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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 18, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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coast with the salem radio network. former federal prosecutor sydney powell joins us. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: president trump says he holds vladimir putin personally responsible for russian meddling in the 2016 elect and going on the offensive blasting everybody who is criticizing his controversial summit and press conference. he came out swing in a series of blistering tweets. he said some people at the higher end of intelligence love my discussions in helsinki. we got along well which bothered many haters who wanted to see a boxing match. and some people hate the fact
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that it got along well with president putin with russia. they would rather go to war and see this. it's called trump derangement syndrome. the president not out of the woods yet. the controversy still have much swirling. for the second day in a row the white house had to do more damage control after the president appeared to say the russians are no longer a threat to the u.s. watch. >> is russia still targeting -- kennedy: president trump's opponents flipped out as did some career intelligence experts saying russia is still have much a threat. the white house claims he was saying no to anymore questions.
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sarah huckabee sanders says the president is fully aware russia is up to no good. >> he does believe they would target certainly u.s. elections again. >> the "post" said the red lights are blinking on this topic. >> we are taking steps to make sure these things don't happen again. we wouldn't spending a much time as we do on this effort if we didn't believe they weren't still look at us. kennedy: are the president's opponents overreacting? you are the on person in the world. what would you do fit was going on under your command? >> first of all sara is doing a great job. i know bill will do a great job.
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but what has to happen is everybody should take a little bit of a chill. we have a president who just came back. he has historic things going on that are work. there have been a few kerfuffles that are not that big of a deal. kennedy: in baseball they are unforced errors. >> at the end of the day he has macro things going in his favor. i'm happy he walked it back a bit. i know he's upset for criticizing him. but we don't need the intelligence agencies, many of these people who voted for the president who generally like the president in the rank and file to be disparaged because the tippy top took some shots at the president. kennedy: maybe some of those people aren't there anymore. >> we are spending billions of dollars to acquire intelligence
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and many people are dying to acquire the information so you and i can stay safe in manhattan. i am glad he walked it back. kennedy: but then he walked it forward again. that's what makes your job when you were at the white house and sarah huckabee sanders's job so tough. they know what was in that briefing book. >> remember the movie "liar liar"? the president is starring in the movie apology, apology. he can't get it out. the reason why is he has had a 50-year phenomenal career. real is 8 guy, great brander. goes from the business executive
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to the presidency in 17 months. he was told don't apologize and if someone is hitting you, don't apologize, hit them back. kennedy: i understand that and that is a valuable way of operating. but a friend of mine gave me good advice in high school. don't do anything you have to apologize for. we were actually friend. >> here is the thing i would say. i have had the education of my lifetime in 11 days. my 12th day metaphorically in the last year where i had to come out of the media morass. this is a different job than the other job you had. you have got to adapt your communications style and take your unbelievable political
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instincts and marry them. let's look to sarah and bill shine. kennedy: sometimes the president creates chaos. sometimes on purpose to great effect. other times he can't help himself. there is a part of this where he knows he's right. and i think that's where the frustration comes from. but i think he could do a better job differentiating. >> i agree with all that. but i want to add something. the american people have to understand they are covering 11 time zones. they control the largest land mass in the world and they can take the u.s. out in 30 minutes. the biggest threat to the united states is the russians. the president is a sharp guy. he knows he has to bring down
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the tensions with russia. kennedy: there is a way to bring down the tensions while also recognizing they don't pose the economic threat they want to. >> they are less than 8% of our gdp. but there is a dienlt rubik's cube where they get some things done in syria, they get some help in iran. kennedy: i don't trust russia in syria and they shall responsible for the chemical attacks. >> i don't trust russia in syria, but as the military would tell you, the obama administration let the russians back into the middle east. dr. kissinger begged them not to do that. they are back in the middle east. they are a flair in syria. bibi netanyahu went to the military parade because of this. he has to play that hand.
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whether the people like it or not -- kennedy: will he clean it up? >> it will take longer if he doesn't dial into the right communications plan. it will take shorter if he does. but he has the right strategy and the right instincts. he has an ash toraji, -- this n arbitrage right now. if he can close that gap he'll get an enormous amount done in the next year. you have got media his area, trump derangement syndrome. if you have less unforced errors -- kennedy: and he'll maintain that critical support republicans have given him. >> he has to restyle himself.
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kennedy: anthony scaramucci making an appearance on the kennedalia show. >> you have the best personality and the best set. what's not to like. i almost outed your high school boyfriend. another two minutes i would have gotten it. kennedy: president trump has come a long way on russian election meddling after 9 russians meddled at the helsinki press conference. he corrected his remarks yesterday and now told the "cbs evening news" that he holds vladimir putin personally responsible. you haven't condemned putin personally. do you hold him personally responsible? president trump: i would because he's in charge of the country. just like i am responsible for things that happen in this country. kennedy: then hold him responsible.
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will the russians continue to target our elections and democracy and what can we do to stop them. joining me now, a former cia if agent and spokesperson. how are the russians still meddling? >> there are a number of ways when we speak of russian meddling this can be happening and it's probably still ongoing. in the last election buying political ads, trying to manipulate opinions online. there is meddling through potential cyber attacks on infrastructure. there was no impact outcomes were impacted. but they were accessing data. so there is the cyber-security and the online implications with ad buying and trying to alter opinions. both of those are ongoing
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threats in the mid-terms and the presidential election as well. kennedy: news consumers have to be more responsible about where you get your information. maybe get some more sources and challenge your view a little bit so you couple with something more comprehensive. obviously social media companies need to do a better job of vetting their vendors. but also you have reports in the indictment that russians were actually trying to fish and scam local election boards and voter data bases. that could be the most of problematic. how do you prevent that sort of cyber meddling. >> you are absolutely right and i guess i left off another potential category where they are hacking a campaign or political organization and they are trying to extract information via email. or potentially blackmail or use as leverage.
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all of their concerns. how do you prevent that? there are a number of ways. you want to deter it from happening in the first place. that requires some strong statements from our government. so there is a deterrents aspect of this. you can do it through threatening sanctions or cyber retaliation. so that's a deterrent portion. so you need the nitty-gritty cyber-security protection. in the case our elections it's state to state. but there are federal dollars going towards it. kennedy: when we don't want a federal one size fits all system for every municipality, it's up to every city and county and state to determine their own voting mechanism. but fit has a chip, it can be hacked. and i think we have to do a better job of recognizing the
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vulnerability and the threat russia poses. i always appreciate your insights. former fbi director and current cry baby, james giraffe comey urging the american people to vote democrat. comey is a long time republican. he actually had the nerve some say quote this republican congress has proven incapable of fulfilling the founders' design that ambition must counteract ambition. those who believe in the country's values must vote for democrats. policy differences don't matter right now. history has its eyes on this. is anyone going to follow the advice after showboating buffoon? joining me, kayleigh mcenany and
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host of the richard fowler show, richard fowler. richard, i will start with you. did democrats really want james comey? >> no, we don't. we don't need the james comey endorsement to take back the house. i think what james comey and helsinki republicans are talking about, this president when he had the opportunity on the world stage to call out putin for being -- for meddling in our election and almost trying to destroy our democracy. as sheryl crow likes to put it, the first cut is the deepest. as much as he tries to twist and moon walk this back, kayleigh will say he already walked it back. kennedy: don't speak for her. kayleigh, james comey was someone who tried to come off as
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objective and neutral and you be biased. he made that point over and over and over again in congressional testimony. doesn't this -- prove. he's campaigning for democrats. he has an agenda. he' not non-partisan. the boy scout act is an act. it's disgraceful for an fbi director to say that. richard the thing i was going to say is i fail to remember you or other democrats calling out president obama when said putin denies he meddled. the idea that you want me to publicly shame him doesn't comfort with how russia works. >> was that before or after president obama expelled some 60 russian diplomats.
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the senate voted 99-1 to impose sanctions against russia and the president was reluctant to do that. >> ukraine, lethal weapons, obama, not trump. he went into the meade meeting with no agenda. when asked critical questions the american people expected him to answer. kennedy: comey was talking about congressional republicans. he wasn't necessarily talking about the president. what do you think he thinks he'll accomplish by endorsing your party. >> republicans even though they say they are upset with president trump for not answering the critical question when asked. they are doing nothing to protect the elections. kennedy: what about bipartisan
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legislation? >> that should have happened two years ago when it was confirmed russia meddled in our election. we haven't seen a single bill to protect or solidify what's happening in the states when it comes toit -- comes to russiansg voting machines. kennedy: comey shows he's biased towards one political party. you are saying the president is weak on russia and goes over to helsinki and he's weak in response to the russian president. >> i can't speak to what james comey does or doesn't do. republicans have been weak. kennedy: the on person in america who loves james i'm. >> republicans have been weak on election security and been weak
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on russia. >> did you not hear what sarah sanders did today about the great work they have done. the executive has powers. kennedy: congress, they are dumb and impotent and feckless. you can use whatever term of art you would like. we are finished with this segment but i want to thank you both so much. you are both a delight. we don't always have to agree. socialist darling alexandria ocasio-cortez is supposed to be the future of the democratic party. but an interview has them questioning. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees.
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ken report resistance is starting to resist itself. former democratic senator joe lieber maines urging his party to dump ocasio-cortez. lieberman wrote an op-ed for the "wall street journal" saying because of the policies miss cortez advocates are so far from
8:23 pm
the mainstream, her election in november would make it harder for congress to stop fighting and start fixing problems. she said this in an interview. >> you used the term the occupation of palestine. what did you mean by that? >> oh, i think way meant is like the settlements that are increasing in some of these areas and places where palestinians are experiencing difficulty in access to their housing and homes. >> do you think you can expand on that? >> i am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue. kennedy: mercy, that's got to sting a little bit. nancy pelosi also tried to distance herself from
8:24 pm
ocasio-cortez. will the blue wave become a belly flop? let's go to tonight's panel. juan williams is here, and tom shillue, and wwe superstar and intercontinental champion, dolph ziggler is back. welcome, gentlemen. obviously we saw this at the dnc in 2016. bernie fans feel like their guy was railroaded out of the race and was denied the nomination. and you still have progressives and moderates battling it out for the soul of the party. is alexandria a flop? juan: no, i think she may be the future of the party. she has no experience. she is literally a babe in the world. when it comes to geopolitics i
8:25 pm
think she is lost in the woods. i think that's not the key issue for her con skirt went. it's not the reason she -- for her constituents. juan: she is getting blowback from the jewish community in new york city that she go to the palestinian side without understanding the israeli side. that was not the key issue in the race with joe crowley. the reason joe crowley lost is because he didn't take that race seriously and didn't understand his district, and he admits that. kennedy: it doesn't mean if you are a dumb dumb -- juan: she is not familiar with that. if i start asking you about chess moves, it's not going to work. kennedy: i'm a grand master. juan: i forgot. you play with my heart.
8:26 pm
kennedy: tom, republicans have to love this because there is still a big schism in the republican party. both major parties, they are not whole. >> take advantage of the schism on the other side. president trump should call her to the white house and have a one-on-one meeting with her, then shame the crusty old men trying to block her way it many not a good look for joe biden, joe lieberman. they are awltd all crusty old men. joe lieberman and crowley, they look like sore losers. i think it's a mistake and i think republicans can take advantage of it. kennedy: they can if they are smart. >> they are not. >> not to insult just her. but i think you have a lot of people running around who just
8:27 pm
want to get elected. >> i think not knowing some things is the future. donald trump tends to not know some things but he can make up an answer. a cool thing when i first saw jesse ventura. when they asked him something out of minnesota and out of his reach, he said i don't know, but i am going to work on it. you are not briefed into the swamp. kennedy: gary johnson, not necessarily with aleppo. that completely derailed his career. libertarians could have gone the way more votes if he wasn't seen as being completely incompetent. >> it's nice to have someone new on the other side. a young, fresh face it's'
8:28 pm
similar to "saturday night live." at the end of the day it wants the way to go but it was fun and exciting while the lasted. but main it is the future -- but maybe it is the future. kennedy: the panel returns after the break. president trump wants to improve our relationship with russia. but rus russia hacked our elect. where do we go from here? juan and tom are sticking around for a brand-new edition of party swap. don't miss it. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day.
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if his denture can cope with... a steak. luckily for him, he uses super poligrip. it helps give him 65% more chewing power. leaving brad to dig in and enjoy. super poligrip. ken report president continues to moon walk back his comments in the helsinki dance. and he's defensive about what he sees as necessary elements to russian relations. it's a false dichotomy to say our relationship is either false justification. or all right. vladimir putin is a fascinating specimen. he's slimy and cannibalistic and should never be trusted.
8:33 pm
i cannot wait to hear the contents of their secret meet and greet. and i hope when we learn about those careful whispers, i know a lot of people are grossed out by our president playing footy with a shirtless weirdo. but the next meeting should be tell advised. the president is adamant. we move forward with russia and leave the past behind us. but their hacking, meddling, and aggression is being served at the chaos cafe as they once again ascend in their digital sputnik. the president on some level must know they are hell bent on yet again shooting fish in a political barrel by screwing around with our politics. this has worked very well so far.
8:34 pm
president trump is so frustrated by the manufactured collusion narrative, he'll do anything in his power to change the. but he should explain the difference between russia being communist' hacks. acknowledging melding is in no way delegitimizing his presidency. but compromise confidence in hard-working americans shows a weakness. and his predecessor would have been eaten alive if he said he believed putin over our domestic intelligence. of course, everybody has an opinion in the fiasco. we have heard the same talking heads spouting the same old points. we are going to have our guests perfect the solution to that conundrum. we are going to make our liberal
8:35 pm
and conservative guests argue the opposition. party swap. our liberal juan williams will partial for the conservative side. our conservative tom shillue will do the opposite. they have both been here before. dolph ziggler will ask the questions and act as referee. >> tom, president trump acted like putin's lap dog in helsinki. clearly this is treason and is impeachment enough? >> the president should be impeached. as a deal krat, myself and a lot of my democratic colleagues should be impeached. but probably not for this. but because he's unfeeling. because he's separating family at the bored and because his tax
8:36 pm
cuts amount to crumbs. and perhaps my democrat colleagues could come up with a plan to do so. but it would probably be vetoed by this unfeeling president. but helsinki is much ado about nothing. he went in as a puppet and he came out as a puppet. >> juan, the president tweeted that only quote people at the higher ends of intelligence could appreciate his performance in helsinki. how did trump manage to come out on top. >> it's that stupid media. it's all the media's fault. i don't have any doubt by the. you heard kennedy say that if that terrible obama had done this, the media would have covered for limb. that's what they are doing the opposite. the media is trying to exploit this because they don't like
8:37 pm
trump. they never liked trump. talk about puppets, this is a talking head puppet for the left wing that's the american media. it's like a giant toda repetin that would drive you days arey. have you her heard of a grand slam or the world series or flaib final. this waist what we are talking about. clearing the table. but you will never hear this from the mainstream media elite. you know why? because they are not part of the higher intellectual head of our country. by the way, you guys mainstream media. i am very suspicious of you now. >> a have a lot of close friends in the mainstream media. >> so he admitted to it.
8:38 pm
>> george soros in an interview said that obama was his greatest disappoint. how did obama leave such a mess for president trump to klein. >> this is the story of our time. it's literally a swamp. it's not original with me to use such language. but tom i hope you will understand which say swamp. i mean something that's yucky and sticky and there is all kinds of gunk in there. this waits democrats left for a man who knows how to make the trains run on time. a man who knows how to make a doll far honestly. kennedy: who is that man? >> donald trump. it's not that someone made it for him. he's the one who made his company stillons. people wonder about his values. he's worth a lot of money.
8:39 pm
>> why was obama the greatest president america has ever seen. >> usually when i'm in a debate i accuse my opponent of racism. but i'm not going to do that. i wanted to be the bigger man. >> but i'm a republican. >> i know. but so many people across the aisle, they distrusted the president because of his race. they did. birtherism to begin with. and i'm not accusing you of that. i want to be the bigger man. plus, i would say that he was obviously not only the greatest president of all time, but maybe the greatest american of all time which is why consider. kennedy: greater than abraham
8:40 pm
lincoln or martin luther king, jr.? he's up there with those iconic fellows on mounting rush more. president obama perhaps only disappointed george soros because he realized what a great american was. his hope was so high, that president obama couldn't get over the bar that was in the imagination. kennedy: he needs to be the next pope. >> done requires as popular as abe lincoln. do you realize that? kennedy: is that true, juan? >> we'll have to fact check that. juan, you never sounded more brilliant. you are up there in the higher level of intelligence. you are the winner. >> i thought you were going to disappoint me.
8:41 pm
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8:45 pm
mgm filed a lawsuit claiming immunity from victims and survivors. mgm is not seeking money, but is being asked not to be held liable under a federal law passed after the 9/11 terror attacks. do they have a case? does mgm have a case here? >> i see two major weaknesses with their argument and one strength. it was passed into season toughize and reward and protect security companies that work with the department of homeland security to immunize them for liability for large terrorist attacks like 9/11. victims were alleging a negligence that went far before the actual event in question. but mgm just states the security
8:46 pm
comedy that obtained that certification. the victims are saying you failed to do anything about it. and the third, the strength is the fact that the act of self-defines and terrorism so broadly. it's just that it's an unlawful act that resulted in the mass destruction of citizens or institutions of the united states. moving forward, this might protect from liability if this is successful. corporations, and it's never been argued before in that regard. kennedy: what about the perception. when people hear mandalay bay, mgm is suing these poor victims. it sounding sickening. it doesn't matter what kind of explanation or legal ease they night throw out into the public
8:47 pm
sphere. the whole thing seems gross. >> the p.r. statement that mgm released when they announced the student failed to address that. they said we might face financial ruin and this is the only way we can protect ourselves. there was none of that. by moving this to federal court iting insures the speed the victims deserve. and everyone saw it wasn't true. kennedy: it will be interesting to see where this goes. it could set an incredible precedent. "topical storm" is next. i have to tell you something incredible. capital one has partnered with to give venture cardholders 10 miles on every dollar they spend at thousands of hotels. all you have to do is pay with this
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kennedy: former new jersey governor chris christie is said to be writing a book that will come out next year called county art of the version al." in new jersey skateboarders have found another way to get high. if we understood german people
8:52 pm
we would be walk around with socks and sandals. most of of them were just killing time while amazon crashed on prime day. it's like shopping on black friday but without a broken collar bone. let's head out to wisconsin where a woman made headlines by riding her bike to the gap. oh, gosh, the draw bridge is closing, i better hurry up and bite. should have used my pole vaulting skateboard. she claims she didn't see the lights and barriers. although she is okay, her bike
8:53 pm
was ruined and she told friends she is not sure if we'll buy a new one. i guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. topic number three. san francisco got its first robot security guard this week. but i should warn you it looks less like robocop than r2d2. this is a k5 robot. and its makers claim crime goes way down at any business that has one up front. crimes go down because people think it's a garbage can. it's supposed to videotape strange activity and alert customers to potential hazards. residents of the neighborhood started a streaming channel where you can watch the k5 live 24 hours a day. you wouldn't think people would
8:54 pm
watch something so lifeless and boring. but if samantha bee can find an audience, anything is possible. david cros crosby has sold 30 mn albums. he wants to license his name for cannabis. according to the press release it will include his name and likeness. so sweet judy blue eyes could be sweet judy green eyes. and 8 miles high could become, well, 8 miles high. crosby's managers are hoping to reach a deal soon and they are testing the new weed in germany. i feel like a flying kil a fly .
8:55 pm
it would be him and a guy who put an engine on a beer cooler. god, i miss the 90s. topic number five. the makers of crocs are selling high heeled shoes and buying one is this season's hottest way to show the world you have no taste. these things go on sale for $50. oddly enough they have become a top seller. it's what brett favre wears when he's cross dressing. if you like these, i say you go buy a pair. maybe two more for your seeing eye dog. the company says the shoes are meant to be worn for all
8:56 pm
occasions, but they are urging people to resist riding a bicycle while wearing them. we'll be right back. stay here. i'm a four-year-old ring bearer with a bad habit of swallowing stuff. still won't eat my broccoli, though. and if you don't have the right overage, you could be paying for that pricey love band yourself. so get an allstate agent, and be better protected from mayhem. like me. can a ring bearer get a snack around here? where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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9:00 pm
instagram. email tomorrow night it's a huge show. chris stirewalt, tim carney and peter suderman. not to mention your hate mail. thanks for nothing. y god, this r real! >> it is. >> what are these meant to do? >> those could dismember people. >> an attic of axes... >> i was in shock because it was floor to ceiling axes, knives... >> cannons, guns. >> ready for an off-the-wall inheritance? >> i heard that they thought he was the unabomber. >> one day my mother has a knock on the door, and it turns out to be two fbi agents. >> leave it to cleaver. >> how many really great knife makers can do what he did? >> probably about forty or fifty... >> that's it? >> the world. >> in the world? >> in the world. >> last call, for $2,750. [ door creaks ]


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