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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  July 10, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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to the train conductor last night, liz claman, and he said what did the market do and i said we're up we're up. liz: [laughter] trish: 320 right? let's see if we can add to that. 140 here right now. liz: yeah, although if you run into a short seller on the train they may not be so thrilled. [laughter] trish. trish: the train conductor is psyched said his retirement is going to good places. liz: great to hear trish thank you very much. breaking news president trump is set to touchdown at the military base in brussels, belgium at any moment when this shot on your screen pops up that means the president is close to landing. he has already set the tone for the meetings and it's a sharp one once again blasting nato members for not paying their fair share for their common defense. but eu leaders are pushing back. blake burman live in brussels with the fireworks and we also have national security expert telling us that the commander-in-chief is walking down a lonely risky path or
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whether it might work. the president is also fighting an economic war not just a war on the nato lack of spending. the trade war has global businesses wondering how it will impact the bottom line. we've got one american ceo in a very interesting position. she runs a dutch company, so she's got her finger on the pulse of the sentiment from across the pond, and lucky 13. the world is cheering as the tha i youth soccer team trapped for weeks underground emerges from the underground nightmare, and was tesla ceo elon musk there on the ground for it? oh, yes, it turned out he was, late last night we're going to show you. markets on track for the fourth straight win as traders view the second quarter earnings season as a winning bet at least so far , plus the supreme pick, brexit latest, and charlie. he's sort of back, charlie gasparino breaks it as he touches down in sun valley and causes all kinds of mayhem.
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we're less than an hour to the closing bell let's start "the countdown." we are just getting this in breaking news a major blow for chemical giant monsanto. a federal u.s. judge just allowed hundreds of lawsuits over the weed killer roundup, to proceed to trials that very popular weed killer that maybe you have used in the past. they are complaining that it causes cancer, and the judge now says there is sufficient evidence for a jury to hear the case. of course monsanto is now a unit of buyer ag, so as we check shares of the german chemical giant it is just flat but this is an intraday picture as this news breaks and it is really having trouble right now getting back to where it even started today we'll keep an eye on it for you. on wall street though the bulls
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are charging ahead no question there, it's the fourth straight day just over the past two days alone stocks are on track to add more than 450 points at least the dow 30 and now we see the dow is very close to the 25,000 level at 24, 912. meanwhile, the s&p 500 is looking at the longest win streak in five weeks. s&p better by eight points just so you know the nasdac had been up 21, before trish tossed to me it dipped into negative territory so it lost all the gains and now it's pretty much flat. consumer staples if we pick apart what's doing well and what's not consumer staples had the best performing sector in the s&p and pepsi is leading the charge popping to the very top of the broader index. pepsico is up four full percentage points. yes it's a beverage maker but boy its snack division did absolutely brilliantly in for the earnings picture to send the stock to the best day in seven years. earnings topped expectations for revenue and earnings boosted by strong performance, of yes,
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frito lay. that business doing very well, so crunch away and it's the sweet one for keurig dr. pepper shareholders having a terrific session at the moment up 10% for kdp, shares of the combined company, really jumping higher on their first day of trading it's the best performer in the s&p 500 right next to pepsi of course so it's a tie there. back in january, green mountain remember them? yeah, they struck the $21 billion deal to combine with dr. pepper to form the seventh largest food and beverage company in the u.s.. let's take you back live to brussels right now belgium i'm hearing that as we wait oh, there it is. we have just landed, we've just seen air force one land with president trump on board. this nato summit the north atlantic treaty organization, this is an all-out fight over money and it's already happening he hasn't even stepped off that plane. the president is gunning for this fight already in a tweet, calling out nato members who
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aren't paying their required share of the nato budget. so here is how it works. the u.s. throws far more money into the nato kitty for the defense of europe than any other country in europe that is a member of nato, there are 28 of them and before the president even took off for belgium to demand nato allies boost their defense spending the president of the european council returned president trump. listen. >> i would like to address president trump directly, who for a long time now, has been criticizing europe almost daily for, in his view, insufficient contributions to the common defense capabilities, and for living off the u.s.. dear america, i appreciate your life, after all you don't have that many. liz: you don't have that many allies is what he just said, so we're going to keep this picture up as the president lands in air force one he's about to deplane.
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blake burman he's live on the ground in brussels and blake, much of the world is riveted by this nato summit. is it an over statement on or target to say the future of europe's defense could be hanging in the balance over this meeting? >> well president trump certainly would like to have it that way, because he has once again, liz, throughout the day today, been targeting europe, been targeting nato, first off on the nato front saying you need to pay more money into your defense spending. he did this on twitter before he left, then he stepped out of the white house, went before the cameras, talked about it, reiterated that again. the president about eight or nine minutes or so ago so as air force one was descending over belgium into brussels, the president whipped out the phone once again and then started tweeting about this saying look, you've gotta pay more, you person nation for the majority of you and to your defense budget and oh, by the way he mixes in as well the european union and the trade deficit.
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he said 10 minutes ago, "the europe union makes it impossible to do business in europe. u.s. has a $151 billion trade deficit and then they want us to happily defend them through nato and nicely pay for it, just doesn't work" that was part of the president's message on twitter and here he was earlier this morning before he left here for europe. listen. president trump: certainly going to be an interesting time with nato. nato has not treated us fairly but i think we'll work something out. we pay far too much and they pay far too little but we will work it out and all countries will be happy. reporter: but liz, you just heard you ran a sound bite of him earlier, he might the point earlier said look nato member nations they put more toward defense than russia, and they put as equal toward defense as china so he's trying to make the point that nato member nations do spend although he also
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acknowledged that they definitely could spend more. liz? liz: well, that's interesting, and we're still waiting for the president to deplane from air force one on the ground in brussels but i think that is interesting the tone that the president took seemed different but we as a business network with watching this money fight very closely. how is it resonating, blake, i guess with the average europeans you've run into right now on the ground? reporter: it is obviously a story here in belgium, but it is nowhere near the front page story and for a lot of reasons. let me just give you a little bit of a flavor here. i'll do my best. this is a business trade paper here in belgium. the top story about the workforce, the bottom story here you'll see pictures of theresa may so story there about brexit, you've got to get into page 9 until they talk about nato and this business paper right here. the president talks about 2% defense spending that he wants to see nato member nations get to but here is the numbers that matter most right now in brussels let's be honest, liz.
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nill nill because that's the score at half time between belgium and france. this is pretty much what you get in most of the papers here. liz: [laughter] reporter: 0-0 score i guess they're happy because belgium is slight under dog against france. they haven't been in the final four of the world cup since 86, that's 32 years. the bars are packed you've got a little bit of a slice of it the newspaper and the screaming fans we'd like to see belgium win. liz: blake don't tell them but france just scored they are going to be really upset. reporter: wow. liz: [laughter] reporter: do you know what liz, though? if france wins here is the secret. they will be quieter on the streets and we get more sleep. so that might not be a bad thing i guess. liz: all right, sounds good. as i said i do like tend to like underdogs blake, thank you. we're going to keep our cameras trained right here as we wait for the president to deplane once again. he is on the ground in brussels. we do have a rally going on at
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least for the dow jones industrial up 136 points. now president trump's frustration about all of this stems from the numbers. we throw it out a lot of times saying oh, he's upset about the numbers but let's just explain it to you. since 2014 there's been a rule. nato members are supposed to contribute 2% of their gross domestic product toward defense spending but only five nations are holding up to that agreement you ready? the u.s. and the united kingdom those are wealthy nations, but greece, astonia and latvia, are the other three in the five throwing 2% or more of their 2017 gdp toward defense so not norway, a very wealthy oil nation, not some of these other countries you would think italy. i mean italy is a little bit disastrous when it comes to the budget and the situation there but this is extraordinary. will president trump's strong arm tactics get the other members to pony up the money
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required for a membership? while we're waiting for the president we bring in former homeland security advisory councilmember and heritage institute vice president james carafano, and i'll just give a little color when the president does get off the plane but we already have a bit of a bar fight over this issue. president trump saying many nato members contributions missed the mark while the european council president says you better appreciate your allies. how do you expect this fight to play out over the next few days? >> first let's dismiss the european council. they aren't an allie. they have no vote in this thing. nato is a multi-national organization and the eu accounts for zero so this comments are completely preposterous, off the chart and ridiculous so let's start with trump has a point here and a point on both the economic and the security front and they're linked. part of the reason why these countries aren't paying 2% is their economies can't support it because they diverted so much into the social program and they've hand sewn their economy
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with so much baggage they're not producing the wealth and to prepare for their own defense and so trump has been hitting among both fronts. you've got to defend yourself and you've got to liberalize your economies like i'm trying to do in the united states so you get the economic growth and you can defend yourself. he's right on that score. liz: and first lady melania trump accompanying president donald trump as he walks down the stairs to the ground in brussels, belgium. as we continue to watch this, james, i don't know this battle reminds me almost of my childhood. i was expected to get straight a 's and my little brother in elementary school, the darling always got through with a little bit less than that and yet we both got the same amount of love and dinner. what is the point of a rule if everybody is not held to it? this is my personal problem with the nato situation but at least countries like romania and aston
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ia are trying to get there and in some cases have gotten there. what about the other bigger nations? reporter: well it is kind of laughable because this is not something that the united states imposed upon nato. this was a decision that was made by the countries of nato on what the benchmark ought to be so it's hilarious they're complaining about the benchmark that they created but in many ways trump has already run this debate and i think the insanity over the meeting is way over-the-top. there's no great risk here. nato is not at stake because -- liz: are you sure? reporter: several countries are already on the path. liz: that is true. one of the most pressing issues for nato is this faux border that putin created between russia and ukraine when russia backed militants a couple years ago invaded and bit off the crym ea region a total outrage. that's the perfect symbol of what nato wants to protect europe against. donald trump said this morning the putin meeting might be the
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easiest of the entire week. that's his quote. how do you interpret that comment? reporter: i don't think any of these meetings are really all that big of a deal. the reality is the europeans get the message on burden sharing. they recognize they have to move in the direction the president has made a point there's a lot of positive things on the nato agenda we're not talking about, the london meeting is a nothing burger and the meeting with putin isn't going to accomplish anything other than the two leaders talking so i think the hype way overbounds what's actually going to happen next week. liz: well the ukrainian president sure wants to know what's going to happen in that room, has really been quite adimate saying we will get cry me a back and now its been several years already, almost as if things are solidifying and that infuriates ukraine and many others. when we spoke to him in davos and here on the set when he was here for the united nations meeting general assembly he really feels he's a good friend of president trump's. will president trump raise that
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issue, should he raise that issue? reporter: well, official u.s. policy is crymea is part of the policy and that policy isn't going to change there's absolutely complete bipartisan support in the congress to support that position and even if the president wanted to do it he can't, so that's not going to change. liz: just after 9:00 p.m. in brussels, belgium, and don't tell them but france already scored one point in the world cup semi-finals james great to have your perspective thank you so much and you can see that the president -- reporter: thank you, and go croatia. liz: the real under dog here. reporter: there you go, right. liz: you just infuriated every united kingdom viewer we have but that's okay. listen, root for whoever you want. we're going to keep our eye on this convoy of cars and the president heading probably to the hotel here but we do need to tell you this. mission accomplished.
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liz: so we told you that pepsi really launched the earnings optimism we're seeing on the screen right now with the dow up 141 points the s&p up # pepsi is not even a dow component but they smacked their earnings out of the ballpark and then set the tone for the rest of q2 earnings season and folks it's really shaping up at least for now to be a pretty good one. earnings at the s&p 500 companies are expected to be nearly 21% higher than one year ago. bank of america, the latest wall street heavyweight to boost its earnings forecast for the rest of the year, but will corporate america live up to the wall street earnings hype later on in the year, what with all the trade discussion and the tariffs and how that might affect earnings? to the floor show and our brilliant traders at the new york stock exchange, and the cme
3:21 pm
group plus joining us live from london, managing director at tjm europe llp. thanks for staying up late for us so i'm going to let you go first because i know you've had a long day i saw you on varney and you had energy just like you better have right now. give us a sense of how where you are in europe, they're looking at the earnings season for the u.s. and if money there is flowing here in the stocks. >> yeah, you know, the u.s. has been a big enough shining light on a hill. its been the really the big success, look at what our federal reserve has done versus what this bank and the european bank have done. we've been able to raise rates our economy is getting stronger the large part of what they're going to do when he sees everybody in nato is it's not a victory lap because he doesn't have to declare victory on anybody but it's definitely a success lap. we've done well and gotten things turned around in the right direction and europe is still in this quagmire of regulation and slowing economies
3:22 pm
and they're talking about raising rates next year that's how far behind they are. liz: yeah and i know that and the fed is always sort of that hidden or not so hidden danger. john, looking at what happens now, i saw a report that said that now it's almost a sure thing we'll have a recession in the next nine months, plus it is a sure thing we'll have a recession many of them before the end of all of our lifetimes, right? >> absolutely, i mean historically over time if you look at patterns in the past they are going to be reflected in the future but the best thing we could do right now is just look what's directly in front of us and what's happened in this last quarter. economic data has supported this rally and this market. i think president trump has the and will have the ability to to the his success through europe because it stands up right in the numbers we've seen here whether you agree with them or not. heading into earnings season i think we are going to see a rally continue here. go back to the end of the first quarter earnings season, we were down 1% earnings season historically over time helps and
3:23 pm
boosts our market and we've had a 6% rally since then, so kicking it off with the financials this week is going to be very important to get solid numbers coming out of there. liz: larry what is the one signal you're waiting for that will kind of trigger your thought to take some profits off the table? >> well for me, it's about liquidity. i don't look at pmi, industrial production, even jobs reports per se. i look at them but what causes a recession? it's really when a creditor wants their money back and so the lack of liquidity which actually liquidity is really good right now, high yield, credit yields are nice and wide, so that is the trigger for me. i mean don't get me wrong. i definitely look at all of the data but when it comes down to a recession to me, we'll get liquidity factors first, i think , we're in excellent shape right now with regards to that. liz: gentlemen, thank you, scott you get to watch tomorrow the uk
3:24 pm
versus croatia and you've got a horse in this race? >> well, i'll give you a clue. i do have a british passport number one and my wife is serbia n, so we've got to go with england don't we? liz: oh, my. thanks, guys great to see you, scott. >> thanks, liz. liz: thanks for staying up late out there in london. we appreciate it. boeing flying high and this is significant. boeing is among the leaders of the dow 30 at this hour, after the world's biggest airplane manufacturer slugged off any kind of concerns about tariffs internationally and reported its first half orders more than doubled those of its main competitor airbus and boeing recorded 460 net aircraft orders while airbus got 206 orders so with the stock jumping 1 2/3% investors are buckling for the long-haul, if you bought boeing earlier today you're up 68%. up next the pick is in president
3:25 pm
trump selected judge brett kavanaugh last night as his nominee for the supreme court but where does kavanaugh stand when it comes to business both big and small? adam shapiro live from the white house. he's been following kavanaugh as he walks through the halls on the hill, "countdown" coming right back. but nothing says "we got married" like a 12 ounce piece of scrap metal. yo! we got married! honk if you like joint assets. now you're so busy soaking up all this attention, you don't see the car in front of you. and if i can crash your "perfect day", imagine what i can do to the rest of 'em. so get allstate, and be better protected from mayhem. like me.
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liz: the near impossible has been pulled off in thailand that entire team of trapped soccer players and their coach have now been rescued all 12 of the kids of team wild bore as they're called are now out and they are receiving medical care after a daring high stakes operation that involved hundreds of driver s, military and international doctors who helped extract the kids from the mile- long flooded cave they had been stuck in for more than two weeks. little bit of an epilogue here. remember yesterday we showed you this but fascinating video corps of engineers from elon musk's
3:30 pm
spacex testing this kid-sized submarine they rushed to build that uses a liquid oxygen transfer tube of the falcon 9 rocket they were testing this thing and i was breaking out in a rash they used it as a hull. put being offered it up and his engineers to the rescuers in thailand desperately working to free the young soccer players trapped in that cave, folks it turns out elon musk went to thailand to the mouth of the cave to personally hand deliver the mini sub now named "wild bore" after the kid's soccer team. in the end rescuers didn't end up needing to use it but musk was the only ceo who flew there from the u.s. to help and some of these pictures actually are from his twitter feed of him emerging from the cave. of course he didn't go all the way in but he did later tweet, " great news, that they made it out safely. congratulations to an outstanding rescue team" and by the way, with all the money and effort invested into that mini sub he left it there at the mouth of the cave in case god
3:31 pm
forbid, this ever happens again. now, elon was making the unscheduled stop in thailand because he was headed in that direction to china to conduct serious business. musk was also the ceo of tesla was there to strike a deal to build a brand new tesla plant in china. shares of the electric car company are trading up a full percentage point today slightly off the highs of the session, but this plant, this will be the first tesla factory outside of the united states, will be built in shanghai and will double the size of tesla's global manufacturing, the news comes just a day after the company had said its been forced to hike prices of its model x and model s' sold in china, by some $20,000 a piece after china imposed retaliatory tariffs on american imports, so on the one hand, he's getting some paint on all of this but on the other he just struck that deal so we'll keep an eye on all of this take a couple years to get it up and running but let us get to washington d.c. for the moment
3:32 pm
supreme court backlash in swing as the president's new nominee brett kavanaugh visits the hill. democrats are vowing to stop president trump's supreme court justice nominee with a confirmation fight only just beginning. democratic senate minority leader chuck schumer underscored this saying he will fight the kavanaugh nomination with " everything he's got." adam shapiro with everything adam's got at the white house on the latest on this brewing war. adam? adam: well they're going through all of the rulings that judge kavanaugh issued when he was here on the district court in washington d.c. and remember this is a man whose already ruled in favor of business against regulatory over reach by different government agencies. in the past he's said that for instance on statutory interpretation that "imprecise and uncertain" and he's also said this is a quote from the judge the lack of clear congressional authorize matters so these are the kinds of things they're looking a the from his past but of course the democrats are going to pull out everything they have to try and stop the
3:33 pm
nominee and one issue is his position in an article, not a ruling but an article which raises the question of whether or not a prosecutor can bring charges against a sitting president and what he wrote in that article is that it would be better for congress to act through the process of impeachment but here is what chuck schumer had to say about that issue. >> he chose the candidate who he thought would best protect him from the mueller investigation. mr. kavanaugh was probably the most extreme on that issue of the 25. adam: so the democrats are concerned and want the nominee to vow that he would recuse himself if there was an issue between the mueller investigation and the president in regards to russia. that's one issue, but then you've got mitch mcconnell and the republicans who are defend ing the nominee saying he is among the best choices that could have been made. here is what mitch mcconnell
3:34 pm
said within the last hour. >> we know that if the shoe was on the other foot this was a republican president setting a nomination up to a democratic senate in the middle of a presidential election year they would not have acted. adam: so the bottom line is both sides positioning for the confirmation hearings and the confirmation fight, the administration, liz, is saying that look, on average it takes 66 days from the announcement to the confirmation. that's what they would like to see. they want this to happen within that timeframe. back to you. liz: want and will get, two different things, adam thank you very much. when we come back, more on the trade tif this time at the european union and charlie gasparino.
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liz: google shares are in play
3:39 pm
right this moment we have some breaking news, google shares are pairing to gain for company apparently facing what nicole multi-billion dollar euro anti-trust fine? nicole: that's absolutely right, liz and when you look at the chart you can see that dramatic move here, it popped down, sold off, just under $3 and it's coming back now, as we're getting all the headlines, and the first of the headlines were basically that google is facing multi-billion eu anti-trust fines as early as next week. that spooked investors and you saw that sell-off but you can see that it's now up $1.86 and google can appeal any decision in court, and also, that its abuse is dominance with the mobile operating system of android so this is what we're going to be facing for google but you can see investors now that they can do this appeal you can see as the headlines broke they digested it there was volume and volatility but it looks like it's settling now. liz: that is the keyword here is mobile, this time. it's the mobile operating system
3:40 pm
that is in focus from the eu. this will be interesting to see these things take forever nicole thank you very much. speaking of billions how about $165 billion worth of tariffs? that's what's been levied around the globe so far this year and the european union chamber of commerce is saying this has an impact on the bottom line of many global companies and some companies have the global information services giant walters, the dutch company works with firms across about 180 countries providing everything from tech services to tax consulting. walters client roster you may have not heard of them but you heard of the clients, wal-mart, microsoft and yes even the irs, along with applied materials so we thought let's bring in the ceo who happens to be american, running this dutch firm. we welcome nancy mckinstry. nancy what is it like right now for you a and your clients on the ground whether american or
3:41 pm
european or elsewhere during this tariff battle? >> well for us, we're a company that benefits from any kind of change so the core of our mission is to keep our customers up-to-date on tax changes, legal changes, healthcare changes, and so this has been a very busy time, both between the tax reform happening and the u.s. and a lot of new regulation s in europe and of course the tariffs while not directly impacting walter kluwer , does have customers are clearly concerned about the impact so we are following whatever we can from a regulatory perspective to help inform them. liz: the good thing for you is you don't deal specifically in product that people can touch and feel and have to shift to all kinds of ports. >> exactly. liz: you do services so what are you advising your clients as far as services are concerned which i guess for now that remains somewhat untouched? >> yeah, so at the core our customers are accountants, lawyers, doctors, and what we produce is information and expert solutions, tools they're using every day to do their work
3:42 pm
so a big part of our mission, if you talk to any of our customers the two big complaints they describe is they're being confronted with way too much information and complexity and it's changing all the time so they really look for our support to cure ate that and tell them what to worry about and also looking for productivity benefits. liz: and the united states is certainly adding to some of that uncertainty i would imagine. >> yes. liz: i need to ask you about brexit because yesterday it started actually sunday night quite the upheaval in the uk government where you had both the foreign minister and boris johnson stepping down they don't like the direction these are euro skeptics. what are the people in the rest of europe believe will happen and does this have the potential from where you stand as a business person to affect our markets here in the united states? >> again, from a wolters perspective the uk is not a big market for us so we're not directly impacted but if you talk to ceo's of europe particularly of larger
3:43 pm
industrial companies they're quite concerned about the notion of a hard brexit and so everyone is really looking for certainty so i think that that what's happened in the last 24 hours does not necessarily lend itself to certainty yet and so i still believe that people are hoping that there will be a resolution. liz: well it's fascinating to see because this name might not be familiar to people but it is a publicly traded company and your company has about a 1.75% dividend that's pretty nice. >> yes the company is 181 years old and we have a strong track record not only on the dividend side of the house but also we've had a very large amount of appreciation in our shares over the last five years in particular as we've really become a digital business, so we started as a print company and now we've become almost 90% digital and that has accelerated our growth. liz: the company is wolters kluw er, nancy it's great to have you here. >> thank you. liz: safe travels back to europe where a lots happening there but right here we've got the titans
3:44 pm
of the media world about to collide with the closing bell 17 minutes away the dow up 150, bob iger, rupert murdoch all about to go face to face in one place, sun valley where charlie gasparino is now, he'll join us next.
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liz: yeah, we're like two gondol as passing in the night. i missed charlie gasparino's return from his italian getaway last week though i was with him in spirit and now he's finding himself at the summit of all summit for media, tech and sports, sun valley, idaho about to play host to the titans of the industry including three important people in the media world, comcast chief brian roberts in a pitch battle with
3:49 pm
disney ceo bob iger, to snap up rupert murdoch's 21st century fox's entertainment assets. charlie gasparino joins us on the phone from sun valley and he has breaking news on this. i thought this was done, disney buys fox? charlie: yeah, not quite or we don't know. i mean, let's be clear here we don't know. it's obvious that there's been lots of reports that brian roberts the ceo of comcast has intentions, intentions to up his bid, the bid that disney surpassed and then it was approved the justice department for the 21st century fox entertainment assets that's most of the company except for us, but now, it's obvious brian roberts has let it known he may up that bid, he may not up that bid. the vast majority of wall street and the people here are leaning that he's going to do something, maybe bid for all with a higher bid or maybe part of it we don't know but in any event this is very interesting because we're getting this and i have to give a big hat tip to my new producer
3:50 pm
for basically breaking this story. we do know this, that justice department's anti-trust division , any deal would have to be approved them as you know, liz or at least litigated with them. the anti-trust division is reviewing a potential comcast/ fox deal anticipating that the higher bid from comcast will come. liz: oh, my. charlie: so doj anti-trust is not taking any chances, they believe there's a good likelihood that comcast is going to up its bid for all of fox's entertainment assets and we understand they are continuing to review the potential anti-trust implications of that purchase, if it does in fact happen. if it doesn't happen, it's a moot point they just move on but they are not taking any chances and from what i understand internally they are anticipating a higher bid. does that mean it's definitely
3:51 pm
going to happen? of course not. last minute brian roberts could walk away do something different but from what i understand they're looking at the anti-trust implications of comcast buying all of fox's assets that are in play the ones allegedly going to disney and possibly if comcast bids on the regional sports networks. it's interesting. there's been stories comcast is lying up buyers for the fox regional sports network in anticipation of buying all our assets and knowing they would have to probably given their size get rid of those assets. it's an interesting play that's been out there. doj is not even looking at that. they are saying we're looking at it that comcast still might buy the regional sports assets and they're looking at from what i understand the anti-trust implications of that. i should point out that the doj 's preliminary review comes as comcast plots a possible higher hostile bid for fox that is allegedly going to disney. remember the disney/fox hasn't, the boards of the companies with the fox board has not voted on
3:52 pm
it yet i believe the vote is on july 27th. what has happened pretty efficient manner is that the doj has approved that deal. liz: but where do we stand not about $71 billion, right? charlie: yes, yes, so think about the size to up that bid, brian roberts will have to bid a lot higher and it just shows you how much money is at stake here. we should point out the interesting thing is that fox chairman rupert murdoch, fox is 21st century fox as you know owns fox business and fox news. he's at this company conference, so is bob iger, the chief of disney, so is brian roberts and from what i understand brian roberts and bob iger aren't on great speaking terms these days, and i'll tell you liz, deal talk is rampant here, all the major ceo's are here as i reported earlier on cavuto. sin clair, there's a deal going right now to buy the tribune
3:53 pm
assets a lot of people think that could be done getting the seal of approval from the fcc as early as friday. one of the top executives of sin clair could be here as well, so they're all here. i thought i saw jack dorsey, the ceo of twitter, the tall good looking guy with a beard sitting next to me at lunch. i've been told by people close to twitter that was not him. liz: no he's not that tall i don't think so. charlie: i know how much you love him. liz: well listen we were the first network to put twitter on the air back in 2008 during our first three days in the valley coverage, so yeah, i think highly of him. charlie: it's on the ipo, right? liz: oh, yeah. charlie: but that was -- liz: more than $45 right now. charlie: but that was the other dude that was costello running. liz: right, yeah yeah. charlie: jack dorsey is back
3:54 pm
running. liz: are we going to see you tomorrow? charlie: tomorrow, well i'm going to try not to get arrested by the way that cop, he's a new york city cop that threw me out he was a security guard. he started with us that wasn't me starting with him. liz: you guys were arguing about sports. charlie: he got in my producer's face and by the way i'm very protective. liz: and you're also supportive. charlie we'll see you tomorrow. thank you so much we appreciate the breaking news. six minutes to go before the closing bell rings off the highs but still up about 138 points. it's the nasdac that just lost almost all of its gains, and it's still up about two points but we're going to watch that in a second. stay with us. is demanding. and that's why small business owners need more. is demanding. like internet that's up to the challenge. the gig-speed network from comcast business gives you more. with speeds up to 20 times faster than the average. that means powering more devices, more video conferencing, and more downloads in seconds, not minutes. get fast internet and add phone and tv
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for only $34.90 more per month. comcast is building america's largest gig-speed network to give small businesses more. call 1-800-501-6000 today. . . .
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liz: breaking news. [speaking french] france won semifinal world cup game against belgium. this video literally just in seconds ago from france. this is the hotel deville.
3:58 pm
they are probably hitting richter scale like the mexicans did when they won early in the world cup series. i am hoping that is fire work, not actual fire. meantime congratulations to france. it will play the winner of britain versus croatia. 16 years ago paypal went from $1.5 billion but today paypal is word e worth more than goldman sachs. is wall street's center of gravity moving west? he thinks so. he loves paypal and goldman sachs. halo investment ceo is here. cofounder of redbox and online brokerage option trading box. we like new names, goldman is pretty august one. why both of these? what is the common thread? >> liz, first, thanks for having me here. what is real interesting is that, paypal is actually, you know, is doing things that banks
3:59 pm
used to do traditionally. likes you said, went from 1.5 billion to 100 billion right now. it is doing a a butch of acquisitions. it is on the hunt for another three billion dollars in acquisitions over next few years. i can see paypal growing really big, globally. what is also really interesting about paypal it is going into more than just payments. if you want to look a proxy what paypal will be, a food company to look at ant financial, which is alibaba's financial company in china, valued now at $150 billion. ant is in a bunch of different areas beyond just payment and lending. you can see the same thing with paypal. paypal doing acquisition to expand capabilities beyond payments to possibly invests,
4:00 pm
trading, other aspects. liz: yeah. >> goldman is -- liz: we've got to run. we're hearing the closing bell. closing bell rings] we'll put all the picks up on triple-digit gain for the dow jones industrials. melissa: there you go. global intentions can not stop a booming economy at home. investors focused on strong earnings season. the dow ending up 141 points. near the session highs. s&p 500 higher. nasdaq turns negative for final hour of trading. looks like we'll close in the green there. time from melissa francis. david: david: hoorah. i'm david asman. this is "after the bell." here is what we're covering for you in a very busy hour. putting pressure on the allies. president trump landing in brussels, belgium moments ago, ahead of two day nato


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