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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 24, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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here's lou dobbs. . lou: good evening, everybody. our top stories tonight, president trump taking aim at the criminal deep state as the spy gate scandal widens and bears all of the markings of an obama-led administration attack on president trump's campaign and transition. troubling details emerging about what all but certainly was a counter intelligence investigation against the trump campaign run by top officials of the intelligence community under president obama. congressman matt gates is among those now calling for a second special counsel to investigate charges the obama administration spied on their political opposition. he joins us here tonight, along
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with tom fitte fitton of judicil watch. the intensifying republican revolt in the house against speaker ryan and his house leadership team. congressman paul go ser is the first to call for ryan's removal as speaker. he joins us here tonight. why would any republican allow ryan to resign as speaker and stay in the post for another eight months as a lame duck. what are the republicans thinking. while rhinos and democrats push for a vote on amnesty for illegal immigrants, president trump is visiting the community terrorized by the m s-13 gangs, vowing to do whatever it takes to secure our borders. ed rollins on us on the politics of immigration tonight our top story, spy gate. that's what president trump today called the growing political scandal that could go down as the biggest this country
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has ever witnessed. the president tweeted this morning about the partisan witch hunt now exploding in the faces of its conspirators and authors. the president wrote this. look how things have turned around on the criminal deep state. they go after phony collusion with russia, a made-up scam and end i up getting caught in a major spy scandal the likes of which this country may never have seen before. what goes around comes around. eferlts to uncover the full extent of spy gate continue tomorrow. republican lawmakers set to meet with senior justice department official to review intelligence documents that so far have been withheld from justice by congress. another doj meeting including democrats is in the works after memorial day, according to the white house this afternoon. >> w we're cleaning everything . this was a terrible situation. what we're doing is we're cleaning everything up. it's so important -- what i'm
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doing is a service to this country. and i did a great service to this country by firing james comey. and, excuse me, a lot of people have said it. you go into the fbi and a lot of those great people work in the fbi -- lou: the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani today surprising many. giuliani reversed direction on the mueller investigation even after the phony russian collusion narrative is collapsing all around. giuliani told the "walking post" hi believes that president trump should interview with the inteciathespecial counsel. our first guest is calling for a second special counsel to investigate spy gate. congressman matt gates, a member of several key committee, including budget, and armed securities. great to have you with us.
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let's start with the president's attorney now deciding that he should, the president, submit to an interview with the special counsel. your thoughts. >> any attorney that advises donald trump to interview with bob mueller needs to put their million practice insurance carrier on notice. that would be pretty darn close to legal malpractice. sh a perjury trap. this was a team set up not to investigate crimes but to get donald trump. that's what the start of this investigation was about from the very first pieces of evidence collected by peter strzok. people don't like to point out that the papadopoulos information came through peter strzok and lashed into a fisa application to spy on american citizens as the consequence of a dossier paid for by the dnc and hillary clinton and cure rated we need to call it what it is. and to give it dignity by having
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the president sit in a perjury trap would be terrible and i hope that he does not do that. lou: much of the country would agree with you. yet giuliani has again taken a stark reversal here in this one. he's surprising a lot of people. and it's just curious, the direction he really does intend if it is not -- well, i hope that the president has plenty of off-setting counsel up. i'll put it that way. let's turn to the fisa meeting you mentioned. trey gowdy and devin nunes, we'll see if they get to see those documents. we were basically assured they would. what do you think? >> i don't know that they're going to see the documents. i hope they do. there have been other circumstances where the fbi and department of justice will just brief on the documents. they won't actually provide them but brief on them.
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i hope there's a robust review of the important information. but lou, if intelligence was collected in any way on donald trump's campaign as a consequence of politics or any sort of influence from the obama white house, that would be deeply troubling. i am remindedded of the tex meigs between peter strzok and lisa page, the white house is running this, wants to be informed on all of this. it makes you wonder who in the white house were these people communicating with and were they the folks driving the collection of the evidence on the trump campaign. i think there are a lot of questions that obama officials have to answer if we get a second counsel. if we don't get a special second counsel, they'll get off because this justice department is not capable of investigating itself. lou: rod rosenstein was with the president in long island wa as e president was conducting that symposium, if you will, on ms-13, the gang violence that
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have overwhelmed a good part of long island new york. the see them in the same room agreeing that there need to be new immigration laws when at the same time, the president with the gang of eight, to be in a meeting of fbi and justice officials after the memorial holiday, is the president being way too nice to the dems ? -l. >> i am not going to give the presidented a vieses opresidento keep on his team. i'm disgusted that the democrats are criticizing the president for his bold action against them. this should draw us together as a country. ms-13 has ripped the heart out of families across america. this is a true threat to our national security. you would think this would be a moment of unity with democrats but for some reason they've taken common cause with those who have any position aligned to
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donald trump, it seems. lou: and the spy gate, the president calls it spy gate but couldn't it as well be known as obama gate right now? we've got lisa page saying that the white house is driving this, quote unquote. and it appears to have been the case. and then, too, former spy masters james comey and james clapper saying this is what we did. we, as a matter of course and procedure simply spied on political opposition. who are these people and where did they come from. >> well, we know that they came out of the obama administration and we also know they're going to get away with it if we don't have a second special counsel. when you've got rod rosenstein overseeing, for example, the mueller probe, which is reviewing obstruction of justice and rod rosenstein, you know, wrote the memo to fire james comey and they view that as the basis of their obstruction of justice claim, it shows the
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level of conflict of interest that these folks are willing to tolerate, whether it's the unfair persecution of president trump or the yellow brick road that was paved for hillary clinton, despite her use of bleach bit on documents that had been requested by the congress. i mean, these are outrageous biases in both directions and i think we need someone who is not from the swamp, someone not of the justice department to come in and serve as a special counsel to determine where they broke their procedures and potentially broke the law, especially if intelligence was collected on the trump campaign. lou: and it becomes, of course, critical cli importancriticallys appointed that special counsel and whom. we have watched that turn into a disaster as the president calls it exactly accurately, a witch hunt that has persisted for more than a year. we don't want a repetition of that, do we? >> look, we certainly don't. and i don't like special counsels. but here we're in a situation where the membership -- the
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judiciary committee has called for a special counsel where the judiciary chairman bob goodlatte called for a special council, trey gowdy, steve so scalise. we're having a broad base of support from the republican party that want to get answers. the question is whether we'll continue to let the justice department continue to drive the train on these investigations or whether there's a higher level of screu scrutiny and review. lou: and the president has called for absolute transparency in moving ahead and it begins with this meeting tomorrow with chairman nunes and chairman gowdy. this is the president right now who is, from every angle. do you think we're moving toward a conclusion? >> i don't know. and you know, that troubles me. the fact that we continue to go forward with the mueller investigation when we know it's built on a rotten foundation,
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when we know the original intelligence was collected by people who hated the president and were working on an insurance policy to discredit the president. there would not be any possible prosecution successful from this. and i think the goal is to drag it on and continue to have a cloud over the trump presidency to potentially sway voters in the midterm elections. i don't think there is a sincere investigatoriry outcome. it's largely a political exercise. and the reason i believe that, lou, is we continue to see examples where people at the fbi and the department of justice were not acting as investigators and attorneys. they were acting as political hacks leaking information to the press and then even when they knew stuff wasn't credible, presenting it to a fisa court. this is to achieve a political outcome, not to deliver justice and that's what troubles me as a member of the judiciary committee. lou: and as joe digenova, former
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special prosecutor himself said this is an outright effort to frame the president of the united states and it is clearly that, as anyone who follows these developments day to day, it worsens by each passing day. congressman, great to have you with us as always. thanks you. classified exchanges between fbi lovers, peter strzok and lisa page could connect spy gate to the highest levels of the white house. tom fitton joins us. he's trying to get the texts and he joins us here next with many of the answers. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you're better off throwing your money
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and presidential son-in-law jared kushner has regained his top secret security clearance. kushner's clearance revoked in february when the white house changed security policy after allegations of spousal abuse were levied against a top aid at the white house, rob porter. the justice department ordering fbi senior official peter strzok and lisa page to preserve all of their e-mails between 2015 and december of 2017. that after a request from government watchdog judicial
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watch, the fbi also agreed to release 13,000 pages of undisclosed e-mails between the pair on a rolling basis over the next two years. let me repeat that. on a rolling basis over the next two years. to find out what that might mean is the man who is getting all of those documents as a result of the judicial watch request, judicial watch president tom fitton. great to have you with us. first of all, the idea that you to ask them to preserve their communications between page and strzok after they have obviously played such a central role in this scandal, that's stunning. >> well at least the fbi responded positively to our request. because we saw the text messages that have been publicly released. there was a suggestion that they were going to communicate about government business on their personal devices and so we asked the fbi, hey, look, make sure all of those records are
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protected and preserved. so they said they were going to send letters requesting that strzok and page protect the records and preserve them. but in the meantime they found 13,000 pages of records, texts, e-mails, other attachments between page and strzok and they say they can only release them to us at the rate of 500 pages a month. and the court ordered them to release them to us. but obviously that's way too slow. it's a perfect example of the shale games and stonewalling that the fbi and the doj are playing on the key records. lou: it is stonewalling by any name. we can call it slow walking, any number of things. but this is outrageous. we've seen it occur with the state department and the clinton documents still being trickled out. it is stunning that a judge, also they are part of the conspiracy, would go along with this. it is -- first of all it's condescending, pa tro niezing pg
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and egregious as you've pointed out over the course of the past two years. and here we are in may of 2018 and it goes on and on. >> well, recall, they hid these text messages for at least a year from congress and the american people. they hid the reason of strzok's removal from mueller's operation. now the text messages have come out. they've only been released partially as best we can tell. there may be other communications between strzok and page now, well over 13,000 pages, and they want to release them to us at a rate of 500 pages a month. unfortunately a court endorsed that. there's nothing preventing the fbi and the doj from accelerating that. and frankly president trump, like he did last weekend, ordering them to release the records in a more timely and speedy way. lou: i'm sure this does not fit
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the definition of what the president stated when he called for absolute transparency on the part of the justice department of the fbi. it's willful disregard for the commander in chief's orders if they were to persist in this, is it not? >> you know, the white house wants these records released. they want this extreme transparency. the agencies want to do their own thing. and they think they're independent of the president, which is not constitutional. and as far as i'm concerned the president should be more direct and just direct the agencies to start complying with the foia law. we just want them to follow federal law that requires the timely release of records that certainly the public has a right to see and a serious right to see in light of the corruption we think is tied to the records. you can declassify the fisa materials, getting out the unmasking materials, getting the
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peter strzok-page materials out, get all of the spy gate materials out. the government sitting on these and the white house can get them out. the lawyers in the white house need to enable the president and facilitate his ordering the records releases. lou: spy gate, as the president calls it, it's obama-gate at this point because now two of his his spy masters cam out and said this is what they did. they have taken ownership on spying on this president. >> they've confirmed it. >> absolute straightforward statements, both of them over a 24-hour period. there's no mystery left. this is now obama-gate. >> that's exactly right. and you can bet that nothing like this would have been done without the president's involvement. you know, congressman gates referred to the e-mails -- the text messages saying that the white house was directing this. remember, comey and clapper said, you know, there was spying
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or something like that but it was all done by the book, which is kind of like what susan rice wrote a few weeks about that infamous oval office meeting with barack obama when they were talking about using that dossier going after trump with it. lou: a little convenient and a lit revisionist. >> you know, it's spying but it was all by the book. everyone go back to sleep. that's comey's way. lou: somebody ought to go to jail for following that particular book. >> comey, clapper, brennon, the rest of them face civil and criminal liability because of this. they're going to have to account and there's going to be a process for getting them to account. lou: good to have you with us. thanks so much. be sure to vote in the poll tonight. do you find it disgraceful that not a single member of congress of either party has called on president obama to explain his role in the spying on the trump presidential campaign? cast your vote on twitter
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@loudobbs. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram. up next here, president trump offering no apologies for fighting to drive the murderous ms-13 gang of animals out of the united states. >> but they exploited the loopholes in our laws to enter the country as unaccompanied alien minors. they look so innocent. they're not innocent. lou: that and more. the dean, ed rollins joins me here next. here next. we'll be right, you guyy started dating... -yes -yes cool. i want to show you guys three chevy suv's. the first one is called the trax, great for when you move in together. -ahhh! and this is the chevy equinox, perfect for when you two have your first kid. give me some time... okay. this is the traverse... for when you have your five kids, two dogs and one cat. whoa! five? uhhh... it's the chevy memorial day sales event! get an additional $750 on these select models. that's on top of most other offers!
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i know of no other veteran's organization, that has been able to help me get to where i am now. where i started off barely being able to move my arms to now being able to walk without holding onto anything. i am living proof. ♪ attacking him for calling murderous thug thugs animals are playing a dangerous game. addressing the topic during his immigration reform in long island, new york. >> i noticed recently where democrats nancy pelosi, as an example, are trying to defend
4:28 am
ms-13 gang members. i called them animals the other day and i was met with rebuke. they said they're people. they're not people. these are animals. and we have to be very, very tough. lou: president trump. joining me now, the dean ed rollins, former reagan white house adviser. great to have you with us. the president is the only, the only president who has had the guts to take on the drug cartels and call them out to take on ms-13 and call them out and nancy pelosi and the dems are trying to make political -- take political advantage by saying the little ca darlings aren't animals. >> the little darlings are
4:29 am
apists and murderers. they're some of the most vicious criminals we've had in this country. and they ought to be hunted down, put in jail or hung and shot in the process of arresting them. there's 13,000 of them in this country and donald trump is the only man out there fighting them. i think law enforcement across this country should be supporting him 100 mrs. and the voters should be supporting him 101%. lou: the president of the united states is singular in his courage. none of the leadership has stood by him, no one from the texas delegation, no one from -- i mean to stand up there and actually take on ms-13, the drug cartels. he is absolutely alone in standing up against these vicious violent thugs. >> and as we've talked on the show. there's a war on the border. we have to defend ourselves and get rid of the bad guys that are here. they're animals. i don't care what nancy pelosi says. they're vicious human beings and
4:30 am
they deserve to be destroyed. lou: i want to turn to, first of all, paul ryan. and paul goeser is going to be joining us tonight. had the guts to say he should leave the speakership, should resign but won't depart for another some eight months. there's just -- it is incredible supporting paul ryan, kevin mccarthy supporting paul ryan and trying to act like he's not part of the ryan team of establishment and k street blood suckers. i mean it's just anaizin amazin. >> both of those two guys are damaging themselves and they've disqualified themselves as being future leaders. the bottom line here is paul ryan, who keeps saying you drafted me, you drafted me, that was three years ago. we now know he can't do the job, can't lead. it's time for him to say thank you very much, and go home.
4:31 am
that's what he wants to do. let me start deer hunting or whatever he wants to do in wisconsin early. lou: my guess is he wants to put a snout deep in the k street trunk. >> most of them do unfortunately. and so a certain extent, in his case, he wants a legacy. his legacy is going to be he's going to lose the majority if he's not careful here. lou: he's not going to be careful. he hasn't got a clue what he's doing. and to sit there and lose the farm bill, the freedom caucus. ththe freedom caucus se everybodiedeservescredit. he is leading, kevin mccarthy is leading and steve scalise. what they're doing is contemptible. >> they've lost on every major battle except the tax bill and the president got that through. when it came down to critical votes, they don't do it and didn't do it well.
4:32 am
farmers are an important part of our constituency. american is an important part. and to do this, which is a five-year bill at this point in time is absurd. they didn't have the votes. should have known they didn't have the votes. and they're going to screw immigration badly too before they're finished. lou: jim jordan, i can't understand why he doesn't announce. he's running for speaker. why not stand up and do it. this is not a time to be cute. >> i agree. lou: this is a time to get straightforward and go get it because the country desperately needs leadership. >> conservative leaders and party, we definitely want someone like jordan who will be a strong leader. lou: a strong leader stands up and he's got to stand up. i mean to hear him talking about on the 25th of june or whatever the date was that they're going to be a discharge petition that may well succeed, that isn't leadership. >> no, it's not. lou: leadership is stopping it and leadership is driving toward the speakership right now.
4:33 am
it's just a party -- what was it, the party needs you and the time is now. >> unfortunately i've watched a lot of weak republican speaker es and i watched a lot of republicans basically go over the cliff. and i think at this point in time it's time for us to have a strong leader and we need to pick the next one that way. lou: when we come back, we're going to roll the names of 20 republican rhinos who have signed on for the discharge petition for amnesty for daca. because, i mean, they really deserve a moment of honor and we're going to honor them here next. and hopefully the voters will understand what too do with tha. >> let them go back home and explain it. >> unbelievable up next, the republican revolt against paul ryan. there's a revolt. paul goeser is our guest here
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lou: there are now 2 is rhino republicans who are supporting daca am messty and they're prepared to sell out the republican conference to preserve their political hides. we want to tell you who these folks are working against the constituents of this country. these are the 21 republicans signing. curbelo of florida, den nam of
4:38 am
california, hurd of texas, diaz balart florida, utah, florida, dent pennsylvania, upon the michigan, reich hart washington, chris collins of new york, john bay so new york, mark of nevada, elise new york, lance new jersey, costello pennsylvania, knight california, katko new york, trot of michigan and paulson of minnesota. for cryin' out loud. well our next guest is the first republican in congress who had the guts, the principle and courage to publicly call for speaker prie paul ryan to step . joining us tonight, congressman paul gosar of arizona. it's great to have you with us. what has been the reaction to your straightforward call for ryan to step down. >> people have asked me how is everybody talking about this.
4:39 am
and all around the floor people are talking about this. they see that we're dysfunctional. bad process builds bad policy builds bad politics. look at the omnibus bill that the president said he shouldn't have signed and should have trusted his instincts. but also look at the farm bill where we were approached by saying, listen, we'll bring up the goodlatte bill that was previously promised in lieu of -- we'll pass a rule that allows that to come to the floor but it allows another bill to be named later from the opposition. lou: you've got more people lost right now because they don't know what the goodlatte bill is. but they do know this. they know right now the goodlatte bill is being watered down so it's nothing like what you were promised. it is another game by paul ryan and the leadership led by kevin mccarthy and steve scalise and their hides would be on the line. what they've done is
4:40 am
contemptible. it's appalling. and for the conference to go on. i give you all of the commendation in the world because you're the only one in the conference who had the guts so say you're not going to resign the speakership and stay here eight months and drive us to disaster in the midterm elections. >> le let's make this perfectly clear. kevin mccarthy would already been speaker if he had 218 votes. that's what nobody is telling you. lou: i don't need anybody to tell me that. >> we can't pass a bad immigration bill. you're right. those people are selling us out in regard to the process of immigration. everybody is here for legal immigration. but the process has this go through the very basis. there's plenty of opportunities to make changes but leadership refuses. it's repeating history. lou: by the way, it's straightforward. paul ryan told you all to go to hhell and just accept what mothr paul wants to tell you when it
4:41 am
comes to midterm elections. the speaker is always the chief money raiser for the republican conference. so i don't even understand the reasoning about why anybody would even hesitate, be trepadatious in any way not to follow your way. >lead.>> well the process is son here. and everybody is scurrying to save their seats. this should be more than trying to save your seat. it should be about the oath of office that you took at the beginning of the session to uphold the constitution and the rule of law. that's what it should be all about, lou. but we're not seeing that. remember, we're seeing repeated process. john boehner sold out to barack obama on the budget aspect and then did a discharge petition. look what's happening here. lou: ryan sold out to obama as well and then he would revolted against president trump, the leader of his own party. i mean this is the duplicity and
4:42 am
the disgusting cynicism that paul ryan has brought to the speakership in which the conference, as you say, as to timidly followed along. what are the odds -- let's just go back. talk about the process being broken. there was supposed to be a budget resolution last sunday. that was the thrien deadline, r? >> yeah. lou: ryan is so good at his job, where is the budget. he hasn't had a budget, as he ? >> no. lou: he represents the worst of k street, the koch brothers, the chamber of commerce over the american people and it's that straightforward. >> the slight of hand. once again we're out of control. and he vehemently denies that he's not going anywhere. just go back in time, lou. he said with mark over spring break said he wasn't going to resign. and he was not going to run again. and they vehemently said no,
4:43 am
that's not the case. lou: he's one of the people that signed up for the discharge petition. we're out of time. >> everything has to be on the table. lou: everything on the table. wh where is jim jordan. who is going to be the speaker? who is going to step up here? >> first of all, there's plenty of people asking around the country. the speaker is third in line to the presidency. this shouldn't be done behind closed doors. this should be done with america have a breath and a take in it. if they want to drain the swamp, this is a perfect opportunity to get involved and get it done now. lou: paul gosar, thanks for being with us. who do uy want t you want to be? >> i want jim jar don. lou: appreciaappreciate it. my compliments. courage is in short supply on the hill. thank you for yours. be sure to vote in the poll. the question, did you find it
4:44 am
disgraceful that not a single member of congress has called on president obama to explain his role in spying on the trump press den campresidential campa? kim jong-un's nuclear test site could be dismantled within hours if in fact it hasn't already imploded. the latest from north korea straight ahead. we'll be right back. stay with us. racing isn't the only thing on my mind. and with godaddy, i'm making my ideas real. when i created my businesses, i needed a way to showcase it. ♪ with godaddy you can get a website to sell online.
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it clear that june 12th seems on unlikely date for any summit if one is to occur with jim jong-un. but north korea reportedly still going ahead with plans to dismantle the nuclear site within the next five hours. now there are only journalists attending that. there are -- the north koreans are not permitting any international nuclear inspectors to be present. greg palcot has the latest for us. >> korean peninsula could be moving a step closer to peace in the coming hours. a north korean official confirmed the regime is ready to dismantle an explosive closure its nuclear test site as early as thursday local time. south korean journalists on wednesday joined a small group
4:49 am
of regime picked international reporters on their way by train to record the event. no international observers have been invited by the regime of kim jong-un and many say the site is unusable right now anyway. but it does have some value. >> closing the test site is a goodwill gesture. it's got substance to it but it's not the whole shebang. >> this comes ahead of the summit that's plan for june 12th in singapore. an aid to moon ja moon jae-in st should proceed and fine tuning and adjusting the scope of expectations is required for the sceej summit. if it goes ahead, it would be kim jong-un's recent summit. some believes he could come close to agreeing to denuke vie
4:50 am
denuclearization. >> if they're tough enough, they can. but not everything. >> but all here agree there's a way to go to get to that point and beyond. starting with the dismantling of the nuclear site set to blow in just a few hours. lou. lou: thank you very much. on wall street, stocks closer higher today, the dow up 52 points, s&p gained 9, nasdaq up 49, volume on the big boar 3.3 billion shares pap and the house of represents passing the dodd-frank bill. with bipartisan support it goes to the president's desk where he's expected to sign it into law. a reminder to listen to my report three times a day on the salem radio network commissioner roger goodell has tapped into a little courage somewhere he found after two years of well, some hesitation over the nfl anthem controversy. we take all of that up and much
4:51 am
more with gee nea loude
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4:55 am
lou: rather than show respect for the anthem, "the national anthem," players will be aloud to stay inside the locker room. let's start with spygate. the president calling it what it is. i think when you have got complicity on the part of brennan, clapper and comey, you can call it obamagate. >> it's an important question a lot of people ought to be asking. how high up did this go? if president trump was not aware of it, i think we should get to the bottom of that and figure out how it was possible that he wasn't aware of it. but people at the highest levels of the obama administration and
4:56 am
the intelligence services. they were all aware of it, and if we find out president trump was aware of it and was directing this expressly, i don't see how people don't go to jail for this. lou: gina, your thoughts? >> i loved charlie's column on this as well. he talked about how this is a mockery of our constitution. not only our constitution. but also of our entire electoral process. this is, i think, the highest scandal i personally have ever heard about. lou: let me settle this for you right now. this is the biggest political scandal in american history. >> i like the name obamagate because it puts the blame where it should be. lou: if the president wants to call it spygate, we'll let that
4:57 am
go. i will still defer to the commander-in-chief. the idea that comey made these ridiculous assertions. clapper taking ownership. they pled guilty to spying on the president of the united states. clapper and comey are -- they have gone somewhere in terms of mental illness i have never imagined. >> the weird thing about it is -- obviously the idea they inserted a double agent into the campaign, all of these other developments. lou: at least one. >> the thing that's so shocking to me is we knew the contours of what happened 18 months ago. as soon as the president came into office we started to learn that this is what the previous
4:58 am
administration had done. they spied on political components and punished them and silenced them at the height of a presidential campaign. the media acts like it's no big deal. we are finding out more shock details and they are still trying to minimize it. it's a huge deal. lou: msnbc, cnn, abc, cbs, they must be stunned their complicity with the deep state and the dimms basically has blown up in their faces. no matter how much energy they devoted to frame this president, couldn't get it done. >> this is a distinction between watergate now. not to say that watergate is comparable to spygate. but the media was at least on the side of getting down to the
4:59 am
truth in watergate. in this case the media is complicit and taking the side of the crimes that happened. that's unheard of. lou: i want to turn to paul ryan, paul gosar stood up in the house of representatives and demand that paul ryan step down. it's stunning. it's as if the republican conference is being led by a pied piper who has no hold over them. what's going happen here? >> it was untenable from the beginning. i think that it's probably very smart for republicans to bring in a new face with a new agenda and give something all republicans can run on for november. lou: gina, the last word.
5:00 am
>> jim jordan would be great. lou: gina loudon, charlie hurt, thank you for joining us. >> i think your autoworkers and your auto companies in this country will be very happy with what is going to happen. you'll see very soon what i'm talking about. gerri: breaking news this morning, a big new twist in the trade were peered president trump wants to slap a 25% tariff on all foreign cars up from 2.5%. we'll have reaction. cheryl: big news there. investors focused on the side and on trade good to doubt turning losses and a 52-point gain at the close after the fed signaled it would hike interest


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