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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 27, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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he didn't say i don't like him. he's talking about aggressive behavior. lou: there was not a single message that suggested this man had any interest in lisa page whatsoever. the most of bizarre affair ever. these are two barn burners. these two, i can't imagine they have a great deal of -- well, whatever. >> these people across the country like, even washington romances are lame. this is horrific. peter strzok got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. everyone knows he was eating the cookies. he was trying to rationalize it away. and suggest he didn't have any bias in the way he conducted himself. these lawmakers should not let him squirm. his bias was explicit, overt and disgusting. it involved all the top
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investigations in politics you and i are aware of up to and including the interview of mike flynn. all of it, peter strzok was involved in. there should be a hard look at him and what his future is. lou: we are talking about 7 people at the top of the fbi reassigned or fired or retired. it's never as jim jordan pointed out, that has never happened in the history of federal agencies and departments to see that happen in the fbi is astounding. no one -- people are trying to normalize this. they are trying to suggest it's just another day in washington, d.c. >> it's law enforcement. it's justice. these people are supposed to apply the law. they are not supposed to intentionally gear an investigation towards an outcome. that is not what we are looking for flp they are suppose to be
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truth finders. that's it. lou: what is the truth in washington, d.c., vince? you watch paul ryan work out a vote to take a vote on immigration legislation that he called compromised. this speaker went down in flames. and why in the world is the republican conference tolerating his leadership? they should be running from this guy as fast as they can because they are going to go down in names with him as their speaker going into the mid-terms. >> if the point is to have conservative immigration legislation web's on his way out. republicans voters especially care sincerely about legislation. you can't pass own amnesty. if you have think amnesty for
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dreamers is a useful piece of legislation. this bill got nowhere near doing that. e-verify wasn't even included in it. lou: most of of the people voting didn't know if e-verify was in it or not. it's amazing. >> if the lawmakers don't know that, what good is it to the american public. remember when the congress said we would have 24-48 hours to examine a bill? that isn't happening. we have been fooled on that's times before and it never goes well. lou: we were told that we need to start with the conservative bill. obviously contemplating perhaps inspecting another run at an immigration bill in this congress. which would be suicidal for
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republicans. and yet that's the way they are thinking. i think they have gotten ahold of some very some sort of strange elixir because they are beginning to act politically suicidal. >> they knew they didn't have the support, but they tried to push something through, no one knew what was in the bill. there is no compromise, no discussion. i don't known national security. we are trying to work together. lou: they want him to say, okay, if you give us amnesty we'll let you build a wall if you are a good boy. maybe a decade or two down the road which means no wall. yet no one * will come back and say straight up. we are going to this and we learned our lesson from 1986 and 1996. from 2006. we are not going to move forward
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until the wall is damn well build and that border camn well secured and -- the border damn well secured and then we'll talk to you depending on the debate and our knowledge reveals to us in regular order of the congress of the united states. >> for all the reasons you just enumerated, that's why they should focus on security first. have the conversation about what to do with the people already here as a secondary discussion. on the thing that happens in the end is amnesty. and national security plays second fiddle and in some cases doesn't happen. lou: as the president said, not on my watch will their safety be compromised.
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that has been his mantra throughout. make america safe again. it can't happen by doing what is contemplated by both parties and all of the donor class. that is to hell with the working people in this country. to hell with the middle class who watched their wages for 20 years remain stagnant and decline and not reverse that trend until the election of president trump. that is a promise building the wall, securing the border, making america safe and strong and wealthy and prosperous. that's a promise he's delivering on. it would be insane for the republican conference and house of representatives to in any way let any distance develop between themselves and the agenda of donald trump. don't you agree? >> i do agree. he's coming through with all his promises. the repay thization of money.
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the tax incentives. he's does that to make this country economically sound so people have higher wages. so people can buy homes. this is a very sound economic policy. this is not some willy-nilly decision. he's the president. he's the commander-in-chief. he sets the standard. let's all work together and try to make things happen in a positive way for the country. lou: i think that's where the president has us going. it was an impossible moment to conjure up before november 6 of 2016. the idea that the country would be so prosperous and the country would be on so many front, domestic, foreign policy, economic, trade. this president has the country moving again and thinking positively. confidently. we have witnesses already the
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turnaround of america. >> despite this framing it hear from maxine waters and other cable networks. a lot of americans are moving in the president's direction. his approval rating is at the highest it's been of his presidency. the generic ballot shows he's well in striking distance of democrats. he's doing well and the numbers are showing it. lou: he's doing well with all the people he's rallying with across the country. he has won i believe over 70% in north dakota in 2016. i said 95, but i was just joke. the up in was closer to 75%. still a heck of a showing. i can't wait to see how the president addresses all of the good news that he's gotten over the course of the last two days
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in west columbia, south carolina. tonight, fargo, north dakota *. the president of the united states, president trump. [♪] ♪ i'm proud to be an american
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where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died to give that right to me ♪ ♪ i will proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the u.s.a. [crowd chants "usa"]
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[cheers and applause] president trump: hello, fargo, we love, fargo. what a place. what a place. thank you very much. this an honor. you know, i wish we could have had this stage back 100 yard. this place is packed. the only thing more packed is outside trying to get in. it's been a hard time. they can't get in. we had the chance for a 24,000 seat arena and we should have taken it. the problem is if we had two empty seats and didn't quite get there which will always happen, they will say he didn't fill up the arena. he didn't fill it up.
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[crowd booing] president trump: he didn't fill the arena of 24,000 seats. we would have filled it up in retrospect. but that's okay. thank you very much. i am thrilled to be near the great state of north dakota with so many hard-working american patriots. [cheers and applause] and i want to congratulate -- we want to do this. you know what i'm going to say. i want to congratulate the north dakota state bisons. i shouldn't tell you this. i shouldn't tell you this. but when i was coming out, they were talking about by on.
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i said i thought it was an s. they said it is but it's pronounced bison. that is some great national championship team. that's a great group of winners. winners. we are honored to be joined by many of your wonderful north dakota leaders. your governor and a great guy and his wife. where are you, governor? thank you, governor. your former governor, ed schaeffer. nice guy. a friend of mine who employs a lot of people, a very successful
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guy, he puts a straw in the ground and oil comes out. these big companies go out and spend billions looking for oil and don't find anything. harold hamm. where is harold? where is harold? if i ever want to find oil, i'm going to call harold. here's the straw, harold. north dakota republican party chairman, rick berg. a man who is so incredibly helpful to me and to you, and to everybody, a special person who works so hard. i call him all action, no talk. don't we like that?
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all action. senator john hoven, he's fantastic. and i also want to thank kelly arm strong who is running for congress. she is going to win. kelly, thank you very much. thank you. we also have a couple of big supporters. have you ever seen this guy with the pillows on fox? my pillow guy, mike lindell. where is mike? you know what? i think he gets them for like
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peanuts. he does make a great product. great pillows. i actually use them, believe it or not. but he has been a supporter from day one. i said i want you to be my ad buyer because he makes great deals. i asked him, will you be my ad buyer? the my pillow guy. he has been with us right from the beginning, along with a lot of other folks actually. we had a great journey together and are making progress like nobody thought possible. finally, the person we are all here tonight to support, a special person, an incredible person, the next united states senator from the great state of north dakota * kevin kramer.
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kevin, come out. [cheers and applause] good guy. >> thank you, thank you, mr. president. all i can say is, mr. president, on behalf all of the thousands of people in this arena, and the tens of thousands outside of this arena who live in fly-over country, thank you for not forgetting us. [cheers and applause]
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for all the farms and manufacturers and the families and the energy workers. thank you for rolling back all of those regulations so they cannot only keep their jobs but create more jobs. [cheers and applause] >> and, mr. president, on behalf of the middle class working families represented in this room and throughout the heartland. thank you for cutting their taxes so they can keep more of their hard-earned money right here. [cheers and applause] and, mr. president, on behalf of the most of vulnerable, forgotten people, the unborn babies. thank you for standing for life. thank you. [cheers and applause]
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on these very important north dakota values, you never have to wonder where i will be. because i will always be with them and with you. 100% of the time. thank you, god bless you, welcome to north dakota [crowd chants "usa"] president trump: i have got to tell you, that's pretty good. he did good. he loves you, i'll tell you that. he loves this state. loves the people. and we need kevin cramer to
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replace liberal democrat heidi heitkamp. when heidi ran for office she promised to be an independent vote for the people of north dakota. instead she went to washington and immediately joined chuck -- you know who chuck is -- and nancy. and now they have a new leader. who is the new leader? maxine waters is their new leader. maxine waters. taking over. they say trump -- i never believed i was take over the republican party. they say that to cause problems. but maxine waters is taking over the democrat party. heidi voted no on the obamacare
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repeal. by the way, it was done. it was done. unfortunately she wouldn't vote. and another person didn't votes. we had it done. another person campaigned for 8 years, wee repeal and replace. and we were surprised when the thumb went down. but we are doing well. you see what's happening. we are coming up with incredible plans. we have gotten rid of the individual mandate which is terrible. it's been gutted. but remember this. individual mandate, where you have the privilege of paying a lot of money for the second privilege of not having to pay for not getting healthcare. what kind of a deal is that? so you pay in order to not have to pay because you don't want the healthcare because it was no good anyway. we have through our secretary of labor, alex acosta, we came out
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with the association plan which is phenomenal. millions of people are signing up. we are coming out with another plan with alex azar. we are coming out with that plan two weeks. we are coming out with so many healthcare plans that are so much better than anything you have seen before. and obamacare is essentially dead. [cheers and applause] i would have been happier with a nice yes vote instead of a no vote. but we are doing great, and ploib we wouldn't have come up with these two other plans -- it's actually three other plans. sometimes you work under pressure and you do better. most of of the people in this room under pressure you end up doing better. we want to know those people.
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heidi voted no on our massive tax cuts for north dakota families. she voted no. not one democrat voted to cut your taxes. and the other day, nancy pelosi said we have to raise your taxes. what's that all about? she wants to raise your taxes. heidi voted no on legislation to stop late-term abortions. [crowd booing] president trump: heidi voted in favor of the dangerous more icial sanctuary city -- -- dangerous sanctuary cities. you need to senator who doesn't just talk like they are from north dakota, but votes like they are from north dakota. that's what you need, and that
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is kevin brady. so a vote for any democrat in november is a vote for schumer, pelosi and maxine. maxine. she is a beauty. she practically was telling people other day to assault -- can you imagine if i said the things she said? we demand that he immediately drop out of the race. can you imagine seriously if i said that or if somebody else said that? horrible what she said. now they want to censure her. let's see where that goes, folks. her own party was talking about censure. let's see where that goes. heidi was also against us from the very beginning of the travel ban, a common sense policy to
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improve our vetting and our national security, and i'm proud to report that just yesterday the supreme court upheld the travel ban and our authority to keep america safe! [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "usa] president trump: by the way, by the way, a lot of media back here. [crowd booing] president trump: if crooked hillary would have won this election and if she came here which is a zero percent chance. she would have 200 people in a
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conference room in a small hotel. the saddest thing, we, i, were making them rich. they never had ratings like this. when the nfl is down 20%. it's the flag but it's also because everyone is watching us on the different cable networks. because frankly they find this more exciting than the nfl and a hell of a lot more dangerous, right? and is there any better place to be on a nice beautiful evening in north dakota than at a trump rally, right? we are having a good time. and i wish those cameras would circle the room to see how many
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thousands of people are here. because you know, on the screen i looked and all you see are the few beautiful wfl people. you have a nice group or there. they are going done so famous. but that's all you see on camera. would you please circle the room for the few honest -- [cheers and applause] president trump: i just looked at the screen and said to my
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people, how many people are here? they said 6,000 in the arena but we'll have to walk 15,000 or 18,000 people who couldn't get in. i said you have got to be kidding. because of the screen it looks like there is 30 people. what the hell is this? the late great cecil b. demille would not have set it up this way. the travel ban ruling underscores how critical it is to confirm judges who will support our constitution. our great, great constitution. justice anthony kennedy, a very special guy, also just announced a little while ago his retirement from the united states supreme court.
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great man. and i'm very honored that he chose to do it during my term in office because he felt confident in me to make the right choice and carry on his great legacy. that's why he did it. [cheers and applause] and i would like to take a moment to show our great appreciation for justice ken difficulties lifetime of distinguished service, terrific man. service to our nation. and to the cause of liberty, we were thrilled to appoint one of the kennedy's former clerks to the supreme court, did you ever hear of justice knee just -- dir hear of justice neil gorsuch?
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he's doing great. he's a star. justice kennedy is a star and we appreciate it. we have to take our hats off to justice kennedy. thank you very much. remember this. we have to pick a great one. we have to pick one that will be there for 40 years, 45 years. we need intellect. we need so many things. there are so many elements that go into the making of a great justice of the supreme court. you have got to hit every one of them. heidi will vote no to any pick we make to the supreme court. she'll be told to do so. maybe because of this she'll be forced to vote yes. but i will tell you she'll vote no the day after the election on everything. justice ken dips retirement makes the issue of senate
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control one of the vital issues of our time. the most of important thing we can do. democrats want judges who will rewrite the constitution any way they want to do it, and take away your second amendment, erase your borders. throw open the jailhouse doors and destroy your freedoms. we must elect more republicans. we have to do that. [cheers and applause] and the problem is in the senate, we have 51. we don't have enough. we lose one. if somebody gets a bad cold. limits assume they come in for a cold. limits aassignment's worse than that. it's d let's assume it's worse than that. we need more republicans in the senate. we need to hold the house and
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maybe increase it. i think we can do it. they keep talking about this blue wave. their blue wave is sputtering. the red wave is happening. look what happened last night. [cheers and applause] famous people. they will be so famous tomorrow. you were in that little group of people behind the president. they will be famous people. you have a better location. but they will be famous. republicans want strong borders and no crime. very simple. not complex. democrats want open borders and crime crime crime happens automatically when you have those open borders. the democrats want to let the country be overrun. just take a look at what's going on. everybody comes in including the
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vile gang ms-13 which nancy pelosi has gone out and wants to protect. okay? we don't want to protect them. two weeks ago you remember that. republicans love our military, they love our vets. and our police. the democrats are always fighting against funding for the military. and funding the law enforcement. figure that one out. democrats are now launching vicious smears against our incredible i.c.e. officers and our border patrol agents. er single day the men -- every single day the men and women of ice and the cbc work long hours in the worst conditions you can imagine to defend our families and defend our borders and our
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communities and to defend us. [cheers and applause] and i'll tell you what, you know, far fewer people are coming through as much as i complain. coming through our southern border. and now it's getting worse because we have so much opportunity here. we have done so well, and we want people to come into our country. but we want them to come into our country based on merit. merit. not picked out of a jar. and we are sending ms-13 out by the thousands. by the thousands. we are liberating towns in long island. we are sending ms-13 out. you know our i.c.e. officers are tough. i have got to say it. it's not nice. but they are mean. but they have heart. but they go into these towns in long island.
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i grew up right next to long island. these are towns i have known all my life. they are being liberated like a foreign power has taken over the town. our i.c.e. goes in there and grab them by the neck, we throw them in the paddy wagon and we get them the hell out of our country. [cheers and applause] and the democrats are constantly complaining that we are too rough on i.c.e. do you believe it? you see what they are doing? do you see what they are doing? they don't need guns. they like knives because knife are much more painful. they cut people up in small pieces. beautiful young women walking home from school. and the democrats complain that we are treating them too rough. we are getting them the hell out, as i said, by the
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thousands. [cheers and applause] just days ago a brave border agent was shot multiple times while protecting our border. every day border agents are keeping drugs, crime and gangs from entering our country. we are going to get that wall built. we already started it. $1.6 billion. we are getting the wall built. [crowd chants "build that wall"] president trump: it's already begun and it's beautiful. i'll tell you what, they may not want to talk about it in california, but those people in
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san diego are very happy with donald trump. i'm building that wall and they are so happy. they are so happy. in recent days we have heard of shameless attacks on these courageous law enforcement officers. extremists, democrat politicians have called for the complete elimination of i.c.e. we don't want i.c.e. anymore. you know what would happen to parts of our country? it would be overrun with the worst criminal elements you have ever seen. left-wing activists are trying to block i.c.e. officers from doing their jobs and publicly posting their home addresses, putting these incredible people and their families in harm's way. [crowd booing] >> these radical democrat
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protesters, they really want anarchy. but the only response they will find from our government is very strong law and order. we'll not tolerate attacks on our law enforcement. we'll protect our law enforcement like they protect us. we'll always stand proudly with our brave heroes of i.c.e. the border patrol, the sheriffs. the police. yes, the firemen. the firemen sometimes are under attack, if you can believe it. the firemen. these are great people. and we have their backs. [cheers and applause] thanks to republican leadership, america is winning again, and america is being respected again
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all over the world. we are respected again. [cheers and applause] all over the world we are respected again. you know all those red hats and the white hats. make america great again. right? make america great again. and that's what we are doing. and what are we going to say in 2 1/2 years for the next campaign? it's called keep america great exclamation point. keep america great! we gained $7 trillion in value. trillion with a "t."
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trillion. i have wealthy friends like harold ham. they don't even know what a trillion represents. i say harold, how many billions are in a trillion? and i'm not sure harold could answer that. but i'll tell you what. we gained tremendous worth. economic worth. more important worth. we are respected again. we are putting america first. we are making great trade deals. $7 trillion. think of what that is. people don't realize this. we'll get along with china. we are going to get along with the european union which has barriers from our farmers and people selling products into the european union. last year with the european
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union, we love the countries of the european union. but the european union was set up to take advantage of the united states to attack our piggy bank. you know what? we can't let that happen. last year with the european union we lost $151 billion on trade. we had a trade deficit of $151 billion because they send the mercedes in, they send the bmws in, we send things to them, they say no, thank you. we don't take your product. that's not the way it works. for all those free traders out there, that's not free trade. that's stupid trade. [cheers and applause] so i said to them, as the great harold hamm would say, to him it's a natural thing. i know some of the people, they are great business people. i said simply, look, if you treat us that way and don't take
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down your barriers. they call them non-monetary barriers. they are barriers. just like charging a big tariff. they charge us many times tariffs. if we send them a car they don't want, on the assumption it got through. they charge us many, many times what we charge them. i said look, if you are not going to treat us fairly. if you are not going to treat our workers, companies, our farmers fairly. if you aren't going to tack our farm product like we take your farm product, we'll tax those beautiful mercedes-benzs and bming ws that are coming in. and we are already taxing through tariffs their steel and aluminum. do you see what's happening with our steel industry in the last
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four months? it's booking again, folks. it's -- it's booming again, folks. it's booming. united states steel is opening up six plants through expansion and new. i was in south carolina the other night whereby the way a great candidate won very easily. our track record is extraordinarily good. that's why i'm here, for kevin, that's why i'm here. but they just announced today i get there, they have a steel company called georgetown. it's been closed for four years. they announced the day before i got to south carolina that georgetown steel is reopening and hiring 600 people. not so complicated. we put tariffs on solar panels because china was flooding the
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market and it wasn't good stuff. we have 32 plants. two are open and they were barely breathing. they were in mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. we put a 30% tax on solar panels coming into the united states. now these two plants are doing great and they are talking about opening at least 10, 11 or 12. and they will probably have them all open very soon. it's a lot of jobs. say thing with watching machines. sound sort of tacky, washing machines. they were dumping different countries, i don't even want to tell you this country, because i like this country. sometimes our worst enemies are our so-called friend or allies. but they were dumping washing machines. now we are making washing
11:45 pm
machines in your country. what else are we doing? we are creating jobs, number one, and we are taking in billions and billions of dollars into our coffers. there was a time of -- there was a type when we had tariffs -- there was a time when we had tariffs because you had presidents like mckinley and roosevelt and others. roosevelt one. who liked the idea of foreign countries when they come in and want to take our wealth. they have to pay for it. on top of everything else. they take our wealth and we protect them with our military. we protect everybody. so we get iter which way. so -- we get it every which way. we want to tell those people, we created a lot of jobs. and we are taking in billions --
11:46 pm
look at the steel. we have a 25% tariff. we are taking in billions of dollars, creating jobs. even if it isn't perfect, we need a steel industry. we won't have steel plants. if something ever happened. you know what i'm talking about, and we needed steel to make that something, we wouldn't be able to make steel. we need -- there are some industries, steel and aluminum, we have got to have it. so we have jobs, we have a vibrant industry. the head of united states steel told me the other day. he said mr. president, i would like to thank you. we haven't opened up a new plant in 32 years. now we are opening up seven of them. six of them extensions. we'll build a new one. and that's just one company.
11:47 pm
the hear take foundation report -- the heritage foundation reported in the first 500 days of our presidency. it's not my presidency. you are the one that did it. you are the one that did it. although i have been a good student. i'd told john and i told the whole group. we had a group of politicians, and some of them have been congressmen for 25-30 years. and they are asking me questions about politics. i said i have only been doing this for 2 1/2 years. don't ask me a question like that. but we have been good students. haven't we? but the heritage foundation came out with a report, and this was as of two months ago. we already implemented 64% of our top agenda items and that's at a much faster pace than even
11:48 pm
ronald reagan. that's pretty good. right? and you don't hear this from the fake news. we created 3.4 million new jobs since election day. 3.4. [cheers and applause] unemployment -- think of this one. unemployment claims are at a 45-year low, and it's going to 63, i believe probably next month. african-american unemployment is at its lowest level in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] hispanic american you be employment also is at the lowest point in the history of our country. unemployment among women, women,
11:49 pm
remember we were going to do so poorly with women. look at all the womb he here tonight. women for trump. -- look at all the women here tonight. women for trump. they never take those cameras off my face. look at the women. we did great with the women. i wouldn't be standing here. my wife told me, you will do great with the women. it's hard to believe it with the kind of press we get. but they are so smart. and when they hear those numbers they are happy. when you hear the numbers -- i used to read the horrible statistics on crime and
11:50 pm
education and how badly people are being fleet hispanic communities -- -- are being treated in hispanic communities and african-american communities. you have been voting for democrats for hundreds of years. great guy. look at my friend right there. thank you. you have had these horrible, horrible statistics for years on crime and the educational abuse. all of the things. and i went in and i'm reading point after point, and i looked out at the audience. for 100 years, the democrats thought they had automatic votes. i said to them, what the hell do you have to lose. vote fear me. what do -- vote for me.
11:51 pm
what do you have to lose? i came off the stage, i'll never forget it. i just said it. i didn't care. i came off the stage and my political people said that's a horrible thing. when you say what the hell do you have to lose. i said it's true. what the hell do you have to lose? i just said african-american unemployment is at the lowest level in history. very, very true. thank you. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. so we keep going, and we keep driving, and when it's all over. nobody has done the job we have all done. wages are rising. for those of you that were with the campaign which i think was probably 130% of you.
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you would hear me talking about wages. where a person would have a job 21 years ago, 19 years ago from two years when we were doing the campaign. and they made more money 19 years ago relatively speaking by far than they made two years ago and one year ago. the wages were going along, one job, and now they have two and three jobs. they would be work much harder and making much less money. and now for the first time in 22 years, wages are rising again. [cheers and applause] even more importantly than that. you have a choice of jobs. it's like the va. we approved choice. they have been trying to do it for 45 years.
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choice. you have choice in a job. but the vets -- you have great vets in north dakota. vets, vets. [cheers and applause] so remember i used to say about the vets. and i wasn't a great student of the vets. but i would read where the vets would be line for 13 days, 18 days, three weeks, seven days. and they wouldn't be in bad shape when they start off. and sometimes it would take so long before seeing a doctor that they would be terminally ill. things that could have been taken care of. i thought it was the most of brilliant policy i ever heard. why don't they just go to a doctor local who is looking for the business. we'll specify certain great doctors.
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be taken care of and we'll pay the bill and it will be much less expensive and you will be all set, right? [cheers and applause] and i thought that was so brilliant. i said i am so smart. i am the smartest person. my uncle was a great professor at m.i.t. for 40 years. i said but i'm smarter than you. i'm smarter than anybody. i came in and i said that to a group of people that are professionals and have been working with the vets for a long time. they said we know about that. we have been trying to get approved for 30 years but we couldn't get it approved. but we got it done, i signed it. i was good at getting it done. we got it done.
11:55 pm
they have been trying to get it done for 40 years. i was so disappointed. i thought it was my idea. and you know, we have another thing. accountability. the va, there is no accountability. would you have people that were protected whether it was civil service unions. they were protected. you couldn't fire them. they could be sadists, sick people. we had a lot of bad people. and people who didn't work hard. than was no accountability. for 40 years they tried to get the va accountability act passed. i got it passed. now, you look at the guy hat did it and you say jim smith, you have done a hell of a lousy job, you are late and you don't treat our vets right. jim, i'm sorry, you are fired. get out of here. right?
11:56 pm
right? you are fired! [crowd chants "usa"] >> the accountability was a couple months ago, and john helped so much, john helped so much. he was a leader. he was a leader on both. and everybody said you couldn't get accountability done. i said why? too much power, too many unions, too many people who don't want it done. there were people in arizona who robbed $300,000. they couldn't fire the people. so now you have accountability is done. and i think even more important -- i'm not sure. even more important, va choice. so now, you go, see a doctor when you have to wait in line,
11:57 pm
okay? optimism. among america's great manufacturers has hit 95%. the highest number by far in the history of the survey which is a very old survey. we have eliminated record numbers of job-killing regulations. i think maybe as important as the tax cuts are the regulations. our country was choking. and let me tell you, if our opponent, our wonderful opponent -- when is she going to get over it? when does she get over it?
11:58 pm
[crowd chants "lock her up"] >> when do they get over it? it is pretty amazing. point after point, guilty, guilty, guilty. oh, she is okay. then they go after us for a russian hoax. it's a witch hunt hoax. when you talk about a double standard. and nobody even looks at her. nobody even looks. i don't think unless we are going to be surprised some day. we'll see how that works out. but i'll tell you what, what's happened is somewhat of a miracle. we weren't expected to win. butter time we would go out we would have crowds like there is.
11:59 pm
i think wisconsin was 1952, dwight eisenhower and we won wisconsin. [cheers and applause] and wisconsin, i went there and said, i think we people said to me, well sir it won't happen. i said why? look at the crowds. look at the signs outside of the house. i heard and maybe it's not so that president bill clinton went back and he went through michigan and he said you better get some people out to michigan because this is a trump pen to on every house. they said oh no our statistics show that michigan cannot be won by the republicans. let me tell you what is happening. car plants are moving into michigan. jobs are moving into michigan. michigan is very happy with your president. [cheers and applause]
12:00 am
they should have listened to bill clinton. we just had our highest poll numbers and i watched them back there and they'll be talking. you saw the polls. i don't know this is true. a year and a half ago they said i was an interloper. how bad is back? an interloper and now they say you will admit a couple of polls of number polls shows he's the most powerful most popular republican in the history of the party. a little while ago i was an interloper. [cheers and applause] they came out more


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