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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 12, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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materials for at least two years, they say. outrageous. lou: thank you for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: pay up, you dead beats. that was the president's demand if when he con front our allies about paying more for their fair share of defense. the president met with world leaders in belgium. he told them the u.s. is tired of paying the bigger share of nato's budget. he wants each nation to pay 4% instead of the 2% which most of nations don't even do. some leaders are claiming president trump is dividing the alliance and vladimir putin is the on one who is benefiting.
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but president trump had an answer tore that, claiming the germans are being total hypocrites. president trump: it's very sad when germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with russia where you are supposed to be guarding against russia and germany pays millions and millions of dollars a year to russia. so we are supposed to protect you against russia. but they are paying billions of dollars to russia. i think that's not appropriate. but germany is totally controlled by russia. they will get 60% to 70% of their energy from russia. kennedy: the germans aren't happy about the claim they are held captive by russia. but does the president have a point? should the europeans pony up? joining me, utah no mike lee.
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obviously everyone in that room is not used to hearing such a forceful tone. and that's what a lot of people, whether they are pun did or leaders, that's what they are hung up on. but talk about the message the president was sending. is it a legitimate one? >> absolutely. i think we need top have this discussion as americans. we have been footing the bill for the nato alliance for a long time. we have all these countries that agreed to devote 2% of gdp per year and they haven't done that or even come close. they are moving down the road of european-style socialism. and they are expecting us to provide their defense needs. kennedy: a lot of those countries, they can't afford to
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spend 2% of gdp on this defense alliance. that's understandable. but you have to look at where their money is going, and a fact a lot of their economics are in fact cratering. germany's is not. they are doing quite well. they are being hypocritical asking to pay less than 2% and benefiting from open trade with russia. however, what they show is there is peace through prosperity. and isn't that in and of itself a valuable lesson? >> sure. it's something we have always got to take into account. and we have to be cautious not to get sucked into excessively entangling alineses throughout the world. and we have to make sure the allies we do have are pulling their load. we can't be the world's policemen. we have to make sure we are not out there fighting everyone
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else's wars or agreeing preemptively to do that. kennedy: there are those who say the united states mass benefited more from nato in the help we received after 9/11. >> some of that argument you could put into the category, we have enjoyed a certain amount of peace in the post-9/11 era. but that doesn't mean these other nations shouldn't contribute their fair share toward our defense, for the defense of the alliance. kennedy: if they don't want to contribute, we have to ask the question whether nato is outdated and withe with it -- wr it should exist at all in this post-modern era. >> what makes sense for us at
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one time in history doesn't necessarily bind us to that course of action inperpetuity. this is not a sovereign nation. and we have people who aren't pulling their load. we to the reconsider the alliance as a whole. kennedy: i want to talk about the supreme court nomination. you have been very positive about the president's nominee, judge brett kavanaugh. i was hoping you would be the one the president picked. there were several liberty leaning voices calling for the president and appealing to his rationale to appoint someone like you who would be by far the most of constitutional and consistent choice to sit on the high court. obviously as we move forward and if the president does in fact have another pick to go on the supreme court, i think you would
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be a safer bet in more contentious times. you know your republican and democrat colleagues very well and they would be more likely to vote for one who is a logical voice like yours. are you as disappointed as i am? >> thank you for your kind words. they are much appreciated. i don't know what's going to happen in the future. in the meantime i'm representing the people of utah. i'm grateful for that privilege. i'm also grateful for the fact we have the opportunity to fill this seat. judge calf enough is well respected. he has a long, distinguished track record as a jurist. and i look forward to moving him through the process in the senate. >> let, talk about the objections. there are few liberty-minded lawmakers in congress. rand paul happens to be one of them. justin amash is another. i had congressman amash on last
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night, and he's disappointed with the pick. he's concerned about some of the opinions judge kavanaugh has written on the fourth amendment particularly in regards to the nsa. do you share those concerns? >> i'm a big proponent of an aggressive defense of fourth amendment rights. and i share many of the same concerns that motivated justin amash and rand paul in the past to be critical of some of the federal government's practices. like the use of telephone metadata collection. so i have much share the underlying concerns. that doesn't mean this particular jurist, judge kavanaugh would be harmful to those views. i'm still reviewing his record. i don't know he would always reach exactly the same
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conclusions i would reach as a lawmaker. but the rules differ somewhat. in one of the opinions judger judge kavanaugh wrote, he acknowledged a lot of this is appropriately handled by congress and the executive branch. >> there is still more oversight and transparency that's needed. that's why we need you on capitol hill. continue with the job you are doing and a grateful response to the president's nomination. so i lead by fine example. thank you very much. president trump's tough talk at the nato summit did not sit well with former secretary of state john kerry who issued a statement calling the president's comment disgraceful, and saying i quote never has seen a president say anything so strange or counter productive. if if he knows anything about doing strange and counter
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productive stuff. when he was secretary of state we gave iran $200 billion in party cash. should anybody listen to what he has to say? the panel joins me now, including a woman who worked for john kerry. former state department spokeswoman marie harf is here. we have the author of "dear reader," michael malice. welcome, everyone. i can't believe the president said what he said. >> you know who else said that? the republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. the senate voted 97-2 to reconfirm our commitment our nato allies. some of the substance that he
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raised -- kennedy: are they concerned about what he said or how he said it. >> a lot of the concerns he raised are concerns the obama administration raised and the bush administration raised. we have an architecture here that has kept europe and the united states side by side in the post cold war, post 9/11 fighting together because of the nato alliance. everything president trump does continues to chip away at the alliance. in five years or 10 years or when the next 9/11 happens, having that alliance weakened or as mike lee suggested maybe not in existence. vladimir putin looked at what happened today, and he was happy. kennedy: i'm leaning toward the side we don't need nato anymore. >> i wish the left were as hard
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on stalin as they are on putin. the left carry wadder forestalli -- carried waterfor . in 1804 on this day alexander hamilton was shot. washington said we should avoid foreign entanglements. may is to as big of a cold war relic as the national review. even president obama said let's join nato, it would never' pass the senate on its face value. europe can defend europe. kennedy: do you think russia is going to encroach on bulgaria and romania and try to get the band back together again? >> i woke up like everybody else
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did to read the headlines, oh, my god, trump insulted germany. and what he said is absolutely true and he should stand by the. and shame on kerry for trying to divert the issue away from the fact that russia is going to own germany's oil and gas supply. this should not only be on the agenda of nato, but it's a major security threat to the west. recall when russia invaded crimea. they cut off the gas supply to the ukraine. they did so for weeks. the only thing that stopped them was the european nations applied pressure. but when the european nations and germany will be dependent on russia for oil, they won't be able to apply pressure. he's heading up as chairman of russia's largest oil and gas company it's full of corruption.
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kennedy: and cronyism. >> and good on trump for bringing to the attention of the world by stating it publicly. kennedy: you see how implicit corruption is with energy and global forces. we say the with the clinton foundation. >> we also publicly criticized the' pipeline. you can criticize the pipeline and not just crap all over our allies. >> you tried it and nothing happened. people in this country are nothingo no longer shocked by what he is or how he says it. >> germany because of what trump has done and publicly berated the nato allies has upped their contributions. >> they started upping their contributions under obama. kennedy: i would like michael to
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talk. >> at some point this is long overdue. kennedy: i want the president to talk to putin the same way he does with western europe. i want him to talk the same way he does with trudeau. we should have free trade, we shouldn't have tariffs. >> it's going to be a lot more effective to shame angela merkel who is capable of shame than someone like putin who is shameless. you have to act one way in public and another way privately. privately you put pressure on putin. he reveled in the fact that he got to humiliate obama. >> there is hypocrisy that as soon as trump says something mildly negative in public about our european allies everybody
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goes crazy. when was the last time you were in europe and turned on the television. do you see the way they talk about our country and our president? absolutely no shame. we are not supposed to say anything when germany is going to sell its soul? kennedy: the leader of the e.u. bad mouths trump every chance he gets. >> angela merkel and opt i are leaders have been mild. kennedy: angela merck. is passive-aggressive. i hope there are cameras. >> she may not be prime minister then. cern her government is imploding. and it looks like queen elizabeth will get another prime minister. she is the energizer bunny. we'll talk more about the trump-putin summit with ari fleischer.
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first up, trump-hating fbi agent lisa page, an fbi lawyer, was a no-show for her hearing today. house republicans are willing to give her another chance. andy biggs joins me next. ♪ you shouldn't be rushed into booking a hotel. with expedia's add-on advantage, booking a flight unlocks discounts on select hotels until the day you leave for your trip. add-on advantage. only when you book with expedia.
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kennedy: what does lisa page have to hide? she kipped her hearing on capitol hill. some republican lawmakers want to hold her in contempt of congress. page was supposed to testify on her role in what republicans claim was justice department bias against donald trump. the president is not happy. tweeting ex-fbi lawyer lisa page didn't appear to testify before congress. edward lawrence is in our nation's capital with more. reporter: the judiciary committee not happy about this.
12:21 am
they released a harsh statement to lisa page saying she has no excuse for denying her spheen subpoena. they sent this letter saying she is required to show to the open hearing with peter strzok or a closed door hearing friday. they say if she doesn't, they will start contempt of congress proceedings against her. ed the first excuse she had was she was not provided enough time to prepare. the committee said they requested the interview 7 months ago. the second excuse the committee would ask her about materials she has not yet reviewed. the committee said many of the documents at the heart of the production she actually produced. and that it on covers page's
12:22 am
involvementn related to the clinton email investigation and the start of the russia probe. >> lisa page and peter strzok are showing the country how guilty people behave. lisa page ignored a congressional subpoena just like she ignored her obligation to conduct herself at the fbi free from this type of bias we saw reflected over and over again. >> if the contempt of congress cry advertise is issued. it's turned over to the u.s. attorney's office. if they go forward with prosecution she could face up to a year in prison and up to a $1,000 fine. it rarely goes that far, but it could happen. kennedy: as long as rod rosenstein is in charge.
12:23 am
president trump also taking peter strzok to task tweeting, how can the rigged witch hunt proceed when it was influenced and worked on by peter strzok. read his hate filled and totally biased emails and the answer is clear. one of the lawmakers calling for lisa page to be held in contempt of congress, republican arizona congressman and house judiciary committee member, andy biggs. why is lisa page stonewalling here? >> only she knows for certain. but i think she wants to hear what peter strzok says publicly. i think she doesn't want to get in a bind where they are contradicting each other. kennedy: would they get in trouble if they talked about
12:24 am
this. >> no. but they would get in trouble if they are both under oath and they tell different stories. there is potential for trouble there. that's part of the reason -- the other thing is, it does show there is some sense of guilt on the part of miss page. in my opinion, we should have been doing the motion -- the resolution to hold her in con tempted today. at some point 7 months is enough time to prepare. we are an institution in the constitution and, you know, there is a reason we hold this approbation for the american public. kennedy: i would never run for office. let's get back to lisa page. it does look like she is hiding something. of course, she deserves to see the documents. anyone who could be charged with something, they deserve to know
12:25 am
the scope of those charges. you could say the same for the president. what do you think the chances are she is going to show up with her former lover and sit there side by side facing all of you as their secrets come pouring out of their lustful mouths. >> i think it' remote at best. why would we allow that anyway. you are basically allowing two people that we generally believe have excluded to rig investigations, why are we going to let them sit there, hear each other's answers and play off one another. that's unacceptable. i think we need to force the hand and say you weren't here, we are going to hold if you contempt. kennedy: what are you most of cureups and fearful. what is the most of pressing question you have for lisa page? >> i think we all want to know, what in the world did she known when she said we need an
12:26 am
understand policy or donald trump can't elected president. and then to press on with how they would try to accelerate the investigation. there is a whole host of things. and, you know, for them to take an isolated email and say this may show some bias, well, one is enough. but when you have a series over a month after month, it doesn't show that you are blowing off steam. kennedy: it shows a pattern. i hope you coordinate with some of your fellow lawmakers so you are not asking the same question, but passing the baton than is a cumulative effort to get to the truth and not grandstand in these proceedings. if not we'll lock her up. congressman biggs, thank you so much. coming up, should the president have the power to unilaterally
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his power on trade. you know the president's protectionism is problematic when people like chuck schumer, sherrod brown and bernie sanders love it. though sticking it to china and the e.u. is revenge fantasy it's flood fallacies. the president's rational admirers know tariffs are taxes, and they hope it's part of a shrewd global negotiating tactic. what if it's has long term economic impact. that's why the senate voted 88-11 to you have a an expanded congressional rule to oversee any tariff common in the name of
12:32 am
national security. president trump is not the first white house partyer who benefit from executive fiat. and with the potential supreme court justice who may want to further bolster presidential power, it nonresponsive surprise the senate is snatching back some of its mojo. trade and security are linked. but they should be for more freedom and prosperity. just yesterday president trump and the trump administration released a list of $200 billion worth of chinese import they plan on taxing. that's the second round following the showdown last friday. china responded by taxing the same amount of american good up as soy beans, electric cars and pork. so is this officially a trade
12:33 am
war. joining me now, tim carney. so let's discuss this a little bit. is there too much power concentrated in the executive bran inch. >> absolutely. the president should not have the power to raise taxes on americans and that's what he's doing here. congress gave him the power to impose tariffs in the case of national security interests. let's say we need to protect an industry as we are going to war. you want to put something in that sort of national security interest. but you have bush, obama and now trump going ahead and using it simply as a way to score political points to. so a tar are is a tax on the american consumer of a foreign good. the president without specific approval of congress is increasing taxes. it's not unconstitutional because congress handed this
12:34 am
power or. but that's improper. congress need to take back from the president the power to tax. kennedy: what happened today was symbolic. but there is legislation that would amended the trade expansion act of 1962 and section 232 allows the president to unilaterally impose tariffs when there is a national security issue. >> the vote today was a motion to instruct the conferees. it's a houseful of house and senate members who get together to hash out the differences on the bill. they passed a motion to instruct them to create something like the bill you are talking about. pat toomey teaming up with bob corker of tennessee to say we are going to give congress a
12:35 am
veto over any of these 232 tariffs. kennedy: there are a lot of senators who voted today with the ada who actually agree with the president's isolationist trade policy. >> you can still have tariffs. but the point is if tariffs are taxes and you are going to raise taxes on the american people, congress should have a vote on it. you can be in favor of the protectionist trade policy but let the members vote for it which is the way the constitution was created. you always have congress handing over power to the president. congress needs to take that power back. kennedy: it's no secret secretary of state mike pompeo's trip to north korea didn't go so
12:36 am
well. in fact he never met with kim jong-un. north korean state media is suggesting kim chose potatoes over pompeo. pompeo still met with kim's number two and put a positive spin on things saying the meetings were productive. but north korea, they weren't happy. the panel is back. was this a failure? and did kim jong-un -- >> mike pompeo is not president trump. it's not a given he'll be meeting with the number one. if you don't know anything about north korea, look at obamacare. the house had to pass it, the senate had to pass it.
12:37 am
this was a long comply car ited process. doing anyone doubt the north korean process will be less complicated than obamacare? it's important for north korea publicly and internationally to say we are not being dragged by our nose by president trump. we are going to dig in our heels. north korea has unleashed the weapon that affected the entire world is amnesia gap. everyone has forgotten that president trump canceled the singapore meeting. all these pundits. they think one setback means things have collapsed. what negotiation ever doesn't have that. kennedy: you have the group of people he's talking about praying it's collapsing.
12:38 am
>> you have a regressive left media who hates trump so much that they are wishing that the negotiations will fail. they are going to hurt the hundreds of thousands of people in concentration camps in north korea, and 25 million people in north korea subject to a murderous dictatorship. what is obviously not obvious to the media is is an ongoing drama. it's the theater of the absurd. one day they are in love. the next day they hate each other. kim jong-un needs to puff his feathers up. nearly coming to the table and signing an agreement and a handshake is a weakness. >> i worked on the iran deal which was years of complicated negotiations. you are right, this isn't falling apart. but we need to see concrete
12:39 am
actions taken by the north koreans. kennedy: i'm talking about something you cannot take back. >> when he got back from the summit he said the threat from north korea was gone. that's not true. he shouldn't have tweeted that. the intelligence reports over the last mop are that north korea -- last month is that north korea's nuclear development has continued. >> as has iran. >> i'm willing to debate that. at some point the rubber has to meet the road. >> it was a couple weeks ago. kennedy: there is so much here
12:40 am
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kennedy: that's for england. all eyes will be on helsinki, find when president trump sits down with vladimir putin. before leaving for europe he predicted it may be the easiest of all his sit-downs on foreign trips. but he said germany is dependent on russia because of their dependence on russian dirty gas. former white house press secretary, ari fleischer, is here. so let's discuss. what does the president have to accomplish with this putin meeting? >> two things. he has to build relations with russia as good as they possibly
12:45 am
can be and he has to do so in a way that doesn't aning nice our alliances. that's a tightrope to' walk. president trump has a fascination fascination with strong men. you heard it in the campaign. there is something about donald trump that always throwback to the 50s when america's grandest after he lines around the world. something in donald trump likes that. it makes me wary. but i'm hesitant about developing relations with russia because russia is a bad actor. kennedy: i agree. i don't trust russia. i don't take them at their word when they say they didn't screw around with the election. and i don't subscribe to this
12:46 am
isolationism either. if there is something mutually beneficial, you have to find it. if you don't find it, compete with it. we should be sending natural gas to germany. by saying you are dependent on russia when you shouldn't be, that's 100% right. i remember president bush making that argument to schroeder. trump in his strong way says captive to germany. he's right on the point. he overstated the word and got everybody in the huff and puff. kennedy: is there any way of getting this european alliance back to basics? >> there is every reason they
12:47 am
should and they won't be spending the money it's a military alliance. military means be prepared to fight. they don't want to do that. they just want pane alliance. kennedy: and cradle to grave''. kennedy: ari fleischer, thanks so much for being here. (phone ping) gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet?
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kennedy: warner brothers is developing a $100 million cable car that will take out hollywood sign. check your driving energy because this is the "topical storm." topic number one. wee begin tonight in norfolk, virginia where they just got a surprise concert by the police. no, not the band. i think we ran the wrong thing.
12:52 am
i love harrison ford. i would never get in a plane with him. there it is. it wasn't the band the police. where is gordon when you need him. the norfolk p.d. was challenged to a lip-sync battle. the lead cop looks like bruno mars. 31 people watched this video. that's one for every crime committed by the cops were having a dance party. the running of the bulls is currently under way in spain this week if you are not familiar. it's like shopping on black friday.
12:53 am
this is why you can't give people free healthcare. they make stupid decisions like i think i'll stand in front of an angry bull. who do you believe? after he got up he told reporters. the running of the bulls end july 14. if you would still like to get chased you could wear a trump hat to a d.c. restaurant. let's go to alabama where a dog named annie just started the lived-saving 12-step program. puppies wants to go down the stairs but she knows stairs are dangerous. my guess is she smells bacon in the kitchen and wants it all to
12:54 am
herself. annie is in action. cnn is reporting president trump's supreme court nominee wants to kill all puppies. personally i think that's an outrage. topic number four. the release of the new indiana jones movie. the pro during is set to be on the rocks. though you have got to admit it's nice to see something on the rocks besides harrison ford's plane. he'll be 79 years young when the film hits theaters. if there is any consolation.
12:55 am
it's that. check out this clip. harrison. let's hope he doesn't have to outrun any boulders this time around. topic number cinco. 47-year-old brian sinclair was busted. he turned the crown further down for drunk driving. a crane on the long island expressway. police became suspicious when he used his blinker before change lanes. it's a big no-no. but i can't use the signal they used on a program like this. he smashed into several cars before the cops wrestled him to a stop.
12:56 am
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