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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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you very much market gains evaporating in the final minutes all threeajor indices barely clinging to gains that's it for the "countdown" and now to melissa francis and adam shapiro more in after the bell. adam: bouncing back in the green recovering some losses after yesterday's big sell-off the dow losing steam in the final hour of trading ending the day up roughly 28 points, almost, and the s&p 500 also rising today the nasdac is tapping a four day losing streak as well i'm adam shapiro in for david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis but first here is what else we're covering in this very busy hour. a landmark decision the supreme court siding in favor of the president's travel ban preventing people from entering the u.s. from several muslim majority countries. president trump calling this a great victory for our country. reaction is pouring in from both sides of the aisle, plus tough
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talks from the president issuing a stern warning to motorcycle maker harley-davidson amid reports that new tariffs are driving some of its production overseas and backlash growing against congresswoman maxine waters. lawmakers demanding she resign and apologize to the white house for endangering their lives and sewing the seeds of discord. this as homeland security warns its employees about increased threats. always the voice of reason on what needs to be done now to get our country back to a place of civility and respect. also joining us this hour, famed reagan economist art laffer, judge andrew napolitano and illinois governor bruce rauner. adam: but back to the markets right now the dow rebounding a bit today boosted by technology and consumer stocks and if you look closely you'll notice a change on the board. walgreens officially taking ge's place today the stock by the way closing down on its first day of trading on the dow. fill flynn at the cme watching
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big moves in oil and nicole petallides is on the floor of the new york stock exchange and nicole, you're up first we came back a bit today. nicole: that's right and i was just looking at walgreens boots alliance. i was hoping it wouldn't be the worst in the dow right the headline would be, walgreens boots alliance first day of trading worst in the dow, it's second worst okay so intel was the worst. we came off our earlier highs we were up 131 points at the high today, traders still talking about trade tensions, uncertainty and that's been loom ing over this market. in the mean type the nasdac did snap that losing streak as tech got hit the worst recently the dow finished higher by 29 points and we are seeing that both the dow and s&p are up for the second day in three. the dow winners are apple, visa, chevron, united technology and exxon and you see a couple energy names, that goes back to fill flynn take a look also at general electric, i don't know how it factored in today because look at that, 7.7% gain, don't
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forget, they have been the plan of ceo flannery and that happened again today. healthcare units sold off, ownership of baker hughs shed ding that ownership. yesterday it was the industrial part of it, the industrial engines unit for that also sold off so that's what general electric has been up to stocks at 13.74 gaining 7.7%. quick peak at tesla which gained elon musk talking about the new electric pickup, which will park itself automatically and has a lot of features up 2.7% back to you. adam: nicole thank you. oil surging closing up more than 3% to a new one-month high after the u.s. state department demands all countries cut all of their oil imports from iran by november where they risk sanctions, phil flynn, what are traders saying about this can the u.s. really pull that off? >> they can and i'll tell you what we're already hearing from major oil companies that they are backing away from iran in a
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big way. they're taking the sweat from the state department very seriously and we're going to see of course the biggest challenge and the biggest sanctions we've probably ever seen on iranian oil sanctions and it's not only the oil companies. we have the state department going from country to country to country to say listen guys you don't want to do business with iran. with think they're a bad actor and if you do so you'll do at your own risk so you have anybody that buys oil or even a drop from iran could get hit with sanctions. now the big question is can the market make up for that supply that's a story for another day. adam: we'll be on it of it does happen, phil thank you. melissa: president trump going after harley-davidson after the company announced it is moving some of its production overseas to avoid european tariffs, blake burman is live from the white house with more. blake? reporter: what a change here, melissa because this is a company harley-davidson that president trump routinely hailed in the early days and weeks of his administration even as recently as this past february.
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the president describing harley-davidson as a wonderful company, a great american company, but the last 20 hours or so has been a lot different. the president taking to twitter today, to absolutely torch harley-davidson because he feels as if they are waving the white flag on retaliatory measures by the e. on tariffs. the president said today that he feels that they are using the tariffs, harley-davidson is, as a scape goat but harley-davidson says they need to shift production overseas because of these retaliatory measures here was the president earlier today. president trump: harley-davidson is using that as an excuse and i don't like that because i've been very good to harley-davidson and they used it as an excusend i think the people that ride harleys are not happy with harley-davidson and i wouldn't be either. reporter: now the top trade minister for the eu said today this is a "unfortunate consequence" that is taking place but the european union laid out in advance just exactly
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what they would do including tariffs on motorcycles they were targeted because that specifically hits wisconsin, the home state of the house speaker paul ryan. ryan said today he feels that tariffs are essentially taxes. the president though seemed very comfortable with the rising stakes. president trump: tariffs can be a very positive thing. >> i don't think tariffs are the right way to go. they're basically taxes. reporter: now the president also sent this warning to the to the european union tweeting out we're finishing our study of tariffs on cars from the eu, and they've long taken advantage of the u.s. in the form of trade barriers and tariffs. in the end it will all even out. the president suggested maybe there needs to be a 25% tariff on autos coming into the u.s. that currently stands at 2.5% right now melissa but as it relates to harley what a difference a year makes, ha? all of a sudden it's the president versus this american brand. melissa: and you know it could
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go back the other way tomorrow. i mean it's just all about what is going on. blake thank you so much for that report here now to react, sorry adam that's yours. adam: that's all right,, james free man from the wall street journal, they're both fox news contributors james i'll start with you because within the last hour wall street journal actually has a story that the president may actually be backing off, i don't want to say surrendering but backing off on the rhetoric about limiting investment from chinese firms. what's going on and is this going to have a positive impact on tomorrow's trading? >> well i think friday is the real impact or not depending on what happens. we're kind of wondering are these technology limits or exports from america, limits on other companies from overseas investing in the united states are they going to be very broad on friday, are they going to hit china or the whole world and how
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steep are these restrictions going to be? are we going to see meaningful limits on what silicon valley sells to the world so it's a big concern and we'll have to wait. we're getting a lot of conflicting signals from among trump advisors and of course the president today now making it seem like it's not a big deal. adam: gary let me put it this way. score one for steven mnuchin and peter navarro zip at this point. would you agree? have you seen this article yet? essentially that the administration has done this when it comes to the restriction s on investment. >> well i think 160 point drop in the nasdac yesterday may have spoke volumes in the white house look, things are going well in the economy. we've had a strong stock market and you've got an election in november. they have to watch the market when they see something like that happen, i think maybe they will back off. they better back off because i've got to tell you, you start blocking the free flow of capital from other areas of the
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globe to our technology companies, those technology stocks are going to get a hit and it will hurt business so let's hope cooler heads prevail ed on this. adam: gary when you talk about the free flow of capital what about the free flow of commerce? the president went after harley today and when i saw him threatening to tax harley-davidson should they import from overseas back into the united states i thought of the schoolhouse rock with king george, sitting there with his cup of tee, taxation without representation i don't want to get that far off but the president threatening a company what did you think of that? >> there's not one thing i like about it. i didn't like it when obama did it. harley-davidson has taken $100 million hit, $2,200 per motorcycle because of what's going on. they're doing it in the best interest of the company and shareholders and knowing that if they raise the price on the motorcycles they wouldn't sell as much so they're in the crosshairs and they're acting in
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their best interest. it is crazy. i am sorry, it is crazy for the president's administration to target companies. it's a mistake markets will be affected by it economies will be affected by it & companies will be affected by it. adam: last word the president tweeting against harley. what was the message that the rest of corporate america received by him attacking harley today? >> yeah, it's a bad one. he's done this before. politically though, i think it may be working. you have the president and harley's employees lined up against harley management. melissa: interesting. adam: gary and james and anyone old enough to remember schoolhouse rock, thank you. melissa: now let's get in art laffer former reagan economic advisor and laugh era sos yachts chairman, i mean this is one of these things where we've had these bad trade deals for a long time. if he succeeds in changing them it'll be a huge victory. on the other hand, boy the stakes are high. >> yeah it's scary. trade wars are very very scary
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but the president assures us all the time that he doesn't want to make a trade war. he doesn't want to raise tariffs wants freer trade for the whole world and just trying to get other countries to lower their barriers so they come down to our level rather than having us and he's using threats of tariffs and obviously against harley-davidson as well, and i don't know if it's going to work i'm not a negotiator, i'm not a good art of the deal person but it's scary. melissa: it's interesting today, so i mean is there a certain amount of time that you're willing to endure the pain? if you're negotiating for yourself you're buying a house, a car, you always say you know what i don't need this. i can walk away and he said you know what? we'd be happy with the money from the tariffs it's just fine with us if these guys don't yield but it's going to be a certain amount of pain for the economy versus the potential boost later if we were able to clear this up. i wonder what the timeframe is is that america is willing to
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endure some sort of interim pain >> and i'm not sure what the timeframe is for americans either. when he goes into november i don't think he can have this big huge market collapse going into november and do really well in the off elections i just don't think it would happen, but for a week or two, three weeks what if he went in there in october in the beginning of october and said free-trade everywhere and the market goes up 8,000 points or whatever it would go up, i mean, i don't know what the good timing is. i don't know what good politics is all i do know is what is good economics is everyone having zero tariffs. melissa: but he offered that at the g7 of course. >> yes he did. melissa: just to remind everyone he said and sat at the table and said why don't we just all drop our tariffs and they all looked around like "not me." >> but that's larry kudlow i'm sure. i don't know who wrote that line i don't, but it sounds so larry- ish i can't believe it. i love it, and if they just follow through why wouldn't they go ahead and do that we'd be in a market of 35,000 today if that were the case. melissa: no.
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because they want to protect their own industries. >> they don't protect their own industries. everyone knows that tariffs ruin your domestic industry because they make you so your non- competitive and they lose business so free-trade is the right answer for domestic industries too. melissa: absolutely talking about this you'll be able to do your taxes on a postcard, sort of unless you do any of the little writers on the side and apparently there's six accompanying worksheets for the little card. >> wouldn't that be wonderful if we could really actually do it? there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to do taxes on a postcard. we should have one tax rate from the first dollar to the last dollar that should be it. how much you made, well with jerry brown it was 13%. send 13% in and that's it. that's done, and we can make it revenue-neutral very easily by getting rid of all of the deductions, exemptions, executions, write ups, credits all of that nonsense and just have you income and one flat rate tax and you shouldn't be a full postcard. i mean that's the direction we should go and with jerry brown
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when he ran for president that's exactly what he did do, and it really was popular. melissa: art laffer thank you. >> melissa thank you very much. where's david today? is he out or something? melissa: he's having a fabulous vacation in martha's vineyard but we love adam. >> i love adam. thanks, everybody. adam: voters heading to the poll s across the country with big primary races in seven key states the results will have a profound effect on the mid-term elections, and we're going to speak with john warren a veteran , businessman and self- proclaimed conservative outsider, hoping to win tonight against the president's pick for governor in south carolina. melissa: plus fox news confirm ing former fbi agent who sent anti-trump texts peter strzok will now appear voluntarily tomorrow to be interviewed by the house judiciary. no subpoena needed live on capitol hill. adam: a landmark decision the
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president trump: this is a great victory for our constitution. we have to be tough and we have to be safe and we have to be secure. at a minimum we have to make sure that we vet people coming into the country, we know whose coming in, we know where they're coming from. we just have to know whose coming here. melissa: the president reacting to the supreme court ruling in favor of his proposed travel ban on seven muslim majority
4:19 pm
countries joining me to discuss what this decision means is judge andrew napolitano, fox news senior judiciary analyst sir thank you so much for joining us. >> of course melissa. melissa: so is this it, the ban stands that's how it goes? >> well this is not it. this is it on the issue of whether or not the president has the constitutional and statutory authority to do it but this is not it on individual people entering the country. what i mean is if someone wants to enter the country and you've got on the full screen there the countries affected say venezuela or libya or yemen wants to come in the country they can lee the ban. not it's constitutionality because the supreme court just ruled on that but they can explain to a court why it doesn't apply to them, why they've been properly vetted by the country of origin, and why they present no danger to the united states and a court will hear that and rule on it, so as our colleague has in my view
4:20 pm
quite properly been reporting all afternoon this is not the end, this is not the beginning and it's just the end of the beginning. the issue of constitutionality is resolved but the case-by-case , fact by fact, inner play of everybody that wants to come in from one of those countries is just beginning. melissa: so what would it mean to those individual people? would they have to try and have their day in court from some other place in the world? >> that's a good question as to whether or not, they wouldn't get a court hearing if they're not here. if they are here, in an immigration facility, they would get their day in court, but the way this case came about was people held in immigration facilities in brooklyn and in seattle who acquired legal counsel who got them released from the immigration facility and then they filed their complaints as plaintiffs in the case. that's usually the way it happens, but they cannot file a complaint and expect a federal court and the united states to
4:21 pm
hear it if they're in a foreign country. melissa: i don't want to let you go without asking so peter strzok we know now is going to testify tomorrow. it is going to be behind closed doors, but he is going there willingly. he has been subpoenaed but it turns out it doesn't apply. do you think he takes the fifth amendment? do you hear what he said somewhats your bet on this? >> i don't know why he would go willingly if he plans to take the fifth amendment. the fifth amendment insulates you from voluntary testimony but look, he is suspended from the fbi. he's being investigated by the fbi. he's being investigated by the inspector general. he might soon be the subject of a criminal investigation. why he would speak to congress knowing that whatever he tells congress could be used against him is beyond me. why they're having this behind closed doors infuriates me. whether or not he was at the center of a conspiracy in the doj and the fbi to prevent donald trump from becoming president is the issue of our
4:22 pm
era. we should be able to see and hear the questions put to him and how he answers them. melissa: we should but the idea that he testifying and you're saying it doesn't seem like it's a great idea to me means that he has a beef. you know, he thinks like in some way that he's being railroaded and he wants to have his day to explain. no? >> i understand he is a character, a strong-willed intelligent person a master interrogator himself and he has a story to tell and he can't wait to tell it. melissa: judge napolitano thank you. >> always a pleasure. adam: fighting formation reform house republicans are expected to bring a bill to the floor tomorrow but do they have the votes or will they fall short? that's coming up plus south carolina voters heading to the polls for the primary there. the republicans looking to pick a candidate to run for governor. president trump wants henry mc master, the incumbent governor but his challenger is putting up a fight. that challenger john warren joins us right after the break.
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melissa: it is primary day in seven states voters are heading to the polls in new york, utah, oklahoma, maryland, and colorado , and there are run off races in south carolina and mississippi to decide the republican gubernatorial nominee s. in utah mitt romney faces off with state congressman mike kennedy for the gop nomination and the race for senate seat, and in maryland, convicted leak er chelsea manning is challengeing senator ben cardon in the democrat primary all races paving the way for the mid-term. adam: back to the heated race in the palmetto state. president trump urging voters to become south carolina governor henry mcmaster as they head to the polls for today's primary run off election. our next guest is running against mcmaster but says he's not worried about president trump's big endorsement. joining us now, john warren, south carolina republican gubernatorial candidate thank
4:27 pm
you for being with us and just want to let our viewers know that governor mcmaster had the opportunity to be on fox business much earlier this morning today, so we're giving both of you a chance but in a nutshel the president came out for your opponent. both of you align with the president, so how do you come over that? how do you get over that hurdle to win this thing today? >> well i'm a businessman, a conservative and a marine and i got into this race in february because i care about my state, i care to fight for the taxpayer and end the corruption down in columbia. when president trump initially endorsed my opponent that was in october and i was mow where to be found. i was running a business, so ultimately this is not a ref en end um on president trump. this is a referendum on henry mc master's failed leadership and that's why we're victorious tonight. adam: i don't want to, well october was a long time ago and monday the president was there for mr. mcmaster. sounds to me like the president 's made his decision so
4:28 pm
what this message you have, how do you convince somebody in south carolina to say you're my man? >> i mean, president trump is a loyal person. he made that decision back in october. esident trump is very popular in south carolina but ultimately what makes him so popular is that he's a conservative outsider and shaking up washington and we've got to have someone whose true conservative, who has been successful in the private sector , to go to columbia and fight for the taxpayer. governor mcmaster, he's part of the problem he's been in office 30 years he's run for office eight times statewide, and he's employed one of the biggest criminals in south carolina history with rich and quinn, so we've got to have fresh changes someone that has a fresh outlook and solutions to all of the problems because we've got a lot of problems in south carolina we're 50th in education our road s and bridges are crumbling and we're overtaxed and governor mcmaster, he doesn't have any of the solutions to solve those
4:29 pm
problems. adam: so if that message is going to resonate with the voter s in south carolina will it resonate if you win to beat the democrat and they haven't elected a democrat in your state since 1998 to be governor is that accurate? >> i believe i'm the strongest candidate to represent the republican party ultimately we're going to be successful come november, i have a track record of accomplishment and that's what's going to register with not only republicans but also independents and some of the democrats that might want to change as well. adam: john warren we wish you the best and good luck. melissa: here is another look at the markets, major averages closing slightly higher, the nasdac snapping a four day los ing streak, oil closing at a new one month high. adam: calling on peter strzok to face the american people. president trump weighing in on the disgraced fbi official's closed door hearing tomorrow, before a congressional committee over those infamous texts, why president trump says it should be broadcast to the entire world
4:30 pm
to see. melissa: plus the battle for civility why lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are saying enough is enough. martin luther king jr. is next. >> we're allowed to disagree but we should be able to do so freely and without fear of harm and this goes for all people regardless of politics. ♪ a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts on select hotels right until the day you leave. ♪ add-on advantage. discounted hotel rates when you add on to your trip. only when you book with expedia. can be a big bad problem that you could spread to.
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melissa: gop lawmaker andy biggs officially introducing a motion asking for maxine waters resignation, this after the democratic congresswoman suggested to her supporters that they forcefully confront members of the trump cabinet anywhere they might be. joining me to discuss this is al vida king author of america return to god, niece of martin luther king jr. , and a fox news contributor and the perfect voice to hear from at this moment. do you think that what she did there was dangerous or not? >> i want to say, melissa, well , hello everybody first, but ouch to congresswoman waters. you know, this is not the first time that she's done those types of things. i thought it was amazing when she said just push back, resist, confront them wherever they are and then our press secretary was kicked out of a restaurant,
4:35 pm
sarah huckabee sanders and she wasery gracious as she always is and then the congresswoman said well let me read you all the things that president trump has said that were not nice either but let me give you the difference between congresswoman waters and president trump. president trump is after results in this country, unemployment is down, abortion is being addressed with other options for families and women and mothers and babies not to have to have those abortions. the tax cuts have brought jobs back to america and so there are so many good things that are happening. president trump brings results. he's not bringing anarchy so i was very disturbed and that's why i say ouch. i can almost hear my dad reverend williams king during his lifetime say love is stronger than hate. congresswoman waters has heard this. matter luther king jr. saying i've decided to stick with love, hate is too great a burden to bear and my own grand dad, daddy
4:36 pm
king when he talked about atlanta he said we're the city too busy to hate so i wasn't brought up to hate and say things like i resist resist, just being mean to people. absolutely not. we're about results so all i could say is ouch and that we need to pray for her because that's just outrageous. melissa: one of the things that i've heard other people say to people who say, you know, don't respond in this way to people as they say that's white privilege that you have the ability to say i'm going to walk away and turn the other way and they said that about sarah sanders you have the ability to walk away because you're white. what do you think of that? >> well you've heard me talk about white privilege. it all happened at the end of world war ii when the soldiers were given $30,000 mortgages and there was a decision, senator mo nahan talked about it and said you'll have to watch this you can't give more of those $30,000 mortgages to the caucasion soldiers and then hold them back from the black soldiers so
4:37 pm
that's really what happened the african americans had less of those opportunities and that was engineered by design, but senator monahan said what that's going to do is mess up your entire society unexpected outcomes and we've seen that, so white privilege just means it was a system in place here in america that gave a step up to the caucasion community and it meant to leave the african american community behind but we're fighting and president trump is doing a good job to level this playing field because unemployment is down. employment is up for every. tax cuts are helping everybody. we're one race, one human race. we're not separate races any more, so white privilege you could walk away. well how fair is this? someone is going have a meal and you say get out because we don't agree with your president. i mean that's just not, you can not compare it to the cake baking situation. it's totally different. it's not the same thing.
4:38 pm
melissa: i mean, in terms of language what is the right response when something like this goes on? i mean, what you always say the right thing at the right time. what would you say on either side in these situations? >> well i actually pray a lot i actually started praying before i had to speak today because i was thinking about just the outrage of all of this. this nation, we have to come together. my uncle said it better than i do. he said we must learn to live together as brothers and sisters or parish together as fools. we're one human race we have to start treating each other with human kindness. we have to be after results like president trump is doing. i thought it was marvelous but i always knew his heart was going to do something about those children even when he said we have to protect our borders he was not against the immigrant children. he never was, and so he did the executive order and he put them back together with their parents but we need to do something about america's mothers in jail
4:39 pm
too. our mothers in jail right here, american women, who have been separated from their children. melissa: alveda king thank you for coming on always a voice of peace we thank you for that. >> thank you. president trump: we have the wommti laws in the history of the world. it is a hodgepodge of laws that have been put together over the years, and we have to change it. it's so simple. it's called i'm sorry, you can't come in. you have to go into our legal process. adam: president trump not backing down as lawmakers work to compromise on an immigration bill they can pull across the finish line this week. will they actually get it done? here now, fox news capitol hill senior producer and what's the betting money say about this, chad? >> well it's funny i asked someone not too long ago i said how does the whip count lock and they said it's accurate. accurate. they didn't say it was looking good. they didn't say looking bad. that probably means it's looking
4:40 pm
bad. steve scalise the majority whip and the house of representatives on the republican side he said he expected a strong vote, his word when they vote on this presumably tomorrow. he didn't say it will pass. now keep in mind here adam what they've done is added provisions to this bill. one thing on e-verify to make sure that everybody, all new employees are documented promptly when they go to ally for a job, go to work and also adding about 450,000 special visas for guest workers to work. now whether or not that closes the deal remains to be seen tomorrow adam. adam: i'm going to shift gears to the battle between devon nunes and the department of justice and releasing some of these documents about what actually was happening with the investigation by the fbi, the trump adminitration. where do we stand on that and i'm curious couldn't the president just order the fbi to release the document? >> well certainly they could and there would have to be a de classification process. you absolutely could have that happen. i asked house speaker paul ryan today how that was going and we
4:41 pm
keep hearing these rumbling behind the scenes they might be preparing some sort of a contempt of congress resolution. he says he supports any efforts maybe to do that if they don't get those documents, but the speaker was pretty optimistic they were starting to have the break and getting some of the paperwork they wanted and now it's up to them to sift through these documents that was the verb he used and it seems to be they put out the fire on that a little bit so we won't have this big thing between the house and justice department any time soon tomorrow though, peter strzok goes before the house judiciary and oversight committees for a closed-door deposition. i'm told this is going to take all day and starts at 10:00 in the morning and ends at 6:00 or 7:00 at night. adam: not only that but hasn't he said that or someone i think reported that he's actually going to testify publicly at some point in the future. is that accurate? have they set a date to that? >> bob goodlatte the chair of the judiciary committee indicated he wants to have a closed door deposition to
4:42 pm
understand the landscape and then at some point go back and have an open hearing. he said that on fox over the weekend so that won't happen before the july 4 recess but we do expect an open hearing some time in the future and that's something president trump tweet ed about over the weekend as well. adam: he wants it to be transparent but chad wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall inside that hearing room. i have a glad i'll put up to the door. melissa: breaking news more information is being revealed in last month's fatal tesla crash in fort lauderdale florida. the national transportation safety board said the vehicle was traveling 116 miles per hour and that the battery reignited twice after firefighters already extinguished the flames. two people were kil in the crash. adam: the chance to repeal the gas tax. california voters will have the chance to make their voices heard on the november ballot setting the stage for a major battle on how to save that state
4:43 pm
's crumbling infrastructure i've always looked forward to what's next.
4:44 pm
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adam: shares of sonic are sink ing after-hours down more than 6% following the release of its third quarter results the fast food chain sanctuary same-store sales declining in the quarter and they reported a weaker outlook going into the fourth quarter. melissa: california gas tax has become a thing of the past come this november hillary vaughn is live in carson, california with more. hillary? reporter: melissa california is on their way to rejecting governor jerry brown's 40% gas tax increase but its spiked prices at the pump over half a million voters signed an initiative to land this repeal measure a spot on the mid-term ballot in november. the measure if it passes could kill brown's additional $0.12 tax and also lay the ground work so no other governor can hike gas taxes without asking
4:47 pm
taxpayers first. california has the second highest gas tax in the nation, but governor brown blasted the repeal movement blaming people in washington for what's happening in his home state, saying "this flawed and dangerous measure pushed by trump's washington allies jeopardizes the safety of millions of californians by stopping local communities from fixing their crumbling roads and bridges, just say no." brown has justified this tax hike that he wrote into law last year because he says the state needs the cash to invest in their infrastructure and also get ready for the olympics in 2028 but republican gubernatorial candidate john cox gunning for brown's job in november bashed the extra tax saying "let this also be a message to every special interest in sacramento we're coming for you. you can outspend the people but you can't outvote the people because there are more of us than there are of you." now national republicans say getting this on the ballot is a big win for them and they think it's going to help them turn out
4:48 pm
a lot of voters to the polls on election day. i talked to democrats and they say they aren't worried one bit about this repeal measure being on the ballot. melissa? melissa: hillary thank you so much. adam: there is a volcano in massachusetts? according to officials, there's a mass of molten rock sitting beneath vermont, new hampshire and massachusetts but you don't have to make any plans to evacuate new england just yet. those same officials say it will likely take tens of millions of years for the mass of rock to reach the surface. melissa: right, exactly. that's the same they pay off the debt we'll be all set. adam: or you could have beach front property right? because it'll create new land. melissa: perfect. a labor battle reaches the nation's highest court the supreme court, set to make a decision any day now that could deal a major blow to unions across the country at stake. should public employees be required to pay union fees even if they're not union members? next, bruce rauner the governor
4:49 pm
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adam: another major supreme court ruling expected tomorrow, will public sector unions be allowed to continue to force non -members to pay dues? our next guest caught the ball rolling on this case, first filing suit in federal court three years ago. illinois governor bruce rauner joins us now to discuss this, and we'll get the ruling perhaps tomorrow and if this does go in your favor, what happens next? do you think that thousands upon thousands of organized members of labor unions at the public sector in illinois would dropout and not have to pay those dues? >> well, adam, if we prevail in
4:53 pm
this lawsuit tomorrow when the supreme court issues their ruling, it would be historic victory for freedom of speech, freedom of political affiliation it would also be a major victory for taxpayers who for years of struggling against the conflict of interest when government unions can help elect politicians and then turn around and negotiate unaffordable contracts with them. adam: let's look at some of the numbers. the private sector we've seen the labor force at least that is part of an organized union, drop down to 6.5% in the private sector but in the public sector it's 34.4%. the supreme court didn't they years and years ago it ruled that you could charge these dues to non-members so what the forces in the case now are asking is a complete reversal of a previous supreme court ruling is that accurate? >> that's accurate and really the argument is that every activity of a government union by its very nature is political. bargaining, negotiating, advocating, supporting
4:54 pm
politicians 100% political and therefore any forced union dues payments are violation of free political speech and political affiliation. adam: and we should point out they're not supposed to use the money ty collect from the people who are not members for political purposes, but of course money, i mean it's all fungible right? >> all their activity is political at its very essence. adam: how does the union's power to endorse a candidate, get someone into office, play into the unfunded pension liability that your state faces because it is huge, or among forgive me, the worst in the country. >> that's right. well, illinois has suffered as many states, new jersey, connecticut, new york, california, others, unlimited government union power, to use their influence to elect politicians, get them in office, and then turn around and negotiate with them the very people that they supported. it's a conflict of interest. the politicians can't represent taxpayers fully, independently
4:55 pm
and fairly and that system has got to change. adam: i'm going to switch gears very quickly because we also have the historic upholding of the president's immigration travel ban today and i'm curious in illinois, a lot has been made of this, the muslim population in illinois is between 1-2% that was one of the issues in this travel ban, but illinois is also a state that has a lot of immigrants who settle in the united states. what do you think going forward with this? >> yes, it's very important issue. here is the trade-off we've got to deal with. first, there are radical islamic terrorists who are bent on harming, killing innocent americans and we've got to do everything we can to protect american lives. critical number one priority, but it's also the case that those radical islamics are a tiny fraction of the muslim community in america around the world and to take action that discriminates against muslims broadly is unamerican and
4:56 pm
unconstitutional, so that's the balance we've got to find and hopefully we can find a way to keep amerie and f against terrorists while upholding constitutional protection of freedom of religion. adam: the illinois governor rauner thank you for joining us today. >> great to be with you thank you. melissa: barbie the iconic doll is adding a new career to her resume. >> ♪ ♪ .
4:57 pm
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when it comes to travel, i sweat the details. late checkout... ...down-alternative pillows... ...and of course, price. tripadvisor helps you book a... ...hotel without breaking a sweat. because we now instantly... over 200 booking sites find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. don't sweat your booking. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. . >> barbie's got a brand-new career, and it's robotics engineer. she's here to encourage young girls to interested in s.t.e.m., science, technology, engineering and math. currently 24% of s.t.e.m. jobs are held by women. they all wear jean jackets if you are into s.t.e.m. >> mattel is partnering with a
5:00 pm
game based platform to teach girls the building blocks of coding. barbie racked up two million careers from past stuff. that math is tough. remember that? >> looks like fun. "the evening edit" starts right now. >> today's supreme court ruling just coming out a tremendous, is a tremendous victory for the american people and for our constitution. this is a great victory for our constitution. >> a big win, a big victory for president trump, the supreme court ruling 5-4 in favor of the president's travel ban on seven countries, including venezuela and north korea. and california democratic representative maxine waters is trickling down make no apologies for her calls to confront team trump, instead pinning the blame on


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