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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 30, 2018 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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concludes. gets my full interview with president trump's sunday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern on the "fox news" channel. sunday morning features 10:00 a.m. eastern and on the fox business network on mornings with mario 69:00 a.m. eastern elections. charles: here's lou. lou: our top stories, president trump says he'll announce his supreme court justice nomination in just 11 days. the president vowing to make a conservative choice, a person who will protect and uphold the constitution and american values. we'll be taking up the possible choices tonight. jonathan turley joining us. also, peter strzok, the rogue fbi agent who plotted to quote stop president trump's presidential campaign claims congressional republicans are out to get him. congressman ron desantis is with
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us tonight. we'll talk about the outrageous claims of the left state. and the latest battle cry calls for abolishment of immigration enforcement and i.c.e. to leave our borders open to ms-13, the drug cartels in mexico'. the president moving to announce the choice to replace justice kennedy. president trump announced emannounce his choice on july 9. the president to make this decision in only 11 days. he plans too make it announcement at the bed
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minister, new jersey, golf club. they include federal district and circuit court judges, state' supreme court justices and a'' members of the federalist society and heritage foundation. >> are you going to ask your nominees beforehand how they might vote on roe versus wade? president trump that's a big one and probably. they are all saying don't do that. and you shouldn't do that. but i'm putting conservative people on. i'm proud of neil gorsuch. his opinions are so well written and so brilliant. i'm going to try and do something like that. but i don't think i will be so
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specific. lou: our first guest will talk about the impact of presidential choice in appointing a constitutional conservative on the supreme court. congressman ron desantis. also republican candidate for governor of florida, i'm going to start with the role of the candidate here. you have got a lot -- you have got many duties now. last night in a debate with your opponent in florida. you have been running behind in the most of recent polls. do you believe last night you brought yourself even or perhaps ahead of your opponent? >> well, lou, we defined the race. i'm a conservative iraq veteran endorsed by president trump. he's a career politician who has been in office since he was 22 years old. he supported bailouts for wall
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street, he supported the gang of 8 schumer amnesty and he opposed' e-verify because he wants cheap labor for his donors. lou: that election very important and a choice that's clearly defined as you said it. it will be interesting to see how the people of florida respond. what do you see as the most of important issue in the decision of those voters as they go to the polls? >> for the primary, they want somebody who is going to lead with purpose and conviction. they don't want a career politician who was cursing donald trump during the campaign. my opponent even when trump fired comey, i was out there defending the decision because i knew comey should have been fired the day it happened.
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he said trump's decision was curious and comey needed to come in and testify against trump. this is not somebody who stood with the president or demonstrated leadership. people look at me, not on do i have a vision for florida's future by make our courts bert and expanding our economic base and expanding education. but i have the leadership ability to get it done. lou: there isn't any part of the principal issues facing government throughout haven't been involved in. let's turn to the announcement by anthony kennedy of his resignation the end of next month. the president will make this choice july 9, the first monday after the july 4 independence day holiday. your thoughts about moving this quickly and what the influence and impact will be of all of
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this. >> i think it's huge. i think president trump kept his word. he said he would appoint constitutionalists to the supreme court and coast appeals. i think that that candidate will be confirmed. once you have that confirmation of a new constitutional conservative on the court, we'll be able to say on the less than two years as president, donald trump has done beater job of appointing judges on the supreme court and courts of appeal than any republican president in modern times. lou: i think we can add to that, he has an unprecedented record for any president under two years in office for his achievements, his accomplishments, his successes. and if you name it whether it be economic policy, domestic policy, international trade,
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north korea. the list goes on and on. you had to get the tax cuts and deregulation. but the man has shown such positive leadership, he literally can be credit kitted with turning america around in his short time in office. >> he had to do that's as you were mentioning in your open having to deal with the fallout of people like peter strzok and misconduct. that hovered over his presidency for the first half of his first year. as guys like me started digging in, it became apparent to the american people some time ago this was politically motivated by the anti-trump bypass by james comey and lisa page. and mccabe who doesn't tell the truth. think of those achievements having to deal with that that he
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should never had to deal with. lou: true. and going to the leadership of the house and senate. they have been absent in the midst of important issues. you and others, jim jordan, mark meadows, matt gaetz, on the ishes in the house of representatives, and devin anyone's. if you hadn't stood up, it would -- devin nunes. if you hadn't stoop up it would -- stood up it would have been a different outcome. let's turn to the director of the fbi, the deputy attorney general. this is appalling stuff. even as devin nunes has threatened, and others have threatened them with contempt and ultimately impeachment,
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there is nothing happening. there is a threat and avoidance of the deadline, ignoring the deadline of those under the oversight of congress, and then there is another period. i guess the question becomes do you believe the leadership right down -- the republican leadership in congress really means it this time? >> lou, if history is any guide, don't hold your breath. what have they been doing the last two weeks when this all coming to a head. they were trying to pass an amnesty bill in the house. they put an amnesty bill on the floor wednesday. it got 120 votes. goodlatte's bill got 193 votes. it was just a total failure. if they put as much effort into
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getting compliance with rosenstein as they did in the amnesty fight. then we would have the documents by now. that's why i think as we look forward, if jim jordan is going to run for speaker of the house. one thing i can tell you about jim, he would get the documents tomorrow, i can guarantee it. lou: someone needs to awaken the conference. and i know you all have been working hard. but i have never seen a more laggard, lazy group of people than the leadership in the house of representatives. the fact of the matter is they deserve the accolades i'm covering out for their progress and success. it's been abysmal. the best thing the republicans have going for them are the democrats who are awful. today talking about abolishing immigration and customs enforcement. what's next?
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local police departments? i don't understand how any republican could fail to win against a group of democrats. >> i think we have a great shot to win the house and keep seats in the senate. but when you look at what's happening with the left, they are completely unhinged right now. somebody like maxine waters with her lunatic rantings and ravings. shes going on -- she's going on dangerous territory. i was at the congressional baseball practice when james hodgkins showed up that day. he was shooting at a lot of our guys. he was a rabid bernie anti-trump msnbc leftist. maxine waters needs to be held to account for that. lou: congressman ron desantis. >> thanks, lou.
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the automated investing solution that lets you focus on your life. lou: former president trump and crooked hillary are searching for ways to gin up their democratic base before the hid terms. hillary calling for strength and resolve to resist the trump administration in a new administration where she didn't criticize the violent tactics of left-wing activists. barack obama telling a gruch donors they should be concerned about president trump. i don't thin -- joining us, the, fox business political analyst
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savant a portfolio without limitation. edreport amazing thing about him going out and campaigning, no president has had a worse two mid-terms in a row. the damage he did to his party during his presidency was enormous. lou: they lost 1,000 seats. ed: they lost the senate and the house. i don't know what magic formula he has. there are li -- there are libers in beverly hills who want to plunk down money to get a picture with him. but there isn't much he can do to help them make their case. lou: he's all they got. do you want to put keith ellison or tom perez or elizabeth
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warren? ed: they could have picked new leadership, younger leadership? i'm glad they didn't. now the message they are pushing is becoming more absurd by the day. i.c.e. picked up over 5,000 criminals that were gang members last year, and 29,000 criminals in the country. lou: not to mention the number of criminal aliens they released into our society under president obama. they are talking about open borders and ignoring the laws of this country and the consequences falling on everyday citizens. all of us deplorables in this country. the left has a lousy argument. i want to get your thoughts on this. this is what republicans will be arguing. particularly this president and those who are supporting him and republican party on capitol hill
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within the house or senate if they are wise. let's take a look at unemployment under president trump and see where that is. it's 3.8%. i'm going to just -- there it is. 3.8%. black unemployment under president trump, 5.%. women under trump, 3.3%. jobs created under trump, over 3 million as we know. he will have by the mid terms successfully moved this appointment into the second seat on the supreme court. how in the world can anyone take seriously the left talking about abolishing ice. they are a disaster, coming off 8 years of disaster under obama. and this president has real marked achievements. by the way. he has as he points out, kept
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his promises. ed: he rebuilt the military. he's working hard to get the congress to be fiscally conservative. my sense is even the most of diehard anti-trump people which there are many starting to say it's a good accomplishment that he's done in a short period of time. >> they are figuring out all said and done. let me repeat this again for the republicans who can't quite grasp this. this is the best performance by a president in modern american history period. it may be in point of fact american history. ed: i never thought the unemployment numbers would get to that point again. anyone who wants a job can get a job and do well it's particularly good for young people. lou: celebration at the white
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house today, six months after the tax cuts. this president looked like he was going to be denied those tax cuts he campaigned on, but he won. he prevailed as he does anywhere you after issue. >> he prevails because he went out and made it happen. lou: that's what i said. ed: i reinforced it. lou: now we have a question about who is going to be the chief of staff. the president says he doesn't know whether john kelly is retiring or not. he says he's a good man and he respects him. ed: it doesn't matter. lou: i'm sorry i asked the question. ed: this is a president who is going to make his own decisions and whoever implements those decisions will be around him.
10:22 am
he's the guy who is basically going to make it happen. lou: do you have any idea who it might be? ed: i have no idea. i would argue one of the judges he picks for this court will have a far longer and bigger impact. it will be someone like gorsuch. the 25 he has named so far. lou: ed, thanks so much. happy july 4. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. do you believe the dem's left wing policy abolishing i.c.e. means they will they are certain to go down to defeat. what raving lunatic would think about such a thing? that would be the lunatic left. cast your vote on twitter
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lou: more left-wing leaders coming out and calling for the abolishment of immigration and customs enforcement. senator gillibrand said i.c.e. is a deportation force. being the first senator to call for the abolition of i.c.e. new york mayor bill deblasio echoing his sentiment. this is a genius socialist mayor
10:28 am
saying i.c.e. is a punitive negative tool for division. wow. joining us, dom giordano, radio talk show host on wthv tv. lawrence jones, editor-in-chief campus reform. good to see you. dom, let's start with you. i don't understand why these folks think it's a political advantage to go after law enforcement. i suppose next they will call for getting rid of police departments, sheriffs departments. what are your thoughts? >> i'm here in philadelphia. i would say our mayor rivals deblasio and he's overseeing a situation with i.c.e. the last couple days where we had a guy with a long rap sheet, deported a couple times that they let go
10:29 am
violating some kind of agreement. ice had to track him down. it goes on and on. i know it seems counter intuitive to winning the mid-terms but the prize are on the -- but the eyes are on the prize of the 2020 election. and this is just the latest trend it doesn't have to make sense. it just has to be a talking point that sounds radical. it plays into the nazi stuff and all that crazy stuff. you will see more of them call for the end of i.c.e. >> in the process of doing all this. the ticking off of the evidence. the democratic party has a stronghold on the black community. they are angry with what the left is doing on this issue. you see berkeley told their students to report to the legal
10:30 am
counsel office if they saw i.c.e. on the college campuses. you have them comparing i.c.e. to the slave patrols. and they have tried to make what has happened with illegals willingly coming across the border illegally to what happened with slavery in this country. first of all the slaves didn't want to come here. they could not go back. these people are coming here breaking the law. even with the slaves, they still had to go through two constitutional amendments to get the same rights as citizens. i don't understand how these leftists are trying to compare it to slaves. this is just an emotional argument. i would like to let the left know they will tick their base off, the black supporters in the process of doing this. lou: here is a president who already achieved what he said to the planning community
10:31 am
nationwide. they said what have you got to lose. what has been achieved is historic low employment in less than two years in office. that alone, lawrence, makes we wonder why in the world would anyone listen to the nonsense of the left when it comes to the african-american community, the hispanic community. there is this -- the grand deceit on immigration that all hispanic americans want hispanic illegal immigrants to cross that border because they don't. >> they don't, lou. that's why i said they are losing support. we have seen when it comes to black males supporting the president and black businesses improving. the black community has not gotten the war on drugs with bill clinton. they were separated from their
10:32 am
families as well. why do we have a different standard for illegals. it's the law right now. and they have to be separated. but what happened is when the president decided to bring them back together at the border, then they say the president is locking kids up with the parents. so there is no pleasing them. they shut down the government on this issue. and this is way it's about. they want to campaign on this. lou: it's a gift to the republican party which needs all the gifts they possibly can. >> i would say the difference is this issue has been there before. but this president is suched a wildcard and a different sort governing as a conservative. lou: he actually does things. >> it's a persona, too it's a chance to break through. other republicans couldn't see this issue there in the election
10:33 am
cycle. it's there if they model what president trump is doing. >> it's an american issue, lou. lou: this is an issue that cuts across the country and it cuts decidedly not in favor of the republicans. but decidedly in favor of president donald j. trump and they better understand that reality as they go into the mid terms. lawrence jones, dom giordano, great to see you both here. thanks so much. up next, a public hearing being planned for peter strzok. the fbi counter-intelligence agency who seemed to get involved in every fouled up corrupt mess in the fbi over a three-year period. we'll pick up the possibility of his going to jail and others in the deep state. professor jonathan turley joins ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel.
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i neverunderwear that's this, but actually pretty.leak always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected... ...and pretty. always discreet boutique. lou: the house judiciary committee planning to hold a public hearing but wouldn't comment on whether they would release the transcript of the private meeting. joining us tonight, author and georgetown university professor,
10:38 am
jonathan turley. i would like to get your impressions of strzok to this point asking to testify before congress being accorded that opportunity, and now here we go, perhaps moving to a public hearing. is this worth our time or is it more political theater without apparent purpose? >> i think it is worth our time. i have been very critical of strzok. but i agree with him and his counsel that the testimony in the closed session should be knead public. i think it's unfair to anyone that you are called to a close session then people say what you said or how you appeared. there is no indication this is classified. but more importantly, we need to see the raw data. we need to see the testimony of all of these characters. that's why we need to see these reports. that's why the i.g. report is
10:39 am
helpful. i think people are tired of hearing from people on either side saying what happened. does strzok have questions to answer? you bet he does. i would like to see what his personal counsel is answering. lou: i wonder yes has fbi counsel instead of his own. >> both side of the aisle said they feel we should get all of the facts and have transparency. the trump administration said they support full transparency. sow why aren't we getting that? i think we can expect that. lou: only for the most of cynical of reasons. we watched the justice department and fbi stonewall the u.s. congress whether direct or indirect oversight committees throughout. they are slow rolling everyone. they are slow rolling the
10:40 am
president of the united states for whom they work. and they don't work for the president ostensibly as you yourself have noted publicly in your writings and interviews. this is a government right now that is outside the framework of the founders. and i think it really is a very serious matter because we right now, we have an fbi, a justice department that have demonstrated corruption and partisan preferences that they have acted upon, than is no consequence to this point. >> i still have faith in the fbi and department of justice. i think we are making a lot of progress. we are getting more oversight than we have had before. for some of us who argued the committees have been paper tigers. this is a refreshing period in which they are saying you need to give us these documents because we have an oversight duty. but what you are seeing across
10:41 am
the country is a frustration i share. we feel like we are being game by everyone. everyone has different reasons for not being transparent and not giving the answers the public needs to resolve these questions. and i think patience is growing thin. i think the fbi has to hand up and the leadership in both parties have to understand that. a lot of people reached the end of their tether. every single night we hear people tell us what other people said, and what the evidence behind closed doors might be. i think they want to pull the curtain back and say let's see it. >> it would be extraordinarily hypocritical for me in the business of informing the public and report together public what i perceive as truth, an and to y that i don't also agree with you and peter strzok that he should have absolutely that transcript delivered to the american
10:42 am
public. we are becoming a country where it is become exceedingly difficult to honor the public's right to know in this country which is fundamental to our constitutional republic. i'm sick as you put it, these ciphers. i don't want to hear from them. i want to hear from the person who is before the committee test:ifying. i would like to have the same privilege in federal court, including the supreme court. we are being -- we deplorables as we say on this side of the argument of president trump, we are being treated like mushrooms here as a body politic. and it's time to bring sunlight and transparency, engagement, and the bright fullness of participatory democracy that's being denied us. >> i agree. i think there has been a
10:43 am
contempt for decades in this city about the right and the ability of the public to come to their own conclusions. one of the most of interesting things to come out of this in both parties is the sense of frustration. on the democratic side you had a leading democrat taken down by a low-budget campaign. on the republican side you see a lot of anger bubbling up. but as far as they are apart politically they share one element of faith. that is of themselves. they think they have enough intelligence to reach their own conclusions. and we are all tired of hearing them give the information they think we need. lou: is the time for the president to tell his attorney general and the director of the fbi to release all the documents the oversight committee requested? >> here is a litmus test. have every single leader in the
10:44 am
party including the president say up front that they want to take all of the holds away, except for classified evidence, and release everything. that's a litmus test. if you want to hold these things in closed session and give the heavily redacted documents that are not classified to the public, you failed that lit us in test. -- that litmus test. lou: president trump delivered on a long-time campaign promise to make our taxes simpler and cut those taxes. we'll have the story and the we'll have the story and the celebration next. they appear out of nowhere. my secret visitors. hallucinations and delusions. the unknown parts of living with parkinson's. what plots they unfold, but only in my mind. over 50% of people with parkinson's will experience hallucinations or delusions during the course of their disease. if your loved one is experiencing these symptoms,
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these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. lou: this sunday's presidential election in mexico will have major consequences on both sides of the border. listen to these terrifying statistics. 130 mexican political office holders and candidates have been assassinated over the past 10 months. this in a country where 25,000 have been murder over the past year. most of people think that is an extraordinarily understated number. mexico's leftist candidate who
10:49 am
is expected to win is pushing for amnesty for the drug war criminals and also promising he'll not be pursuing the drug cartels under his administration. the cartels take in the estimates are wide and they are not again all together certain. but $30 billion to $60 billion a year. fox news national course end william lajeunesse in mexico city with our report. reporter: the frontrunner is a far left populist whose campaign is sweeping mexico. he lead a coalition called together we'll make history. wednesday night he did. in the largest stadium in latin america he's likely to become the next president of mexico. he's at 52% right now.
10:50 am
he's blowing the traditional two-party system out of the water. reporter: his voters appear to rejected the national action party. >> the policies are secondary. ways important is the nature of the man. amlo began building houses for the indigenous poor. and he started his own political party. he says he won't fight america's drug war. instead he'll give amnesty to opium and marijuana growers and cease using the military against the drug cartels. reporter: he favors renegotiating nafta and says mexico won't be america's pinata. >> what it means is we need to
10:51 am
talk like he was. reporter: with support from the working poor and the young, the question is is he going to govern as a left-wing nationalist or as a privatist as he tried to reassure business. as for business relations, most of analysts say we are in for a rocky road ahead with president trump. lou: o robe obrador * is not prt yet. so we'll have to see what happens.
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lou: joining us tonight, robert jeffress. pastor of the. test church of dallas. the president is getting the opportunity to appoint a second justice to the supreme court. >> this is huge. president trump won the evangelical vote by the largest margin ever because of his promise to appoint a conservative to the court. he remains holding a 75% approval rating by evangelicals because he keeps his promises.
10:56 am
i was saying he's the most of consequential president since lincoln. but i'm changing that. he's the most of consequential president since abraham lincoln. he's amendmentin -- he's he' hen legacy. lou: how will the president do if the leadership in the republican conference of the house and senate is anemic if not down right pitiful. >> if they waffle on this in any way, there will be hell to pay. that's why conservatives elected this president. and i think they will fall in
10:57 am
line. i have to say, if it was any other republican president or either one of the bushes or heaven forbid or president romney, i think they would end up waffling themselves to go along to get along. but this president has the guts to move forward and put in a conservative on the supreme court and change this country for decades to come. lou: we are watching a lot of dynamics from a president who turned the country around from the ignorant left to don't care about the great profound improvements in the economy and the nation's trajectory. they are trying to tear down the president and his achievements. that's creating problems that from time to time show up in the marketplace as well. your thoughts about the changes below the great state of texas.
10:58 am
in mexico. lopez manuel obrador. he verges on radical socialists. your thoughts on what he represents in dheej this country. >> obviously he doesn't care anything about the united states which is yes or others would love to see illegal immigrants glad into texas and throughout america. what i'm tired of seeing in our own country our president being vilified by being called evil by kirsten gillibrand because he's upholding his god-given responsibility to protect this nation. we ought to be celebrating not denigrating that we have a president who wants to protect this country. he's not without cam passion. i have seen him agonize over the
10:59 am
daca thing. but he says in the end i am not going to compromise the security of this country. lou: a president who has been frustrated not by a left-wing senator from new york, but the made october are you is who make up the leadership on capitol hill. >> that's going to have to change. they are going to have to change or they will be changed by the population. people are tired of this. they voted for this president because they want to see change and he should not have to face as many obstacles as he does. lou: one last question it's the focus. we have 30 seconds. roe versus wade, is it in jeopardy? >> i think it is. he's not going to have a litmus test. but as long as he has a conservative justice who won't create imaginary rights at the
11:00 am
expense of real rights, roe will take care of itself. that's my prediction. lou: that's it for us tonight. have a good weekend. >> a "strange inheritance" mystery... >> i thought, "what? what is going on?" >> ...a norman rockwell shocker. >> is it a fake? >> well, this was the question that was in everyone's mind. >> oh, if these walls could talk. >> i want you to put your hands like this, and we're going to pull it toward me. >> aah! >> there you go. >> oh, my goodness. >> keep going. ♪ [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] ♪ >> i'm jamie colby in arlington, vermont, once home to norman rockwell. it was also home to a man who left h


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