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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 11, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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circumstances. charles: got to leave it there, here is lou. lou: good evening, our top stories, a supreme court showdown in the senate already underway. while republicans are praising president trump's nominee, the lunatic left making it clear they will stop at nothing to attack and obstruct one of the finest jurists of this generation. we'll break down brett kavanaugh's road to confirmation. jajohn malcolm with heritage foundation with us. and president trump confronting eurod di deadbeats on their own
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turf. and meetings have not even started yet. >> they don't -- i have the uk which is been turmoil, and i have putin, frankly putin may be easiest of them all, who would think. lou: new revelation about unacompany mid minors at border, obama administration turns out allowed them to pour over the worlder, hundreds turned out to be drug smugglers, gang members and rapists. our top story, battle lines are drawn in senate in the confirmation fight for the president's nominee, judge brett kavanaugh, the democrats have very little chance of derailing his confirmation.
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does not mean it the not stop them from making a lot of noise. mike emanuel with the latest. >> i think that president made an outstanding nomination, we look forward to the confirmation process. in next few weeks. reporter: senate majority leader, white house and judiciary chairman' kavanaugh confirmed swiftly with new supreme court term to start? october. >> we'll have a thorough process, hopefully it appreciate. reporter: democrats already warning they will want to take their time to comb through cav kavanaugh's extensive paper trail. and senate democratic leader say that kavanaugh it a threat. >> a nominee to the supreme court who would undo roe v. wade, undo the health care so many people didn' depend on.
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>> president found a supreme court nominee on record saying that president should not be distracted with criminal investigations and prosecutions while in office. >> judge kavanaugh, if justice would be swing vote in deciding whether he could pardon himself. get out of jail free pass. >> mr. warner -- reporter: republicans margin for error is slim. senator mccain's brain cancer means it will likely be a 50-49 majority for g.o.p., and there is expected to be pressure on murkowski and susan collins worried about abortion rights. >> i look forward to sitting down with him, one-on-one, where i will ask him the kind of extensive questions that i have asked all of the other 5 justices of this supreme court. reporter: also a lot of pressure on red state democrats up for
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reelection in november, top republicans predict 3 will vote for kavanaugh, senators donnelly, high camp and mansion. >> i know what i feel in my heart is right. look at this. diseustudy it, go over concerns. >> i have not got an opinion formed yet. that will happen over next month or so. reporter: pressure campaigns are only getting started, it promises to be a long hot summer for democratic lawmakers being kmart betweecaught between the e and conservative constituents. lou: thank you very much mike emanuel, and also caught by desire to retain their seats in u.s. senate. our first guest to talk about whether the president delivered on his promise to choose a nominee with impeccable jurist credentials, ron desantos.
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on the judiciary committee, and republican candidate for the governor of florida. were you surprised? reporter: this guy is a top flight intellect, he has a impeccable pedigree, i think it will be hard to justify other than rank partnership why you would -- partisanship why i would vote for anyone other than this. justice thomas is a constitutionalist, he is able to articulate that. then a backbone of steel, clear this kavanaugh is a constitutionalist, he can brilliantly articulate the key principles, and i think we have to see will he be tough like thomas. i hope so. we really don't know these people until they are actually
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seated on the bench. lou: that is the truth, despite all of the otherwise. it is very difficult for any president to be certain it is impossible for him to be certain what a justice will do once sitting on court. this, as you say, this man has an impeccable record from the bench, his decisions 300 of them, 300 writings on his decisions, rulings they are -- it is an extraard or volume, instead of being a liability to me it appears to be a weighty advantage for him. >> i think so, he is very strong on enforcing separation of powers, what justice scalia was insisting upon. and reigning in bar bureaucracyd
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he is strong on second amendment, construes it at an individual right, and willing to apply that broader than other liberal justices on the dc circuit, i think it is a very impressive record. look. donald trump had an impressive record of appointing not justin uptons to supreme court but appeal court judges, he put out a list, he made promises to the voters, he has delivered. i think he has revolutionized the way it will happen, no one will be able to run for president in future without doing a list and committing themselves same way that president trump has done. for a year and a half, for the record that he has, i think it will is unsurfaced in modern american history. lou: to the point. you talk about an impeccable record this president has an extraordinary record in every single aspect of presidency,
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agenda, foreign policy, domestic policy. you name it, president trump has done it in less than a year and a half. less than two years, i mean it is amazing. to watch these rather shallow, and if i may say, inadequately gifted senators from the left. like chuck schumer holding forth on president's motivations and pronouncing this nonsense, they look like abject fools the way they are behaving. >> they are a lot of conspiracy theories, these same senators were flapping their jaws about collusion between trump and russia after the election. and where is that evidence? they will find whatever they can to view the president as negatively. lou: it turns out that evidence we may know where it is. this just in on "lou dobbs
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tonight." it appears to be residing on a democratic national committee server, location of which the fbi seems to have lost. it amazing what we're witnessing here. from democratic party from the left in this country it is abject and complete corruption. >> i think what that is doing, that is one of the reason yes, the president is consolidating so much support, you look at his poll numbering, they are designs to reflect negatively on him, but polls are going up, i think people look and say, wait a minute, this guy is getting results, people have jobs now incomes are going up. all the democrats' to do abolish i.c.e. and russia solution, they are divorced from things that matter to the american people, and president has been focusing like a laser on those core
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issues that matter to voter. lou: you will be focusing like laser i amsur i am sure polica a page. i have to say republican party is starting to aggravate me, the leadership in particular the house, but also senate, this is a time for transparentty is on the part of this administration, american people demand answers. i am tired of the u.s. congress, and senate acting as inter lock teres between the american public and the government this has to end. what is going b be gained by having strzok and page mouth a bunch of untruths to u.s. congress. >> look, lou, you are speaking to the choir. i think what strzok's testimony will show, i've not seen a
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witness as arrogant as he is. we did the deposition. lou: that is saying something. >> yeah, you will see, american people will look at him, he will not be a good went, he will trip all over his guy. lou: we -- can't look at him it is closed-door. >> not for strzok. this is why i and some of my colleagues have been pushing for a second special counsel for te dog and pony show? to what end. we need a special counsel so strzok can be hill accountable, and comey, and mccabe, we don't see it because attorney general and justice department have not been willing to hold these people to same people -- same standard they held rest of the people to. >> are an parent, a jag officer, andy mccarthy, former federal
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prosecutor said yesterday, that congress needs to put a committed and knowledgeable prosecutor forward in those committee hearings so there will be no doubt what so ever that there is follow-up, that there is a holding accoun aible of arf the withins and no more answers -- all of the witnesses and no more answers that are bs . >> and about what strzok did when the deposition, he refused to answer a lot of the questions, she sai she he said - he said that fbi council would not let him answer, if you play those games you need too hole hd them in contempt of congress, there has not been enough members, i'm willing to do it, there are others, but not enough
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members willing to impose a sanction on misstatements or false statements or lack of cam compliance, until you do that, they will keep playing the games. >> have you said that to your speaker paul ryan? who is as best i can determine indiffident to outcome. >> we have, that is why we passed that deadline, it was not met, now question is -- >> i bet there will be blood in the hallways of congress as a result. >> we need to do something, lou, i'm pushing forward as hard as i can. lou: i know you have. >> at the end of the day, if we're not willing to do it as a whole body, american people will continue to be frustrated, i am, i know that public is too. if they try to pull that stuff they you'll never get away with
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it, yet some of the high government officials operate under different rules from the rest of us that wrong. lou: it is wrong, and you know what else is, as you know, have you been at forefront of this fight for tra transparency. but what is really appalling is that republican congress in house of representatives is putting up with a lame duck speaker instead of throwing his sorry self out of that post. i mean, good lord almighty. you are a patient man ron desantos. >> i had no idea you were ready for paul ryan to go. why didn't you tell me that sooner. lou: i forget to send you the memo. i hav have a man of nuance thati maintain my reserve. congressman great to talk with you, the best of luck. >> thank you, lou.
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lou: breaking news, trump administration announcing -- this is quite a development. this breaking news, more tariffs on there way, trump administration anointing another $200 billion in tariffs on chinese exports to united states, they will go through a two month process, as is required. we now have $2 34 billion in tariffs again the chinese, first 34 billion of goods to place tariffs, to place friday. the next round is expected to apply 16 billion dollars of tariffs on chinese goods, it will be imposed shortly, president threatened as well to implement tariffs a half trillion dollars of chinese imports -- excuse me. chinese exports to the united states. last week china imposed itself own dollars billion retaliatory
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tariffs gain the united states, i think you can take it, that president is displeased with the response of the chinese. to his demand for balanced and fair trade with all of our trading partners. that will require an attitude adjustment, you can take it to the bank on the part of the chinese. >> up next, left wing outrage breaking out moments after the president nominated brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. even before he was named. we'll take up that with john malcolm of the heritage foundation, stay with us. more ahead. we'll be right back. i joined the army after 911,
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cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog
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to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury, um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau. so, i had to prove 'em wrong, which i am doing to this day and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal.
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lou: president trump grabbing full pardon to two oregon ranchers who were charged with setting fire on public land. one of the worst travesties of justice, these two men, father and son. and family had to go through this. this was a in my opinion a -- everyone associated in the prosecution of these folks to me should be held accountable. >> in within 12, 2012, they wed
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guilty of arson because they were doing a burn on grazing land. good on president trump for doing so. trying to right that wrong under the obama administration. national left wing media hysterical over the president's nomination of brett kavanaugh to the supreme court. oh, my gosh. the little darlings, here they go. >> slamdunk. >> in the trenches with conservative against clinton. >> cul cut his teeth on the star report, moved in right ring legal circles. >> how do you think he feels? he never got the moment that kavanaugh will get. >> a president under investigation, for possibly colluded with a foreign adversary decides who will make our policy for next generation
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is absolutely insane. lou: there is some insanity. she was looks beyond it. joining us john malcolm, vice president for institute of constitutional government at heritage foundation, great to have you with us. heritage foundation and federalist society playing a person role in creating that list of 25 names from which the ha--president has been working o great applause for choices he made, two already, to the supreme court. kudos to the heritage foundation, and to the federal society. it is important work, never been to my knowledge done certainly this publicly. and the president to what degree are you surprised he has been great fitted fidelity to the list. >> did you very much, at the end of the day, it is the president's list.
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ways hous white house won counc. as congressman desantos said, president and white house council focus like a laser. realizing this is longest lasting legacy of his presidency, he has done a superb job. kavanaugh will be outstanding once confirmed. lou: i am sure have you heard commentators from national left wing media. your response, back to into robert fort. we've seen a -- you know some of it reasonable echos of the 80s, which bork was borked. here we go again. republicans this time, have the
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fire power to push through the president's choice. >> i think that is right, this is a very slim margin with john mccain essentially out of pock net arizona -- pocket in arizona, a 50 to 49 majority. it will be a battle royal, replacing anthony kennedy who has been the swing vote. and democrats throwing as much mud on the wall to see if any of it sticks to kavanaugh, i don't think it will, and scare tactics with roe v. wade. judge cav ne kavanaugh has an outstanding pedigree. you know, you could go on about what an outstanding judge he has been for the last 12 years. he will handle himself well during the confirmation hearing. lou: as i would expect from
4:25 am
anyone on the list, you all played a very important role in assembling. i want to ask you about the left's actual takeover of the country's judiciary. its prosecutors, in found of fact as well as defense establishment of the legal profession. i would like your reacted to what you can do and how long it will take to make that happen that is, conservatives, retake the judiciary. >> yeah it will take a while, so, when barack obama took the oath of office, two of 13 federal courts of appeal had a majority of democratic appointees, i believe by time he left office it was 10 of 13. you saw a lot of these courts had been reli reliably conservae take a left ward tilt. the president made a healthy
4:26 am
down payment in his first year in was on the. he has done outstanding job with the judges. lou: based on what you are saying, we can expects the conservatives to have domination in judiciary and legal profession in next 6 1/2 years of this president's time in offers. >> i hope so. lou: thank you, john malcolm. >> good to be with you. lou: wire on -- we'll be taking up mueller and his team of partisan hacks, 13 angry democrats, coming up here next, stay with us, we'll be right back. [birds chirping, drum stomps] force the world has ever seen. but what does it take to bridge the distance and keep them connected to family, home and country? what does it take to strengthen our service members
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♪yeah, i would fight for you♪ ♪i'd lie for you ♪walk the wire for you ♪yeah, i'd die for you ♪you know it's true ♪everything i do ♪i do it for you lou: michael flynn sentences is again delayed as he continues to corroborate with robert mueller appearing in court, his legal
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team asking for expediting, this time flynn pled guilty in december for lying about his contact with the russians. >> well joining me now former deputy assistance attorney general tom dupree. >> thank you. lou: there is this tha nonsenseh the left. that aversion to president trump, despite his record of acompany blu plish am a-- accomplishment, achievement and appointment of neil gorsuch, now judge kavanaugh. why in the world is it to democratic benefit to carry out this scorched earth policy of theirs. because it looks like he assured of all but assured of confirmation. >> yes, lou, i too was surprised
4:32 am
by the vi -- with which democrats have all right attacked brett kavanaugh, i believe he is untouchable. the contribute itc criticism let him is not going to stand up to scrutiny with people read the thoughtful, measures writings, he is a smart, measures modest judge. it will come through, if democrats think they are getting strategic advantage, they have miscalculated. >> i don't think they have a strategic advantage in anyway politically in this country right now, they are revealing themselves for what they are, petty even -- venomous, partisan without relief, relentless in their ignorance. this is mind boggling to see a
4:33 am
party under chuck howard, decke- during -- and nancy pelosi self destruction. >> they would impose anyone that the president chose, they already had a preprogram line of attack. i think people severely can fairly dispute or disagree or argue or quarrel or whatever. lou: nothing fair about it. >> there nothing fair by my point reasonable people can have different views of the constitution, and legal professors can debate, but i don't think that anyone can dispute that brett kavanaugh is smart, fully qualified, and elections have consequences, people elected this president, he made his choice. lou: yet we're still watching democrats for sue a policy of self destruction, spewing venom in every direct irrationaly,
4:34 am
there is no grace to them what so ever. you would think that national interest might conside considerm as a lofty -- might occur to them as lofty goal for their party, but no longer. quickly to joina general flynn. his sentences is delayed again. at who point are we to say to this special counsel, you look peculiar in your pursuit, you and your again angry democrats. trying to defer trial because they are not ready for it they have indicted. this is awful stuff. this leads the president part,
4:35 am
out of it he looks offic. >> my take on this, general flynn situation is peculiar you are right. they have just been kicking this sentencing can down the road for months. we have seen the judge wonder what is going on. on. i we hear about it, there is negotiations behind the scenes between prosecuter and defense council. lou: why is judiciary putting up with this nonsense, i thought ellis would be hero of this and actually hold special counsel accountable employee woo have a judiciary where activist judges for left, don't hesitate to act. and conservative judges walk around breathing through the mouth. >> that is why we need more judge kavanaughs on bench. in this case, with flynn, my
4:36 am
guess that judge may be approaching the end of his teg tillinger -- tether. lou: thank you so much, we're warming righ you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen? liberty mutual doesn't hold grudges. how mature of them! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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lou: pfizer aannouncing reversing price increase on drug, following president trump's criticism that pharmaceutical giant quote,
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should be ashamed. president trump tweeting, just talked with pfizer ceo, and secretary our drug pricing blueprint, pfizer is rolling back price hikes so american patients don't pay more. we applaud pfizer. promises made, promises kept this president doing it like none other in my career. joining us, dean, ed rollins, former reagan white house political director michael goodwin. both fox business contributors, michael start with you, your column this week putting hillary clinton in contention for 2020 race. >> i didn't do it, she is doing it. look.
4:41 am
i have been -- >> i love it when you are modest. >> i have been saving her e-mails, she is up to something this clintons we know it is not charity. lou: it is confirmation that she and bill were spotted on a commercial flight? i would like to know last time. >> >> someone must have had to guide them how to get on and use a seat belt. >> probably 1974 is last time. lou: close. you and i were talking about the president's sister. marion trump, i was talking about, in courtroom, when she was presiding. my wife pointed out, i didn't say whether i was plaintiff or defendant. i want to clear it up for the haters. i was not the believe neither one. i was sitting on the jury.
4:42 am
she was terrific. >> she is retired now, she has been on federal court since 1983, no one knew she was a trump. he was not the player he was turning out to be. >> the leader of the free world? you did not know that in 1983. >> she was the family star. lou: he has been a star. >> he is. lou: all that time. and where we live up in sussex county, new jersey, on the farm. everyone knew donald trump, they knew judge trump-barry. they have a powerful impact it was a small community. turning to president now in brussels. he is about to tell nato he is serious about getting that
4:43 am
spending up to 4%, gdp, what is your problem nato? then this, i know i can't believe these people, europeans in particular the representatives of th the eu are most patronizing ignore an so -- whatever you want to make them, saying you should be more appreciative of your allies, have you so few. who do they think would support and protect them. the ignorance it drives me mad. >> nato of the formed to protect them, not us, we have put a tremendous amount of men, women and resources in nato to make is a success. we have increased our budget in defense. lou: we know we're the good guys. >> he has to keep lecturing them. lou: tell them -- >> one story touting how much
4:44 am
they have increased there are spending because of this, i think half would hit their target of 2% in 2024. that is 6 years away. this is -- >> i want to see 4%. let's get it moving. >> meanwhile they are being cozying up to russians with gas deals. lou: they depend on russia. in pretends. you know. they are what they are. i love theresa may. i mean, there is a prime minister trying to reverse a popular referendum that would have them exit the eu, and she is trying to slow roll it to a problem membership. despite will of people. >> washington post, eye mil.
4:45 am
>> -- we made about 4 calls today. big donors or than willing to contribute, they think it is eye fabulous thing we'll have a conservative court for the first time in in a long time. >> you raised 5 million just like that. >> today. lou: there are a lot of days left. >> most americans alive today have never lived under a conservative court. since war warren appointed by in 53. lou: rehnquist was for two years. >> sandra day o'connor. >> this fifth vote was never reliable. lou: who was that? i don't believe. >> a series of them. lou: you got it thank you, michael great to have you here, great column on even if it was on hillary clinton. red rollins, good work, keep that great america alliance running. >> great.
4:46 am
>> it is educational part of -- >> i get educated of day with you. are you kidding? vote in the poll. do you think that dem's opposition to kavanaugh demonstrates how to authoritarian their party has become. >> up next market continues to rally, rally i tell you! what happened to the trade tensions? our report is next. when you thiu think of,you know,rich,glamour but 5 miles away from the beach there's people who have never seen a beach. i was confused why somebody was in this situation especially in america. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh so when i started joshua's heart foundation it was a key thing to be able to engage youth in the foundation. to help them participate. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh i think passing on the torch and lighting a new flame
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in another person to do good is probably the point of the bigger missions i have. ♪music:aha,aha,aha so we are each making a bigger difference. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh that's it! just giving back and producing love for everybody.
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lou: a lot of folks in our audience have loved ones traveling or working in haiti right now, there a travel warning for haiti. not to travel there. and to shelter in place. as that unrest and violence protest continue. it began i in port-au-prince das ago. they announced they are raising fuel price, there is little information out of haiti, but we'll keep you updated. unfortunately against in haiti. -- against in haiti.
4:51 am
>> on wall street stocks closed higher for a 4 state session, do you up 143, nasdaq up 10. volume 3 billion shares, we have wait until 2021 for next "indiana jones" movie, fifth installment slated for 2019, harrison ford will be 79 years old when the film is released, that makes some of us feel like youngsters, and you know. it will be thrilling to watch harrison ford leave the movie again. fifth installment. listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network. up next, new report revealing obama administration permitted thousands of criminal illegal immigrants into the country. former federal prosecutor sydney powell will join us to take that
4:52 am
up and much my father passed this truck down to me, that's the same thing i want to do with you. it's an emotional thing to watch your child grow up and especially get behind the wheel. i want to keep you know, stacking up the memories and the miles and the years. he's gonna get mine -but i'm gonna get a new one. -oh yeah when it's time for your old chevy truck to become their new chevy truck, there's truck month. get 18% of msrp cash back on all silverado 1500 crew cab lt pickups when you finance with gm financial. that's $9,000 on this silverado. plus, during truck month make no monthly payments for 90 days.
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cuz, um, i thought that was what i needed to do. we got our orders to go overseas and i went to baghdad, iraq. we were transporting a bomb sniffing dog to the polling stations. we rolled over two anti-tank mines, it blew my humvee up, killed my sergeant. after the explosion, i suffered a closed head injury,
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um, traumatic brain injury, loss of a limb, burns to 60% of my body. when the doctors told me i reached my plateau, i did not want to hear that because i do not believe i have a plateau. so, i had to prove 'em wrong, which i am doing to this day and i will still do until the end of my days. i've gotten to where i am at because of my family. and, the wounded warrior project has helped me more than i can ever imagine. they have really been there to support me in my endeavors. my number one goal, basically, is to get close to where i was. i am more than ready to work hard to get to that goal. i am living proof to never give up and i will never give up.
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lou: a judicial watch report showing the obama administration allowed unaccompanied alien members to stream into our country, many of them ms-13 members, rapists and murders. there were nearly 25,000
4:56 am
incident reports that detailed unaccompanied alien children who admitted to belonging to ms-13 committing rapes, drug smuggling and human trafficking. president trump says the solution for our immigration crisis is simple. don't come to our country illegally. it won't be that simple. joining me now, sydney powell, former federal prosecutor and author of license to lie. it's clear that the left in this country conspired to bring unaccompanied alien children at least those who were disguides as children, many of them, thousands of them. and take advantage of the system. the obama administration principle: -- principally making that possible. why in the world can't the just its department, wouldn't the justice department shut this
4:57 am
down? >> i think it could, lou. part of it is going to require the wall, though. we have to have some sort of physical barrier to close off access in places where the border patrol agent can't monitor it all the time. that looks mostly like the desert. they can use different heat sensors and drones and different things to detect the activity. but we need a physical barrier sooner rather than later to stop it. lou: one of the great lies that emerged in the discussion. we can't put up that barrier because some parts of the terrain it just doesn't work.
4:58 am
you wonder, have these people seen a picture of the great wall of china? good brief. a little intellectual integrity would go a long way to helping solve this debate. >> it would also save lives. people are coming here under all kinds of false pretenses. they are putting themselves in the hands of the worst criminals on the earth who are taking advantage of them, abusing them in every way, and many are dying on the trek here. any number of atrocities are being committed among the children being brought here. then you have the ones who are not children coming here to commit crimes. lou: one of the things that has come up, devin nunes, the chairman of the intelligence committee, called for the president to declassify the fisa
4:59 am
request. the fisa request that he called basically corrupt and obviously falsified. the president needs to do this. is in some reason you can imagine that he has not done so? >> other than's perhaps trying to let the process work. but i think we are past that. we need all that information declassified. until the american public can see the documents for themselves, nobody is going to believe anything coming out of doj or the fbi these days. it's just not credible. >> the department of justice has been -- it's now a democratic agency, an arm of the democratic party. so many of our federal courts, but that's the subject we'll have to take up another time. a subject that's becoming more and more urgent as the special counsel goes on and on.
5:00 am
sydney powell, thanks for being with us. we appreciate it. thanks for being with us tonight. and see you tomorrow. good night from new york. >> the united states is paying far too much and other countries are not paying enough. it's been going on for decades and its disproportionate and not fair to the taxpayers of the united states. cheryl: working overnight, president trump rationale is to pay up for defense spending, specifically calling germany for russian gas. the administration threatening china with tariffs. gerri: impacting 200 billion of chinese imports. much of the consumer products in stock prices this


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