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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 20, 2018 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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it deeply offensive, i absolutely didn't intend to defend the intent of people who deny that. thanks for being here. good night from new york. kennedy: president trump wants vladimir putin to come visit the white house and he wants it to happen this fall, right before the mid-terms. that according to sarah huckabee sanders. there is a ton of news on russia and we'll get to all of it, including the remarkable story of businessman bill growder. he claims putin wants him dead. lawmakers voted on whether to protect him. he joins me live. jobs. unemployment rate at a 40-year
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low. but according to president trump, that's not low enough. there is a shortage of skills workers. at today's event the president said two dozen companies pledged to provide job training and apprenticeships, apple, boeing, fedex, ibm, home depot. he says the number of countries is expected to grow. president trump: to keep the momentum going and continue this economic miracle we must invest in job training and vocational education. the fact is that come police pouring back into our country. companies that left 10 and 20 years ago. we need people to work for those companies. kennedy: the president says his
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goal is for every american to have a job they love. how will it work? and how can we get the economy booming even further? joining me now from the "washington examiner" where he served as commentary editor, tim cary is back on the show. obviously the white house wants to move the needle. how sound are the ideas that he no posed today? >> well, the problem that trump has, i think is he wants to take credit for making jobs or training people for jobs or government program helping things when the very best thing that president trump has done is get out of the way. he has cut taxes, he helped reduce regulations. he has not got in the way of things like fracking. largely he said we are going to
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unleash you and you guys are going to create jobs. you are not going to create jobs because we gave you money or protected you from foreign competition. the businesses are creating jobs because the government isn't interfering as much in their ability to pursue profits. i don't want him to think that donald trump is creating the jobs because he's not. donald trump is getting the government out of the way from businesses creating job. kennedy: it's the opposite of you didn't build that. there are people on the president's team who understand it. however, you are right. this is not under the umbrella of government control. it's great to have new jobs. this could resonate with voters. what kind of results do people have to see from something like this and is it possible to have
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results before november? >> the next step is rising wages. supply and demand works if the price of something goes up when there is something of a shortage. now the employers complain about a labor shortage. i'm a working man so i think a labor shortage is great. so now that you have got jobless claims at a 48-year low, 1969, that was a different time. now you are hoping the companies will start bidding up wages. if wages start going up. unemployment is low now. that's when you can see people saying you know what? the donald trump america is pretty good and you can see that trickle over to the mid-term elections. you have got a few months. are wages going to start going up? kennedy: hourly wages have gone up a little bit. but when you talk about substantial full-time employment.
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that's where you have seen a lag. and hopefully there is no more slack in the line because the government has given them something more because people are working hard and there is real competition out there. and that is something that will pay in dividend regardless of who's in office. >> you have companies when their tax rate is lower, they say this project that seemed marginal earlier, now i can make a profit off that. there is more competition and that drives up -- to them the competition is not just for consumers but also for workers. i sometimes think trump buys into the democratic line that government action is what is going to drive the demand. kennedy: that aspect of open him can be detrimental. jobs are great. high-paying jobs are even better, and hopefully that can happen with companies invested for all the right reasons and
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not because the government -- >> the market is demanding it. kennedy: as you know, elections are all about the economy. it's the economy, stupid. even msnbc know that. but they had to explain that to senator liz warren. >> the economy is a winning argument for this administration for more than just president trump's base. it would be a mistake putting forth candidates that label themselves democratic socialists o'er anti-capitalist beliefs when at this moment look at small or large business sentiments and consumer confidence, and americans feel like capitalism is working for them. kennedy: will democrats ever learn that voters like jobs and tax cuts? or are they destined to below it all in november? let's go to tonight's panel.
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she is a senior director of and a fox news contributor. and harlan hill is back, along with the founder and ceo of american majority, ned ryun. welcome back, everyone. jessica, you are a democrat. but i think you tend to be one of the more level-headed people. >> i appreciate that. kennedy: it's easy to jump on the exciting socialist bandwagon and promise everybody free stuff. i understand the exasperation with some on the left that democrats have to couple their own version of economic success. it can't just be resistance and it can't be just free stuff. ways that message? >> i think the message is we have seen gains the past few
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years. stephanie is a business journalist, she knows what she is talking about. >> what policies are the democrats pushing that puts moony back in the taxpayers' pockets? >> taxes on the wealthy is popular on both side of the aisle. >> they want more taxes. we have a lamborghini of an economy. the most of important thing we can offer moving forward is more cutting of regulations. make the small business and individual rates permanent. i'm not sure i am hearing that from the democrats. >> they are talking about permanent tax cuts on the individual rates and not
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necessarily the corporate rates. kennedy: they talked about repealing those tax cuts. they are not just talking about making individual ax cuts permanent. they say it's stealing from poor people to enrich the 1%. >> he congress has voted to extend personal tax cuts. there is a lot of posturing because the mid-terms are coming up. ed the tax cuts will become permanent no matter who stays in power. >> nobody cares about tax cuts or immigration on the democratic side. the only issue for democrats is healthcare. i think there will be extreme cost pressures that will drive us towards socialized medicine in the next 10 to 15 years. kennedy: that's critical. but what we are talking about, more jobs, talking about job training.
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all those things are great. don't need the government to train people. >> the free market will decide the demand, businesses will respond by retraining the workers to fit their need as they see the market demanding certain labors for certain jobs. i think tim would say, i agree with tim. less regulations, more taxes, get government out of the way. let the government work. the interesting thing is what harlan was saying. democrats think there is an important issue. the american people are saying immigration, the economy. >> immigration and the economy and they are giving donald trump credit for that. >> healthcare is an economic issue. >> i jumped the gun, i'm sorry.
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kennedy: it's exciting stuff to talk about. but today the white house is make a concerted effort to refocus this administration talking about the economy and jobs. it's politically ex speed yenlts politically expedient. and you want people to do what they love. >> you look at this and say we know automation is coming. we better figure out. it's coming sooner than people think it is. and how do we get through that maybe 20-25-year gap? >> i'm trying to understand why there is a delta in the workforce between job vacancies and the skill set. what the private sector is going to solve that issue, why isn't
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it. if they are not going to solve it. it does seem like the democratic line on this and the likes coming out of the white house make sense. there is a role for government to retrain the workforce. >> infrastructure based off royalties of energy exploration put people in place to do that. kennedy: another issue expected to driver people to the voting booth, we already touched on it. it's immigration. the president's policies have become very divisive. the separation of families at the southern border has many on the left calling for the abolishment of immigration and customs enforcement, known as i.c.e. the president tweeted the democrats have a death wish. they want to abolish i.c.e. yesterday the republicans overwhelmingly supported a bill supporting i.c.e.
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which side will benefit from the immigration debate. you have progressive democrats talking about abolishing i.c.e. because it resonates with young naive socialists. have they given a win to republicans who are easily able to push back? >> no serious person is talking about abolishing i.c.e. it's absolutely absurd. if the democratic party falls for that line of thinking, if they allow the power vacuum that exists in the democratic party to be filled by these radicals, it will take the democratic party longer to come back to win elections. the last 15 years we have watched the most of extraordinary collapse of a party when no one in that party seemed to realize it was
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happening. but it's got to come back. kennedy: many statehouses. it's interesting. i don't have any problem abolishing entire government program. i think it's fantastic. you may think it's extreme. i think government is way too big. we have to have some sort of border control. but you don't hear kirsten gillibrand and kamala harris talking about the then what. >> it's not an issue for cynthia nixon or alexandria ocasio-cortez who are out there talking about this. anyone in a leadership position isn't touching this thing. you don't want brrs and elizabeth warren coming to your district and say, dianne
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feinstein, you are a trumper. the fact that the california democratic party did not get behind dianne feinstein who delivered for them for 30 years. >> the far left has the money and the grassroots activity. kennedy: they have been work the entire time. >> only 25% of the american people want to abolish i.c.e. >> having a conversation about reform which people who go hog wild about this seem to be scared of. >> over 430 department agencies and subagencies. let's see how we can figure out to have a much more efficient government. kefn * the panel is going to
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click, call or visit a store today. kennedy: president trump's summit are vladimir putin went over so well he's planning second one. sarah huckabee said president trump asked john bolton to invite president putin to washington in the fall and those discussions are under way it comes on the heels of and "new york times" report that says before being sworn necessity was showed highly classified information that showed vladimir putin personally ordered interference in the 2016 election. was sarah huckabee sanders serious when she said he would
12:21 am
like to have putin at the white house or did she mean to say he wouldn't. chris: i see what you did there. i think they are look for a do-over. kennedy: i don't think it's the worst idea in the world. chris: it's not necessarily the worst idea in the world, but you can't screw it up. kennedy: now president trump need a fan man. it's one of the great rematches. if vladimir putin is sugar ray leonard and donald trump is tommy hearn, donald trump is in trouble. sugar ray leonard won those fights late in the game. chris: i forget that you have knowledge of the sweet science. i don my cap to that. if the president tries to overcome pen same by overawing.
12:22 am
does putin want to dignify it or put putin in the position, maybe later. put this over there. over there. maybe he makes him wait. maybe he dangles. putin knows how to nail trump and this may be another opportunity for him to do that. or maybe it becomes in putin's interest to help trump get a boost. there is another thing happening this fall, that's the mid-term elections. kennedy: is the timing of this meeting intentional to have some effect on the mid-terms in the u.s. election? chris: i would imagine that the president knows this reinforced a lot, a lot of the negatives his opponents put out or time. and i'm sure -- whether this is
12:23 am
the reason for the timing of the visit or not, i am sure he would like to have a chance to do a do over before the voters go to the polls. >> what do you think he'll say? what will the president say? what will he do differently? >> the mind reels. this last trip he didn't need to make. this was an unnecessary summit. there wasn't something pressing. kennedy: what are we hoping to get out of this most of recent dialogue? chris: at this point it made things worse. the net effect of this visit was to make things worse because not you administration this panic mode about showing we are tough on russia. the president wants to say, oh, yeah but we are still going to be friend and do these things. but the national security apparatus around him is throwing up as many signs as they to be
12:24 am
quiet down republicans in congress and say nope, we got it. we are taking a tough line. we aren't going to let them encroach in eastern europe. >> he has ideas that could be transformational, then he does odd things that are indefensible for people like newt gingrich who wrote a book about the guy. it's tough for congressional republicans because they don't know what to believe. but i hope everyone wants the country to do well. chris: you should end every show with that phrase. i hope everybody wants the country to do well. kennedy: vladimir putin reportedly wants president trump to give him two americans for
12:25 am
some questioning. one of those men claims doing so would be a death sentence. that man, bill browder. he joins me live. democrats are uniting to push medicare for all? how are they going to pay for it? by raising your taxes of course. i will explain why progressives and their healthcare push is destined to fail. it's easy to think that all money managers are pretty much the same. but while some push high commission investment products, fisher investments avoids them. some advisers have hidden and layered fees. fisher investments never does. and while some advisers are happy to earn commissions from you whether you do well or not, fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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kennedy: a third of the democratic caucus has gotten together to back bernie sanders' free healthcare. these donkeys want a single payer scam which invites corruption and price fixing, and it brings innovation to a grinding halt. when government is in charge of the most of below thed corporation in history there will be noun season toughs to come up with pro see cures and treatments to make people live longer and bert. there will and private system. a true bifurcation between the haves and the have nots. known while the sickos will get stuck in the bellist
12:30 am
bureaucratic -- the belly of the bureaucratic beast. one big variable. how do you pay for it. raise taxes? guess what. people like lower taxes and they don't want to wait in some medical cattle car that makes the post office seem like a a. republicans deserve some of the blame for leaving the barn door open. now all the do-gooder piggies are squealing to kill a broken system. there is medicare for all. and the va is the ultimate disservice to veterans who get sub par care. i will not stand idly by as politicians turn american healthcare into venezuela. voters are losing faith. stative politicians are losing their minds. as we said a million times on
12:31 am
this show, socialism does not work. every country that has tried has failed. why are politicians in this country pushing it so hard? the party panel is back. jessica tarlov, harlan hill, and ned ryun. i have no doubt people pushing this agenda have good intentions. however, they have no way to pay for it. when you can't pay for programs all you do is raise taxes and hurt poor people. >> they think somehow this will win them more votes to get them back into power. but it will be resolved in 2026. it won't be $3 trillion. estimates are $32 trillion over the first decade. we are already in massive debt. one of the solutions the democrats are coming up with is they want to spend $3 trillion plus a year on medicare where
12:32 am
the on solution is life crushing for comey and taxes. they are going to get tossed under our social welfare program. wait until automation throws the low-skilled workers out of a job. kennedy: the automation is forcing lower wages. republicans have failed utterly, what do we do next? >> i think it's possible to simultaneously hold the belief that this is not a good solution. but leave the political reality is such that republicans won't do anything immediately to solve this problem. it may be a crisis in a certain part of the country. costs are out of control. and i think. kennedy: price fixing doesn't
12:33 am
make that better. >> i understand. i believe people will start clamoring for a solution to this problem. if republicans are in power and they aren't doing anything about it. democrats will ride in on the horse and promise is to fix this once and for all. i would better dollar in my bank account we'll have medicare for all in the next decades. kennedy: we are going toned up like greece. >> i don't think we'll end up like to greece it's become an overwhelmingly popular idea. it's the republican and democrats fault for not articulating how we are going to fix obamacare. kennedy: they shouldn't have passed it in the first place. because it's hard to take back. from both discussions we had in the first handle section.
12:34 am
the issue on the left where we come down to articulating what democratic socialism is. they show up on a panel and get the question. what's the difference. a lot of people come on and stumble. bernie sanders said basically many democracy. >> it's outside of the american tradition. >> democracy and the american tradition two different times of statements. my point is it's not as out of the mainstream and that's what this medicare for tall caucuses is proving. it is a reality of what's going on here. kennedy: all you have to do is look down the road and see the natural progression. >> can i say one thing really quick. where republicans have utterly failed, they have not offered free market solutions by offering non-profit hospitals.
12:35 am
they are doing nothing. kennedy: the democrats feel that is wide open for 2020. president trump said he wants to take on former veep, joe biden. president trump: he ran three times. he never got more than 1%. and president obama took him out of the garbage heap and everybody was shocked. i would love it to be biden. kennedy: bind said if he were in high school with the president he would take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him. trump tweeted he would go down fast crying all the way. >> that's hilarious. but i think bind is a relatively viable candidate. kennedy: i do, too. >> that's why the president is
12:36 am
attacking him. if he wasn't, he wouldn't even acknowledge it. kennedy: is he trying to keep him out of the race? >> i think so. >> i think that the presidential race is going to have to get a lot dirtier. democrats are talking about that, we are not winning with the civility argument. we hear that all the time. kennedy: when they go low, we go high. kennedy: maxine waters the queen of civility. start a riot. gather a mob. impeach. >> i am concerned that biden actually offers something that's are being proposed for the
12:37 am
democratic primary don't. he has a sense of normalcy which is a lot more dangerous. but he'll never get through the democratic primary of 2020. because everybody will have to go so far left he'll never win it. kennedy: i don't think hillary clinton if she runs again would get the nomination. >> she won't run again. maybe for vp, i love sherrod brown, the senator from ohio. he's a centrist and he can talk about tariffs and how they could be hurting workers. he can support trump on certain things. those are the candidates you need to look at. tim ryan. kennedy: i like tim ryan as well. >> in the 2020 primary they will have to go so far left to win the nomination they will have to try and claw their way back.
12:38 am
kennedy: kamala harris? >> or elizabeth warren. >> certainly not bernie sanders. i have great we expect for kamala harris. i think she has been pushed left to some degree. if you talk about eric garcetti -- kennedy: there is no name recognition. i like the conversation of a crowd field, and taking someone with executive experience to go against this reality star man we call president. kennedy: democrats have to come up with something different. the strategy they are using isn't a good strategy. a great economy and crazy president are two different things and they are getting used to the crazy president. thank you so much. coming up, the white house says they will not allow russia to
12:39 am
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gentlemen, i have just received word! the louisiana purchase, is complete! instant purchase notifications from capital one . technology this helpful... could make history. what's in your wallet? kennedy: vladimir putin is well known for making his political opponents disappear. that's why alarm bells went high
12:43 am
wire after vladimir putin allegedly asked president trump to hand over two americans for questioning. one of those men is named bill browder. he claims his life is in danger because of his criticism of the kremlin. fortunately the senate voted today against sending any americans to russia for interrogation. why does vladimir putin have such an ax to grind and why dose want you back in russia? >> it's a long story. my lawyer uncovered a massive putin-connected corruption scheme in 2008. he exposed it and was tortured and killed in russian prison. and after his death, i went on a mission to get justice for him and got something called the ma nirks ski act which imposes
12:44 am
asset freeze and visa freezes on the people who killed him. vladimir putin was so upset about that he tried have the law repealed. and he has been chasing me around the world so they could put me in a russian prison and kill me. they made it clear it would happen. number of people connected to our case have been killed or they attempted to kill them. there was one man who provided evidence against the putin regime and he dropped dead outside his home in london. another man lobbying for the ma nirks ski act was shot and killed in front of the kremlin. kennedy: this is not some brad thor novel. this is really happening.
12:45 am
that's why people who are very tentative about not diplomatic relations, but a friendship with russia have to constantly remind the public of some of those very recent acts. what was your reaction as you were watching the press conference with the two presidents side by side. >> i was appalled. i knew what putin wanted. but the fact that president trump said this was an incredible idea whip was just appalled. he should have at that moment rejected it outright with no hesitation. the fact he thought it was an incredible idea and it took three days to turn this thing around is remarkable. kennedy: you claim vladimir putin has a net worth of $200 million. how does that factor into this aspect of his vengeance and wanting to repeal the magniski
12:46 am
act. >> he keeps the money all over the world. he' the richest man in the world. is the person a human rights abuyers. kennedy: i said million, i meant billions. >> it's hard to imagine, $200 billion. he many the richest man in the world. vladimir putin has been killing and imprisoning and stealing to get that money, and he has done a lot of bad things. and i created a law that could potentially take that money away from him. he has a good personal reason to be angry at me because i created anne a mechanism to take away his money. kennedy: how bad is russia hurting economically. >> russia has been staggering along for a long time. but these sanctions don't hurt russia, they hurt top corrupt officials at the top of the
12:47 am
regime. they will tolerate sanctions against their people. but when they are personally sanctioned, it drives them up the wall. kennedy: it's an unreal story. thank you for sharing your time. [music playing] (vo) from the beginning, wells fargo has supported community organizations like united way, non-profits like the american red cross, and our nation's veterans. we knew helping our communities was important then. and we know it's even more important today. so we're stepping up to volunteer more and donate over a million dollars every day. so our communities can be even stronger. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day.
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kennedy: the steam pipe explosion in lower manhattan caused the closure of self buildings. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. we begin tonight in england. he was having a rough night so he decided to hit the pub. you can see he stwoiched taking shots. i believe they are called harvey wall bangers. the internet was shocked by the incident. but if you think this is ugly, you should see who he hooked up with after all that booze. he was arrested on the you
12:52 am
significance of drunk driving. apparently when he got to prison he used his one phone call and he had a pizza. this could have been any of us. topic number two. the producer of the segment complained we have been showing way too many animal videos. so in an evident to placate them i required some graphic footage from an i.c.e. raid. but i have to warn you these i.c.e. raids can be a real deal. these aren't criminals. they are sea otters. their frozen free-for-all is so cute. come on, sea otters next thing you know he will be eating fish.
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there is a heat advisory in portland, so if you live in the area please refrain from riding your unicycle to get your mustache wax and have plenty of water on hand for your therapy giraffe. topic number three. the brady house is going up for sale. no, i'm not talking about the brady who used to play football. i'm talking about the brady bunch. this home was used in the iconic tv series. unlike bobby brady, the buyer will be allowed to play ball in the house. just don't break your nose like marcia. and if you got all three those references congratulations or being over 45 or under 45 with way too much time and weed on
12:54 am
your hands. hillary clinton once spent $1.2 zillion dollars on a house in washington, d.c. and she didn't get to move in. what happened? i can hear the vases break on john podesta's head. topic four. major league baseball was on all-star break so some fans decided to get into wrestling. a man ran across the field and this guy smoked him. that's a textbook tackle. you don't see a lot of those in the nfl. he was arrested and fined $1,000. there is that. a lot of people were taken back by the level of violence in this video. but the two men have since
12:55 am
become friends and they went out to a pub after the game. i'll follow you over there. you get a little traction and then you slam into a wall. they have been doing it for 25 years. wait, getting made fun of hurts. time to journey in the land of misfit toys. this is viewer mail. leslie starts it off with why are you wearing motorcycle goggles. captain tweets, your humor is awful. who writes your jokes. would a gluten free pizza help with your foot?
12:56 am
it sure would. what are you smoking? because i don't want any. i don't want any. are you jeff sessions? i'm knot not smoking anything. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ you said you're not like me, ♪ you never drop to your knees, ♪ ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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to have 100% renewable energy goal. we're a very small electric utility. but, if we don't make this move we're going to have changes in our environment, and have a negative impact to hawaii's economy. ♪ verizon provided us a solution using smart sensors on their network that lets us collect near real time data on our power grid. (colton) this technology is helping us integrate rooftop solar, which is a very important element of getting us to our renewable energy goals. ♪ (shelee) if we can create our own energy, we can take care of this beautiful place that i grew up in. ♪
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kennedy: thank you so much for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and
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