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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 11, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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materials for at least two years, they say. outrageous. lou: thank you for being with us. good night from new york. here,, lou dobbs is next. [♪] lou: good evening. the president challenging the sleepy leaders of nato to wake up. insisting the members of nato fulfill their commit to the defense. mr. trump demonstrating why he's the leader of the free world. >> we are protecting everybody but we are paying a lot of money to protect. this has been going on for decade and it has been brought up by other presidents. but they never did anything about it. i think they didn't understand it or didn't want to get
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involved. lou: president trump calling for tariffs on another $200 billion of chinese goods. the trump administration doing exactly what the president promised as a candidate in 2016, assuring reciprocal, fair trade relationships. we'll take it up with the top white house trade advisor, peter navarro. congress couldn't possibly match the a reckoning seems to be near. congressman matt gaetz talks about the critical testimony that didn't happen today and where the investigation into deep state corruption goes from here. our top story tonight nato leaders punching their --
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unwavering commitment to boost defense spending following a stern lecture from president trump's listen to this exchange between mr. trump and nato secretary-general john stoltenberg. [inaudible] >> it's also because of your leadership because of your message. the president pressuring allies to double their military spending target to 4% of their gdp. the president leaves the nato summit early thursday afternoon before heading to the united kingdom for a meeting with beleaguered prime minister theresa may on friday.
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are their top story of the night republicans now considering whether to hold disgraced anti-trump fbi attorney lisa paige in contempt of congress after page told lawmakers to go to help refusing to comply with their subpoena to appear today for a closed-door hearing. the house judiciary committee now delivering an ultimatum granting page two choices through chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge here with the latest. >> in new in the last are the issue has come to a head. the house judiciary and oversight committee sent this letter that lays out three options. lisa paige can show up in a public hearing with her former lover and colleague give a closed-door deposition friday or face more legal trouble. >> it does appear that lisa paige apparently has something to hide. >> the republican chairman of the justice department and the bureau laid down a marker for
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the former fbi lawyer under subpoena. >> she has been in complete defiance of cooperation with the house judiciary committee and oversight government reform committee for seven months now per chicha complied now before she is in contempt of congress which could happen as soon as friday. >> pages lawyers released a new photo. late last night page and her legal team pulled out blaming the fbi for failing to provide timely access to her notes and records telling fox in a statement there's no -- nothing lisa has anything to hide. then accusing the house, bowling tactics. the chairman counted they had the colin federal officers because paige and her team are playing games. our attorneys have had communications with her attorneys for nearly a month now we send a marshal to her house to serve a subpoena. they had to go back three times before they finally were able to
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reach her. at his weekly news conference the house speaker said page is obligated appear. >> if she wants to plead the fifth that's her choice but a subpoena to testify before congress is not optional. >> two weeks ago fb eye agent peter strauss who had an extramarital affair with page. republicans remained focused on their text messages including this 2016 exchange for a page right trump is not ever going to become president, right? struck responded no, no he's not we will stop it. he still plans to appear thursday before the house panel. the session is public. he wants the deposition release. lou: catherine herridge. our first guest to discuss the fbi and justice department efforts to stop president trump's presidential bid joining
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us congressman matt gaetz who serves on a number of key committees including judiciary budget and armed services. congressman great to see you. congress has just been told to go to again. are you guys ever going to get tired of them? >> i'm pretty tired of it already. lisa paige and traders -- peter strzok are showing the country held guilty people behave. lisa paige ignored a congressional subpoena just like she ignored her obligation to conduct herself with the fbi free from a type of bias we saw reflected over and over again. the inspector general has said the bias of lisa paige and peter strzok cast a cloud over their investigative activities and i think the american people deserve answers. we need to know why lisa paige says now she must win regarding hillary clinton when she was supposed to be investigating her. this is conduct that we cannot stand for. we need answers and we need lisa paige to show up this weekend congress answer questions or she should face contempt.
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lou: facing contempt, then threatened throughout i chairman nunes of the intelligence committee. then threatened by various committees. nothing has happened at this point congressman. we are not hearing anything really, we the people because the hearings are closed-door for the greater part and the witnesses hardly seem like they are being very cooperative. i can't say the questions have been focused like lasers towards getting to the truth but more like getting a soundbite out of a local newscast. >> there is a lot of truth we got out of peter strzok and we'll hear from him tomorrow. what you will be most surprised by his peter strzok's testimony when robert mueller found out strzok was sending a text message he didn't ask about a single one of them. he didn't ask how strzok could hold these views about stopping trump from being president or
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deemphasizing the hillary clinton e-mail investigation said he could make a mountain out of a molehill regarding the alleged connections between trump and russia so time and again strzok showed bias and mueller didn't ask about it which probably means he didn't want to hear the answers. that's the real story that will expose tomorrow. lou: there's another possibility seems to me that could be quite credible and that is that was probably something that robert mueller was looking for to certify his bona fides to be part of the witchhunt that he is leading. >> it would be hard to defend robert mueller selection of the his staff whether lisa paige or peter strzok on the hillary clinton e-mail scandal that were drafted onto the mueller probe or whether andrew weisman who attended hillary clinton's election night party at or jeanie reed who defended the clinton foundation time and
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again. we have a robber mueller fishing out of the never trump aquarium to assemble his people. lou: i have to say give credit to speaker ryan family defending jim jordan. as i said on this broadcast i just couldn't believe that ryan would resist in refusing to acknowledge the man's integrity and a service and finally today speaker ryan steps up and his behalf in the knowledge is to jim jordan is. your thoughts. >> i agree with you. that was right of speaker ryan to do and i'm glad he did it. jim jordan is a man of integrity and these attacks against him are a direct consequence of the outstanding oversight work the jim jordan is doing. jim jordan was not after the department of fbi he would not be dealing with these allegations. they are totally false and i'm confident that to my core. how is jim jordan supposed to
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prove that he didn't know something 30 years ago as a 21-year-old assistant coach. we have to confront it for what it is. absolutely. it's a smear of the worst kind and also when we talked about the proximity to the cause it was only a matter of a day or two from his announcement that he was going to run for speaker of the house that the smear campaign began. >> the timing is very suspect. to me what is the most suspicious is right after jim jordan brought to the floor the question of the department of justice's complete delay in turning over documents it's only days after that when they elevate the contentiousness of that issue. i think they are people who have loose affiliation with a deep state out to get jim jordan and this is the way they are manifesting their hatred for a man who is doing everything to fight for the regular folks in
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this country who want, demanded deserve the truth. lou: a commission that you are on and we appreciate you and congressman jordan. thank you very much matt gaetz. up next president trump exposing the absurdity of the german position in nato. >> we are supposed to be protecting you from russia so why do you pay billions of dollars to russia for energy? lou: why? we will have the answers to that question and the latest round of tariffs on chinese goods, president trump's trade adviser peter navarro joins us next. he don't want to miss you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake. you hear that, karen?
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lou: president trump today's golding and schooling our allies at the nato summit for demanding that we paid to protect them from russia while they also increase their dependence on russia. here he is. >> germany is a captive of russia. they got rid of their nuclear. they are getting so much of the oil and gas from russia. i think it's something that nato has to look at.
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joining us tonight peter navarro popped trade adviser to the president and director of the white house trade counsel. peter is good to have you with us. the president putting it astray for insisting glee as they could be put. germany spending billions of dollars on russian energy while asking for our pre-protection of germany. what do you think? >> germany is a tremendous problem both for europe and for united states. there tariffs on our autos are four times higher in their defense spending is one fourth of what ours is and germany is the wealthiest country in europe spending on defense is much less than most of the other countries. all president trump is doing is pointing out of hard facts and the hard truth and saying hey
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look we are going to change this. and he's holding germany accountable as it should. lou: to watch the president of the united states for the first time raising the need for each of these 29 states besides the united states and five others who are meeting the 2% level to raise their spending and they want stoltenberg to play the fool today acting like it's some sort of irrational request. to demand on the part of the president and for too long and the president nailed it again. he said previous presidents didn't have the guts to deal with the issue. there's going to be a meaningful nato alliance they have to raise their spending on defense. >> make no mistake lou when germany and the rest of europe don't spend enough on defense and we have taxpayers carry that burden they will invest more in
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their private sector a economy grow own economy at our expense so it's a twofer. not only had they not carrying their weight on defense it hurts us economically when they do that. what is more surprising the fact that president trump is calling them out on that or previous presidents happened and it's really extraordinary that donald trump has to be the person to point out that the emperor in europe has no clothes. lou: the national left-wing media does not even understand the problem or at least they feign a lack of understanding or they would be taking up residence view. it's in the national interest. for crying out loud it's not a complex intellectual abstraction. this is straightforward mathematics and it seems to me at least utterly irresistible. i'd like to point out something. germany has had a trade surplus every year since 1951. think about that folks. since 1951.
11:19 pm
who is the mercantilist in this relationship? it sure as heck is that the united states which has been running a trade deficit for the past 43 years and the president to his credit is changing it. i can't believe the simple economic realities which is that trade deficits reduce national savings rate. deficits cut into economic growth and we have lost trillions of dollars with this ignorant attitude on the part of the u.s. multinationals and their lobbyists that it's not a zero-sum game. they are full of it. >> to put it in perspective are trade deficit is $151 billion in 2017. guess what? about half of that is germany and what germany does not only to us is other countries within
11:20 pm
the eurozone and the mercantilist as well. what germany needs to do is spend more on the defense with us and what also needs to do is invest more and buy more from people that are on that continent in other countries and be a better citizen. it's no surprise again that president trump is focusing on germany because germany is a part of this unfair reciprocal trade imbalance. lou: and going with $200 billion more in chinese exports to the united states and 10% tariffs on that over the course of the next 60 days at least. we will see how that works out. maybe xi jinping will come to his senses or maybe he will continue his his nation's mercantilist trade policy then decide to surrender every
11:21 pm
prospect that they have of having an enormous economic engine for the 21st century. >> the core problem lou is over the last 15 years china has used unfair trade practices and destroy their manufacturing industries. what china has promised not to do is to capture the emerging industries of the future using the same unfair trade practices. lou: i just want to insert here unfair trade practices as are you using the word is the theft of $600 billion a year and intellectual property. >> extraordinary. when an american company goes to china they have to hand over the technology to sell and to that market. they invade our export controls and when they ran up that big trade deficit they go to silicon valley and buy up those crown jewels.
11:22 pm
we can't let them do all of this. lou: the president is now being challenged on capitol hill. here is a company that is violated u.s. sanctions against north korea against iran and without penalty now. the president making a decided judgment based on other factors, that his political foreign-policy concerns and interests. where is this going to end because it is building on capitol hill a resistance to the president's giving them a pass. >> two things. it didn't just pop up overnight. it's been around for the last two decades. lou: what was around for two decades? >> zte. what i'm saying here is president trump was the one who is cracking down on this and what i say is it's going to be three strikes you're out. what this administration has done --
11:23 pm
lou: seven years of violating sanctions and there will be no consequence, it's a big deal and i understand you would want to spend those the way you have but that doesn't go to the issue of the political resistance that is building on capitol hill to stop the president from giving him a pass. >> i understand zte is receiving one of the largest in history changing the management structure. it's not like zte is not being punished but i can assure you lou one more step over the line and that will be the end of zte. lou: but you said three strikes and i'm thinking of go no not three strikes. >> like i said heavy fines changing management oversight committee and -- lou: can i say if i may? i'm a simple guy.
11:24 pm
the chinese are stealing $600 million a year in intellectual property and zte gets how much was that find? $1.1 billion? that's not exactly a symmetrical consequence against the integrity of her national security and our intellectual property. >> the president just put another $200 billion worth of tariffs on the people's republic of china because they are stealing our technology. this president is the toughest presidents we have ever had. lou: i'm talking about one issue here. i applaud the president on nearly everything. zte is becoming problematic. >> zte again the president has put on very strong sanctions on them and one more step over the line and that will be the end of that. remember the president was clear about this.
11:25 pm
it's part of broader strategic negotiations with north korea. lou: i appreciate it. it ties good to talk with you. peter navarro. sure to vote in our poll tonight to the question is do you think the democrats are as surprised as nato leaders that president trump has successfully altered the european order of statism, socialism and the silent economic decay for the continent quest? your -- cast your vote @lou dobbs. follow me @lou dobbs tonight. up next democrats in the national left-wing media launching an all-out war against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. we take that up then more with judge jeanine pirro right after the break. where's the picture of the judge we will have her image for you life next. stay with
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lou: supreme court justice nominee brett kavanaugh back on capitol hill today. meeting with key republicans senators including senator orrin hatch who had nothing but praise for president trump's choice. >> expect this confirmation to go well. it there will be the usual attempts to sully his reputation not only in the senate but outside of the senate but he will be able to handle that. i have every confidence he is going to be confirmed as justice of the united states supreme court as he well should be. lou: joining us tonight judge jeanine pirro the host of "justice with judge jeanine" and also the author of the soon-to-be released book liars, leakers and liberals.
11:31 pm
we recommend it to you highly predicates against the anti-trump conspiracy and a host of justice with judge jeanine on the "fox news" channel. it's good to have you here. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. lou: and brett kavanaugh, he is every bit as qualified as neal gorsuch and the impact big -- the attack begins from the left. >> you know what i find fascinating but not surprising is the fact that the left had all the memos ready and all the pr ready and they totally object to judge blank and they send it out just exposing themselves for the fraud that they are. this guy, look we don't have to kid each other. this guy is so qualified it's absurd. he has the credentials. he has the experience. he has the integrity and you know what i loved about him? i loved when i watched them he talked about his mother the judge. lou: you judges stick together.
11:32 pm
>> i was a judge is the mom. and then he talked about his daughter and food pantries and i said you know what? this is the guy next door. lou: this is also quite a remarkable and unique talent. a brilliant fellow. only in america the 21st century would we hear people say oh my gosh we have 300 decisions and rulings by the judge. it's just too many. it will be too much for the opposition. but in fact that's a life's work. judge the man on what he is accomplished sitting there in front of everyone of those senators. they want to use it for destruction rather than illumination. >> it's all about obstruction and destruction and despite the fact that he was confirmed in 2006 they are now saying it's
11:33 pm
going to overturn roe v. wade. it's going to destroy the constitution and i say to myself where have you been since 2006? the guy is on record with three and a decisions. he has been in the d.c. circuit during the obama years. lou: that's the highest court we should point out. >> so is it going to destroy the constitution? loupe andy mccarthy making it clear and i think an absolutely brilliant column over the weekend row v. weight is not the issue. this is what everybody is campaigning against and acting like it's a lack of understanding of the law and decency. >> at least you have narrowed it down to two things. i'm not even sure they know what it stands for but this is point of the supreme court's since when lou have people decided the supreme court is "the people's
11:34 pm
court" that it is subject to whatever bagel razor impulse that people have. the living constitution. let's go back to the judges there. the truth is the supreme court is bound by precedent that i was a judge and i sat on the bench. i understand president and that's what you follow. lou: unless you happen to be one of those activist judges who have been cursed for three decades. the last real conservative court to have to go back to 86 and 87 to have what looks in a prospect to be an originalist court in the majority and that is something that every american should be thrilled with whether liberal or conservative. judges always good to see you.
11:35 pm
all the best of luck with your new book. they sure did tune in with "justice with judge jeanine" every saturday at 9:00 eastern, 9:00 p.m. eastern on the "fox news" channel and though forget to buy her book. go straight to amazon and order. >> come to my book party. lou: excellent. this is not exactly profiling courage but paul ryan the rhino lame-duck speaker finally supports ohio congressman jim jordan but only after the entire freedom caucus rallied behind jim jordan. take that up with the dean ed rollins joining us here next. stay with ♪ [ coughs ]
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lou: lame-duck speaker rhino paul ryan finally defending his perhaps successor congressman jim jordan after throwing jordan under the bus after suspicious smear campaign where jordan ignored the accusations of abuse while he was the coach on the ohio state wrestling team. >> jim jordan is a friend of mine. we have the guys agreed with each other over the years but i've always known jim jordan to be a man of honesty. lou: why in the world did he say that to begin with? it to go out including the support of the entire freedom caucus to move the speaker to do
11:40 pm
the right thing. joining us now for dean ed rollins great american pack chairman and former reagan house political director. it's good to have you here. but start with jim jordan and white took the speaker who said he will wait initially for the investigation. what a chicken move that was. >> anybody who knows jim jordan a great athlete and a great coach totally respected by his colleagues differed with ryan. the critical thing is not to support them 100% when the man has had no issues. lou: a president showing why he is leader of the free world in brussels. he stole every leader there with the exception of five countries including the uk by the way.
11:41 pm
and the rest have been intractable and he's telling it like it is saying germany is doing business for billions of dollars. russia's begging us to pay for their defense from russia. >> we have 37,000 men and women in germany and we have since world war ii. we spend $700 million a year, billion dollars a year which is seven times more than any other country in the world the top seven countries and the idea that we have to go there and basically apologized the russians are on their border and the idea but you were going to take your energy from them because the former german president is the president of the board. i mean they are totally hostage to russia and i'm amazed trump is so friendly with putin. like today he is going to stand
11:42 pm
up to putin to. lou: these lefties on capitol hill. they are after fight. they cannot deal with trump because the original thinker. these guys have never had an original thought in their lives. listen to pelosi and schumer. here's their joint statement on the trump putin nato summit. president trump sprays and insults and denigration of one of america's most steadfast allies germany is an embarrassment. his behavior this morning is another profoundly disturbing signal that the president is more loyal to president putin and her nato allies. they are to the single most uninformed, will be kind of people. >> a starkly foreign affairs are at the waters edge.
11:43 pm
the reality is we have a president representing this country. they don't represent this country be standing strong in backing up what he is said again and he's making our allies behave. lou: there's not a single thing in a statement that is a challenge to the facts. the fact that democratic and republican presidents before president trump have done nothing to alter the disproportionate word in imposed on the united states both in terms of trade and financing the defense of europe. >> we go vrap. we defended germany against the russians for decades. and to a certain extent i appreciate them being allies at the same time rush is on board they are not onboard. lou: by the way this president is leader of the free world. get over yourself angola merkel. daniel macron -- a manual macron
11:44 pm
and is there anybody left in the leadership? thanks so much. up next congressional democrats taking the abolish i.c.e. call, seriously -- crafting legislation to do with the agency. that and more straight ahead. that and more straight ahead. we are coming right still nervous about finding a new apartment? yeah... but popping these things really helps me...relax. please don't, i'm saving those for later. at least you don't have to worry about renters insurance. just go to geico helps with renters insurance? good to know. been doing it for years. that's really good to know. i'll check 'em out. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be. a hotel can make or break a trip.
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lou: mexico's newly elected leftist president will be meeting with top trump officials this coming friday to sit down with jared kushner secretary of state pompeo, treasury secretary mnuchin and homeland security secretary nielsen at his campaign headquarters. perhaps lopez obrador will take a page from president trump's pick book and surprise a lot of people. already lopez obrador has said he will set a -- on the inside of the border so that's going to be interesting to see. and new york mayor bill de blasio possibly violating the law of the land when he
11:49 pm
illegally cross the border. border patrol agents saying de blasio stepped foot over the line narrod i'll pass at texas last month while he was part of a publicity spot -- publicity stunt to test president trump's immigration was better wall street stocks close lower, but down down. nasdaq down 43. volume on the big board 2.9 million shares. a reminder to listen to my reports pretend to dance salem radio network coast-to-coast. up next a lot of lunacy over i.c.e. escalating pushing their open border agenda. we'll take it up with judicial watch president. he joins me here next. we will be right you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen.
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lou: the deputies pushing ahead with their crazy calls to abolish immigration and customs enforcement. that's the democratic party for you these days, folks. joining me, judicial watch president tom fitton. look at the judicial watch report on illegal immigrants children, unaccompanied aliens, you report in 2014, that there
11:54 pm
were nearly 25,000 incidents involving unaccompanied aliens who were admitting to committing violent crimes, drug smuggling, human trafficking, this under the obama administration and far more serious than anything that has happened one accompanied illegals under president trump's administration. >> the evidence of the crisis that took place in allowing and encourage and inducing these people to travel across the border. they see much in the way of minors and children. they talk about being forced to kill people for the cartels. threats of rape, drug use going not facilities where these kids and adults were kept. then you had the government side of it where they were involved using some of those who were
11:55 pm
overwhelming the system. it shows the challenge the trump administration had in dealing with the crisis theying hear ited from the obama administration who got a free pass from the media on causing this crisis. lou: president trump famously saying there were no scandals in his administration, and that must have been because he was reading only the "new york times" and "washington post." because the facts were quite different. fast and furious, irs, you know the list as well as anyone. it'it's bizarre, the claim thate made. and we haven't mentioned uranium one to bring it up to date. >> the question becomes when we watch lisa page simply defy a congressional subpoena, and thumb her nose at the entire
11:56 pm
process, congress right now is demonstrating its incapable of carrying out an effective and conclusive investigation of wrongdoing, corruption. in the justice department or the fbi. it seems like the only possible conclusion that we can reach. >> at this point you don't need to show up at these hearings and take the fifth. just don't show up at all. you might be found? contempt. the justice has an awful record of enforcing contempt charges. this justice department refused to do it against loretta lynch. they refused to do it against eric holder. what congress can do and your listeners might be shocked to learn this and they don't want you to know they can do this. they can enforce contempt on
11:57 pm
their own. if the house found themes individuals in contempt they could ordinarier the sergeant-at-arms to ad they could order the agent at arms to arrest them. lou: that would screw up his access to tremendous amounts of money. he doesn't want to injure his prospects by enforcing the law and doing the right thing. >> we know the leadership of both parties don't want to do this at all. that's why the voters need to be educated about what the congress can do. lou: i know you don't mean it that way. the american people know they are getting screw bid their government. the justice department is telling the congress of the united states to go to hell and
11:58 pm
getting away with it. and the people who need to be educated are the people sitting in office representing them in the house of representatives and the united states senate. >> the leadership needs no education on this. northeast they know what their power -- they know what their powers are under the constitution. if you twawrpt congress and object -- if you thwart congress, they can hold you in custody. they have don't to cabinet officials in the past. it would change the calculation officials make when they thwart congress and play games with congressional subpoenas. we have got to do something. judicial watch does what we next courts. congress has to stand up and support and restore its essential role in our republic.
11:59 pm
lou: i think there are two different issues here. one time i was hopeful they could be solved together. one is the corruption within the department of justice leadership and fbi leadership. and the other is the income tense and innovation of congressional leadership, and i include in that the u.s. senate. i think we have to clean up the corruption at the justice department and the fbi, and i'm not sure the senate and the congress have the power to do it. i think the president will have to take charge of the executive agency and department in order to do it. what do you think? >> i agree. justice department and the fbi are being asked to turn over documents that can incriminate themselves. as agencies they can't take fifth amendment. but they can with hold documents. they are telling us they don't want to give us the page-strzok
12:00 am
materials for at least two years, they say. outrageous. lou: thank you for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: pay up, you dead beats. that was the president's demand if when he con front our allies about paying more for their fair share of defense. the president met with world leaders in belgium. he told them the u.s. is tired of paying the bigger share of nato's budget. he wants each nation to pay 4% instead of the 2% which most of nations don't even do. some leaders are claiming president trump is dividing the alliance and vladimir putin is


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