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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 11, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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liz: president trump headed to the u.k. tomorrow. we'll be on that story for you. thank you for having us in your home. thank you for watching. "making money" is up next. charles: i'm charles payne. markets stumbled as they couldn't overcome the timeline now for the next $200 billion on tariffs on china. there is a new swing voter in this country. wait until you find out who that group is. president trump's week long foreign trip continues as he plans to head to england in it midst of the brexit turmoil. it was a tense start to the nato summit. this is president trump who verbally sparred with various leaders, most of notably angela merkel.
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he called out her hypocrisy saying she is voicing concerns about his meeting with russia. but continues to do business with them for germany's oil. president trump: germany is a captive of russia because they are getting so much oil and gas from russia. you and i agree it' inappropriate. i don't know what you can do about it now. it doesn't seem to make sense they may billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia. charles: president trump pressed members of nato to double their military spending budget to 2% of their gdp. the president signed a joint statement reaffirming existing commitments. joining me, former trump campaign senior advisor. haley, i saw an article you
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wrote concerning this. you had issues with this for a long period of time. a lot of people didn't realize the depth of germany's deal with russia for oil and how other members of nato like poland think it's offensive. >> russia's control of the energy markets in the e.u. have been going on for decades. it needed to be addressed. i think it's great the president tackled it head on. >> with it comes to natural gas, in america, $2.81 in the e.u., it's over $7. why can't we have liquefied massachusets natural gas deals with the e.u. and they don't have to pay russia. we are paying 62% of nato's
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budget. why do we come to the rescue over and over again for them to cut such a lucrative deal with russia. >> i think the president bringing that up this morning was a great way to start this narrative and get answers to those questions. in 2011, the part of the u.s. government that approves energy exports only had four export applications. this year it's up to 14. i think we are at the beginning of seeing that start to happen. charles: even the nato general secretary admitted this germany deal russia was something of a mistake. angela merkel can say it didn't happen on my watch. there are some german officials who have lucrative deals tied to
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this. there is any way to fix? it. >> energy stability is part of national security. if i was running germany i wouldn't want to be at the behest of vladimir putin turning my lights off the when i didn't give him what he wanted. charles: ford o'connell and david nelson. ford, let me get your thoughts. after those comments we had on the screen, trump said germany we are supposed to protect you against russia and you make a deal with russia. i call that a mic-drop moment. >> it was a mic-drop moment. germany is a captive of russia because they get 60 to 70%.
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when you only have 5 of the 29 members paying it, and germany not paying their fair share. you are basically asking america to protect germany and entire e.u. from russia. charles: the economic ties. this brings us back to the trade battles. you know president trump is linking the two. >> i think they are. and this just dollars and cents. if you add shipping costs. it's likely to be more expensive for germany than it is. the differential right now is about a dollar. so they are likely to go for the cheaper gas. they have done this for a long time. 1.24% is what they are paying. trump comes over the top with a
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double on that because -- i think that's just to get the conversation going. charles: i don't think they are going to do it. i think it's extremely unfair to the rest of nato's members. think about greece. greece is paying much more of their gdp. these guys went to the bankruptcy and the pain and humiliation, and germany benefits more than any other country in europe from the cheap euro. >> you see 15 countries come out with a plan to get the 2%. three said we can't do it. they can't do it. they are not even going to try. charles: i think his message was heard loud and clear. there are a lot of americans saying if nato was designed in 1949 mostly as a defense mechanism against the old soviet threat, is it still even a
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viable organization? if these countries aren't living up to their promises, look at germany's military readiness, it's in shambles. >> president trump is the number one person we want at the forefront much these discussions. he runs the profit and loss sheet. he wants the answer to why we are paying all this money and what we are getting in return. the subject of natural gas coming up this morning. when he's on this tour beginning on the heels of this meeting with vladimir putin i think we'll see a lot shake out and different answers to these narratives. >> i do totally agree. president trump is standing up for america and nato and he's tackling a problem with the devil, obama and bush. the 2% gdp on defense. it's about skin in the game.
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it tells me who is truly concerned about their defense. guess what, america, we want you to protect us and we'll thumb our nose at you, and we do need nato. it's not longer just about russia. it's about china. it's about what's going none the middle east. yes, we need allies and friends but everyone needs to be marching to the same tune. charles: china's military spending is going through the roof. the impacts on the markets. my main proxy for this. liquefied natural gas was down 3% today. >> i think it market is saying it's not going to happen. to ford's point, chain today is the problem. i would like to see the president tie the two together. tie nato defense together and come out with some kind of win. the american public needs to see
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some battles won. you will need some support at whom. right now we don't have a win because we are going for the long ball. >> short term. >> get some points on the board. charles: president trump was in brussels to discuss nato. but it seems the shadow of russia is looming large over these talks. we'll discuss that next. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured
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to deliver consistent network speed across multiple locations. every corporate office, warehouse and store near or far covered. leaving every competitor, threat and challenge outmaneuvered. comcast business outmaneuver. charles: breaking news from comcast. they raised their offer for sky
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after fox raised its own bid. will will apply the value of the fully diluted shares of sky, the fox offer was $32.5 billion. our very own deirdre bolton is at the conference in sun valley, idaho. it's all about russia which came up multiple times at the nato conference in brussels. he seemed to be referring directly to vladimir putin. but their summit in helsinki is drawing closer and closer. president trump came closest to critiquing putin when he signed a joint statement condemning the annexation of crimea in ukraine.
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gina loudon, political analyst and member of the donald j. trump for president advisory board. i think president trump turned the tables a little bit by blasting germany and the economic deal, this energy deal they have with russia. the idea that he's friendly and hasn't pushed back against russia despite arming folks in the ukraine and getting rid of a lot of diplomats. but also pointing the finger to europeans. you are giving vladimir putin tons of cash, billions of dollars. >> this was a game changer. this is proof this president is going to have none of it as far as the united states getting ripped off on the world stage anymore. it also dismantles the entire argument that this tone deaf
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media is proliferating that there is any sort of trump-russia collusion when trump has hit russia and anyone doing business with russia today. i don't know how they can continue their ridiculous narrative. charles: president trump is suggesting -- is taking heat for suggesting we could have a friendly relationship with russia. but i remember hillary clinton and the reset button. is there there anything wrong with that? >> there is nothing wrong with having a diplomatic talk with a leader like that. it's better than ranting on twitter. i hope president trump is as tough on putin and kim jong-un as he was on germany and the u.k. today. charles: what would you like to see? what would be evidence of that toughness for you? >> i would like him to call but
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continue out for we did to our elect and democracy. they are trying to undermine that evident. i hope he's as tough on putin. it's fine to have diplomatic talks. but we are not going to be pushed around by this. >> if you are so concerned about foreign meddling why do you want to have open borders? and let's remember the reset button hillary presented to the russians was a misspelled reset button. you can't take what trump said about germany doing business with russia as a direct hit on germany. this was an affront to russia. he's threatening the business of germany. charles: would you you like to see trump have a communique saying russia attempted to meddle in our elections. even beyond the former soviet
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union, i think they have grand ambitions and europe is helping fund those ambitions. >> when he talks about raising the funding going to nato from each of the countries. if you are such a big fan of this, pay a little more and put your money where your mouth is. last but certainly not least is threatening their business saying germany, you need to stop doing business with them. that's a direct message to vladimir putin saying if you want to be part of the club, you need to play by the rules. that is a direct mess imagine my opinion. >> the u.s. used to be the glue holding these partners together. while everyone else was look one way, president trump was looking in a different direction. we are the outlier where we are
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creating enemies with our friend. charles: do you have a friend that always borrows money from you, and the first time you said no, you found out he wasn't your friend. >> we are better in numbers than we are apart. weir we have more in common with our nato allies than what separates us. they are fighting alongside us and fighting with our soldiers. it's better to have negotiations and to pick fights. charles: trade tensions with china continue to escalate as president trump laid out a long list of item that will come under tariffs. why are we importing those things from china in the first place? with two times more geographic detail...
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charles: stocks snapping the four-day winning streak as tensions with china continue to
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escalate. the trump administration gave us a timeline on the next $200 billion in tariffs. but as i went through the list, 195 pages, a lot of items. why is the u.s. importing so many of these things anyway? with me to discuss, shelby holliday. and maddy duffler. realistically. vacuum cleaners, dog and cat food. i would never give my dog or cat food from china. orange juice. sewing machines. pistachios. someone tweeted why should
6:23 pm
america be self-sufficient. why do you care about pistachios. why can't we have a goal of being more self sufficient. >> i wouldn't say it's a question of being self-sufficient. we are a global nation and global economy because we do some things very well and we do other things less well. a lot of our industries that require raw materials. but we are the best place to do business. we want to import business here. we want to have people investing here. we want american businesses bringing their income into our shores. we did that with the tax plan that passed the end of last year. now with trade efforts, i don't know what that says to the rest of the world.
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if you stabilize what we had, which was a certain economy and certain investment rules, it creates uncertainty that makes investors hesitant. charles: they have seen 7 million factory jobs vanish and millions of people have become hopeless in this environment. i am not suggesting we want to, you know, be great at everything and make 18,000 things here. what i am saying is we did have a vibrant orange juice market. we can do some of these things here. i know there is a comparative advantage. but to tell me none of these jobs or industries should come back or have a goal of introifg them back, i think it's not right. >> it depend on the industry. orange juice is dependent on
6:25 pm
hurricanes and when you look at cars you want to make car parts here or do you want to make the next generation of electric vehicles. not that you can't do both. but there is the argument that the united states is more advanced and able to produce cutting edge projects. charles: so we start outsourcing the things we didn't think were very good. in 1979 china's gdp was 2%, now it's 19%. >> when you look at the made in china 2025 plan, that's a plan to overtake the u.s. in terms of technology. technology has always been dominated by the united states. when you look at his tariffs, they are aimed at curbing that.
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charles: before we go, maddy. i think it's a' faustian deal. >> i don't think we have two economics for the american public. there is one economy that works for everyone. we haven't had the capital formation you would see and expect from an economy that's growing. the reason capital was on the sidelines? we didn't have a system where companies wanted to invest. and zero incentives to invest and bad regulatory agenda. those things have changed. and we have to make sure the rest of our public policy keeps pace with that. charles: maddy, shelby, i'm glad
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we discussed this. see you ladies later. president trump getting support from hispanics. i'm thinking maybe this could be the new swing vote. we'll discuss that next. like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. [music playing] (ceo) haven't been playing golf this year, i am sorry about that.
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hispanic community than any other. while 42% of people overall said they feel better than they did two years ago. but in the hispanic community that number is 62%. new polls show trump's approval rating among hispanics is rising rapidly. could this be the new swing vote? back with us, marcia catrone and ford o'connell. i want to get your feeling on this. i think it's remarkable. everyone saw that 10 percentage point jump for president trump in the harvard-rare rise poll. we found out 164,000 hispanics came back to the labor force, 250,000 got jobs.
6:32 pm
>> it's hard to argue with the data. everyone has an opinion about our community cares about. but when you look at the harvard-harris poll and data we have been running with 200,000 hispanic data points. sure enough, jobs and the commission what's driving this voter bloc. charles: where are issues like the images we saw and children being ripped from their parents at the border. where does it rank with we expect to impact from your work? >> pew hispanics has been running data and immigration has never been a top three issue. jobs, the economy and education are at the top about of it's an emotional issue that needs attention. but we are 60 million strong. one of the fastest growing
6:33 pm
business segments and we are paying attention to what impacts your own economy for your family and your business. charles: the mainstream media and democrats harp on the fear tactics associated with immigration and the wall, and with ice. many calling for the abolishment of i.c.e. but from an economic perspective which is part of the american dream. i think hispanics are doing extraordinarily wrong. >> i wouldn't do a victory dance just yet. this is just one poll. there are 2.5 million americans that will turn 18 by 2020. and they are organizing now more than ever. organization is just one issue. but we can agree, economy be education, those are top issues for latinos. you can't lump us all into one group.
6:34 pm
democrats or republicans will have to earn that vote. charles: democrats seem to lump everyone into one basket. but it looks like at the same time the tide is lifting all ships. and i'm wondering if the democrats realize that. >> i think democrats and republicans will have to go after this vote like no other. what we are seeing in texas is a huge uprising. latinos are a large vote. they could go either way. charles: new mexico has an hispanic' governor who is republican. >> in 2013 i wrote a book that discussed hispanics would be the future swing vote in presidential elections. we can put this to the test in
6:35 pm
the mid terms. they will be the key votes in florida and nevada. what you are seeing that is scaring democrats is former governor rick scott is doing really well with cuban voters and puerto ricans. in florida where you are talking about cubans and puerto ricans. the key is how the republican party deals with mexican voters, or voters of mexican descent. they are 18% of the vote but only 8% of the mid-term election. there is an enthusiasm gap. charles: how do republicans sell this message? i think they are terrible at it. >> you do have to earn this vote. more than half of hispanics identify as independents. fate 0% of us are concentrated in 10 states it's like music to your ears when you are doing an
6:36 pm
electoral map or look at how it ranks for growth for your business. you have to understand the issues that matter and make an effort to hand out that handshake to the community that's driving most of of the population growth in this country. charles: the major averages snapping that earnings streak. a quick trick that could help you make money. i'll be right back. throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you're trying to lower your very hwith a healthy diet... and exercise. and maybe even, unproven fish oil supplements. not all omega-3s are clinically proven or the same. discover prescription omega-3 vascepa.
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we're all business, mostly. charles: new york city mayor bill deblasio denies he did anything wrong after u.s. customs says he illegally crossed the mexican border.
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charles: the bond market struggles for most of of the
6:40 pm
session. the major indifficult sees not doing too bad. the nasdaq is up 12%. s & p 500 up almost 3%. many believe the market is flat since president trump started fighting back against unfair trade practices. but that's not exactly the truth. index is up 1,200 points since bottoming out on march 23 of this year. and that was the slide of president trump more or less declaring war on the global elite in davos. today's session i way was very constructive and will help us in look for entry points. it could attract some buyers. your big, big number is 24,920.
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call now to learn more. so, howell...going? we had a vacation early in our marriage that kinda put us in a hole. go someplace exotic? yeah, bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. a hospital in bermuda. what? what happened? i got a little over-confident on a moped. even with insurance, we had to dip into our 401(k) so it set us back a little bit. sometimes you don't have a choice. but it doesn't mean you can't get back on track. great. yeah, great. i'd like to go back to bermuda. i hear it's nice. yeah, i'd like to see it. no judgment. just guidance. td ameritrade. charles: now more on that breaking news for the battle for sky. deirdre bolton is at ground zero in sun valley. dierdre: a bidding war has broken out. some people call this summer
6:47 pm
camp for billionaires. but this latest news that just broke. the bidding wares on for sky. it's 21st century fox versus comcast. we got a width, 21st century fox made a bid for sky. the independent board of directors accepted the bid. now you have comcast coming back with a higher offer, $34 billion. that's what's on offer for sky. you may wonder what's such a big deal about sky. it has 23 million viewers in the u.k. and ireland. so for comcast a lot of analysts will tell you this is the piece of international content and distribution they need. as we know for 21st century fox, the company already owns 39% of it and would like to own the rest.
6:48 pm
this is almost a pinging pong match between rupert murdoch and brian roberts. this is the fourth offer. two from each side in the past 18 months. both media moguls motivated on getting ahold of sky. both brian roberts and brian murdoch are here. they are all here together. they are listening to expert speakers. one of the most of appreciated talks this morning was on crypto currencies. but the side show was the deal making. we have seen a lot of things come together in past years year. going back to 1995 when you had capital merging with disney. you had jeff bezos agreeing to buy the washington post and
6:49 pm
amazon agreeing to buy yahoo. a lot of people connecting aside from the initial conference. the bidding war breaking pout for sky is it serves as almost a proxy for the larger battle for fox entertainment assets. who is going to get it? comcast or disney? as of the moment disney does seem to be in the lead. disney's offer has been one of cash and stock. 71 to 72 billion dollars. for the moment comcast is an all cash deal. a lot of wheeling and dealing. and something i found fascinating is this event is such on lockdown that even made and the staff helping service, they have to sign agreements not
6:50 pm
to disclose anything they overhear. charles: also right after the bell we got news that ca is being bought for $8 billion a share. they are up 16%. ' we want to bring in the editor of capital way forecast. limits talk about this wave of media driven, content driven acquisitions we have been hear being. we haven't seen them yet but we flow they are brewing. >> with fox going after assets,
6:51 pm
sky's content going after sky. cbs will be a big player in this. i think cbs. cbs and via come are trying to get back together. i think cbs -- someone else may become a bidder for cbs. charles: who is at the top of potential acquisition targets. >> i think's right. a merger between cbs and viacom is ill individuals. individuals -- is ill-advised. whoever has the best content wins. that's why the assets are so valuable. charles: a video game league. they sign a deal with disney and abc. it's a huge deal.
6:52 pm
i think the next big deal to fund content will be one of these video game makers. remember the movie rampage. offed at $114 million. it's just an incredible pipeline of potential deals. you can do tv shows off of these. >> the ceo happens to be there also in sun valley. charles: the overwatch folks. what do you think about that? there is not a lot of publicly traded names. >> i think the marriage between video games and movies makes a lot of sense. i am an older guy. i have trouble going a stadium to watch people play video games. '. >> it's reminiscent of marvel.
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charles: if they were playing pong i would go. them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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charles: tomorrow president trump will travel to the u.k. to meet with british prime minister theresa may. trump's visit comes as may is navigating her own political crisis over brexit. gina loudon is back with us. and john, i think this is an interesting time for president trump to be there. you have the people of england, there is a robbery in broad daylight to strip them of what they demand, a firm and solid exit from this relationship with the rest of europe with respects to brussels calling the shots. i think the will of the people is being disturbed and it's a
6:57 pm
shame. >> she has her own challenges with promises made, promises kept. when donald trump sits down with her, he'll try to show some sense in terms of her challenges and steering the ship in the right course. however, what he'll also say, while i understand, i also need an ally with respect to making sure that nato nations contribute amount they need to. and also with trade. they have to solve that and work that out which will complicate the matters for her. but i think they can find that delicate balance. charles: brexit was sold in part to the british people, we'll have brand-new trade relationships with economies that are growing. we won't be held back by having to do business with countries plodding along with excessive regulations and high tax
6:58 pm
burdens. >> we were so excited because we thought this meant that great change and reforms could really happen in the united states. now we see that that great change and reform is indeed happening in the united states, while you can only imagine the way the people in the u.k. feel. they are having to watch their will being sue surped. i just hung up with nigel farage's people and they are spitting mad about this. theresa may lost cabinet members and officials in the country and some people in her own cabinet. charles: she filled a lot of those spots with people who were for remain. they say they have had a change of heart. but we'll see what happens. john, the establishment of both sides of the atlantic pushing back. we saw? in italy when they tried to deny
6:59 pm
the winners of that election some key jobs. and we have seen merkel had to change her approach to immigration because people are pushing back. >> this movement is not just new york and the u.k. it's global. you are seeing a huge grand swell because the grassroots operation is trying to push the power elite to actually move in their best interests. >> i do have to ask you about this balloon. i think it's offensive and childish. i don't know that london represents all of the u.k. but what do you make of this balloon they are going to fly out there. >> now they made a baby balloon of american mayor -- of mayor ke going to approve that? if these leftists care so much about the downtrodden?
7:00 pm
then why are they spending all this money to do this balloon. charles: thank you both have much. we really appreciate. keep it here, the man himself, lou dobbs is next. [♪] lou: good evening. the president challenging the sleepy leaders of nato to wake up. insisting the members of nato fulfill their commit to the defense. mr. trump demonstrating why he's the leader of the free world. >> we are protecting everybody but we are paying a lot of money to protect. this has been going on for decade and it has been brought up by other presidents. but they never did anything about it. i think they didn't understand it or


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