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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 25, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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cheryl: president trump en route to south carolina for a political rally. thank you for having us in your homes tonight. charles: the crowds are beginning to build as president trump is on his way to south carolina. he's going to hold a rally for governor mcmasters. the stock market tumbling 1.3% monday. wall street focused on speculation about the administration's next move with respect to curbing china's grand ambitions. the report suggests president trump putting more pressure on china. this according to the "wall street journal."
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now president xi is reportedly planning to quote strike back at the u.s. the administration needs to get its troops together to put out a cohesive message to the globalists who like things the way they are now. sue and, this wasn't news out of china. this was speculation by the "wall street journal" and others that president trump will try to curb china's ability to invest in technology companies. this gets back to china's ambitions for 2025 to be the world's tech giant. >> he was delivering his message to a global council of
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multi-nationals. i think he's kind of on the back foot right now. how do you play donald trump and the president especially considering these big trade talks. charles: we export less than that. so you haven't limited what they can do with respect to curbing tariffs on our import to them. what would their alternative be? they are pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into their economy. it seems to be some level of anxiety as president xi puts on a brave face. they are in a tough negotiating position. >> they will take qualitative punches. and qualitative is really the
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only way to go. they will run out of goods to tear back on the u.s. slow walking exports. gm makes more cars in china than they sell here. they are say qualitative. they could be making things a lot more difficult, a lot more red tape in the future. their economy is going through a rough patch, and they do need to export more to make more money. charles: you are of the school that no one wants a trade war. no one disputes that. it's interesting. in america the financial markets, mostly focus on the losses here. no one is talking about the market being down 10% from its
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recent peak and 17% now. >> i think what the trump administration should be looking at is trying to assess their goal. china is at its core a central planning nationalized economy. their government is involved in every aspect of that economy. they don't have the concept of free enterprise and free markets. we have the ability to outstrip china's growth because we have the thread. we need to make sure whatever we are doing, if the goal is to put pressure on china, that it doesn't top growth here. we need to continue to foster better capital formation for that to continue. charles: the idea of a victory
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in a place where we are the fastest, best growing economy in the world. some are saying why jeopardize that? >> i don't think people understand how massive the theft that's going on from china. the pillaging. the people nervous about what president trump is doing don't understand what's going on. this is an espionage that we have never seen in this country. the white house put out a report that talks about this. they are stealing our i.p. on an unprecedented level. they have 100,000 people in china, all their job is is to do cyber theft around the world. they have thousands of people outside their country doing espionage. there are 3,000 chinese? the united states and a number of them are trying to steal
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things for the people's republic of china. charles: why are the globalists, if you will, why aren't they acknowledging as much? why are we reading stories about the losses of small tries and small businesses? what do you make of that? is it that the globalists don't care who wins because they will benefit from it? >> i don't know what they are thinking, but they are simply not informed if they don't understand. the chinese are doing to our country that we haven't seen done before. they infiltrated a lot of our corporate systems. economic sabotage is rampant. they are forcing our companies to turn over intellectual property to even do business there. they are not open to us. this thing about trump had a trade war, trump didn't start this, this has been going on for a decade.
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charles: arm holdings, the largest in edgeland, was forced d in england was forced to give up 51% ownership. with the media being anti-trump and businesses blinking, it will put a lot of pressure on them. president trump just put 0 a tweet saying surprised that harley davidson of all companies would be the first to wave the white flag. i fought hard for them. be patient. in the last quarter in america harley's business went down 12%. in europe their business went up almost 7%. this trend has been going on for
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a long time. maybe using the tariff as a way of not acknowledging what's happened in america, i think it's not a great deal, because they did meet with president trump and i think there is a good relationship building there. what they did say is our business is falling apart in america so we'll build elsewhere. >> they have to absorb the cost. it will cost them $2,000 on each harley bike. i don't think they can actually pass that on to the consumer. so they move their factories, hire people in europe. ultimately i think they have to absorb the cost. charles: i think they were going to have to move to europe anyway. but this is a way for them to acknowledge their business is in trouble in america and has been for a long time.
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i saw today as the administration trying to push back and china 2025. one of the ways they have gotten to this point is massive debt. it's also about not stealing from us. so how smart is it for the administration to stand up for that? >> i'm not arguing china should have to answer for its malfeasance. however, we need that public policy to be clear and directed at the bad actors. having different treats and different spokes people say different things about our china policy doesn't help us get to the root of the problem. it confuses the message. and that's bad for all americans and the world economy. charles: the mnuchin tweet was
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don't miss final closeout savings on the queen c2 mattress. now only $599, save $300. it's the lowest price ever, only for a limited time. visit for a store near you. >> i have nothing to do with the way people decide to protest. protest is a democratic way as long as it's peaceful. i believe in peaceful protest.
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it's guaranteed to you in a democracy. i have no way of telling people how to protest. what they should protest. charles: that was democratic congresswoman maxine waters a short time ago trying to walk back that firestorm that was created after her call for the public to harass trump administration officials. this was waters saturday. >> if you see anybody from that cabinet in a restaurant, a department store, a gasoline station. you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them. and you tell them they are not welcome. charles: with we, kayleigh mcenany. to me that's scary stuff. particularly from the things maxine waters has seen in her
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lifetime and make that suggestion and feign ignorance that some people will take that as a call to do something physical. >> she has a history of this. like the time she stood up and said i am going to take out the president tonight. she tried to claim that was a call for impeachment. it seemed more like a call to violence much like the one you heard her give there. there was the time she shouted down a fellow gop representative on the house floor and the time she hugged lewis farakan who has made hateful ask comments. charles: nancy pelosi and chuck schumer did walk away and distance themselves from those comments. it seems cory booker more or
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less agreed with it and tried to finish off with an act of love. we are in an ugly time when sarah huckabee sanders was chased out of the restaurant over the weekend. pam bondi was verbally abused by three men that spit was actually landing on her face. where do we go from here? >> we even saw this start during the campaign when we saw trump rallies and people getting pepper sprayed, cars being stopped. old people and women being attacked on the streets for their political beliefs, especially by the antifa types. it seems to have seeped into the broader culture. the only thing that could stop that is a tragic event that brings the whole country around that makes people realize this. a year after the shooting of steve scalise and multiple members of the gop.
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and that seems to have lasted only a couple weeks. maxine waters says she is for peaceful protest but in an interview she was lauding the rodney king riots. the liberals have convinced a lot of people that by any means necessary is a legitimate tactic in america. charles: what do you say that there were violent incidents at trump rallies and his pushback against maxine waters went over the line. >> those comments were taken out of context. oftentimes it was protesters engaging in violence and threatening violence and president trump we responded in kind usually with a light-hearted joke, much different from the rallying cry for mobs we saw from maxine
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waters. i love the martin luther king comment that we must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. we need civil conversations and put aside this demonization we have seen. charles: chris, are you hopeful this will happen? or do we have to get to the point that we have a sad awakening. >> i'm not hopeful about the civility returning to america. oftentimes the civility we recall is a blend of no tall yeah withing you -- is a blend of nostalgia with ugly facts. without this bubble bursting, i see no reason for the people in the streets who feel so morally righteous to do what they think is necessary. charles: we'll talk about the political impact of this rhetoric come november.
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charles: you just heard part of max mean waters cobbled together news conference. she is saying don't blame me, blame the president for promoting violence. whoever is to blame, there are sure to be repercussions in the mid-terms. the thing that's amazing. over the weekend going back to friday through sunday, you had nielsen, bondi and sanders. three high-profile women doing extraordinary jobs. i think if they were democrats or progressives, they would be on the cover of magazines and lauded. but instead no one is taking up
6:23 pm
for them. the public is watching this very closely, and i think they may react to it in the mid terms. >> even the women's movement, there is a double standard. but even more so than that, when you look at the tactics being used. this was a comment by maxine waters, a female against fee mails. it doesn't work. i found it fascinating that david axlerod came out and twitter and said he disagreed with this particular particular by maxine waters and if people want to change things you volunteer, you donate, you vote. but you don't do this. his point was it's counter productive. all it does is make people who are trump supporters dig in their heels even more against the progressive platform.
6:24 pm
only in the is it dangerous because it incites violence. but it doesn't get democrats anywhere anyway. charles: i guess throughout all of this, president trump's numbers keep edging higher and higher. we are talking about a variety of different polls from gallup to cbs, ugov, that suggests with the immigration crisis, now this. you have to wonder what the general public is paying attention to. i don'think it mainstream media is getting that message. they are not changing the minds of regular people. >> you are right. another number you can look at is the fundraising record highs. and you would think there would be such an outrage if you look at mainstream media and their narrative is trump is so horrible and he's ruining the
6:25 pm
country, wouldn't you think people would be giving $20 here and there for the betterment of mankind? but, you know, you are right. i feel like that the numbers keep going up for trump. i feel like there are a lot of people that are for trump. a lot of his base that feel like he is standing up. charles: you know a lot of these people we are talking about personally. i admire the way sarah sanders handled this. being a new yorker, they handle things differently. they even chased her across the street to the other restaurant. these are women trying to do their jobs. they have been sort of targeted. >> you said that before the break when we came on air. i thought that was a fabulous point that these are women. and this is supposed to be right
6:26 pm
now in this era of #metoo and what not. this is supposed to be pro woman. look what wolf did at the correspondents dinner when she humiliated sanders. and you have her now on vacation trying to eat somewhere and they are running her out. this is a good example of what the left represents. when you think of the left you have think of a peace sign, you think of brotherly love. and look at the message they are setting forth. charles: coming up, president trump showing his support for one of his early endorsers. we'll take you live to south carolina where they are getting ready for another one of those big trump rallies next. polk county is one of the counties that you don't think about very much. it's really not very important.
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>> president trump set to hold a rally in south carolina for henry mcmaster, that the start in 30 minutes, joining us live a preview of the ramy jonathan. >> we have more than a thousand supporters packing into a small gymnasium here at airport high school in wes in colombia, plann over flow room, many standing
6:31 pm
out in hot sun, and humidity. to guarantee a spot to see president up close and personal. today mr. trump tweeted, will be heading to one of my favorite places, south carolina to fight for one of my original fighters henry mcmaster. trump is serving a favor who was an early supporter for the run to white house. then mcmaster rose to governorship when haley left office to join united nations. he lead a 5-way g.o.p. primary race on june 12 but failed to pass the threshold needed to avoid a run off, tuesday mcmaster faces john warren, a military man from greenville who promises to drain the swamp, despite warn's use of popular trump phrase, the president decided in this race to support
6:32 pm
the incumbent, anticipating that mcmaster and trump will address the crowd in the next hour, charls. >> thank you very much. ahead of president trump's trip to south carolina. he had this to say at white house this afternoon. >> one of the highest on the list is immigration. we have to change our laws. we have to make them sensible. they came into see me last week, they said we would like to hire 5,000 more judges. 5,000. did you hear of a them like that. >> we're appointing 145 intos here, everyone one goes through a extreme vetting process. where do you find 5,000 people to be a judge. you know that leads to other things. we want a system where when people come in illegally, they have to go out. charles: joining me to discuss
6:33 pm
ford o'connell and gina louden. start withed gina, interesting thing, the polls keep going higher and higher. there are 3 articles. they all use word cynical. trump cynical immigration strategy might work for him again. they went believe this crisis at the border with the families being ripped apart has not hurt his poll numbers, he is still talking about immigration going into tonight's ralliy. >> i'm not sure why it so hard for mainstream media to understand that american people voted for this president because of his immigration policy. they like that he is more concerned about dead americans than he is about the comforts of non-americans, and their desire to be in our country illegally. charles: but the children, gina,
6:34 pm
let me ask, president trump reversed course. that looked like it was a losing pr thing. listen even in his own home, ivan cra waivanka was pushing a, and kellyanne and his wife were all pushing against him. so, why done that stick? why didn't that, a lot people considered to be a major public relations mistake not stick. and why are trump's numbers still going up. >> first of all, president did not up suite that policy -- did not institute this policy, it had been going on for decade but no one cared about it during last several presidencies it made no sense that all of a sudden everyone concerned for the children. you look at angel moms and sphamliefamilies dead americanse
6:35 pm
of ms-13 this president comes in addresses it, everyone says thank you, finally. charles: ford. idea was not having more judges. as a lawyer, is that the right thing? do you think it creates more of a bureaucratic backlog, a way of slowing this down. the current system that people they know how to milk the system, they at some point never show up fur court dates. >> you are right. legal immigration is -- illegal immigration is without question a winning issue for president trump and the republicans heading to 2018 midterms, there is snow issue that fires up republican base more than this issue, and only 19% of americans want us to go back to catch and releasing. what is clear that democrats don't care about border security, they' open borders, including amnesty and release of all you know detained illegal
6:36 pm
immigrants, that not going to fly with the american public. democrats are way out over their skis, and media has no idea what is going on. people want law and order, the question for trump and republicans is frame this as a national security issue, if they do, they will ride this to victory in ballot box. charles: gina, you were thea the deluth d gathering what do we expect tonight. >> it is so great to see the president up close. he hand picks the songs, he is excited, he is an extra vert and intuiter, he gets his energy from the audience, that gasoline feeds that president, accomplished so much, a big major accomplishment every 36 hours of his presidency. charles: according to jonathan
6:37 pm
sirey people stood outside for hours for the president. >> they do. charles: chinese investment in united states soared in to trump election. now it is breaking down. but should we be concerned? should we legislate it? next. hi, i'm bob harper,
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6:41 pm
property today's news, a little bit of a different angle. trump administration considers slowing or stopping investment with company more than 25 percent chinese ownership investment in u.s., in last couple of years soared before the election of president trump. from 2000 to 2018, there have been deals worth $140 billion from, 1990 to 20156, 64 billion, last year 29 billion, key focuses on technology, what this would mean for american tech names, that is what we saw today, tech names that sell to china gets hammered hard, s&p tech of hardest hit, if you dig deeper to the computer chips, hammered more, i see signs of panic. where -- you know don't see them all. the yield declined. and gold also down.
6:42 pm
i will at bit vix up 25%, up 56% this year, but consider down 78% from 20008 peak -- 2008 peak, i am salivating about investment opportunities, we're asking robert wolf. former obama economic advise ad. i know when market swoons like a day like today, they said i toil you the trade war will will everyone, was it too much. >> quite an opening. away from stayed war -- trade war that we've talked about you know i am set against the trade wars and rhetoric, this is different. this is about really going after china 2025. how they are looking at aerospace and artificial
6:43 pm
intelligence. we have to be tough. we have a -- sive -- process in place, a hard process, we should let it work, i don't think we need to put quotas on, we should have capital markets and free transactions and be tough on what we approve. this was a real change, i think it shocked the market. charles: we had 45 billion from china in 2016, 29 million last year, in part to china curbing some of the flow cash out, but also si sfius, people saying tht work. is that something we should start to consider, how to save guard the investments so they are not abused. >> probably only bipartisan thing we have going all of congress is against zte .
6:44 pm
getting replayed again. that was clear. sfius turned it town, congress turned it down, i don't want to lock at conflict, but most people think that there is other things going on. that said, with respect to about what the announcements supposedly were today on what they will be for quotas. charles: these are news reports. >> that is why i said supposedly, that would not be good, we cannot be a protec protectionist and put walls up. charles: irony is the game. >> no question we have on compete with what china is doing. it starts if they steal our inevitable ter lekia.
6:45 pm
>> i-t i-t, sue them. >> let me ask you about mackine waters, seesaw over the weekend, she put out a report, she spoke this afternoon, saying, she denied she ever called for anyone to bring harm to a trump official, and blames president trump for the rhetoric, your opinion on this. >> i believe in peaceful, very peaceful protests, i have not called for the harm of anyone. this president has lied again. when he is saying that i called for harm to anyone. he is the one of that are is responsible for promoting violence. charles: quick thoughts. >> i'm not supportive of what restaurant owner did to sarah sanders or booing of secretary of homeland security, i have a lot of my differences this have administration, we should allow them to eat in peace with their family, that said, what cory lou
6:46 pm
in-- >> you all conflate them. >> no, there is a lot of stuff that within on last week, which we should be saying is wrong on every which way, left and right. charles: robert wolf thank you. >> thank you. charles: we'll be right back. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees.
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charles: we talked about this. despite this negative press from mainstream media. there is a new gallup poll shows president trump's rating on the rise, 90% of its party support the president. that is second highest rating in modern history for g.o.p. now to discuss julie melcher and ford o'donnell, jillian, it
6:50 pm
amazing. you could get trapped in the new york media bubble, forget what people are thinking, say this week i know that president took a hurt, here come the poll. i look at ugov poll, small tiny fraction were republicans, majority were democrats and independents. >> i think we're seeing here trump playing to his base. he knows what issues will beginn up his -- gin you were his base. and economy is getting better, we have seen combination of deregulation and tax reform really having an impact. i would say and i am concerned about the way that tariffs are going to play out. today we have news about harley-davidson, i think a lot of happening in swing states we're feeling the impact on jobs in the economy. i would say into midterm that is the thing to look at. charles: listen, china is
6:51 pm
deliberately targeting the swing states no doubt, the eu targeting the swing states, ford. maybe that is why president trump put out that tweet. it look like he was disappointed or hurt that harley made the decision publicly. but his numbers held up better than i thought they would over last two weeks. >> the numbers are incredible, and 90% support with republicans should come as so shock, the base believesly is delivering on his -- loves he is delivering on his promises, high jumped 7 points with independents, we don't know what is going to happen 5 months from now, if he can keep g.o.p. support 90% and broaden his base with independents, guess what, the republicans will hold their majority in congress despite over the top historics from democrat and negative media. charles: do you think some is
6:52 pm
democrats over playing their hand when they get a hand, and not having their own message. i saw with sarah huckabee sanders, you don't have to be in politics to say, that is not cool. >> there is frustration with that situation, the same way there is about student protestor going crazy on campus. both of these hit heart land america. it says if you have a different opinion, if you dare to think differently, we'll go after you. that will be really personal. we'll call you a racist, a sexist, a bigot, and make sure you don't have a moment of peace there is a real justified fear that a lot of republicans have that as left turns politics nastier and nastier this something, trump may not be nice but they want to double down. charles: have you followed through college better than anyone, you are not surprised it has gone beyond college to mainstream with progressives at this i mean from anger to --
6:53 pm
really not the peace and love stuff we thought about. >> no, my generation graduating going to work world and political world, they learned this at campus and takes it on. charles: little house in prairie, we found out, they just never stop, huge mistake. thank you jillian, and ford. >> you got it. charles: president trump is south carolina for a rally for governor henry mcmaster. stay with us, fox business, we have you covered all night. we'll be right back. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- mbc, approved, with hormonal therapy, as an everyday treatment for a relentless disease. verzenio + an ai is proven to help women
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charles: well president trump in south carolina, expected to take the stage in a few moments, this is a rally for governor henry mcmaster, panel discussing caroll roth. and gina loudin back with us. president has a litany of things to talk about today new home sales through the roof. every time i look every piece of
6:57 pm
economic data is multimonth or multiyear best. how much do you think he should discuss tonight? >> i think that he should discuss a lot of this, he will discuss a lot of this. you have to remember, we heard from so many democrat we were all going to die and world was going to end if he kit taxes -- if he cut taxes. it has done nothing so shockingly but boost the economy, people are better off, small business sentiment all-time highs. businesses are making capital investment. i am certainly will talk about. he will be really playing to his base on that. charles: caroll, there are a lot of republicans who don't see eye-to-eye with president trump, they have been able to seize on tariff wars, saying only good thing is done with respect to economy. some saying it has been erased by the tariff skirmish, do you
6:58 pm
technology that -- think it is that dire. >> i do not like it i am a free market proponent. but there is a field plant in south carolina that reopened today, it was shuttered in 2015, it was opened by uk firm, they want to circumvent those tariffs, he will talk about jobs coming back to south carolina, he was the use this to boost the base, say trade wars are working. but even from a business perspective not all of us agree. charles: for every harold that't feels to do manufacturing abroad, there will be a lot of foreign companies that feel need to do manufacturerring here. what do you think he is doing? >> i think he is going over in his head the message he wanted
6:59 pm
to ken havto convey to people ih carolina, his base is strong there, he is laughing, joking, having a good time, this is his best plates to be, where -- best place to be, this is where he getting his energy, he love the this make no mistake. charles: will he take the opportunity to sort of clarify where we are with respect to the trade, investment news of today? i thought that stephen mnuchin tweet was poorly phrased. made things worse. we did have peter navarro cam oe on to try to quell the anxiety. can he aplai explain what they e trying to achieve. >> absolutely, this president has been so straight forward with american public, americans can learned they can listen to what he says and pretty much count on fact he will say what he means and do what he said he
7:00 pm
was going to do. that is why we have record setting economic accomplishments, one every 36 hours. of his presidency. charles: next time you come to new york go through the list with me, thank you, buckle up for a wild two hours. lou: good evening, our top story republican candidate riding trump train to victory in the midterms, president trump about to speak at a rally in columbia, south carolina. speaking there for and campaigning for governor henry mcmaster, we'll bring you all of president trump's remarks live here tonight. also the president firing back at dems who have been demanding quote due process for illegal immigrants crossing our border from mexico. >> strong borders. we want no crime. the democrats' open borders, they don't care about


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