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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  April 22, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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good night. >> lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories tonight. evidence against obama and clenton cronies continues to mount but the attorney general jeff sessions and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein are aligned with the deep state and stone walling congress's constitutional demands. a dozen republican law makers filed against the clenton. and law makers want the justice department and fbi to open criminal investigations on james
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comey and andrew mccabe and loretta lynch and former secretary of state hillary clinton. and among the issues obama administration's handling of the information. congressman matt ghats who joins us here tonight and also james comey resorting to playing the victim as he tries to cash in with his self involved book tour. comey lamenting today it is painful, painful to relive his time in the fbi and he's physically drained by all of the work that goes into promoting his book. comments like these may be part of the reason that president trump calls comey the worst fbi director in history and president trump just moments ago, wrapping up his new's conference with japanese prime
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minister. they discuss the summit between president trump and kim jong-un and revelation that cia director mike pompeo travelled to north korea to meet with and i am establish a framework for the president and kim to hold a summit as soon as june. all of this is here tonight. a top story, new calls for a criminal investigation in a to the obama justice department and government officials and a group of republican congressman accusing hillary clinton and james comey of criminal acts from the handling of the clinton e-mail scandal and the trump take dossier. and catherine herridge has more in washington. >> reporter: according to the letter, 11 house republicans want a criminal investigation in the key players on former fbi
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james comey. law makers focused on comey's recommendation on the chargeses in hillary clinton e-mail case. and his tell about the scission. they allege lying and perjury. on abc this morning, comey had not read the letter and not concerned about legal exposure. >> i haven't read it and i don't know what to make of it. they have been saying that. and a lot of that is looked at by the inspector justice's department and i don't have any other reaction. >> reporter: the allegations go to the dnc funded trump dossier and whether it violated the federal election law. lowerita lynch focused on the uranium one case and hillary clinton. and allegations of lying and perjury and obstruction of
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justice for mccabe. his attorney said mccabe got a raw deal from comey and failed to adequately dpraesz the evidence and prove that mccabe advised director comey he was working with the wall street journal. and neither are infallible and neither of them has it right. and peter strok strok and lisa page removed by the investigation by robert mueller. there is questions of their actions amount to rob sfrukz and misleading statements by federal officers. in a separate different. republican tray gowdy asked the fbi and justice department to review e-mails and phone messages. and raised questions about comey's tell to congress. lou?
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>> lou: thank you very issue catherine herridge. our first guest one of the law make ares encouraging investigations on clinton and others anded welling the charge against the deep and pervasive corruption of the to have echlons of the fbi and justice department. congressman matt gates serve on judiciary and budget and armed fores. good to have you with us. a criminal referral, you want to see what is going on with the obama justice department and fbi. to clean up the mess in the fbi and comey and mccabe inclubbeded in the list of target elts and not subjects. what are the odds that the stone walling justice department will actually respond? >> you've asked the operative question. in the absence of a second
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special counsel we'll have the justice department investigating themselves. if they do that we want to be specific about the crimes committed. investigators determine the outcome of the investigation before conducting the intrups before political purposes, the risk they themselves obstructed justice and violated federal law. peter strzok and lisa page and because they hate president trump and love hillary clinton that is not lawful. jim comby and andrew mccabe lying to congress that is against the law. we don't want the justice department to have wiggle room and we don't know what to investigate and it looks fine here and that's why 11 bold conservatives laid out the case and we'll see if the justice department is ready to deliver justice at all.
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>> lou: one line stood out. if i can quote it. i think everyone will enjoy this. you are -- we are especially mindful of the disimilar decrease of zealousness that marked the investigations in former secretary of state hillary clinton and the presidential campaign of donald trump respectively. i don't think you could have put it more eloquently. >> lou, there is a double standard with how the colleagues of hillary clinton were treated and how colleagues of donald trump are treated now. hillary clinton's entire team reviewed their own documents and self curate what they were going to present as evidence and
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immunity deals with obama department. compare that to people of with donald trump they are raided and no warning and nothing to do with foreign inference. and when the american people see how donald trump is treated they are rallying to our cause and why the president's approval rating continues to rise. regular folks see what's sham it is. democrats are working together with the deep state to discredit the dully elected president of the united states and ignoring their own crimes and misconduct. that is not the rule of law in the united states. >> lou: you have the only cabinet member in this history of the country cited for contempt by the united states, one eric holder who perpetrated more scandals than any attorney general saying he would like to
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run for president and wants to head for new hampshire. are you kidding me? >> i hope eric holder runs for president and we'll talk about fast and furious. the democrats could have no better standard bearer than eric holder because he represents all of the scandals and lies and mistreatment of justice that is emblematic of the obama era. >> lou: i have a warm place for joe biden as the standard bearer and bernie sanders. i see great candidates that the democrats could put forward and it is going to be an exciting 2020. and we have midterm and your speaker, is i don't know what he's on other than a high all inspired by himself, where he resigns as speaker andmentes to stay through january and clean
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up a pension of $85,000 a year and doesn't want anybody to go to extra trouble to win a midterm election. i would like to hear you characterize the speaker and your preferences in the way his successor should be chosen and when. >> i don't think the american people care who the speaker is. i think they care what policys we are fighting for to improve quality of life in americans. we have left a lot of meat on the bone. we should be fighting to repeal obamacare and fighting for spending cuts and welfare reform and fighting to get the wall and secure our border and end sanctuary cities. i will look for a leader who will not hand all of the power to chuck shumer and mitch mccounselle and fight for the
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principles to get us elected and i don't see that happens. instead of staying in town and fighting for the president's agenda. >> lou: how soon would you like the election and is there an appetite to see it soon? >> i don't know when it will be. but the ideas will matter more than the personalities and we have to have a fighting spirits in the speaker's chair and i hope someone will lead with a sense of purpose. >> lou: speaker ryan fought diligently and vigorously against president trump. you want to take that back, congressman? >> i think the speaker has been effective within our chamber of funding the wall and making sure we have consequences for sanctuary cities and all failed as a institution is ensuring the united states senate that is
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sitting on 500 bills that they have not enacted on. we allowed chuck schumer and mitch mcconnell off of the hook. >> lou: they were effective in funding the wall? >> we passed funding for the wall. >> lou: you and i seldom argue over the minuta. and you didn't put a dime forward for the wall. >> not in the omni. i am talking before the omni. before the omni. >> lou: before the speaker of the house insulted the president of the united states by taking money away from ice agents and the budget, you mean before the speaker ensulted the president of the united states and not putting forward a dime to build the wall and start would nonsense much systems. >> you are right to be critical
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about that but at least we passed it. but we lost our fight and vigor. >> lou: you have a preference by the speaker. >> if jim jordan were speaker of the house we would be winning. >> lou: there we go. congressman, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> lou: up next, republican congressional leadership refusing to shut down the mueller witch hunt. what do they have to gain? what do they have to gain? the madness must end. what to expect
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>> lou: joining us judicial watch tom fenton. great to see you. let's start with the moment in the trial, in the courtroom in which the judge ruled there will be a different way of approaching this and not turning it over to a tank team and letting the fbi and justice department decide what is going to happen with the papers that honestly violate attorney/client privilege, at least some of them. >> it is not clear who will lose here. the president and mr. cohen,
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will have the records reviewed in some fashion by the government. >> lou: wait a minute. i heard special master, i thought it would be apart from the justice department and fbi. >> it hasn't been appointed and the records will be posted on line and presume the worst here. i think -- >> lou: you can't go too far wrong watching our court system and fbi and justice department operate. >> sean hannity was victimized in this process. his name was leaked out and no reason to betray. >> lou: his name was leaked out as a client by the courts? >> and i am just saying. >> lou: i was using your word. they try to contain it and the court overruled it and by the
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way, sean said he never engaged michael cohen, as an attorney. nany conulation with an attorney is confidential and no good reason for the court. >> lou: you know it is it a good reason or not a nice reason. they are idea logs. and a whole posse of partis an hacks put together by robert mueller and the justice department. >> it all began with mueller and the justice department refused to say no. and have went after cohen, with full force. look, i think the president needs to seriously consider pardoning everybody caught up in this. >> lou: there is an idea. >> maybe if he doesn't want to fire mueller. pardon direct ear or indirectly and pardon them all and maybe
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people who get away with crimes they shouldn't have gotten away with. i don't trust the justice department to investigate this fairly. i think that mueller is -- >> lou: you tell me general michael flynn. that guy got railroaded because he was unmasked and inappropriately by a politicalized not only justice department and fbi, but by a politicalized national security council. it is ignore oont to watch this stuff proceed and than paul mant fort and his wife rousted by mueller's agents. and she was frisked in her bed for crying out loud by agents. someone needs to tell them to go to hell. >> and look at flynn. fired by the attorney ynl for refusing to enforce the
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president's temporary travel ban and mccabe was fired for lie it is and comey was running the fbi at the time. and mueller came in and maybe he is start with pardoning general flynn. >> you have a terrific idea. pardon everybody and have a field day. and you are pointing outment congress is providing 0 oversight for mueller. >> lou: and i don't disagree about much. the senate is an embarrassment to the nation and what it has done and the role it played in the investigation. and i am talking about the senate intelligence committee and they move at a snail's pace and think they are working over time. devin nunez has been terrific.
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>> i do. they need to correct. >> lou: you can take what's his name who just left the job. paul rhine, they are a joke. they are bought and paid for by lobbyist and chamber of commerce and business roundtable you name it. >> they need to focus their energies on mueller. some of congress did good work to fisan and mueller is where it is at. and they need to provide oversight and in the senate they are trying to held him from being held accountable by president trump. >> lou: and tom fenton on you judicial. >> lou: on the deep and dangerous dshlgs c swamp. she will be with us next.
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two seemingly dishonest people, perhaps some of the dishonest ever to serve in the fbi are locked in a battle about who is the biggest liar. mccabe said comey is lying. and comccabe is triesing to distance himself from the leaks and comey said he never approved the leaks or whys. we have the attorney for scooter
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libby and who was pardoned last week, and victoria, it is great to see you. and we start with the libby pardon came seemingly from no where. >> it no way or knowhow. it was the spin and all of the anti- trump people wanted to put on it. it was a sweet story. i cemented the papers last july and so it did not come from no where. and on friday, the white house counsel said give us the number for scooter libby. i know what that means. i knew scooter was in a mri and i had to reach harriet his wife and set him up to be ready to talk to the president. and imagine my surprise 15 minutes later we get a call from the president to tellio and me about it.
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i have just signed the papers, i don't know this guy but he got screwed. >> they cleaned it up and said he was treated unfairly. >> lou: you didn't like the press release. >> no, i did what a tough lawyer would do at that time. >> lou: they would enjoy the direct language. >> i wanted to tell you how tough i was. i cried. >> lou: i know how smart and tough you are. and it's good that you could do that. it is it a joyous reason to cry. i was among those who grooe agrees with the wall street journal. a soldier left on the battlefield by the bush administration. tragic and stupid and good for the president to take this action and good for you to make it happen. >> we are very excited about it.
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and we'll talk about it later about the merits of it. but i know you want to get elsewhere. >> lou: i do and you are xiend to note that. an author names james comey has no problem about talking about all sorts of things that many people, including the upper most people in the intelligence committee believe are classified and should be turned over by the justice department and the comey memos. they are stone walled and 5:00 eastern deadline that devin nunez, the justice told congress, they ignored it and told congress to go to hell. what do you make it? >> it is a game of chicken and devin nunez who has become a tough chairman and a really good chairman should go ahead and start the process.
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these people deserve if. what business do they have keeping from congress the documents that congress is entitled to. it is a cause for impeachment. >> lou: it is the responsibility of congress under the constitution to be an oversight over the justice department. and in the idea that comey and mueller and rosenstein, and others are sort of creating the chorus of we are an independent agency and we don't report to anybody including god. they are now a rogue department and agency. don't you think? >> they are more than that, lou, my husband and i have said this for sometime that there was a cabal by a group of people in this town to clear hillary clinton so that she didn't get indicted and could continue to run for president as comey said. we thought she would get it and if that did not work, to frame
4:32 am
donald trump and look how that has happened. >> lou: as stark and as page pointed out, that was the insurance policy and clear that that cabal was formed in the obama administration, it was set in motion by president obama in my yment and his attorney general then eric holder who you talk about the essence of self rightous and hypocritical and deceiveful, holder sitting there criticizing this justice department for any reason is gag worthy. >> and holder is out there is aing i was the honest man and we had an honest administration. fast and furious and loes learner and the irs. he was held in contempt for not turning over documents>> lou: guess who they turned to get cover and all of the assistance and build a stone wall, they turn to the fbi and justice
4:33 am
department which foreclose just about all questioning in what happened in benghazi as well. >> and how many people out there listening to uscant remember where they were on election night and yet he asked that first question, where were you on election night? at home i think. it is like a psychological issue with him. i think he has a real problem in saying anything straight. >> lou: it is it a problem that is apparently winding to an end which is good for the country. victoria, great to have you with us. and you can at your leisure and pleasure and bring joe back. >> he's not coming back until you can say it. >> lou: degenniva. >> great.
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he will be back. >> lou: thank you, good to see you. the lame duck speaker is trying to persuade the republicans to just hang around and raise money at least until election day. ryan promises to raise a lot of money. ed rollins on the damage paul ed rollins on the damage paul ryan might do to the
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>> lou: speaker ryan wants the job he just resigneded and trying to persuade colleagues to let him hang around nine month and telling his colleagues he will concentrate on raising more money for republicans since he will not have to focus on reelection effort. does that sound like a bribe to you? sort of interesting thought. joining me now is it former reagan white house director. and joining me is edrollins. >> thank you. >> lou: ryan resigns and wants to keep the job until next january and can raise more money than any of the want to be behind him to succeed him. >>na is a bad way to cast him. it is not about raising money. what i worry about is ryan came
4:39 am
to congress as a jack kemp republican. how is jack kemp's 1998 chairman. jack kemp was a different guy than the president we have today. we are in a trump republican. ryan is never been a trump republican. we need someone to go argue and articulate the president's program and energize the republican base. >> lou: he would be unauthentic to say it the kindness way i know how. he has opposed the trump presidency. >> and still talking about entitled reform. >> lou: that's a great way to get thrown out of office. >> no one wants entitlement reform. and serve out as member of congress in the fourth congressional district and let someone else set the new agenda.
4:40 am
>> lou: i can't help but think that some folks would be offended by that in the conference. but who knows? charlie dent is resigning from the congress and that is it 39 open gop seats. >> this is our dilemma. the open seats, most of these districts are fairly safe republican seats. but a new candidate it is it a primary and difficult for people to learn how to run effectively. there are 19 states that have not closed with 58 republicans in them and have a 5 or 10 giving up the ship. if you have that many, it makes it harder and harder to hold the number. >> lou: if these congressman will run for the president they will win and hold the majority in congress. it is that simple.
4:41 am
>> and equally as important. ryan head to under majorility them are freedom caucus and more in tune to the element. freedom caucus has 35 or and they could have 40 or 50 part of the process and that is important in the future. >> lou: gop leadership wanting to sign an extension to deliver is peculliar and i understand that devon nunez is the toughest investigator in capitol hill on the deep state and left's domination of yesterday and the fbi. but to continue to give. one step too far. >> you set deadlines, make sure they are adhered to. and at the minimum. given it to me and tell me when it will be here in the next 2 or
4:42 am
3 days. we have to get it wrapped up. >> lou: where is jeff sessions? and why is rosenstein determined to protect all. swamp creatures to the justice department? charlie hurt and rachel on the charlie hurt and rachel on the deep swamp down racing isn't the only thing on my mind. charlie hurt and rachel on the deep swamp down and with godaddy, i'm making my ideas real. with godaddy you can get a website to sell online. and it will look good. i made my own way. now it's time to make yours. ♪ everything is working just like it should ♪
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>> lou: joining us now is charlie hurt. good to see you, charlie. >> good to see you. >> lou: fox news contributor rachel. and let's start with eric holder for president. are you ready? [laughter] >> i hope it happens. this is a man who i hope he runs against trump. this is a map who thought it was a good idea to arm drug xartles with u.s. weapons that were used against the u.s. border patrol agents and innocent mexican citizens. >> lou: 200 murdered with those weapons. >> can you imagine what fox would say about donald trump had given weapons to the cartel to use against innocent mexican citizens and u.s. border parol.
4:47 am
eric holder is a corrupt person and i think if he ran for president he would be a easy target for the president. >> i would love to relitigate the scandards. and they came to gun 91, you hear bits and pieces. and normal people would be like no way that happened. our government couldn't possibly have done something that stupid and reckless. >> lou: and then lie about it? >> and then people get killed and no, if fact they did do that we are off to stup -- stunning accusation. only thing better with eric holder. the only thing better would be jim comey continuing his book tour and does it all through
4:48 am
this year. basically in the end of the day, is there any difference between stormi daniel and jim comey? i don't think there is. >> lou: they appear to be exhausted with the efforts to promote themselves, rachel? >> no question about it. and one of the things that hasn't been talked enough about is that his entire family was resistant. and his wife and daughters that came out in the interview and hasn't got the kind of attention. her best friend worked with hillary and there was a conflict of interest and only thing donald trump should have done is fire him earlier. >> lou: in retrospect that was a wonderful idea. and like so many ideas this is it a president right now who is attacked from every quarter and decided to ride it out with rosenstein and defer on sessions
4:49 am
and see what happens and bob mueller. he's almost come to terms as i listened to him and he's a flea he will have to scratch at whatever time he wants to take. despite the fact it is two years of the fbi investigation and then they bring in the special counsel investigation on top of that. two year and nothing, charlie, nothing. >> where was all of the rigorousness when hillary clinton was being investigated? that would have been great back then. rachel is right. donald trump should have fired comey on day one and probably would have saved him a lot of trouble. >> lou: i have to argue with both of you. president trump is going to have trouble with congress and demand deep state if he had pushed comey and mueller to sainthood. it wouldn't have mattered a bit.
4:50 am
>> that's why i say among honest people. >> lou: oh, i forgot that. >> that qualifier is exempt in woosh wash. one thing that can comical because comey did get fired and because there was this set up between trump and comey, it brought all of the lunatics on the left supporting comey only to start his book tour and oh, remember they hate him, too. he's doing it and everybody hates him. >> lou: last quick word, please, rachel. >> comey is a dirty cop and proving how inept he is on the tour. this is reenforcing everything that the president said and everything that the american people believe. it is a fake scandal and look how much the president is doing and having to deal with the fake
4:51 am
scandal and how much more he would do for the economy and world when it comes to bringing world peace and denuclearizing north korea and imagine how much more he could do if not dealing with a fake scandal. thank god american people are not buying it. >> lou: i wish we could take up the topic much paul ryan. depend to see you. up next, james comey calls the president names and while he peddles a book fill would with lies. lies. we take up the former
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i survived my cancer. but you can stop cancer before it starts. talk to your doctor and go to to learn more. >> lou: joining us tonight pastor robert jeffers, and great to see you, pastor. i start with james comey and the book tour savaging the president at every point and most back firing without question on comey. he's fatigue would i think with what he thought would be a welcome exercise in promotion, your thoughts? >> james comey is the poster boy for moral hypocrisy. this guy accuses the president of morally unfit to be president because he lie and in the same broadcast comey said himself he is flawed and we know he lied
4:56 am
and leaked and i think of jesus' words. before you take the speck out of somebody else's eye remove the bore that is in your own eye. that's good advice for all of and you say a moral hypocrite like james comey. >> lou: the hypocrisy of the news media. they know that they are absolutely if ibricating nonsense and untruths, and yet they go on and on with considerable energy to attack the president without pause. >> and without result, lou. they think they have the smoking gun to do the president. first russia and then michael wolf and then stormy daniel and comey book. it has no affect. his poll numbers are high as in
4:57 am
the inauguration. i told the president that his evangelical cemetery is at 78 percent unchanged from the election 16 months ago. and that is driving his enemies crazy and kind of fun to watch. >> lou: it is fun to compare to obama at the same stage, he was four points below president trump. and so let's turn now if we may to all of these speaking of "fake news" and talking about the white house mood and the president's mood and quote/unquote chaos in the nonsense that they write. and you were with the president in and out of the white house last week. your thoughts? >> first of all, he sends his greetings to you. he loves the show, lou. i have read the same things that you have read. and the president is seething withanger and melting down.
4:58 am
i walked in to the oval office and nothing was further from the truth. he was relaxed and upbeat and focused. yes, he is frustrated at the mueller witch hunt. not only with what it is doing to him but the nation. i think there is an a xis of evil in the democrats and maine media and the republican establishment who are working together to either ouster this president or paralyze him while he is in office. and lou, if the enemies of the president nullify the 2016 elections, this will have devastating and lasting consequences for this country and we can't allow it to happen. >> lou: it largely defends on the republican establishment. you refer to them as
4:59 am
republicans. i refer to them as rinnos and the dems are left wing national media and left. but the rinnos are trying to kill the republican party and destroy the presidency for no other reason than they are scared to death to watch the success after success by president trump and his administration. it has suddenly occurred to them they look like abject fools and they now have to continue their relentless attacks before the evidence is just overwhelming that only president trump can lead this country. >> they will not win this because the people know better nothing motivates like result and president trump is it getting the resultingly. >> lou: absolutely. and pastor robert jeffers good to see you and drop by any time. >> thank you. >> lou: when i think of james
5:00 am
comey and when i do think of the quote of roosevelt. no man who is corrupt and condones corruption and others can possibly do his duty by the >> a brilliant young architect designs this gem... >> tony! oh, my gosh, look at all this light! >> ...long before he's a legend of design. >> pietro belluschi. innovative architectural designs. they evoke the grandeur of this land. >> his kid becomes an architect, too. >> i didn't want to be "the son of." >> it's a blessing and a curse. >> and that's what i went through for 40 years. >> will he let his father's masterpiece face the wrecking ball? >> did your heart stop? >> absolutely, my heart stopped. >> or breathe new life into it after he's gone? >> before your dad died, did he tell you he was proud of you? [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ]


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