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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  April 30, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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buy regional banks. liz: your wife would love to hear that. >> the first thing she would do was lose her diamond. liz: dennis cartman of the gartman letter. that will do it but for the countdown. >> the dow erasing earlier gains down 140-point. there is good news. so last day of april and the averages are all positive snapping a two-month losing streak. i'm david asner. >> i malless and this is "after the bell." first here's was elsewhere covering during this visit -- very busy day ahead. big headlines from washington to lobby with benjamin netanyahu presenting what he says is evidence that iran has been cheating on the nuclear deal. the president responding from the white house this afternoon
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just days before his expected to make a decision on whether or not to hold the u.s. out of the deal. we are live at the white house with the latest and the showdown happening right now on the border. hundreds of migrants attempting to get into the united states by border agents say there's no more room. so what happens now question mark i guess former arizona sheriff paul babeu military fellow rebecca heinrich sports columnist gordon chang and former bush senior staffer brad blakley. >> the dow ending the day down nearly 150 points very close to that but mostly its first monthly win since january price futures and the "fox business" future leaders watching all the action in oil and gold. nicole petallides on on the floor of the exchange print because the drop at the end of the day? >> microsoft among "the biggest
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loser" also had plans for stocks. we have had obviously earnings happening and that brought optimism but you have a strong dollar across-the-board. i'll get to that of the moment. let's take a look at what happened here today. the dow jones industrial down 147 points really ending right at the session lows, down a half of 1% the s&p 500 three-quarters to 1% and nasdaq also under pressure down 53 points. mcdonald so that was a start. both the top and bottom line every quarter higher local sales, quality beef. the customers are spending more money so that is higher by 5.7% and the dow coming in 40% -- 40 points give or take. as we talk about the performance of the dow jones industrial up half a% s&p 500.
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we did selloff soon you can see now about a quarter% for the s&p and down the nasdaq was again right there to taking a look and by the way united health chevron and mcdonald's best of the month in a quickie on disney and twitter and that's a deal but disney is creating for entertainment shows for twitter. twitter is up 4.5%. liz: oil initially spiking this afternoon in in reaction to israel's claim that iran has been cheating on the nuclear deal. how do you interpret all of this and what are the traitors saying? >> the traders are waiting and watching to see how the world reacts to this announcement. on one hand they say this is an adlai stevenson moment like in the u.s. during the cuban missile crisis when a show proof that the russians had missiles or to be more like a powell
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moment at the u.n. were obviously they have all the settlements up chemical weapons and maybe or maybe not that ever develop so that's what the market is going on now but make no mistake it had a major impact on trading. we did the same thing on goal. gold at the end of the month came roaring back but right now the odds of sanctions on iran have obviously gone up and their attentions on iran. the world cannot force too many barrels of oil right now. melissa: bill flynn thank you. we have dan henninger from "the wall street journal" "fox news" contributor and jason rotman. good to see all of you. liz you have been talking to a lot of folks with a lot of money to invest money and we have have this incredible earnings season. 80% of those reporting so far at
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sea and expectations but the market is not reacting at all. in fact today -- . >> will i think there a lot of other things going on in the chiola does -- geopolitical situation rearing its ugly head with netanyahu announcement about iran. essentially. bullish about the direction of the world economy and the fact that the fed is managing the extrication of the sum more miss position liquidity position and are -- a pretty reasonable way. there is a lot of concern about iran. i think the reason we didn't see a bigger reaction to oil today as oil is already down, i'm sorry up 6% in last month it is everyone expects it to walk away from the deal so this reinforces what was already in everybody's head. >> granted this play by the israeli prime minister is impressive but we have known about what they have been doing all these years surreptitiously
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or at least we have had great suspicions. the market traders in this case a lot of diplomats. had this been cooked into the street -- price of wall street? >> i think it's an extraordinary intelligence coup. i would not underestimate about what we are looking at here david is get ready for a rocky 12 days ride between now and may may 12 the headlines which the president is going to decide whether or not to impose sanctions. i think what netanyahu and donald trump are doing here is not so necessarily about the inevitability of sanctions. putting pressure on the europeans to think about what emanuel macron and trump discussed in washington which is eliminating the sunset provision stronger inspections including long-range ballistic missiles. i think that's a deal that this is being directed at right now we are going to find out in the next 12 days whether germany and the uk and indeed the french are
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willing to sign up for something. david: jason let's say north korea ends positively and we get a positive deal where we can at least get a on north korea. let's say the trade issue sorts itself out and iran even if the deal does pan out with iran that doesn't get out of control does the market have a chance for another dig leg up of say maybe 10%? >> i think we are due for a monumental relief rally. i completely agree with you. i also agree with dan that the next 12 days are highly pivotal for a half-dozen reasons from a pure market standpoint. you have the fed and you have good jobs numbers etc.. with that said there's a lesson 40% chance there'll be a rate increase this week. i think that alone could deal another old run in this 12 day period. melissa: treasury secretary
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steve mnuchin getting ready for his timely trip striking a positive part -- tone on trade with aria bartiromo. let's take a look. >> i'm cautiously optimistic. i don't really want to predict what's going to happen and what's not going to happen. we are going to go over and have frank discussions. these are issues that president trump's been focused on over the last year and hopefully will make significant progress. we are going there to make progress. melissa: china might not be on the same page according to "the news york times" and we take it with a grain of salt. the headline china prepares a headline stance on trump's trade dan, what do you think about that? it seems like you started the deal is working when it comes to north korea and our european partners in iran. >> "the wall street journal" has reported the same thing this afternoon and obviously the press over there -- the chinese have been talking to the american press and they've been conveying that message that they are not prepared to go as far at
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least as robert lighthizer in peter navarro would like them to do. some have suggested they will not meet with peter navarro because of his attitude towards china. so progress, forward motion perhaps that will happen but i really doubt it that too much is going to happen. the chinese are doug and write down the best they can offer is to suggest that larger talks take place perhaps later in washington. melissa: liz that could be viewed bands work though. if you look at steve mnuchin is set up to play good cop bad cop he could see somebody believes in free and fair trade and to convey the president's position that it could be good cop bad cop. you had better give us a good deal or this other guy is crazy. he's going to go through with it even if he hurts the u.s.. what do you think? >> i think that's all true and by the way i heard at the milken
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conference when senator schumer was being interviewed and he came down very much in favor of being hard on china today think the democrats have figured out that this is a winning political message from president trump. that is his team's hand incredibly. he feels basically political wings are behind him. that's a pretty positive place to be. the only negative obviously one of the main negatives against the position is agriculture. agriculture is 1% of our economy. manufacturing is 19. i think they are waiting to see where the wind blows on this. melissa: jason liz brings up a good point. a lot of people at milken compared to recent years because people feel a change of hands and turns of deals that have been made and opportunities that are out there. whether you like or hate president trump everyone's getting together to see what new opportunity there is.
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how does that relate to trade in your mind? >> you know the one thing that i think is a new ingredient is how all investors at milken and around the world are gauging their decisions is inflation. it's no coincidence that maybe it's a coincidence but more of a synchronicity that we have a new fed chairman. we have new trade policy is happening. prices are going higher grade corn, wheat and soybeans of the look of the futures today they are higher. oil is almost a 70 so to be honest that alone is not the reason for rising stock market so let's see how that turns out here. david: he said he is going to keep an open mind because her question was we want to keep an open mind about this transaction and we are immediately coming down to where the rest of people
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and just in washington. the conversation is about better prices, more jobs innovative services, rural competition in broadband competition and 5g competitiveness for the country. dave: ceo talking to liz claman last hour about potential scrutiny coming from chairman pai over the proposed $26 billion t-mobile spring merger. dan dare two things i think the market has not take it out about donald trump. one is trade which he just talked about into as a whole merger issue. they love him on deregulation and they love him on tax cuts but mergers are something they can't figure out on this is one of those deals. both of those stocks they are not sure how the government is going to affect this proposed merger. >> president trump is opposed to these kinds of mergers presumably because they hurt consumers. in this case david i just don't
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see it. the rationale behind this is sprint and t-mobile are struggling to keep their heads above water. cell phones are virtually reached saturation so they are all trying to figure out a way to survive and then you've got deutsche bank. deutsche bank is going to own 42% of this his company. that's a lot of concentration. heck let them try to figure out if they can make this work. david: we have a businessman as president also time for for it. liz and jason i owe you one. we have got to go. thank you very much. melissa: stop in their tracks hundreds of migrants remaining defiant after they are -- israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu exposing details of what he calls iran's secret nuclear program of blueprints that sherry -- red sheet at have it on the materials. melissa: the president responding and just days after
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his personal decision to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. we are live at the white house with the latest. >> tonight i'm here to tell you one thing. iran lied, big time.
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melissa: foreign-policy front and center president trump welcoming nigeria's person to the white house. played berman joins us from the white house with more. lots to cover blake. get started. >> a lot to cover in the next 12 days when the president has to make a decision between now and may 12 as to whether or not he's going to keep united states in the iran nuclear deal or pull
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out and his closest ally benjamin netanyahu saying setting the stage with the president potentially pull out of that deal and in a life address the israeli prime minister said he has proof that iran is lying about nuclear program and its nuclear ambitions. president trump city watch some of that speech. afterwards he entered the rose garden with his counterpart from nigeria. the president essentially said on iran told you so but he didn't reveal exact weight but he has decided to do. >> that is just not an acceptable situation and i've been saying this, haven't i? they are setting off missiles which they say are for television purposes. i don't think so so we'll see what happens. i'm not telling you what i'm doing but a lot of people think they know. >> from one a. threat to the next the president made it clear that he's down to two locations
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to meet with kim jong-un, singapore and the dmz. that of course the neutral site along the north and south border. >> i threw it out today some ideas. i also told president moon and through president moon we connect good with north korea. there is something that i like about it because you are there. you are actually there. if things work out there's a great celebration to be had on this site, not in a third-party country. >> there's a optics of the president going there. we saw just a few days ago kim jong un on one side and moon jae-in crossing into each other's countries. the pictures and the video that went around the world. by the way the president continued to speak highly about the actions of the north koreans as it relates to the relationship between the two countries as it stands right now describing kim jong un's actions as open and straightforward.
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melissa: we will see. blake thank you so much. david: here is to -- here to react is rebecca. let's focus on iran though. melissa is going to deal with north korea and a minute because a lot of people say north korea is the most immediate threat to the united states but long-term iran is probably even more so. would you agree with that? >> i would agree with that and maybe not long-term, maybe medium term here because if you look over at north korea and see what happens whenever you have a country run by a dictator that has a nuclear weapon and trying to come up with the capability to deliver them to the united states that's exactly what's going to happen in iran. rather than the dictator we have a north korea a few have an islamic militant with his finger on the button. >> a much bigger country in the self-contained country in terms of oil. north korea's we know we have
4:21 pm
leverage over them. we don't have that kind of leverage with iran. let me get to netanyahu. i want to play a soundbite because the question really is how much of what he was talking about in a lying he was talking about happened after the 2015 deal. here's netanyahu and then i want to get your reaction. >> a comprehensive program two days -- design toga and test nuclear weapons. we can also prove that iran is secretly storing materials to use at a time of its choice to develop nuclear weapons. david: he claims the intel proves that since the 2015 iran deal was signed this surreptitious stuff that isn't totally violation of the deal. you agree? >> our intel community will have to look at the documents that benjamin netanyahu provided but what you said hit the nail on the head which is we don't have
4:22 pm
the leverage in iran that we do with north korea. that is in large part because of the iran deal that president obama negotiated. that deal does two things. a legitimized iran and it flooded iran with cash. those are some of the objections of president trump had in one of the major problems that i have had and many critics of the iran deal have had is we never got to the bottom of the military dimension of the military program and that's what the prime minister is pointing to. they have been lying and you cannot trust the regime that has been lying about the dimensions of its nuclear program to begin with. david: there are two sides to this debate. please the french and the german trying to convince us to stay in the deal and today we saw our israeli allies tried to convince us to get out of the deal. how do we balance those two allies with their various approaches to this? >> the reason that israel care so much as israel is the one
4:23 pm
with the giant target on his back. it's one of our closest if not our closest allies and they are the ones that are being targeted by iran. david: we should also mention they are targeting iranians working in syria. it's not only the nukes if the iranian agents and the agents around the world particularly in places like syria to the israelis are targeting right now. >> that's because they were right to defend themselves and i can't tolerate a permanent iranian military presence in syria. i know the united states wants to get out of syria but we can't get out of there prematurely and look at exactly what the europeans are doing. they cannot iran to a -- cannot allow iran to continue with nuclear capabilities which they are still doing. david: you can see how many more dimensions there are. it's really serious but north korea's fascinating too.
4:24 pm
we will deal with that echo thank you so much. appreciate it. melissa: the terror group claiming responsibility for a double suicide bombing in kabul killing at least 25 people including nine journalists. police say the first suicide bomber was on a motorbike in the second attacker pretended to be a reporter embedding himself among these others are rushed to the scene of the first attack and then blew himself up. the nuclear showdown with north korea president trump dropping a major hint about his upcoming meeting with kim jong-un. the details of the historic summit and whether or not the north korean tater can be trusted. >> united states has never been closer to potentially having something happen with respect to the korean peninsula that can get rid of nuclear weapons.
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i feel a great deal of urgency...
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more details emerging about the highly anticipated summit between present trumpet and north korea. they are actually going to the korean peninsula. listen. we are looking at various come trees including singapore. and we're also talking about the possibility of the dmz. you are actually there. if things work out there is a great celebration to be head. joining me now is gordon chang. the art author of nuclear showdown. he saw what happened in the photo op that was north and south korea the last meeting.
4:29 pm
that would be a good visual image. is conceding too much. to the power to go all the way to him. how do you think those two things balance out in this case. south of the deportation mark. that is south korea. that is kim once again leaving the north. it's not exactly neutral. or even malaysia. this is actually coming to us. i like that.
4:30 pm
you might not be able to go back. i think that is a concern right now. he knows that there are real problems at home. minimize the time that he is away. are you surprised by how much progress seems to be made. they have made a number of concessions. in the course of nuclear negotiations they have made concessions but they are now doing that even before they shake president trump's hands. it's really startling. these concessions can be reversed. but the point is even before we show up. that detractors are trying to make the case that they have no choice that the nuclear testing that they are doing. they're not really giving anything up because everything have blown up anyway. and getting concessions for something that doesn't exist anymore.
4:31 pm
that site is geologically and stable. there might be two tunnels there that they can use. they've another big blast like they have. they might completely collapse. and as signing a formal peace treaty. even before the negotiations began. when you hear the detractors you have nothing left. they are enriching uranium. also to things that we don't really know about and so clearly organ had to have the
4:32 pm
strictest inspections. we can't inspect a lot of stuff in the time that is necessary. they're now saying we can even go to their military bases. that is a problem. i think present trunk and say if you think we can go there. there's no deal. gordon thank you so much. david. with some breaking news on the supreme court justice sonya said mayor will undergo shoulder replacement surgery. after she injured her left shoulder in the fall at her home. there are some very important decisions coming up. she will not be at all of them all she recovers. negotiated on the world stage. present trumpet taking historic steps to tackle threats from north korea can he write that foreign-policy
4:33 pm
momentum. plus a heated trial. they are just wrapping up his going to end up on top. were talking about the department of justice or time warner and at&t. we have the fiery moments from inside the courtroom coming next.
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the closing arguments are finally finished in the at&t time warner trial.
4:37 pm
he will announce a ruling on june 12 and the court is adjourned until then. here's what the latest. is edward lawrence. good afternoon. the judge now has the case. they had finished their closing arguments but the judge in this case has to wait a number of different things with the government estate out. the key competitors out of the area and control the flow going forward. the government also says this company would be so large it would bring the prices on consumers because there be reduced to competition in this. the government did say they only had to show a reasonable harm there is a june 21
4:38 pm
deadline. or drop it altogether. that judge giving us some leeway before that. it has been going on now for seven weeks now. either side could actually appeal whatever ruling comes forward. on the brink of a historic victory with north korea. can at that negotiator and chief capitalize in the wind with iran. so lionel, what does being able to trade 24/5 mean to you? well, it means i can trade after the market closes. it's true. so all... evening long. ooh, so close. yes, but also all... night through its entirety. come on, all... the time from sunset to sunrise.
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the peacemaker as a commander in chief tackles the north korean crisis. bipartisan support. will he be able to parlay this
4:42 pm
foreign-policy momentum into went on and ran. i have to apologize. let me ask you. looking at the situation that we have seen with north korea and now iran. you say there's something to it in a dictator has been using our democracy against us. what does that mean. they see it as lifetime appointments. and they see the administrations lasting for eight years. thus i can happen with the present trumpet he will not be played.
4:43 pm
it has have an interesting impact and those that thinks that they should push back against iran maybe feel like now there's an opportunity. we sought the senator maybe we should sign on to trying to put together a new deal. i would be willing to write it with the president. and see if the europeans can get the deal that all of us say is better. what do you think about that. the president is dealing with a position of strength. this is exactly what they do.
4:44 pm
and they are sending a more can you imagine the heads that would explode. if they are beat into cloud sales shares. an end and endless war. i think they have a president that does something that no other president has done. now this promise and a lot of these deals is not trust and verify. can you see the dominoes falling. could the same thing happen in iran or is it a different kind of kind of mentality in terms
4:45 pm
of the nuclear power. i can guarantee you they are they are also seen in the middle east allies have never come together. to talk about the region and how they need to step up and clean up their own neighborhood. it's not the united states leading alone. it's kinda fun how to see the democrats are reacting. hundreds of migrants vowing to wait at that us-mexico border until they are granted asylum. we have to have borders.
4:46 pm
if we do had borders we do have a country.
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it's a good time to get your ducks in a row. duck: quack! call to request your free decision guide now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. they stopped at that us-mexico border as officials say the port of entry is at capacity. our own hillary yvonne is life. tensions are heating up. has hundreds of people a part of this caravan are waiting on the other side of this building to get into this checkpoint. as you mentioned officials say they are at full capacity so they could be waiting for several days of course months before a judge actually decides to grant asylum.
4:50 pm
enforcement officials say some immigrants a part of this caravan. they have illegally entered the united states without immigration documents by climbing over the dilapidated scrap more this broken down offense as part of the reason why vice president mike pence is here today to check out the progress on the construction project exploited by people who were trying to enter the u.s. illegally. but immigration lawyers and advocates who are with these immigrants counseling them blame the u.s. for them breaking that law because they say the u.s. is not devoting enough resources and making them white too long.
4:51 pm
you are breaking the law and forcing them to break the law. that's why we have the caravans. nielsen has urged them to seek asylum. one of those being mexico where they are camped out right now. it does camped out don't want to seek asylum in mexico so they are trying to make their way here to the u.s. but it could be a while. one of the things that is making all of this more difficult is this catch and release policy that was used extensively during the obama administration. present trumpet talked about that today. catch and release is ridiculous. essentially you catch them and
4:52 pm
you release them into their country. that's not acceptable to anybody. but wasn't it the status quo and thank god for president trump because he's changed all that just by his orders. not just the border patrol by the department of justice under sessions that all working in concert to bring the full weight of what is currently the laws on the books to there. to enforce the law. it's a simple as that. we have to abide by the law. this is a law when it comes to immigration. finally we are going to enforce the law as it should be. and now we have to secure the border to ensure that when people make it difficult for them to come across and when they do we enforce the law on them and immediately deport them. the people behind us and in organizing these caravans don't care about laws regarding the border.
4:53 pm
they don't want any borders at all. that's the point. they talk about refugee status and the three points of eligibility status the only way you can get is if you are located outside the united states. they want refugee status. this number of 400 that are trained to apply for refugee status i want to stop for a second. not only honduras and guatemala. all of these countries in central america there are 40 million residents there. they could all make the same claim. when is it enough. i have to tell you a personal story because i think a lot of americans share this. my wife is from one of the central american countries. one of them speaks perfect
4:54 pm
english. she has two sisters who are u.s. citizens and she has been waiting ten years for a green card what do you think she thinks as she waits in nicaragua to get into the united states and she sees these people scrambling over the fence. the rule of law has to be enforced. people have to wait their turn. these people are strong young people. they think the way to get in is just by climbing over. i had zero sympathy. they are trying to drum up sympathy for this these folks. when i think of the decent hard-working people trying to get in the legal way. we and the united states have met capacity. there is already in 12 to 15 million illegals who are here because we've had open borders.
4:55 pm
this time we put our country and interest first from every other nation. in their governments to fight the gang violence. for the safer environment for these people to live and survive. where they should want to be. it's not their choice of who gets in. we should be able to decide based on their qualifications whether we as american citizens want to allow them to come and join us. and right now the past year and every year before a million legal immigrants far in excess of any other nation in the world we are generous. there has got to be a limit. a phone call from the president they are sharing the
4:56 pm
details about the conversation with the commander and chief. and on behalf of my mother i want to thank you you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. ... i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> mr. president on be half of my mother, i want to thank you and i said all the jewish people too. for moving the embassy to jerusalem, thank you so much. >> [applause] >> he said well, you know, a lot of presidents have promised it but i wanted to get it donald i said well, you know, we're so happy. i think that it's the first step to peace in the world. melissa: wow. david: you know i'm beginning to think it's not an act? melissa: [laughter] david: we thought maybe she's just acting the part because it does so well the show did so well, but hey we've got a new show we're tossing to. melissa: that's right the evening edit with elizabeth macdonald. the evening edit with e-mac.
5:00 pm
get it? i love it. david: perfect i'm sure it's going to be a perfect show you're not going to be missing e-mac. its just got a different name so stay with it. melissa: that does it for us and here is the evening edit with e-mac. president trump: we are a nation of laws, we have to have borders , we don't have borders we don't have a country, and i've been watching for weeks as the caravan came up, our immigration laws in this country are a total disaster. they're laughed at all over the world, they're laughed at for their stupidity and we have to have strong immigration laws so i think if i apologize it wouldn't make tencents worth of a difference, we have to have strong immigration laws. liz: stocks sliding today down 148 points to end the day at 24, 163, but the month of april post ed gains, look at this, big tech giants apple and tesla report profits this week we're on it and much


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