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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 10, 2018 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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neil: okay. we're looking at this right now. the markets are chewing on what the chinese are going to offer concessionwise to buy more stuff from us to avoid a trade war in the middle of expectations ahead of these talks a few weeks from now on north korea. so much going on. trish regan to take you through that in the next hour. hey be trish. trish: hey, neil. breaking right now. we have a little rally going on. president trump's america first foreign policies, after the president announces he will meet with kim jong-un in singapore. i will keep seaing it we're on front lines of history. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." ♪ trish: all right. also breaking today, every one, president trump welcoming home three freed americans from north korea as the president appears optimistic we're on the right path to a nuclear-free
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korean peninsula. tense situation shall we say in the middle east after iran launches an unprovoked rocket attack on israeli soldiers in the golan heights. israel is firing back. what must the president do and say to calm the situation? we're asking none other than retired four-star general jack keane. he's here. democrat maxine waters calling for president trump's impeachment again. this time she is pulling out the horrible iran nuclear deal as her reason. coming up florida congressman matt gaetz on the left's relentless effort to stop everything the president does and whether 2018 might actually mean, should the dems get elected, maxine waters gets her wish? we're up 165, off the highs of the session, nonetheless solidly in the green territory. first to blake burman, at white house with historic
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summit. reporter: remarkable scene at joint base andrews at 3:00 this morning, final detainees held in north korea stateside, greeted on the ground vice president, first lady. one of the detainees said, it quote, felt like a dream. the president got back here to the white house. presumably took a little bit after nap and fired off this tweet, quote, the highly-anticipated meeting between kim jong-un and myself will take place in singapore on june 12th. we'll try to make it a very special moment for world peace. the president said this morning he is hopeful that things are moving in the right direction with north korea and kim jong-un. >> i really think he wants to do something. i think he did this because i really think he wants to do something and bring the country into the real world. i really blow that, john, i think we'll have a success. i think it will be a very big
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success. reporter: the white house is also keeping watch this afternoon over the middle east after israel says that iran launched more than 20 rockets from inside of syria into israeli-claimed territory. israel then retaliated by sending missiles into syria. israel says those missiles went towards iran facilities inside of that country. the white house relessed a statement this afternoon, trish, which goes as follows. iranian regime deployment into syria of offensive rockets and missiles is highly dangerous development. the backdrop to the president's decision earlier this week to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. trish? trish: thank you very much, blake burman. joining me with reaction, retired four-star general, fox news strategic analyst, general jack keane. general, my goodness, and these the folks we were going to be
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engaged in a deal with. we should remind ourselves of that. perhaps seeing what the iranians just did, sir, yet again further indication that we don't want to be in business with them? >> oh, yeah. we should remind ourselves when secretary kerry first approached the iranians over the nuclear deal, that turned out to be such a disaster, he rightfully put on the table as the first condition iran's behavior in the region as a condition to sit down and talk. iran said to him, our behavior in the region has nothing to do with nuclear weapons. we will not come to the table. what we should have done then is okay, we'll see you next year, the same condition. we'll increase the sanctions. it is their behavior that is the major, major issue that we have to deal with. here it is, front and center. what they're doing here, trish. is they're conducting a military build-up of inside of syria. they have 130,000 rockets and
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missiles in lebanon under the control of hezbollah. they want similar capability in southern syria. so they can rain the weapons into israel and go beyond the israeli's capability to defend themselves because they would be coming from multiple locations and they would be swarming at tel aviv and jerusalem. they want to destroy the state of israel. that is always a strategic objective. they say it every year. they are going about doing it but israelis will not let that happen. neil: pretty unbelieve -- trish: pretty unbelievable stuff. let's talk about the sanctions. there is concern may not have as much of an effect. do you think others will follow our leadership here? do you think that the europeans will come along? let's not forget, if you're a european company that is doing business in iran, we may not take too kindly to you doing business with us. so is that going to be some additional economic pressure
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that may result in additional countries coming to our side of the table. >> absolutely. israelis are with us, why is that? because they live in a neighborhood that the iranians are trampling all over their interests and our interests. the europeans are not with us. why is that? they have financial arrangements with the iranians. they want to continue those financial arrangements. we'll have to be tough on sanctions. trump's advisors tell us they will be tough. we'll do secondary sanctions against european countries doing business with the iranians. i do believe eventually the europeans will come with us but for the time-being they're not there but i think there is going to be economic persuasion that will bring them there. trish: what do you say, general, we're out of this thing, how could we be possibly out of this thing? we're giving them greater
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ability to create a nuclear weapon on the road? your response? >> first of all the nuclear deal gave them that capabilities on the path to a nuclear weapon. by 30, there is no inspections in the country whatsoever. that is reality of it by not going to the military sites we don't know if they're developing those weapons in any event. we don't have the access. for now, what will happen to the iranians, i do believe, is eventually, they may come back to the table as well. why is that? well, because they have got currency problems. they have inflation problems. they have overall economic problems. they can't afford to have these sanctions slapped right back on them again and not be able to sell all that oil that they have been selling ever since the sanctions were removed in the summer of 2015. trish: general -- >> so that is the reality. trish: it is the reality when we
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stick to our guns, we enforce sanctions, and force other countries to enforce sanctions we put in place, we don't do business with somebody doing business with iran, we're talking about something. we're talking about being able to have a real kind of pressure on the economies of these countries. real quickly i have you here before i let you go, general feels like a very historic moment. i said yesterday, i remember when i was a kid the iranians hostages were freed in january 1981. seeing the detainees of north korea were brought back to the u.s., certainly took me down memory lane in some ways. walk us through the significance of what it means, general, for our upcoming summit in singapore with kim jong-un? >> i'm absolutely convinced pompeo told kim jong-un, we need the hostages before the summit or there will be no summit. we'll not come to the summit and then negotiate for americans you're holding hostage.
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that's not going to happen. thus we got the hostages back. when you talk tough and carry a big stick, the big stick is the united states military behind the tough talk, we've got their attention. i just got back from the far east, from japan last night. i tell you the japanese, talking to the government there, they are absolutely convinced there is potential here for a real breakthrough with north korea and they said there is only one reason this is happening. they have one word to describe why it is happening and that word is trump. trish: wow. i know you said the same exact thing to me, general, when i said to you, how is it happening now? you said, trump, trump, trump. whether you like him or not, with some of the personal characteristics that may, you know, discourage others being enthusiastic, when it comes to the actual policy of keeping our world safe, what kind of grade is he getting in your book? >> oh, he is getting a high
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grade in my book. there is two rogue nations. one is north korea. the other one's iran. iran doesn't have nuclear weapons. president trump is not going to let them get nuclear weapons. that is why he stopped the pathway it nuclear weapon, which was the nuclear deal. the other nation has nuclear weapons. he has given them two choices. either voluntarily give up the weapons or you will force me to come there to take them away from you. that is where we're going. trish: general keane, thank you very much. good to see you. fresh back from japan. we're looking at very nice day on wall street. up nearly 200, 24,739. telecom, health care companies leading the way higher. i want to go to nicole petallides. she is live at the new york stock exchange with a look at the rally. hey, nicole. >> telecom, health care, in fact all sectors have up arrows with move of 200 points to the upside. the dow moves into positive territory for 2018.
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as long as we're up 176 points basically we'll be in the green for the year. looking at dow winners, unitedhealth, exxon, johnson & johnson. disney. there are very few losers here to speak of. you have record highs of apple and visa. on pace for record close, you could see amazon and microsoft. we'll watch for record closes there as well. meantime a key eye on ford. after parts supplier meridian had a fire in may. there are automobile companies having problem getting products out because they don't have the parts. ford falls in there. three plants are shut for now. they're saying it's a short-term issue. the stock is up 1 1/2% at 11.23 a share. they say they have over 80 days of supply available. look at l brands, trish, down nine%. that is the parent of victoria secret. they have relatively flat sales.
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outlook for earnings on low end of expectations. this is a real laggard on wall street. lastly oil overnight moving to 3 1/2-year high. pulling back a few cents. back to you. trish: nicole, thank you very much. keep checking in. maxine waters, every one, you remember her. she is calling again for the president's impeachment. this time she is calling on it pulling out of iran nuclear deal. why is the left so obsessed revisiting everything? why have they not learned that this strategy, resist, resist, isn't working? they want to see action. they don't want to see inaction. florida congressman matt gaetz is going to weigh in here. there's nothing small about your business. with dell small business technology advisors you get the one-on-one partnership you need
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let's talk about thisd when we meet next week. edward jones came to manage a trillion dollars in assets under care by focusing our mind on whatever's on yours.
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>> i will fight every day until he is impeached. i continue to say impeach him. impeach 45! impeach 45! trish: all right. that is of course maxine waters, california democrat. kind of sounding like a broken record. impeach him. figure you probably got that.
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she has been calling for is impeachment overand over again from the beginning. the new reason, we must impeach him because of the decision to pull out of iran nuclear deal. she says, and i quote, trump further isolating the united states, thinks he knows better than our negotiators and all of our global allies who agreed to the iran deal. how long do we have to suffer his gigantic ego and fares sistic behavior? -- narcissistic behavior. impeachment is the only answer. here is the thing, ms. waters. you've been trying to impeach the president ever since he was being elected, before you even knew what his policy was actually going to be. i get you may not like him but, you wanted to impeach before you even understood what he was going to do. members of your own party are urging to you quiet down. so, is this really getting you anywhere? are you just running the risk of
2:18 pm
continuing to divide our country with this nonsense? joining me florida congressman matt gaetz. congressman, i don't know if people respect that, i will be honest. because it is one thing to say, you don't believe in the policies. i get it. she doesn't like what he did in iran but she has been calling for this ever since he got elected. to me, sounds like you're basically thumbing your nose at the american people, saying i don't respect,, i don't care how voted for, i know better, impeach him. >> maxine waters is the chicken little of the democratic party. she keeps saying the sky is falling, the sky is falling. she wanted to impeach trump over russia, iran and somebody spilling a glass of milk at the white house this is loser talk. what people say when they can't win elections. all the american people know, unemployment is down 3.5%. over five million americans gotten bonuses over the tax cuts
2:19 pm
and jobs act. the president is implementing work requirements, getting people into the workforce to contribute to the economy. by the way he is about to end half century of war on the korean peninsula if we're pulling the deal off. we're almost getting tired of winning, the president is winning so much and maxine waters continues the loser talk of democrats that can't seem to be able to win elections. trish: i like the glass half-full approach. that is the kind of person i naturally am. i think most americans naturally r we like to be optimistic. we like to believe in our future. and, the democratic party increasingly, as this party of no, seeming as though, representative, they don't believe in oust. they don't believe in what we can be, and, i don't think that's going to play come '18. how are you guys prepared to sort of confront this? if they were to succeed you
2:20 pm
plight have real problems? >> we can not allow democrats to continue to be struck the trump agenda. we have to charge forward. we need more leaders in congress willing to take risks president did to enure to the benefit of american people. they said he couldn't move the embassy to jerusalem. horrible that the president would contemplate a meeting with kim jong-un. now we have a three american hostages back with their families in our country. time and begin the president's bold action is the real driving force of change in this town. i intend to be one of the members of congress that supports him completely. i hope maxine waters keeps running her mouth. this is a gift. we're talking about improvements of quality of life for americans, restore america's prestige in the world, maxine waters has no economic message. she has no message that will help people be more prosperous and encouraged.
2:21 pm
they have to keep obstructing because they can not create the positive energy that the president is creating. >> i want her on the program. i want to hear what she has to say in defense of herself given what you said, congressman. i would like to understand it a little bit better. because as you say, you really, people want action. they want to see something being done. i don't think you can continue to resist this long. but we'll put a call in. we'll see if she will come on, all right? >> i will come too. trish: that would be fun. we'll have a big party. good to see you. >> good to see you. trish: we're looking at a dow up 202 points right now. some nice upside now on the street. coming up next china decide to play nice after president trump's tough talk? the country is likely to offer to import more american products in an effort to help ease the trade deficit issues. we have details on this issue after the break.
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trish: market is up 185 points right now. china's economic envoy is coming to washington next week to talk trade. the news comes as china is expected to import more u.s. goods. trying to even out the whole trade deficit thing. so is china actually coming to the table? might we actually see some kind of realistic agreement? might we see a reduction in the tariffs that they charge us? susan li joins us on set. great to have you here. i haven't seen you in a while. we know each other. it is a pleasure to have you here at fox business. >> thank you so much. trish: you spent a lot of time in asia. >> i did, that's right, many, many years. i have watched china and its economy grow to what it is today. so if you were to ask me, i would say it's a win for the trump administration. trish: really? >> spend more. close the gap a little bit. trish: how do you make them spend more? >> right now they are, they are
2:27 pm
strong-arming them. if you're threatening tariffs on a country exporting five times what the u.s. is into their country it hurts china more than it hurts the u.s., right? and so, you know, i would say to narrow the gap, that is a small victory, it's a small victory, a lot in the bank. they have a trillion dollars in foreign exchange reserves. they can afford to close the 300 billion-dollar trade deficit. trish: buying more stuff. >> buying more stuff. trish: what about the tariffs themselves though? the president has cited a statistic that we brought up here with viewers which is the 25% tariff on any american cargoing there? >> yeah. trish: we charge a tiny fraction of that for a car coming here. will they start to level that playing field? >> think they already started with the auto industry, allowing players like ford or gm to own majority in joint ventures or partnerships they had to establish in order to get into the chinese market and that tariff does need to narrow and i
2:28 pm
believe they are starting to think about that especially for cars made in china. trish: susan, this is amazing, right? you think the opportunity so many administrations have had to deal with china head on, i wonder why they haven't? is it big business, no, we don't want to upset the applecart? trump comes along, i don't care about the applecart. i will toss it over and all the apples can fall so long as they are arranged nicely in the end? >> as i brought up many times, trish, every one knows the u.s. president is a businessman, he negotiates. the chinese talk about that a lot. you can do business with him. he is tough negotiator. he opens with a really tough term sheet as an opening offer. it can be walked back. he is showing strength and chinese do respect strength at the end of the day. trish: good to see you sues -- susan. good to have you on set in new york.
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oil on the rise. coming up next what does this mean for folks at the pump? what will you pay as we head into the summer? could be high. see you here. think your large cap equity fund
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bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at trish: hawaii volcano on the verge of an explosive eruption that could send bold us and ash shooting out of its crater there -- boulders. there is a lot of concern that lava could get inside of a nuclear plant where flammable liquids are stored. this is increasingly dangerous as 2000 residents have been evacuated. apple is planning to operate new credit cards with goldman sachs. they could be branded with apple mobile payments platform. apple would replace barclays as their card partner. ford suspending production of f-150 trucks, the decision comes after a guyer in a supply facility caused it to run out of
2:34 pm
parts for the trucks. they are looking for an alternative supplier to make up for the missing parts. stocks extending the rally up 192. doing pretty well. s&p trading up 22, nasdaq up 56. looking at the sixth straight day of gains here. we're turning positive for the year, oil, look at this, sitting at multiyear highs, up .4 of a percent. steady at $71 a barrel. what does that mean for gas prices? we go straight to kristina partsinevelos, who has the answer on new york's upper east side, probably where the prices are going to be the biggest very soon. kristina? reporter: yes, trish. behind me you see the price of gas well over $3 a gallon. this is the, i guess never ending story for the united states right now. the national average price of gas we're seeing according to gas is at 2.84 for
2:35 pm
regular. this is up 50 cents compared to last year. we're seeing a steady climb especially heading into the busy season. people taking road trips and the fact that americans buying more vehicles. crossover suvs a popular car, pushing up demand. what we're seeing across the country, is 10 states, 10 states have now officially hit the $3 club, starting with california. you're seeing price of gas over there at $3.66. this is average per gallon, followed by hawaii, 3.65 cents. washington, alaska, nevada, the list continues on. so you have 10 states there. if you're wondering where is the most expensive spot to get gas? that would be middle of the desert, should you want to do a road trip from vegas to l.a. there is gas station on route 66, it is 5.24 per gallon. the cheapest in plain view texas
2:36 pm
, at $2.19. there was a rally this week as investors expected president trump to pull out of the iran nuclear deal. they were preparing for the worst. a possible decrease of supply. oil which is now $71.36 which i show you in just a second. it is climbing higher. that is pushing energy stocks. not just iran. venezuela also contributes to the up tick because of the economic instability over there. they have elections coming up next week. their supply is 30-year low when it comes to venezuela. those are two major factors pushing up the price of oil. turning to energy really quickly. when you see the price of oil go up, most often energy stocks follow suit. we're seeing big players like exxonmobil, last time i checked up 2%. you can correct me right now. exxon was a laggard when you compare it to some of the competitors, but the company has
2:37 pm
announced five major deepwater horizon projects. as well as you have chevron, a lot of energy stocks climbing higher. that also means gas expected to climb a little bit higher this summer, average just under $3 u.s. a gallon. back to you. trish: i'm impressed the upper east side hasn't hit $5.24. i'm waiting for that. kristina, thank you. joining me thematic can cio and flynn capital management cofounder, doug flynn. looks like higher prices for the foreseeable future? is the market making too much out of this? the market makes too much out of a lot of things. face it, iran doesn't contribute tremendous amount certainly to our oil supply. can we weather this as some are predicting? >> you're talking about how the price goes up, how that is
2:38 pm
translating energy stocks finally moving up. if you look at energy stocks last year, they were one of the worst performing asset classes. one of the worth performing sectors there are. one of only two negative in a very good year. this is to be expected. and so from an investing standpoint that is going to translate into higher inflation i think down the road. as things pick up in the pricing -- trish: at least coming to energy costs. >> cpi. energy stocks are part of it. trish: chris, let me ask you this. you heard the mention there of cpi, possibly higher inflation. walk me through what this will mean for the american consumer if in fact gas prices do escalate this summer, it would theoretically have effect on consumer spending, on other stuff, right? >> absolutely. just to set the stage trish, we've got a number of data points. we have cpi earlier today. ex foot and energy up 1.2%.
2:39 pm
pce price index shows rising inflation. companies from caterpillar all talking about rising inflation. we'll see more companies start to put price increases through to maintain their margins. i think yes, there is more inflation down the line. for the consumer, when we look at real wages in april, up.2%, the question becomes, as these costs rise, they only have so much disposable income, it could hit consumer spending and we're already seeing that. that helps explain why companies like costco are putting up huge, huge numbers, same-store sales february, march, as we learned from ape, consumers look to stretch their disposable income. trish: talk about how much the dollar is affects things. oil is priced in dollars, fortunately of the as the dollar gets weaker, it will cost you more dollars to buy the barrel of oil. so how much is the currency
2:40 pm
actually affecting prices as well right now, doug? i will throw that to you? >> i don't think as much as we might expect, i am a little concerned about wage inflation hasn't really picked up yet. i do expect that to pick up later in the year is going down. and that is going to put more pressure on hopefully wages will come up. that will offset some of those expenses. with oil prices where they are, you could probably support fundamentally a price somewhat higher than where it is now. if you get too high, you will get more production out of the u.s., puts more downward pressure. while you get a pickup, i don't think it will go out of control in the short term. that is what we see right now. trish: i hear you. that makes sense to me. and just chris, final thoughts to you, the market up 133, nice little rally we've got going on off the highs of the session, still solidly in positive territory. we had been so for six days. does this continue as we head into the summer months?
2:41 pm
>> i think the question you're asking trish, are we going to have sell in may, go away or not? trish: there you go. >> i would surprised if we don't. a lot of things are happening in the market. i think some will be good. my personal view we're seeing lag effect with benefits of tax reform. companies are putting up great earnings, generating a lot of free cash flow. we'll see that more in the back half of the year. same thing with the consumer. we'll pay down debt in the short term. we'll be surprised in the upside with consumer spending. trish: i love that thesis. i would love to see that. i would really hike to see the consumer come back in a big way as we head into the final months of the year. thank you, guys. good to see you both. >> thank you. trish: outrage after monica lewinsky is uninvited from a big event because guess who was attending? bill clinton. so they invite monica first. but then when bill says, yeah, i will go, she gets dissed?
2:42 pm
my intel why the left is still after monica lewinsky after all these years. later on democratic lawmakers demanding hearings companies paying president trump personal lawyer, michael cohen for insight? is that legal? is it not. we have all the details. gregg jarrett is here coming up.
2:43 pm
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trish: there is this fancy magazine, town and country. you may have seen it. it is issuing a apology none other than to monica lewinsky because it uninvited her from an event, just uninvited her. you know why they uninvited her? because bill clinton agreed to attend the same event. how does that happen? you send an invite to monica and to bill clinton. might you not want to pick one or the other, so you can avoid exactsly that kind of a situation? maybe they didn't think that bill clinton would actually come to their event. then when he wanted to, what do you know, they wanted to get rid of monica? how is that right. here is the tweet, town and country writes, we apologize to ms. lewinsky, regret the way the situation was handled, you really ought to regret it. that was not a very nice thing
2:47 pm
to do. you know this apology only came after, after the big event, after the big shindig, and after monica lewinsky slammed their decision where she tweeted out, dear world, please don't invite me to an event, especially one about social change, and then after i have accepted, uninvite me because bill clinton decided to attend, was invited. it is 2018. emily post would definitely not approve. she definitely would not. i don't either. i'm sure you don't either. you know, it is 2018. and if we haven't learned anything else town ant country magazine -- town and country magazine, have we figured out that was not appropriate, what he did to that 22-year-old girl. every one goes on about stormy daniels. you could argue stormy daniels.
2:48 pm
made out okay. she had her chosen line of work. if they engaged in something. she was paid to go away and now is back. she is suddenly making more money. monica lewinsky on the other hand had her life destroyed and it is still being destroyed. today with town&country magazine saying you can't come to our shindig because bill clinton decided he is going. let's go to another story. that is none other than michael cohen. democrats called for congressional investigation into president trump's personal attorney michael cohen, large payments he received all for his consulting work. senators he had war markky, richard blumenthal payments may have been paid to influence the president but the companies going on record to get trump insight into thinking on key issues. author of the brand new book
2:49 pm
which you can preorder on amazon right now as we speak, "the russian hoax." the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump. gregg jarrett here. >> good to see you. trish: isn't that legal, right, for them to hire a consultant that may have insight into how this administration would approach certain issues? doesn't that, i mean, maybe, it is unseemly but, it happens, right? >> happens all the time. especially when there is a new president, a new administration, companies who want to get the ear of the president, or the administration, will pay people who know him to be, quote, unquote, consultants. if michael cohen was actually actively lobbying either congress or any executive agency, then he has to be registered as a lobbiest. if he is simply offering his
2:50 pm
insights, his advice, his ideas, that is perfectly legal. so there is nothing wrong with that. trish: what do you think they're digging for here? >> with michael cohen and the raid? trish: not with the raid, with this accusation, with blumenthal saying and markey saying we need to look into this? are they scaring michael cohen to give them a panacea to make hillary clinton president? >> they hope he will sing like a canary but the problem is michael cohen may have no information on trump russia collusion. trish: may not have been russian collusion. >> a, collusion in a political campaign is not a crime. b, there appears to be, not a scintilla of evidence that anybody in the trump campaign, including the president, worked with the russians to win the election. trish: you say collusion, because, by the waco solution is
2:51 pm
a really loosey-goosey term. i don't think it means a whole lot to people. >> it does in antitrust law as you know. trish: when it companies to this we're talking about something entirely different. >> right. trish: i know where you're going with that. if he were to ask -- if the russians said we're putting all our money on donald trump and we're going to groom donald trump to become the president of the united states and he was conspiring somehow with the russians. >> sure. trish: working years ahead, to try and capture this election, then that would be quote, unquote, colluding with the russians? how do you even determine that? >> well, it would have to be an effort to defraud the government in an election. it has to be a scheme involving trickery. also money changed hands, as in the hillary clinton russian collusion, in the phony dossier, that is arguably a crime. certainly a federal election campaign violation. never been any evidence of this
2:52 pm
in the trump case. trish: back up for a second is. what do you mean for the russian dossier and money changing hands? the fact hillary clinton's team or democrats were backing that were paying for that dossier could be considered illegal? >> sure it could. it could be a violation of two different federal campaign election acts provisions. generally those are civil penalties but in extreme cases, many people have been criminally prosecuted. the evidence is now pretty clear, that the dnc and hillary clinton campaign actually funded that dossier, giving money to fusion gps who hired christopher steele who used alleged russian sources never verified for the dossier. the dossier then used to spy on an american citizen, even though it was unverified. trish: it's wild stuff, just absolutely wild. >> yeah. trish: james comey says, he didn't think it was relevant to tell the president who actually
2:53 pm
funded the dossier norrell -- norrell haven't for him to no. that would be the first thing you ask. trish: thank you very much. we're both reporters. do you go with information if you don't know the source that gave it to you. >> comey is arguably incredibly stupid or incompetent, lying about it, has to be one of those three. trish: i can't wait to talk about your book. >> happy to do it. get on amazon and barnes & noble for preorder. trish: thank you, gregg. i like that, 24,748. we're seeing a lot of upside today. there is more confidence we'll get some kind of a deal on trade with china. meanwhile, there is more government outrage. none other than sunny california. now it is requiring solar panels for all new homes in the state, requiring them, you can't build a new home in california without having a new panel.
2:54 pm
other states going to do the same thing. we'll have details after the break here. ... baby boomers,
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for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. for us, it's time to get tested. and taking cared abof the boys.e zach! talk to me. it's for the house. i got a job. it's okay. dad took care of us. trish: california is out of control. going to be become the first state to require solar panels on all new homes, require them. not get them because you think that maybe it'll save you on your energy bill, no, no, this is a case where you're saying the state can't build a new house unless you have a solar
2:58 pm
panel. hillary vaughn is live in bakersfield with the latest on this one the government getting wild. hi, hillary. reporter: hey, trish that's right it is a requirement now if you want a new home it's going to come with solar panels and you're the one that has to pay for the cost up front. this is going to add about $10,000 to your mortgage the cost of rents, the cost of housing keeps going up, and every time these democrats want to help people, they end up increasing the cost of an already out out of sight housing stock in the state. i think people are sick and tired of it. we've got a couple of career
2:59 pm
politicians, democrats trying to double down on this: there's special interest it's the democrats special interest all over the place and they're making life miserable for working californians. >> even solar energy advocates say this is a very expensive bad idea, because roof top solar is twice as expensive as power plant solar, one economic professors the uc berkeley says he thinks this mandate will actually encourage other states to opt out of renewable energy saying "by demonstrating a very expense ever way to reduce greenhouse gasses i think this could very likely be used in other states and countries as an argument against moving towards renewable energy" and of course trish the argument here is you'll make up these costs by a lower power bill but everyone subsidizing that, are the people who don't have solar in their homes right now. trish? trish: yeah, i hear you. i get it. hillary good to see you thank you so much. i'm in for my friend lou dobbs
3:00 pm
tonight looking forward to see ing all of you, 7:00 p.m. sharp, right here on fox business' big rally that the president is going to be giving in indiana. we're going to be all over that live at 7:00. liz claman over to you. liz: we'll be watching that trish and i'm sure you'll be watching what we're about to show you, a shadow war breaking free from the darkness, night vision goggles capturing dramatic sights over damascus earlier this morning the israeli military striking dozens of iranian military sites inside syria after iran sent 20 missile s right into israel its now 10 p.m. in democrat and tel aviv residents are very nervous on both sides israel's attack in response to rocket fire aimed at military troops stationed on the goal israel blaming iran's force the attack unprecedented. the first time iranian forces have directly


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