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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 21, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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that's it for us tonight. tune in tomorrow, we'll be talking with victoria toensing and joe difficult convenient extra. difficult -- and digenova. kennedy: president trump demanding answers over reports that the fbi had an informant embed inside the trump campaign for political purposes. earlier today the president met with fbi director christopher wray and rod rosenstein at the white house. after the meeting the administration released a statement. the department of justice asked the inspector general to expand its investigation to include any irregularities with the fbi or the department of justice's
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tactics concerning the trump campaign. >> with the revelations that our campaign may have been the subject of an investigation. i think the inspector general will look into it and insure there was no surveillance done for political purposes against our campaign. it would be very troubling to millions of americans if that took place. but we are very confident. as the inspector general is doing their work and looking at the conduct of the fbi during that period, by adding their focus to it we'll get to the bottom of it. american people have the right to know. kennedy: former deputy attorney general sally yates lashed out at the president for ordering the investigation. >> the president has taken his all-out assault on the rule of law to a new level. this time he is ordering up an
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investigation of the investigators who were examining his own campaign. that's really shocking. kennedy: oh, sally it's so shock. if the charges are true it would be a huge scandal. we have criminal defense attorney david brown oh. david -- bruno. but first up, congressman matt gaetz. let's talk about this. what do we know so far about someone interfacing with the trump campaign for political purposes and working with the fbi without naming names? >> we have seen reports the trump campaign was the subject of some intelligence collection. that doesn't mean it's a red line we shouldn't cross as a country. you should not be desirous of
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systems that allow people to use the apparatus of government to spy on their enemies. we are now going to have the department of justice investigate itself again. the president need to demand the department of justice turn over top devin nunes and trey gowdy documents they requested so we can declassify documents and show the method used to spy on a political campaign. but in the absence of that, we'll be in the typical groundhog day experience. we demand answers from justice. they delay. we see redactions. so i think we need to move things along a lot faster. kennedy: it's difficult to sit through what is most of important what is scandalous and a threat to the public. both side are taking the same information and blowing it up as the worst thing that ever
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happened to the republic or something that is just a political passing fancy. so it's hard to tell. it seems like there are two distinct teams. and everyone who is involved in the process, whether it's voters or leaders in congress, everyone seems to be losing here, and we are not getting any actual answers. my concern is, if the mueller investigation and the inspector general don't deliver reports that are satisfactory to republicans, they will use the same robust spy apparatus on their political opponents because they did not see enough pushback with any of these investigations. how do you keep that from happening? >> that would be horrible. no political party should weaponize the intelligence community against their opponents, period. but i would say the work we have
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done in congress has yielded results. the deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe fired and referred for criminal investigation. lisa page gone from the fbi. the leaker mr. baker gone from the fbi. kennedy: isn't most of of that the result of the inspector general's work? >> i think it's a combination of chairman nunes' work and bob goodlatte. if hillary clinton were president of the united states, there wouldn't be any of those firings. if we continue to just beg for documents and accept what we get in return, the bad actors in the deep state will be able to run out the clock on us and hope the democrats regain control of congress. i think the country deserves a lot better. kennedy: i understand that, but
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you keep giving mere power and -- more power and spy tools to the nsa and the cis. so it's disingenuous when you act surprised when somebody abuses power for their own means. >> that's a fair evaluation. i don't know if i would have voted to reauthorize fisa if we had had the information that we have now. i found a bill introduced by adam schiff to reform the fisa process to create more transparency and more identifiable standard. adam schiff now won't co-sponsor his own bill because i have taken it up as a republican. it's a fair bipartisan solution.
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but democrats won't support what they supported previously because they don't want to give any wins to the republicans. kennedy: with the bloated surveillance state we all lose. let's go back to the legal aspects of all of this. among them, is it legal for the president to use his power to go after a political opponent and could it be seen as an attempt to derail the investigation into his own conduct? part of this stems from the obama administration. they said they didn't spy on anyone. there was no wiretapping or untoward surveillance. no warrantless searches of any kind during the presidential campaign. are we learning a different
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answer to some of those questions we had ongoing? >> i don't think so because the use of the informant cooperating is different than wiretap it's a common legal law enforcement technique used throughout the country. so we knew there was an investigation into george papadopoulos. it started in july 2016 based on the statements made to the australian diplomat. kennedy: months earlier when george papadopoulos was supposedly drunk in a bar. it's difficult to believe the whole thing springs from some saying blah hillary clinton blah. >> that we have been told. kennedy: foregive plea for being sceptical. >> i hear you. i'm with you. however, when the fed, the fbi, the dea, any of those agencies have an active investigation
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they can use an informant cooperating with itness. they don't need a warrant or wiretap. but it can't be for political reasons. kennedy: how do you make the distinction? >> you start putting people under oath. you start questioning mr. brennan. it was a small group that knew of that investigation at the time and it had to be all the way up to the top that made the decision to put an informant or cooperating witness into the trump campaign. kennedy: has john brennan perjured himself in past testimony? >> i don't know. perjury is hard to prove. very tough case to prove as a prosecutor. kennedy: if you could go to prison for being annoying, john brennan would have been locked up a long time ago.
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this is very confusing, and it's another layer that goes on. we tend to forget about some of the lower early layers, and we are reminded of how these investigations started. where is jeff sessions, and is he recused from what? >> we have the inspector general investigation. we have the mccabe report that came out. the hillary clinton report is coming out shortly. >> michael horowitz who is the dea inspector general. he's doing the best job. >> he has the nice ear application stuff on his desk, now he has this new one. when congress is banging the dwrums, special counsel. what he has done is appointed the investigation to the utah
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attorney general. no one is talking about that. kennedy: that's not a special counsel it's a precursor. >> that's what he says in november 2017 and march 2018 letter saying i won't appoint special counsel but i want to get it out of washington. i want to send it to utah. he has a criminal investigation. if this is something he sends to the i am g. which they already announced, send it to him as well. but congress should not stop banging the special counsel drum. the doj is investigating themselves. kennedy: david bruno, very good. thank you. president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani claims mueller's team has given him a timeline. he says the plan is to wrap it
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up by september 1. he says the timetable was brought up during recent negotiations and added it would have to happen in the beginning of july to allow the president enough time to prepare after his scheduled meeting with kim jong-un. according to a report from reuters, giuliani made up the timeline to bring the probe to a close before the mid-terms. can you believe it? will rudy's strategy work? let me ask my diamond-studded man panel. lawrence jones, harlan hill, and "reason" magazine editor at lathe and the host of the podcast matt welch. rudy giuliani has valid concerns
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about robert mueller setting a trap for the president. we have a lot of noise and people speak as if they have objective facts at hand. is the president foolish to talk to robert mueller or is he damned if he doesn't. >> both. legally foolish to do it. even if there is no crime anywhere near this thing. the president will perjure himself within a paragraph. that's what he does. he just starts talking. he sort of wanders off. he's a new york blusterer as is his lawyer it's a bad idea in general for anybody, let alone someone who doesn't really know. giuliani said i'm glad trump met
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with these people in the white house because we need to know what they have. he need to know about the hand mueller is playing so they can prepare some answers. kennedy: if they had a mole in there gathering information and they have all these seized communications, not to mention the million plus pages the white house turned over, that's quite a gift the administration has given to special counsel. >> without question. i'm feeling this terrible fatigue about this. because we have been hearing about there is russia nonsense for two years. we had the mueller investigation for over a year. they had unprecedented, unbridled access whether it was regard from the trump campaign or record from the white house. and they are still despite
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hiring the brightest mind in the democratic party, they are still not able to substantiate the claim the president knew there was any collusion. what are we doing? all we are accomplishing is to further erode america's confidence ken report "new york times" -- kennedy: the "new york times" reported it wasn't just russia. why would rus -- why would russe the only actor want to go get to the president of the united states. you are going to get a couple pucks in the net. you have israel, united arab emirates and possibly saudi arabia imploring donald trump,
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jr. to give access. >> it didn't play well in the media. as someone who has been critical of the president, things he do is think are just dumb, i'm getting annoyed with the russia investigation. it gets to the point where you have to offer something up. he said it appears like you have to squeeze everyone around the president to give something. i think that's where a lot of americans are right now. and i think most of people are saying i could be in the president's shoes. is this how we want our justice system to go where you can't find anything on someone, you squeeze them? kennedy: if you look hard enough, they will be able to find something on everyone. certainly people you associate with. >> there are plenty of indictments in the whitewater investigation. they got some people to roll in
8:17 pm
whitewater as well. the point is we don't know if nothing has been found to your point. kennedy: did whitewater give us paula jones? >> it was a civil suit that was separate from it. >> i know obviously monica lewinsky followed from the paula jones deposition. the man panel is going to return with a lot to say. secretary of state, mike pompeo has strong word for iran with what he calls the toughest sanctions in american history. bryan suits joins me in a minute. it's easy to think that all
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8:22 pm
nations. these are end up being the strongest sanctions in history. kennedy: pompeo conceded his demand may seem unrealistic. critics were quick to point out they don't have much chance of working. joining me, bryan suits. let's talk about this. it's a pretty robust laundry list that pompeo put ford. a big challenge to the iranians asking for unfettered access for the iaea, the relieves all u.s. prisoners and any prisoner hospital might have been to the u.s. or known of any our allies or talked about them and stop enrichment and never pursue any
8:23 pm
enrichment of any kind ever again. i think the iranians will go for it. >> this is an initial offer. it's funny watching academics who never negotiated for a used car, watching them freak out. this is a negotiation. you have to lay it out there or else you never get anything back from them. >> they might say we'll drop nukes, the missiles and the houthis, but not hezbollah. kennedy: i hate hezbollah. they are worst conceivably than a nuclear armed iran. >> here is the thing. all of the symptoms of the disease that is iranian foreign policy.
8:24 pm
hezbollah is somewhere below nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. those are acute symptoms. the iranian nuclear deal only dealt with one horrible symptom. kennedy: iran said if you pull out of this we'll have nukes next week. you can't do that unless you have had an active program. i think they are untrustworthy. who do you trust less, turkey or iran. >> i trust something trump puts down. that was the thing with the nuclear deal, they self-reported. they lied to get signatures on the nuclear deal. regardless of what the ben rhodes and the obamas think about it, it still end up with
8:25 pm
themselves-inspecting. trump is saying i know how to buy a used car. kennedy: it's like trusting jeffrey dahm tore clean out his own -- d jeffrey dahmer to clean out his own freezer. >> it's like to depositing stuff in our freezer and i'm going to check once a week. will the iranians go for it? they are not supposed to go for the whole thing. they are saying stop being iran. but this is a menu. in all honesty, if the iranians drop ballistic missiles, the israelis would probably agree to allowing hezbollah, the devil that we know. kennedy: they are the devil,
8:26 pm
they are awful. who do you hate more, iran or turkey. >> iran. iran killed 3,000 of my fellow soldiers in iraq in 2004, '05, '06 and '07. i hate the iran revolutionary guard, they had killed my friends so i have a personal deal with them. kennedy: we shouldn't even be over there. suits, thank you so much. coming up, hillary clinton back out on her big election excuse tour. but in a yale speech she was even more hypocritical than possible. i'll explain in my monologue after the break. trades are jus.
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save $300 on the x350 select series™ tractors with the purchase of a mulchcontrol™ kit. kennedy: what happened, hillary? the presidential loser took to the yale commencement stage and proceeded to bore the graduates to tears. >> no, i'm not over it. i still think about the 2016 election. i still regret the mistakes i
8:31 pm
made. but i think understanding what happened in such a weird and wild election american history will help us defend our democracy in the future. kennedy: no one wares. your -- no one cares. your pity party lacks any shred of wisdom or humor and it doesn't pay those student loans. can you imagine anything less inspiring than the mentally deficient ramblings of someone reliving the same day over and over and over again with her clumsy lame attempts at humor. she sounded like a self-important dinosaur whose gaping psychological wounds are about as interesting as a staph infection and twice as stinky. the political droning was as insightful as a wet fortune
8:32 pm
cookie. >> we are living through a time when fundamental rights, freedom of the press, even facts and reason are under assault like never before. kennedy: she caged her press gaggle in a rope pen pen duringr losing campaign. as far as facts and reason. this from a woman who claimed to have landed in bosnia during sniper fire, and said she was dead broke after her book tour. her life is a facts and reason-free zone. now she is covering out a special place hell by campaigning against cynthia nixon who would be the first female and lgbt governor of new york. the only sniper fire is the constant barrage of her own b.s.
8:33 pm
lane's nowhere to take cover from that storm. and that's a memo. hillary, if you are out there, you have a standing invitation to come on this show and defend yourself any time. joining me, white house reporter for the daily beast. latch land martin. you raise an' interesting pointed. hillary clinton is so lucky she lost to donald trump. what a lucrative thing this has turned out to be for her and she is constantly stepping in a golden pile of excuses that add up to a lot of speech money that she wouldn't have had if she had been beaten by marco rubio and ted cruz. >> while i'm sure you would see the normal cater walling from the left i don't think you see
8:34 pm
see the concerted vitriolic campaign against trump. he's well' outside the mainstream and' outside the norm. she is more in demand as a candidate than if she had lost to marco rubio. kennedy: she talked about how she is not doing herself any favors by abandoning the identity politics that she projected and forced on to everyone during the campaign. she could easily endorse cynthia nixon. there is not going to be any political fallout for her. she will never win office again as long as she lives. >> she is have much a 1990s
8:35 pm
democrat. she is now what i think is an old school democrat. the democratic party is this new brand of politics. andrew cuomo is of the same generation as hillary clinton and they are have much machine politicians. as much as hillary with have been a major events, breaking the ultimate glass ceiling. but i think she'll always be that machine politician. kennedy: she doesn't help anyone else. any other woman break the glass ceiling. she uses that hammer of hers to break her blackberries. i sounds like my crazy aunt. you make me miss the 90s. musicians made so much money and
8:36 pm
they didn't have to tour. all right, what final advice do you have for our mrs. clinton? >> keep hitting the speaking circuit as long as they will have you. as long as the college students are forced to sit for an hour and listen to the 2016 campaign be relitigated, milk it for all it's worst. ken report ex-convict former coal barron was supposed to be out of the picture after he came in third earlier this month. he caused quite a headache for republicans as he engaged in a public feud with senate majority
8:37 pm
leader mitch mcconnell. blin kenship dubbed him cocaine mitch. he's back in the game saying he'll make a run as a third party candidate. west virginia has a sour grapes law that will not allow candidates like blankenship from switching parties to stay in the race. don blankenship was quite a gift? he said he finished a distant third because the president tweeted for anybody but blankenship. >> people who wake up during an election year and say i'm going third party. they are in for a rude
8:38 pm
awakening. there is a reason it's difficult for the third parties across the country it's the law of the state. you can't just swift and turn it. he'll find the same thing any other person found when they get a great idea to run for higher office during an election year. it's super hard. >> people regretting that sour grapes law in alabama. >> that's the problem with these third parties. they are to raise their profile and have this moment to stand by their principles wherever they may be. >> is blankenship really a constitutionalist? >> he has this message he won against the establishment. roy moore, people were harmed by
8:39 pm
that. that's why they didn't give him a shot. kennedy: there are different consequences with the senate, certainly. and i think voters realize that. a lot of people in alabama stayed the hell out of our election. >> blankenship, his i.q. has to be in the mid 40s. if you have ever seen him on stage, it's insane. it's amazing. he must be a savant that he's capable of running a business. kennedy: i understand coal. >> cocaine mitch. i still don't understand. he's just trash. but i don't like sour grapes. kennedy: do you think it's a good name because you have been to those fansly d.c. cocktail
8:40 pm
parties? those gators, they like to party, if you know what i'm saying. what a great series of discussions we had. coming up, president trump vowing to make a deal with china that his predecessors couldn't deliver. also claiming trade talks will with good for consumers. [thoughtful sigh] still nervous about buying a house? a little. thought i could de-stress with some zen gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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kennedy: so glad you are back. the trade war with china is officially on hold. today the president tweeted china has agreed to buy massive amounts of farm/agricultural products, one of the best things to happen to our farmers in many years. this came after the treasury secretary announced the united states has suspended its tariffs on china. if the tariffs are off the table, did the u.s. lose any leverage it had with china? jonathan hoenig. where do we stand.
8:45 pm
does this help the economy? and will i be rich? >> it's good that the president has at least for now us spend these tariffs. but he could wake up tomorrow or the following day and decide to put the tariffs back on again. i think there is a disassociation about what trade is. we are so conditioned to be against the budget deficit. but there is no such thing as the trade deficit. that's what the president keeps talking about. trade is win-win by definition. this notion of somehow we are losing money on trade is wrong on its face. but that's what the president is using as a justification to control trade just as obama used the uninsured as a justification to control healthcare in this country. kennedy: china controls many industries because they have by and large a state-run economy.
8:46 pm
the answer isn't for the united states to take a heavy handed approach with sectors in this country. but we do like the idea of china buying more of our stuff. can that happen freely? >> i mean, china already i think people probably realize there is a tremendous consumer of american goods, including american agricultural products. china is the number two purchaser of cotton, the number one purchaser of soybeans. those were the industries most of severely rocked by the promise of tariffs. americans are starting to try to look long term and plan their businesses long term. and even as steve mnuchin said, the trade war and the tariffs are off the table for now.
8:47 pm
kennedy: i understand that. i understand they want as much economic leverage as they can get. and china has a long-term strategy for their state-run economy. but isn't it better for farmers to sell their product as opposed to the government paying and subsidizing farmers for not growing certain things? >> for sure. the greatest leverage we could get as an economy is to free our economy. when we have price control for agricultural crops in the this country. of all the tariffs and all the controls. it's what made the country more prosperous. >> i can hear the voice of oprah winfrey singing through you. "topical storm" is next. stay right here.
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kennedy: a 3-year-old chicago boy apparently got trapped inside a claw machine.
8:52 pm
it took rescuers 35 coins to get hip out. we begin in jackson, tennessee. one woman liked her nail technician so many she took her on a cruise. the driver was leaving without paying. so the woman decided to take a ride. this nail tech is serious about health and safety violations. the ride along lasted two miles before she was stopped by police. top you can number two. the city of seattle held a fashion show. but before we show you the footage i have to warn you these
8:53 pm
models were some real dogs. they are so cute. the downtown dog festival kicks off each year with a fashion show. and the event features a pet psychologist. one dog came dressed as a beer keg. i'm no pet psychologist, but i think he's worried about his owner's drinking. if you would like to enter your dog in a costume. topic number 3, the las vegas golden knights made it all the way to the stanley cup finals. it's a shocking story because no one had any idea they had a hockey team. the team began the year as 500-1 long-shot. if they do win, they will bankrupt their hometown casinos
8:54 pm
in the process. it will be the first ticker tape parade that stopped by a pawnshop. for an expansion team to win it, this would be like a presidential candidate walking in off the street and beating one of the biggest political dynasties of all times. all right, what happened? topic number four. the makers of jagermeister created a new brand. the makers say it's designed for folks looking for something more sophisticated to sip on.
8:55 pm
stripper gatorade. it tastes so good. the new bottles are on sale now. they released footage for the folks to try it. yes wp, she looks pretty after a whole bottle. the outfits seem like a' better idea after a couple jager bombs. they should give some to these poor humiliated dogs. move over harry and meghan, there is a new royal couple busted in florida. the cops say they stole a motorized shopping cart from walmart and drove it to jimmy's sports bar. they were charged with grand theft and they were ticketed
8:56 pm
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email tomorrow night on the show, ben shapiro is back along with katie pavlich and mike baker. good night. >> it went on for about four hours. it's the longest in fbi history. >> digging up some bullets fired from that window. >> ...haunting history... >> you'd hear, often, footsteps up and down the stairs, just in the middle of the night. >> ...set for sail. >> this is a lot bigger than any of us realize. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby, headed into the town of ocklawaha, florida,


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