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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 7, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a virtuous reward which the president used to his advantage. great to see you. i hope the president gives them hell. that's it for us tonight, good >> what he think is going to happen to that agreement? the nuclear agreement? [cheers and applause] >> worries that president trump applaud the iran nuclear deal as oil prices about 70 bucks a barrel for the first time since 2014. >> saudi arabia says it wants to see it above $80 a barrel by the end of the year. >> april jobs report suggested the federal reserve may not need to aggressively raise interest rates for the week. the dow down for the second week in a row.
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trying to all indexes higher. the dow up 47. cheryl: london trading postcard of our markets opening slightly higher. nestlé will pay over $7 billion. techno- slightly down. trying to south korea's kospi south korea's kospi close to hire position in up 1.5% over optimism of the chinese economy. meanwhile, there is this. >> when they needed us, we could fight the battles. >> that they never could. cheryl: a billion dollars to take it in tops the box office again. "fbn:am" starts right now.
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gerri: 5:01 a.m. on monday, may 7th. i'm gerri willis and for lauren simonetti. cheryl: good morning. i am cheryl casone. we were talking about the power of disney and movies. it's incredible. gerri: big jumps in oil prices. cheryl: lots of talk about in particular. 70 bucks a barrel. concerned that president trump is going to abandon the nuclear deal with iran. the trump administration has until saturday to decide whether to withdraw from senator joe lieberman would maria bartiromo calling to deal a mistake. >> i'm encouraged by what the president has said so far and i hope he does pull out. i am given the perspective of someone in the senate for 24 years, worked with both parties to put sanctions, economic pressure on iran with a singular goal, which was to denuclearize
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iran to stop their nuclear weapons development program. >> unofficially, saudi arabia wants oil prices at $80 a barrel in a bid to raise revenue to overhaul the kingdom's economy contracted last year. pressuring oil prices work with protests and strikes in iran and also continues in venezuela where the economic crisis has prevented the country from investing in hurting production. >> tens of thousands of people in omaha, nebraska to attend berkshire hathaway's annual meeting and find out what's on the mind and ceo warren buffett. gerri: weekend with foreign. liz claman is to america buffets taken rising steel prices. >> warren buffett owned a lot of companies today there consumes steel ordeal in steel. precision steel warehouse and precision still work as a company he thought in 1979.
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stainless steel, aluminum, coated steel, low carbon and they then sell it to other companies who make all kinds of products. whether it is auto parts for the actual chunks of steel right here and you see some of these products here. obviously, the price of steel has been on the move since president trump announced he would be slapping tariffs on incoming steel and aluminum. so i asked warren buffet, what kind of effect can be be seen probably 61 companies? >> are you seeing the effects of the terrorists, specifically steel? i talked to those guys yesterday. they said prices are spiking. >> prices are spiking. no question about that. but precision it doesn't make much difference because the reseller. and then product of ours, or connector plates, prices gone up a lot.
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reporter: the guys hit the precision steel put a number on it for me. 35% since the talk of steel tariffs came into play in early march. this is a very big story for many berkshire companies, even the pampered chef for them make it out of stainless steel. watching the tariff discussion and much, much more appeared works are happily meeting is definitely a big buzz topic. back to you. >> more coverage of the annual meeting later on in the show. this will sit down with warren buffett and berkshire vice chairman 3:00 p.m. eastern time on fox business. >> negotiators from the united states will sit down in washington today to hammer out a new version of nafta. the u.s. wants to get a deal done soon to give congress enough time to vote on it this year. discussions on rules that govern the percentage of a car that
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needs to be built into nafta regions to avoid tariffs. the u.s. seeking a sunset clause that could automatically kill the trade deal after five years. cheryl: the new "avengers" movie makes history. >> tracee carrasco on that with other news. >> good morning. $1 billion in 11 days. "avengers: infinity war" has broke another record for the second highest second weekend of all time with $112.5 million. >> run from it. >> was enough to beat the record previously held by marvel movies "black panther." the "star wars" to force a week and still holds the record for the biggest second weekend. only five movies have ever had
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$100 million mark in the second weekend. "avengers" broke the $1 billion mark worldwide. remake of the 1987 comedy overboard took second place with $14.8 million bump down to the number three spot with 726 million that at the top five, i'm still pretty in rampage. cheryl: i want to talk about the nestlé and starbucks tie-in appeared what's going on? >> hearing that nestlé will pay starbucks $7,515,000,000,000 to sell and distribute starbucks. jia barnette comest starbucks via india packaged coffee and not global channels. the deal does include the sales of any products within starbucks coffee shop in about 500 employees will join nestlé and operations. will be located in seattle. >> to giants are betting that.
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>> anheuser-busch is suing for stealing the new design advocate created from a specific kind of threat than instead of steel making it lighter and has the backing site that holds the. they pushed anheuser-busch about the design that the two companies never made a deal for its use before jaime king vacuum 2015. we are confident in the merits of our case. >> you've got a lawyer, sue away. >> i didn't know with technology. cheryl: i didn't know they breathe board on trade related overboard until you told me about it. thank you, tracey. having a come a federal judge says that special counsel robert mueller may be targeting the president. at least 25 homes now destroyed
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by the volcano in hawaii. there were no signs of slowing down. taking a look at features that you monday. right now pointing to a higher open. the dow is up with the s&p and nasdaq in the green as well. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ this endangered species is getting help from some unexpected friends. these zebra and antelope. they're wearing iot sensors, connected to the ibm cloud. when poachers enter the area, the animals run for it. which alerts rangers, who can track their motions and help stop them before any harm is done. it's a smart way to help increase the rhino population. and turn the poachers into the endangered species. ♪ ♪ [fbi agent] you're a brave man, your testimony will save lives.
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gerri: welcome back to "fbn:am." checking u.s. features are higher printed out 56. the s&p up seven. nasdaq up 43. an escalating disaster in hawaii. 26 sounds are not destroyed as lava flows intensified and the big island volcano. 1700 people have evacuated and stunning new video showing molten rock spewing into the air in the hot lava giving off a poisonous gas that the volcano producing 1000 earthquakes over the last week. scientists still don't know when the lava will stop or how far will spread. house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes calling on congress in contempt accusing sessions of ignoring demands for documents. the intelligence committee
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investigating whether the doj abuse the foreign intelligence surveillance act to monitor a member of the term campaign is part of the russia probe. the white house ramping up efforts is the first-ever female cia after reportedly toyed with dried from her nomination following scrutiny over her role at the agencies controversial detention and interrogation program. some democrats are removing off to 32 year undercover career. that is what is happening now. >> the headline over the weekend appears less likely president trump will agree to be interviewed by robert mueller. the attorney prosecutors are trying to set a perjury trap for the president and suggesting they may decline to comply with a subpoena. >> we don't have to. he's the president of the united states. hillary clinton is that i'm looking for.
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no wonder of spirit only a q&a and then we get the questions in advance and they write the report two weeks before. >> trump and his legal team have called the program which kind and they may have found some support. accusing blair to turn against him. that spring and patrice lee of the independent women's forum and josé munoz. thanks for being here. we appreciate it. judge ellis basically said mueller should not have unfettered power in this prayer. do you think this is the first boat to mueller's investigation? >> i think the fact they have still yet to find any indication of pollution or any sort of cooperation between the term campaign and russia is really the biggest blow. this is more additional evidence for cooperation that using it for political purposes.
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>> we really are seeing more combative tone in general from the trump team. i want you listen to what else giuliani had to say on monday when asked about the issue of the president needing to appeared to speak. >> you couldn't put a lawyer on the show to tell you he should testify. >> no, it isn't. it's only prosecutable if they have some built-up manipulated evidence to tell the president didn't tell the truth. >> do you think rudy giuliani is actually helping president trump or do you think she is creating more chaos that's going to harm legal defense when it comes to that? >> re-giuliani can stay up any television interviews. i would be my advice to president trump. we've got to the robert mueller do his job. it's very dangerous to
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suggesting that they would resist a possible subpoena by the special counsel. you know, the president of the united states should let the american people get to the bottom of this investigation. we know the amount of questions barbara mueller has goes to show how essential this evidence is for the investigation. >> from a political news, mueller may find himself in a tight spot. we are six months from the midterms. really great priests from "the wall street journal" says he may have to take a step back on the ticket down a few notches so as not to appear he's trying to interfere with the flow of the process with the midterms and not influence another series of elections if you will. do you think that is a mueller shutter would do in the middle of this in november? >> if you take a cue from call me, you should. the challenges if he doesn't have anything to put up, he has to stay low for quite a while
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otherwise democrats and republicans report to the results of the 2018 elections has been impacted by the investigation. when it comes to what they should have for discussion with robert mueller, it's a tricky situation for him. if he doesn't owe entirely he can set the parameters. if he decides to play the fed, people say what do you have to hide it not be the narrative that would follow. >> that's the concern if he brings out pleading the fifth amendment will create a whole another firestorm for the president and his legal team. >> i agree 100%. from republicans as well, the american people want to know what truly happened. >> patrice san jose, talking about this for a while. appreciate it. gerri: coming up, was this a driver for the self driving
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mechanism. we will tell you what happened. and for a change that's actually going to feel like spring and cross much of the nation. janice dean has a forecast. u.s. stock index futures all of them higher. the dow 55 come s&p up seven, nasdaq up seven. you are watching "fbn:am." viewsonic prepare r your demise, mr. billingsley! do your worst, doctor. i will. but first, a little presentation. hijacking earth's geothermal energy supply. phase 1. choosing the right drill bit. as long as evil villains reveal their plans,
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>> headline is finally going to felix remains worrying. train to janice dean is here at the monday forecast. good morning. welcome back, by the way. reporter: thank you. a wonderful time in louisville.
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it did rain on race day, the voter base. the northern tale will remain springlike pit that is where we feel the heat. as far as radar is concerned then big storm systems is concerned then big storm systems come and nothing to really talk about the next couple days. we do have a weak system across the northern rockies and the road playing for some pop-up showers along the appellations throughout the day today and this evening. otherwise come it pretty clear on the map looking good. temperatures will remain very warm across the south. 83 in kansas city, 103 and phoenix, and across the northeast, and the northern plains will remain relatively seasonal. well over 100 degrees. we'll perhaps had some records across arizona.
5:23 am
across the south pulled her across the northern plains and great lakes and it will remain springlike here in the northeast, which i think i'm going to enjoy. we don't want to go for winter all of a sudden until summer. >> great job of kentucky. we all enjoyed watching you. >> i wish i could wear hard every day. coming up, they are healthy and drug maker remington get out of debt. this $85 million apartment comes with not one, the two rolls-royce has come a trip to space and a bunch of other stuff. we've got that coming up. that outfit for the premarket come s&p up 7.5 coming out back up 41 then change. we will be right back.
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nice not
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>> what he think is going to happen to that agreement, that nuclear agreement? gerri: breaking news this morning could wear his president trump applauded the every nuclear deal sending oil prices shooting about $70 a barrel for the first time since 2014. cheryl: meanwhile, saudi arabia estimating they want to see oil about $80 a barrel by the end of the year. right now $70.41. >> stocks on friday shot up after the april jobs report suggesting the federal reserve may not to aggressively raise interest rates. the dow was down for the second week in a row. >> u.s. stock market futures on your monday. s&p up seven and a quarter, nasdaq up 40.
5:28 am
>> across the pond, other markets open slightly higher after nestlé said it would pay $7 billion to sell starbucks products. >> in asia, south korea kospi closed for a holiday in china shanghai composite upon .54% over optimism in the chinese economy. trade to what a deal. $85 million pricey to his new york apartment. plus, two rolls-royce because you can't just use one. a trip to outer space a kid you not in much, much more. "fbn:am" continues right now. coming up on 530 am in new york. monday, may 7th. i'm cheryl casone. gerri: good morning. i'm gerri willis in for lauren simonetti.
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cheryl: 85 million. we've got this. quite a story. this space then we'll talk about that one. today you've got vice president mike pence meeting but u.k. leaders about the every nuclear deal. warning the withdrawal would be historic. gerri: kris jenkins live in washington with more on that. reporter: good morning. boris johnson will pick up where they left off trying to convince the president to stay in the every nuclear deal. he meets with vice president pence this afternoon says in an op-ed the deal has weaknesses that can be remedied. this is house armed services committee says they should delay the head of saturday's deadline. >> may be the best thing is for the president to delay a bit more his deadline and put the french and the british after the test about whether it is possible to get this other sort of agreement.
5:30 am
>> meanwhile, hasan rouhani refuses to consider reopening negotiations. >> we tell the whole world come to america, and the west, we will not negotiate with anyone for weapons and defense. >> reports that secretary of state john kerry, lead negotiator in the original deal has been engaging on what some are calling shadow diplomacy to save the deal and is facing criticism from former senator joe lieberman for doing so. >> john kerry is not negotiating on behalf of the government. but in my opinion, what he's doing is inappropriate and he shouldn't be doing it. >> president trump has said on multiple occasions with a lot of detailed was there a substantial changes in secretary of state mike pompeo has said he has yet to see the changes. a press conference at 5:00 this afternoon where we may learn
5:31 am
more. meanwhile meeting with nsa advisor john bolton. we'll see what happens. trade to chris jenkins in washington. thank you. gerri: watching the price of oil was $70 a barrel since 2014. art hogan, chief market strategist and justice are up at another point capital will join us now. welcome to both of you. i will start with you. the iran worries about the deal breaking apart. also saudi arabia saying prices should be at $80 a barrel. what impact will the rising prices, the market and what companies are set to get it most? art. >> is interesting. saudi arabia has done a very good job at keeping the cartel together, keeping a quota. they've gotten to the point where the global supply and demand picture has come into balance a lot faster than the market anticipated.
5:32 am
in large part when you look at the price for oil is going about 60 to $65 per supply and demand. if you add a name and in possible sanctions and they are back up to three, 3.5 million barrels. that's not going to be a positive than it's going to go to the below market levels. the energy market is in pretty good shape. the natural price is somewhere around $65 at that price energy equity that u.s. companies look very attractively valued. it's very important to watch this week energy stocks. gerri: more worried about the market than i in my pocket at this point with the rising prices start at inflationary spiral in how will the fed react to this news they were already in tech for hiking rates to her times this year. maybe three if inflation keeps going higher. what do you think?
5:33 am
>> certainly higher oil prices and prices at the pump are inflationary and can cause retraction in consumer spending. i don't think we've seen that yet. we had. we are detailing for the tax cut and a better economy and better employment situation. i don't think we are at a point ever $70 oil will cause any major contraction in the economy. they could keep the fed a little more moderate in their posture towards the interest rate hikes. we think three to four hikes depending on economic committee and while the employment picture is good, wage growth was not that robust set could keep the fed tempered. >> watching the wage number for sure. he said the saudi stories the most important. where imported at the lowest rate since the 1980s. 667,000 barrels in february. can our domestic oil industry offset saudi arabia's plan for a
5:34 am
higher price? >> absolutely. when you look at the growth of the u.s. shell production in the last three years has been nothing service spectacular. more productive companies. that is the miracle and the really good story. saudi arabia has done a great job with the cartel in getting the supply and demand picture back in balance. to joe's point, when you think about the fed's reaction from historically they've always said that the commodity is being transitory. so i think at the very best it going to keep them less inclined to go forward. >> cho, the number that really blew me away, firmer dollar oil prices rise, saudi arabia gets $3.1 billion. a very big difference for them when the prices go higher. as you know, their economic growth was in recession last year. what you see happening at their next opec meeting?
5:35 am
>> certainly they need higher oil prices to bring more cash into the economy and diversify away from energy. i think they'd be pushing for higher order prices. they also have a big incentive to be the same player and prices are higher to bring a little more production on. gerri: art, do you agree? >> assert the agree. in the backdrop for canine doing a very large deal as they like to see energy prices higher. one of the reasons and driving them to keep supply and demand in check and keep the cartel imbalances just that. one of the largest energy joseph ever been done. one of the driving factors is exactly that. >> showing gas prices right now looking at $3 a gallon in some markets. that's the forecast right now for the summer driving season of all things. r. joseph, things are coming out
5:36 am
today. >> thank you abaca day. >> gunmaker remington could get a lifeline from a major bank. kind of a change of heart sorry. gerri: i like it. tracee carrasco joins us thought that in more headlines. tracee. >> village of remington and the financing just weeks after the bank said it would stop financing what it calls military style firearms were civilians. contributing $43 million to $193 million funding package funded by banks according to court documents. this would give the boost it needs is a needs is to get out of bankruptcy later this month. >> the red bank as we call it. another self driving car accident. >> that's right. friday in arizona a self driving band that was part of google's test was involved in an accident when a car swerved to avoid another car and crashed into the van. the van's driver suffered minor
5:37 am
injuries. the van was being driven on manual, not autonomous mode. this of course comes after the march 18th accident involving a self driving cars that hit and killed the women. >> different circumstances for this one. tell us about what we can get for $85 million. >> it's also why can't you getting this deal. but if you are looking for a real estate deal, $45 million not only get 15,000 square foot house in her reviews, but also a lavish lifestyle. the price tag includes a hard top in a convertible as well as a lamborghini roadster. also 75-foot yacht with five years of docking fees on the hudson summer stay in the hamptons mansion. that is not all. also a years worth of weekly dinners for two at the restaurant. a pair of courtside season-ticket to the brooklyn that in the year services firm
5:38 am
private chef. they burgeoned but spaceflight. why is the seller doing all of this? he tells "the new york post" someone not for nader can appear in having your courtside style and point of view. cheryl: i am perplexed by this. is it itself for the 85 million? >> he's trying to throw in some other things to make it more enticing. it was on the market for a while. >> they say it's a new yorker essay style. it wasn't quite like that. tracey, thank you. coming up, liz claman has said omaha for the gathered at the berkshire hathaway were warren buffett praised president trump. >> a new change in a very important expense. it is benefiting almost -- audio
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mark gerri: thank you from omaha. it may look like a scene from the titanic but it's actually a carnival cruise line. we'll tell you what went wrong. u.s. stock index futures at the california three com s&p up six, the nasdaq up almost 40. you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. and i heard that my cousin's so, wife's sister's husband was a lawyer, so i called him.
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cheryl: welcome back. taking a back. taken at the u.s. stock market futures under mandate. down 53, the premarket term s&p 5007 and three quarters, nasdaq up 42.5. water line breaks flooded 50 runs above a carnival cruise ship. a passenger from the video to try and get the water appeared carnival says for six hours to clean up water, drive the car. they did all receive full refunds. house democrats preparing to release 3000 russia links facebook ads. could offer a clear picture of how facebook was manipulated during and after the 2016
5:43 am
election. they spoke of the pro-kremlin research agency of the buyer of those ads. the ads could be released as early as this week. argentina's interest rate censored to 40%. the government possibly delaying since the reforms prompting a selloff of the pace of stocks and bonds. that's what's happening now. 40%. berkshire hathaway ceo warren buffett holding court once again at the annual meeting in nebraska over the weekend. the chimp administration tax cuts. >> well, the record-breaking crowds have come and gone in omaha, nebraska the inner berkshire hathaway. still suspended from the ceiling. what a weekend it has been. saturday morning they began lining up outside the century link arena. this is a space reverend run tim
5:44 am
mcgraw to tell us a sold-out crowd spread buffett was a sold-out crowd starting at 3:00 a.m. it was a very tight situation. they're expecting to say they will have broken the record for a 2000 shareholders streaming in to omaha for the weekend. why did they fought care? not just a meaning for shareholders and quite frankly not just a shopping destination for the 61 businesses. warren buffett from investing to what he looks for, what is he avoid? the u.s. economy speaking of which, boy did he away and when i had an opportunity to ask them saturday morning about the effects of the tax code. >> it was a huge change in the very important expense. it is benefiting -- i can't
5:45 am
think of a company that we have probably isn't benefiting to some degree. >> we are sending my money up every quarter. facing them to spend it on capital expenditures? >> the windfall from the tax cut is being reinvested into most of his businesses. even here a craft time for they are changing up their entire lineup in developing it and modernizing it. so yes, shopping destination and one of the most popular things here every year as the dairy queen booth right here. they sold-out 25,000 blizzards and daily bars and creamsicle is gone. those coolers behind me are entirely a day. coming up, 3:00 p.m. eastern on countdown to the closing bell. by one-on-one life with warren buffett and charlie munger. we'll put them through the thought mind, ask them what
5:46 am
happens when they decide they want to buy a business. what does each one of them look for and what do they push back on? a fascinating master class of its own right here in the fox business network. back to you. cheryl: a lot more coming up in sports. kevin durant blowing away the new orleans pelicans. garrett maxes coming in. oil topping 70 bucks a barrel for the first time since 2014. we'll decided push about 80 bucks a barrel. the less there than flynn. looking at futures higher. down 59 the premarket. nasdaq up 42.5. we will be right back. to their retirement savings. that's because they have a shield annuity
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>> welcome back. a jampacked sunday in sports from baseball the hotkey to the nba playoffs. gerri: garrett max carrying a full plate. >> here comes kevin durrant and the golden state warriors. 4:00 a.m. sunday morning got a long text message from his roommate, inspiring a direct did to be who he is. he would not send scored 38 golden state. the three to one lead on utah. one went from advancing to the western finals. speaking of the western finals pick in the nhl, the vegas golden knight last night punched their ticket before the stanley cup finals big expansion biggest looks like playoff veterans. they shut out the sharks three
5:51 am
to nothing. they advanced. winnipeg is a great minnesota plays game six tonight. thus advancing past the bruins. i watched a lot of yankee games in my lifetime. yesterday was one further brooks. 25 road ricky domingo her mom. the first major league start into a no-hitter for six innings. taken out to protect his arm. until the ambulance corps for the. three runs in the ninth inning and then they tied in the ninth i think 21-year-old torres. youngest yankee ever new york has won 15 of 16 for the first time since two months before ronald reagan got elected president. for the first time since 2014, tiger woods and phil mickelson
5:52 am
will be paired together with rickie fowler at the players championship this week or a tanker finish 14 shots off the lead of wells fargo in charlotte tied for 56th place. jason day when the event at the second victory at 12 under par. if you've got $500 to win kentucky derby champ justified saturday come you would've one around $1250. if you got $500 back in february, to win the derby on saturday, then you want $150,000, which is what one gambler did. to make the same amount saturday would've had to wager around $60,000. sloppiest ever for the derby. another woman from austin, texas who bet to pick five. pick the winners of five straight races.
5:53 am
she won $1.2 million. gerri: jason day, his personal story i may think of this golfer raised by a single mother who died within the last 18 months of the big comeback for them into real important win. a lot coming out of the players this coming week. very excited. mr. jared max, thank you. they are going nowhere and telling you. catch sports reports on fox news headlines 24/7 unserious xm channel 115. cheryl: oil prices cruising through the $70 level. phil flynn coming out. that is when we return on "fbn:am." ♪
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cheryl: oil prices trading about $70 a barrel for the first time since 20 for teen. phil flynn, senior market in a jealous and fox news contributor as news contributor is with us. good morning. >> good morning. what a day today. you know, i think we are going
5:57 am
to see add. i predicted 80 in the beginning of the year and i see no reason to change the forecast. today we're focused about iran. talking about venezuela. but there's something else going on here. we have to have the strongest global demand we've seen in over a decade. the biggest glut of all time is gone. and now, if we lose iranian oil, there's not no spare production capacity in the world to make up for right now. a very tight market. >> you said it. jerry here come the phil. remember we were awash in oil. what happened to it? where did it go? >> i think it was a false perception about how big that was when you compared it to global demand. there was this perception were going to see oil prices lower for longer, that the court was going to be here forever. one of the things i was worried about was when we had this perception of lower for longer
5:58 am
for oil prices really caused people to cut back on investing in new production. they were sending demand would be lousy forever. low prices care low prices that now because we didn't invest in prices were low, we are paying at the price the pump today. train to pull in up gas prices right now comes seen a big hill for gasoline prices. it's going to be inexpensive and inflationary summer ahead. >> it really is. the thing is that gasoline prices, as much as they have gone up, consumers so far have not shown any resistance to higher prices. demand for gasoline still at a record high. what worries me if we lose iranian oil that could hurt the consumer. cheryl: phil flynn at a chicago, thanks for getting up with us. appreciate it. gerri: now it is time for mornings with maria. maria bartiromo, over to you.
5:59 am
maria: hither come the ladies. good morning. thanks for joining us. i maria bartiromo. top stories right now. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. features indicate a strong open. dow industrials up 60 points right now. nasdaq up two thirds of a percent 40 points higher. this on top of the rally on friday. after the april jobs report that the market was up 332 points at the close. we'll show you straight ahead how you would've made money if you watch the show on friday morning. global markets this morning are higher. european indices fractional moves there. markets in london closed for a holiday. dax is that the third of a percent of the cac up a fraction. asia overnight markets close higher with the kospi and korea also closed for holiday. shanghai composite of 1.5%. we are an oil prices watched this morning. oil above $70 a barrel.
6:00 am
the highest level since 2014 amid protests in iran and the looming deadline over the nuclear deal this week. may 12th is when the president will decide. julie bregman told me he hopes the president fulfilled his campaign promise. >> was a bad deal, a mistake. the president has the power to correct that mistake and i hope he does. >> yesterday taking a closer look this morning. netflix coffee business getting an extra buzz from starbucks. other drinks in grocery stores for more than $7 billion. attorney general jeff sessions house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes threatening to hold them in contempt of congress. justice department fired back against allegations. we'll break it all down and transpired yesterday. bob overtakes neighborhoods on hawaii's big island. take a look at


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