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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 12, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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investigations. it should smell to high heaven. charles: it does, and matt gates will be on with kennedy later, we have run whole show short, here is lou. lou: good evening, our top story, peter strzok exposed on capitol hill, dis graced fbi agent, arrogant, pe and angry, s lawmaker grill him over his effort to cover-up for hillary clinton, and take down president trump. >> dossier was not part of it. that is important. when did you learn that dossier of funded by hillary clinton and the democratic party? >> i cannot -- i don't think that is an accurate representation. and fbi directs me not to answer that question. >> right, so hillary, who paid you know -- come on. a political document, correct?
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>> i -- i. i am -- i cannot comment. lou: ron desantos and jim jordan playing important roles and they are joining us tonight. >> and urging a commitment on part of nato members to increase defense spending. now the president is so united kingdom. on the way to hel helsinki soon. we take up the historical significance of his trip with the dean himself, ed rollins. a possible new look for america's most iconic aircraft. president trump considering changes to air force one. we'll tell you all about those corrections here.
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-considerations. >> disgationed official. >> you said i was asking about document received, you said you did not receive documents from mr. orr but fbi did. >> correct. >> and different source than whom. >> it was not mr. orr who provided the initial documents. >> he did not hand you the dossier? >> mr. orrdid not hand me anything, he provided information to the fbi that included material is what everyone is calling the dossier. >> wait, wait. say it again, provided what? >> some elements of reporting that my understanding is originated from mr. steel.
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lou, a bombshell development, fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with more on the hearing. reporter: agent strzok claimed hearing is a victory for russia president, and those who want to tear america apartment he acknowledged his text-messages were used to attack the fbi's integrity. >> so help you god? reporter: sphro strzok is singlt for political bias. >> after months of investigation, there is no evidence of biased in my professional actions. reporter: republicans on house panel reject strzok's claims his 2016 text explained with lisa page were political opinions not anti-trump sentiment. >> agent strzok has a most unusual and largely self serving
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definition of bias. he thinks promising to protect the country from someone who has not even begun to investigate is not bias. reporter: in newly recovered particular, page and strzok discuss stopping trump, he said it was by anger. >> my presumption on that horrible, disgusting behavior that american population would not elect someone demonstrating that behavior to be president of united states the we'll stop it you were speaking on behalf of the american people. >> i can tell you is that text in no way, suggested that i or the fbi would take any action to influence the candidate of president trump. >> that is a fantastic answer to a question nobody asked. reporter: on another text where they disparage virginia president trump supporters. >> that is a expression of
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speech, i was not smelling one thing or another, i was struck by difference in expression of political opinion and belief amongst community there. >> you describe that in smell in capital letter. >> a quick choice of words. >> not my understanding that he kicked my off because of about bias, it was done based on the appearance. >> he pleaded guilty. reporter: democrat brought in placard showing former trump campaign aides prosecuted by special counsel to run interference. >> i move to subpoena steve bannon in our house intelligence investigation, he refused a number of times to answer questions of mr. gowdy. reporter: democrats emphasis that strzok and other kept rur rusrussia invest investigation s in the campaign. >> if you wanted to harm and
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interfere with the election of president trump. you could have leaked information that the investigation was ongoing. but none of that came out. reporter: it got personal. >> i can't help but wonder, i see you looking there with a smirk. how many timies did you look --w many times did you look so innocent in your wife's eye. >> that is outrageous. >> the fact that you machine shawn thaminnesotamentionthat gd -- >> to your credibility. >> you lost your credibility, a new low in united states congress. what a shame. charles: fbi page agreed to a closed door deposition friday, you will benefit of knowing strzok's testimony in advance. lou: great reporting.
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catherine herridge. fbi agent peter strzok, grilled by our next guest on his encounters with justice department official bruce orr who was in contact with krischristopher steel. his wife nelly orr, employed by fusion gps, we return to congressman jim jordan. today peter strzok acknowledging the source of the so-called dossier. thank you for all you do. your notes on peteing strzok and
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degree you had to be surprised after you -- he tried to stonewall you two hours previously, he gave you a answer. >> right, remember a couple things peter strzok is the key guy, lead agent on clinton investigation, and lead agent on russia investigation, today in committee, i think that fbi and doj admitted they got part of dossier from bruce ohr, his wife nelly ohr, worked for gps, the agency hiring christopher steel, we know that fusion gps, -69s ws giving information to her husband who then passed it to fbi. this confirms what we always expected. irbelieve first time department of justice and fbi admitted to that very fact. lou: and you also were watching as strzok talking about the dossier published by buzzfeed
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news, people recall, that is where it was published. to documents that senator mccain passed along to the fbi. that is extraordinary. >> this big circle that of the going on, all media outlets and people were given the fbi information it looks like about it dossier information but the fact that bruce ohr, fourth ranking official in justice department, his wife was working for fusion gps we know that bruce ohr in september of 2016 giving parts of the dossier to the fbi. that is significant. this is the dossier that the whole case was built on, they took to secreter court to get secret worth to spy on carter page, they done tell court that
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christopher steel was fired by fbi and dossier was pare paid fy the clinton campaign, other key element we learned that peter strzok was kicked ouch of mule f mueller's team, bob mueller did not ask him any questions. this investigation started with i think with this bologna dossier, now at end they are getting rid of peter strzok there is smell there too, that is the problem. lou: well, a problem that seems to be now again unyou under your questioning in particular, it may be headed toward for first time resolution. tomorrow lisa page, strzok's lover, give us a sense of what we're expecting in close door testimony. >> she is no longer an employee
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of the fbi. peter strzok she will not be able to use that tomorrow in the closed-door deposition setting, i don't think he is assert those questions and saying fbi counsel recommend i not answer this we, with strzok did several times, that will kno will be a big dife tomorrow. lou: i would like for this audience to see part of the democratic response to a disgraced fbi agent testifying before your committee, judiciary and oversight today, and just see how what you were up against as they try to disrupt and stall the proceedings. if we could just show a little bit of it. >> if i could give you a purple heart i would. you deserve one. >> let me begin by congratulating witness on his
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completely correct statements of key first amendment law, that people are entitled to political opinions. >> i am so sorry for treemght yotreatmentyou have errorred re. >> this is about for american public. >> mr. strzok, you not about you, they want to damage and destroy our democracy, one of the ways they did it, is by taking an institution like the fbi. >> if anyone should be pissed at fbi because you helped this unfit man become president of united states by not revealing to people that he was under investigation in his campaign, it should be me. they should be applauding you kissing you, and giving you all awards. lou: congressman democrat seem -- with you in the committees, they seem to be excited about a person who is under
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investigation for basically subversion of the united states. >> two key point, strzok the day after mueller special counsel investigation was announced, next day he was talking about impeachment of united states. and dossier that launched this all, we have proven today in committee was information that came through nelly ohr to her husband bruce ohr to the fbi. that is catalyst for the whole thing, it was flawed from the beginning. the document that started it all is flawed. you have a guy who wants to impeach president on tail end, that should show you how bad this investigation has been moving. lou: congressman jim jordan, we thank you very much. >> thank you. lou: up next, president trump securing a foreign policy victory following yesterday's nato summit.
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>> a great relationship, everybody in that room. by the time we left got along and agreed to pay more and agreed to pay more quickly. >> president and first lady, tonight, in the u.k. we take up the president's nato success. christian is joining us next. stay with us.
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lou: despite best effort of london mayor sadiq khan and others trying to stir upo opposn and demonstration against president trump, president of united states, getting a warm welcome in the united kingdom, meeting with theresa may in oxfordshire. teresa may a prime ministership is hanging in balance. our allies agreed to increase their defense spending to meet new nato standards. >> yesterday, i let them know i
7:19 pm
was unhappy with what was happening. they have substantially upped their commitment, yeah. now we're very happy, and have a powerful, very strong nato. much stronger than it was two days ago. lou: and joining us christian whiten former state deput is department senior adviser. president saying what was confirmed by secretar secretaryl of nato, there is a new effort to raise defense spending on part of all 29 nato member nations. >> this could be a big change. one that alluded previous presidents, not just donald trump who pressed for this. president trump saying and others confirming that leaders agree to spend perhaps 33 billion to 40 billion dollars more, that could increase security of nato or provide us
7:20 pm
relief. now the proof will be in the pudding, so far so good. lou: merkel, germany, singled out for if you will, trump treatment, president not in anyway mincing words, saying straight forwardly, time for germany to balance its trade relationships particularly with united states they have enjoyed a trade surplus for more than a half century. >> that is right, there is a lot of pearl clutching going -- about that, how could you be so undiplomatic. all that trump did was insist that american -- germans are not willing to sacrifice for their own defense, they have a deal to buy cheaper russian gas, all
7:21 pm
trump did was point it out, a lot of pearl clutching on one side, and people, who hate and are deranged. saying he is a puppet of russia. and also that supposed russian puppet has been arming ukrainians. lou: the puppet metaphor from the left, particularly the dems, appropriate for childish i would say iq levels of most of the people using will expression against the president. i mean they have not had the guts through 8 years of president obama to actually confront russia on anything. including syria. and should acknowledge at least i am sure in decency and well standard of intellectual integrity, they should acknowledge that the president, president trump, is cleaning up the mess left by president
7:22 pm
obama. >> that is right, a lot of people saying, well, trump are you going to -- he will do those, he has pointed out it happened yo under obama's watch. and vladimir putin is not hitler, he does do things that are helpful, he i. he took a part of ukraine and georgia to prevent nato from accepting those as new members. taking count to 31 countries we're pledged to defend at our r expense. the many other thing. people notice. lou: as we wrap up, do you fine it laughable that the same of the left in this country who embrace president xi jinping and
7:23 pm
china and its exorbitant unbalanced trade relationship with this country, the theft of 600 billion in intellectual property every year. do you find it extraordinary there is not a peep about the relationship built structured over course of 3 presidencies that preceded mr. trump, that is, clinton, and bush and obama, and absolutely you know hair on fire reaction to vladimir putin. >> yeah, it is -- it is a tremendous double standard. is what great late gene kirkpatrick, said the blame america first sen syndrome. >> christian thank you. lou: than thank you. >> vote in our poll do you think petey strzok's testimony today,
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lou: president trump's rino, legislative director is leaving. -- john kelly reaching out to
7:29 pm
her to take the job. >> joining me now, dean, chairman of great america pak. serving as white house political director, under president ronald reagan. serving in three presidential administrations, great to see you. >> thank you. lou: start with the president's amazing period of in brussels and moving it appears at-this-point, nato nations toward fulfilling their commitments, docto defense pend. >> leaders understand strength of other leaders, i watched johnson, and nixon who was strong for a period of time, i watched ronald reagan, i now see donald trump. when you stand up to the people, you tell them, the game is over, we'll put our fair share in, but you better put your fair share in. we have defended nato for a
7:30 pm
languagfor a longperiod of timed guts to do that, and leading from behind last two administrations has failed. lou: and strategic patience, from the obama administration amazing. do you, just a year ago, the president talking about nato, insisting they pay their fair share. and step up as nations in the defense of the continent. -- "new york times," washington post, the left in this country clucking going nut the. now a year later american public caught up with and passed the dems and are catching up to reasoning of the president, supporting him. >> again, as i said last night, the russia ans are no russia ans are not on our border. they are not a threat. lou: let's hope not. >> it is not going to happen,
7:31 pm
but the reality circumstance they havis.they have to step up. we'll see what kind of nato budget say have if u.s. contributes 2%. lou: a couple personnel issues at white house, president bringing in a replacement for mark short, congressional liaison, who is you know well a practitioner of the koch brothers doctrine. what do you make? >> i thought that gentleman that is leaving, i watched for 50 years, i have never seen a legislative director send as much time on television as he. he didn't have much success on getting the vote count. so, i hope this is an artform, i hope that the new woman that is coming in, whose experience does
7:32 pm
not particularly give he confidence it is going to happen, you have to learn how to count votes, you don't -- >> it helps if you have speaker of the house that can count votes. >> it obvious they don't. lou: and in line with your program. i think that mitch mcconnell understands now he has to get in line, and paul ryan is a lame duck. i think politically suicidal at-this-point. and conference should be moving him out. >> not to disparage anything, but party needs to -- trump will lead the party, and intensify party. he has had a couple of extraordinary couple days, and meeting with putin is important, it one strong leader with other stroostrong leader, i believe ty will come out there with common goals. lou: no doubt, strong men work and they will put their countries first. and america first will --
7:33 pm
>> lou, we went through 8 years of please, please, treat us nice, then donald trump said treat us nice because i am -- >> i don't know that obama even ever asked everyone to treat us nice, he just treated everyone else nicely. >> that did not work. lou: no, you mentioned communications director, a former executive of fox news, i think a brilliant one. >> i could not be more pleased. bill shine is one of the great gentleman, smart, understands behind the scenes, he will make that place, that has been a weakness make it hum. lou: jim jordan, and ron desantos, matt gates, and credit to trey gowdy and bob goodlot making a difference with those hearings today, just one day after i said there is no way anything would be produced,
7:34 pm
badge, dobbs wrong. >> opening segment used, i would love to take it, put below it, none of the above. i don't think that will work out for them. lou: yeah. i don't think anything will work out for them. starting to look like a red wave, edrollins. >> thank you, sir. lou: disgraced fbi agent peter strzok treated like a hero by the dems on capitol hill, despite charges of corruption and his obvious and internettic anti-trump bias. >> proposition that is going on, it might occur anywhere in fbi, deeply corrodes what the fbi is and american society. it destructive. >> the -- the. lou: democrats applauding. congressman ron da santos is joining us next with his view, we'll talk about what developed
7:35 pm
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lou: today's hearing on capitol hill, congress an desantos. the r.j origin of phony russian probe. strzok refusing to answer where
7:39 pm
hillary clinton and dnc funded the fakes toier. >> ifakes tos to -- dossier. >> when did you learn that dossier was funded. >> i don't think that is an accurate representation. and fbi directed me to not answer that question. >> so hillary, dnc to sent to fusion, come on. >> again, i am not. >> a political document, correct? >> i cannot comment. fbi has directed me to not answer that question. >> would it be fair to say dossier -- what would you choose? a political document opposition research or legitimate intelligence. >> i would very much like to answer that question, i have been directed by fbi i may not get into that. lou: congressman ron desantos joining us now, that is quite a hearing.
7:40 pm
and i have to say, you you republicans acquitted yourself well, questioning him, producing the ground work for what became the answer he gave congressman jordan, that talking about the dossier, finally getting permission from fbi to tell the truth for once. >> yeah, look, lou, i think that peter strzok came across as very smug, and arrogant. a lot of his explanations for his text-messages, as inspector general has said are not credible, he said what i really meant is the american people will not vote for him, bull. he was doing this in a haughty tone. he was u up staged by behavior f
7:41 pm
democrats, you have a democrat saying because strzok was testifying and we were asking him hard questions he deserved a purple heart, how absurd to say or suggest that. lou: dems trying to out absurd one another through out the hearing, i am sure you were frustrated by their conduct, behavior, language. i mean, stalling, obstructing, trying to stop strzok from saying anything. >> right. lou: it done work out that way.t didn't work out that way. >> i have never seen them run interference for anyone, it is strange, have you been saying there is a trump-russiacluding, icollusion. if it were true would not want him to answer, but they realize they don't want the answers to the questions, i think that is
7:42 pm
why you saw them behave the way they did, i thought it was disgraceful. >> and producing the testimony of strzok, that indeed john mccain had passed over very similar material to fake dossier to the fbi, that bruce ohr and his wife nelly working for fusion gps were part of the conduit for that material to go to the fbi. these are extraordinary developments, we're asking the evening question, is this the beginning of the end of the special counsel? because this is a an fbi that is ripe with corruption and bias that turned into an absolute assault of subversion against the president of the united states. >> i think that credibility of that whole thing, i think it will ii the is shot.when you ha,
7:43 pm
bruce ohracting like a political operative in justice department, feeding oppositions research to people like strzok and fbi, and they launching a counter intelligence investigation, and they puffed it up past the election, that is unstres unpre, it was an abuse of surveillance power and counter intelligence powers of the government. and lisa page will come tomorr tomorrow. she will have to answer questions as well. and i think we're finally makes progress on this but one thing we have to do, we have talked about it, if we don't get the documents from rod rosenstein we have to hole the hold him in co. i think they will continue to stall on this, we have momentum
7:44 pm
going now, we have to keep it up. lou: to see truth revealed. i want your reaction to rod rosenstein, deputy attorney general sending out a personal message to 93 u.s. attorneys asking for three federal prosecutors to be forwarded their names to him, to as he put it, aid in the vetting of brett kavanaugh, is the justice of the supreme court. have you seen such a -- to me this is beyond the pale. lou: rod rosenstein did a special counsel appointment did not follow rules, i don't know where he is getting the authority to do this or why it would be good to do it. to me this seems unprecedented. i don't know what is motivating
7:45 pm
it but he does need to explain why, it just seems weird. lou: absolutely, and questions keep mounting with the deputy attorney general. congressman congratulations on a great day, again we appreciate it congressman ron desantos. >> yep. lou: up next, former fbi attorney lisa page will finally answer to two congressional committees tomorrow. gregg jarrett is here next to take it up. stay with us, we'll be right back. er failed, she was pregnant, in-laws were coming, a little bit of water, it really- it rocked our world. i had no idea the amount of damage that water could do. we called usaa. and they greeted me as they always do. sergeant baker, how are you? they were on it. it was unbelievable. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege. we're the baker's and we're usaa members for life. usaa.
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lou: former fbi attorney lisa page will give a closed door interview, if you will, testimony, to two congressional committees tomorrow. this comes after day of push back from her attorneys who defied a sou subpoena to say shs not given enough time to review documents, it took 3 effort to serve her subpoena at her home. they thought she was playing games, did the house oversight and judiciary committee, joining me fox legal analyst gregg jarrett author of new book. soon to be released -- i have to
7:50 pm
say, that when congressman jim jordan under his questioning, peter strzok, responded about the dossier gave us more than i ever dreamed we would see in one of these hearings. reporter: i would have liked more answers -- lou: we're in the through yet. >> right, it was really quite. look peter strzok has said in the past he had nothing to to with the dossier, that is preposterous. so we're just at the beginning of that story. >> it looks like it could be the beginning of the wind down of the special counsel.
7:51 pm
this is -- there is another development in the back group of arofall this, that is rod rosenn sending out to 93 u.s. attorneys in country, a personal message. >> right. lou: asking for them to name three federal prosecutor to join rod rosenstein and the justice department in vetting the president's nominee to become the next supreme court justice. brett kavanaugh. i have never heard of such a thing. by everything that i could resave. there have been small examples of smaller efforts. but bringing in federal prosecutors on all of them, for crying out loud, is unprecedent. >> you never heard of it because it never happened. we should be deeply skeptical at what rod rosenstein is up to just because it is him, he most untrustworthy individual.
7:52 pm
threatened members of 678. >> there is not supposed to be done. >> i imagine white house counsel has said something quite -- we don't know it. but, i suspect that mcbegan and others are saying something like what in the world are you doing here. it not up to you to have prosecutor invest a supreme court nominee by this white house. lou: and brett kavanaugh on second highest court in the land, he was vetted 12 years ago, and has been serving on the bench the federal bench, second most important court in country. >> all of his decisions are a matter of public record, you can you know you can basely google them all you can get pdfs, you
7:53 pm
don't need career prosecutors, i am worried about what rod rosenstein is up to. lou: how about getting investigators? sort of sounds likely reached a conclusion. >> it does. and from all we know kavanaugh is clean as a hound's tooth, i would find it hart t hard to bee that there is any there, there. lou: this follows special coin council, the searching for a crime rather than you know investigating a crime. it is stunning what is happening. i want to get trey gowdy today had a moment with strzok. i want you to watch this talking about strzok saying that we'll stop donald trump. here we go. >> your testimony is bob mueller did not kick you off because of
7:54 pm
the content of your text but because of what appearance he was worried about. >> what you asked and what i responded to he kick made off because of hig my biased it is t my' understanding he kicked me off because of bias it was because of appearance. i don't appreciates whatever said being changed. >> i don't give a damn what you appreciate, i don't appreciate having an fbi agent with an unprecedented level of animus working on two major investigations in 2016. >> what do you think? >> peter strzok said quote, those text-messages are not indicative of bias. really? inspector general said, they are indicative of a william willingness to take official act of impact of a presidential process. lou: inspector general found 3 specific incidences like that. >> right. lou: gregg jarrett thank you.
7:55 pm
>> good to see you. lou: up next two blue tones of air force one may be replaced by something different, president trump has a vision, don't go away element much element we'lly expch more stay with us. deal, right? dent - g wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small you coulda fixed it with a pen. maybe you should take that pen and use it to sign up with a different insurance company. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise their rates because of their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ metastatic breast cancer is relentless, but i'm relentless too. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio-
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be relentless. i'start at the new carfax.comar. show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new lou: china calling on american countries to lobby washington lawmakers against the imposition
7:59 pm
of tariffs against chinese exports. the trump administration threatening to add another $200 billion in tariffs in china. lou dobbs would like to urge the chinese companies to oppose chinese president xi jinping's continuous theft of $600 billion of u.s. intellectual property every year or drop their retaliatory tariffs and barriers blocking chinese people from buying u.s. goods. the president wants to give air force one an entirely patriotic makeover. mulling over the possibility of painting the aircraft with a red, white and blue paint job.
8:00 pm
that's it for us. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: chaos on capitol hill. circus landed in d.c. trump-hating fbi agent peter strzok testifying about his text messages with his lover lisa page. and it went off the rails almost immediately. >> i never prejournalled this case. >> impeachment for what? can you share with us? >> the gentleman is not in order. he's disrupting. >> it's hard to understand why some people out there don't believe a word you say. >> i have always told the truth. >> your


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