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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 21, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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celebrated by mainstream media, but she is torn down because of her affiliation with this president. charles: she is personification of the american dream. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. charles: here is lou. lou: good evening, president trump demanding that justice department fully investigate charges that obama administration obama spied on tp presidential campaign, result, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, fbi director christopher wray left their afternoon meeting at white house with new marching orders. chief of staff john kelly has a new duty to assure dodge complies -- doj complies with congressional document demands and organize those meetings where they will review the unredacted documents.
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house judiciary committee member andy bigs and chris farrell of judicial watch join us, and what about trade? globalist wing of the white house economic time have their way in china trade talks, so did china. result, the itself is still steal 600 billion a year of u.s. intellectual property and preserve their almost 400 billion trade surplus with u.s., and not cut a single tariff for u.s. exports. the trump economic team agreed to not impose of president's threat and tariffs on chinese steel, and imports, quite a performance from secretary mnuchin-lead trade delegation. what does that mean? we take it up with gordon chang. and cringe worthy commencement
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addresses from two failed presidential candidates, hillary clinton and al gore, using graduation days to spread petty views and attack the president. after he demanded an investigation of charges the obama administration's spied on his campaign in 2016. president leaving little doubt justice department stonewalling it at an end and truth must come out about obama administration intent and actions again trump administration, catherine marriage with our report -- catherine herridge with our report. reporter: white house official said that president concerned about an alleged fbi informant would be raised at meeting that included rod rosenstein. fbi tre director christopher wr. and dan coats, calling on justice department on
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investigate claims, the deputy announced sunday expansion of a investigation into alleged government surveillance abuse, new line of inquiry will consider if there any political mosmotivation how they used warrants or collected intelligence. administration's clarity and closure. >> president is grateful, that department of justice is going to have inspector general look into it and ensure that there was no surveillance done for political purposes, against our campaign, i think it would be very troubling to millions of americans if that took place. reporter: a source told fox news that republican of chairman house intollgence -- want a discreet set of records in their weather work was used in russia case or obtain servais len war
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ans on carter page. >> give us documenttation you use to start this investigation. reporter: on senate floor, minority leader said that president's call for parallel investigation set a bad precedent. >> a misguided view that department of justice is there to protect his political interest. reporter: president's lar rudy guliani claims that this month, he spoke with robert mueller about investigation inning by september 1 if president agreed to a mid july interview, guliani said they talked about alleged fbi informant and mueller's interview with president should be contingent with guliani having access to the informant. the timing and whether all roars requested by congress -- records requested by congress, will be made available. lou: thank you. catherine herridge. >> joining us chris ferrel,
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director of investigation and research, board member of judicial watch. let's begin with rosenstein and wray and coats to begin a investigationer or review of in having a spy in trump presidential campaign,. >> i don't know what is up for debate. this is slow motion political coop. it was thought out. directed by mr. brennan. on other side of this circle of part of loop, we have the september 2, 2016, text-message from lisa page to mr. strzok saying, potus wants to know everything we're doing. andy mccabe visiting white house, and briefing lisa monaco,
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i look forward to president obama's deposition on this matter. this has to be pressed as an investigation, not a review. i don't think that inspector general is up to it. i would rather see an actual u.s. attorney within justice department suing it as a criminal matter. lou: i am glad you did note sayt say, a second special counsel. >> i do not. lou: i think that american people have had a belly full of this approach, creating a super government agency that dominates day, schedule and agenda of the president of united states this is enough. >> no. lou: we're paying po work to work for american people. >> a lot of experienced u.s. attorneys who could very well conduct an investigation went normal bounds of a justice department, we don't need another carnival show, i have had enough. lou: most of us could sign on
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with that turn to this insipid argument voiced in so many quarters of about the russia collusion still. despite two years of investigation. i just want to bring up for audience, what may have precipitated some though called effort to intervene in our elected that review intervention in our elections and other countries bee unite by the u.s.r probe, wpresident obama, israel, macedonia, libya, egypt, working to install muslim brother hood as president taken charge of the egyptian government. in what point of people going to awaken to what the obama administration was doing in these 8 years, and what may have
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been prompting the reacted of others including vladimir putin in make a decision to attack this country's elections? >> the list you gave, was the foreign policy of the obama administration obama -- destabig or influences governments and electoral processes in world, judicial watch has a lot of documenttation on that, in particular activity of mr. soros, and sadly today, we still have all of united states our state department, is really soros occupied territoryy, h. he is probably more influential and his thinking and language and conduct is the guiding light in our state deputy today, still. -- state department today, still, consequences of that.
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is we're reaping what we have sebbed. lou: -- it continues it goes on. showing 3 o flow of money to vas countries and efforts to destabilize or give the obama administration its preferred outcome in those elections, including with israel. >> we were paying soros to do it for us. and in case of hungary under obama then still carry dlu carrh this damage, 700,000 dollar earmarked for quote unquote alternative media whatever that means. lou: i don't want to go too far. but the fact is that rosenstein and wray, and coats met with
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president. we have a spy. we have john brennan threatening president of united states, then today, threatening speaker of the house. threatening majority leader mcconnell, one has to wonder when it is a former cia director, does he have something on them? is it because he has some expectation that his warning could result in an acted on their part he desires? this is getting to point where brennan needs to be brought up on charges of some coined -- some kind now, he is acts again the state and government, this is bald. >> and unhinged. he quotes cicero. in an attempt to project on himself some sort of nobility. this is coming apartment more
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will be -- coming apart. more will be revealed. this is what you see from people who are frightened. lou: they are dangerous. you have former top three officials of the obama administration threatening presidents, and threaten congressional leaders. and at same time, james clapper today, criticizing president demanded an investigation. of spying. criticizing he called trumps disturbing assault on justice, the justice departmen departmens independents, this is reached a level of mindlessness and leadership of republican party, ryan, and talking about mcconnell, have an opportunity again, as i have said, did stand with this president, stop this nonsense. and today we find out guliani president's lead attorney, is
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aing mueller told him september 1 will be date to close out the special counsel of issue of constructtiocob-- obstruction oe gone in minds of most there is no obstruction of justice for president of united states i do not understand is why we get half baked stories about whether it will end, it was just weeks it would end according to mr. guliani. that time has passed now september 1, this is getting too be a strain on guliani credibility. >> i'm rolling back, brennan and clapper's words against them, if there is in addition to be worried about -- if there is nothing to be worried about why you are upset that you are target. >> whose words. >> brennan and clapper have used that line about, if there is nothing to worry about, why are you so defensive.
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>>o. lou: i am talking about guliani and this business about september 1. >> kicking the can on this, president should never submit himself to a in person interview, i disagree with mr. guliani there, he should never did it. written at best, then, there has to be a line drawn, that is it, thank you very much we're done playing. lou: i think that is line that president has drawn. we hope. chris ferrel thank you. >> thank you, lou june next, president trump blasting former cia director john brennan today, we take up revelations concerning obama administration's intelligence operation, congressman andy bigs is joining us next. stay with us, we'll be right back. feel the clarity of non-drowsy
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will bear major responsibility for the harm done to the democracy. you do a great disservice to the nation and republican party. if you continue to enable mr. trump's self serving actions? what is more self serving than thathat blathered spewed. joining us congressman andy bigs member of house judiciary committery, freedom caucus. i think you are going to the point we discussed. what is there to investigate? there are so many established facts. that require investigation of the conduct of upper levels of department of justice, fbi,
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intelligence community whether to be james clapper and his role. >> i mean, there is so much that we -- you have seen it over last year plus. that trickling out almost on a weekly basis, more improper conduct maybe criminal on part of our friends who are supposed to be leading head law enforcement and pros cuer to call agents of our country, they need to be investigated. lou: straight forward, cleaned out. >> okay, let me. lou: a great cleaning. >> yeah. perhaps i have been too obtuse, more specific they flied t needo go. i talk about my problems with the attorney general, i can't figure out why he has kept rod rosenstein on, or they kept mccabe on.
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or mueller hired those people, it goes on and on, so many. they need to go. lou: john brennan today, these mind boggling tweets of his. this man is caught up in something. it is so deeply troubling to think this man thinks he should hold sway over u.s. government, president, speaker of the house, mitch mcconnell, this is a doelusional and dangerous personality, that we had in charge of national security. and the cia for years. >> here is the problem we need to find out, we know that someone -- you had a spy, in trump campaign placed by leaders under obama administration. for political purposes, we need to know was the former president
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briefed on this there is such a deep well. lou: you make a good point, but a straight pardon logical infor example -- a straight forward logical inference from what we know that spy or spy was in position for over a year, they did not warn a single person in trump campaign there was a prospect of russian intervention or attemptedcludin collusion or compromise that tells you they were about en tramp am andment d trying it bring down on trump campaign nothing but ill. they succeeded to only slightest margin in doing so. >> you are right. mission was different. if they were looking to see about russia we would have heard about russia, they were not, their mission was to investigate and try to, entrap, and cause trouble. this goes down today, i heard
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judiciary member of house of representative call mr. mueller a special prosecutor, this is a special counsel investigating dissidis iguodala -- designated crimes, that is the problem, that is what it is. >> they should be run out of time, that special counsel filled with what president refers to them as 13 mean democrats, a bunch of acolytes of the left, they mean this president nothing but harm. like purported subject of the investigation. they mean to destroy and frame a president. let's turn to a interesting battle that is boiling up. member of freedom caucus, we hear that congressman jim jordan is being proffered as a speaker
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to replace paul ryan, the lame duck who wants to stay in office. not surprising. but there he is. and second part is idea that somehow if ryan stepped down that nancy pelosi would have to show how much support she has according to mick mulvaney, your thoughts on the above? well i think that jim jordan would be an excellent choice, he needs to get out start a national campaign so people over america can express their support for jim jordan to come in serve as next speaker. third in line to presidency of united states the other issue is nancy pelosi. is trying to come in and basically she is out of touch. but she is in line to be next speaker of house should democrats return to prominence.
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we cannot let that happen. and so, you know -- >> you are going about it a funny way with a lame duck speaker carry new midterm election who does not have a clue what he is doing, and has said he does not want to be speaker, he is leaving congress. and he is supposed to be, somehow some sort of fund-raiser, he has -- i mean, explain the reasoning of conference in doing that? it seems irresponsible. >> lou, you know, you are asking plea tme to explain the imponde, i am baffled, i told people, i grusin call -- cynical within first week of being elected. that is what tears started coming out of my eyes, i say, jim jordan is the guy, i'm in
7:25 pm
for jim. when it is approach yeah, the to get that done, i will do, that he will stand up and before lie to me, he understands what america is about. lou: i think you have his campaign well underway. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, is it time for president obama to explain what he knew and when he knew it about fbi spying on the trump presidential campaign. cast your sproat o vote on twit. >> up next. white house globalists get their way, suspending tough tariffs with china. and more, straight ahead. stay with us.
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lou: what about trade? treasury secretary steve mnuchin says what the hell about trade? steel and you a aluminum tariffs have been suspended. the secretary saying u.s. tariffs, trump tariffs can be put back on the table if there is no progress made in reducing the $375 billion trade deficit between the two countries. joining us now. gordon chang. your thoughts about the mnuchin negotiated trade agreement or non-trade agreement with the chinese. >> this does not have the hallmarks of the president. this looks like steven mnuchin. we have the framework and we don't have the details. basically the chinese have
7:31 pm
agreed to do what they should do and we are not going to put on the section 301 tariffs meant to top their theft of intellectual property. lou: there will be no tariffs on steel and aluminum dumping. zte will suddenly be given a pass for doing business for 7 years with the iranians and north koreans without imposition of any penalty and they can steal $600 billion worth of intellectual property and preserve almost a $400 billion trade deficit. >> steve mnuchin says it's good for us. that's where the deal is right now. lou: it's incredible to think mnuchin or anyone working for this president would cop up with that kind of nonsense. i want to show everybody something if i may.
7:32 pm
we are hearing talk from mnuchin and others about soy beans and our exports to the chinese. let's look at the exports that we send to china led off b by sy beans. now let's take a look at what we do with the european union. aircraft, machinery, pharmaceuticals, optical and medical equipment, electric machinery. germy in particular, civilian aircraft and parts, passenger cars new and used, medical equipment, chemicals. we look like a third world nation in what we export to china and they are not reducing a single tariff or barrier towvment s. exports. >> you have got industrial
7:33 pm
policy in chain today. the made in china initiative. and we have the theft and the stealing. those barriers are causing the trade deficit. lou: the campaign on smart government. and he said he couldn't blame the chinese because they were outsmarting us. they might as well a been there with peddle -- with peddlers ch sacks of soy beans. >> the president did speak to the head of the chinese trade association because i think he does see the problem there. and i think we'll get a better trade deal. steve mnuchin has an idea if you be nice to the chinese they will reciprocate. we tried that for two decades it
7:34 pm
doesn't work. lou: it's more than being nice. he basically said i surrender. the status said we'll be what we have been for the past he kade and that's not healthy for our economy. north korea. y where do you see it going now? it's asserting its interest and just wiping the table with the president's delegates to represent those interest at least on trade in beijing and here. >> the last two months, when kim jong-un went to beijing in march they showed all the pictures of a sanctions violation. i think there will be a summit with kim jong-un. it may not be june 17th in singapore. he need to up the sanctions not only on china, but north korea.
7:35 pm
lou: the shocking numbers or the obama madness years. what happens to paul ryan now? was that paul? no, it wasn't. it was just the result of paul. we'll be right back. each day justin chooses to walk.
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imrants a year over the past decade, legal immigrants. from 2008 until now a majority of them came here via chain migration. the process president trump has vowed to end. and a half million more entered through the visa lottery. the president wants it to be a meritocracy. joining us tonight, congressman dave brat, a member of the house budget committee, the border security caucus. great to have you with us, congressman. good to see you. first of all, this issue of bringing in more than a billion legal immigrants a year, plus all of those illegal, that's adding up to a tremendous number. who made the decision to bring in that's people? did you guys in congress make that decision?
7:40 pm
>> you are making a great point. no one made that decision. it's never been voted with the american people. that's why the goodlatte bill incorporates everything you just mentioned. plus e-verify. so if you don't put all of what you just put in place and you do a daca trade-off that the democrats want, you will get daca back again in three or four years as a lot of the world would love to come into the world's richest country. lou: the rinos want that, too. your lame duck speaker will get to be here until next year. he wants it too. he's selling out for amnesty as fast as he can. the rino's want it and you have got a sizable portion your conference that wants to do business with the dems and put
7:41 pm
through amnesty. we have 00 democrats for a queen of the hill procedure. the bill with the greatest vote makes it. and guess what that bill is. with chain migration, $10 million over a decade. lou: paul ryan is crying tears pretending this pains him to have 0 go along with this. he has sold out throughout this career to the business round table, the chamber of commerce, the koch brothers and wall street. >> paul ryan says nothing will go through that doesn't pass the hastert rule and it has to pass the trump test, trump has a four-prong immigration deal.
7:42 pm
the word on the treat is they are watering count goodlatte bill. it's 700,000 kid out of the shadows. it could go to 1.2 million pathway to citizenship. lou: do you think the house leadership -- they are selling out to the establishment interests. but is there some thinking on the part of someone that they will get a thank you from somebody for doing the dem's bidding. the global elitists and establishment? if they are, they are even more disdysfunctional and limited in their intellects than even i imagined. >> they would be well advised to go back to senator obama. he was in favor of this package. bill clinton, barbara jordan, the civil rights activist.
7:43 pm
they wanted all thiets, e-verifying and legal hiring. why did they want it? for the american worker. they may get praise from the cheap labor crowd. but they won't get praise from the american voter. the american voter will have a revolt if they see this thing go through. lou: the conference is reflected in your choice of leadership. who do you want to be speaker? >> i obviously like jim jordan. he's the head of the freedom caucus. his number one thesis is keep the promise you make to the american people. we have 25 republicans going with 275 -- they are not putting
7:44 pm
ford the republican platform, they are putting ford the democrat platform. so the american people and the average conservative of all stripes will be outraged if they see this go through. lou: we have been outraged before and sure as hell been disappointed before. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is, is it time for president trump to explain what he knew and when he knew it about fbi spying on the -- the 2016 presidential campaign. hillary clinton is still not on it and she is proud of it. >> no, i'm not over it. i still think about the 2016 election. i still regret the mistakes i made. lou: yale college.
7:45 pm
alum proud. you are going to love it. two losers going after a winner. we'll be right back. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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lou: hillary clinton and al gore
7:49 pm
among the leftists attacking president trump during college commencement speeches over the weekend. >> i'm in the going get political here. >> american democracy is at this moment in much graver danger than many assume. >> i see look out at you that you are following the tradition of over the top hats. so i brought a hat, too. a russian hat. >> the way i look at it, donald trump is chemotherapy for america. in medicine and in science some experiments are terminated early for ethical reasons. >> you will make mistake in life and you will even fail. it happens to all of us no
7:50 pm
matter how call guide for capable we are. take it from me. lou: i don't know how those two ever lost an election. they are obviously original in their thinking, they are compelling speakers. stunning stuff. a new study from campus reform found the country's largest universities outnumbered conservatives 37-10. on wall street stocks closed higher. it closed at 25,000 for the first time since mid-march. crude oil climbing to $72 a barrel. that's the highest level since november of 2014.
7:51 pm
a remind tore listen to my reports coast to coast. the republican national committee doing quite well with its fundraising. the dnc, not so well. we take up the prospects for the
7:52 pm
7:53 pm
7:54 pm
lou: we have a lot of politics
7:55 pm
to cover here. ed rollins. michael goodwin. great americans, good friend and great to have you here. let's start with the president and john brennan. john brennan threatening the president of the united states. now threatening the speaker and mitch mcconnell. who the hell does he think he is? >> i think we are seeing who and what he is. what the president has done marks a turning point how he's handling the mueller investigation and this other investigation into him during the campaign. i think he turned a corner. lou: you mean about the spy? >> yes. informer. whatever this guy was. but -- lou: the spy was there for more than a year and never said, you know what, mr. president? we are worried about the
7:56 pm
elections intervening in these elections. >> the way the "new york times" and "washington post" seem to know all about this. the "new york times" actually corrects the president and says this is not what he was doing, here is what he was doing. they have become the deep state media. now they are protecting something they always reviled in the past. lou: your opinion of the "times" is laudatory. let me turn to the special counsel. why doesn't he pack his bags and go home? it's a broken within disastrous, awful mess bob mueller has made. ed: after a year there has never been a charge.
7:57 pm
the idea they want the president to sit down and talk about obstruction. lou: this is giuliani. ed: don't get me going there. there are two hot buttons you can hit me on. giuliani is out there freelancing instead of giving good legal advice behind the scenes. lou: he's going to take bob mueller's word? ed: i think they put the president before anybody at this point in time, what you want to talk about and why. the why is very important. lou: giuliani said mueller said he would not accept written interrogatories. there is no flown the world to expose the president to nonsense, especially by somebody who is so partial and intent on
7:58 pm
framing this president. >> that's why the president fighting back against the spying during the campaign marks a turning point. time is no longer on mueller's side. time is on the president's side. lou: not with giuliani running out the clock. you could write a report three days before the election. >> it was limited to the obstruction issue. >> every reasonable legal mind that i'm aware of, there is no such thing as obstruction of justice from the president of the united states. what does mueller think he's doing? ed: firing the fbi director, any president can do that. lou: let's turn to ryan, the
7:59 pm
lame duck. >> if this is a parliamentary system he would have been thrown out last week. he lost on a major vote on the farm bill. it's time for him to go away. his excuse for not going away, i can raise more money than anybody else. we have all the money we needth this election. it's time for him to leave. >> when you give 8 months notice you are leaving, you already left. i think he need to get out of the way. lou: you were succinct as always. our quote of the evening for president trump who continues to fight against the insidious deep state, the dimms, and our liberties.
8:00 pm
that's it for us tonight. tune in tomorrow, we'll be talking with victoria toensing and joe difficult convenient extra. difficult -- and digenova. kennedy: president trump demanding answers over reports that the fbi had an informant embed inside the trump campaign for political purposes. earlier today the president met with fbi director christopher wray and rod rosenstein at the white house. after the meeting the administration released a statement. the department of justice asked the inspector general to expand its investigation to include any irregularities with the


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