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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 13, 2018 10:00pm-10:59pm EDT

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and remember -- you can't take it with you. do you know sasquatch? >> well, of course. he plays cards here everytuesy . a great meeting and i hope we get a lot more. in the meantime, here's lou. lou: good evening. our top stories, a battle for the soul of the republican party now under way. whether rino speaker paul ryan will be allowed to leave the rty to certain defeat in the mid-terms. following his masters, the business round table and the chamber of commerce and the koc brothers into the aby or will lawmakers follow trump and legislate first and foremost for american working families and the middle class who have been run over by the donor class and the establishment that controlled the gop for decades.
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the establishment, ryan and senate majority leader mcconnell were stunned by last nighs pmary results. president trump again the winner as were the candidates he endorsed. voters in south carolina siding with kate arrington, the candidate who erace the tmp agenda and challenged mark sanford an establishment never trumper. >> we are the party of president donald j. trump. lou: katie arrington is joining us here tonight. we'll be talking about the trump agenda. the fight also raging on capitol hill where deep state forces determined to subvert president trump also want to take over congress. flagrantly ignoring spoenas for documents and information
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and stonewalling congressional oversight investigation and investigations into clinton corruption and obama spygate. the justice department corruption in full display. we'll be talking with charlie hurt of the washington times. he weighs in on not a single republican leader in congress has so much as raised a fin fight the blatant effort by the corrupt doj to take over the legislative branch. californians will soon have a chance to further demonstrate their political lunacy. we'll explain a controversial ballot measure that will allow voters to partion state into three radical fringe enclaves. our top story. the republican wave has become a trump wave for the mid-terms. but out of control rinos are
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threatening to kill their politica momentum handed to them by president trump and turn victory into defeat. katie arrington in south carolina joined a long list of candidates whombraced the er first agenda of president trump. they include roger wicker of mississippi. adam laxalt in nevada. john cox in california. and asa hutchinson in arkansas. all this as paul ryan pushes for amnesty for illegal immigrants. he said he'll hold votes on two daca bills that will create an electoral disaster for republicans in november. >> this an effort to bring our caucus together on immigration. we have an actual chance in
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making law in solving this problem. lou: making law and doing it the ryan way. he hasn't shown anybody the text. this legislation is being written in back rooms in the dark of night. my next guest joins me discuss the severe abyss that awaits members of congress who sign on to the ryan ployor the establishment and the rinos, all who will embrace his ryan first putting america -- somewhere around last. joining us tonight is republican congressman andy biggs of arizon the president with a great showing again in the primaries. it should be clear tory except for your leadership here in the house and the senate than if they do not support this president and his agenda,
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electoral disaster awaits the entire republican conference. what do you think? >> i thinkhis is trump's time. dnk it's easy for people like me to say i got elected on the trump agenda, president trump got elected on that agenda. if youre not going to follow and keep the promises you made, you are probably not going to be around. he made promises to the american people. he's doing everything he can to keep the promises. there are those not jus in congress, but elsewhere in the political system that don't like donald trump, they don't like his agenda. i am not even sure it's his agenda. i think it's a personal attack on the president. i say let's get it done. if we don't, it will be a disaster for republicans in the mid-terms. lou: i don't think you can separate this president from
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this agenda. this is a man who is recognizing the american working family, the american middle class that has been shrinking. wages are for the first time in 20 years rising. this economy is all about the prosperity of trump-onomics. the foreign leadership and ign policy. dona tru h turned this country around in less than a year and a half. and you have got paul ryan who is acting like as he does the bidding of his masters on k street, he's selling out your party. i keep talking to members of your conference. republicans leaders in point of fact, including in the freedom caucus, congressman, who act like we are going to ignore ryan and maybe he'll not harm us too badly if we follow in lock step
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right into the chasm that awaits them in november. >> you are right on that, lou. the agenda is what got president trump elected. but let t about the daca thing for a second. i hear people say don't say the amnesty word. what do you think the so-called fix the daca is? it's amnesty. it's everything the president campaigned against. i think that opens up a blue wave. because you are not keeping your promises. and that gets to the trump agenda all over again it's easy to make it up and say we are not going -- it's not amnesty. but it is amnesty. anybody else is outside the country. so i fear to see the bill come
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up next week. lou: we have 23 people in your conference who signed on. they revealed themselves for what they are. more not on rinos. and they sold out their party. they are selling out their own integrity. and they are work as hard as they can -- they think they are part of the resistance. buhey don't have the go be democrats or the guts to be straightforward. your party is filled with more cowards than any time i have seen the republican party used to and for something. it stand for a sinecure lame duck speaker. we'll be talking with ed rollins. the smartest political strategist in the country. served in three political administrations. i think the number is 50 the number of seats you will lose if they sign on to the ryan chant.
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i can't believe the freedom caucus, jim jordan, i can't believe anyone in that caucus would stand with that. because they know he's only doing with charles coke tells him to do. i made a promise i keep those promises. when we look at the republican party today. it's trump's party. i think it's moving that way. because the people in america support president trump and his agenda. that's what we should be keeping our promises as. this is real simple. you run an ad that says donald trump and his agenda. you talk about all the things you jt mentioned. you sayre is only one candidate that would support this agenda and you put out who that is. thin refined people there is one candidate who woulde willing to impeach this president and
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you point out who that is. that's when we'll start winning these mid-term elections. they want this agenda. they sense it. lou:roundaight short, you always have been. ex lane to me again why your conference has not moved -- he's a rino, a shameless coward. he hasn'taid a word about supporting the president against the outrageous special counsel. he hasn't said a word, he undercut the president on the wall, wouldn't give him a dime. hasn't explained w he reduced immigration and customs enforcement as the president is asking for greater enforceme and more border security and the american people are demanding it. and you have got apeer who is trying to raise the retirement age for social security to 70 and to reduce entitlements. the man is a poster boy that
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would be admitted by the democrats on almost every iue. yet you put up with paul ryan. >> i can't elain what my eaes do. i -- we should be subpoenaing and holding in contempt people like rod rosenstein and the doj. we need to support the leadershipo help us. because they have got it. i call upon you to help us. i do have an idea, lou. while you were just talking a second ago. we don't have to have a member of congress be a speaker. how about if i nome nate you? i think we might have -- i think there might be two votes, not just two votes. i would say just two votes shy, two votes. i would be proud to have two
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votes and be disappointed myself if i were to run. andy biggs, a great guy reamark sanford now warning about their failure to embrace the president and the consequences that result. he said this. they don'tan t tweet i got last flight. there is no motivation like self-motivation. we'll talk with katie arrington, the republican candidate who trounced sanford. and the dean ed rollins joining me next. we'll talkut the trump effect on gop primaries. and we'll talk about the rino effect on the nation he refuses to serve. stay with us.
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lou: canada's government run by the deceitful justin trudeau trying to do an end-round around presidentolludingh senators and dems to preserve unfair trade deficits that rob american workers and cut into this country's economic growth rate. there is a cost here. tr of dollars, we haven't run a trade surplus in 43 years. here is the canadian foreign minister alongside never trumper republican senator bob corke as he hammers out a proposal trying to block the president's tariffs on steel and aluminum with the always alert bob menendez o other side. canada plans to impose tar you rivers on u.s. goods july 1.
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last month mexico imposed around rivers and canada never perts dairy into discussion across their borders. this is not a level playing field. it's just amazing the indoctrination, the propaganda so many administrations spewed. this president is making certain everybody understanded the high cost of free trade. the administration announcing it will issue tariffs on $50 million in chinese goods. joining me now as i said, the dean himself. ed rollins, great american, great friend. great to have you here. ed: thank you, mr. speaker.
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you are going to send them all home and let the president run the country. lou: what are we to say about this? speaker ryan is a fraud, a sham, a boot liquo -- a licker for the establishment. the business round table. and to hell with the american people. this man is so bought out he might as well have a nascar suit on. ed: the state senate seat had been held for 18 years by republicans was lost yesterday. i told you when he was on the ticket he lost the home state. lou: and his hometown. ed: i think at the end of the day he needs to get out of the way. the president's agenda is what
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republicans ought to be running on. the contract withrica is basically president trump's contract. let's fix it and do the things he wants to do. ryan said i will go back t the of letting committees hold hearings. goodlatte put forward.n bill bob it should be unanimous support of republicans it won't be. lou: he said there would be debate and he lied. he couldn't produce a budget. he pushed through an omnibus spending bill. we'll see that process repeat itself in three months. this isuch a fraud and such a sellout. how can the conference of republicans tolerate his presence in the speaker's office. ed: it's beyond me.
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once he made the decision not to be speaker, i think he gives the up. and setting an agenda.b speaker there are a lot of good republicans who want to set an agenda. lou: he wants 70 years as a retirement age for social security. he wants to cut entitlements. he wants this program calle better way which is a bunch of mediocre dribble. this speaker has not had an original idea in his entire life. and hs sitting will leading the conference. ed: the people who want social security. they want to continue. they want to strengthen it. they don't want it altered. the entitlement programs are not welfare programs.
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lou: "saving private ryan" ohsp. and ryan rinos. thera will have a fieldday. i think there are at least 60 or 70. unless they wrap around president trump's agenda. two have years of great leadership, they won't do well. lou: what do you think that the president is on board with both of these bills ryan will put up for a vote. they are amnesty bills next week. ed: i think it'she prent does that. he has been misled by his staff. no one has seen these bills. i think if the president signs on web's been mislead by his own
10:23 pm
team it's not what he ran on and stood for in the campaign. lou: the great enemy in this country i fake news. but there is so much of it surrounding the white house, we don't know if he'll promise a veto to promised support of a disastrous piece of legislation. ed: anything drafted in the speaker's office behind clo doors won't be a good bill. lou: what is it "the washington post" says, democracy dies in darkness. capitol hill could use some illumination. ed rollins, thanks so much. appreciate it. be sure to vote in our poll. do you believe it's imperative for the rino leadership to get out of the way so the republican
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pay wins in november. cast your vote @loudobbs. coming up next. atto geral jeff sessions actually demonstrating loyalty to the deep state over th over over president trump. what? we'll be right back. benjamin franklin captured lightning in a bottle. over 260 years later as the nation's leader in energy storage we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it nextera energy.
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lou: well, mia attorney general jeff sessions showing his loyalty t the deep state over president trump, allowing deputy ag rod rosenstein to stall wal congressional document reque and intimidate members of congress w to challenge him. sessions denied reports that rosenstein threatened members of the house intel committee and their staff with subpoenas over a closed door meeting over
10:29 pm
document requests that have been stole walled since january. >> i'm confident that deputy rosenstein, 28 years in the department of justice, did not threaten anyone on ion. since january a great deal of progress has beenade. we understand in this department that we are accountable to the president, we are accountable to congress. and we need to be cooperative with them. lou: well, that's really an interesting statement, isn't it? charlie hurt, washington times opinion editor. great to see you. >> great to see you, lou. lou: welcome to the big studio. >> good to be here. lou: let's turn to the statement by the attorney general. accountable to the president, really? and defending rosenstein who absolutely, according to the testimony of two staffers, threatened him. i mean, this thing is gettinged gettingabsurd now.
10:30 pm
the lies are not remotely credible. >> they don't even line up. and if you look at the statement that doj official gave to fox news about -- in response to that he threatened them.denied but the denial actually reinforced that in fact he did threaten them. and not only did he threaten them with subpoenas for their texts and e-mails and messages, but in that message sent yesterday, they went further and said in fact rod rosenstein hopes they're still complying lou: on its f absolutelycuments. lud crowludicrous because they'd the request of house over sight, house intelligence committee and house you dish rare committee, it's approaching nine months. >> and of course the doj has absolutely no authority whatsoever to make such a
10:31 pm
request of members of congress. rod rosenstein has never been elected to anything and he's thumbing his nose at the president, he's thumbing his nose at these members of congress who have an absolute responsibility to oversee what they're doing. lou: and i'm going to say this. this attorney general is not only missing in action, this attorney general is missing the point of so many issues, to defend stonewalling and then call it transparency, as he attempted to do there. there is something tearily, terribly wrong with jeff sessions. and there needs to be an intervention. it's desperately required for the good of the nation. i don't kno what in the world has happened to the man. >> yeah. it's hard to figure that out. but i can only assume that he feels like, you know, a little bit like aaseball mer who has out there and stick up for his guy. because it is, as you say,
10:32 pm
indefensible. i hope congress goes ahead with contempt ofgress charges against rod rosenstein. lou: they haven't got the guts. >> they better find the guts. and i would farther to say they ought to impeach the guy. lou: they haven't got to guts. >> mbe you should run for congress. you would do it. lou: there's no telling what i would do. because i couldn't tolerate being associated with people who haven't got the guts to stand up for the country. and that's exactly what we're watch in the republican congress when they permit a fraud and a shameless fraud like paul ryan to lead the conference intodisan conceive of what is motivating them. can you in. >> no, i really can't. except that i do think that, you know, they get lulled into this idea that the status quo is the way things happen and they're all terrified of the next election. they're teared fied of actually fixing things and making things happen and it's why we're in the
10:33 pm
disaster that we're in. lou: think about an 18-year-old man or woman in this country watching what is happening. they look at the justice department and see nothing but corruption. ey look at their congress and it doesn't much matter party and you look at wow wardss who flock together to a leader who would teach them something other than their own anate orthodoxy. this is not a washington that is filled with role models, except at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. >> no. it's almost a paralysis of leadership, i think, throughout shington and in congress. and if i were to cticize donald trump for anything, it traged.e that he's not even more n making more outrageous demantsdz. he has the power. he has the authori to shut down entire departments if he wanted to. lou: i would rather he open them up. i would rather he make good on
10:34 pm
promise of transncy. and i would hope i if he doesn't rosenstein and sessions, give them a direct order. turn over the documents to the oversight committees, do it forth with without excuse and delay so help you god. >> short of that congress absolutely should step in there and continue making these demands. and i think they ought to impeach rosenstein. lou: i will take unfortunately the ender on that. i don't think they' got the guts. if. >> you're probably right. lou: they won't even speak with courage let alone act with it. i hope i and i certainly hope you're right, as you often, often and frequently and regularly are. >> rarely. lou: charles hurt, blushing at the flattery. up next, a huge win for state primary candidates who support president trump and his america first agenda and one of the winners congressional
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betty called me at she thought it was a fire. it was worse. a sinkhole opened up under our museum. eight priceless corvettes had plunged into it. chubb was there within hours. they helped make sure it was safe. we had everyone we needed to get our museum back up and running, and we opened next day. nsiderable momentum heading into the midtermns, embracing president trump, the trump agenda. last night katie arrington secured more than 50% of the vote in south carolina's house of representatives primary
10:39 pm
defeating never trumper incumbent open off-time problem for the president, mark sanford. president trump tweeted his support for arrington hours before the polls closed last and earlier today the president congratulated her tweeting this, myolitical representatives didn't want me to get involved in the mark sanford primary, thinking that anford would easily win. but with a few hours left, i felt katie was such a good candidate and sanford was so bad i had to give it a shot. congrats to katie arrington. joining us tonight with h fresh win and party nomination, south carolina congressional candidate, katie arrington. congratulations. >> thank you. lou: the president being candid and always and straightforward. his political gurus didn't want him to get involved. he said he's got to. and aren't you glad. >> i definitely appreciate the
10:40 pm
president taking the time to tweet him being a busy man. look at what he's done the past few days. it's amazing lou: one of the exciting things about having the president in the oval office. he doesn't pretend to do o thing at a time. this is a man who multitasks. he's smart. filled with energy. nobody is a close second. and he gets more done in a day than any other president i've been aware of over the course of my life. and you endorse his agenda and do you think that made the difference in the race against sanford? >> well, i think that this race, you know, people want a change, no doubt. and knocking on thousands of doors, i mean this campaign was a lot of hard work. it was months and months and months of grass roots efforts knocking on doors. but the first question anybody seemed to ask whenever we went to the door is do you support or president or do you not.
10:41 pm
and universally it was, we are supportive of president trump's bold conservative agenda. and having somebody in washington who has t backbone to stand with our president was something that peoplenouth carolina wanted. lou: i think that's absolutely true. and i think -- and so you, you made it clear to your district, your voters that you're going to support the trump agenda, made it clearly and unequivocally. >> chris call clear. crystal clear. lou: what would your counsel to other candidates run whog are going to be up for election, who are up for election. 40 republicans have already resigned from the house and, by the way, in most cases i would say good riddance. they really should be running as democrats and serving but they didn't have the guts. >> we are at war. when you look at this, it is a war to ensure that our
10:42 pm
conservative agenda is maintained. we have to have the backbone to stand up for what we stump out on the campaigns and say. we have to commend presidenttru. promises made pro kept. most of the people that ran in 2016 came with the agenda. they understood that the border wall was important and needed to be built. that they understood that we needed to repeal and replace obamobamacare. and where were they? we need to have people in washington who are not career politicians, who are there to get the job done. time is of the essence. and let's look at president trump and wha. and what you said, sir is exactly right. he gets more done in a day than most people get done i two weeks. we have to have thatult out of congress. it's necessary. our days are precious on this earth and we need to make the most of them every single day. lou: i couldn't agree with you more. and to think, to think that the speakership right now is in the hands of a man who's done
10:43 pm
nothing. he's passed three bills in his entire career, 20 years in congress and yet hends up speaker. he is a representative and a pure bought and p for representative of k street, the business round table, the chamber of commerce, the koch brothers, just to name a few, if i may. it's a sad sad thing. and for you running for congress, it's got to be at least partially, i would think, sappointing to you. >> it is. i mean we go innd -- our founding fathers, you know, wrote the constitution on the trins. principle of citizen legislatures 's about having the people -- whresident trump brought back to us is we the people. and congress has been dragging their feet on that. you seryou're see in this electn cycle, this primary cycle, we want that. th we're craving. why we elected president
10:44 pm
trump. we wanted a businessman, we didn't want a politician. we wanted somebody who was going to make a promise and knew how to follow up a keep it. what you're seeing right now is a resounding backup statement to that in the electorate the people that are out there, we want that. we're craving it. lou: promises made, promises kept. katie arrin, congratulations on your win and all of the very best of luck. >> thank you so much. i hope to talk to you soon. lou: look guard to it. thank you. up next, a radical plan to convert the land of left wing loons into t states. our full report on crazy california, got to love that left coast. straight ahead. kyle: mom! mom!
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lo california is no stranger to political lunacy and a controversial new ballot measure proves that point once again. voter wills get a chance in november to decide whether the state is so good it should be split up into three. fox news senior correspondent adam housely in clirve california with our repor >> so imagine that, the country's most populous state, the third largest in size, fifth largest economy in the world being spliced up into three could start the process this
10:49 pm
mall. the voters going to the polls to decide whether cni to beee first the w be california, which is basically los angeles wob ventura, second would be southern california, central california and southern california from fresno down to san diego, and then third would be nor california, which would be the bay area, sacramento now of course where current capital is, wine country to the border of oregon. the voters gets to decide this. tim draper says they've got more than 6,000 signatures, more than enough to qualify for the november ballot. why three states? the main argument has been that l.a. and the bay area forgot about the rest of california and at diving the ste, assets and liabilities among three states making decisions about taxes and spending more beneficial. now supporters sayitizs would be better served by all of this, three smaller state governments while opponents say
10:50 pm
that the plan would create chaos. the initiative does say, quote, diviohree es subject to the approval of congress. assigns each county to a new state, directs governor to request that congress grants approval within 12 months. getting congress to pass this is the real catch. most likely that won't happen. also keep many mind, california has tried to separate before, at least there was talk of ait few years ago, talk of making california six states. and there ice an ongoing movement in the northern part of california to create the state of jefferson. lou? lou: california. amazing. three versions. my gdness. up next, outgoing rhino republican senator bob corker says the republican party has become cult-like in its support of president trump. corker, well, you remember him. he is a never-trumper, never very original and sort of sad
10:51 pm
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10:55 pm
sick posingapore summit and thet fun it is to watch the national left wing media contort itself to avo saying the obvious, which is what an amazing, extraordinary, historic moment for this president and the country. >> it was an extraordinary and historic moment. and of course it's fairo say we don't know what the long-term result will be. will kim jong-un keep the agreement. here's the difference. if he doesn't, donald trump is not barack obama nor is he george w. bush or bill clinton. and fe he thinks the response of jim mattis, john bolton, mike pompeo and donald trump is going to be one of oh, you didn't keep the bargain, well, fine. no problems. i think kim jong-un has the clear understanding that when donald trump says that fire and fury will be the result of a continued nuclear program, i think he totally understands that president trump is not joking about it.
10:56 pm
lou: one cannot imagine mike pompeo, for example, being dispatched by the president to tell kim jong-un if he wer to violate this deal, the basic agreement, i'm sorry, as john kerry said to the ayatollahs when they took our service members prisoner in the persian gulf. i'm sorry. you know, it's still one of the great nonsectors of diplomacy. >> president trump won't be sending james taylor over to strum "you've got a friend." lou: i like the way you think. the midterm elections, the trump effect is working. it's straightforward but apparently paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, the republican party, at least they're represented by the leadership on capitol hill don't get it.
10:57 pm
ronna mcdaniel, the chair of the rnc, she gets it big time. >> well, ihios everybody who voted for donald trump, and many who didn't but now who say, i didn't vote for the guy but by lly, promises. he cut taxes, restored america's place in the world. he's creating historic agreements. we've cut regulations, businesses at a all-te high. a guy said today we're making more money today than we ever had in the business. he he's in the transportation business. he says, i love donald trump. he loves him because he's giving ople jobs and the people are making more money than they've ever made in their lives. when people don't get that, it's because they live in a tiny bubble of d.c. and they brief their own exhaled hair and it's making them very very ill. lou: and mark sanfordho was crushed by katie arrington in south carolina for the repuican nomination to the house, i mean, you know, he said
10:58 pm
it to all republicans who were listening, you don't want to get that tweet i got last night. because it turned the race right there. and you know that this presiden. >> yeah. and it's real easy to avoid it. look, donald trump got more republican votes in the primary than any republican in the history of this country, including more than ronald re, either of the bushes. he got more. period. he was electedre he is serving with distion and with an extraordinary sense of accomplishment. and if some of these republicans, like bob corker who says if you like trump you must be come cult member, well, my gosh, lou, bob corker, there's a reason he got booed off of the stage in his home state of tennessee when donald trump showed up. lou: let's show everybody one reason why the man gets booed. here he is right now talking
10:59 pm
about this new allegiance to the president on the part of the republican party. >> we might poke the bear, is the language i've been in the hallways. we might poke the bear. the president might get upset with us as united states senators if we vote on the corker amendment. so we're going to do everything we can to block it. lou: and of course the corker amendment designed to block the president's authority in posing traifs. yotariffs. you get the last word here, governor, ae wrap up. >> well if corker had been doing the deal with the north koreans, he would have flown over a big pallet of cash like he ak we yesyes,heacquiesced. yes, president trump is a bear. show some respect for him. try to hp him. he needs some folks on his team, his party to help him. lou: mike huckabee, great to see you. all the best. thanks for being here.
11:00 pm
>> always a pleasure. lou: that's it for us tonight. be with us tomorrow. the doj inspector general's rt set to be released. i can'tait. canas a great meeting and i hope we get a lot more. in the meantime, here's lou. lou: good evening. our top stories, a battle for the soul of the republican party now under way. whether rino speaker paul ryan will be allowed to leave the party to certain defeat in the mid-terms. following his masters, the business round table and the chamber of commerce and the kh brothers into the abyss. or will lawmakers follow trump and legislate first and foremost for american working families and the middle class who have been run over by the donor class and the establishment that


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