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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 7, 2018 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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of information and video on our website, i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] away. the thoughts and prayers with with everyone. we miss you. david: good evening, i'm david asman. i'm in for loi dobbs. tonight's stories, the deep state stone walling drags on. the department of justice misses another deadline to cooperate with congress and hand over documents related to the russia witch hunt. we're going to take it up tonight with pennsylvania congressman keith. the chinese government accusing the trump amount of behaving like quote hoodlums. and secretary of state mike pompeo arriving with a rocket man cd for kim jong-un. you can't make this up.
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but his real message to the regime and pyongyang will be no laughing matter. gordon chang is here to weigh in on the latest round of negotiations. the top story, the justice department again failing to meet a deadline today to turn over key subpoenaed documents related to the russia investigation. mark meadows has threatened to either hold deputy attorney general rod rosenstein in contempt of congress or impeach rosenstein for failure to comply. catherine herridge is here with the very latest. >> a source close to the process says the records do not comply with congressional subpoenas. and the latest records do not meet the house resolution deadline. trey gowdy on oversight, devin nunes requested the records. how staffers viewed the reports on thursday because lawmakers
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were out for the holiday recess, concluding the justice department and nib fbi are still withholding documents. in april a subpoena was issued for a key set of records focused on fbi activities before the fbi russia case officially opened on july 31st, 2016. the source of the justice department and fbi have not provided records or information about this critical time period that likely show why the russia probe started in the first place. >> what put all of this into motion and of course was what put this into motion was something that was politically motivated or in fact based on legitimate law enforcement evidence. >> fbi correcter christopher wray and rod rosenstein were on capitol hill last week and face new pressure to comply after a passing of a resolution. 226-183. those who know rosenstein emphasize he's in a difficult position because it's not routine to provide records from ongoing cases.
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>> i know rod rosenstein and i think he's an honorable person and i think anybody that position would take it personally if they're going to say you're personally obstructing congress or holding things back. i think he views himself as a point of a speer in the process and the one who has to interact with congress. >> a congressional aide said the justice department provided more records and asked for more time. a spokesman for the intelligence committee went ful further sayig the department is not until compliance. david: thank you very much. joining me now, pennsylvania congressman keith rough fuss. he serves on the house committee on financial services. great to see you, congressman. thank you for being here. >> good to be here with you tonight and again very troubling that the department of justice and fbi are again dragging their feet. david: it was the last time you were here, the same thing happened. this has to stop, right?
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>> new memos are being reviewed. and there's a memo in between where strzok is e-mailing somebody saying vis-a-vis mccabe and having mccabe review the fie so warrant and hurry the f up. what is going on and why are they waiting forever to produce the documents. we have a legitimate oversight of the executive branch and they're dragging their feet. the inspector general who put his 500-page report, wh horowitz report producing texts that we never saw, things like peter strzok, again peter strzok, always peter strzok saying we will stop him, referring to candidate trump in 2016. david: how do you make rosenstein responsible for accountable to what's going on? disbli would lik.>>? >> i would like to see what they've produced today. the committee is taking a look
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at that. when we get back to washington early next week we'll have to look at the scope of compliance. then you have to look at thing like holding them in contempt. you cannot continue to flaunt the people's representative news the united states congress. david: i'm just reading, forgive me from turning away from the camera. i'm going to have to do that as i read an e-mail from our own catherine herridge who was just reporting this as we speak that the department of justice spokesperson declined to answer fox's questions, including allegations on the recently provided records were not enough to satisfy the house. clearly you're not satisfied. so again the question is specifically what do you threaten rod rosenstein with if he doesn't produce what you've asked for? >> i think you start with looking at a contempt proceeding. we have a legitimate inquiry out there. they have been dragging their feet for months. these documents that are being reviewed -- again i'm reading a report today about these e-mails
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from the fbi and department of justice that we should have known about months ago. you look at the text message, the one i highlighted that we found out about in the inspector general's report. why are they trickling out these documents. what is going on inside the department of justice, include the fbi. this is happening at the top leveling. i know many good people who are front line agents in the fbi, in the u.s. attorney's office across the country doing their job and it's unfortunate that you have folk at the headquarters who have not been cooperative with the united states congress. david: it looks like what rosenstein is interested in is protecting the deep state and the fbi and the doj. that's what he is protecting because he's not releasing documents that you have to get from the inspector general. >> well there's certainly a pattern there. look at the redactions that we have uncovered just a couple of months ago with represent to the house intelligence committee report where they're redacting things that weren't trying to
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protect confidential sources or methods but things that made the fbi not look too good. this has to stop. this is very frustrating that these agencies continue to flaunt the representatives of the american people. david: well one thing you're doing is continuing with your hearings to try to get to the bottom of the russia matter. you've got an poornt hearing next thursday. is peter strzok going to be attending ? >> that's being work oded out rt now. he has been subpoenaed. conversations -- as i understand it, conversations are ongoing between mr. strzok's attorney and the committee. i hope he will come forward and start to answer the questions that we have. david: what do you do if he's has no-show? >> you have to take one step at a time and if he's a no-show we have to have a process that's going to bring him in. >> he was in a closed door hearing last week. what was he like at that hearing?
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what was his demeanor? i know you can't be specific about what he said, but how did he say it. we've heard some interesting reports. >> well, you know, i just popped it a couple of times to see what was going on and he was responding to the questions that were being asked. i think there are a lot of questions that need to be followed up on. some of the answers -- again, we have a responsibility, i think, to have a hearing with him there and he can respond to what was going on during that deposition. david: we heart reports that he hads a flippant mannerring with laughing off a lot of questions rather than answering them directly. can you be specific about that? >> i'm look aring for him to coe before the committee and answering the difficult questions that need to be answereanswered about his condut during the e-mails investigation and the information of russian
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collusion. >> next week is an important week for your judiciary committee in several ways. not only with your work with peter strzok but you're doing to be dealing with or contemplating the new supreme court justice pick do you have a particular favorite among those that have been mentioned? >> there are a number of -- everybody that has been mentioned is very high quality. there are a couple that have attracted my attention. one being my constituents hered. i'm a notre dame law grad. i know tom went to not tra dim undergrad. david: he's my favorite, i have tell you because he has a sense of the midwest. he's not that inside the beltway guy bike brett kavanaugh who has displeased a number of conservatives including ted cruz who wouldn't vote for him. do you feel the same?
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>> it would be nice if we had somebody beyond harvard or yale represented on the court, stanford. there are good law schools out there. notre dame being one of them. tom went to georgetown law school. we're looking forward to the president's pick on monday night. we'll have news then. david: please let us know what happens with peter strzok. we'll be interested. come back and see us again. thank your for coming in. coming up next, china hitting back at the u.s. as the trade showdown between the two countries escalates. we're going to have the dean, ed rollins here to discuss that and much more. ♪ a hotel can make or break a trip. and at expedia, we don't think you should be rushed into booking one. that's why we created expedia's add-on advantage. now after booking your flight, you unlock discounts
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david: the trade showdown between the u.s. and china is under way. china imposing tariffs on $34 billion worth of u.s. goods today. hours after the trump administration imposed its own tariffs on roughly the same amount of chinese products. china accusing the u.s. of typical and i'm quoting here, typical trade bullying. the trump administration says the tariffs are a response to china's theft of american intellectual property and technology and other unfair trade practices. joining me now, the dean
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himself, ed rollins. rollins served as white house political director on president ronald reagan. even though he was a free trader, we've got to remember he practiced some tough love with regard to the trading partners. >> you have to do that. obviously the critical question here is what president trump is doing, is this tough love, is this kind of a guidance of how we're going to deal in the future or is it something that's going to have big consequences long term. i've been to china 20 times. the chinese are tough, they're very shrewd. they have a different system. david: they're communists. let's start out. it's a communist system. not the free trade. >> it's not free trade. so you know, a lot of -- i don't think it's going to be a short term fight once it starts and i think we need to be prepared for the long term consequences. david: and it begs the question. they are a communist government. can you a free trade agreement
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with a country that does not believe in rule of law? the basis of come nis communismt the rule of law is whatever it happens to be to benefit the state. they don't care about adherence to the rule of law. they've lied, cheated and violated every part of the world trade organization that they signed into in 2001. >> i've always said to american companies that want to do business there, they're interested in getting their deal. great, where are you going to get it enforced. well my lawyer says -- your lawyers aren't going to get it done. everything in asia is about relationships. this is a real test. xi and trump started off on a good footing. david: they did. >> to a certain extent they're two tough guys. one guy is going to be there forever, in the sense of xi, and i think trump needs to be tough and firm, clear to the american public that what he's going to do. david: free trade is great as
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long as the trading partners abide by the rules. as long as you have rule of law. and when you're dealing with a country that doesn't have rule of law because it's a communist country, you're not going to have a fair trading partner to deal with. >> equally important is the idea that you're going to hurt them. they've been through long wars before and obviously we have to make sure our farmers and everybody else understand the consequences. long term it will be benefit us but short term it's going to be painful. david: we brought them into the world trade organization understanding that they had problems dealing with the rule of law because they're a communist country. but the idea was -- and i was working "the wall street journal" at the time and "the wall street journal" had views that perhaps if we open our doors to china they will become for democratic. well we opened our doors to china and they took advantage of it. they violated the rules and they have become less democratic. and as you mentioned, xi is now president for life. so it's gone exactly the opposite of the way free traders
10:18 am
were hoping it would go. >> sometimes hope and wishes are not the best -- david: best policies. yes. >> my sense is this has to be a real exchange of strength, has to be a real exchange of clear ideas and trump has to stay in there for the long term. david: the markets a u markets w today were totally unfazed. they were much more affect bid the terrific news on the job front. as long as our economy continues to expand, meaning that more people are going to be hired, meaning that people who have lousy jobs can trade up to a better job, will any of this have a long term effect particularly adds we approach an election in november? >> i worry about the farm community and i worry about -- because we're a party of suburban and rural voters. and obviously long term it will benefit them but short term there's a pan nick the farm community and some of them start turning not as intense on the vote as they have been in the past and to
10:19 am
david: look at the farming states in particular, is that where the republic caps should be focusing and cutting some deal with china and the europeans that would positively affect their trade relations with the farming community? ed: i'm not a trader and i don't have expertise on that front. but i do know politics. get through this mid-term. keep fighting on the trump policies and don't try to weaken them in the short term. david: the problem is we are in it now. we started the volleys today in the past 24 hours. it may be ratcheted up again. usually the president's typing is exquisite. now i'm wondering if the typing to tart this battle was right. ed: i hope we go all the way.
10:20 am
we still have a divided white house. my sense is we are in the battle. they made their decisions. david: be sure to vote in tonight' poll. do you believe it's type for deputy a.g. rod rosenstein to face real consequences for his stonewalling of document requests. theist t. scandal linked to congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz. have you heard about this? you may not have. you want to. we'll be talking to the "daily caller" about what next. caller" about what next. stay with us. i have to tell you something incredible.
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david: now to the biggest beltway scandal that the mainstream media continues to ignore. the justice department agreeing not to prosecute debbie wasserman-schultz's i.t. aide for cyber-security and theft. imran awan complete pled guilty to minor bank fraud charges. he was transferring money from the congressional federal credit union to pakistan before trying to flee the country. our next guest says many crimes clearly took place in the awan case but there is no will to prosecute. luke, congratulations. you are one of the few people working hard on this story. what was toot best of your knowledge. what was awan up to.
10:26 am
he had access top the emails and files of one in five members of congress. he is motivated by money. he'll stop at nothing to get it. as part of his job he had access to sensitive information. and he was in charge of ordering computer equipment for congress. what investigators found, number one,ing a financial scheme in the house of representatives where invoices were being falsified so hundreds of thousands of computers were not tracked. they were treated like petty cash. and he was accessing members of congress's computers and logging into their personal use per name in ways he had no legitimate reason for doing so. this buy guy had been repeatedly accused of extortion. this is what we warby about. david: what worries myself he
10:27 am
clearly had contacts in pakistan. pack stains an ally that i'm wary of. it's also a country with suspicious banking practices of its own. there was a bank called bcci. it's supposedly the most of corrupt bank in history. that was based pakistan. this guy was sending money to a banking institution in pakistan giving them access to a federal credit union. the most of important federal credit iewn glont country, that of congress. that could be dangerous. >> this guy was wiring hundreds of thousands of dollars to pakistan. documents in bizarre arrangements with cash from different bank accounts being withdrawn and deposited. his family had a dozen llcs. one of them was a purported car
10:28 am
dealership with fake employees listed on its website. he took $100,000 from an iraqi foreign minister. david: why did the doj give him immunity with all the potential charges against him. >> that's what they can't explain and didn't explain. there is a tremendous amount of evidence and the fbi from the beginning refused to investigate. i night was rigged from the beginning. as a reporter you get the sense there is a cover-up and it makes you want to' pursue it. david: as a reporter you get the idea the reason they cut him a deal is because they had all this sensitive information on congress. they were afraid and they might have used their influence on doj to cut this guy a deal. >> absolutely. he had access to all their
10:29 am
emails. and the lawyers were pretty clear what they would say. they were going to blame democrats and congressmen for basically not caring about cyber-security. it turns out congress had such shoddy cyber security equivalent to grandma's hot mail account. they were going to put this on the democrats who talk about russia all the time. the second thing is the procurement scheme when they are falsifying invoices. the chiefs of staff have to sign off on that. so they were going to implicate members of congress and chiefs of staff of a procurement scheme. one person in particular, a guy named shelly davis. he was the chief of staff for a congress wham and from new york. so basically some people said is this guy being protected by the doj because he'll squeal on members. that's not what it was.
10:30 am
if you prosecute him it would be the trial of the decade. david: the deep state was scared of what he was going to reveal. he had debbie wasserman-schultz's p.c.? what's the story there? >> after he was banned from congress he came into the house building' at midnight. he had debbie wasserman-schultz's laptop. he tried to flee the country. he said', it was attorney-client privilege so you can't look at it. so when trump talks about a server. he's talking about debbie wasserman-schultz's laptop which the cops said went missing. david: why do you think jeff
10:31 am
sessions was not interested in get together bottom of this. he was not willing to take on 48 angry democrats. david: great work. terrific journalistic work. you have got it all to yourself because the mainstream media isn't interested in this story. congratulations. you have don't best with it. secretary of state mike pompeo visiting north korea for the first time since the summit. stay with us. and now for the rings. (♪) i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself.
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david: secretary of state mike pompeo visiting north korea for the first time since the president met with north korea in the summit. numerous reports show the rogue regime continuing to expand its nuclear cars mall. last night general jack keane was here and spoke to me about the importance of the meeting. >> he'll remind kim jong-un what the alternative is. here is what we are going to do. we are going back to maximum sanctions. if we don't get china's cooperation. we intend to sanction them. we'll move towards military
10:36 am
preparedness so we'll get ready for a military option. and everything will begin to change if we don't get the results the administration has insisted on and the results kim jong-un promised. north korea takes on the world. according to general keane, he thinks there is a showdown right now he's right. it's make or break because of all we learned about the weaponization that continued on at an increased pace. this has to be a point where pompeo looks at what the regime is doing. he's look at images. there is a picture of him shaking hands with the north korean leaders. i think we can put up the time lapse photography. this missile plan they have gone along in building.
10:37 am
this is courtesy of the "wall street journal" where you can see the plant being built. this is evidence. it's absolutely clear evidence. we have the full facilities of the cia. the secretary of state who was head of the cia. nobody has known more. no secretary of state has known more than pompeo about what the north koreans are doing. >> there are two possibilities. one is they never made the decision we thought they made to give up their weapons. and maybe kim made that decision but he doesn't control the military. david: which do you think it is? >> i wish i knew. north korean repeople watchers were concerned that kim didn't have a full grasp over the army. there have been two developments to indicate kim was not in command. there was a reshuffling at the
10:38 am
top of the army and the execution of that lieutenant general. and that indicates that kim has not fully consolidated his position with the army. david: we have to mention the americans taken out of there as a result of the opening of these discussions before the summit took place. for those who say we didn't do anything in north korea, we have done so. we are also cracking what's going on there. they have been operating in the shell. but no administration before this one has been able to crack open. we are cracking it open. what we are finding is mysterious. we don't know the answers yet. but at least we are cracking it open and figuring out how it works and how to get through it. >> if we are going to have a long-term relationship with north korea, we have to have those things. this is important for us. it would be good to have the
10:39 am
north koreans on our side rather than china's side because china has been fueling this. they have been making one rrp defiant. that's what president trump said after kim's second meeting. it appears the chinese put the north koreans up to bad behavior it's important to wean the north koreans away from beijing. >> we begin our sanctions against china. they countered with their own sanctions. the chinese government issued a statement that's a tough sell. it says the united states has violated world trade regulation rules and ignited the largest trade war in history. think it doesn't even come close to the largest trade war in economic history. >> china launched this trade war
10:40 am
with an unprecedented assault on the norms of trading. they don't believe in comparative advantage which is the fundamental principle of global commerce. david: was it a mistake to let them into the world trade organization? >> yes. david: you can't have a free trade agreement with a country without rule of law. free trade without rule of law leads to chaos. you have to have rule of law along with free trade. if you don't have rule of law as you don't in communist china, what's a law today could be a non-law the next day, then you have chaos in any kind of relationship with an outside government. >> china has become much more predatory. they are closing up their markets. they are demanding we open our markets. they are becoming much less
10:41 am
democratic and coercive politically. we have seen china go after u.s. come any and other companies in china. and this is directed from the top. this is xi jinping. david: will they bend and cry uncle? >> it depends on whether trump is willing to see this to the end. i'm optimistic about the way this turns out in the long term. >> do you believe it's time for deputy a.g. rod rosenstein to face real consequences for his continual stonewalling of congressional document requests? new developments in the tideland cave rescue after a navy diver dies trying to save the boys and their coach. the employee of the year, anna.
10:42 am
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david: the situation is becoming more dire for 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a cave in northern thailand. efforts to bring the group out safely have picked up speed as oxygen levels inside the cave
10:46 am
have dropped and the weather depier -- deteriorates. reporter: the rescue teams are grappling with the physical demands of this operation. oxygen tanks are being related to position along the jagged tunnels of the cave complex. these pictures show how challenging it will be to get the boys out, none of whom can swim through the dark packageways. >> rescuing kids out of a cave is new to most of of us. >> when do you expect it to happen? >> today or tomorrow. reporter: former thai navy seal, a volunteer, died after losing consciousness on his way back
10:47 am
from delivering tanks of air. the body of the 38-year-old was given a military escort to the airport. he'll be honored with a royal sponsored funeral in the next few days. the mood of this rescue operation has become more subdued following the death of one of the volunteers. but what hasn'ted is the dedication and pro specialallism of the teams d and professionalism of the teams involved. the oxygen levels in the caves where the boys are trapped are deteriorating. for the moment, the football team remain trapped. they are going given medical treatment. but two of them and the coach are apparently malnourished and
10:48 am
wake. i met two of the football team members. one didn't attend practice on the day they entered the cave, and the other overslept. he stayed up watching the world cup. both are praying their mates will be rescued soon. but as the boys repair for another night in the caves, it's still not clear whether a rescue operation is imminent. the teams are poised for their
10:49 am
orders. but at the moment it's still too dangerous to attempt to bring them out. david: what a dramatic story. on wall street stocks closed higher. the dow up 100 points. the nasdaq up 102. stocks finished strong toned the week. the dow up nearly a percent. the trump economy continues to boom. 218,000 jobs added in june. that was more than expected. unemployment went up slightly as americans returned to the workforce. coming up next, vice president pence putting democrats on the defense over growing calls from the left to abolish i.c.e. gina loudon and charlie kirk are gina loudon and charlie kirk are here next to
10:50 am
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10:54 am
advocating for the abolition of i.c.e. senator elizabeth warren and senator gillibrand and the mayor of new york city have called for the abolition of i.c.e. these spurious attacks on i.c.e. by our political leaders must stop. david: joining me is gina loudon and charlie kirk. thank you both for coming in. the extraordinary thing about what pence said, and what we just saw is the media is blaming him for using the i.c.e. issue for political gain when in fact it was the democrats that first suggested that i.c.e. should be disbanded. >> they are reaching. and they are so far down to the bottom of the barrel at this point that their hand has gone through it. if you think about it. if the democrats get their way
10:55 am
on what they want to happen at the border. it will be anyone who wants to come in illegally can grab a kid on their way over. kidnap them as their free pass to get into america then be set free because they are a quote-unquote parent. no american is falling for this. dave require amazes me -- david: it amazes me. you wonder if the media is following democrats or the democrats following the mainstream media. the media is blaming pence for using i.c.e. as an issue with it was the democrats who began the whole thing. >> on july 4 you had an individual go up the statue of liberty with a huge abolish i.c.e. flag it's funny the democrats want to take away the government agency that takes
10:56 am
away terrorists, not our taxes. they don't want borders. they don't want seg standards. they are trying to turn them into future democrat borders. they know if they can destabilize around language, culture and borders with the lip nation of i.c.e. i applaud our president standing for the rule of law. i.c.e. is the tip of the spear in fighting child sex trafficking. david: the number of i.c.e. agents killed in the line of duty, most of of whom are hispanic. yet the insults continue. we had senator durbin say on a talk show, look at i.c.e., i'm quoting him directly. what a bunch of incompetence.
10:57 am
they are focused more on toddlers than terrorists there these are people who put their life on the line every day and many of them do get killed in the line of duty. >> just this week as he was sitting in his cushy office writing these ridiculous comments, i.c.e. agents were out there trying to arrest a couple of illegals who kidnapped and raped some little girls. and there wore protests because the i.c.e. agents were there trying to do their job. this is the kind of thing they are advocating at this point? at least by not saying for people not to do things like this? the scary part of this is what it will ultimately mean. it will mean either the deaths of more agents. the deaths of children or more human trafficking that is already the problem that i.c.e. was setting out to tackle.
10:58 am
the rhetoric is not work and it's hurting people and it's dangerous and needs to stop. david: it might lead to the democrats losing the gains they were hoping for in november. i have never seen such an obvious self-inflicted wound committed by a political party in my life that i can remember. >> you look at the democrat party right now. it's almost like the bolsheviks in the russian revolution. the full embrace of democrat socialism. and with that is no more immigration standards. the deterioration of borders. this will bode very, very well for the president's agenda where he wants to build the wall and strengthen our southern border. republican party needs to double down on we do believe in national sovereignty and we won't be a one world government.
10:59 am
when the democrat party says abolish i.c.e. which is going after child sex traffickers. >> since the democrats started on this bandwagon with immigration and the so-called separating families mantra. the president's popularity with hispanics has raised 10 points. david: hispanics more than any other group of people, they know what at stake here. and they have seen countless examples of kids being sent across the border by themselves. some of the girls -- this has been mentioned before, given special abortion pills because they know the young woman other girl is going to be raped by the coyotes taking them across the border. it's a terrible situation highlighted by donald trump and i.c.e. agents in very clear fashion, but the democrats have responded in the worst possible way for their own political
11:00 am
fortunes i think. have a wonderful weekend. thanks a lot. lou will be back next week. thanks for joining us. >> it's one of the largest armies of its kind. >> would you say it was a hobby? or was he obsessed? >> i think that he was obsessed. >> soldiers of fortune -- and a fortune in soldiers. >> do you have any idea what it's worth? >> yes, we know what it's worth. >> can i know what it's worth? >> the man who raised this army was on a mission... >> he was a true historian. he wanted to bring these battles to life. >> but is it a bridge too far for his heirs? >> he left you with a huge responsibility, didn't he? >> it's just too difficult. >> it's kind of interesting that toy soldiers would get their own trust. >> i don't have my own trust, but they got theirs. [ theme music plays ]


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