dossier over to mueller. humor conflicted can it be? lou: i want to turn to this caravan. i want to put it up so we can see the demands being levied by the caravan sponsors, people without borders or whatever left-wing groups. one of their demand specifically to the government of mexico and the united states that they open borders to us because we are as much citizens as the people of the countries where we are and or travel. that is the level of arrogance on the part of these organizers
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and the radicals seeking to create bedlam at our borders. the president it seems to me has been because of a cowardly leadership in both house and senate, has been forced to deal with this issue. and now he's dispatching the national guard. your thoughts. >> i would love to see what the rules of engagement are for the national guards troops being dispatched there. i would hate to see them sitting in a didn't using binoculars. but i want to know what the instructions are from the state department to u.s. ambassador in mexico city and honduras and guatemala. what are they being told to communicate to these nations. i want to know what the attorney general and secretary nielsen at
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homeland security. what are they saying and doing. and i want to know ways being done for the u.s. entities that are sponsoring and subsidizing this. it appears they are engaged in criminal activity. lou:
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lou: joining us tonight congressman matt gaetz. i wanted to start if i may with
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the president's surprise announcement today that he was dispatching the national guard to the border to secure that bored until a wall can be built. your thoughts? >> i'm glad the president is a man of action even when the congress has abandoned this president on the critical promise to secure the bored. the senate should take up a vote on at wall but they are too gutless to do even that. the consequence questions is people see the united states isn't that serious about border security and that invites people across our borders for people who are illegal. we need to support a president who is determined to take action on behalf of the american people. lou: i think most of people are absolutely shocked that the leadership of the house and paul
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ryan and mitch mcconnell, they both said to the president, we are going insult you at will. we are not going to give you a dollar for the wall. we'll put a billion and a half on the table for that. it's about 600. and we'll also reduce the number of i.c.e. agents since you asked for more to sciewsh the illegal immigration internally to the united states. i just -- how can that be that a republican leadership in both houses can be that feckless and that disloyal to a president who won for the party and by the way won for a lot of congressmen and a lot of senators. >> i'll defend the house in this respect. early in the president's tenure we passed $20 billion as a down payment for the wall and the
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senate wouldn't even take a vote on it. what you just described was the chuck schumer legislation and he had all the power. we won the last election. it's time to start acting like it or we won't win the next election. f this isn't about daca. it's about border security. we have to have skin in the game. and when there is a caravan of people headed to the united states to commit the crime of illegal border crossing, we have to get serious. i'm glad the president is thinking outside the box. he's doing what no other politician who would have run for president would have even con tell plated. he's using the military and the national guard and he'll put them to work for the american people. lou: we learned there is a super
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secret special permission given to robert mueller, the special counsel, and he could go back and investigate anyone he wanted even if they didn't have any connection to russian collusion. they were forced to produce discovery in court. your thoughts by the and what in the world has this justice department become to your mind? >> i'm on the judiciary committee and i can't tell you what the four corners of the mueller investigation are because they haven't even been honest with the congress about the four corners of this investigation. see we have a play a far stronger role in exposing the hypocrisy. with no evidence of a crime
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whatsoever, they unleash robert mueller to investigate things that happened before donald trump was even can templating running for president. when it's the department of justice or rod rosenstein's conduct that's in question, they hire one of their own employees to investigate. that's why many others have joined our call for a second counsel to investigate the investigators because the department of justice and the fbi cannot investigate themselves. and we can clearly see the inmates are running the asylum. lou: up next, the chamber of commerce putting into the president's battle with amazon. we'll have the outrageous, somewhat hypocritical comments when we con
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lou: 17 states with left-wing democratic tons general in 7 cities are suing the trump administration. they are trying remove a question about citizenship in the 2020 census. new york's leftist attorney
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general eric schneiderman leading the suit. he claims the question will undermine the question of the population count and is anti-immigrant. california's attorney general filed a separate but similar lawsuit. huntington beach is the latest to join the revolt against california's sanctuary policies. they voted to challenge the state on its constitutional overreach. lossal any toes started the -- los alamitos started the challenge. mission viejo has followed suit. the chamber of commerce says it's unappropriate for
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government officials to use their position to attack an american company. tell that to teddy roosevelt. the chamber of commerce attacks elected officials who oppose the policies of the chamber commerce and they do so without apology, and they spend hundreds of millions of dollars in each cycle doing so. president trump taking command and border security. we take it up with a top immigration analyst and a mayor who is fighting back. they join me here next. stay with us.
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lou: joining us now, the executive director for the center for immigration studies and dave harrington the mayor of aliso viejo in orange county. let's -- i appreciate both of you being here. mayor, i want to ask you, the sanctuary policies of the state, this is quite a collision we are witnessing. the federal government in contest with the state government and fighting with many of its jurisdictions. where is this head? >> it's headed to the supreme court so they can decide once
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and for all from parts of this policy. parts of it won't be unconstitutional. it will be weren't purview of the state to do. the $12 million fund they set aside to defend people facing deportation. our fight is about the constitutional overreach of the state of california trying to stop us from arresting illegal immigrants. lou: your organization has tried to educate people for decade. we are look at 600,000 backlogs in our immigration courts that will ensnare us for decades.
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our borders are not secured because of loopholes by democratic and republican administrations that leave us wide open to drug smuggling and human smuggling. the issue is for instance border enforcement. the president talked about using the military on the border. there are some ways the military can help. they can't patrol the bored but they can help the border patrol. but the policies that lead to the things you are talking about, our immigration courts don't have just 600,000 backlog. there is one million cases in immigration court that are not resolved because the point of the anti-borders folks whether they are immigration lawyers, activists or others, to make sure as somebody once put it, it
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ain't over until the alien win. the whole point is to prevent the federal government from being able to enforce immigration law, whether it's california doing it, or immigration lawyers tying up the courts. it's all the same concept. the point is to prevent us from being able to control who comes into the country and send people out who shouldn't be here. lou: mayor, you are on the front lines. you have a government organized against you and the values of your community and other communities in the state of california. it's not a leftist state, it's a leftist state government. do you agree with what a mark is saying? is it your sense you are fighting numbers that large, that well fund and that complex? >> from my per spec advertised, i'm not familiar with those numbers at all. we have had a cascade of bad
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public safety policy in this state. we had a cop killed in the sit of the whittier killed by an that's unsatisfactory and it's unconscionable that that happens in this state. then proposition 47 that decriminalized criminal activity. lou: you are talking about sexual offender. >> that would be prop 57. the judge just ruled sex phonedders will be -- sex offenders will be eligible for release. sb-54 is just another nail in that coffin. my focus is simple, lou. i don't want criminals let out
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of jail who shouldn't be let out of jail. they go back and victimize the very communities they claim to want to protect and that's just not reality. lou: at the same time in california and other sanctuary jurisdictions, preventing the arrest of criminal illegal immigrants and luckily a number of the sheriffs in california are taking actions to fix that. mark, you said that the military cannot help patrol that border. i don't see any reason why they could not. why could they not? they have been used patrol streets and assure that colleges and universities are desegregated. why not in the. >> there are a lot of things the military can do, but they can't arrest people on the bored. they help with transportation
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and recon. lou: what would prohibit them from doing so under federal law. >> military lauren: breaking news this morning. the tit-for-tat. stock index futures are tumbling after china would impose additional shares on u.s. goods reuniting worries about a global trade war. taking a look at the dow did raise 389 points yesterday. a recovery rally getting all that back today. dow futures down one and two thirds of a percent. 396 down to the side. that's 120-point decline. s&p futures down 25 points. cheryl: let's look at asian markets right now. they are under pressure except for japan. this news broke


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