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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 12, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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all the mothers out there. see you next week. gregg: good evening. i'm gregg jarrett in for lou dobbs. the corrupt doj leadership is still stonewalling congress. they will have to wait until next week to get a look at the documents related to the probe. rudy giuliani said they will delay the decision on whether to submit to an interview with mueller. the final determination probably
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will not occur until after the president holds his summit with kim jong-un. we'll take up the deep state and out-of-control mueller witch hunt. israel launching strikes against iranian military targets after iran shelled israeli forces in the golan heights. and we'll talk about the historic decision to pull out of the disastrous iran nuclear deal. corrupt fbi and doj stonewalling and withholding of information about possible informant, a moulin side the trump cam -- a mole inside the trump campaign..
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>> a source close to the investigation says fusion gps, in january the senate judiciary commit e-mails ranking democrat released the transcripts that details simpson's business relationship with christopher steele who was paid for opposition research on the trump campaign. they said they had further information about this matter from an internal trump campaign source. devin nunes and trey gowdy want records related to a human intelligence source. congressional investigators wants to know if there is a connection to the same source that appears in the simpson testimony. at the justice department
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thursday the records very been withheld on the basis a source could be compromised. >> what we are clearly on to is information showing the department of justice as once again along with the fbi excited the authority in this case the material devin nunes will embarrass the department of justice and the fbi and is likely to represent at least misconduct if not breaking of the law. reporter: after the testimony was public, simpson said he was talking about george papadopoulos. fox news reported that the records were significant to the investigation. republican chairman said the dialogue will continue next week. a justice department spokeswoman said they welcome the
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opportunity to. gregg: joining me, sebastian gorka. it was bad enough the doj and the fbi were using astone phoney dossier to spy on the trump campaign. now apparently they have a mole they used to spy on the trump campaign. and they have spent months concealing this from congress which had a right to know under subpoena. what do you make of this? >> you could have a show with yourself the next hour because you are the judicial and legal expert. you know what i want now? i want the fbi to be investigated. i want the doj to be investigated.
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we have no crime predicated for the investigation of see -- of so-called russian collusion. but we know the dossier was used to obtain a surveillance warrant against carter page. now we find out the fbi had a mole inside a political campaign to what end? that's so kay inside a banana republic. but what were they investigated? is this another politically motivated conspiracy by the obama white house to glean information for the other campaign? for the dnc? gregg: comey and peter strzok and the whole gaining, they -- e whole gang, they didn't have the intelligence to justify the
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counter-intelligence probe. that's the chairman's statement recently. does the president, do you think, need to declassify, declassify everything that he can possibly in order to get to the bottom of this? >> i have spoke to the president since i left the white house. and i have commended him for his attitude of staying at arm's lengths from all of these investigations. of staying outside of the process which is commendable. but this has risen to the level of scandal whereby something has to happen. all the individuals implicated in this scandal, the highest level of the doj, the cia, the fbi, right now all those people who are still accessing
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classified information must have their clearances stripped from them. the president dock this now. so comb -- the president can do this now. comey, clapper, brennan, samantha rice, susan powers. let's start there. i want to see an investigation of what did the fbi do for political purposes? greg: here is the problem. who is going to investigate the investigators. the only one who has authority to do that would be the head of the department of justice who appears to be feckless or clueless. it appears rod rosenstein who has been doing the stonewalling and covering up and concealing of evidence, he's not about to investigate the investigators. he would have to investigate himself. >> i give you a simple answer.
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there are thousands of acts in the fbi. you need to go to real america, get out of the bubble. pick somebody, i don't care where they are. they can be in denver or little rock. pick a senior supervisory special agent hog has a sterling track record with one pro vice oh. they have zero connection to the swamp. you need to create a task force of individuals who already have a mandate and their express purpose is to investigate these scandals. but they cannot be swamp creatures. gregg: it's a great, great idea. i hope somebody is listening. let me transition. rudy giuliani is saying we are not going to make a decision whether the president will consent to a mueller interview
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until after the summit with kim jong-un. and we want to wait and see how this federal judge is going to fliewlt metropolitan for the * case. whether he'll dismiss the charges because mueller didn't have the authority for those charges. a wise move? >> i think they should go even further. i think they should declare right now. they should put their cards on the table and say the precedent law, the case lace out there. you heard victoria toensing and joe digenova, you cannot subpoena a sitting president and he'll not give an interview. gregg: you can subpoena him and he can ignore it and you can't tell him to do so. the only compelling method would be to hold him in contempt which would remove him from office, and the law does not allow an you can elected sing -- an
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unelected single individual to remove the president of the united states. >> the only way you get rid of the president is if he dies, resigns or is impeached. robert mueller cannot remove him. gregg: sebastian gorka, thank you very much. coming up next. president trump putting iran on notice following recent missile attacks on israel. president trump: we are putting the harshest, most of stringent sanctions on iran. gregg: we'll take up the latest address coming up next. address coming up next. stick around. i'm leaving the track behind, but i'm not standing still... address coming up next. stick around. and with godaddy, i've made my ideas real. ♪ ♪
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gregg: iranian officials are threatening to restart the country's nuclear program at an industrial scale. iran all see attacked israeli soldiers in a rocket attack from syria, prompting the israeli military to take out iranian outposts in neighboring syria. joining me, walid phares.
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let's start with the second subject first. why would iranian forces in syria be so foolish as to engage in such a provocative attack firing 20 rockets into israel, knowing full well israeli forces and weaponry are so powerful and beyond iran's capabilities? >> basically the iranian regime has been working day and night for many many years thanks to the way the obama administration left iraq, so they got into iraq. from iraq they are obviously in syria. and they already have their ally hes bow whra in lebanon. they are trying to measure how the israeli response would be. what they are preparing is to deploy all these missiles they have been acquiring from russia in syria so they would engage the israelis.
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the israelis are responds together level they they feel they should respond to until the united states is off the iran deal, and this week we are off the iran deal. gregg: at the wake of being off the iran deal, the iranian theocracy is saying we are going to ramp up our nuclear program to an industrial level. it doesn't make any difference, because we discovered they were cheating on the iranian deal with a covert program anyway. >> absolutely. they are in trouble right now after the president administration withdrew from the iran deal. on the one hand the iran regime is threatening they are going to go back and create this nuclear weapons system. but they don't realize they are still in contract with the
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europeans and the europeans said if you go back to it we'll sever our relationship. soar in between two fires. the u.s. is moving ford and the europeans are grabbing them by the economic ties. gregg: will the economic sanctions and pressure be enough to get triewn capitulate? >> no. sanctions are needed as a basis for any activity. but we need more than sanctions. first of all we need more sanctions. then we need to do two things. number one and foremost is to work with the iranian people. this is where the change is going to come for. we'll need to work the arab coalition as well at the same time. >> the sticky wicket are the europeans, right? >> the europeans are in the middle of a road where their
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companies, this is the issue with them. france, italy, germany, britain, they are all involved in this deal. actually president trump caught them very fast. now they need to get out of it. even by moving ford in it. number one, we have an administration that is serious about iran. they have seen the process. the latest wave back in december and january. the europeans feel that something is not right inside iran. they may lose this whole investment. >> this is a muscular foreign toll i by this president. north korea, iran, relationship with israel. much stronger now. this outreach to the arab coalition and so forth. where do you see this going?
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is, for example, the way we handled north korea the template for iran? >> no, it's a different template. for north korea the geopolitics of it are different. the leader of north korea is irrational the way he behave. but that can be handles because china and the united states are dealing with the problem. we have south korea and japan all in line. and iran, it's a different story. iranians have the support of russia. they are on the offensive everywhere. but that has a down side, too. they have so many enemies. 50 arab states that the president addressed are our allies now. >> what do you bet the yellow cake that was shipped out of the united states under the hillary clinton uranium one deal made its way to iran. we'll leave that for another
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day. but i guarantee you, that's a pretty good likelihood. walid phares. thanks very much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you think the allegations of the fbi spying on the trump campaign are far too serious to allow any further stonewalling? follow lou on twitter @loudobbs or facebook and instagram @loudobbstonight. a much ballyhooed blue wave is starting to look at a red tide as president trump keeps wing. we'll take up the latest poll numbers with the dean ed rollins numbers with the dean ed rollins in a
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president trump urging supporters at an indiana rally last night to vote the right ones into office this november.
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take a listen. >> and the strides that we're making have never ever been made like this before. but it can also disappear if you put fools and if you put the wrong people in it can disappear. >> what did he mean by that, fools. joining me now, one of the best political minds in the business, ed rollins, former reagan political director. great to see you. who fools was he referring to? >> former speaker nancy pelosi who is basically saying elect me, i'll be speaker again and we'll repeal the tax cuts. go back to taxing people many more. and i won't think many of the democrats will follow that. but that's the leadership's plans. >> you used to be -- i mean decades ago, you know, liberals and democrats used to be able to peddepeddle and get elected on e going to raise taxes.
4:26 am
you can't do that anymore. >> walter mon dell tried to do that. people don't want their taxes raised anymore. they want some program adjustments and they're very pleased with what president trump has done for them. and i think at this point in time we need to move the ball forward and get the budget process changed. the budget process is a necessary in the congress and that's what we need to fix. >> one commentator said nancy pelosi is god's gift to the gop. >> and she's older than i am. and i'm an old man. she and i grew up in the bay area together. we've known each other a long time. i have great respect for her as a politician. it would not have been a health care bill if she had not got it through congress. she held her body together for a long time. now she's dangerous. >> now he's advocating single payer system. how do most americans react to
4:27 am
that? >> very negative. people would like to get the cost down and there's no guarantee that single payer will get the cost down. the government pays an enormous amount of money today for health care for most of americans as the president proposed today, $300 million is spent on pharmaceutical and 40% of that is paid by the federal government. >> optimism in the united states toward our government and the economy and so forth is hitting now an all-time recent high. i think it was 57%. not an all-time high but a high. >> it's a high. we were down 18%, 19% there for a while. the president's numbers are getting up there. the president's numbers are somewhere around 45%. most polls kind of the average, that's sort of where reagan was, where obama was going into the midterm. that's the base of the -- whatever the president's number
4:28 am
is kind of the base for party. we don't run a national race across the country. if they run good campaigns and push his programs, they can get themselves across the border. >> here is a president that's been absolutely dogged by comey and mueller and their hoax, and yet the president's numbers are rising, optimism in the country is on the rise. it suggests to me what another poll found out a few days ago, and that is the majority of americans think that the special counsel probe is politically motivated. >> it certainly is. there's never been a charge put forth. a lot of smoke but no fire whatsoever. never been a single charge made against this president. you know, some of people around him may have committed sins in the past life, manaforts and what have you, but nothing in the k campaign.
4:29 am
there should not be a special counsel. >> democrats and especially the media, and i know that's redundant in a term, but they have been complaining that president trump is unraveling the obama policies as if that's a bad thing. >> well, elections have results. he plomsed to undo the obama legacy. that was part of his campaign. and i think he's done it alet more effectively than people thought. that's one thing that the president is doing it with executive orders. the next can come in and undo them. that's a good thing, not a bad thing. >> i talk about media bieps, bih unabashed atread anbashed hatrer this president he manages to get three hostages returned from north korea. and the media didn't really pay
4:30 am
a lot of attention to it. msnbc actually gave it all of 30 seconds. this was a huge accomplishment. >> six months ago we were talking about going to war in that region of the country and the president was strong and tough and i think he's brought them to -- not to their knees but certainly to the negotiating table. this is a very, very significant thing. and the fact that he could get three presidents out of there, or the secretary of state did is a monumental fete and should be applauded by americans everywhere. >> except for the media. one nbc reporter was criticizing the president for core graphing it or staging it. if he hadn't gone at 2:00 in the morning to meet the hostages on their return. the media would have criticized him for being insensitive. if he had said sorry, no cameras, the media would have howled that you're violating our first amendment rights. the president can't win. >> he does win.
4:31 am
>> not with the media. >> there haven't been many presidents get up at 2:15 to immediate anybody. his energy is amazing. it's a long flight from korea. if he was going to orchestrated it, he would have done it on the front line and invited "fox and friends." he's got to be given credit for going out there and meeting those people. >> i get a kick out of the media. they always keep me laughing. thanks for being with us. coming up next, president trump capping off a week of foreign policy achievements by welcoming home those three americans held captive in north korea. >> at 2:00 in the morning i had the incredible honor of greeting three brave americans who had been held in north korea, and we welcomed them back home the proper way. >> we take up the push for peace in north korea with gordan chang in north korea with gordan chang coming up
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lou dobbs. >> but those hostages came out with respect. we didn't pay for them. they came out for nothing. and the others came out for 1.8 billion in cash. can you believe that?
4:36 am
gregg: it is a stark contrast of obama's administration in paying for the return of u.s. citizens. in 2011 president obama paid 1.5 million for three american hikers held in iran. 2012015 he swopped terrorists . and in 2016 he spent 1.8 billion in cash to iran for five americans in advance of the disastrous iran deal. joining me to talk about it, gordan chang. author of "nuclear showdown. north korea takes on the world ." i could have sworn it was a long standing stated policy of the american government not to pay ransom to terrorists or terrorist nations but obama did it anyway. >> and clearly the point is that we're giving incentive to the iranians, nort north north kored
4:37 am
other to grab more americans. this policy has been violated so many times in the past we really need to stop it. and it is progress that we got the three womens ou out of nortd we didn't pay a cent to kim jong-un. >> schumer was on the senate floor condemning the president for saying a simple thanks to kim jong-un for releasing them. is that just incredibly naive if not dumb? i mean what did he expect the president to do, insult kim jong-un and threaten an historic summit to denuclearize the korean peninsula? >> yeah, the important point here, as you suggest, you don't want to insult kim jong-un on the eve of the meeting in singapore on june 123th. 12th.i think what president trus trying to do is butter up jim jong-un. and if we can get home disarm,
4:38 am
give up their nukes and ballistic missiles and do a few other things, then i'm all for it. >> tell him hi's got a nice looking suit and a good haircut. lie to him. gee, you look thinner these days. so let's talk about the upcoming summit in singapore. why singapore? is that a good idea? >> yeah, singapore is a very good idea. i think there's only one place on earth that would be better and that would be mar-a-lago. i actually like mongolia. the thing about singapore is it's not going to be in china was the chinese want to claw their way back into the can nuke rye disaition process. and they've been on the line of influence. and it's not in the demilitarized zone. and it would feed the euphoria, continue the euphoria that south koreans have over reunification.
4:39 am
when you think about moon jay in, it's undercutting the efforts of the international community. singapore is a great place to hold the talks with the north koreans. >> you are the expert on north korea. you've written books about it, lectured on it. here's the money question. how do you handicap trump's success at the summit? >> i'm actually quite optimistic. i'm going to go out on a limb. this is a not a kim question. this is a question of whether president trump will use the elements of american power to protect us and the international community. i think he will do it. you know, on tuesday he agated the iran deal. he set himself a very high bar for success in north korea. if he were willing to accept any old deal from north korea, which has happened too often in the past, then he would not have
4:40 am
gone out of iran. so i think that's a sign that president trump is going to hold the north koreans to those big promises of giving up their nuclear weapons, which kim made on april 27th to the south korean president. >> and it seems that what he wants on the table from the united states is palatable. you know, let's have an armist or a treaty from the old korean war and promise you're not going to attack us. that's do i believe doable, sea? >isn't it?>> you know, if we hao that point of five years of hard negotiations, we would have decollider victory. but we're getting that before trump and kim meet. and that's an indication -- i think kim doesn't really want to do that. but the point is, kim has now created a marker. president trump can hold him to that and that gives us a
4:41 am
substantial up in the talks even before they begin. so i'm actually very happy about that. and i think that president trump will use that to make sure kim -- it doesn't play us. >> so assuming for the moment that he's not playing us, what changed? this is a guy who is firing missiles all over the place, developing nuclear weapons, and he has some nuclear weapons, and his belligerence is all of the sudden been replaced by conciliation. >> well, a couple of things have changed. one of them u.s. and u.n. sanctions. we've got to remember the asia-korea watchers. and clearly someone -- the leading korean expert in the world actually said this is because the north koreans, the chinese and the south koreans were afraid of war in the peninsula. and so therefore they all changed their policies dramatically toward the end of
4:42 am
last year, which means that kim now feels he needs to come to terms with the united states. so you know, that's the threats. that's little rocket man, fire and fury, all of the other comments that i didn't like then. but they seemed to have worked. and it's not just us. it's people in asia who don't necessarily like trump but who are crediting trump's policies in this record. >> very quickly. all of the critics of president trump who condemned him for provocative words or threats saying you're going to drive us to the precipice of a nuclear exchange with north korea, in fact it had the opposite effect. >> well, it certainly did. and that is the universal view or almost universal view among korea watchers. yeah, the president's threats actually worked. >> gordan chang, changes very much for being with us. >> thank you. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. do you think the allegations of fbi spying on the trump campaign are far too serious for congress
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president trump making good on yet another campaign promise today, unveiling his plan to take on the pharmaceutical industry and lower your drug prices. in a rose garden speech the president said drug companies will no longer get away with ripping off countless americans. that plan calls for increasing competition and lowering out of pocket costs on wall street today, stocks were a bit mixed as they close fpped dow gained 92, the s&p up 5, nasdaq down 2. volume on the big board 2.8 billion shares. markets are up nearly 2.5% this week mark zuckerberg mishandled tens of millions of user data, maybe yours. now he wants to create his own money.
4:48 am
really? facebook considering starting a crypto currency. listen to lou's reports three times a day, coast to coast on the salem radio network elon musk's spacex successfully launching a sa satellite this afternoon after a failed attempt yesterday. the falcon 9 rocket took off from kennedy space center on board a satellite that will provide internet access to the entire country of bangladesh. the falcon 9 is actually a reusable rocket which experts say will make future space travel cost a whole lot less. congrats. coming up next, swamp creature rod rosenstein's authority and ethics are under fire again. you're not going to believe what he had to say today to our nation's future lawyers. we take up rosenstein's hypocrisy and a whole lot more with niger innis and rebecca
4:49 am
rose woodland next. see on page four that...
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communicate. (♪light musical cords) evening in honor of president trump's triumphant week filled with numerous foreign policy scrictries. victories. winning is not a sometime thing, it's an all time thing. you don't win once in a while. you don't do things once in a while. you do them right all of the
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time. winning is a habit. the great lombardi. joining me now, national spokesperson for equality niger innis and rebecca rose woodland. niger, let me start with you. the president seems to be doing well, notwithstanding comey and mueller and rosenstein in that construct cabal. let's put up on the screen the cnn poll because it's pretty impressive. 57% are optimistic about the direction of the country. that's an 11-year high. your reaction? >> that's tremendous. it's frankly a little short of a miracle considering how hostile the media almost universally -- i mean, even some of my friends at national review occasionally and the weekly standard consistently have been very hostile to this president.
4:54 am
and when this uniform partisan attacks against him, the person people have apparently looked past the talking heads of the swamp and looked at this president's incredible accomplishments on the foreign policy arena. just this monday we're going to open up our embassies in sarus jerusalem. this president is following through on it. of course we have the prospect of a possible peace in the korean peninsula. we see the crushing of isis. and of course this is all within the foundation of an economy that is booming from the bottom up. gregg: there was never any evidence of collusion to justify the opening of the investigation, obstruction of justice is absurd when a president is exercising his constitutional authority. are americans really beginning to kind of see through this whole hoax? >> well obviously the poll made it so clear that the americans are behind what the
4:55 am
accomplishments are. let's put partisan aside. let's put party lines aside and say wow, the president is achieving peace in a world with the dictator that we believe president obama told president trump was the most problematic person he would find when he stepped into office. yes, i think the american people are saying, hey, this is great. let me stop the nonsense. what's happening. there's been really nothing happening with that probe. a lot of people out there looking for evidence. where is it? if we had evidence, we would have heard about it. gregg: let me switch to rod rosenstein. here is a guy, niger, who has made himself a judge, a witness and prosecutor in the special counsel case. sit a blatant disqualifying conflict of interest that is mandatory and yet he's refused to recuse himself. he's not an example of high
4:56 am
ethics. and yet there he was moralizing today at a commencement speech. take s a look. >> the key to living a life of integrity is to take ownership of the consequential decisions. wherever life takes you, conduct your own affairs with integrity so you will never need to look back with regret. gregg: i'm not sure if that was rosenstein or the guy from show time. >> they look a lot a lot. gregg: niger what do you make of the rosenstein thing? >> i think rosenstein is a real problem. the founders of the constitution put into our constitution a series of checks and balances. a series of separation of powers and this is obviously something that has gone over the head of mr. rosenstein. it's particularly tragic that folks like rosenstein and
4:57 am
mueller and comey almost live in an alternative universe where this type of behavior is not only okay and excused, it's actualliractually reward. these guys are going for the long game, after the investigation comes up with nothing and they're looking at potential book deals and fat speaking engagements and to be welcomed into the parlors of georgetown, new york city and hollywood. gregg: what really angers a lot of people, these three tbies gue thick and thieves. and they're the three guy -- comey is life a chief witness against the president, mueller is leading the investigation and rosenstein is overseeing it and guiding it. they're all buddies and pals. >> we're talking 20 and 30 years they've worked together. gregg: are they the only three prosecutors in washington? >> you and i are attorneys.
4:58 am
we know how many competent prosecutors there are. if you want independent, let's appoint someone who has never been in d.c. gregg: right. and you know, one of them leaked classified information, stolen government documents to trigger the appointment of his long time ally and partner the whole thing stinks. let me switch, niger, to the vice president. nonotwithstanding the of george will and his comments today about pence, this is a guy who's out there and he has now become an advocate for the president against the mueller probe. >> and i think that's a terrific thing. i think the president understands that he's at a stage in this investigation, you know, our american version of shakespeare also known as the godfather movies, they talk
4:59 am
about having a wartime con sig layer. the president was bring in rudy giuliani, letting the vice president go unleashed, get on the public circuit and push back against the investigation that's come up with absolutely nothing in terms of collusion that somehow elevates a porn star into a paragon of moral virtue and a victim i think is the right move to make. it's right on time. frankly i think it should have happened sooner. but thank god it's happening now. gregg: what would cnn do. it's stormy, stormy, stormy, 24/7. >> let's put all of it aside open focus on what the president is going right and let's move forward and have justice be restored. gregg: always great to see you. thanks for being with us. that's going to do it for us tonight. lou will be back next week.
5:00 am
be sure to check out my latest book "the russia hoax, the illicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump." have a great weekendvevevevevev. good night from new york. maria: happy weekend. welcome to a spoacial one-hour edition of "wall street." the program that analyzes the week that was and helps position you for the week ahead. thanks for joining us. we have a fantastic lineup of heavy hitters coming up on the program this weekend. north american ceo is my special guest, along with a hedge fund billionaire, and my powerful interview with former vice president dick cheney. first, for the big headlines, connell is standing by in


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